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i ' 






ST. John's house, clerkenwell, e.c. 






The First Parliament of King Edward VII. 
elected October, 1000. 




IHc NEW Ye:.K 



R 1904 L 


Crown 8vo. Half -bound. 3«. ed. 


2«. ed. net. 


The creation of new^ Peeni having seats in the House of 
lords during the past year number four, viz. Barons 
Armstrong, Biddulph, Burnham, and Estcourt. The fol- 
lowing hare become extinct : Baron Rowton and the U.K. 
Barony of Viscount De Vesci, and Earl Poulett and Barons 
Gerard and Conyngham take their seats on attaining their 
majorities. The Bishop of Bristol also takes his seat in 
Baccesaion to the late Bishop of Manchester. 

In the House of Commons twenty new members have 
lieen elected: Messrs. J. S. Aiosworth, T. B. Buchanan, 
J. H. M. Campbell, E. F. Coates, 0. C. Craig, W. Crooks, 
C. R. Devlin, E. C. Ellice, J. A. Fyler, F. Rutherfoord Harris, 
A. HendersoQ, B. Hunt, C. F. Hutchinson, J. Kerr, D. 
Kilbride, Sir W. Lawson, Messrs. E. Mitchell, "W. W. 
Ratherford, D. Sheehy, and C. Tuff. 

The results of elections that have taken place since this 
work went to press will be found in the Appendix. 

The changes in the Ministry caused by the resignations of 
the various Ministers are recorded in the list at the end of 
the book. 

The Editor begs tb tender his sincere thanks to the 
officers and members of both Houses who have given 
information, and to all who by reply or suggestion have 
coQtributed to the completeness of the work. 

Jannarp 2ndf 1904. 

*•* OoaiaaBleatioM rcfpecting the contents of this Work should b< 
^ddreaed to the Edttor of ** Dod's PftrliMmentnry Compnninn." nt Nn. S 
White Hart Street, Faternoster Square, E.G. 




Memberi of the House of Lords t ' Peers whu are Minors . . . . los 

their ages, aarriaces, residen. jPriacipal ofloers and clerks of 

ees,oflces, politioalpriBClplea, I the Hoase of Lords . . . . 109 

Ike 8 

(For Index, see p. 110.) 


Counties, DiTisions of Coanties, 
Boroaghs, Divisions of 
Boroughs, and Universities, 
retmrning Members to Parlia. 
nent,with a Statement of the 
nnmbers polled at the last eon- 
tested Blections, the Popula- 

tion, and the Registered Eleo- 
tors, «ic 144 

Snmnmry of the General Elee. 
tion, 1900, and state of parties 
then and since 189 

Government minorities since 
1888 1(9 


Members (if the House of Com- i Peimanent Secretaries .... 9 

mons. their parentage, ages. The Late Ministry S 

marriages, professions, ofllces, tListof" Whips" S 

church patronage, political l^ppendix J 

principles and pledges, clubs v.«««»a«.t« < 

to which they belong, their V^P l^ ; 

residenees, family connexions. !»««■.«<»• • • • • • • - y 

H,^ I QQ Registered Electors, 1803 nnd 

Principal OOoers and Clerks of i *•«> * 

House of Commons . . . . 383 PriM«P*' AeU passed I90S . .3 

The MIrtlstry. OIBcers of State. Parliaments, Ac, of the Century, a 

-^o 884 Principal CIub-Housea .... 8 










Abbreviations. —F.C. siffnifles Privy Connoillor, L.C.C. LoDdon Covntf 
Cuoneil, C.A. Connty Aldertnnn, Sco. Rep. Scotch Kepresentative Peer, 
Ir. Rep. Irish Reprettentiitive Peer, 2nd tit. iecond title, that unally 
bnrne by the eldest son uf the Peer, B. born, m. married, d. daughter, 
d. died, Bp. Bishop, cr. created, s. soccreded. 

Abercorn (2nd Duke of), James Hamilton, K.G., 
C.B. ; cr. 1868. 

B. 1888 ; m. d. of 1st Earl Howe. Snd tit. Marq. of Hamilton. Sits 
as Marq. of Abercorn. A P.C. Ireland. Was M.P. for co. Doneg^al 
isno^u. Lord-Lieat. of Donegal. A Conserrative. Hampden Hon*; 
fireeti-et., fV.; Carlton^ Traveller»\ and fVhiie'a Ctubet St. 
Stephen'eand SaekviUe-et. Olub»,I>nblin; Ditdingetone-houee^nr. 
Edinburgh ; Barotueonrt^ Newtown Steioart, eo. Tjfrone. 

Abbrcrombt (4th Bar.), George Ralph Campbell 
Abercromby; cr. 1801. 

B.1888: m.d.ofSnd Eariof Camperdown(aladyof the bedchamber to 
Qneen Victoria). A Deputy-Lieut. of Stirling. A Liberal U. I4,(7ro«- 
t/#»or-sl., fV.; Femioioer Honee, Perthsh.; TuUiboddj/t Clack- 

Abbrdare (2nd Bar.), Henry Campbell Brace; cr.l873. 

B. 1861; m. only d. of Hamilton Beckett, esq.; s. 1895. Was Hon. 
Lt.-Col. Srd vol. batt. Welsh regt., and a J.P. for co. Glamorgan. A 
Libvral. 83, Baton-Mguare, S.W.I Brooke's and St. James's Ctube ; 
Dvffrj/n, Mountain Ash^ South /fates. 


Abbrdvbn (7th Earl of)i John Campbell Hamilton' 
Gordon, G.C.M.G., P.C.; cr. 1682. 

B. 1847; m..d. of Ist Baron Tweedmoath. Sits an Visct. Gordon. 
Snd tit. Lord Haddo. Was Lord-Lient. of Ireland, Jan. to Jane, 188A» 
and has been High Commissioner to the General Assembly, Ch. of Scot- 
land. L(Nrd*Lieut. of Aberdeenshire. Appointed Gov.-Gen. Canada 
1898: resigned 1898. A Liberal. 58, Grcwenor-atrtet, IV. ; Brooks's 
Club, S.fV.; Haddo Houott Merdemshire. 

Abbrgatknny (IstMarq. of), William Nevill, K.6.; cr. 

B. 1896; m. d. of Sir J. V. B. Johnstone, bart. ^she d. 1892). 2nd tit. 
Earl of Lewes. Formerly in the 2nd Life Guards. Is Lord-Lieut. 
Sussex, also Hon. Col. West Kent Yeomanry, and patron of 24 livings. 
A Conservative. 64, Eceieaton-sq., S. ff'. ; Cariion and Conservative 
Clubs: Nevill Courtf Abergavenny; Bridge Castle, Tunbridge 

A.BINGDON (7th Earl of), Montagu Arthur Bertie; cr. 

B. 1886; m. Ut, d. of Chas. Towneley, esq. (d. 1878): 2ndly, d. of 
Lieat.-Oenenl the Hon. J. C. Dormer. 2nd tit. Lord Norreys. D.L. 
for Berks. Patron of 6 livings. A ConsorvatiTe. Carlton and 
Travellers' Clubs: ffylham Abbey, Berks. 

Abingkr (5bh Bar.), James Yorke MacGregor Scar- 
lett; cr. 1835. 

B. 1872; s. 1903; m. d. of the late Kt. Hon. Sir W. A. White, G.C.B. 
Is Capt. in Bedford Regt. (M.). Formerly Hon. Attache at Stockholm. 
A CoBserTative.— /nver/ocAy, Kingussie, Inverness-shire. 

AcTON (2nd Bar.), Eichard Maximilian Dalberg- 
Acton, M.V.O. ; cr. 1869. 

B. 1870 : s. 1902. Is a Secretary at the British Embassy, Vienna. A 
LUwral. 8t. James* Club; British Embassy, Vienna. 

AoDiNGTGN (2nd Bar.), Egerton Hubbard; cr. 1887. 

B. 184S; m. d. of Wyndham Spencer Portal, esq. Sat for Bucking, 
ham 1874 to 188U, and for Bncltinghamshire, North, 1887 to 1889. A 
Cnnservntive. 24, Prinee's-gate, S.W. ; Carlton Club; Addington 
Manor, Winslow, Bucks. 



AfLBSBURT (5th Marq. of), Henry Augustus Brudenell- 
Bruce; cr. 1821. 

B. 184S : m. d. of the Ute G. H. Pinckaey, esq., of Tawgtock Coart, 
Bamataple. Formerly capt. 9th Regt. Foot. M.P. for the Chippenham 
div. wots 1886-92. 2nd tit. Earl of Cardigan. A ConservatiTe. 36, 
Baton-pl., S.fV.; Carlton, and Army and Navy Clubs; Savemak* 
Forest, Marlborough, fViU». 

AiLSA (3rd Marq. of), Archibald Kennedy ; cr. 1831. 

B. 1847 : m. d. of 12tb Baron Blantyre (»he d. 1888). Has been a 
Capt. Coldstream Guards. Snd tit. Earl of Cassillis ; also Baron Kennedy 
(cr. 1452). A Conservative. 66, Lancaster- gate, W. ; Guards* Club t 
CataillU House, and Cuttean Castle, Maybola^ Ayreh. 

Albemarle (8th Earl of), Arnold Allan Cecil Keppel, 
C.6.; or. 1696. 

B. 1858 ; m. d. of the 2nd Baron, now Ist Eari, Bgerton of Tatton. 
Is a Uent.'col. Reserve of Officers; col. in command of Norfollc InC 
Brig.; served in S. Africa 1900; late lient. Scots Guards, and a J.P. 
and D.L. for Norfolk. Snd tit. Visct. Bur; . Was M.P. for Birkenhead 
1892.04. A Conservative. Carlton Club, S,W, ; Qutdenham Part, 
jtaieborough, Norfolk. 

Aldenham (Ist Bar.), Henry Hucks Gibbs ; cr. 1896. 

B. 1819: educated at Rugby and Oxford ; m. d. of Dr. William Adams, 
of Thorpe, Surrey, la head of the firm of Anthony Gibbs and Sons, 
Bishopsgate-street, London, a director of the Bank ot England, F.S.A., 
P.R.O.S., &c.: a J.P. Herts and Middlesex, a Lient. City of London. 
Was M.P. for the City 189N92. A Conservative. St. Htmstan's, 
Regent' s-park, N.W. ; Carlton and Athen^um Clubs; Aldenham 
House, near JBlstree, Herts. 

Alington (1st Bar.), Henry Gerard Start ; cr. 1876. 

B. 1826 ; m. 1 st, d. of the Srd Earl of Lncan (she d, 1888} t 2ndly , d. ot 
the late Blundell Leigh, esq. Has been M.P. for Dorchester and 
Dorset. A Conservative. 8, South Audleyst., Vl^.; fVhite*e and 
Carlton Clubs ; Criehel, fVimbome, Dorset. 

Alleetox (Ist Bar.), William Lawies Jackson, 
P.O. ; or. 1902. 

B. 1840; m. d. of Geo. Tempest, esq. (d. 1901). Was Financial Sec. to 
the Treasury, 1886; Chief Secretary for Ireland, 1891-2. Is a J.P. for 
W.R. of Yorks. and for Leeds. Chairman of the G.N. Rally. Co. M.P. 
far N. Leeds, 1880-1002. A Conservative. 27,Cadogan'square,S.ff^. , 
^nrlton 4- Athenasum Clubs ; Allerton Hall, Chapel AllertoUj i^etU 


Altibstonb (l8t Bar.)f Richard Everard Webster, 
P.O., G.C.M.G.5 or. 1900. 

B. 1842 i m. 1872, d. of WUliam Calthrop, esq. (she d. 1877). He was 
called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn in 1868, Q.C. in 1878, Attorney.Oeneral 
1885, 1866, 1895. In 1893 he was made G.C.M.G. in connection with the 
Beliring Sea Arbitration. In 1899 he receired a baronetcy for serrices 
in the Venexnela Arbitration. Is Lord Chief Justice of England. M.P. 
for the Isle of Wight 1885-1900. A Conserratire. 2, Pump.9ourU 
TewiplSfE.C. : Homton Lodge, KennngtotitW.t Athenmum, Carlton, 
St. Stephen's, and United University Clube ; Winter/old, Cranleigh, 

Amhsrst of Hacknby (Ist Bar.), William Amherst 
Tyssen. Amherst ; cr. 1892. 

B. 1886 ; m. d. of late Adminl R. Mitford. Was M.P. for Norfolk , W., 
1880-86, and for Norfolk, 8.W., 1886.02. Is a J.P. for Weatmlnster and 
Norfolk (High Sheriff 1866), and D.L. and J.P. Middlesex. A Oonser- 
▼ative. 8, 6rotvmer-squar0, fV.; Carlton., Mctrlborough, and 
Travelt0ra' Ciuba ; DidHngtott Hall, Brandon, Norfolk. 

Amherst (3rd Earl), William Archer Amherst; cr. 

8. 1886; m. 1st, d. of the last Earl C(»niwalUs; Sadly, 1880, Alice, 
CoBBteasofLiBbiirM. Snd tit. Yiset. Holnesdale. Has been Lient. 
and Capt. Coldstream Qnards, and seired in the Crimea, and was M.P. 
for West Kent 1860-68, and for Mid Kent, 1868-80. A Deputy-Llent of 
Kent. A Conscnratife. 8, fViUon-terroco, S.fV.; Carlton Club; 
Montreal, Sovenoak; Kent, 

Ampthill (2Dd Bar.), Arthur Oliver Villiers Russell, 
G.C.I.E. ; cr. 1881. 

B. 1869; educated at Eton xaA New Coll. Oxford ; m. d. of the 6th 
Earl Beauchamp. Is Governor of Madras. 1 Rt Baton was brother of 
9th Duke of Bedford. A Liberal U. Brooks's Club, 8.W.; Ampthilh 
park, Ampthill^ Beds. ; Government House, Madras. 

Akcaster (1st Earl of), Gilbert Henry Heathcote- 
Drummond-Wilioughby, P.O.; cr. 1892. 

B. 1880 ; B. d. of the 10th Marq. nf Hnntly. Is joint hereditary Lord 
Great Chamberiain. Is 90th Baron Willnnghby De Eresby, cr. 1818, and 
also Snd Baron ATeland. M.P. 1862-67 (as Hon. G. H. Heathoote). 
PitroBofSliTings. A Oonserrative. Vi^ Belgravaq., S.IV. t fVMtt's 
Club : Normantonioark, Kutland,- Drummond Caatlo, MuiMl, 
PerthoMro; Qrimsthorpe, Bourne, Linoohuhire. 


Anglksey (5th Marq. of), Henry Cyril Paget ; cr. IB15. 

B. 1875; s. 1898; m. d. of Sir George Chetwyud «ud the Mar- 
chioness of Hastings. Was Lt. 2nd Vol. Batt. Rl. Welsh Pasiliers. Sad 
tit. Earl of Oxbridge. Patron of 4 livings. A Conservative. Carlton 
Clubi Piasnewyddt LUutfair, F.G„ AngUaea. 

Annaly (3rd Bar.), Luke White; cr. 1863. 

B. 1867 ; m. d. of drd Visct. CUfden. D.L. co. Longford. Col. 
Northants Yeomanry. Formerly C»pr. Scots Guards. A Liberal. 48, 
BerkeUy-aq., W. ; Turf and Guards' Cluba; LuUreUatown, co. Dublin. 

Ankesley (6th Earl, Ir. Rep.), Hugh Annesley; cr. 

B. 1831 : m. d. of Col. Markham (she d. 1891). Formerly Lieat.-CI. 
Scots Guards. Was wounded at the battle of the Alma. Was M.P. for 
CO. Cavan 1857-74. 2nd tit. Visct. Glerawley. A Conservative. 27, 
Suasex^l., R«gene»park,N.W.; Carlton and Traveller^ Cluba; 
CastU yrtttan^ eo. Down^ Irtland. 

Ardilaun (Ist Bar.), Arthur Edward Guinness; cr. 

B. 1840; m. d. of 8rd Earl of Bantry. Patron of I living. A Con- 
servative. Formerly M.P. for Dablin. II, Ceurtion-kouse-terr.t S.fV^ 
CarUoH Club; St. jinne'a, Clontatf, eo. Dublin t Aahford^ co. 

Argyll (9th Duke of), John Douglas Sutherland 
Campbell, K.T., P.C., G.C.M.G.; cr. 1701. 

B. 1845; m. H.R.H. Princess Louise, d. of Queen Victoria. Private 
sec. to Ills father when Sec. of State for India, 1868-71 ; 0ov..Gen. 
of Canada and Gov. of Prince Edward's Island 1878-88, and in 
1892 was appointed Gov. and Constable of Windsor Castle. Was 
lientv-col. com. Ist Argyll and Bute Artillery Volunteers 18fi6 to 1884, 
hon.col.of the 5th Vol. Batt. Highland Light Infantry 1871 to 1890, 
aud hon. col. Bl.(15th Batt.) Canadian Militia. Is also P.C., LL.D., 
G.C.M.G., and a D.L. for co. Dumbarton. Sat, as Marq. of Lome, for 
Argyllshire 1868-78; an unsuccessful candidate at Hampstead 1885, and 
at Central Bradford 1892. Sat for South Manchester 1895-1900. A Liberal 
Unionist. Kentington Palace, W. ; Roaneath, Dumbartonshire. 

Armstrong (Ist Bar.), William Henry Armstrong 
Fitzpatriok Watson- Armstrong; or. 1903. 

B. 1868 ; m. d. of the late Gen. Sir J. Adye. Is a gt.-nephew of the late 
Lord Armstrong, of Elswicic Engineering Works. D.L. for North- 
umberland. A Conservative.— /e«MiOHrf Dene, NetccaUle-on'Tyne ; 
Craigside^ Mothbury, Northumberland. 


Arran (6th Earl of), Arthur Jocelyn Charles Gore ; 
cr. 1762. 

U. 1S«8 ; s. 1901 ; m. d. of Baron de Enttendyke. Snd tit. Viant. 
Sodky. Sits as Baron Sndley. Major Royal Horite Guard* ; served in 
8. Africa 1900. A Liberal. 16. Htrtford-at., fV.t Bachelors' Club ; 
QutU Gore, Mayo. 

Arundbll of Wardour (12th Bar.), John Francis 
Arandell; cr. 1605. 

B. 1881; m.d. of John ErrinRton,eiq. D.L. for Wilts. Is patron of 1 
livinff, and a Count of the Holy Roman Empire. A ConserratiTe . 
Alhenmum Clubt fVdrdour Caetle, Titbury, FTitU. 

AsHBOURNB (Ist Bar.), Edward Gihson, P.C.; cr. 1885. 

B. 1887 ; m. Prances, d. of Henry Colles, esq. Was educated at Trin . 
Coll^ Dublin : called to the Irixh Bar 1860, made Q.C. 1872. Was M.P. 
fi»r Dublin University 187R-85. Attorney-Gen. for Ireland 1877i Lord 
Chancellor of Ireland 1885, 1886-92, and since 1895. A Conservative. 
5, arotoenor-orttcorUj S.ff.; Carlton and Junior Con$UtuUonal 
Clube ; 12, Merrion-equare eouthy Dublin, 

AsHBURNHAM (5th Earl of), Bertram Ashhurnham ; 
cr. 1730. 

L 1840; s..l878| m. d. of R. Chaplin, esq. {d. 1900). Snd tit. Yisct. 
St. Asaph. D.L. for Brecknockshire. A Liberal. Trtnftllere* Club ; 
jiahbumham Place, Bailie, Susses; Harking Hall, tpewieh, 

AsHBURTON (5th Bar.), Francis Denzil Edward Baring ; 
cr. 1835. 

B. 1866 : m. d. of 4th Ylsct. Hood. Is a Lt. Hampshire Yeomanry ; 
D.L. for Hants. Is patron of 10 liviners. A Conservative. Carlton and 
Arthur*s Clubs ; The Orange, Alretford, Hatrts. 

AsHCOMBB (Ist Bar.), George Cubitt, P.C. ; cr. 

.B. 18S8 : m. d. of the late Rev. James Joyce, Yicar of Dorking. 
M.P. ftir Surrey, West, 1860-85, and for the Epsom div. 1885-92. D.L. 
for Surrey and Middlesex. Cr. P.C. 1880. A Conservative. 17, Prince' s- 
gate, S. W. ; Carlton Club ; Denbies, Dorking, 

AsHTON (Ist Bar.), James Williamson ; cr. 1895. 

B. 1812 ; m. Ist, d. of J. Gatey, esq., of Kesrock (she d. 1877) ; 2nd, d. 
of the lata James Stewart, esq., of Clapham, Yorkshire. Is a J.P. and 
D.L. for Lancaster ; High Sheriff 1886 ; J.P. co. London. Was M.P. for 
tiie Lancaster div., Lancashire, N., 1886-95. A Liberal. Al/ord-house, 
Frinee's-gattfS.W. i Devonshire and National Liberal Clubs; Ity elands, 


14 H008B OF LORDS. 

Athlvmney (2nd Bar.)» James Herbert Gastavus 
Meredyth Somerville ; cr. 1863. 

B. 1866. Sits as Biron Meredyth. Late lient. ColdBtream OnarcU ; for> 
nerly Heat. 5th bett. Prince of Wales' Leinster Begt. Senred in Egypt 
1896; 8. Africa 1900. A Consenratire. Guards' Club; Somerville^ 
Naveutf «e. MetUh. 

Atholl (7th Duke of), John James Hugh Henry 
Stewart Murray, K.T.; cr. 1703. 

B. 1840: m. d. of Sir T. MoncreiflTe, bsrt. <tf.]902). Was Capt. Scots 
Guards. Is Loid-Lieut. of Perthshire. Sits as Earl Strange. Snd tit. 
Marq. of Tallibardine. Holds the Barony of Percy (cr. 1899} and various 
other ancient baronies. Hereditary Sheriff of Perthsh. A ConserratiTe. 
84, Saton-pL, S.lV.i Guards', fVhiWe, and CarUon Clubs ; Blair 
Castle, Blair AthoU, Perthsh. 

Auckland (5th Bar.), William Morton Eden; cr. 

B. 1859 ; m. d. of Col. G. Hutton, of Gate Barton Hall, Lincolnshire. 
Has been capt. 2nd batt. Dorsetshire Regt. (1st baron was Irish Secre- 
tary and A mbaseador to France.) A Conservative. CarUon and Nava. 
and Military Clubs; KiUey, Plymouth. 

Ateburt (let Bar.), John Lubbock, P.G., F.B.8.; 
cr. 1900. 

3. 1884; m. 1st, 1856, d. of Rev. Peter Hordem (she died 1879): 
:lndly, 1884* d. of Gen. and the Hon. Mrs. Fox-Pitt-Riven. A D.CX. 
Oxon, LL.D. Cam., LL.D. of Dob. and Edin. Is a banlur and tthairmnn 
of the London Banlcers. Was Yice^Chancellor of the University of 
London 1874-80. Has l>een ehmn. and vice-chmn. and an aid. of 
theL.C.C. AP.C.18S0: and is a J.P. and D.L. for Kent, and a Traitee 
of the British Museum. Pres. Llnnean Society : F.R.I. and various other 
scientific societies, and author of many standard scientific works. A 
Liberal U. Sat, as Sir John Lubboclc, for Maidstone 1870-1880, un- 
successful candidate 1860; sat for London University 1880-1900. S, 
St. James's-square, S.fJ^.; jtlhenamm. National Liberalt and 
City Liberal Clubs; High Ehns, Doum, Kent. 

Ayeland (2nd Bar.). See An caster. 
Atlesford (8th Earl of), Charles Wightwick Finch ; cr. 

B. 1861 : m. 1st, d. of 3rd Bsrnn Bagot (cf. 1874); Sndly, Mrs. Linton 
(who d. 1897). Hon. Col. South Staffordshire Regiment (Mil.). J.P for 
Kent. 2nd tit. Lord Guernsey. (1st Peer a judge.) Is patron of 7 
livings. A Conservative. Carlton and Marlborough Clubs ; Paeking- 
ton Hall, Coventry ,- jiylesford, Kent. 


A60T (4ih Bar.), William Bagot ; cr. 1780. 

B. 1886; m. d. of H. May, Enq., of MaryUnd, U.8.4. Appointed a 
Lord-in-WaitiBer 1806. Has been a Gentlemaii Usher of the Privy 
Chaaber, Capt. South Staiibrdshire Regiment, and A.D.C. to the Got.- 
Gen. of Canada. A hon. Lient-Col. Queen's Own Royal Staffordshire 
Yeomanry. A Conserrative. 17, Pall MaU, 8. W.; Cmrlton and Turf 
Ctubtt BUtkfield, R^tgttty^ Stafford*lM Pool Pk., Ruthin, Den- 

Balpqur of Burleigh (6th Bar. Sco. Rep.), Alexander 
Hugh Bruce, K.T., P.C.; cr. 1607. 

B. 1848; m. d. of the 5th Earl of Aberdeen. This title, attainted in 
1715, was restored to the present holder in 1860. Was Sec. for Scotland, 
1886.1906, and a Lord- in- Waiting ; Pari. Sec. Board of Trade, 1888 to 
1889; a P.O. 1882. A Conserrative. 47, Cadoffan-og., S.ff\- Carlton 
Club; Kennetf jiUoa, ClaeJbmannansh. 

3ALINHARD (Bar.). See Southebk. 

3ANDON(4th Earl of, Ir. Rep.), James Francis Bernard, 
K.P. ; cr. 1800. 

B. 1850 : m. only d. of Lord Carbery. 8nd tit. Visct. Bernard. Is Lord- 
Lient. of the co. of Cork. A Conserrative. Oarlton Club ; Castle 
Bernard, Bandout eo. Cork. 

[Bangor (Bp. of), Watkiu Herbert Williams, D.D. 

B. 1845. Appointed Deo. 1898. Ci>nsec. Feb. 2, 1889. No seat at 
present. Bangor Palace, Camarmnuhire,'] 

Bangor (5th Visct, Ir. Bep.), Henry William Crosbie 
Ward; or. 1781. 

B. 18S8 ; m. 1st, d. of Rev. H. King, of Ballylin, King's Co. : Sndly. 
d. of the late Major HoghEoclcs, of Cronroe, co. Wioklow. Served in 
the Kaflr War 1851 with the 48rd Regt. i ret. as Capt. 1864. A Con- 
•ervative. Carlton and Union Clube ; Ceuti* fVardt Houmpatriek , 

Barnard (9tb Bar.), Henry de Vere Vane i cr. 1698. 

B. 1864; m. d. oi ard Marq. of Exeter. Declared Uth Baron, in 
sooeesslon to the Duke of Cleveland, by the Honse of Lords 1892. For- 
■erty Lieut. 3i d Batt. Northamptonshire Regt. Called to the Bar, Inner 
Temple, 1879- A Liberal U- Oxfwd and Vamhridge and Brooks' 
t'htbet Raby Castte, Darlington. 

B.\RRiN6T0N (9th Visct.), Walter Bulkeley Barrington 
cr. 1720. 

B. 1848: s. 19U1 ; m. d. of Rev. R. Bogne (d. 1906). Sits as Barun 



Shate. Formerly Lieut. ColdatreamGaardn. I» Deputy-Lieut, of Berk 
A Conservative. 40, Harrington-gardeiit, W.; Beckett^ Shrivenba 

Barrymore (Ist Bar.), Arthur Hugh Smith-Barry ; 
cr. 1902. 

B. 1843; m. Ist, d. of 8rd E. of Dnnraveu (d. 1884), 2nd, widov» . 
Arthur Post, e«q.,of New York. Is D.L. for Hunts and for Co. <X>! 
J.P. for Cheshire. P.O. (I.). M.P. for Cork, 18fi7-74, Huntingdon b. 
1886-1900. A Conservative. 80, HiU-»ireet, Berktley-tqttar; fT' 
Fota Isiandt Co. Cork; Marbury Hall, Northwieh. 

Basing (2nd Bar.), George Limbrey Sdater-Booih, 
P.C.; cr. 1887. 

B. 1B«0 ; n». d. uf John HargreRves, esq., ofMaiden Erlegh, Berks. ♦ I 
Lt.CoI. Koyal Dragoons; served in S. Africa 1000. A ConaermliTr 
Carlton and Athenmim Clubs; Hoddingtott House, Odiham, HanU. 

Batsman (3rd Bar.), William Spencer Bateman 
Hanbury; cr. 1837. 

B. 186fl; s. 1901. Formerly Captain in 2nd Life Gaards; aened 
in Egypt 1888. A Conservative. White's Club; Shobden Conn, 

Bath (5th Marq. of)» Thomas Henry Thynne; cr. 1789. 

B. 1862; s. 1896; m. d. of Sir Charles Mordaunt, lOth bart. Snd 
tit. Viset. Weymonth. Was M.P. for the Prome div. of 8omer>'t 
1886-92, and again 1895-6 ; Major Wilts Yeomanry, and patron of *o 
livings. A Conservative. CarUon and Travellers' Clubs j LonglmU 
fVamUnster, fViUs. 

Bath and Wells (Bp. of), George Wyndham Kennion. 

B. 1845 ; m. d. of the late Sir Charles Fergnsson, bart., of Kilkemn 
Was chaplain to Bp. of Tnam 1860-70 ; vicar of St. Paul's, Soulooatu 
1873-»» ; vicarof All SainU, Bedford, 1876-83 ; consec. Bp. Adelaide 188i" 
translated to this See 1894. The Palace, fVeUs. 

BATHURST(7thBarl),Seymour Henry Bathnrst; cr.l77 

B. 18(M : educated at Eton ; m. d. of LordGlenesk. D.L. Gloacest 
and Bristol, and Lt.-Col. comdg. 4th bate. Glonceeter reg. (M. 
Served in South Aftrica 1900. ii' lit. Lord Apsley. Is patron of : 
livings. A Conservative. 22, Bruton-slreet, fV. ; Carlton and Mar 
borough Clubs ; Cirencester House, Cirencester , Qloueestcvh. 

Battbrsea (1st Bar.), Cyril Flower; cr. 1892. 

B. 1848 : m. d. of the late Sir A. de Rothschild, bart. Called to tii 
Bar, 1870. M.P. for Brecknock 1880-85, and for the' Lutou div. « 


Bedfordshire 1885.92. Was *'\%hip" to the Liberal party in the 
Hoase of Cnmnons. A Lord of the Treasury 1886. Is D.L. for London, 
and a Lient. in the Bucks Yeomanry . A Liberal 7, Marble Arch, W. ; 
Brookt' and Reform Clubs; Atton Clinton,Tring ; Overstrand, Cromer 

Bbauchamp (7th Earl), William Lygon, K.C.M.G. ; 
cr. 1815. 

B. 1872; 8. 1891; m. g.d. of Ut Duke of Westminster. Gov. of 
N.8. Wales, 1899.1901. A Liberal. 104, Baton-»quar0^ S.fV.; 
Bachelors' Club; MadnaJUld Court, Malvern l,ink, fVoreester 

Bbaufort (9th Duke of), Henry Adelberfc Well- 
ingtoD Fitz.Roy Somerset; cr. 1682. 

B. 1847; s. 1890; m. widow of Baron de Tayll (d. of W. H. Harford, 
esq.). 2nd tit. Marq. of Worcester. Cnl. Glooeestersh. yeomanry , 
formerly Capt. Roy. Horse Guards : a J.P. co. Glonceitter. A Con. 
seryatiTe. fiO, Growenor-streett fV.t Carlton and Marlborough 
Clubs; Stoke Gifford, Bristol; Badminton, Chippenham. 

Bedford (11th Duke of), Herbrand Arthur Russell, 
K.G. J cr. 1694. 

B. 1868: educated at Balliol Coll. Oxford ; ni. Mary du Caurroy. d. of 
Vcn. Archdeacon W. H. Tribe, is D.L. Bedford, and Lient. Rcfterve 
OflBcers ; Lieut. -Col. 8rd Bat Bedford Regt. ; A.D.C. to Lord 
Dnfierin as Viceroy of India 1885-6. Served in the Egyptian campaign 
1882. 2nd tit. Marq. of Tavistock. Is Ld..Lt. Middlesex, and a 
patron of 25 livings. A Liberal U. 15, Befgrave- square, S.W. ; 
Brooks', Guards, and Travellers' Clubs; fVoburn Abbey and 
Oakley, Bedford; Frndsleigh, Tavistock. 

Belhaven AND Stenton (10th Bar., Sco. Rep.), 
Alexander Charles Hamilton; cr. 1647. 

B.1840 ; m. d. of Legh Riclimond, esq.; s.hi.s liinsman 1893. A D.L. 
fnr Lanarksh.; is col. retired R.E.; serred in Zulu war 1879; formerly 
brigadier comdg. Surrey Vol. Brigade. A Liberal U. 41, Lennox 
('ordvns, S.fV. ; PVishaxo House, fVishaw, Lanarks. 

Belmore (4th Earl of, Ir. Rep.), Somerset Richard 
Lowry-Corry, P.C, G.C.M.G. ; cr. 1797- 

B. 1835; m. d. of Capt. J. Gladstone, R.N. Was Under-Secretary 
fi>r the Home Department from July 1866 to July 1867 ; was Governor 
nf New Sooth Wales from Jan. 1868 to Feb. 1872. A Conservative. 
CarUon, f^hUe's, and Travellers' Clubs; Saekvilte-st. Club ; 
Dublin: Caatte Coole^ Enniskillen. 

teLPBR (2nd Bar.), Henry Strutt, P.O.; cr. 1856. 

B. 1840 ; m. d. of the 2nd Earl of Leicester. Is Capt., Oentlemen-at- 




Arms, a D.L. and Chmn. C.C. of Notts. Is patron of 8 liTingi. A 
Liberal U. 42, Growtnor-gardetu, S.W.; Jthmmum^ Brooks's 
and Traveller^ Clubs t Kingston HaU, Dsrby, 

Berkeley (8th Earl of), Randal Mowbray Thomas 
Berkeley ; cr. 1679. 

B. 1865 1 m. widow of A. H. Jackson, esq. (she d. 1898). Is a 
retired Lient. in the Navy. Snd tit. Visct. Dorsiey. A Liberal U 
Army and Navy Club ; Foxeatnbe, Soar's Hill, Wootton, Berks, 

Berwick (8th Bar.), Thomas Henry Noel-Hill ; cr. 


B. 1865; 8. 1897. (Peerage oonlierred for diplomatic serriees.) Is 
patron of 8 livings. A Conservative. jtUingham HaU, Shrnosbury. 

Bessborough (7th Earl of)* "Rev. Walter William 
Brabaion Ponsonby ; cr. 1739* 

B. 1821 ; a. 1895 ; m. d. of 8rd Earl of St. Germans. Is M.A., Trin. 
Coll. Camb., and has been rector of Station, Suffolk. Sits as Baron 
Ponsonby. Snd tit. Visct. Dnncannon. A Liberal U. dB,Eeeleston-sq., 
S.fV.i Bessborough Houses Kilke%my; Garry-hiU^ eo. Car low. 

BiDDDLPH (Ist Bar.), Michael Biddulph ; or. 1903. 

B. 1833 ; m. 1st, d. of Gen. Peel (d. 1872) ;2nd, d. of 4tb Earl of Hard- 
wicke. Is a partner in the banking firm of Cocks, Biddalph St Co. D.L. 
for Hereford; M.P. for Herefordshire, 1866-1900. A Conservative- 
19, Ennismore.gardens, S.fV. ; The Fark, Ledbury , Herefordshire. 

Blythswood (Ist Bar.), Archibald Campbell Camp- 
bell; cr. 1892. 

B. 1886; m. d. of the Snd Baron Carrington. Formerly in the Soots 
Guards and Queen's Own Lanarkshire Yeomanry. Served in the 
Crimea 1856, where he was wounded. D.L. and Vice-Lieat. Renfrew ; 
Vol. A.D.C. to Queen Victoria; M.P. Renfirewsh. 1878-4, and Went div. 
1885-98. Cr. a hart. 1880. A Conservative's, Seamore-place, fV. ; 
Cearltont Guards* » <>»<' Travellers' Clubs t Blythswood House ^ 

BoLixoBROKE (Visct.) ; cr. 1712. 

The 6th Visct. Sir Henry Mlldmay St. John, d. Nov. 7th, 1899, in his 
80th year. The snooession is in dispute, the late the rev. peer's son 
Henry (b. 1880) and Canon St. John, of Gloucester, a g.-son of the 8rd 
Visct., being the possible claimants. Seat, Lydiard Pari, r^ilta. 

BoLTON (4th Bar.), William Thomas Orde-Powlett ; 
cr. 1797. 

B. 1846 ; 8. 1896 ; m. d. of the 9th Earl ot Scarborough. Is a J.p., 
Tj., and C.C. for the North Riding of York, and Lieat.-Col. Torks. 


Hossars. PaUroB of 5 livings. A ConserTative. Carlton Clubs 
Jiaekwnod Houttt Basingstoke s Bolton Hatt, fVensley, Vorteh. 

Boston (6th Bar,), George Florance Irby ; cr. 1761. 

B. I860 i m. d. of Hod. A. A. P. Irby. M.A. ; |a D.L. for Anglesea. 
Has been a Lord-in-Waiting. Patron of 6 livings. A Conser- 
vatire. Carlton Club ; Hsdsor, Maidmthtad ; Lligwy^ Moeffirs, 

BoTREAUX (Bar.). See Loudon. 

Bowes (Bar.). See Strathmorb. 

Boyle (Bar.). See Cork. 

BoTNB (8th Visct.), GustavRS Russell Hamilton- 
Russell; cr. 1717- 

B. 1880 : m. d. of the 2nd Earl of Eldon. Sits as Bar. Brancepeth. Is 
a Depaty>IJeQt. of Salop, fist Peer a distinguished military officer.) A 
Conservative. \^,Grotvenor-garden»tS.fV^ Carlton Club:Branee' 
peth Castle, Durham : Bunearton Hall, Bridgnorth. 

Brabournb (2nd Bar.), Edward Hugessen Knatchbull- 
Hagessen ; cr. 1880. 

B. 1857 ; m. d. of W. B. Beanmont, M.P. Formerly Lieut. Coldstream 
Guards. Called to the Bar, Inner Temple } M.P. for Rochester 188S^92 ; 
a J.P. and D.L. for Kent. A Liberal. 19, Curson-strsett IV. ; 
Brooks's, Rtfomit and Guards'* Clubs. ; 

Bradford (4th Earl of), George Cecil Orlando 
Bridgeman; cr. 1815. 

B. 1845; s. 1898; m. d.of 9th Earl of Scarbroogh. Was M.P. for 
M. Shropshire 1867-85. Formerly Lieat. 1st Life Guards. 3nd tit. 
TiscC. Newport. Is patron of 12 livings. A Conservative. 44, 
Loumdes-sq., S.fV.; Carlton Club; fVeston Park^ Shiffnal; 
Clarendon Houses Newmarket ; Castle Bromwieh, Birmingham. 

Brampton (Ist Bar.), Henry Hawkins, P.O. ; cr. 1899. 

B. 1S17 ; m. d. of H. F. Reynolds, esq., of Hulme, Lanes. Called to the 
Bar 1843 ; Q.C. 1858 , Judge Exchequer and Q. Bench ; High Court 
and cr. Kt. 1876. A Conservative. 6, Tilney-st., Park-lane, W. ; 
Carlton, Arthur's, and Turf Clubs ; Brampton, Huntingdon. 

Brancbpbth (Bar.). See Boynb. 

Brandon (Duke of). See Hamilton. 


Bkassey (1st Bar.), Thomas Brassey, K.C.B. ; cr. 1886. 

B. 1836; m. I8t,d. of John Allnutt, esq. (she d. 1887); 2ndl)r, d. of 
Ticoantesii Maiden. Gorernor of Victoria, 1895-1900. Formerly M.P. 
for Hastings. Has been a Lord -in - Waiting, Ciril Lord and aln) 
Secretary of the Admiralty, and a Director of the Suez Canal Co. A 
Liberal. 24, Parkdaue, W.; Brook*'*, Athenmum, Rejorm, and 
Univer*ity Clubs; Normanhurat Court, Smsex, 

Braybrookx (6th Bar.), Bev. Latimer Neville; 
cr. 1788. 

B. 1837: s. 1902; m. d. of J. le Marcbant, esq. Is Master cf 
Magdalene Coll., Cambridge. Hon. Canon of St. Albans. Is patron of 
5 livings. A CcnserTatiTe. jiudtey End, Saffron fVdldent Essex : 
Heydon Houses Royslon s BiUingbtar, fVokingham, Btrks. 

Bratk (5th Bar.), Alfred Thomas Townshend VemeT- 
Cave; cr. 1529. 

B. I84» : m. d. of W. G. Walmesley, esq. Is a Knight of Malta; als.i 
J.P. and D.L. co. Leicester, J.P. cos. Warwick and Northampton, and 
Lt.-Col. Brd. Batt. Leicestershire Regt. This peerage has twice been in 
abeyance. A Liberal (J. 4, Buekinffham'gate%S.fV.i Brooks's and 
Travtllers* Clubs ; Stanford Hail, Market Harboro. 

Breadalbanb (1st Marq. of), Gavin Campbell, K.6., 
P.C.; cr. 1885. 

B. 18.S1 : m. d. of 4th Duke of Montrose. Has been a Lord-in. 
Waiting, Treasurer of H.M. Hoasebold, Lord Steward, and High 
Commissioner of the Chnrch of Scotland, 189&93, Snd tit. Earl of 
Ormelie. A Liberal. 19, Cavsndish-tquars, fV. ; Devottshirs and 
fVhite's Clubs t Taymouth Castle, Perthshire. 

Bridport (1st Visct.), Alexander Nelson Hood, G.C.B.; 
cr. 1808. 

B. 1814; m. d. ofthedrd Marq. of Downshire (she d. 1884). A 
Lieut..Gen. in the army, late CNpt. and Lieat.-Col. Scots Pnsilier Gnardj>: 
retired 1881. Is a Lordin- Waiting. Formerly Clerk-Marshal to the late 
Prince Consort. Is patron of I living. A Liberal U. Carlton Club i 
Royal Lodge, fVindsor Park. 

Bristol (3rd Marq. of), Frederic William John Hervey; 
cr. 1826. 

B. 1834: m. d. of the late Gen. the Hon. G. Anson. Is Lord- 
LienL of Snffolk. 2nd tit. Earl Jermyn. Hereditary Steward of Bury 
St. Edmnnd^s. Formerly M.P. for West Snffolk. Is patron of 19 
livings. A Conservative, fi, St. James'-sq., S.W. i Carlton and 
fVMte's Clubs ; lekworth Park, Bury St. Edmund's, Snffblk. 


Bbistol (Bp. of), George Forrest Browne, D.D. 

B. 1883. Took his seat I9U3. Formerly CanoD of St. Paul's, and 
Professor of Archaology at Cambridge. Consecrated Bishop of Stepney 
1895; translated to Bristol I8H7 on the separation of that see from 
Gioncester. The Palae», Rtdland Grten, Briatol. 

B&ODRiCK (Bar.). See Midleton. 

Bbooke (Earl). See Wabwick. 

Brougham and Vaux (3rd Bar.), Henry Charles 
Brougham; cr. 1860. 

B.18S6;m. d.ofPeter Wells, esq., relict of Sir R.C. Mnsgrare, bart., o 
Edenhall. D.L. for Camberland and Westmoreland. Pormerly clerk 
in House of Lords. A Liberal U. 86, Chtsham-plaea, S.PV.; 
Broois's and Arthur*» Clubs ; Brougham Hall, Penrith ; Chateau 
Elionore, Cannes. 

Brownlow (3rd Earl), Adelbert Wellington Brownlow 
Cost, P.C.; cr. 1815. 

B.1844: m. d. of the 18th Earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot. 2nd tit. 
Visct. Alford. Appointed Ensign and Lieut. Grenadier Guards 1868 ; 
A.D.C. to Queen Victoria 1897. Is Lord-Lieut, of Lincolnshire. Patron 
uf 11 livings. Parly. Sec. to the Local Gnrernment Board 1886; 
Paymaster-General 1887; Parliamentary Sec, War Office, 1889-92^ and 
was M.F. for North Shropshire 1866-67. A Conservative. 8, Carlton 
Hous€-t0rrae«^ S.fV.i Carlton Club; Ashritige^ Berkhampsteadt 
Herls ; BtUon Houte^ Grantham, Lincolnshire. 

BuccLEUCH AND QuEENSBERRY (6thDakeof), William 
Henry Walter Montagu-Douglas-Scott, K.G., K.T., 
P.C. ; cr. 1663-84. 

B. 1831 : m.d. of IstDukeof Abercorn. Sits as Earl ot Doncaster. 3nd 
tit. Earl of Dalkeith. Was twice M.P. for Edinburghshire. Lord-Lieut. 
ofOo. of Damfrie-i. Is patron of 17 livings. A Conservative. Montagu 
House, PVhitehall, S.IV.; Carlton and St. Stephen's Clubs; 
Boughlon House, Kettering, Northamptonsh. ; Dalkeith House, 
Rdinbtargh; Drumlanrig Castle, ThortihillfN.B.; Bowhitl, Selkirk. 

Buckinghamshire (7th Earl of), Sydney Carr Hobart- 
Hampden ; cr. 1746. 

B. 1860 : m. d. of Hon. H. U. Mercer, s. of the 1st Earl of Camper- 
down. Educated at Trin. Coll. Cambridge. Was a Lord-in-Waiting 
JKg.'i. 2nd tit. Lord Hobart. A Liberal. 58, rietoria-street, S.fV.i 
National Liberal Club t Hampden House, Bucks. 


BUROHCLERE (Ist Bar.)» Herbert Coulston Gardner, 
P.C. ; cr. 1895. 

B. in London 1R47 ; m. d. of the Earl of CarnarTon. Is a D.L. for 
Middlesex ; an Ecclesiastical Commisnioner, and was Pres. Board of 
Agriculture 1892-95, and M.P. for Essex, Saffron Walden div., 188&-95. 
A Liberal. 46, Charles-atreet, Berktley-»quare, 8.W.; Brook$'t and 
St. James't Clubs. 

BuRNHAM (Isfc Bar.), Edward Lawaon ; or. 1903. 

B. 1888 ; m. d. of B. Webster. Esq. (rf . 1807). Is principal proprietor 
of 7%« Daily Tefegraph. Lieut, for City of London. D.L. for Bucks ; 
High Sh«trifr 1886. A Consemitif e. 2u, Norfolk-ttr^tt, tV. ; Hall 
Bam^ Btaeonsfield, Buck*. 

Burton (Ist Bar.), Michael Arthur Bass; cr. 1886. 

B. I837| m.d. of Edward Thome will, esq. Sat as M.P. for Stafford 
and Staffordshire, 1866-1886. A Liberal U. CfusterfUld House, South 
AucUey-atreet, fV.; Riform,Brookt*a,and Turf Clubs ; Rangentore, 
Burton-on-Trent I Glen Quoieht InvemesS'shire. 

Bute (4tlL Marq. of), John Crichton- Stuart; cr. 1796. 

B. 1881 1 s. 1000. Is patron of 11 livings. 2nd tit. Earl of Dumflries. 
A Conservative. St. John^s Lodge^ RegenPs Park, N.fV»t Mount- 
stuartt Isle ttf Bute ; Cardiff Castle, Gtamorgansh.: Dun\fries 
House, Ayrshire 

Byron (9th Bar.), George Frederick William Byron ; 
cr. 1643. 

B. 1855: Di. Mrs. Broadhead. Is first cousin twice removed of the 
6th Lord Byron, the illustrious poet. A Conservative. 6, Gretflon-street, 
fV.; fVhUe*s Club; Longford Grove, MakUm, Essex. 

Cadogan (5th Earl), George Henry Cadogan, P.C, 
K.G., K.P. ; cr. 1800. 

B. 1840; m. d. of the 2nd Earl of Craven. Has been Parliamentary 
Under Secretary for War, Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies, 
and Lord Privy Seal. Lord-Lieat. of Ireland, 1895-1902. 2nd tit. 
Visct. Chelsea. Was Ist Mayor of Chelsea, 1900. Patron of 2 livings. 
A Conservative. Chelsea House, Cadogan-plaee, S.fV.; Carlton 
Club I CuVord Hall, Bury St. Edmunds. 

Cairns (3rd Earl), Herbert John Cairns; cr. 1878. 

B. 1863 : educated at Wellington College. Is a partner in the Elswick 
Ordnance Co. 2nd tit. Visct. Garmoyle. (1st peer was Lord Chancel- 
lor.) A Conservative, lb. Park-street, fV. ; Lindi^ame, Bourne- 


Calthorpk (6thBar.)> Augustas Cholmondeley Gough- 
Calthorpe; cr. 1796. 

B. 18S9 ; m. d. of the Ute Hon. Octavins Dnnoombe. Is patron of 6 
UviBga. Has been Lient. Staffordih. Too. A J. P. and D.L. War«rickfl.i 
D.L.,J.P., and C.C. Staflurds.; High SheriiT of Utter 1861. A Con- 
ferratiTe. 38, Gronenor-tquare, W. ; Carlton and fVelUngton Clubs i 
Blvstham, fflnehfield, Uanta. 

Cambridgk (2iid Duke of), H.R.H. Prince George 
William Frederic Charles, P.C, K.G., K.T., K.P., 
G.C.M.G., G.C.H., G.C.B., G.C.S.I.; cr. 1801. 

PintoooslntothelateQneen Victoria. B. 1819. A Field-Marshal in the 
Army. CoL of the Grenadier Goards. Col.- in-chief of the 17th Lanoen . 
Ranger of Hyde and St. James's Parks. President of Christ's Hospital. 
Was in oammand of a div . of the forces in the Crimea, 1 8M. Appointed 
Field-Hanhal Commanderin-Chief, Jnly 1856, resigned 189B. Sits in 
the House of Lords as a Royal Prince, and as Dnke of Cambridge. 
Gloue0»t0r House, Park-lane, VF.i UnUed Service, Army and 
Navy, and Trai*eUere' Clubs, 

Camdxn (4th Marq.), John Charles Pratt; cr. 1812. 

B. 1878; m. d. of Lord Hy. O. R. Nerlll. Formerly Lieut. 8rd batt. 
Royal Sussex Regt Now Capt. West Kent Yeomanry, and a 
D.L. for Kent and Sussex. 2nd tit. Lord Brecknock. A Conserrative. 
Bayham Abbey, Lamberhurtt; The Priory, Brecon . 

Camoys (5th Bar.), Ralph Francis Julian Stonor; cr. 

B. 1884; s. 1897, and is a minor. This Peerage, in abeyance since 
the reign of Henry Yl., was not called ont till 1839. Sionor Park, 

Campxbdowk (3rd Earl of), Robert Adam Philips 
Haldane-Duncan ; cr. 1831. 

B. 1841. A Dep.-LienL of Forfarsh. Has been a Lord of the Ad- 
minlty, and a Lord-in- Waiting. 2nd tit. Yisct. Dnncan . (1st Peer was 
the celebrated Admiral Dnncan.) A Liberal D. 89, Charlea-sl., 
Berkeley-sq. ty. ; Brockets Club; Camperdoum House, Forfarsh. s 
Gleneaglee, and Lundie, Perthsh. 

Canterbury (Archbp. of), Randall Thomas Davidson, 

B. 1848 : educated at Trin. Coll. Oxford ; m. d. of Archbp. Talt. Was 
snocessiTely chaplain and sec. to Aruhbps. Tait and Benson, chaplain to 
the Qaeen, Preacher at Cambridge, Dean of Windsor, and Up. of 
Rochester, 1891-95, and Winchester, 180.vli'(K}. Translated tu tbe^ 

24 HOUSE OP I<0RD8. 

PriinHcy 1U03. Is patron of about 200 livings. Annnal value of mc, 
^15,UU0. A Liberal U. Lambeth Palace, 8.E.; Palace, Canttr- 

Canterbury (4 th Visct.)* Henry Charles Manners - 
Sutton; cr. 1835. 

B. 183i); m. d. of Hon. Frederick Walpole. The first Peer was Speaker 
of the House of Commons. A Liberal. fVhite^t and Brooks's Clubs ; 
Brooke House, Nonoieh. 

Carew (3rd Bar.), Robert Shapland George Julian 
Carew; cr. 1834. 

B. 18601 m. d. of Albert Lethbridge, esq. D.L. co. Wexford. A 
Liberal D. 28, Belgrave-sq., S.fV.; Castleborouffh, Btmi^corthy. 
CO. fVexfordt tVoodstwout eo. fVaterford. 

Carleton (Bar.). See Shannon. 

Carlisle (9th Earl of), George James Howard ; cr. ICCl . 

B. 1848; ra. 1864, d. of the 2nd Baron Stanley of Alderley. 2nd lit. 
Visct. Morpeth. A J.P., Cumberland. Was M.P. for East Cumberland 
1879 to 1880, and 1881 to 1885. A Liberal U. 1, Palace-grem, 
Kensinglmi i Castle Howard, York : Naworth Castle, Brampton, 

Carlisle (Bp. of), John Wareing Bardsley, D.D. 

S. of the late Canon BardsIey,of Manchester. B. 1835 ; m. 1862, d. 
of Kev. B. Powell. Was Vicar of St. John's, Bootle. I8tS4-70, and of 
St. Saviour's, Liverpool, 1870-87; Archd. of Warrington, 1880-6, of 
Liverpool, 1886-7 ; consec. Bishop of Sodor and Man, 1887 ; translated 
1891 ; look seat in House of Lords 1897 ; patron of ^2 livings. A Con- 
servative. Rose Castle, Carliale. 

Carnarvon (5th Earl of), George Edward Stanhope 
Molyneux Herbert; cr. 1793. 

B. 1B66; educated at Eton and Trin. Coll. Cambridgp ; m. d. of the 
late F. Wombwell, esq. 2nd tit. Lord Porchester. High Steward of 
Newbury, a D.L. aud J. P. Hants, and patron of 7 livings. A Conservn- 
tive. \'i, Berkeley-square, W. ; Bachelors' and St. James's Clubs; High 
Clere Castle, Ketcbury ; PixtoHj Dulverton, Somersetsh. 

Carnwath (15th Earl, Sco. Rep.), Robert Harris 
Carnwath Dalzell ; cr. 1639. 

B. 1847; m.d. of Henry Hippisley, esq. (she d. 1880). A Lieut.- 
Col. (retired) late Qneen's Own Cameron Highlanders; formerly adj. 
3nd Perth R.V. A Conservative. Carnwath House, Fulham, S.fV. ; 
Naval and Military Club. 


Car&ington (ist Earl), Charles Robert Wynn-Car- 
rington, P.C, G.C.M.G.; cr. 1895. 

B. 1848: m. d.of the 6th Bwnon Saffleld. Is Joint Hereditary Lord 
Great Chamberlain of England. Hms been Capt. Royal Horse Oaarda : 
Col. 3id Oxford Lt. Infantry; Capt. Rl. Body Gaard. Was M.P. 
for Chipping- Wycombe 1865-8. Governor of New South Wales 1885-90, 
Nnd Lord Chamberlain of the Hoasehold 1893-5. Second tit. Visct. 
Wendover. A Liberal. 50, Grosveitor-sireet, IV. ; National Liberal 
and Brooks's Clubs; Gwydyr CaslU^ Ltanrwstt N. fVaUs; 
Dawes Hill, High fVycombe. 

Carysfort (5th Earl of), William Proby, K.P. ; cr. 

B. 183ff ; m. d. of Rer. R. B. Heathcote. SiU as Baron Carysfort. 
Snd tit. Lord Proby. Is Lord-Lieut, co. Wiciciow, and a D.L. and 
Co. Aid. for Hants. A Conservative. 10, Hereford-gardens , fV. ; 
Carl/on Club,' Elton Hall, Peterborough ; Glenart Castle, Arklow, 
CO. fVieklow. 

Castlxmaine (5th Bar., Ir. Rep.), Albert Edward 
Handcock; cr. 1812. 

B. 1863; s. 1892; ro. d. of Col. Barrington, of Charlton, Kent. Is 
Lord-Lieut. CO. Westmeath; late Lieut. 4th Batt. R. Inniskilling Fus. 
Elected Rep. Peer 1898. A Conservative. 17, Boltoti-street, fV.; 
Carlton and fVhite's Clubs ; Moydrum Castle, Athlone. 

Castletown (2nd Baron), Bernard Edward Barnaby 
FitzPatrick; cr. 1869. 

B. 1848; m. only d. of the 4th Visct. Doneraile. Served in Life 
Goards, Egypt, 1882; South Africa 1900. A Liberal U. 101, Eaton- 
plaee.S. fV.; Travellers* Club; Doneraile Court, co. Cork ; Granstou 
Manor, Abbeyleix, Queen*s eo. 

Cath cart (3rd Earl), Alan Frederick Cathcart ; cr. 1 81 4. 

B. 1828 : m. d. of Sir S. Crompton, bart. 2nd lit. Lord Greenock. 
(The Earldom was conferred for military services, aid the Barony whs 
created in the reign of James II. of Scotland.) Has been Ist Lieut. 
«nd Adjutant 23rd foot. Is a Deputy-Lieut, of the Nonh Riding of 
York and Col. 1st batt. North Yoric Rifle Volunteers. A Conservative. 
3\,, S,fV.; United Service and Carlton Clubs ; Thorti- 
ton-le-sireei, Thirsk ; Cathcart House^ Ret^retvsh. 

Cawdor (3rd Earl), Fredk. Archibald Vaughan 
Campbell; cr. 1827. 

B. 1847 i 8. 1898 ; m. d. ofC. Tumor, esq. 2ud tit. Visct. Bmlyn. In J 

Lwrd-Lient. of PcmbrolLC, and chairman Great Weaern Railway. Ua, 


been M.P. for co. Carmarthen, and is Lt.-Col. Cannarthen Art. (S. Db. 
R.A.) and A.D.C. in the Militia. Is patron of 10 liyings. A Liberal 
U. 7, Prinee's-smrdenat S.W.; Carlton Club; Golden Groift, Car- 
martheti; Cawdor Castle^ Nairn; StaekpoU Court, Pembroke. 

Chaworth (Bar.). See Meath. 

Chelmsford (2nd Bar.), Frederic Augustus Tbesiger, 
G.C.B., G.C.V.O.; cr. 1858. 

B. 1827; m. d. of Major-Gen. Heath. A Gen. in the amy (retired 
1893) ; Col. Derbysh. Rgt. 1898. Served in the Crimea, Abyssinia, and 
in Sonth Africa, where he was in command of the British troops till 
1870. (The 1st peer was Lord Chancellor.) A Conservative. 5* JCnares- 
borough'pl., S. W. ; Carlton and United Service Clube. 

Chesham (3rd Bar.)* Charles Compton William 
Cavendish, K.C.B., P.C. ; cr. 1868. 

B. 1860 : m. d. of the Ist Dnke of Westminster. Is a Lord of the 
Bedchamber to the Prince of Wales. Was Master of the Bnckhoonds 
1900-01. Served in the Coldstream Guards, 10th Haasars; and 16th 
Lancers. He raised the Imperial Yeomanry and commanded them in 
S. Africa 1900-01 ; Is a Major-General, Inspector-Gen. of Imperial 
Yeomanry, D.L. CO. Warwick. A Liberal U. Travellers* and Guards' 
Clube ; Latimer^ Chesham^ Bueie. 

Chester, Earl of. See Wales, Prince of. 
Chester (Bp. of), Francis John Jayne, D.D. 

B. 1845; educated at Ragby and Wadham Coll., Oxford; m.d.oi 
W. J. Garland, esq., of Liabon. Has been principal of St. David's Coll. 
Lampeter, 1879-86, and vicar of Leeds; also Whitehall preacher and 
select preacher at Oxford. Consecrated Feb. 1889. Is patron of 48 
livings. Annual value of see, ^4500. A Conservative. Atheneeutn 
Club; The Palace, Chester. 

Chesterfield (10th Earl of), Edwyn Francis Scuda- 
more-Stanhope, P.C. ; cr. 1628. 

B. 1854 ; educated at Eton and Oxford. Called to the Bar 1880. A 
D.L. and County Aid. for Herefordsh. Has been Capt. Gentlemen^at- 
Arm», and also Treasurer of the Household. 2nd tit. Lord Stanhope. 
A Liberal. Brooks's and Travellers' Clubs; Holme Laejf, Hereford. 

Cheylesmore (3rd Bar.), Herbert Francis Eaton ; 
or. 1887. 

B. 1848; ». 1908; m. d. of F. O. French, esq., ol New York. Is a 
Major-Gen. Formerly Col. of Grenadier Guards ; Knight of St. John 
of Jerusalem A Conservative. Carlton Club\ Cheylesmore, Covcntnj. 


Chichester (5th Earl of), Ber. Francis Godolphin 
Pelham; cr. 1801. 

B. 1844; 8.1908: m. d. of Lord WoWeiton. 2nd tit Lord Pelhsm. 
Was Rector of Lambeth and Ficar of Yarmouth. A Liberal Unionist. 
Brooit's Club; SianmerPark, Zsewes, Sussex. 

Chichester (Bp. of), Ernest Rowland Wilberforce,D.D. 

B. 1840 ; m. l«t, d. of Sir C. H. J. Anderson, bart. (dead) ; Sndly, d. of 
late Dean (Connor) of Windsor. Of Exeter Coll. Oxford, B.A. 1864 { 
Vicar of Middletun Stoney, Oxon. 1866: of Seaforth, Lane. 1878: Sab- 
Almoner to H.Bf.; Canon Res. of Winchester 1878. Consecrated 
Bp. of Newcastle 1882; trans, to this see 1805. Patron of 40 livings. 
The Palace, Chichester. 

Cholmondsley (4th Marq. of), George Henry Hugh 
Cholmondeley, P.O.; cr. 1816. 

B. 1858 : m. d. of Col. and Lady Bmily Kingscote. 2nd tit. Barl 
of Rocksarage. Late Lieut. Chesh. Yeomanry. Joint Hereditary 
Great Chamberlain. Is patron of 7 lirings. A Consenratire. fVhite*s 
Club; Cholmondeley Castle, MeUpas, Chesh. i Houghton Hall, 
Roughatn, Norfolk. 

Chhrchill (1st Vise), Victor Albert Francis Charles 
Spencer, G.C.V.O. ; cr. Bar. 1816; Vise. 1902. 

B. 1864 ; m. d. of 8rd Earl of Lonsdale. Is a ConservatiTe Whip 
in House of Lords. Late Lient. in the Coldstream Guards. A 
Lord-in- Waiting 1889 ; and since 1895. A Conservative. 6, Herbert- 
crescent, 8.W.; Carlton, Guards', and Turf Clubs t kVest 
Laoington House, Devises, fVilts; BoUetton, Leicester. 

Churston (2nd Bar.), John Yarde-Buller; cr. 1868. 

B. 1846 ; m. d. of the Baroness Grey de Rathyn and Sir Hastings 
R. H. Yelverton. Has been Capt. Scots Fnsilier Guards. Is patron of 5 
livings. A Conservative. Guards' Clubs Lupton House, Brixham. 

Clang ARTY (5th Barl of), William Frederick Le Poer 
Trench; cr. 1803. 

B. 1868 1 m. Miss Isabelle Bilton. Sits as Visct. Clancarty. 2nd tit. 
Viset. Dnnlo. D.L. co. Galway. A Conservative. Junior Travellers* 
Club; Garbally Park, Ballinasloe, co. Galway. 

Clanricarde (2nd Marq. of), Hubert George de 
Bnrgh-Canning ; cr. 1826. 

B. 1832. Sits as Baron Somerhill. 2nd tit. Lord Dnnkellin. Has been 
a(tacb£ at Turin, appointed 2nd Secretary there 1862. Assumed the 
name of Canning by royal licence 1862. A Liberal U. The Ist marq. 
was Lord Privy Seal and Fostmaster-Gen. C5, jitbany, fV. ; Travel- 
lers' Club; Porlumna Castle, Galwuy. 


Clanw^illiam (4th Earl of), Richard James Meade, 
G.C.B., K.C.M.G. ; cr. 1776. 

B. 1882: m. d. of Sir Arthur B. Kennedy, K.C.M.G. Sits as Bsrmi 
Clanwilliam. Snd tit. Lord Gillford. Entered the Royal Navy 1845. 
rear-admiral 1876; Tice-admiral 1881; admiral 1886 ; commaiider-in- 
chief at Portsmonth 1891; Adml. of the Fleet, 1895; retired 1902. 
Was wnanded at the auaolt on Canton, 1857. Has been a Ixird of the 
Admiralty. A Conservative. 92^ Belgrav9-aq.,S.fV.; Carlton Club t 
Gitt-hall, Dromorct eo. Down. 

Clarendon (dth Earl of)» Edward Hyde Villiers, 
G.C.B., P.O.; cr. 1776. 

B. 184H; 8. 1870; m. d. of the 3rd Barl of Normanton (she d. 1894). 
A Lord-in- Waiting: 18U5 ; A-D.C. to Queen Victoria 1897. Appointed 
Lord Chamberlain 190 u. Sud tit. Lord Hyde. It Lord Lieut, co. 
Hertford, D.L. and J.F. Warwicksh.. and Hon. Lt.-Col. Herts Yeo. 
Was M.P. for Brecon 1869-70. A Liberal U. Brooks'a and Marl- 
horoughCluba: Grove Park, fVafford, Herts. 

Clements (Bar.). See Leitrim. 

Clifden (6th Vise), Thomas Charles Agar-Robartes; 
cr. 1781. 

B. 1844; m. d. of F. W. Dickenson, esq. Sits as Bar. Mendip. In 
1S9S he s. his father (who assumed the name of Agar-Robartes) as 2nd 
Bar. Robartes (cr. 18A9). Is a Barrister. A Depnty-Lieut. of Cornwall. 
A Liberal. 1, Gt. Stanhope-st., W.; Wellington ami Brooks's Clubs; 
Wimpolc-?uiU, Roytton; lAanhydrock. Bodtnin, Cornwall, 

Clifford of Chudleigh (9th Bar.), Lewis Henry 
Hugh Clifford ; cr. 1672. 

B. 1861 ; m. Jitn. 23, 1800, to a d. of the late Col. Towneley, M.P. 
Called to the Bar (Inner Temple) 1882. Is a Coant of the Holy Roman 
Empire. Is patron of 4 livings. A Liberal U. Brooks's Club ; 
Ugbrooke Park^ Chudieigh, Devon. 

Clinton (20th Bar.), Charles Henry RoUe Hepburn- 
Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis; cr. 1299. 

B. 1884; m. 1st, d. of Sir J. Stuart Forbes, bart.(dead)i 2ndly, d. of 
Sir J. Walrond, bart. Is Lord-Lieut. aud late Chairman C.C. of I>evon. 
and Lient.-col. North Devon Yeomanry. Has been Under-Secretary nf 
Stale for India. Formerly a Charity Commissioner for England and 
Wales 1874. A Conservative. Is patron of 6 livings. 41, PoriJand- 
vlace, fV.i Carlton Club; HAtnton SatekviUe, J>olton, RjS.O., 


Clonbrock (4th Bar., Ir. Rep.), Luke Gerald Dillon, 
P.C. (I.), K.P.; cr. 1790. 

B. 1834 ; m. d. of the 2nd Lord Crofton. Has been a Sec. of Embassy, 
Vienna, and Sec. to the Lord-Lieut. of Ireland. Elected Ir. Rep. 1695 ; 
a P.C. 1896. A Conservative. Arthur's and Traveller$* Club$; Clon- 
brock, Ahascragh, eo. Galtcay. 

Cloncurrt (4th Bar.), Valentine Lawless; cr. 1789. 

B. 1840; m. d. of Ist Lard St. Oswald (died 18»]}. A D.L. fur 
Kildare. A ConMrratire. 1, Deanery-»t., Park-lane, W. ; Carlton 
Club : l4f0ns* Castle, Kildare. 

CoBHAM (8th Visct ), Charles George Lyttelton ; cr. 

B. J 843; m. d. of 2nd Baron Chesham. Is Baron Ljttelton. Sac- 
eeeded the 8rd Duke of Bockingham and Chandos as Visoonnt Cobham» 
1889. In High Steward for Bewdley, and a D.L., J.P., and C.C. for 
Worcestershire; also a Trastee Nat. Portrait Gallery ; a Railway Com- 
mimioner. and depaty-chairman of the Great Western Railway Company. 
Was M.P. for Worcestershire (East), 1868-74; and » Land Commis- 
sioBer. 1881-1689. A Liberal U. Brooks's Club; Hagley-pk., Stour- 
bridge, fVorceslershire. 

Colchester (3rd Bar.), Reginald Charles Edward 
Abbot; cr. 1817. 

B. 1843 ; m. d. of the 1st Earl De Montalt. (1st Peer filled the office 
of Speaker of the House of Commons.) Is a barrister ; and member of 
the School Board for vvestminster. Was Fellow of All Souls', Oxford. 
Has been a Charity Commissioner for England and Wales. A Con- 
serratiTe. Carlton Club, S.PV.; Forest Row, East Grtnstead. 

Coleridge (2nd Bar.), Bernard John Seymour Cole- 
ridge; cr. 1873. 

B. at Heath's Court, Ottery St. Mary, Devon, 1851; m. d. of Dr. 
Msckarness, Bp. of Oxford. Called to the bar (Mid. Temple) 1877, still 
practises, and became a bencher Nov. 1894. A Q.C. 1892; has been 
junior counsel to the Post Office, fiic, and sat as M.P. for the AttercUfl'e 
dfv. of Sheffield from 1885 to 1894. (First peer was Lord Chief Justice 
of Easland.) A Liberal. 8, Wetherby. place, S.fV., National 
Liberal and Devonshire Clubs ; Heath's Court, Ottery St. Mary. 

CoLviLLB OF Culross (2nd Visot.), Charles Robert 
William Colville ; cr. 1902. A 

B. 1854; 8. 1908; m. d. of Lieut-Col. H. D. Streathfleld. Formerly ^ 


Major Grrnadier Guards. Served in Zula War, 1879, and Military Sec. 
to GoT-Gen. of Canada (Lord Stanley). A Conservative. 42, Baton- 
pi., S.fV, ; Guards' Club; Cuh-osa Lodffe, fV. Cowta. 

CoMBBRMBRB (4th Visct.), Frands Lynch Wellington 
Stapleton-Cotton ; cr. 1826 ; Bart. 1677. 
B. 1887 ; s . 1898. A Minor. (Peerage conferred for military aerrioes.) 
Combertntre Abbey, Whitchurch, Salop. 

CoNGLBTON (4th Bar.), Henry Pamell; cr. 1841. 

B. ISSOt an. d. of D. Dove, esq. Late in com. of Infiantry Brigades at 
Malta; late of the Buflb. (Peerage conferred for offlcial aervices.) S8, 
Green-street, fV.; Army and Navy, and United Service Clubs, 
S.W.; Rathleagtie, Queen"* co. 

CoNNAUOHT AND Strathbarn (Ist Duke of), H.R.H. 

Prince Arthur William Patrick Albert, P.C., K.G., 

K.T., K.P., M. & G.C.B., G.C.S.I., G.C.M.G., 

G.C.I.B., G.C.V.O.; cr. 1874. 

Third s. of Queen Fictoria. B. 1860 1 m. Princess Louise Mai^aret 
Alexandra Victoria Agnes, Srd d. of Prince Frederick Charles Nicholas of 
Prussia. Is a General in the English army ; Col.-in-Chief Rifle Brigade, 
and Hon. Col. Brandenburgh Leithen Hussars. He commauded a 
division in the Egyptian Expedition, 1882 ; was Commander-in-Chief, 
Bombay presidency, 1886, in Command of the Southern Military 
District, 1890, Chief-iu-Command at the A.Idershot Camp 1898 to 1898, 
commanding forces in Ireland, 1900. Is Hon. Col. 1st Bombay Laacers; 
Hon. Col. 18th Bengal Lancers, Ranger of Epping Forest, Grand Master 
of the Freemasons in England, Ac. United Service, Guards', /■VTiitm's, 
and Travellers* Clubs ; Bagshot Park, Surrey, 

CoNYNGHAM (5th Marq.), Victor George Henry Francis 
Conyngham; cr. 1816. 

B. 1883; 8. 1897. Sits as Baron Minster. 2Ad tit. Earl of Mount- 
Charles. Bifrons, Canterbury: Mount Charles, Donegal ; Slant 
Castle, Meath. 

Cork and Orrery (9th Earl of), Richard Edmund 
St. Lawrence Boyle, P.C, K.P.; cr. 1620. 
B. 182»; m. d. of 1st Marq. of Clanricarde. Sita as Baron Boyle. 
2nd tit. Visct. Dungarvan. (Peerage conferred for official aerrices.) 
Is a Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords. Has been A.D.C. Yeo. 
Force ; thrice Master of the Bnckhounds ; and twice Master of the 
Horse. Is Lord-Lieut, of Somerset; and a patron of I li?ins. A. 
Liberal. 40, Charles-street, IV, ; Brooks's, Devonshire, T\n:f, tsnci 
'kite's Clubs; Harston Bigyott, Frame, Somersetsh, , 


Cornwall, Duke of. See Wales, Prince of. 

CoTTENHAM (4th Earl of), Kenelm Charles Edward 
Pepys ; cr. 1850. 

B. 1874; 8. 1881: m. d. of Marq. of AbergaTcnny. 2nd tit. Visct. 
Crowhunt. Educated at Eton. Patron of 1 liTinfi. A Conservative. 
Badtelors' C^ub, W. ; Tandridge Gntrt, Godttone, Surrey. 

CoTTESLOx (2nd Bar.), Thomas Francis Fremantle; 
cr. 1874. 

B. 1830 ; m. d. of the 2nd Earl of Eldon ; called to the Bar 18S5. Is a 
J.P., D.L., and Chairman C.C. for Bucks. Was M.P. for that county 
Sept. 1876 to Not. 1886. A ConservatiTe. 43, JSaton-tguare, 8.W.; 
Carlton aud Travelltn' Clubt; Stcanboume, Winthtc, Bucks. 

CouRTOWN (5th Earl of), James Greorge Henry 
Stopford; cr. 1762. 

B. 18S3 % m. 1846, d.of 4th Lord Sondes (she d. 1894). Formerly Capt 
Grenadier Guards. Sits as Baron Saltersford. Sad tit. Visct. Stopford. 
A Conservative. Car lion Club; Couriown Houatt Gorey, eo 

Coventry (9th Earl of), George William Coventry, 
P.C; cr. 1697. 

B. 1838 : m. d. of 2nd Earl of Craven. Master of the Backhounds 
1888; and again 1895. Appointed Lord-Lient. Worcestershire 1891. 
Has been capt. Oentlemen-at-Arms. Patron of 6 livings. 2nd tit. 
Visct . Deerhnrst A Conservative. 1, Ba^owr-ptace, Park-lane, ¥V. ; 
fVhii^s and Carlton Cluba i Croonu Court, Stoke, Severn. 

CowLXY (3rd Earl), Henry Arthur Mornington Welles- 
ley; cr. 1857. 

B. 1866; s. 1895; m. d. Jst Harq. Abergavenny (div. 1897). Second 
tit. Viset. Dangan. Late Ueot. Gloncestershire Yeo. ; is a J.P. for Wilts. 
A ConservaUve. 11, South Audley -street, fV.i Turf, l^Mte*a,and 
Marlborough Clubs ; Drayeott House^ Chippenham. 

CowFEB (7th Earl), Francis Thomas De Grey Cowper, 
P.C, K.G.; cr. 1718. 

B. 1834: m. d. of 4th Marq. of Northampton. Is Lord-Lient. of 
B«dlard8h ire, late chairman C.C. Hertfordshire. Has been capt. of the 
Gentlemen-at-Arms. Was Lord-Lient. of Ireland firom April 1880 to 
April 1882. 2nd tit. Visct. Fordwich. Ei^joys an hereditary Pension. 
I* patron of 2 livings. (The first Peer was twice Lord Chancellor.) 
A Liberal U. 4, SL Janus'a-sq., S. W. ; fVhile's and Brooks's Clubs 
fVrott-park, Ampthill, Beds. ; Panshanger, Hertford. 


Cranbrook (1st Earlof), Gathorne Gathorne- Hardy, 
P.C, G.C.S.I. ; cr. 1892. 

B. 1814 ; m. d. of James Orr, es.]. (she d. 1897). Snd tit. Baron Med- 
way. Hmm been President of the Poor Law Board. Secretary of State for 
the Home Department, Secretary of State for War, and Secretary of State 
for India and President of the Council of India, and was appointed, 1885, 
Lord President of the Council, and Sec. of State for War. The latter 
appointment was made only two or three days before the ministry 
resigned. Again Lord President of the Council 1886-92. Cr.Visct. 1878. 
Was M.P. for Leominster and Oxford University, 1856-78. A Con- 
senrative. 3, Cadogmi-tqtinre, S.fV.; Cartinn emd Athenaeum 
Clubs ; Hemsled Park, Cranbrook. 

Ceanwobth (2nd Bar.>, Bertram Francis Gurdon ; 
cr. 1899. 

B. 1877 ; 8. 1902 ; m. d. of Arthur Ridley, Esq. D.L. Norfolk. Lieut, 
Norfolk Artillery Mil. ; served in S. Africa. 1999-1902. A Liberal V. 
!>, Portman-Bq., W.; Brooks's Club, S.W. ; Letton Hall, Watton, Norfolk. 

Craven (4th Earl), William George Robert Craven ; 
cr. 1801. 

B. 1868 i m. d. of Bradley Martin, cm]., of New York. 2nd title Yiact. 
Uffington. Has been A.D.C. to Ix)rd Zetland, Lord-Lient. of Ireland ; 
late Capt. Berkshire Yeomanry. Ixt p^r was a distingui.ihed military 
commander. A Conservative. fVhile's Club ; Combe Abbey, Coven- 
try; Ashdown Park, Shrivenham, and Uampstead Marshctlt, Xete- 
buTf/f Berks. 

Crawford (26th Earl of), James Ludovic Lindsay, 
K.T.; cr. 1398— 1651. 

B. 1847; m. d. of Col. the Hon. E. Bootle-Wilbraham. Formerly 
Ensign Grenadier Guards. Sits as Baron Wigan. Snd tit. Lord 
Lindsay and Balniel. The Earldom of Crawford, till then dormant , 
was revived in 1849, and is now the premier Earldom on the Union 
mil of Scotland. A Conservative. S, Cavendish-sq.f IV. ; Carlton 
and AthenoBum Clubs; Haigh Halt, fVigan,Laneash.; Balcarres 
House, Colinsburgh, Fife. 

Crawshaw (Ist Bar.), Thomas Brooks; cr. 1892. 

B.18S6; m.d.of the late John Jone-8,esq., of Kilsall Hall, Shropshire. 
A J.P. and D.L. Lancashire (High Sheriff 1884), and J.P. Leicestershire. 
Cr. Bart. 1801. A Liberal Unionist. SrooJcs's Club; fVhatlon House, 
Loughborough, Leicestershire; Crawshaw Hall, Rawtenstall, Lan- 


Crewe (1st Earl of), Robert Offley Ashburton Crewe- 
Milnes, K.P., P.C. ; cr. 1896. 

B. 1858; m. 1st, d. nf Sir F. Graham, bturt., of Netherby, and grand-d. 
of the Duke of Somerset (she d. 1887) ; 2nd, yoangest d. of the Eari of 
Rosebery. A Lord-in- Waiting 188H ; Lord-Lient. Ireland Angust 1892 
to Jane 1895. A Liberal. 23, HilUttreet, W. ; Jteform, Turf, Brooks's^ 
and Devonahire Clubg; Fryston HaU^ Ferrybridge, Yortsh. ; Crewe 
Hall, Cfuahire. 

Crofton (3rd Bar. Ir. Rep.), Edward Henry Churchill 
Crofton; cr. 1797. 

B. 18S4. Hhs been a gentleman of the bedchamber to the Lnrd-Ueat . 
nf Ireland. The Ist bar. was for 80 years an Ir. Rep. A Consenratire. 
Ai),Jermyn-9ireet,S.ff^.: CarUon Club; Mote Park, Ballymurry, 
no seontfTion* 

Cromer (Isfc Earl of), Evelyn Barinf?, G.C.B., 
G.C.M.G., K.C.S.I., C.I.E., P.C. ; cr. 1901. 
B. 1841 ( m. d. of Sir R. S. Errington (she d. 1898). 2nd d. of 4fh 
Marq. of Bath. Has been in the Royal Artillery. Was Financial 
Member of the Cooiicil of the Viceroy of India I88U-88; H.M. 
Plenipotentiary and ConBul-Gen. at Cairo since. Cr. Baron Cromer 
1682. Visct. Cromer 1{98. 2nd tit. Lord Errington. A Conservative. 

Cross (1st Visct.), Richard Assheton Cross, P.C, 
G.C.B., G.C.8.I.; cr. 1886. 

B. 1823 i m. d. of Thomas Lyon, esq. Was Sec. of State for the Home 
Depamnent 1874.80, and again in 1885, and Sec. of State for India, 
1^86-93; Lord Privy Seal, June, 1895- I90U. M.P. for Preston 1857-A2, 
and for Soofh-West Lancashire 18(i8-8A. A Conservative. 12. fVar- 
90iek'sq.t S.fP". ; CarUon and Athenee^tm Clubs t Eeeie Rtggst 
BrougMnn-tn- Fnrness. 

CuiiBKRLAND AND Teviotdale (3rd Duke of), 
H.R.H. Prince Ernest Augustus William Adolphus 
George Frederick, K.G.; cr. 1799. 
Coosin to the late Qneen Victoria. B. 1845; m. H.R.H.. Princess 
Thyra Amelia Caroline Charlotte Anne, 8rd d. of the King of Denmarlc. 
l«a Col. in the British army. The late Dnke m-hs King of Hamiver. 
?nd tit. Earl of Armagh. Gmunden, Austria. 



CUEEIE (1st Bar.), Philip Henry Wodehoase Currie, 
P.C, G.C.B.; cr. 1899. 

B. 1834 ; m. d. of C. J. M. Lamb, eiq., and widow of H. S. Singleton, 
esq. Entered the Foreign Office 1864 ; assut. nnder-sec. 1882 -, permanent 
ander-sec. 1889.93 ; AmbaKsador at Constantinople 1893.8, and at 
Rome, 1808-1902. A CouservaUve. 8, Prince'a-gate, S,rV. ; St. 
Jamet^s and Travellers' Clubs ; Hawley, Blackwater^ Hants. 

Dacre (23rd Bar.). See Hampden. 

Dalhouste (14th Earl of), Arthur George Maule 
Ramsay ; cr. 1633. 

B. 1878 ; 8. 1887. Sits as Baron Ramsey. D.L. Forfarshire. Lt. 
Scots Guards. A Conservative. 48, Grosvenor-st,, W.; Dalhoxtsie 
Castle, N.B. 

Dartmouth (6th Earl of), William Heneage Legge, 
P.C; cr. 1711. 

B. 1851 ; m. d. of 2nd Earl of Leicester. Has been YiccChamberlain 
of H.M. household i885 and 1886-91. M.P. West-Kent 1878-85 ; 
Lewisham 1886-91. Is one of the Coancil on Agricaltare, and Liord- % 
Lient. co. Stafford ; J.P. for cos. Stafford, Kent. W. R. Yorks, and Salop. 
2nd tit. Yisct. Lewisham. (Ist Peer a distingnished military com- 
mander.) Is patron of 8 livings. A Conservative. 37, Charles-st., 
Berteletf-sq., fV.t Carlton and Travellers* Clubs; Patshull, 
Wolverhampton; Woodsome HeM, Huddersfield. 

Dartrby (2nd Earl of), Vesey Dawson ; cr. 1866. 

B. 1842; 8. 1897; m. d. of Sir G. O. Wombwell, bart. 2nd tit. Lord 
Cremome. A J.P. and Monaghan (High Sheriffl878) ; a Lieut.- 
Col. ret., Coldstream Gds. ; M.P. co. Monaghan 1865-68. A Liberal U . 
10, Upper Belgrave-st., S.fV.; Travellers' and Turf Clubs: 
Dartrey, eo. Monaghan. 

Davey (Bar., Lord of Appeal), Horace Davey, P.C. ; 
cr. 1894. 

B. 1838 ; m. d. of John Donkin, esq. ; educated at UniT. Coll., Oxford . 
Called to the Bar, Lincoln's Inn. 18A1 ; Q.C, 1875 ; M.P. ChristchurcK 
1880.86 ; Stocliton 1888-92 ; Solicitor-General 1886 ; Lord Jostice of 
Appeal 1893; Lord of Appeal 1894. A Liberal. 86, Brook-st.^ PT^.; 
National Liberal and 0:tford and Cambridge Clubs ; Verdley Place' 
FemJiurst, Sussex. *\ 

Dawnay (1st Bar.), c. 1897. See under Downe, 


Dk Clifford (2rit.h Bar.), Jack Southwell Russell; 
cr. 1299. 
B. 1884. A minor. Hint's Hall, Tamworth. 

De Frbynb (4th 6ftr.)> Arthur French ; cr. 1851. 

B. 1855 ; m. 1st, sister of the Brd Earl of Zetland (dead); 2ndly, only d 
of R. W. Lamb, esq. This peerage wu first conferred in 1839, and 
created a second time 1851, with remainder to the brother of the Ist Bar 
A CoBserratiTe. Carlton Club ; French Park, eo. Ro$eommon, 

Delamere (3rd Bar.), Hu^h Cholmondeley ; cr. 1821. 

B. 1870 ; m. d. of Earl of Enniskillen. Late Capt. Cheshire Yeo. and. 
3rd batt. Cheshire regt. (M.), and a patron of one living. A Conservative . 
Vale Itoyalf Northwich, Chethire. 

De-la-Zotjche. See Zouche. 

De-la-Warr (8th Earl), Gilbert George Reginald 
Sackville; cr. 1761. 

B. 1869; s. 1896; m. 1st, d. of the l&t Lord Brassey; 2nd, d. of 
Col. C. L. Tredcroft. Is Capt. Cinqoe Purts Art. Vol., and a J.P. 
and D.L. Sussex. Snd tit. Fisct. Cantelnpe. The 7th Earl assumed 
the name of Sackville instead of Sackville-West, which compoand name 
his faUier had assnmed instead of West. Patron of 4 livings. ACon- 
servatiTe. Carlton and Wellington Cluba ; Buckhurst Park^ Tun- 
bridge fVelii ; Manor Houu, Bexhitt-onSea, 8u$tex. 

Db-L'Isle and Dudley (3rd Bar.), Philip Sidney, 
cr. 1835. 

B. 1858 ; s. 1898. Is gt.grands. maternally of William IV. Formerly 
Haj. 3rd. Bat. Bifle Brigade. A Consenrative. Carlton Club • Pene- 
kurst, Ihtnbridge, Kent; Ingleby Manor, NorthcUlertont Yorkth. 

Db Maulbt (3rd Bar.), William Ashley Webb 
Ponsonby ; cr. 1838. 

B. 1843; s. 1896. Has been Lt. Rifie Brigade, and A.D.C. to Gov., 
Gen., Canada. A Liberal U. Brooks's and Baeh*lora' Clubs ; Lang- 
ford House, Leehlade, Gloucester. 

De Montalt (Ist Earl, Ir. Rep.), Gomwallis Maude; 
cr. 1886. 

B. IS17; m. d. of Admiral the Hon. C. Blphinstone-Fleeming (she if . 
1865). IsaDepaty Speaker of the House of Lords. Has been a Lord- 
iu.Waiting. Is Lord-Lieut, of Tipperary. Snd tit. Visct. Hawarden. 
A ConsenratiTe. Carlton and United Service Clubs; Dundrum, 
Cashel, Tipperary. 

C 2 



Denbigh (9th Earl of). Rudolph Robert Basil Aloysius 
Augustine Feilding; cr. 1622. 

B. 1859; m. d. of 8th Baron Clifford. A Lord-In-Waiting. Formerly 
capt. B.A. and A.D.C. to Lord-Lieat. of Ireland; Lt.-Col. Han. Ait. Co. 
Served in Egypt, 1882. A J.P. and D.L. Warwickshire. Formerly 
mem. of L.C.C. 2nd tit. Viact. Feilding. A Conservative. 5, John- 
street, Mayfair, fV.; CarUon and Naval and Military Ciuhs; 
Doioninfff Holywell^ N. fFaleas Newnham Paddox, Rughy, 

Denman (3rd Bar.), Thomas Denman; cr. 1834. 

B. 1874 ; s. 1894 ; m. d. of Sir W. Peamon, M.P. Major Middx. 
Yeomanry; served in S. Africa, l902t late Lt. Rl. Scots (Lothian Regt.) 
A Liberal. Bachelors' Club; Stony Middleton^ BaietoeU, Derby- 

Deramore (3rd Bar.), Robert Wilfrid de Yarburgh- 
Bateson; cr. 1885. 

B. 1865; m.l897, d. of W. H. Fife, esq., of Lee Hill, Northumber- 
land (4. 1901). The 2nd Baron assumed the surname of de Ytjburgh 
in 1876, by royal licence. J.P. and D.L. Yorks, E.R., and a capt. Yorks. 
Hussars Yeomanry. A Conservati ve. Carltott and Bachelors' Clubs ; 
Heslington-hall, York. 

Db Ram.<«by (2nd Bar.), William Henry Fellowes ; 
cr. 1887. 

B. 1848 ; m. 2nd d. of the 7th Duke of Marlborough. Was a Capt. in the 
IstLife Guards. A Lord in Waiting, 1890.2 ; Custos Botulorum, Isle of 
Ely, 1891. Sat for Huntingdonshire, 1880-1885, and for the Ramsey dir. 
of that CO. 1885-1887. The 1st Bar. died a month after the creation of his 
peerage, and did not take his seat. A Conservative. 3, Belgrave-sg., W. t 
Carlton Club; Samsey Abbey, Huntingdon ; Haverland HaU,Xortcich 

Derby (16th Earl of), Frederick Arthur Stanley, K.G., 
P.C, G.C.B.; cr. 1485. 

Younger ». of the 14th Earl of Derby. Succeeded his brother, the 
15th Earl, Aprill893. Is also Lord Stanley of Preston (1st Bar.), cr. 
1886. B. 1B41; m. d. of 4th Earl of Clarendon. Is Lord-Lieut. co. 
Lancaster, and has been Financial Sec. ; Sec. of State for War (187S-8(i) ; 
also Colonial Sec. ; and Pre-^ident of the Board of Trade (1886). Gov.- 
Gen. of Canada, 1888-93. Formerly M.P. for North Lanca.shire anil 
Blackpool. Patron of 16 livings. A Conservative. S&, St. Jameses- 
square, S.fV.; Carltmi Club; Wilherslaeh Hall, Lancashire; 
Knoioaley Part, Preseot, Lancashire. 

H0U8B OP L0KD8. 37 

De Ros (24tli Bar.), Dudley Charles Fitzgerald-de- 
Ro8, K.P., K.C.V.O.; cr. 1264. 

B. 1827; m. d. of 2nd Earl of Wiltoa (she died 1892} ; 2ndly, d. of 
Rev. Sir W. V. R. Mahon, 4th bart. Is Premier Baron. A Lieut.-Gen . 
(ret.). Hat been Lieut.-Col. 1st Life Guards : al.xo Eqaerry to the late 
Prince Conrart and Queen Victoria. Was Lord in Waiting. A Conserva- 
tive. 28, Wilton-creseent^ S.fV.t Carlton Club: Stransford, Down- 
patriekf eo. Down. 

De Rtjthtn. See Gret de Ruthyn. 

Derwsnt (1st Bar.), Harcourt Vanden-Bempde- John- 
stone; cr. 1881. 

B. 1820; m. d. of Sir Charles Mills, bart. (she d. 1903). Formerly 
Lieut. 2iid Life Guards. A Deputy-Lieut, for the North Riding of 
York. Patron of 1 living. A Liberal. Travellers' and Brooke's 
Clubs ; Haeiness Hall^ Scarborough, 

De Saumarez (4th Bar.), James St. Vincent Saamarcz ; 
cr. 1831. 

B. 1B43 ; m. d. of Capt. C. A. Vcre Broke, R.E. Was formerly Capt . 
Grenadier Guards; retired 1867. In the diplomatic service, 1867-B3, 
at Berlin, Athens, Rome, Japan, and Brussels. 1st peer the distinguished 
naral commander. A Conservative. 43, Grosveuor Place, 8.W.: 
Marlborough Club; Shrubland Park, Needham Market^ Saumarez, 

Devon (13th Earl of), Rev. Henry Hugh Courtenay; 
cr. 1553. 

B. 1811 ; educated at Merton CoU. Oxford ; m. d. of the late Countess 
of Rothes. Was Rector of Mamhead 1845 to 1877 ; and is Rector of 
Povderham, Devon, and Prebendary of Exeter. 2nd tit. Lord Courtenay . 
A Conservalive. Powderham Rectory and Castle, Exeter, Devon. 

Devonshire (8th Duke of), Spencer Compton 
Cavendish, K.G., P.C; cr. 1694. 

B. 1833; educated at Trin. Coll. Camb., M.A. 1852. LL.D. 1862; m. 
1892, to Louise Duchess of Manchester, widow oftbe 7th Duke. 2nd 
tit. Marq. of Hartington. Has been a Lord of the Admiralty; Under- 
Sec, lor War; Sec. for War (twice); Postmaster-Gen.; Chief Sec. 
Ireland, 1871-74 1 Sec. for India. Sat as M.P. for N. Lancashire 
1857-68; for Radnor dist. 18J59.8U; for Lane. N.B. 1880-85; and for 
the Bossendale div. from 1886 to 18UI. Took office in the Marq. of 
Salisbury's 8rd ministry, 1895, and in present ministry (190u) as Lord 
Pres. of the Council; resigned Oct. l90i. Is Chancellor of the Univcr 



sity of Cambridge, and Lord-Lieot. co. Waterford. A Liberal U. 78 
PicctuUllyt W. f Devonshire, Reform^ and Brooks'a Clubs; Chats- 
worth, and Hardwieke, Chesterfield, Derbysh.; Bolton Abbey , 
Stipton, Yorksh.; Compton Place, Eastbourne, Sussex; Lismore 
Castle, CO. fVcUerford. 

DiGBY (10th Bar.), Edward Henry Trafalgar Digby; 
cr. 1766. 

B. 1846; m. 1893, Emily, d. of the Hon. Albert Hood. Is a Hon. 
Col. 3rd batt. Dorset Regt. (M.), formerly Col. in the Coldstream 
Goards. Was M.P. fur Dorset 1876 to Not. 1885. A Conservative. 
89, Belgrctve-sq.t S.ff^.t Carlton and Travellers' Clubs-, Minteme 
House, Ceme, Dorehester ; Geashill Castle, Tullamore, JChtg's eo. 

DiNEVOB (6th Bar.). See Dtnevob. 

DoNCASTER (Earl of). See Bucclbuch. 

DoNEGALL (5th Marq. of), George Augustus Hamilton 
Chichester; cr. 1791. 

B. 1822; m. 1st, d. of Henry Holt Oliver, esq.; Sndly, d. of the 
late Edward Cobb, esq. Sits as Baron Fisberwick. Formerly Lieut 
6th Foot. 2nd tit Earl of Belfast A Conservative. The Castle, Belfast. 

DoNouGHMORE (6th Earl of), Bichard Walter John 
Hely. Hutchinson, K.C.M.G. ; cr. 1800. 

B. 1875 ; 8. 1900 ; m. d. of M. P. Grace, Esq ., of New York. Appointed 
Under- Sec. of State for War, Oct 1903. Was Private Secretary to 
Governor of Hong Kong and Lient. 3rd Bat. (mil.) Boyal Irish Regt. 
2nd tit Visct. Sairdale. Sits as Yisct. Hatchinson. A Conservative. 
84, Sloane street, S.fV. ; Carlton Club: JCnoeklqfty House, Clonmel, 

Dormer (13th Bar.), Eoland John Dormer; cr. 

B. 1862; s. 1900 ; m. d. of P. Eywas, of Cairo. Formerly Secretary to 
Egyptian Minister of Finance. A Liberal U. Grove Park, fVanoick. 

Douglas (Bar.). See Home. 

DowNE (8th Visct.), Hugh Richai'd Dawnay, 
K.C.V.O., C.I.E.; cr. 1680. 

B. 1844 ; 8. 1857 ; m. d. of 3rd Earl of Sefton. Sits as Buron Dawnay 
M.K.) ; cr. lbU7. Is Cul. lately in Cumm. Cav. Curragb Dist., late lutfa 


Hussars, and A.D.C. to Lord Roberts in S. Africa, 1900. A patron of 9 
livings. A Conservative. Carlton and United Service Clubt; Dinghy t 
Market Harhorough ; Oroamont, York. 

DowKSHiRE (6th Marq. of), Arthur Wills John Wel- 
lington Blundell Trumball Hill; cr. 1789. 

B. 1871 ; m. d. of Hon. Hagh Hare. Is Capt. Derbyshire Yeomanry, 
and hereditary constable of the Port of Hillsborough. Sits as Earl of 
Hillsborongh. A Conservative. Carlton Ctuby S.fV.; Hiliaborough 
Castle, CO. Downs Rast Hampstead-park, Bracknell, Berks. 

Droohbda (9th Earl of, Ir. Eep.), Ponsonby William 
Moore ; cr. 1661. 

B. 1846 ; 8. 1802 : m. d. of Dr. O. Moir. A. D.L. Deron. Elected Ir. 
Rep. 1890. A Conservative. Carlton and Conservative Clubs; Moore 
Abbey, Monasterevan, eo. Kildare. 

DuciB (3rd Earl of), Henry John Reynolds-Moreton, 
P.C.; cr. 1837. 

B. 1827 ; m. d. of Jas. Hanghton Langston, esq., M.P. (she d. 1895). Is 
patron of 3 livings. Lord-Lient.of Gloncestersh. Is Lord Warden of 
the Stannaries in Cornwall and Devon. Has been Capt. of the Yeomen 
of the Guard. 2nd tit. Lord Moreton. ALibernlU. \^Portman sq., 
fV.i Brooks's, Atheneeum^ and Travellers^ Clubs; Tortworth 
Court, yrooUon^tnder-Bdge. 

Dudley (2od Earl of), William Humble Ward, E.P., 
P.C., G.C.V.O.; cr. 1860. 

B. 1867 ; m. d. of Charles Gnrney, esq. U Lord Lieot. of Ireland; ap- 
pointed 1902. Parliamentary Sec. to the Board of Trade (1893-1003), Lord 
High Steward of Kidderminster, and has been a member L.C.C. 2nd 
tit. Li>rd Ward. A Conservative. 7, Carlton-gardetts, S. W. ; Carlton 
Club, 8. W.; Witley Court, Stonr port, Worcester; The Cattle, Dublin. 

Ddfferin and Ava (2nd Marq. of), Terence John 
Temple Hamilton- Black wood; cr. 1888. 

B. 1866; s. 1902; m. d. of P. H. Davis, e«q,, of New York. Formerly 
in the Foreign Office. 2nd tit. Earl of Ava. A Liberal. Clandeboye, 

DuNALLEY (4th Bar., Ir. Rep.). Henry O'Callaghan 
Prittie; cr. 1800. 

B. 1851 : m. d. of HaJ.-Gen. R. O. Parmer, R.A. Elected Ir. Rep 
1891. Formerly Lieut. Rifle Brigade. A Conservative. St. George 
Yaeia Club ; Xilboy, Nenayh, eo. Tipperary. 


DUNBOYNE (25th Baron, Ir. Rep.), Robert St. John 
Fitzwalter Batler. 

B. I844i 8. 1899; m. 1869, Caroline, d. of dipt. Geo. Probyn. Is a 
D.L. for Hiddleaex, and a Master of the Supretne Coart of Judicature 
and King's Remembrancer. Elected Ir. Rep. 1901. h Conservative. 
St. James's Club ; Ouseley Lodf/e, Old fVtndsor; Knoppogue 
Castle, Quin, eo. Clare. 

DuNDONALD (12th Earl of, Sco. Rep.), Douglas 
Mackinnon Baillie Hamilton Cochrane, C.B., M.Y.O.; 
cr. 1669. 

B. I8S8; m. d. of R. Bamrord-Hesketh, esq. Late Co]. comdg.Snd 
Life GuHrds. Is a Higor-General in command of the Canadian Militia. 
Served in the Soadan, 1884-85, and in war in S. AMca, 1899-19U1'. 
2nd tir. Lord Cochrane. ALiberalU. ^4,Portman sq., fV.t Travellers' 
and Brooks' Clubs; Gwryeh Castle, Abergele, N. JVales, 

DuNLKATH (2nd Bar.), Henry LyU Mulholland; cr. 

B. 1854; 8. 1895: m. d. of the Hon. 8. R. H. Ward. Is a J.P. for 
CO. Down (High Sherift 1888) ; Ute MaJ. 5th batt. R.I. Rifles. Has 
been a Lieut. R.K. Was M.P. tor N. Londondetry 1885-95. A Con- 
senrative. Carlton Club; BaUywater, ce. Down. 

DUNMORJS (7th Earl of), Charles Adolphus Murray; 
cr. 1686. 

B. 1841 ; m. d. of the 8nd Earl of Leicester. Hon. CoL 1st Vol. 
Batt. Cameron Highlanders ; a D.L. for co. Inverness. Has been a Lord 
in Waiting. 2nd tit. Viscl. Fincastle. Sits as Barou Danmore. A 
Conservative. 61, Gt. Cumber Imut-plaeet Hyde-park, IV. ; Cterttou 
Club; Rodel, Island qf Harris, Inverness-sMre. 

Dunning (Bar.). See Rollo. 

DuNRAVEN AND Mount-Earl (4th Earl of), Wind- 
ham Thomas Wyndham-Quin, P.O., K.P.,C.M.G. ; 
cr. 1822. 

B. 1841; m. d. of Lord Charles Lennox Kerr. Is Loid-Lient. co. 
Limerick, and has been Lieut. 1st Life Guards. Under-8«c. Colonies 
1886-7. Elected on L.C.C. 1895. 2nd tit. Visct. Adare. Sits as Bar. 
Kenry. A Coniiervative. :t7, Norfolk-street, Park.lane,fV.; Kenry 
House, Putney, S.fV. ; White's Club : Dunraven Castle, Bridgend, 
Glamorganshire; Adare Manor, Adare, eo. Limerick. 


Durham (3rd Earl of), John George Lambton; cr. 1833. 

B. 1855 : m. d. of the late Henry B. W. Milner, esq. Is Lord-Lient. 
CO. Dnrtaam. The 1st Peer was Lord Privy Seal, and Ambassador to 
Rosaia. PatroD of 1 living. 2nd it. Yisct. Lambton. Formerly a 
Lieat Coldittream Guards. A Liberal. S9, Grosvenor-squarei fV.; 
Guards' t Turf, euid Devouthire Clubtt Lambton Castle, Fenes 
Houses, Durham. 

Durham (Bp. of), Handley Carr Glyn Moule, D.D. 

B. 1841 ; consecrated 1901. Educated privately and Trinity College, 
Cambridge ; m. d. of Rev. B. Elliott, F.R.S. Was fellow of Trinity 
College 1865-81. Assist, master Marlborough College 1865-67. Nor- 
risian Professor of Divinity. First principal of Ridley Hall, Cnmbridge, 
and hon. chaplain to tlie late Queen Victoria. Is patron of 74 livings 
A Liberal U. The Castle, Buhop Auckland, J)urham. 

Dynevor (6th Bar.), Arthur De Cardonnel Rice ; cr. 

B. 1836; m. d. of Hod. Arthur Lascelles (she died 1889). A Deputy. 
Linat.of Carmatthenshire. A Conservative. Carlton Club; Dynevor 
Castle, Llandilo, South fValss. 

E BURY (2nd Bar.),RobertWeIlesley Grosvenor ; cr.l857. 

B. 1834; m. d. of 1st Baron Annaly. Entered 1st Life Guards 1858 ; 
Capt. 1859} retired 1866. Was elected M.P. for Westminster with 
Mr. John Stniirt Mill 1865, and retained the seat till 1874. Is a D.L. 
Noithampton. A Liberal U. Turf and Travellers' Clubs; Moor Far Jt, 
Riekmansworth, Herts. 

Effinoham (4th Earl of), Henry Alexander Gordon 
Howard ; cr. 183?. 

B. 1866; a. 1898. 2nd tit. Lord Howard of Effingham. A D.L. 
Yorkahire. A Liberal U. 57, Eattm Terrace, S.fV. ; Travellers' 
Club ; Tusmore House, Bicester i The Grange, Rotherham, Yorksh. 

Egerton of Tatton (1st Earl), Wilbraham Egerton; 
cr. 1897. 

B. 1832; m. d. of 2Dd Earl Amherst (she d. 1802) ; 2ndly, widow 
nf 3rd Duke of Backingham and Chandos. Lord-Lt. and D.L. Cheshire ; 
formerly Capt. and Hon. M^j. Chester Yeomanry ; M.P. Mid-Cheshire, 
1868-83. A Conservative. 7, St. James's-sg., S.fV.f Carlton and 
Travellers' Clubs ; Teuton Park, Knutiford, Cheshire. 


Eglinton (15th Earl of) and Winton, George 
Arnulph Montgomerie ; cr. 1507* 

B. 1848: m. d. of the late B. A. Canninghame, eiq., R.N., of 
CraigendH, Renfrew. Sits as Earl of Winton. Formerly lient. Grenadier 
Guards. Is Hereditary Sherifi* of Renfrew. A ConservatiTe. Guards* 
Club ; Eglinton Cattle, Ayrshire. 

Egmont (8th Earl of), Augustus Arthur ; cr. 1733. 

B. 1856 ; s. 1897 ; m. d. of Warwick Howell, esq. Sits as Bar. Lovell 
and Holland. 2nd tit. Viact. Perceval. Was formerly a member of the 
London Fire Brigade. Is patron of 8 livings. Cowdray Park, Midhurst, 

Eldon (3rd Earl of), John Scott; cr. 1821. 

B. 1845 ; m. d. of Capt. Tnrnor. 2nd tit. Yisct. Enoombe. (1st Peer a 
jndge.) A Conservative. 48, Portman-sq., fV.t Carlton Club: 
Stowell, Northleaeht Glos. 

Elgin (9th Earl of), Victor Alexander Bruce, P.C., 
K.G., G.O.S.I. ; cr. 1633. 

B. 1849; m. d. of Ath Earl of Sonthesk. Sits as Bar. Elgin. Snd tit. 
Lord Brnce. Was Viceroy of India 1898-1898; Treasurer of H.M.'s 
Household, Jan. 1886, and First Commissioner of Works 1886. Was 
Chairman of S. African War Inquiry Commission 1902. Is Lord-Lieut, 
of Fife. A Liberal. 18, Ennismore-gardens, S. IV. ; TYaveUers' and 
Brooks's Clubs; Broom Hall, Fifeshire. 

Ellenborough (5th Baron), Edward Downes Law; 
cr. 1802. 

B. 1841 ; 8. 1902. Commander R.N. (ret. 1873) ; served in China 1857, 
Ashanti War 1873. A Conservative. 65, George-street^ Portman- 
square, JV. 

Ellesmere (3rd Earl of), Francis Charles Granville 
Egerton ; cr. 1846. 

B. 1847 ; m. d. of 2nd Marq. of Normanby. (1st Peer was Lord 
Chancellor Egerton.) 2nd tit. Visct. Brackley. Patron of 3 livings. A 
Conservative. Bridgewater House, Cleveland-sq., S.fV.; Carlton 
Club : Manor House, Brackley, North Hants ; fVorsley Hall 

Elphinstone (16th Bar. [2nd Bar. U.K.]), Sidney 
Herbert BuUer-FuUerton-Elphinstone ; cr. 1509. 

B. 1869. Sits as Baron Elphinstone, U.K. A Conservative. Carlton 
and Marlborough Clubs ; Carberry Tower, Musselburgh, N.B, 


Ely (6th Marq. of), John Henry Loftus; cr. 1800. 

B. 1861; m. 1895, d. of F. A. Clark, esq. Sits as Baroa Loftns. 2od tit. 
Yisct. Loftos. A Conservative. New Travellers' Cluh, S.W. ; Bty 
Lodge f Fermanagh: Lqftus Hall^ fVexford. 

Ely (Bp. of). Lord Alwyne Ck)mpton, D.D. 

B. 1825 ; educated at Trin. Coll., Cambridge ; m. d. of Rev R. Ander- 
son, of Brighton. Is a son of the 2nd Marq. of Northampton. Has been 
Hon. Canon of Peterborough, Rector of Castle Ashby, and Dean of 
Worcester. Consecrated 1686. Is Lord High Almoner and patron of 
51 livings. A Liberal U. Ely House, Dover $t., W.i Athetuntm Club 
Palace, Ely. 

Emly (2nd Bar.), Thomas Gaston William Monsell ; 
cr. 1874. 

B.1858 ; m. youngest d. of the late John Power, esq., of Onrteen, co. 
Waterfbrd. Was Gentleman Usher to Lord Spencer as Lord Lieat. of 
Ireland, 1882-5, and a J. P. and D.L., Limerick. First Peer was 
Postmaster-Gen., &c. A Liberal. Athenmim Club, 8.W.; Tervoe, 

Enniskillsn (4th Earl of), LowryEgerton Cole, K.P.; 
or. J 789. 

B. 1845; m. d. of Douglas Baird, esq. Retired ftom the army 1865. 
Sits as Baron Grinstead. M.P. for EnniskiUen 1880-85. 2nd tit. Vlsct. 
Cole. A Conservative. Carlton and Trauelterf Clubs ; Florence 
Court, Fermanagh. 

Erne (4th Earl of)» John Henry Crichton, K.P. ; cr. 1789. 

B. 1889 ; m. d. of the 8rd Earl of EnniskiUen. Sits as Baron Ferma- 
nagh. Is Lord-Lient. of co. Fermanagh, and Grand Master of the 
Orangemen of Ireland. Was M.P. for EnniskiUen 1876-80, and for 
Fermanagh 1880-85. 2nd tit Visct. Crichton. A Conservative. 12, St 
George*s.f>l.yS.tV.; Carlton Club; Crom Castle y Newtown Butler 
CO. Fermanagh. 

Erroll (19th Earl of), Charles Gore Hay, K.T., C.B. ; 
cr. 1462. 

B. 1852: m. d. of the late Mr. and Lady Harriet L'Estrange. Is a 
Brig. General and a Lord-in-Waiting, l!)03. Cnl. in the Royal Horsic 
Gaards. Sits as Baron Kilmarnock. 2nd tit. Lord Kilmarnock. Here- 
ditary Lord High Constable of Scotland (which is the highest 
hereditary distinction in the United Kinfidom, after those enjoyed 
by the Royal FamHy). A Liberal U. 17, Herfford-streett W.t 
Marlborough Club ; Slaines Castle, Aberdeenth. 


EasKiNE (5th Bar.)i William Macnaghten Erskine; 
cr. 1806. 

B. 1841; m. d. of the late Williikin Grimble* esq. Called to the Bar, 
Lincoln'* Inn, 1873. Formerly Capt. 9th Lancers. (1st Peer the 
celebrnted Lord Chancellor.) A Conservative. Carlton afid Nacal 
and Military Clubs ; SpraUon Hail, Northampton. 

E8HER(2ndVi8ct.), Reginald Baliol Brett, K.C.B.; cr. 

B. 1852 : 8. 1899 ; m. d. of the late M. Van de Weyer, Belgian Minister 
in London, lat Peer Master of the Rolls, &c. Was priv. sec. to M arq . 
of Hartington, 1878-85 ; sec. Board of Works, 1895-1902; was M.P. 
Penryn and Falmoath, 1880-85. A J.P. Berks. ALiberwlU. iyTi/tuy- 
St., W. ; Turf and "Brooks* s Clubs ,- Orchard Lea, fVindsor Forest. 

Essex (7th Earl of), George Devereauz De Vera Capell; 
cr. 1G61. 

B. 1857; m. Ist.d. of W. H.Harford, Esq., of Almondsbory,OIooc<rs- 
tershire (she d. 1885); 2ndly, Ad61e,d. of Mrs. Beach Grant, ofU.S.A. 
Formerly Lieut. Grenadier Gaards. Is Lient.-col. Herts. Yeomanry. 
2nd tit. Visct. Maiden. Is patron of 3 livings. A Conservative. ». 
Mansfield-street, W.; Guards' and Carlton Clubs; Caahiobury 
Park, fVatford, Herts. 

EsTCOUET (Isfc Bar.), George Thomas John Sothe- 
ran. Est court ; cr. 1903. 

B. 1839; m. d. of the late Rev. M. Stapylton. Formerly M.P. for 
N. Wilts., 1874-1885, and Col. Wilts. Ye >manry. A Conseivative. 
Tetbury, Glos. ; Darringlon Hall, Ponttfraet. 

Ettrick (Bar.). See Nafier. 

Exeter (5th Marq. of), William Thomas Brownlow 
Cecil; cr. 1801. 

B. 1876; 8.1898 i m. d. of 4th Lord BoUon. Sud tit. Lord Borghley. 
1» Hereditary Grand Almoner* and Cnstos Rotul, Peterboroagh. Is 
patron of 16 livings. A Conservative. 114, AsMey-gardens, S.kV.; 
Bnrghtey House, Stamford. 

[Exeter (Bp. of), Archibald Eobertson, D.D. 

B. 1858 ; m. d. of Rev. C. N. Mann. Formerly Dean of Trinity Coll., 
Oxford. Principal of Hattield Hall, Darham, 1888-1807. Principal of 
King's College, London, 1897-1903, and Vice-Chancellor of University 
of London. Consecrated 1903. No seat at present. The Palace, 


ExMOUTH (5th Visct.)» Edward Haddington Hnrgreaves 
Pellew ; cr. 1816. 

B. 1690; s. 1899. A minor. Cemonteign House, Emeter. 

Fairlib (1st Par.), cr. 1897. See under Glasgow, 

Falkland (i2th Visct. Sco. Rep.) ; Byron Planta- 
genet Gary ; cr. 1620. 

B. 1845 ; m. d.orRobertReade,eflq.,ofNew York. Is Premier YiMroont 
ofScotland. Elected Sco.Rep 18M. Is Lt.-Col. andHon.Col. (ret. 189ft) 
4(h butt. Yorks. regt. and a J.P. and D.L. Yorks., N.R. Patron of 1 
living. A ConserTative. 76, Eaton-square, S.W. ; Carlton and United 
Service Clubs. 

Falmouth (7th Visct.), Evelyn Edward Thomas Bos- 
cawen, C.B., M.V.O.; cr. 1720. 

B. 1847 : ra. d. of 2nd Bar. Penrhyn. Late Ool. in Com. Coldstream 
Cnards. Serveilin the Egyptian campaign, 1882, Nile Expedition, 1884, 
and has been A.D C. in Ireland. 2nd tit. Lord Bnscawen lUwe. IspNtron 
of 5 livings. A Liberiii U. 2, St. Jamen'a-aqttqre, S.fV.t Guards' 
and lYaueifers' Clubs t Mereworth CastUt Maidstone^ Kent; 
Trtgolhnan, 7V»«rfi, Cornwall. 

FARaUHAB. (1st Bar.), Horace Brand Townsend- 
Farquhar, G.C.V.O. ; cr. 1898. 

B. 1844 ; m. d. ofLt.-Col. Packe, and widow of Sir E. H. Scott, Rth Bt. 
Is master of H.H. honsehold. A J.P. and D.L. for London and 
Middlesex, and formerly a member of iheL.C.C. Cr. Bt. 1892. Wan 
M.P. for West Marylebone 1898-98. A Liberal U. 7,Grosveuor-sg., 
tV. I Marlborough and Turf Clubs; Castle Rising Hall, Norfolk. 

Farrer of Abtnger (2nd Bar.), Thomas Cecil Farrer ; 
cr. 1893. 

B. 1859 ; s. 1899 ; m. 1st, d. of Hon. T. W. C. Spring- Rice (she d. 1898) ; 
2nd, d. of 0. Knox, Esq. Has been an iniipector of Egyptian railways, 
and has the Order of the Medjidleh, 3rd cl. A Liberal. Abinger Halt, 

Fermanagh (Bar.). See Erne. 

Ferrers (10th Earl), Sewallis Edward Shirley; cr. 1711. 

B. 1847. 2nd tit. Visct. Taraworth. M. d. of the Srd Enrl of Bantry 
D.L. for Leicestersh. nnd Staffs. Is patron ofl living. A Conservative. 
Carlton Club ; ChartUy Castle, near /^iehfield ; Staunton Harold - 
ntarAsMiy de la Zoucht Leieestsrsfi, 


Frversham (1st Earl of)» William Ernest Duncombo; 
cr. 1868. 

B. 1829; m. d. of the Right Hon. Sir James R. Graham, bart. Sod 
tit. Ybct. Helmsley. Is a Depaty-Lient. of the North Riding of York. 
Is patron of 5 livings. A ConserratiTe. 19, Belgravt-sq.^ S.ff'.; 
Carlton and Junior Carlion Clubs: Duneombt Park, Helmsley ^ 

FiiLD (1st Bar.), William Ventris Field, P.O.; cr. 1890. 

B. 1813 ; m. d. of J. Smith^esq., of the Inner Temple (she d. 1880). A 
Judge, Queen's Bench Div., 1875-90. A Liberal U. Athenmum Club ; 
Bakehatn, Virginia Water, Staines. 

Fife (1st Duke of), Alexander William George Duff, 
P.C., K.T. ; cr. 1889. 

B. 1848 : m. 1889, H.R.H. Princess Louise, eld. d. of the Ring. 2nd 
tit. Marquis of Macduff. Is Lord-Lieut, and Gustos Rotnlorum of the 
County of London, and a Deputy-Lieut, of Aberdeensh. and Banffsh. 
Cr. Earl of U.K. 1866 ; cr. Duke and Marquis 1889. Has been Captain 
Oentlemen-at-Amu. Has been M.P. for Elgin and Nairn 1874-9. A 
Liberal U. 16, Porttnan-sq., W.; Brooks's and Atheneeum Clubs: 
Bast Sheen Lodge, Surrey ; Di^ff'House, Banff"; Mar LodffefBraemar. 

FiNOALL (Uth Earl of), Arthur James Plunkett; cr. 

B. 1869 ; m. d. of George Burke, esq., of Dane.nfleld. Sits as Baron 
Fingall. 2nd tit. Lord Killeen. Is a PC. of Ireland. Has been State 
Secretary to the Lord.Lieut. of Ireland (Earl Spencer), Major 6th batt. 
Royal Canadians (M.). A Liberal U. Brooks's and Orleans Clubs ; 
Killeen Castle, Tara, eo. Meath. 

FiSHERWiCK (Bar.). See Doneoall. 

Fitz-Hardinoe (3rd Bar.), Charles Paget Fitz. 
Hardinge Berkeley ; cr. 1861. 

B. 1880 ; B. 1896 ; m. d. of H. Lindow-Lindow, esq. Has been M.P. for 
Gloucester ; is D.L. Sussex and Gloucestersh. A Liberal U. TrauoUers' 
and fVellington Ch^st Berkeley Castle, Berkeley, Gloueestersh.i 
Cremford House, Hounslow, Middlesex. 

FiTz-WiLLiAM (7th Earl), William Charles De Mure 
FitzwiUiam; cr. 1716. 

B. 187St B. 1903 ; m. d. of Marq. of Zetland. Was A.D.C. to Marq. 
of Lansdowne as Viceroy of India ; M.P. for Wakefield, 1896-1902 


xTYeA in S. Africii. 1899-1902 ; D.S.O. 2nd tit. Viitct. Milton. Patron of 
20 Urines. A Liberal U. 4, Grosvenor-sq., fV.; Bachelors' Club; 
fVenttoorth fVoodhouset Rolherhamt Yorksh.t Cameio Castle, 

Foley (6th Bar.), Henry Thomas Foley; cr. 1776. 

B. 1850 ; m. 1899, d. of A. Radford, esq., of Smaliey Hall, Derbyshire. 
A Liberal U. 7, Audley-nquare, fV. ; fVhile'a and Brooks'* Clubs ; 
Ruxley Lodge, Bshor, Surrey. 

Forbes (19th Bar. Sco. Rep.), Horace Courtenay 
Gammell-Forbes ; cr. 1424. 

B. I8S9. U premier Baron of Scotland; el. Rep. Peer, 1874. A 
CoBaerrative. Carlton and AUunoeum Clubst Castle Forbes, 

Forester (6th Bar.), Cecil Theodore Weld-Forester; 
cr. 1821. 

B. 1842; m. d. of the late Sir W. Wolatan Dixie, bart. Sat as M.P. 
for Wenlock from 1874 to 1885. Isa D.L. and C.C for Salop. A Con- 
KrratiTe. Carlton Club : Birehington, Isle of Thanet; Dothttl,ff Wel- 
lington, Shropshire t fVtlley Park, Broseley, Salop. 

FoRTEScuE (3rd Earl), Hugh Fortescae; cr. 1789. 

B. 1818 ; m. d. of Right Hon. Col. Dawson Damer (she d. 18G6). Has 
been a Lord of the Treasury, Secretary to the Poor Law Board, and 
M.P. fiir Plymomh and Marylebone. Is a Depntj-Lieat. of Devon. 
Was snmmoned to Honse of Lords in his father's lifetime as Bar. Castle 
Hin, 1859. 2nd title Yisconnt Ebrington. Patron of A livinfra A 
Lib^al U. 48, Grosvenor-gardens, S.fV.i Atheneeum and Brooks's 
Clubs : Castle Hill, South Molton, Devon. 

FoxFORD (Bar.). See Limerick. 

Gage (6th Visct.), Henry Charles Gage ; cr. 1720. 

B. 1854 ; m. d. of Rev. Fredlc. Peel. Sits as Baron Gage. D.L. for 
SuKX. l3 patron of 1 living. A Conservative. Carlton Club; Firte-pl., 

Gainsborough (3rd Earl of), Charles William Francis 
Noel; cr. 1841. 

B. 1850 ; m. lit, d. of Robert Berkeley, esq. (she d. 1877) ; Sndly, d. 
of the late J. A. Dease, esq. Has been Llent. 10th Hnssars. Is J. P. 
Gloncestersb. and Worcestersh., and J.P. and D.L. Rutland. 2nd tit. 



Viact. Campden. Patron of H Urinpn. A ConflervatWe. Carlton and 
Junior UniUd Serviee Clubt ; Exton Park^ Oakham ; Campden 
House, Glouc. 

Galloway (11th Barl of), Bandolph Henrj 
Stewart; cr. 1623. 

B. 1S36t B. 1901 ; m. d. ot A.J. C1iffe,esq. SIU as Baron Stewart of 
Garlieff. 2nd tit. Lord Garlies. Was Capt. 42nd Royal Highlanders, 
serred in Crimea, and Indian Mutiny. A Conservative. 74, Brehston- 
aquare^ S. fV. i Carlton Club ; Galloway Uou»e, fVigionth. . 

Galway (7th Visconnt), George Edmand Milnes 
Monckton-Arundell ; cr. 1727. 

B. 1844 i m. d. of Ellis Gosling, enq. Sits as Baron Monckton, lfi87. 
D, L. Notts, and Lt -Col. Notts yeomanry. Was M.P. for North Nottn 
1872-1885. A Conservative. 32, Groavmor-street, S.V. t Carlton and 
Travellers' Clubs; Serlby Hall, Bawtry, Notts. 

Gardner (4th Bar.) ; cr. 1806. 

Disputed succession. Tlie 8rd Bar. d. 1883, leaving no legitimate male 
issue. The claimants are Alan Hyde Gardner, b. 1878, and Alan Legge 
Gardner, b. 1881 

Gerard C2nd Bar.), Frederick John Grerard; cr. 

B. 1883; s. 1992. A Conservative. Z2, Hill-street, fV. ; Eastwell 
Park, Ashford, Kent; Garsioood, Newfon-le-Willows, Laneashire. 

GiPFORD (3rd Bar.), Edric Frederick Gifford ; cr. 1824. 

B. 184U; m. d. of Gen. Street, C.B. Has been Capt. 24th foot; ap- 
pointed Capt. 57th foot 187fi; served in Ashantee and received the 
Victoria Cross for personal bravfry there. Served also with distinction 
in Natal, 1879. Colonial Sec. of W. Australia, and senior member 
of the Legislative Council there 1880-83. Colonial Secretary of Gibraltar 
1883-8,andof the Leeward islands and Antigua in 1888, when he retired. 
(1st Peer a jndge.) A ConservHtive. Junior Army and Nanj Club ; 
Old Park, Cfnchestn: 

Glanusk (l»t Bar.), Joseph Rassell Bailey ; cr. 

B. i840; m.d. of H. Lucas, esq., of Glanyrafon. Is Lord.Lieat. on. 
Brecon (High Sheriff 1864), a J. P. for cos. HereFord and Radnor, and 
Hon. Col. Brecon Vols. Was H.P. for Herefordshire 1865-8ft. and for 
Hereford. 188(t>92. A Conservative. Carlton Club^ S.W. ; Glanusk- 
park, Criekhovell ; Easton Court , Tenbury, §Vare. 


Glasgow (7th Earl of), David Boyle, G.C.M.G. ; cr. 

6. 1833 ; m. d. of Sir T. Hunter Blair, bart. Sits ns Baron Fuirliu 
(U.K. cr. 1897). 2nd tit. Viact. Kelbnme. Is a Capt. in the Navy, retired , 
and a J.P. and D.L. Ayrshire; was Governor-Gen. of New Zealand 
1893-97. A Conservative. Carlton Club: Kelbume,Fairlief Ayrshire. 

Glenesk (Ist Bar.), Algernon Borthwick; cr. 1895* 

B. 1830 ; m. d.of T. H. Lister, enq., of Armitage Park, Staffs (she 
ff. 1898). Is proprietor of the Morning Post ; was M.P. for S 
KensinKton 1886-95. Cr. Bart. 1887. A Conservative. 189, Piccadilly 
W. ; Carlton and St. Jamea'a Club. 

Gloucester (Bp. of), Charles John Ellicott, D.D. 

B. 1819 ; m. d. of Admiral Becher. Formerly Dean of Exeter, and 
Professor of Divinity at King's Coll., London. Consecrated 186S. Took 
his seat in the House of Lords 1864. The see of Bristol, joined to that of 

Gloacester in 1836, was again separated in 1897. See Bristol (Bp. of). 

A Conservative. 85, Gi. Cumberland -pL, fV. ; Athtnmum Club ; 

Palace, Gloucester. 

Gordon (Visct.). See Aberdeen. 

GoRMANSTON (14th Visct.), Jenico William Joseph 
Preston, G.C.M.G. ; cr. 1478. 

B. 1837 : m.lflt, d. of the 1st Lord Bellew (dead); 2ndly, d. of Peter 
Connellan, esq. Sits as Baron Gormanston. Has been Governor Leeward 
Islands, and Gov. and Com.-in-Chief, British Guiana; also Chamberlain Ireland, and a Commissioner of National Education, 
Ireland. Late Gov. Tasmania. Served in the 60th Rifles during the 
Indian Mutiny. A Conservative. Carlton and Army and Navy 
Clubs ; Gormanston Castle t eo. Meath. 

GoscHBN (Ist Visct.), George Joaohim Goschen, 
P.O.; cr. 1900. 

B. 1831; m.d. of John Dalley, esq. ((f. 1893). Ts a D.L. of London, an 
Elder Brother of Trinity House, and Chancellor of Oxiord University. 
WasYice-Pres. Board of Trade 1865-66. Chancellor of Duchy of Lan- 
caster 1866 ; Pres. of Poor liaw Board 1868-71 ; First Lord of the 
AdBinUty 1871-74, 18M5-1900; Chancellor of the Exchequer 1887-9S ; an 
Ecclesiastical CommiASioner ; Lord Rector of Aberdeen and Edinburgh 
I'Biversities ; Special Ambassador to Constantinople 1880-81; M.P. for 
liMdon 1863-80, Ripon 1880-85, Edinburgh 1885-6; St. George'^, Han- 
ofcr Square, 1897-1900. A Liberal U. AthenoBum and Carlton Clubs ; 
Seaeox-hectfh, Hawkhurst^ Kent. 



GosFORD (4th Earl of), Archibald Brabazon Sparrow 
Acheson, K.P. ; cr. 1806. 

B. 1841 : m. d. of the 7th Dake of Manchester. 2nd tit. yiBCt.AcheJioD. 
Sits as Baron Worlingham. Is Yice-CbamberlaiB to H.M. Queeo 
Alexandra; Lord-Lieut, of oo. Armagh. Patron of 7 livings. A Liberal 
U. 22, Manafield-st., IV, i Brook$*a and fVhUe'a dubs; Gotford 
Cattle, Armagh. 

GoDGH(3rd Visct.), Hugh Gough ; cr. 1849. 

B. 1849; s. isg.'i: m. d. of 4th Earl of Longford. Is Minister 
Resident for Saxony and Saxe-Coborg-Gotha ; was Sec. Embassy 
at Berlin 1896-19Ul« and has so served at Washington and Stockholm. 
A Conservative. St. Jamet'a and TraveOers' Clubs; Lough Cutra 
Caslle^Galway i British Legation^ Dresden. 

Grafton (7th Duke of), Augustus Charles Lennox 
Fitz-Roy, K.G., C.B.; cr. 1676. 

B. 1821 ; m. yoongest d. of the late James Balfour, esq. (dead) . 2nd tit. 
Earl of Enston. Formerly served in the Coldstream Guards. Is Gen. 
(Brevet) in the Army, retired. Was Mronnded at Inkerman. Is an 
extra Equerry to the King. Is patron of 4 livings. A Liberal U. (i, 
Chesterfield-gardens, fV,; Travellers* Club; ffakefield Lodye, 
Stony Strafford; Euston Hall, Thetford. 

Graham (Earl). See Montrose. 

Granard (8th Earl of), Bernard Arthur William 
Patrick Hastings Forbes; cr. 1684. 

B. 1874; s. 1S89. Is a Lt. Scots Guards and an extra A.D.C. 
to the LordLt. of Ireland.— A Liberal. Bachelors' Club ; Castle 
Forbes t Longford. 

Granby (Marquis of). See Manners of Had don. 
Grantley (5th Bar.), John Richard Brinsley Norton ; 
cr. 1782. 

B. 1855; m. d. of W. H. McYickar, esq., of the United States (she ct^ 
1897). Is patron of 1 living. A Conservative. Carlton and fVhite'A 
Clubs ; Markenfietd Hall, Ripon. 

Granville (3rd Earl), Granville George Leveson-* 
Gower; cr. 1833. 

B. 1872 ; educated at Eton. An attach^ of the Foreign Oi&ce (Eastern 
Dept.), I8U4; 8rd Sec. Diplomatic Service 1890; a Lord-ln-Waitia| 
18U5. Patron of 1 living. The 1st Earl was the distinguished dipLoj 
matist, and the 2nd held high office in the Falmerston, Aberdeen, an^ 
Gladstone administrations. 2nd tit. Lord Leveson. A Liberaal 
Kensington Falaee, fV.; Stone Park, Stone, Staffordsh. 


Gbenfell (1st Bar.), Francis Wallaoe Greufell; 
G.C.B., K.C.M.G. ; or. 1902. 

B. 1 841 ; m. Ist, d. of G«n. Robt. Wuod ; 2nd, d. of L. A. Majendie. 
esq. Is a General in the Army. Served in 8. Africa 1878-1882; 
Egyptian Expedition 1882 ; Nile Expedition 1884 ; Sirdar of EgyptiNn 
Army 1885-92. Was Governor of Malta 1899-1903. A ConaervMtive. 
Butler's Court, Beaeonsfiekt, Bvckt. 

Greville (2nd Bar.), Algernon William Fulke 
Greville ; cr. 1 869. 

B. 1841 ; m. d. of the 4th Doke of Montrose. Has been a capt. Ist 
Life Guards, also a Groom-in-Waiting, and a Lord of the Treasary. 
A LiberaL 8, Upper Belgrave-st.,S. fV. ; Brooks's attd Devonshire 
Clubs: Clonhuffh, MuUiriffar. 

Grey (4th Earl), Albert Henry George Grey, cr. 180C. 

B. 1851; m. d. of Robert Staynor Holford, esq. 2nd tit. Visct. 
Howick. Sat as M.P. for South Xorthnmberland 1880-85, and for tlie 
Newcastle div. of the county from 1885 to 188A. Was G«ivt. 
Administrator of Mashonaland, S. Africa, 188A-98 ; and is Ld.-Lt 
Nortbamberland. A Liberal U. 22, South-streely Part-latie, W. . 
Brooks's Club .' Howiek, Lesbury^ Northumberland. 

Grey db Ruthyn (24th Bar.), Rawdon George Grey 
Clifton; cr. 1324. 

B. 1868 : m. 1802, d. of James Foster, esq., of Cranborne Hall, Windsor 
Forest. This barony was in abeyance till revived in 1885 in the 
person of the 2nd d. of the Marquis oi Hastings, the present peer's 
mother. A Conservative. Carlton Club i fVarton Hall^ Lytfiam^ 

Grimthobpe (Ist Bar.), Edmund Beckett ; cr. 1886. 

B. 1816; m. d. of the Bt. Bev. Dr. Lonsdale, Bishop of Lichfield id. 
1901). A Q-C. 1864. Chancellor of the Diocese of York, 1877. Rebuilt 
portioBS kA St. Alban's Abbey in accordance with his own designs. A 
Conservative. Batch fVood, St. jilban's. 

Grinstead (Bar.). See Enniskillen. 
GaiLFORD (8th Earl of), George Frederick North ; cr. 

B. 1876; s. 1885; ra. d.of W. HargravePaw8on,esq.; isaD.L. for 
Keats Major Boyal East Kent Yeomanry, and patron of 2 livings. 
Waldershare Park^ near Dover; Glemham Park^ near ff^ickhatn 

GfFYDYK (4th Bar.), Peter Robert Burrell ; cr. 1796. 

B. ISIO ; m. Ist, d. of Frederick CampbelU esq. % 2ndly, d. of the late 

Ceorire Peter Holford, esq. (she d. 1892). A Depnty-Lient. for Suffolk, 

D 2 



or which CO. he was High Sheriff in 1868. Was Secretary to the Lord 
Great Chamberlain from 1837 to 1870. A Liberal U. Oxford and 
Cambridge Club ; Stoke Park, Ipswich. 

Haddington (11th Earl of, Sco. Rep.) George Arden- 
Baillie- Hamilton, K.T. ; cr. 1619. 

B. 1827 s m. d. or Sir John Warrender, bart. (she d. 1889). 2nd tit. 
Lord Binning. Has been Sheriff' of Cheshire. Assumed the name of 
Arden in 1858. Is Lord-Lirat. of Haddington, (l^t Peer a Lord of 
Session.) A Conservative. Carlton Club; Ardeme Hall^ Tar- 
porUy : Tyninghame House, Preston Kirk, Haddingtonshire. 

Hal DON (2nd Bar.), Lawrence Hesketh Palk; cr. 1880. 

B. 1846; m. d. of 7th Viscount Barrington. A Liberal V. TurJ 

Haliburton (Iflt Bar.), Arthur Lawrence, G.C.B. ; 
cr. 1898. 

B. 1832 ; m. d. of Leo Schuster, esq., and widow of Sir W. D. CVaj, 
Bart. Prom 1878 to 1895 was Asst. Und. Sec. in the War OiBce; Perm. 
Und. Sec. 1896-97 ; a J.P.and D.L. Lond. Cr. K.C.B. 1886 ; G.C.B. 1897. 
A Conservative. St. James's and Athenteum Clubs; 67, Loumdes- 

Halifax (2nd Visct), Charles Lindley Wood; cr. 18r»6. 

B. 1838 : m. d. of the 11th Earl of Devon. Was Groom of the Be 1- 
chamber to H.R.H. the P. of Wales 1862-70. Is President of the 
English Church Union. Patron of 2 livings. A Liberal U. JViBcUon-aq., 
S.fV. ; Brooks's and Athenceum Clubs ; Hiekleton Hall, Dmicaster. 

Halsbury (I St Earl of), Hardinge Stanley Giffard, 
P.C; cr. 1898. 

Third s.of Stanley Lees Giffard, esq., LL.D. B. 1825 i m. 1st, the d. 
of W. Conn Uiimphreys, esq.; 2ndly, d. of Henry Woodfall, esq. 
Snd tit. Visct. Tiverton. Called to the Bar 1850. Appointed Q.C. 
1864; was Solicitor- Gen. 1875-8U, and sat as M.P. for Laanceston 
1877*85, when he was raised to the woolsack. Lord Chancellor 1887-92, 
and since 1895. Cr. Baron. 1886, and Earl and Visct. (Tiverton) 1898. 
A Conservati ve. 4 , Ennismore-gardens, S. W. ; Carlton, St» Stephen^s , 
andGarriei Clubs. 

Hamilton (13th Duke of), Alfred Douglas- Hamilton, 
cr. 1643. 

B. 1862 ; s. 1895 ; m. d. of Major R. Poore. 2nd tit. Marq. of Douglas j 
Is Premier Peer of Scotland. Sits as Duke of Brandon. Has been a 
Lieut. R.N. A Conservative. Carlton and Twf Clubs : Hatnittoii 
Palace, Lanarksh. 


Hamilton of Dalzell (2nd Bar.), Gravin George 
Hamilton; cr. 1886. 

B. 1872; educated at Eton and Roy. Mil. Coll. Late Lieut. SootA 
Guards. A Liberal. 5a, Mount-street, W.; GtMrd^ Club; Dalzell, 
Motherwell, Scotland. 

Hampden (2nd Visct.), Henry Robert Brand ; cr. 1884. 

B. 1841 : m. 1st, d. of M. S. S. Van de Weyer (she d. 1864); 2ndly, d. 
of Lord G. H. Cavendish. Go7..Gen. N.S. Wales 1895-99. O.C.M.G. 
1899. Formerly capt. Coldstream Guards; surveyor-^n. Ordnance 
1883-6 ; M.P. for Herts, Stroud, and Gloucestersh. 1805-8«. J.P. Herts ; 
D.L. andJ.P. Sussex. Is also 26th Baron Dacre. PeerHge conferred 
on 1st Visct. for services ns SpcHker o< the House of Cooimons 1872-84. 
A Liberal. Travellers* Club ; T/te Hoo, Weltoyn, Herts. 

Hampton (3rd Bar.), Herbert Perrott Murray Paking- 
ton ; cr. 1874. 

B.1848: m. d. of Sir Geo. Baker, bart. Educated at Merton Coll. 
OxftM-d. Patron of Hiring. The 1st peer, who was First Lord of the 
Admiralty, and held other offices, asynmed the nameofPakington instead 
of his patronymic Russell. Lil>erRl U. Waresley Court, Kidderminster 

Hardinge (3rd Visct.), Henry Charles Hardinge; 
cr. 1846. 

B. 1857; m. d. of the Hon. Ralph Nevill. Is hon. col. 7th Ride 
Brigade, and served in the Nile Expedition, 1885. The 1st Peer m^nh 
a disringnished military commander, to whom n pension of £SOV0 
«-aj granted by Parlisment for himself and bis two successors in the 
title. A Conservative. Carlton Club ; South Pari, Penahurst, Kent. 

Hardwicke (6th Earl of), Albert Edward Yorke; cr. 

B.186'; s. 1897. Sndtit. Visct. Royston. A JP. and D.L. co. Cam- 
bridge. Formerly member L.C.C. Appointed Uuder-Secrelary for India 
19(tt-02, and again Oct. 1903. VVa.-^ Under-Secretary for War 1902.0Q. 
Formerly Hon. Attach^ at V^ienna, and Capt. 3rd Batt. Wilts Regt. (M.). 
Is patron of 3 livings. A Conservative. 9, Cavendish- sq., W. ; Carlton 

Hare (Bar.). See LrsiowEL. 

Harbwood (5th Earl of), Henry Ulick Lascelles; 

cr. 1812. 

B. 1S46 ; m. d. of the 3rd Earl of Bradford. Formerly Capt. 
Creaadier Guards. Hon. col. Yorkshire Hussars, yeomanry. A.D.C. to 
Uaeen Victoria. Was attached to special mission to Spain, 1878. 
A J.P. and C.C. Yorks, W.R. Is patron of 3 livings. A Conservative. 
13, Upper Belgrave-street, S.fV. ; Carlton, Marlborough, and Turf 
ChAs; lioldshorough Hall, Knareaborough t Harewood, Leeds. 


Harlech (2nd Bar.), William Richard Ormsby-Grore; 
cr. 1876. 

B. 1819 : m. d. of Sir George P. Sejrmour, K.C.B., and riater of the 5th 
Marq. of Hertford ^d. 1892). Is Lord-Lieat. eo. of Leitrim. Formerly 
served in the ISth Light Dragoons. Has been M.P. for co. SUgo and co. 
Leitrim. A Conseryative. 87, Chtsham-pUtee, S.fV.; Carlton and 
United Service Cluba; Brogyntytit Oswestry^ Shropshire t Derry- 
eamet co. Leitrim. 

Harrington (8th Earl of), Charles Au^stus Stan- 
hope; cr. 1742. 

B. 1844; Di. d. of Snd Lord Carrington. Is Col. Cheshire Teomanrr, 
and patron of 2 livings. 2nd title Visct. Petersham. A Conaervative- 
Marlltorough Club, 8.W.; Elveuton, Derby i Gawaworth^MaceUs. 

Harris (4th Bar.), George Robert Canning Harris, 
G.O.S.I.; cr. 1816. 

B. 1851 ; m. d. of the 8rd Visct. St. Vincent. Under-Secretary for 
India IHSfi; Under-Secretary for War 1886-89; Gov.-Gen. Bombay, 
1890-95 : a Ix>rd-in. Waiting, 1896-1900 ; Hon. Col. Rl. Eaxt Kent 
Yeomanry. A.A.G.ImperiaI Yeomanry, Boer War, 1899-1902. a Conser- 
vative. 6, Oxford-sq.t W.; Carlton Club: Belmont f Faucreham, 

Harrowby (5tli Earl of), John Herbert Dudley 
Ryder; cr. 1809. 

B. 1864; a. 1900 ; m. d. of the late Rt. Hon. W. H Smith, M.P. Dep .- 
Lient. of Staffordsh. Is a partner in Coutts* Bank ; late Lient. Staffs 
Yeomanry. Was M.P. for Oravesend 1898-1900. Is patron of 8 livings. 
A Conservative. 44, Grosvenor-sq., fV.i Carlton and Travellers' 
Clubat Sandon Hall, Stone, Slaffordth.; Norton, Moreton-in the- 
Marsh, Gloucestershire. 

Hartismere (Bar.). See Henniker. 

Hastings (12th Bar.), George Manners Astley ; cr. 1264. 

B. 1857 1 m. d. of 5th Baron Snffield. A Conservative. 9, Seymour-st. 
IV.; Vnute's and Carlton Clubs; Melton Constablcy Norfolk; 
Seaton Delaval, Northumberland* 

Hastings (Bar.) See Loudoun. 
Hatherton (3rd Bar.), Edward George Percy Littleton, 
C.M.G. ; cr. 1836. 

B. 1842; m. d.of Sir Cbas.Rowley, bart. Is a Col. Grenadier Gnards, 
retired. Patron of 5 livings. A Liberal U. 66, fVartoiek-sq. S.fV. ; 
Teddesley Park, Penkridge, Stc^ff'ord. 


Hawarden (Visct.). See De Montalt. 

Hawkb (7th Bar.), Martin Bladen Hawke; cr. 1776. 

B. 1860. Was c«pt. and hon. maj. lat« 3rd batt. Yorkahire regt. (lat 
Pter the eelebrated Admiral Hawke.) A ConservatiTe. Carlton Club ; 
fViffhiU Park, Tadeeuter. 

Hawkksburt (1 slBar.), Cecil George Savile Foljambe ; 
cr. 1893. 

B. 1846; m. lst,d. of F. J. and Lady Fanny Howard (she d. ISflS) : 
2ndly, d. ofLt.-Col. W. H. F. Cavendish. Entered the Nary 186U ; 
serred in the N. Zealand War 186&4 ; letiied as Lient. 1867. Was a Lord. 
in-Waiting 1894-95; M.P. for Nottinghamshire, N. dir. 1880.85, and for 
Mansfield div. 1885-92 1 D.L. for Yorks. and Notts. A Liberal. 2, 
Carlton House-terract, S.W.; Brooks's and Travellers' Clubs: 
JCirhham Abbey, York. 

Hay (Bar.). See Kinnoull. 

Hbadvort (4th Marq. of), Geoffrey Thomas Taylonr ; 
cr. 1800. 

B. 1878 ; s. 1894 ; m. d. of Chas. Bnote, esq, Sits as Baron Kenlis 
2nd tit. Earl of Bectivc. Late Lt. Ist Life Gds., and Lt. Rl. Scots 
Militia. A Conserratire. 2a, FTitUm-plaee, S.fV,; Heaclfort Houst 
Kette, Meath ; FirgitUa Park Lodge, Cavan. 

Headley (4th Bar. Ir. Rep.), Charles Mark Allanson- 
Winn ; cr. 1747. 

B. 1845 ; m. d. of Rev. John Blennerhassett, of Ryme, Dorset. (The is 
Peer was Baron of the Exchequer in Scotland.) A Conservatire 
Carllon Club ; Aghtzdoe House, Killamey. 

Heneage (1st Bar.), Edward Heneage, P.C; cr. 1896. 

B. 1840; m. d. of 2nd Earl of Listowel; was M.F. for Lincoln. 
18854S8, and for Grimsby 188U-9S and 1893-95; was Chanc. Dnchy of 
Lancaster 1886, and Pres. Board of Agricaltare 1889; is a J.P. and 
D.L., CO. Lincoln (Highbheriff 1880), and patron of 5 livings ; formerly 
Lieut. 1st Life Guards. A Liberal. Brooke's, Devonshire, and TurJ 
Clubs; Hainton Hall, Lincoln. 

Henley (4th Bar.), Frederic Henley; cr. 1799 
[Bar. U.K. 1885]. 

B. 1849 ; s. 1898; m. d. of Sir H. Langham. A J.P. for Northampton- 
shire ; was attacM in the Diplomatic Service 1868>73. Sits as Baron 
Nortbivgton. A Liberal. Arthur's Club; fVaV'ordCoitrt, Rugby 


Hennikbr (6th Bar.)f Charles Henry Chandos 
Henniker-Major : cr. 1800. 

B. 1872; s. 1902. Sits as Bar. Hartismere. Fonnerly Capt. 3rd Rifle 
Brigade. A Conserrative. Thomham Hall, Byt, St^ffblt. 

Hereford (I6th Visct.), Robert Devereux; cr. 1550. 

B. 1843 ; m. d. of 1st Lord Tredegar. Is Premier ViMOunt of En^ l«Bd ; 
D.L. for Brecon. A Coosenrative. Carlton Club; Tregoyd, BrteJt- 

Hereford (Bp. of )» John Percival, D.D. 

B. 1834 ; m. 1st, Louisa, d. of James Holland, esq., of Norwood (she d. 
189tt) ; Sndly, 18V0, d. of F. Symonds. esq., of Oxford. Was Prcs. 
of Trin. Cull., Oxford ; Select Preacher 1682 and 1888 ; Canon of Bristol 
and H. M. at Clifton Coll. and Rugby Schocl. Consecrated March, 1895. 
Ent. Lords 1900. Is patron of S3 livings. A Liberal. Athenaeum 
Club; Palaeet Hereford. 

Herries (14th Bar.), Marmadake Francis Constable- 
Maxwell; cr. 1491. 

B. 1837 ; IB. d. of Ist Baron Howard of OIossop. Lord-Lient. of East 
Hiding of Yorkshire. Sits as Baron Herries of the United Kingdom (cr. 
1884). A Liberal U. jlthenatum and Boodle's Clubs ; Bverinffham 
Pari, Yoris.; Kinharvie, New Abbey, Dumfries. 

Herschell (2nd Bar.), Riihard Farrer Herschell; 
cr. 1886. 

Ij.1878; s. 1899. 1st. Bar. was Lord Chancellor 1886 and 1893. \ 
Liberal. 3, Whitehall-eourt, S.fV.; Devonshire, National Liberal, 
and Brooks's Clubs. 

Hertford (6th Marq. of), Hugh De Grey Seymour, 
P.O. ; cr. 1793. 

B. 1843; m. d. of Ist Visct. Bridport. Has been Capt. Grenadier Gd.t. 
and M.P. CO. Antrim, and S. Warwickshire; D.L. for Warwick. Was 
Comptroller of H.M. Household 1879. 2nd tit. Earl of Yarmouih. 
InpalronofSlivinRs. A Conservative. \\b^Eaton.sq.S.fV.{ Carlton 
and Guards' Clubs, S.fV. i Ragley, Aleester, ff^artoieksh. 

Heytesbury (4th Bar.), Leonard Holmes-^-Oonrt- 
Holmes; or. 1828. 

B. 1863{ 8. 1903; m. d. of Capt. P. B. Morris. A J. P. for Wilts. 
Major 1st bat. Wilts Hegt. ; served in Boer War, 1899-1902. A Conser- 
vative. Heytesbury House, Heytesbury^ fVilta. 

Hill (4th Vi8ct.),Rowland Richard Clegg-Hill;cr. 1842. 

B. l&AS; 8. 1895 ; m. d. of Woi. Iwin, esq. Formerly Capt. 3rd Batt. 
Roy. Warwickshire Regt. A Conservative. Carlton and fVhite*a 
Clubs,S.fV.i Hawkstone, Shreiosbury. 


HiLLiNGDON (2nd Bar.), Charles William Mills ; cr. 

B. 1853 ; s. 1898; m. d. of the 5th Baron Soffleld. Is a partner in 
Glyn, Mills, and Co.'s Bank, and a J. P. and D.L. for Kent ; late Lieut. 
W. Rent Yeomanry ; was .V.P. for the Sevenoaks div. of Kent, 1885-92. 
A ConserratiTe. Cameffwd House, Park-lane, JV.i Carlton Club: 
Hillitigdon Courtf Uxbridgt; fVtlderrua s, Sevenoaks t Kent. 

Hillsborough (Earl of). See Downshirb. 

HiNDLiP (3rd Bar.), Charles AUsopp ; cr. 1886; cr. 
Bart. 1880. 

B. 1877 \ s. 1897. Formerly 8rd batt. "WorcesteTshire Regt., and extra 
A.D.C. to Lord Brassey, Gov. and Com.-in-Ch. Victoria; also .L. for 
the coanty. A Conservative. 83, HiU-street, fV.; Hindlip Hall, 
fVoreester; Alaop-en-te-Dale, jishboume, Derby. 

HoBHOUSE (1st Bar.), Arthur Hobhouse, P.C, K.C.S.I., 
CLE.; cr. 1885. 

Fourth 8. of the Bight Hon. Henry Hobhouse. B. 1810 ; m. d. of Tho. 
Farrer, esq. Educated at Eton, and Balliol Coll. Oxford. Called to the 
Bar 1846 ; Q.C. 1862. Has been an Alderman of the London County 
Council. Charity and Endowed Schools Commissioner, Law member 
of the Government of India, and a member of the Judicial Committee of 
the Privy Council. A Liberal. \b, BruUm-st.,fV.; Athenaextm Club. 

Holm Patrick (2nd Bar.), Hans Wellesley Hamilton ; 
cr. 1897. 

B. 188rt; 8. 1898. A minor. 48, Grosvenor-gardens, S.fV. ; 
Abbotstown, Castleknoetf eo. Dublin. 

Home (12th Earl of), Charles Alexander Douglas- Home, 
K.T. ; cr. Ifi04. 

B. 1834; m. d. of Capt. Charles C. Grey, R.N. Sits as Bar. Donplas 
Sndtit. Lord Dnnglass. Is Lord-Lt. co. Lanark, and Hon. Col. Lanark 
Yeomanry. 1st Peer was ambasMidor to England in 1469. A Conserva- 
tive. Carlton Club ; The HirseU Coldstream, Berwickshire t Both- 
well, Hamilton; Douglas Castle, Lanark. 

Hood (4th Visct.), Francis Wheler Hood; cr. 1796. 

B. 1888; m. d. of A. W. Ward, esq. Formerly Lieut.-Col. Grenadier 
Guards. D.L. for Warwicksh. A Conservative. lU, Chesterfield-st., 
fV.i Travellers* and White's Clubs. 

Hothfield (1st Bar.), Henry James Tufton; cr. 1886*. 

B. 1844; m.d. of Rev. Wm. J. Stracey. Is Lord-Lieut, of Westmorland 
and a Deputy-Lieut, for Kent. Has been High Sheriff of both those cos. 
and a Lord-in- Waiting. A Conservative. S, Chesterfield-gardens ^ 


fV.; Hothfietd-pl., AshforH, Kent; The Castle^ Appleby ^ JVesU 
morlandt Stipton Castle, Yorks. 

Howard op Glossop (2nd Bar.), Francis Edward 
Fitzalan.Howard ; cr. 1869. 

B.1869: m.l8t,d.ofJ. Greenwood, esq. M.P. (she d, 1887); Sndly, 
d. of W. Scott-Kerr, esq., of Chatto and Sanlaws, RoxbarRtashlre. 
Educated at the Oratory, Edgbastun. A J.P.Derbyshire; D.L. InTcrneu. 
(]8t BaroD was Snd son of ISth D. of Norfolk.) A Liberal U. 10. Rut- 
land-gaU,8.fV.t IVhite>eand Baehehre* Clubs: Glossop HeM, 
Derby sh.; Dorlin, Leek Shield N.B, 

Howard de Walden (8th Bar.), cr. 1697, and 
Seapord, cr. 1826, Thomas Gvelyn Ellis. 

B. 1880 ; s. 1899. Formerly Lient. 10th Hussars. Served In S. Africa 
1900. Sectford-house, Belgrave-sqnare^ SJV, 

Howe (4th Earl), G-eorge Richard Penn Curzon, 
G.O.V.O., O.B. ; cr. 1821. 

B. 1861 ; s. 1900: m. d. of 7th Duke of Marlborough. Is Lord 
Chamberbin to H.M. the Queen. Lord-in-Waiting. 1895-1903. 
Formerly Treararer of H.M. Household. Capt. Leioestersh. Teo. 
Was M.P. (as Visct. Curaon) for Wycombe dlr. of Bucks 1885-1900 . 
Snd tit. Visct. Curson. Is patron of 18 livings. A ConservatiTe. 
C%ur»on-hou*ef Mayfair, fV. ; GnpstUy Atherstone, Leieestereh, 

HowTH (4th Earl of), William Ulick Tristram St. 
Lawrence, K.P. ; cr. 1767. 

B. 1887. Formerly Capt. 7th Hussars, also for some time State Steward 
to the Lord-Lieut . of Ireland. 2nd tit. Visct. St. Lawrence . Sits as Bar . 
Howth. A Liberal U. M^ Jermyn-st. S.fV.t Travellers' Club; 
Howth Castle^ Dublin. 

Huntingdon (14th Earl of), Warner Francis John 
Plantagenet Hastings ; cr. 1529. 

B. 1868; m. second d. of Sir Samuel Wilson, M.P. Snd. tit. Lord 
Hastings. Was Major LeinsterRegt. (HI. Canadian M.^ A Conservative. 
Carlton and Nimrod Clubs ; Sharavogue, Roserea, King's eo. 

HuNTLY(llthMarq.of),Charles Gordon,P.C.; cr. 1699. 
B. 1847: m. d. of. Sir Wm. Cnnliffe Brooks. Has been a Lord iu 
Waiting. Was Capt. Oentlemen-at-Arms in 1881. I" premier Marq 
of Scotland; Lord Rector Aberdeen University 1890. Snd tit. Barl of 
Aboyne. Sits as Bar. Meldrum. A Liberal U. Denonshire and City 
Liberal Clubs t Orton Long%tevitle^ near Peterborough ; Aboyne 
Castle, Aberdeen. 

^^UTCHINSON (Visct.). See Donoughmore. 


Hylton (3rd Bar.), Hylton George Hylton Joliffe; 
or. 18GC. 

B. 18ff2: s. 1999; m. d. of the Marq. of Bristol. Hu been in Itie 
Diplomatic Service. A J.P. Somerset, and formerly Capt. N. Somerset 
Yeo. A Consenrative. Carlton and TraiMtttrs* Clubs; Ammtrdown 
Park, Bath, 

Iddbsleigh (2nd Earl of), Walter Stafford Northcote, 
C.B. ; cr. 1885. 

B. 1S45 ; m. d. of Sir H. S. Meysey-Ttaompson, bart. Was private 
secretary to his father. Sir Stafford Northcote, as See. of State for India 
1867-8, and as Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1874*7. Has been Depnty- 
Chainnai\ and Chairman of the Board of Inland Re venae. 2nd title 
Visct. St. Gyres. A Conservative. 28, Manehester-squart, W. ; 
Athentrum Club ,- Pynts, Bxtter. 

Ilchestbr (5th Earl of), Henry Edward Foz-Strang- 
ways, P.C. ; cr. 1756. 

B. 1847; m. d. of the 1st Earl of Dartrey. Was Capt. Oentlemen-at 
Anns for a few months in 1874. Is patron of 19 livings. Lord- Lieut, 
of Dorset, and a member Lond. CO. 2nd tit. Lord Stavordaie. A Con- 
servat4ve. Holland-houte, Kensington, IV. ; Me Ibury- house,. ntar 
Sherborne, Dorset j Bedlyneh, Somerset. 

iNCHiauiN (15tli Bar. Ir. Rep.), Lucias William 
O'Brien ; cr. 1536. 

B. 1864 : m. d. of Johnston J. Poster, Moor Parle, Lndlow, Salop. A 
D.L. for Clare (High Sheriff, 1898), Lient. Reserve of Officers, late of 
Rifle Brigade. A Conservative. Naval cMd Military Club t Dromoland 
Ctutle ; Newmarket'on-Fergus, eo. Clare ; Moor Pari, Ludlow. 

Iknes (Earl). See Roxburohe. 
In?erclydb (2nd Bar.), George Arbuthnot Bams ; cr. 

B; 18A1 ; s. 1901 ; m. d. of H. Pergnsson, esq. A J.P. for Lanarkshire. 
Chairman of Cnnard Steamship Co. A Liberal U. 1, Park- gardens , 
Gleugow; Castle Wemyss, N.B, 

Itbaoh (1st Bar.), Edward Cecil Guinness, K.P. ; cr. 

B.1847 ; m. d. of the late R. S. Guinness, esq., M.P. Formerly head 
of Gninneaa ft Co., brewers, of Dublin. On retiring from this firm he 
gave ^2SO,000 for the erection of dwellings for the labouring poor. 
IsHon. Col. Dublin City Artillery (Southern diT.). Cr. bart. 1888. A 
Conservative, fi^ Gro«r«ior Place, 8. W. t Carlton, Marlborough, and 
Turf Clubs ; Slveden, Thet/ord ; Farmleigh, Castleknock, eo. Dublin. A 


James (1st Bar.), Henry James, P.C. ; cr. 1895. 

B. 1828 ; educated at Cheltenham Coll. ; called to the Bar 1852 ; Q.C. 
1869; Solicitor General 1873; Attorney-General 1873-4, and 1880-5; 
was M.P. for Taunton 1869-85, and for Bury 1885-95 ; sworn a P.C. 
1885, and appointed on the Judicial Committee 1896 ; Attorney-General 
to the Prince of Wales 1892-95, and Chancellor Duchy of Lancaster 1895- 
1903. A Liberal U. 41 , Cadogan-sqxutre, S. W. ; Brooks' and St. Jamet's 

Jersby (7th Earl of), Victor Albert George Child Vil- 
liers, P.C, G.C.B., G.C.M.G.; cr. 1697. 

B. 1845 1 m. d. of Snd Baron Leigh. 2nd tit. Viset. VUliers 
Gov. of New South Wales, 1890-1893. An AlderoMn, Middlesex C.C, 
1889; again 1893. Has been Paymaster General (1889-90), Lurd-Lieuf. 
CO. Oxford, and a Lonl-in- Waiting. A Conservative. Cartton Club: 
Osierlty Fart, Jsleworth: Middieton ParJkf near Bicester. 

Kelvin (Ist Bar.), William Thomson, P.C; cr. 1892. 

B. 1824; m. 1st, d. of Walter Crum, esq. (she d. 1870); Sndly, d. of 
C. K. Blandy , esq., of Madeira. Was knighted in 1866 for his services as 
an electrician in connexion with the laying oi the Atlantic cnble. Is 
LL.D. Dublin, Cam., Edin., and Montreal ; D.C.L. Oxford; D.L. Glasgow. 
Received Order of Merit, 1002. Has been President Royal Soc. A 
Liberal U. \ft. Baton-place, S.fV.i Alttenctum^ Reform, Whitehall, 
andSavi/e Clubs; Xetherhall, Largs, Ayrshire^ N.B. 

Kenlis (Bar.). See Headfurt. 

Kenmare (4th Earl of), Valentine Augustus Browne, 
K.P., P.C; cr. 1800. 

B. 1825; m. only d. of Rev. Lord Charles Thynne. 2nd tit. 
Viact. Castlerosse. Is Lord-Lient. of Kerry, of which he has been High 
Sheriff. Has been Controller of the Hou!>ehnld, also twice Yice-Cham- 
berUin of the Household, and a Lord-in-Waiting. Appointed Lord 
Chamberlain of H.M. Honsehold April 1880, and again Jan. 1886. 
Sits as Bar. Renmare. A Liberal U. Brooks's Club t Kenmare Houae^ 
Killamey, ev. Kerry, 

Kenry (Bar.). See Dunravkn. 

Kensington (6th Bar.), Hugh Edwardes ; cr. 1776. 

B. 1873; s. 190<i ; m. d. of G. Pilkington, esq. Was on the Staif in 
S. African War, 1000; D.S.O. Late Lieat.l5th Hnssars. 63, Cadogav- 
square tS.fV.t St. Bride's, LiU/e Haven, Pembrokeshire. 


Kenyon (4th Bar.)f Lloyd Kenyon; cr. 1788. 

B. 1864. A Lord in Waiting to H.M. D.L. for Salop, Chairman 
Flint. C.C. Capt. Shropshire Yeomanry. (Ist peer was a Judge-} A 
ConservatiTe. 5,St./ames*s-plaeft S.fV. ; Carlton Club; Gredington, 
iiear Whiiehureh, Salop. 

Ker (Bar.). See Lothian. 

Kestevbn (2nd Bar.), John Henry TroUope ; cr. 1868. 

B. 1 851. Major Lincolnshire Yeomanry, formerly lient. Northampton 
and Rntland MiUtia. Served in 8. Africa, 1809-1003. A Conserra- 
tive. Carlton Club ; Casotoiek House, Stcanford, Lincolnshire. 

KiLLANiN (2Qd Bar.). Martin Henry Fitzpatrick 
Morris; or. 1900. 

B. J8A7: s. 19U1. Called to the Englioh Bar 1802. Is a County 
Councillor for Galway. Was High Sheriff 1807, and M.P. for GnlwHy 
J90O-01. A Conservative. 26, Grosvenor-plaee, fV.; Carlton Club ; 
Spiddalteo. Galway. 

KiLMAiNB (4th Bar. Ir. Rep.), Francis William Browne ; 
cr. 1789. 

B. 1843; m. d. of Col. Deane Shute, A J.P, and D.L. for co. West- 
meath, and a J.P. for co. Mayo. Elected Ir. Rep. Feb. 1890. A Con- 
Mrrative. Carlton Club; Oaulstoti-pk., We$tmeatht The Neale. 
Ballinrobe, co. Mayo. 

Kilmarnock (Bar.). See Erroll. 

Ktlmorey (3rd Earl of, Ir. Rep.), Francis Charles 
Needham, K.P. ; cr. 1822. 

B. 1842; m. d. of the late E. H. Baldock, esq. Has been High She riff 
of the CO. of Down. Hon. Col. Shropshire Yeomanry. A Conservative. 
o,Ald/nrd.8treet, Park-lane, W.; Carlton Clxdt ; Home Pari, Neiory , 
eo. Down, 

Kimberley (2nd Earl of)» John Wodehouse ; cr. 1866. 

B. 1848 ; n. 19U2; m. d. of Sir Henry Siracey. 2nd tit. Lord Wode- 
house. C.C. for Norfolk. A Liberal. 85, Lowndes-squaret S.fV.i 
Devonshire, TravelUrt\ and Brooks* s Clubs; Kimberley Hall, 

KiNNAiRD (11th Bar.), Arthur FitzGerald Kinnaird; 
cr. J 682. 

B. 1847; m. d.of Sir Andrew Agnew, bart. Sits as Baron Rossie. 
D L. fur Kent, London, and Perth. A Liberal U. 10, St. James's-sq., 
S.rV.; Athenmum and Union Clubs ; Rosaie Priory, Perthshire. a I 


KiNNEAS (Ist Bar.), Alexander Smith Kinnear; cr. 

B. 1883. Judge of Ct. uf Session Scot. 1882. A Liberal U. 2, Moray- 
place, Editiburgh; Athentoum and New {Ediuburgh) Clubs. 

KiNNOULL (12th Earl of), Archibald Fitzroy George. 
Hay; cr. 1633. 

B. 1855; s. 1897; m. Ist, d. of J. Hawke/esq. (tf. 19U0}: 2Dd,d.of 
E. Darrell, esq. A J.P. and D.L. Peithshire. Sits as Baroa Hay. Snd 
tit. Visct. DnppUn. A Conservative. 6, fVest Chapel-ttreet^ fV,i 
Carlton and PieeadiUy Clubs t Dupptin Castlt, Perth. 

Kinross (1st Bar.), John Blair Balfour, P.O.; 
cr. 1902. 

B. 1837 1 m. Ist d. of Lord Mackenzie {d. 1872) ; Snd, d. of 1st Baron 
Moncri eff. Is Lord J ostice General of Scotland. Was Solicitor-Gen . for 
Scotland, 1880-81 ; Lord Advocate, 1881-85, 1886, 1892-95. M.P. for 
Clackmannan, 1880-89. A Liberal. Rrfortn and National Liberal 
Clubs: 6, Rothesay 'terrace^ Edinburgh i Glaselune, North 

KiNTORE (10th Earl of), Algernon Hawkins Thomond 
Keith-Falconer, P.C., G.C.M.G. ; cr. 1677- 

B. 1852; m.d. of the 6th Dnke of Manchester. Sits as Baron Kin tore. 
Snd tit. Lord Inverurie. A Lord in Waiting, and has been 
Capt. Yeomen of the Guard, and Gov. South Australia. A Conserva- 
tive. 7, Cadogan-sq.^ S.fV.; Carlton and Marlborough Clubs; 
Keith Hall, Inverurie, Aberdeen t InglismaUUet Kincardineah. 

Kitchener (lat Visct.), Horatio Herbert Kitchener, 
G.C.B., G.C.M.G. ; cr. Bar. 1898, Visct. 1902. 

B. l8o(). Is a General in the Army ; Commander-in-chief of the Indian 
armjr. Was Commander-in-chief in South Africa, 1900-S; Gov.-Gen. 
Sudan and Sirdar of the Egyptian Army, 1896.90. United Service 

Knollys (1st Bar.), Francis KnoUys, K.C.B., 
G.C. V.O., K.O.M.G. ; cr. 1902. 

B. 183- ; m. d. of 7th Bness. Bemers. Is Private Sec. to the King. 
Formerly Gentleman Usher to the late Queen Victoria. A Conservative . 
8t. James's Palace, S.fV, 

Knutsford (1st. Visct), Henry Thurstan Holland, 
G.C.M.G.; P.C; cr. 1895. 

B. 1825 : m. 1st d. of N. Hibbert,esq., 2ndly, d. of Sir C. E. Trevelyan, 
bart. Called to the Bar 1849. Has been M.P. for Midhurst,and Hump- 
stead ; Financial See. Treasury, Vice-Pres. Council of Education, and 

H0L'8£ OF L0HD8. 63 

Sec. for the Colonies (with seat in Cabinet). A D.L. fur Middlesex. A 
ConserratiTc. 76, Saton-»q., S.W.; CarUnnaud AUunmum Out*; 
Pine Wood, Godalming. 

Lamington (2nd Bar.), Charles Wallace Alexander 
Napier Cochrane-Baillie, G.C.M.G. ; cr. 1880. 

B. I860: m. d. of Ist Baron Newlauds. Appointed Governor of 
Bombay, 1903 D.L. for Lanarks. Formerly Capt. Lanarkshire Yeo- 
manry, and Lieut. 3rd Bait. Leicester Regt. Was Gov.-Gen. Queens- 
land ie9».190l ; M.P. for North St. Pancras 1886-90. A Conservative. 
26, Wilton-crescent, S.W.; White's Club; Lamitigton, Biggar, 'Lanark- 

Lanesborough (6th Earl of, Ir. Rep.), John Vansit- 
tart Dan vers Butler; cr. 1756. 

B. 1889 ; m. d. of Rev. John Dixon Clark. Is a Capt. R.N. reUred and 
Liird-Lieot. of CO. Cavan. A Conservative. Carlton Club i Swithland 
Uallf Lmighborough; Lanosborough Lodge ^ Belturbertteo. Cavan. 

Langford (4tb Bar. Ir. Rep.), Hercules Edward 
Rowley, K.C.V.O. ; cr. 1800. 

B. 1848 ; m. d. of Sir Richard Sutton. Comptroller of Honsehold to 
Lord Licat. of Ireland. Has been a Lieat.-Col. Grenadier Guards. A 
Conservative. Carlton and Marlborough Oubs; Summer Hilt House, 
eo. Meaih. 

Lansdownb (5th Marq. of), Henry Charles Keith 
Fitz-Maurice, K.G.. P.C, G.C.S.I., &c. ; cr. 1784. 

B. 1845 : m. d. of the 1st Dnke of Abercorn. Appointed Sec. of State 
fur Foreign Affairs 19U0 ; was Sec. of State for War 1895-1900. Is Lord- 
Lieut. Wilts. Was Viceroy of India 1888 to 1803, and a Lord of the 
Trcasary, Pailiamentary Under-Secretary fi>r War, Uuder-Sec. of State 
lor India, and Gov.-Gen. of Canada. 2nd tit. Earl of Kerry. (Peerage 
conferred for offlciai services.) Patron of 3 livings. A Liberal U. 
54, Berkeley-square, fV.: Reform, Brooks's, and fVhite'a Clubs; 
Bowood Park, Calne, fViltshire; Dereen House, Kenmare, eo. 

Lathoh (2nd Earl of), Edward George Bootle- 
Wilbraham; cr. 1880. 

B. 1861: s. 1898; m. d. of &th Earl of Radnor. 2nd tit. Lord 
Skelmersdale. III^. (retired) RL H. Guards ; late Capt. Lane. Hussars 
(Yeo.). A Conservative. Marlborough and Turf Clubs; Latham 
House, Ormskirk, Laneashire. 

Lauderdale (13th Earl of, Sco. Rep.), Fredeiick 
Henry Maitland ; cr. 1624. 

B.1840: m. 1st, d. Lt.-Col. Sleigh; 2ndly, d. Rev. H. T. Simpson, 
k a retired Lieut.>Cul.i Hereditary Standard Bearer for Scotland, Lord- 


Lient. of Berwickshire ; and J. P. and D.L. for Berwick. Was formerly 
major B.S.C., and political agent in Central India. A Conserrative. 
Carlton and fVeUington Clubs t Thurlestane Castle^ Lauder, Btr- 

Lawrence (2nd Bar.), John Hamilton Lawrence; cr. 

B. 1846; m. d. of the late R. Campbell, esq., of Aachinbrock. 
Argyleshire. Is a Lord in Waiting. Has been called to the Bar. (1st 
peer was Governor-General of India.) A Liberal U. 66, Pani-at. Bel- 
grave-aq.t S.fV.; Brook»*s Club; Chetwode Manor, Bucks. 

Leconfield (3rd Bar.), Charles Henry Wyndham; 
cr. 1869. 

B. 1872; s. 1901. Served in S'Hith Aftica 1900. Is commanding 
officer of Sossex Yeo. Has been Lieut. Ist Life Guards. Patron of SS 
livings. A Conservative. 9, Chesterfield Gardens, fV. ; fVhite'* 
and Carlton Clubs i Petworth, Sussex. 

Leeds (10th Duke of), George Godolphin Osborne ; cr. 

B. 18H2 ; 8. 1896 ; m.d. of the 2nd Earl of Durham. 9nd tit. Marq. of 
Catmaithen. Was^ Treasurer of the Household 1895-96, and has been 
Lieut. Yorks Hussars. Was M.P. Brixton div. of Lambeth 1887-96. Is 
patron of 6 livings. A Conservative. U, Grosvetwr-oreseent, S.fV. ; 
Carlton, TurJ, and Marlborough Clubs; Godolphin Park, Com- 
wall; Hornby Castle, Bedale, Yorksh. 

Leicester (2ad Earl of), Thomas William Coke, K.G. ; 
cr. 1837. 

B. 1822 : m. Ist, d. of Samuel Charles Wliitbread, esq. (dead) ; Sndl} , 
d. of 2nd Baron Chesham. 2nd tit. Visct . Coke. Jijord-Lient. of Norfolk . 
Was Keeper of the Privy Seal to the Prince of Wales. A Liberal U. 
Brooks's and Marlborough Clubs ; Holkham, fVells, Norfolk. 

Leigh (2nd Bar.), William Henry Leigh, P.C.; cr. 1839. 

B. 1824 , m. d. of 2nd Marq. of Westminster. Lord.Lieut. of War- 
wickshire. Is patron of 9 livings. A Liberal. Brooks's and National 
Liberal Clubs; Stoneleigh Abbey, Kenilworth; Addlestrop House , 
Chipping Norton. 

Leinster (6th Duke of), Maurice Fitz-Gerald ; cr. 

A minor. B. 1887 ; s. 1893. Sits as Visut. Leinster. 2nd tit. Marq. of 
Kildare. Premier Duke, Marq. and Earl of Ireland. Carton, May- 
nooth, CO. Kildare ; Kilkea Castle, eo. Kildare. 

Leitrim (6th Earl of), Charles Clements; cr. 1795. 

B. 1879 » s. 1892; m. d. of R. Henderson, esq., Sedgwick-park, Sussex . 


Sita as Baron Clements. Lt. 9th Lancem. Served in 8. Africa 1899- 
1902. A Conservative. 40, Portmati'Sq., fV.; Mulroy, Milford, co. 

Levbn and Melville (1 1th Earl of; Sco. Rep.), 
Ronald Ruthven Leslie-Melville, P.C. ; or. 1641. 

B.18S5: m.d. ofindlTisct Portman. Appointed Lord Hi^h Commim 
sionernfthe Gen. Assembly of tlie Church of Scotland 1898. Keeper 
of Privy Seal of Scotland. A Conservative. Rothnmpt<n\-hou»9 , Roe- 
hamptofit S.fV i Carlton and Athenantm Clubt; GUttfemess, 
Dimphaift Nairnshire. 

Lichfield (3rd Earl of), Thomas Francis Anson ; cr, 

B. 1856: m. d. of the Earl of Leicester. 2nd tit. Visct. Anson. Is 
clepntjr-f^vernor Hndson's Bay Co., and D.L., and J.P. Stafibrdahire. A 
Liberal U. 38, Gt. Cumber/and-pfaee, fV.; Brooks' Club; Sling- 
borough Pari and Rctnton jibbey^ Stafford. 

Lichfield (Bp. of), Augustus Legge, D.D. 

B. 1889 s ed. Eton and Ch. Ch., Oxford; m. d. of W. B. Stopford Saclc- 
ville, esq. W as Vicar of St. Bartholomew , Sydenham, ] 867-79; Vicar of 
Lewisbam 1 886-91 . Consecrated Sept. 29, 1891. Is patron of 88 livings. 
A Conservative. Athenctum and St. Stephen's Clubs ; 77m Palace, 

LiLFORD (5t1i Bar.), John Powys; cr. 17U7- 

B. 1863: s. 1806; m. d. of Soltau Symons, esq. Formerly Capt. 
8rd Batt. Northamptonsh. Regt. Patron of Hi livings. A C.mservative. 
Lilford Park, Oundle, Northamptonsh. 

Limerick (4th Earl of), William Henry Edmond De 
Vere Sheaffe Pery ; cr. 1803. 

B. 1863; s. 1896; m. d. of J. Barlce Irwin, R.M. Late Maj. 5(h 
Batt. R. Munster Fusiliers; Lt. Rifle Brig. 2nd tit. Lord Glent- 
worth. Sits as Baron Foxford. A Conservative. ConstittUional 
Clubt tV.C; Dromore Castle, Limerick. 

Lincolx (Bp. Df ), Edward King, D.D. 

B. 1829. Consecrated 1885. Formerly chaplain, lecturer, and princi* 
pal of Cnddesdon Coll., Regius Prof. Pastoral Theology, and Canon ot 
Christ Church, Oztord. A Conservative. Old Palace, Lincoln. 

LiNDLBT (Bar., Lord of Appeal), Nathaniel Lindley, 

B. 1828 ; m. 1858, d. ot the late John Edward Teale, esq., of Leeds, 
Kt Bach. 1876 ; Q.C. 1872 ; LL.D., Master of the Rolls 1897 ; senior 
Lord Justice of Appeal. 19, Craven Hill-ffardetis t Atheutcum Club 
East Carteton, Norwich, 



LiNOSET(12th Earl of ), Montagu Albemarle Peregrine 
Bertie; cr. 1626. 

B. 1861 : 8. 1899 ; m. d. of J. C. Cox , esq., of VJB. Wales. 2nd tit. 
Lord Bertie. A Conservative. CarUon Club; Uffington^ SUmtford, 

LiNGEN- (1st Bar.), Ralph Robert Wheeler Lingen, 
K.C.B. ; cr. 1885. 

B. 181U; m. 1832, Emma, d. of Robert Hatton, esq., of Putney Park, 
Surrey. Called to the Bar 1847. Secretary to the Comm. of Connuil on 
Education 184»-70. Permanent Secretary of the Treasury 1870-85. 
Was an Alderman of the London County Council; resigned 1893. 
A Liberal U. 13, fVetherby-gardma, S.fV. ; jithenceum Club^ S.fV 

Linlithgow (IstMarq. of), John Adrian Louis Hope, 
P.C, K.T., G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O.; cr. Earl 1703; 
Marq. 1902. 

B. 1860; m. 1886, Hersey Alice de Moleyns, Srd d. of Lord Ventry. 
2nd tit. Earl of Hopetonn. Was Lord Chamberlain 1898. Lord High 
Commi.Hsioner of the Church of Scotland, 1887 ; Governor of Victoria, 
18b9-95; Governor-General of Australia 1900-02. Has been Lord-in- 
Waiting. A Conservative. Caritoii Club ; Hopeioun House, LiniWi- 
yow ; Ormiston Hall, Haddinfftonsh. 

Lister (Ist Bar.), Joseph Lister P.C. ; cr. 1897. 

B. 1827 ; m. d. of late James Syme, esq. (she d. 1893). Prof. Surgery. 
Glasgow and Edinburgh Univs., Surg. Ex. to the King, &e., aud 
P.R.S. Cr. Bart. 1883. Received Order of Merit 19U2. A Conservative. 
12, Fark-crescenty W. ; Athenceum Clubt S.W. 

Listowel (3rd Earl of), William Hare, K.P. ; cr. 1822. 

B. 1833; m. d. of the 3rd Marq. of Ailesbnry. Has been Capt. 
Scots Fusilier Guards, retired 1856. Has been a Lord-in- Waiting. 
:2nd tit. Visct.Ennismore. Sits as Baron Hare. A Liberal U. Kingston ; 
House, Prince's-gtste, S.ff^.; Brooks's Club : Convamore, Mallow, 
CO. Cork. 

[Liveepool (Bp. of), Franois James Chavasse. 

No seat at present. Consecrated 190U.] 

Llandaff (6p. of), Richard Lewis, D.D. 

B.I821; m. 1847. Georgiana King, d. of Capt. John Lewis, H.E.I.c.S. 
(she d. 1895). Rector of Lampeter- Velfry 1851 . Was organising secre- 
tary of the S.F.G. Chaplain to the late Bishop, Archdeacon of St. 
David's, and Prebendary in the Cathedral. Patron of 10 livings. 
Consecrated 1883, Mhenaeum C'ub : r/«e Palace, Llaudajr. 


Llandapp (Ist Vict.), Henry Matthews, P.C; cr. 1895. 

B. 1826. Was called to the Bar (Lincoln's Inn) 1860 ; Q.C. and 
Bencher 1868 ; a member of the senate of the Unirersity of London 
1885; Home Secretary 1886-02; appointed Chairman London Water 
Supply lU. Commission 1897. He sat as M.P. for Dungarvan 1868-74, 
and for East Birmingham 1886-95. A Conservati^ e. 6, Carlton-gardetit 
8.W. ; Carlton, Windham, Athenaum, and Orleans Cluba. 

Llangattock (Ist Bar.), John Allan Rolls ; cr. 1892. 

B. 1887 ; m. d. of Sir Charles PitzRoy Maclean, hart. Formerly Capt. 
Gloncestershire Yeomanry. A J.P., D.L., County Alderman Monmouth- 
shire, and Mayor of Monmouth 1897-93; M.P. for the county 188U-85. 
A Cooeervative. South Lodge, Rulland-gaie, S.W.t Carlton and 
Arthur's Clubs { Ths Hendris, Monmouth. 

Loch (2nd Bar.), Edward Douglas Loch ; cr. 1895. 

B. 1873; 8. 1900. Major Grenadier Guards, served in Soudan 
1898. D.S 0. 1898 ; was Dir. Signalling Officer on Lord Methuen's stuff 
in S. Africa 1900. A Liberal U. 23, Lowndet-aq.t S. W. ; Slokt College 
Stoke by Clare, Suffolk. 

LoFTUs (Bar.). See Ely. 

LoNDESBOROUOH (2nd Earl of), William Francis 
Henry Denison; cr. 1887. 

B. 1864 ; m. d. of the 12th Bari of Westmorland. A Deputy-Lieut, of 
the East Riding of Yorksh. Is patron of 7 Uvings. 2nd title Visct. Rain- 
eliffe. A Oonsenratire. 3, Hereford-gardens, fV,; Londesborough 
Park, Market fVsighton, Yorks. 

London (Bp. of), Arthur Foley Winnington-Iugram, 
D.D., P.C. 

B. 1858 ; edacated at Marlborough and Keble Coll., Oxford. Has 
been Canon and treasurer of St. Paul's, Head of Oxford House, 
Be(hnal Green, rector of Bethnal Green and bishop suffiragan of Stepney 
1897 1901 ; tr. to this see 1901. Is patron of over 100 livings. Annual 
?alne of see, ^10,000. London House, St. James* S'sq., S.fV, ; 
Fulham Palace^ S.fV,; Athenaeum and Savile Clubs. 

Londonderry (6th Marq. of), Charles Stewart Vane- 
Tempest- Stewart, P.C, K.G., G.O.V.O. ; cr. 1816. 

B. 1852; m. d. of 19th Earl of Shrewsbury. Sits as Earl Yane. Snd 
lit. Yiflct. Castlereagh. J.P. and D.L. of co. of Durham. Lord-Lleut. of 
CO. Down { Hon. Col. 4th Durham Lt. Inf. ; was M.P. for oo. Down 1878- 
84, Lord-Lieut, oflreland 1886 to 1889) Chairman Lond. Sch. Bd. 1895- 
91. Poetmaster-General 1899-1902. Is Lord President of the Council and 
PrMtdeDt of Board of Education. A Conservative. Londondsrry 
E 2 


House, Park-lane, fV,t Carlion and Travellers' Club*; SeiMham 
HeUt, Sunderland; Wynyard-park, Duthann Mount Stewari, co. qf 

LoNOFORD (dth Earl of), Thomas Pakenham, K.F., 
C.B.; cr. 1786. 

B. 1864; m. 2iid d. of Enrl of Jersey. Sits as Biimn Silchester. Was 
Comptroller to the Lord-Lieot. of IrelMnd, a capt. 2Dd Life Guards, and 
Lord-Lieut, of CO. Longford. A ConservatiTe. Carlton Club t PaJten- 
ham Ball^fVestmeath. 

Lonsdale (dth Earl of), Hugh Cecil Lowther ; 
cr. 1807. 

B. 1857: m. d. of lOtli Marq. of Hontly. 2nd tit. Visct. Lowther. 
Was A.A.G. for Imperial Yeomanry in S. Africa 1899-1902. A Consrr- 
vative. 14 and 15, Carlton Houte-terr^ S.fV.; Lowther Cattle, 
Penrith, ff''eatmoreland ; fVhit^haitten Caatle, Cumberland. 

Lothian (10th Marq. of), Bobert Schomberg Kerr ; cr. 

B.I874. Sits as Barun Kerr. 2no tit. Earl ofAncran. Is patron of 
8 liTingn. A Conservative. BUekltng Hall, Aylsham^ N'orfoik ; 
Neiobattle Abbey, Dalkeith, Edinburgh; Monteviot, Jedburgh, 

Loudoun (llth Earl of), Charles Edward Rawdon- 
Hastings; cr. 1633. 

B. 1865 ; m. d. of 1st Lord Howard of Glossop. Sits as Baron Hastings 
(14ni}, Botreaaz, &c. In 1895 the Barony of Donington (1880) was 
merged in this Earldom. D.L. for Ayrshire. Assumed the niune ot 
Rawdon in lieu of Abney 1887. A Consenrative. Carlton and 
Whitest Clubs; fVillesley Hall, Ashby-de-la-Zoucht Rowallan 
Castle, Kittnamoek, Ayrshire. 

LovAT (16th Bar.), Simon Joseph Eraser, C.B.; cr. 1540. 

B.1871. Formerly M«jor 1st vol. batt. Chmeron Highlanders and a 
D.L. oo. Inverness. Served in S. Africa 1899-1903. A Liberal U. 
Beaufort Castle, Iiwerness-shire. 

Lovelace (2nd Earl of), Ralph Gordon Noel Mil- 
banke; cr. 1838. 

B. 1889; m. 1st, d. of Rev. George Heriot (d. 1878) i 2ndly, d. of Right 
Hon. J. A. Stuart Wortley. He is grandson of 6th Lord Byron ihe 
poet, his father, the 1st Earl of Lovelace, having m. Ada, the only <i. 
of Lord Byron. Sat as 12th Baron Wentworth (cr. 1529) in succession 
to liis brother 1862-U3, when he s. to the Earldom. 2nd title Visct. 
Ockham. Assumed tliesurname of Milbanke, in lieu of King- Noel, IStiu. 
A Liberal. Wentworth House, Swan Walk, Chelsea, S*W. i Athenea%stn. 
Club ; Ookham Park, Surrey, 


LovELL and Holland (Bar.). See Egmont. 
LucAN C4tb Earl of; Ir. Rep.), George Bingham, K.P. ; 
cr. 1795. 

B.1880: m. 1859, d. of StbDnke of Richmond. 2ndtit. Lord Bingh;ini 
Is Lord-Lieat. of co. Mayo. Wm Lieut. -Col. Coldstream GnHrdn. Wns 
aide-de camp to bia father, the Srd Earl, in the Crimean War. Retired 
lh>m th<r army 1860. Was M.P. for Mayo, 1865-74. Elected Ir. Rep . 
peer, 1880. A Connervative. Car /ion and Turf Clubs i Laleham, 
near Staines, Middieses ; Castlebar^ eo. Mayo. 

Ludlow (2nd Har.), Henry Ludlow Lopes ; cr. 1897. 

B. 1866: m. 1903. Lady Howard de Walden ; barrister-at-law ; 
fnnnrrly Coansel to Post Office for Western Circuit ; J.P. and D.L. for 
Wilts'. Lient. Royal Wiltshire Yeomaniy. A Gonserrative. Carlton 
and fVeUington Clubs ; Heywood, IVestbury, fVilts. 

LuROAN (3rd Baron), William Brownlow, K.C.V.O. ; 
cr. 1839. 

B. 1858 ; m. 1893, d. of Earl Cadogan. Is State Steward to the Lord. 
Lieat. of Ireland. Pormerly Lieat. Grenadier Gnards. A Liberal U. 
i\, Lmond«»-square, S.fV.i Carlton and Turf Clubs ; Brownloio 
House, Lurgan, eo. Armagh. 

Ltttelton (5th Bar.). See Cobham. 
LyTTON (2nd Earl of), Victor Alexander George 
Robert Bulwer-Ly tton : cr. 1880. 

B. 1876 ; 8. 1891; m. d. of Sir T. Chichele-PIowden. A Conservative . 
Knebworth Park, Stevenage. 

Lyvedkn (3rd Bar.), Oonrtenay Robert Percy Ver- 
non; cr. 1859. 

B.18h7: nephew of 2nd Bar.; ra. d.ofMaJ. Hill, of WoIIaaton Hall, 
Wellingboroagh. Formerly Capt. H.L.I. Frogmore, Riottnans- 

Macclesfield (7th.Earl of), George Loveden Parker ; 
cr. 1721. 

a minor. B. 1888; s. 1896. Snd tit. Yisct. Parker. Shirbum Castle, 
Tetsworth, Oxfordshire. 

Macnaghten (Bar.), Edward Macnaghten, P.O., 
G.C.M.G. ; cr. 1887. 

B. 1830 ; m. d. of Sir Samuel Martin, Baron of the Exchequer. For- 
■eriy M.P. for Antrim, and North Antrim. Appointed a Lord of Appeal 
ia Ordinary, Jan. 1887, with the dignity of baron for life. A Conserva- 
ti?e. Ib6, Queen'' s-gate, S.fV.i Carlton and United University 
Clubs ; Runkerrjft Bushmills, eo. Antrim. 


Maoheramorne (3rd Bar.), Dudley Stuart Mc- 
Garel-Hogg; cr. 1887. 

B. 1863; s. 19(»8. A Conservative. 36, I^wndes-street , S.fT'.; 
Carlton and Wlute's Clubs; Magheramorne, eo. Antrim. 

Malmesbury (6th Earl of), James Edward Harris; 
cr. 1800. 

B. 1872: a. 1899. Snd tit. Viaet. Fitxharris. la a Capt. 3rd Batt. 
Hampsh. Kegt. (Peerage conferred for diplomatic services.) A Conaer- 
▼atire. Carlton Club ; Heron Court, Oiristchureht Hantt. 

Manchester (9th Duke of), William Angus Drogo 
Montagu; cr. 1719. 

B. 1877 ; s. 189-2; m. 1000, Helena, d. of B. Zimmerman, esq., of 
Cincinnati. Late Capt. 5th King's Rl. Rifle Corps. A Conservntire. 
45, Porttnan-tq., fV. ; KimboUoti Castle, St. NeoVt, Hunts; 7<i». 
deragee Castle, eo. Armagh. 

[Manchester (6p. of), Edmund Arbuthnott Knox, 

B. 1847; educated at St. Panl's School and Corpus Christ! College, 
Oxford. Formerly Tutor of Merton College, Rector of Kibworth- 
Beanchamp, Vicar of Aston. Hon. Canon of Worcester and Arch- 
deacon of Birmingham. Consecrated Bishop of Coventry 1894. Trans- 
lated to Manchester 1903. Patron of 124 livings. No seat at present. 
Athenaum Club; Bishop's Court, Higher Broughton, Matiehester.^ 

Manners (3rd Bar.), John Thomas Manners ;cr. I8O7. 

B. 1852: m. d. of Col. Fane, of Clovelly Court. Lieut. OreDndier 
Guards, 1876-83. (1st Peer a judge.) A Conservative. Carlton and 
Travellers* Clubs ; Cold Overton Hall, Oakham, 

Manners of Haddon (Bar.), Henrj John Briasley 
Manners, G.B. ; cr. 1679. 

B. 1852; m. d. of Col. the Hon. Chas. Hugh Lindsay, C.B.; M.P. for 
Melton div. Leicestershire 1888-95 ; priv. see. to Marq. of Salisbary as 
Premier 1885-8. A J.P. Leicestershire; formerly Capt. 8rd Batt. 
Leicestershire Regt. As eldest s. of the Duke of Rutland is Marquis of 
Granby, and was summoned lo the Honre of Lords in his father's barony 
ofManners of Haddon, 1896. A Conservative. 16, ArUngton-st., S. W.; 
Carlton, Travellers', and Turf Clubs. 

Mansfield (5th Earl of), Wm. David Murray; cr. 

B.1860: 8.1898. Hereditary Keeper of the Palace of Scone. I,ate 
Capt. Grenadier Gds. A Conservative. 6,51. Jamee*s-plaee, S.PV.i 
Carlton and Guards* Clubs; Caen fVood, Hampstead, IT.fV.; 
Cumltmgan Castle, Duntfriesehire ; Seone Palace, Perth, 


Manyers (4tli Earl), Charles William Sydney Pierre- 
pont; cr. 1806. 

B. 1S45 ; s. 1900; m. 1880, Helen, d. of Sir Michael and Lady Octavia 
Shaw Stewart. A Depoty-Lient. of Nott«. Snd tit. Viuct. Newark. 
Lient. Grenadier Gnarda, retired 1880; Col. comdgr. Snd Notts R.T. 
Sat for Nottinsbamsh. (Newark) 1885-1895,1898-1900. Is patron of 14 
liTiogs. A Conservative. 6, Tilney-street, W.; Carlton Club; 
Thoretby Park, Ollerton ; Hohne Pierrepont, Nottingham. 

Mar (26th Earl of, Sco. Rep.)» John Francis Erskine 
Goodeve-Erskine ; cr. ante 1404. 

B. 1886: m. d. of John Hamilton, esq. Is Bf.A. of Cambridge and 
Oxford. Snd tit. Lord Oariocb. A Conservative. Carlton and Scottish 
Cluba ; Sunnitiffton-rise, Bournemouth. 

Mar and Kellie (12th Earl of Mar, 14th Earl of 
Kellie, Sco. Rep.), Walter John Francis Erskine ; 
cr. 1565 and 1619. 

B.1865; m. 1892, 4th d. of the 8th Earl of Shaftesbury. Is Lord- 
Lt. eo. Clackmannan. Hon.-CoL 7th Vol. Batt. Argyll and Suth. High- 
landen and formerly Lient. Scots Guards. Is premier Viscount and 
Baron of Scotland. A Conserratire. Carlton and Guaida* Clubs 
AUca House, Clackmannanthire. 

Marlborough (9th Duke of), Charles Richard John 
Spencer-Churchill, K.G., P.C. ; cr. 1702. 
B. 1871 : 8. 1892 ; m. d. of W. K. Yanderbilt, esq., of New York. Snd 
tit.Harq.of Blandford. Was Paymaster-General 1899-1902. Appointed 
Dnder-Sec. for the Colonies 1003. Is patron of 9 livings. A Conser. 
vative. fVanoiek House, St. James's Palace, 8.fV.; Carlton Club, 
S.PT.; Blenheim Palaee, PToodstoek, Osfordsh. 

Mash AM (1st Bar.), Samuel Cunliffe Lister; cr. 1891. 

B. 1S15 ; m.d.of the late John Dearden,esq.,of Hollings Hall, Halifax 
(she tf. 1875). A silk mannracturer, a partner in the firm of Cnnliffe Lister 
ft Co., Manningham Mills, Bradford. A J.P. and D.L. W. and N 
Hiding, Torksbire. A Conservative. Carlton Club; SufitUon Park 
Mashatn ; and Jervaulx Abbey, Yorkshire. 

Massrrebne AND Ferrard (11th Vlsct.), Clotworthy 
John Eyre Foster-Skeffington; cr. 1660 and 1797. 

B. ] 84S ; m. d. of Mi^or White-Melville. (Ist Peer an active promoter 
of the Restoration of Charles II.) Sits as Bar. Oriel. Late Lord-Lieut, 
of CO. Ijonth. A Conservative. Carlton Club i Antrim Castle, 
Antrim t Oriel Temple, eo. Louth. 



Massy (6th Bar. ; Ir. Rep.)» John Thomas William 
Massej; cr. 1776. 

B. 1885: m. d. ot the 8rd Earl of CHrrick (d. 1806). A ConaenratiTe. 
Carlton Club ; Hermitage, near Cattle Connell, LitMrick. 

Mayo (7th Earl of, Ir. Rep.), Dermot Robert Wynd- 
ham Bourke; cr. 1785. 

B. 1S51 ; m. d. of the Hon. Gerald Ponaonby. Was in the 10th Hoosars 
und Grenadier Guards, 1870-76. Elected Ir. Rep. Peer. 1»U0. A Con- 
servatire. 8, Slratford'pltiee, W.; Falmerstou>n,StraffaH,co.KHdare ; 
Hayet Beauparc, co. Meath. 

Meath (12th Earl of), Reginald Brabazon; cr. 1627. 

B. 1841 ; m. d. of the 11th Burl uf Lauderdale. Sits as Baron 
CiHworth. 2nd tit. Lord Brabasoo of Ardee. Hon. col. 5tb tiait. R 
Dublin Fasilier8,and an Alderman of the L.C.C. Has been aftor^^ to 
the embasaiefl at Berlin and Athens. Is Chancellor of Royal Unir. 
of Ireland; a P.C., Ireland; and Lord-Lieut, co. Dublin and Deputy- 
Lieut, of the CO. of VVicklow. A Conservative. 83, Lancaster- gate, 
fV. ; Travellers* Club ; Ardee Cottage, Ottershaw, Chertsey ; 
Kilruddery Houses co. Wicklmo. 

Meldrum (Bar.). See Huntly. 

Melville (5th Visct.), Henry Dundas : cr. 1802. 

B. 1835; m. d. of the Ist LordLamington. A Conservative. Carlton 
Club, S.W.; Cotterstock HaU, Oundle, Northauts ; MetuilU 
Castle, Lasswade, Edinburgh. 

Mendtp (Bar.). See Clifden. 

Meredyth (Bar.). See Athlumny. 

Methuen (3rd Bar.), Paul Sanford Methuen, C.M.G., 
G.C.B., K.C.V.O.; cr. 1838. 

B. 184(V; m. Ist. d. of Sir F. H. Bathurst, bart. (she d. 1879); 2ndly. 
d. of W. A. Sanford, esq., of Ninehead Court, Somerset. Joined 
Scots Fusilier Guards 1864, col. 1881, major-gen. 1800. Serred in the 
Ashantee war 1878-4; in Egypt 1882; and with **Methnen's Horse* 
in Bechuanaland 188R. Adj.-gen. in South Africa 1888-00; Com. Thames 
dist. (Chatham) 1892: and on the outbreak of the Transvaal War, 1899, 
was appointed Lt.-Gen. in Com. Ist Div. Liberal U. Omnrds* CZui; 
Corsham Court, fVills. 

Middlbton (9th Bar.), Digby Wentworth Bayard 
Willoughby; cr. 1711. 

B. 1844 \ m. d. of Sir A. P. Gordon Cnmming, bart. Formerly Lieut. 
Srots Fusilier Guards. Patron of 7 livings. A Conservative. Carlton 


and Guards' Clubt ; MiddUton Hall, Tamworth ; n''ollaton-houte, 
NoUtnghami Settrington and Birdsall^ Yorksh. 

MiDLETON (8th Vi8ct.)f William Brodrick; cr. 17 17. 

B. 1830; m. d. of 1st Baron Cottesloe. Is a barrister. Lord.Lieat. 
Jinrrey. Sitaaa Baron Brodrick. Formerly M. P. A Con8er\HtiTc. 18, 
Baton^sq. S.fV.; Carlton Club; Peper Harow Park^ Godalming; 
Cahirmone, Midleion, eo. Cork> 

MiLNEE (JstVisct.), Alfred Milner,G.C.B.,G.C.M.a., 
P.O. J cr. Bar. 1901 ; Visct. 1902. 

B. 1864. Is High CommissioDcr for S. Africa and Oovernor of 
Transvaal and Orange River Colonies. Called to the Bar 1881. Was 
private sec. to Rt. Hon. O. J. Goschen (now Yisonnnt Goschen) when 
Cbanrellor of the Exchequer 1887.9. Chuirmaii uf the Board of Inland 
Revenue, and Secretary of Finance in Egypt. A Liberal Unionist. 
Gottemment House, Johannesburg. 

Minster (Bar.). See Conyngham. 

MiNTO (4th Earl of), Gilbert John EUiot-Murray- 
Kynynmound-EUiot, K.T., P.C., K.C.M.G.; cr. 

B. 184.'> ; m. d. of the late Gen. the Hon. Charles Grey. Has been in 
the Scots Fusilier Guards (retired 1870), and was a volunteer in the 
Egyptian campaign, 1882. Late Col. S. of Scotland volunteers. 
Appointed Gov.-Gen. of Canada, 1898. Is a DX. of Roxburghshire. 
2Dd tit. Tisct. Melgund. A LiberalU. Guards* and Brooks*s Clubs ; 
Mmlo House, Hawick, Roxburghshire ; Government House, Ottawa, 

MoNCK (5th Visct.), Henry Power Charles Stanley 
Monck ; cr. 1800. 

B. 184i): s. 1894; m. d. of John, 3rd Earl of Clonmel; ed. at Eton and 
Ch. Ch. Oxford. Late Capt. Coldstream Guards; served in Egypt 
and at Snakim. A J.P. ens. Dublin and Wicklow, and a D.L. 
Wickiow. Sits as Bar. Monck. A Liberal U. Carlton Club, S./V. ; 
Charieville, Enniskerry, co. fVicktow . 

MoNCKTON (Bar.). See Galway. 
MoNCBEiFF (2nd Bar.), Henry James Wellwood- 
Moncreiff ; cr. 1874. 

B. 1840 : s. 1895 ; m. 1st, d. of Sir W. Hanmer Dick-Cnnyngham, 8th 
bart. : Siid, d. of Col. F. D. Fryer, of Moulton Paddocks, Suffolk (she rf . 
1881). Is a Jadge of the Supreme Court of Scotland (Lord Wellwood), 
and Lord Lieut, of Kinross. A Liberal U. Brooks's and Athenceuf* 
Clubs ; 15, Great Stuart St., Edinburgh; Tulliebole Castle^ Kinros 


Monk Bretton (2nd Bar.)* John William Dodson, 
C.B.; cr. 1884. 

B. 18G0: g. 1897. First Baron had been M.P. for East Sussex, 
Chester, and Scarborough, and was for eight years Deputy Speaker of 
the House of Commons. Was Priv. Sec. to Mr. J. Chamberlain when 
Colonial Sec. A Liberal U. 11, Park-lane, fV.t Befortn, Brooks's 
and United Univeraitiea' Club* ; Conyboro\ Lewes. 

MoNKSWELL (2nd Bar.), Robert Collier ; or. 1885. 

B. 1845 : m. d. of J. A. Hardcastle, M.P.; called to the bar 1869. F.i 
a member of the London County Council; and has been Lord in 
Waiting; conveyancing counsel to the Treasury and an examiner 
to the High Court of Justice, and Under Sec. of State for War. A 
Liberal. 7, Chelsea Embankment, S.fV.t BrookCa and National 
Liberal Clubs. 

MoNSON (9th Bar.), Angnstus Debonnaire John 
Monson ; cr. 1728. 

B. 1868 ; 8. 1900 ; m. d. of Gen. R. Stone, U.S.A. ; late equerry to the 
Dukeot Saxe-Cobarg and Gotha.and Hon. Attach^ at British Embassy, 
Paris. Patron of 6 livings. A Liberal Unionist. Brooks** and Marl- 
borough Clubs ; Burton Hall, Lincoln. 

Montagu of Beaulibu (1st Bar.), Henry John 
Douglas-Scott-Montagu ; cr. 1885. 

Second s. of the 6th Duke of Buocleuch, B. 1832 ; m. d. of 2nd Lord 
Wharncliffe. Appointed OiBcial Verderer, New Forest, 1890. As Lord 
Henry Scott sat as M.P. for Seikirksh. f^om Aug. 1861 to Dec 1868, und 
for Sooth Hampshire from that date to June 1884. A Conservative. 
8, Tilney -street, W. ; Carlton and St. Stephen^s Clubs; Palace 
House, Beaulieu, Southampton. 

MoNTEAGLB of Wcstport (Bar.). See Sligo. 

MoNTEAGLE of Brandon (2nd Bar.), Thomas Spring 
Rice, K.P.; cr. 1839. 

B. 1849 : m. d. of Right Rev. Dr. Butcher, Bishop of Meath. D.L 
CO. Limerick. A Liberal U. 18, Cheyne-walk, S.fV.t Atheneeun* 
Club : Mount Trenehard^ FoyneSf eo. Limeriek. 

MoxTRosE (5th Duke of), Douglas Beresford Malise 
Ronald Graham^ K.T.; cr. I707. 

B. 1852; m. d. of Sir Frederick Graham, hart. Sits as Earl Graham, 
2nd tit. Marq. of Graham. Appointed a Sub-Lieut. Coldstream Guards, 
1872: lieut. 5th Lancers 1876. Is Lord Clerk Register for Scotland, 
Lord-Lieut, of Stirling. A Conservative. Carlton Club; Buchanan 
House, Stirlingsh. 


Moray (16th Earl of), Francis James Stuart-Gray ; 
cr. 1561. 

B. 1842; r. 1901 ; m. d. of Rer. Francu Smith. Formerly Lieot.-Col . 
King's (Liverpool) Regt. Sits as Baron Staart, of Castle Staart. 2nd 
tit. Lord Donne. A Liberal U. Donibristh^ Fifti CastI* Stuart, 
hwemess-sh.; Doune Lodge, Perthsh.; Damaway CastU^Elginsh. 

MoRLEY (3rd Earl of), Albert Edmund Parker, P.C. ; 
cr. J 815. 

B. 1848 ; m. d. of Robert Staynor Holford, Esq. Hae been a Lord-in- 
WiitiBg, Under-Secretary of State for War 1880-8fi, and First Com- 
missioner of Works Jan. to April, 1886. Is Chairman of Committees and 
Deputy-Speaker in the House of Lords. 2nd tit. Visct. Boringdon. A 
Liberal U. 81, Princt^a-gardent, S.fV.t Brooks's and Travellers' 
Clubs ; Sattratn, Devonsh, 

Morton (2l8t Earl of ; Sco. Rep.), Sholto George 
Watson Douglas; cr. 1458. 

B. 1844; m. d.of Lordde Mauley. Has been the Midlothian 
Yeomanry. 2nd tit. Lord Aberdonr. A Conservative. ^, Park-street, 
Park-lane, IV. ; Carlton and Travellers* Clubs ; Aberdour Castle 
Fife; Conaglen, Ardgour, Argyle. 

MosTYN (3rd Bar.), Llewellyn Nevill Vaughan Lloyd- 
Mostyn; cr. 1831. 

B. 1866; m. sister of 4th Earl of Leitrim. Is Tice-Adml. N. Wales and 
GO. Carmarthen. Formerly Lient. 3rd Norfolk Regt. A Conservative. 
), Hereford-gardens, W. ; Carlton Club ; Mostyn, Holyioell, Flint. 

Mount-Edgcumbe (4th Earl of), William Henry 
Edgcumbe, P.C, G.C.V.O; cr. 1789. 

B.1838; m. d. of 1st Dnke of Abercoru (dead). 2nd tit. Visct . Valletort 
Has been Lord Steward of the Hoasehold, a Lord of the Bed- 
chamber to the Prince of Wales, also Lord- Chamberlain of H.M. 
HoBsehold. Is Lord-Lieut, of Cornwall and Chairman C.C. Is patron 
of 5 livings. A Conservative. 6, F'iotoria-square, S.fV.; Carlion 
and Marlborough Clubs; Mount Edgcumbe, Devonport ; Cothele 
House, Cornwall. 

Mount-Stephen (Ist Bar.), George Stephen ; cr.l891. 

B. at Dufitown, Banff, 1829; m. Ist, d.of the late B.Kane, esq., of 
Cuada (she d. 1896} ; 2nd, d. of the late Com. R. O. Tafnell, 
R.N. In 1850 he went to Canada, where he became President 
of the Canadian and Pacific Railway, and held that post till 1888. 
C^ted bart. 1886. A Conservative. 17, Carlton House-terraee,; Carlton f Marlborough, and Arthur's Clubs; Brocket Hall, 


Mowbray and Seorave (24th Bar. Mowbray), 

Charles Botolph Joseph Stourton; or. (Mowbray) 
1283 (Segrave) 1295 (Stourton) 1448. 

B. 1867; m. d. of late Thoa. CoDstable, esq., of Otiey. Is D.L. W 
Ridins, Yorks., and has been a Lt. Srd batt. East Yorkshire Regt. Patron 
of I liring. The 23rd Baron sat as Baron Stourton till 1877, when be 
establinhed h'u right to the Barony of SegraTe (26th Bar.), and that 
of Mowbray was called out of abeyance in his fayoar. Is also 2lst 
Baron Stourton. A Conservative. Carlton and fVMWs Ciubs; 
Mlerton Park, Knartsboroitgh. 

MuNCASTEE (1st Bar. U.K., 5th Bar. L), Josselyn 
Francis Pennington; cr., I., 1783; U.K., 1898; 
Bart. cr. 1676. 

B. 1834 ; s. 1862 ; m. d. of E. L'Estrange, esq. Lord-Lieut. Cumber- 
land, and Hon. Col. Cumberland Volunteers, formerly Rife Brigade, 
&c., served at the Redan, in the Crimea, &c.; was M.P. for West 
Cumberland 1872-80,and for the Egremont Div. 1885-92. A Conservative. 
5, Cnrlton-gardena, S.W. ; Carlton Club; Muncaster Castle, Sacen- 
glass, Cumberland. 

MuNSTER (4th Earl of), Anbrey Fitz-Clarence; cr. 

B. 18(i2; s. 1902. 2nd tit. Lord Tewkesbury. Was Gentleman Uxher 
to H.M. A Liberal U. Carlton Club ; 28, Palmtirasq., Brighton. 

MusKEBBY (4th Bar. Ir. Uep.), Hamilton Matthew 
Fitz- Maurice Deane-M organ ; cr. 1781. 

B. 1854; m. d. of the Hon. Chichettter Thomas Foster-Skefflagton. 
Has been in the Royal Navy. Elected Ir. Rep. 1802. A Conservative. 
Carlton Club ; Springfield Castle^ DrumeoUohert eo. Limerick. 

Napier (11th Bar.), William John George Napier ; 
cr. 1627. 

B. 1846; s. 1898 ; m. Ist, d. of E. Lumb, esq. (she d. 1897): 2nd, d. of 
J.C. Burns, esq. Sits as Baron Ettrick. Has been Secretary of Lega- 
tion at Stockholm and Tukio; three times e/iargS d*aff'air9* at 
Brussels. A D.L. CO. Selkirk. A Liberal. Marlborough Club t Thirle- 
stane Castle^ SeUtirtsh, 

Napier of Magdala (2nd Bar.), Robert William 
Napier ;cr. 1868. 

B. 1845 ; m. d. of 4th Baron Macdonald and widow of Capt. A. Lang- 
bam. Is a retired Lieut.-Col. Bombay Staff Corps. Served in the 
Abyssinian campaign, 1867, and was A.D.C. to his father in India, &c., 
and asGnv. of Gibra1tar,1876-81. Peerage conferred on the Ist Bantn f«r 


military senrices, with a peosion of ^^2000 for two holders of the title. A 
Conaerrative. 9,Lowndes-sg.tS.W.; Carlton and Bachelor s' Clubs. 

Nelson (3rd Earl), Horatio Nelson; cr. 1805. 

B. 1823} m. d. of the 2nd Earl of Norman ton. Is grand-nephew uf 
the illiiBtrions admiral. 2nd tit. Yisct. Trafklgar. A Conservatirr. 
Carlton Club ; Trafalgar House, Salisbury, fVilts. 

Newcastle (7th Duke of), Henry Pelliam Archibald 
Douglas Pelham- Clinton ; cr. 1756. 

B. 1864 ; m. 1889, d. of MaJ. and the Hon. Mrs. Candy. D.L. or 
Notts. Is patron of 8 livings. A Conservaliye. 11, Hill-street, fV.\ 
Carlton and fVeUington Clubs ; Clumber^ Notts, 

[Newcastle (Bp. of), Arthur Thomas Lloyd, D.D. 

B. 1844. Formerly Vicar of Ayle»bory, Hon. Canon and Vicar of 
Newcastle-on-Tyne, Bishop of Thetford and Archdeacon of Lynn 
1E94-19U8. Translated to Newcastle 19U8. No seat at present. Sen- 
well Tower, Neweastle-on-Tyne.'] 

Newlands (Ist Bar.), William Wallace Hozier; or. 
1898; cr. Bart. 1890. 

B. 1625; m. ad. of J. O'Hara^esq. (she d. 1891). He is a J. P. and 
O.L. for CO. Lanark, and Convener for that county ; also D.L. Glasgow ; 
vra» formerly Lt. Rl. Scots Greys, and Lt.-Col. 4th Lanarkshire 
R.V. A Conservative. W, Grosvenor Place, S.W.; Carlton and Armif 
and Navy Clubs ; Mauldslie Castle, Carluke, N.B. 

Newton (2nd Bar.), Thomas Wodehouse Legh; cr. 

B. 1857; s. 1898; m. d. of lateW, B. Davenport, M.P. Was M P. 
for Lancashire, Newton di7. 1886-98; in diplomatic service I8811-8H 
(Paris, &c.) ; Hon. Lt.-Col. Lane. Yeo. A Conservative. «, Selgrave- 
sq., 8. W. ; Carlton and St. James's Clubs ; Lyme Park, Bisley, 

NoBFOLR (15th Duke of), Henry Fitz Alan-Howard, 
K.G., P.O.; cr. 1483. 

B. 1847; m. d. of the Ist Lord Donington and the late Coantess of 
Londoan (she d. 1887). 2nd tit. Earl of Arundeland Surrey. Is hereditary 
Earl Marshal, premier Duke, and Earl. PostmHster-GTeneral 1895-190U, 
and has been a member of the London Connty Council. A Conser 
vative. 81, St. James's-sg., S.fV.i Carlton Club; Arundel Castle, 
Sussex; Derwent Hall, Derbyshire t Beech Hill, Sheffield. 

KoRMANBY (3rd Marq. of), Rev. Constantine Charles 
Henry Phipps; cr. 1838. 

B. I84IS. 2nd tit. Earl of Miilgrave. (Tlie 1st Marq. wm h dix 


giiuhed statesman and diplonutist.) A D.C.L. Dorham. Appointed 
Perpetual Curate of St. Mark's, Worsley, 1872, and Canon of Windsor 
1891. A Liberal U. Mulgravt Castle, fVhUby, Yorkak,; The 
Cloisters, fVindsor. 

NoRMANTON (4th Earl of), Sidney James Ellis- Agar; 
cr. 180G. 

B. I8B5: 1.1896: m. d. of 4tli Earl of Strafford. Is a D.L. for ro. 
Southampton. Sits as Baron Somerton. 2nd tit. Visct. Somerton 
(The 1st Earl was Archbp. of Dublin.) Patron of 2 Ilyings. A Libera 
U. Bachelor e* and St. James's Chtbs ; Somerley, Ringwood, Hants. 

North (11th Bar.) William Henry John North; cr.l554. 

B. 183iS; m. d. of Commr. R. H. Cockerell, R.N. Formerly Licor. 
Life Guards. This barony fell into abeyance in 1808 between 8 ds. 
of the 3rd Earl of Guildford, 9tli Baron North, until 1841, when it 
devolved upon the mother of the present peer. A Conserrative. Carlton 
and White's Clubs; Kirtling Tower, Newmarket; Wroxton Abbry, 

Northampton (5th Marq. of), William George 
Spencer Scott Compton ; cr. 1812. 

B. 1851 ; s. 1897 ; m. d. of the 2nd Lord Ashbnrtnn (d. 1S08). Was in 
the diplomatic service at Paris. Rome, and St. Petersburgr. and in 1881 was 
attached to the Marquis of Northampton's special mission to Spain. 
Was M.P. for the Stratford-on-Avon div. of Warwickshire 1886.«, 
and for the Barnsley div. of Yorks, 1889.97. Is a D.L. for Warwick- 
shire, and has been an alderman of the L.C.C. 2nd tit. Earl Compton. 
Is patron of 3 livings. A Liberal.— 51, Lennox-gardens, 8.W. ; 
Tracellers' Club; Castle Ashby, Northampton i Compton fVinyates, 
Shipston-on'Stour, fVarwieksh. 

North BOURNE (2nd Bar.), Walter Henry James ; 
cr. 1884. 

B. 184H : m. d. of the late J. N. Lane, esq., of King's Bromley, Lich- 
field. Formerly Major Cinque Ports Artillery. Is J.P. and D.L. Kent ; 
M.P. for Gateshead 1874 to 1893. A Liberal. Reform and National 
Liberal Clubs ; Betteshanger, Sandwich, Kent. 

Northbrook (1st Earl of), Thomas George Baring, 
P.C, G.C.S.I. ; cr. 1876. 

B. 1826; m. sister of Ist Lord .Alington (dead). 2nd tit. Visct. Baring. 
Tlie 1st bar. was a distinguished statesman. la Hon. Col. Hants Yeomanry , 
Lord High Steward of Winchester, and Lord-Lieut, of Hampshire. 
Has been a Lord of the Admiralty, Under-Secretary for India, and 
Governor-Gen. of India. Was First Lord of the Admiralty 1880-85. A 
Liberal U. 42, Portman-sq., W. ; Brooks's and Travellers' Clubs ; 
tratton, Micheldever Station, Hants. 

H0U8£ OF LORDS. ^9 

NoRTHCOTE (Ist Bar.), Henry Stafford Northcote, 
P.O., G.C.I.B., O.B. ; cr. 1900. 

B. 184ti ; 2nd ». of lat Earl of Iddesleigh ; m. 1878, adopted d. of Lord 
Moont Stephen. Appointed GoT.-Gen. of Australia, 1903. Governor 
of Bombay, 19U0-O3. A Conservative. 25, St. James' t-plaee^ S. W. ; 
Carlton and AthentBum Clubs ; Oovemment House, Sydney. 

NoRTHESK (10th Earl of, Sco. Bep.]), David John 
Carnegie ; cr. 1647. 

B. 1865 ; 8. 1891 : m. 18M, d. of MaJ.-Gen. O. |S. Uallowes. A D.L. 
for Forfarshire, and Capt. Srdbatt. Oloucs. Regt. (H.}. A Conservative. 
6,Hatu-eresemt, Sloane-street, S.W. ; £thie Castle, Arbroath, N.B. 

NoRTHiNGTON (Bar.). See Henley. 

Northumberland (7th Duke of), Henry George 
Percy, K.G., P.C. ; cr. 1766. 

B. 1846: s. 1899 ; m. d. of 8th Doke of Argyll. 2nd tit. Earl Percy. 
Has been Treasurer to H.M. Household; and was M.P. for North 
Northumberland from 1868 to 1885. Was summoned to the House of 
Lords in bis father's barony of Lovaine, 1887. A Conservative 2, 
Grosvenor-ptaee, S,fV. ; Carlton and Travelltrs' Clubs ; Alnwick 
Castle, Northumberland: Albury Park, Guildford ; Syon-house, 

Norton (1st Bar.), Charles Bowyer Adderley, P.C, 
K.C.M.G.;cr. 1878. 

B. 1814 : m. Ist Lord Leigh. Has been President of the Bonrd 
of Trade, also Vice-President of the Committee of Council nn Education, 
and Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies. Is patron of 3 livings. 
A Conservative. 3b, Baton-pi.^ S.ff^. ; Carlton Club; Hams Hull, 
Uinworth, Birmingham. 

Norwich (Bp. of), John Sheepshanks, D.D. 

B. 1834; m. d. of W. H. Ryott, M.D. Was Vicar of Bilton, Yorks. 
1867-73 ; Perpet. Curate of St. Margaret's, Anfield, 1873-93. Patron of 
87 livings. Consecrated 1893. A Liberal. Palace, Norwich. 

O'Beibn (Ist Bar.), Peter O'Brien; cr. 1900. 

B. 1842; m. d. of Robt. Clarke, esq. Called to the Bar at King's 
Inn 1885; Q.C. 1880; Solicitor-General and Attorney-General for 
Ireland 1887 : Lord Chief Justice of Ireland 1880 ; hon. LL.D Dublin 
1893. A Conservative. 41, Merrion-sq. East, Dublin ; Alhenaum 
Club; Castletown, Celbridge, co. Kildare. 

OcKHAM (Visct.). See Lovelacb. 


O'Hagan (3rd Bar.), Maurice Herbert Ignatius 
Towneley O'Hagan ; cr. 1870. 

B. 1882; s. 1900. A Liberal. 2, Upper Belgrave-atreet, S.W. ; 
Towneley, Suriilep, Lanes. 

O'Neill (2nd Bar.), Edward O'Neill ; cr. 1868. 

B. 1839; m. d. of the 11th Earl of Dnndonald. D.L. cu. Antrim ; 
formerly M.P. 1863-80. A Conserrative. 17, Hill-atreeU fV. ; 
Cartlon Club i Yarn's Castle, Antrim, Ireland. 

Onslow (4th Earl of), William Hillier Onslow, 
G.C.M.G., P.O. ; cr. 1801. 

B. 1853 ; Di. d. of the 3rd Baron Gardner. Is patron of 5 livings. t*nd 
tit. Yisct. Cranley. Is a D.L. of Snrrey and High Steward of 
Guildford; and has been Aid. L.C.C A Lord in Waiting. Appointed 
President of Board of Agriculture 1903. Was Pari. Sec. Board of Trade 
1888; Governor of New Zealand Dec. 1888 to 1892. Under-Secretary 
Colonial Office, 1887 and 1900-03. A Conservative. 7, Richmond- 
terrace, S.fV.; Carlton Club ; Clamdon Park, Guil<fford. 

ORANMOEEand Browne (3rd Bar. Ir. Rep.), Geoffrey 
Henry Browne-Guthrie ; cr. 1836. 

B. 1861 ; m. d. of Visct. Duncannon ; s. of 7th Earl of Bessborongh. 
Is D.L. for Mayo, High Sheriff 1890. Formerly Lieut. 4ih Batt. Roy. Scut. 
Fas. Elected Ir. Rep. Peer. 1902. A Conservative. Castle MacgarreU, 
Claremorris, co. Mayo. 

Orford (5th Earl of), Robert Horace Walpole; cr. 

B. 1854; s. 1895 ; m. Louise MeliMR Corbin, of New York. Has been 
in the Royal Navy, and a capt. W. Norfolk Mil., and J. P. and D.L. 
A Conservative. 36, Bruton-street, fV.; Carlton and Travellers" 
Clubs ; fVolterton-park, Aylsham, Norfolk. 

Oriel (Bar.). See Massereene. 

Ormathwaite (2nd Bar.), Arthur Walsh ; cr. 1868. 

B. 1827; m. d. of 7th Duke of Beaufort. Formerly M.P. f«)r Leomin- 
ster 1865-68, and Radnorshire 1868-80. Mas been Capt. Ist Life Gaard». 
A Conservative. Carlton Club ; Ormathwaite, Cumberland t fVar- 
field Park, Berks. 

Ormonde (3rd Marq. of), James Edward William 
Theobald Butler, K.P.; cr. 1826. 

B. 1844; m. d. of the 1st Duke of Westminster. Has been Capt. Iht 
Life Guards. Sits as Baron Ormonde. I.s hereditary Chief Butler ol 


Ireland, Vice-Admiral of Leinster, and Lord-Lieat. of co. Kilkeuny. A 
Conseirative. 32, Upper Brook-st., fV.; Carlton Club; Kilkenny 
Cattle, Ireland. 

OvERTOUN (1st Bar.), John Campbell White ; cr. 1893. 

B. 1818; m. d. of (he late Mr. Jaa. McClure, of Glasgow. A F.R.G.S., 
a Dep.-Lleat. Glasgow co. and city, &c. is tlie owuer of large chemical 
works at Ratherglen. A Liberal. Overtoun, BumbartousMre ; Reform 

OxENFOORD (Bar.). See Stair. 
[Oxford (Bp. of), Francis Paget, D.D. 

B. 1861; consecrated 1901 (no seat at present) ; m. d. of the late 
DeanCharch. Educated at Christ Chorch, Oxford. Was tutor at Christ 
Church Coll. 1876*88. Examining chaplain to the Bishop of Ely 1878-91 . 
Ticar of Brooisgroye 188S2-85. Regius professor of pastoral theology 
and Dean of Christ Ch. Coll. 1892-19()1. Cuddesdon Palaoe, Oxford.l 

Peel (let Visct.), Arthur Wellesley, P.O. ; cr. 1895. 

B. 1829 ; m. d. of William Stratford Dugdale, esq., of Merevale 
WarTrickahire (she d. 1890). Was Speaker of the House oi Common8, 
1684 to 1895 ; and aar for Warwick, 1865 to 1885, and for Warwick 
and Leamington 1885 to 1895. Is patron of 1 living. A Liberal U. United 
University Club ; The Lodge, Sandy ^ Bedfordshire. 

Pembroke and Montgomery (14th Earl of), Sidney 
Herbert, P.C., G.C.V.O.; cr. 1551. 

B. 1853; 8.1895; m. d. of 2nd Earl of Durham. 2nd tit. Lord Her- 
bert. Is hereditary Tisitor of Jesus Coll., Oxford, and High Steward of 
Wilton. Appotuted Lord .Steward of the Household, July, 1895. Was 
M.P. for Croydon 1888-95, and has been a Lord of the Treasury. Is 
patron of 11 livings. A Conservative. Carlton Club; fVilton House t 

Penrhyn (2nd Bar.), George Sholto Gordon Douglas- 
Pennant ; cr. 1866. 

B.18S6; m. 1st, d.ofSirC.B.Rushout, Bart.; 2ndly,d.of theBer. 
Canon Glynne. Is Hon. Col. 4th Batt. Rl. Welsh Fasiliers. Was M.P. 
for Carnanronshire 1806-68 and 1874-80. A Conservative. Mortimer 
House, Halkin-street, S.W.; Travellers', Carlton, and Arthur'a 
Clubai Penrkyn Castle, Bangor; fVie ken Park, Stoney Stratford. 

Pktbkborough (Bp. of), Edward Can* Glyn, D.D. 

B. 1843 ; consecrated 1897. Took hi« seat 1902. M. d. of 8th Dake 
of Argyle. Was Chaplain to H.M. Vicar of Dancaster and of Ken 
tington. A Liberal V. Athenceum Club ; The Palace, Peterborough. 



PETRE(14tliBar.), Bernard Henry Philip Petre; cr. 1603. 

B. 1868 ; m. d. of Prof. W. R. Clark, late Ticar of Tannton. Formerly 
Lieot. 1st batt. Lincolnsliire regt. A Liberal U. Naval 4* Military Club; 
Thomdon Hall, Brentwood, Esaes, 

Pi»ATPATB (2nd Bar.), George James Playfair ; cr. 

B. 1849; s. 1898; m. 1st, d. of T. G. Mattbewa, esq. (she d. 1887) : 
2Dd, d. of H. T. Hickman, esq. Is Col. on the Staff command ing R.A., 
Scottish District. A Conaerrative. Naval and Military Club; 
Netobattle Abbey, Dalkeith, N.B. 

Plunket (5th Bar.), William Lee Plunket, K.C.V.O. ; 
cr. 1827. 

B. 1801 ; B. 1897 ; m. d. of let Marq. of Dufferin. Is Private Secretary 
to Lord>Lieat. of Ireland. Has been Attach^ at Constantinople. A 
Conservative. Old Connaught, Bray ; Carlton Club, S. fV 

PoLTiMORE (2nd Bar.), Augustus Frederick George 
Warwick Bampfylde, P.C.; cr. 1831. 

B. 1837; m. d. of R. B. Sheridan, esq. Maj. in the 1st Devon Yeom. 
Has been Treasurer of H.M. Hoasehold. Is patron of 4 living's. A 
Conservative. Carlton and Marlborough Clubs i Poltimore Park. 
Exeter, and Court Hall, Devon. 

PoNsoNBT OF Sysonby (Bar.). See Bessborouoh. 

Portland (6th Duke of), William John Arthur 
Charles James Cavendish- Bentinck, P.C., K.G., 
G.C.V.O. ; cr. 1716. 

B. 18!)7 ; m. d. of Thomas Yorke Dallas- Yorke, esq. 2nd tit. Marq 
of Titchfleld. On the d. of Aagasta, Baroness Bolsover (his stepmother) 
in 1893, he became Baron Bolsover, cr. 1880. Haa been a Lieat. in the 
Coldstream Guards. Is Master of the Horse, and Lord-Lient. of the 
ens. Caithness and Nottingham. A Conservative. 3, Grosvenor-square, 
PV.; Carlton^ White's, and Guards' Clubs t fVelbeek Abbey, 
Notts : FuUerton House, Ayrshire. 

PoRTMAN (2nd Visct.), William Henry Berkeley; cr. 1873. 

B. 1829: m. d. of late Visct. Milton (she d. 1899). D.L. Somerset and 
Dorset, and chairman Dorset C.C. Col. West Somerset Yeomanry, 
1854. M.P. for Shaftesbury 1852-67, and for Dorset 1857.86. A Liberal U . 
2S,Portman-sq.,ff^.; Brooks's and Travellers' Clftbs; Bryanaton, 
Blandford, Dorset. 


Portsmouth (6th Earl of), Newton Wallop; cr. 1743. 

B. 1856 : m. d. of E. Peue, esq., of Darlington. M.P. for Barnstaple 
1880^6, and for the Sonth Molton dir. of Devonshire 1886-91. :!nd fit 
ViMt. Lymingtoo. A Liberal. 2* Abhey-garden, Great Colteffe-sl., 
S.fV.; Broots's atui Tratfellers' CIub$; Egge^ford House, fVemb. 
worthy, N. Devon : Huratbounte Park, Mitcheldtver, Hants. 

PouLKTT (7th Earldom), William John Lydston 
Ponlett; cr. 1706. 

B. 1883. On the death of the Ath Earl in 18t« the sacoession 
was dispated, but in 1908 the Hoase of Lords declared the above tu be 
the heir. 6U, Queen's-gate, S. W. ; Hintoti St. George, Crewkerne. 

PowBRSCOURT (7thVisct. ; Ir.Rep.), Mervyn Wingfield, 
K.P., P.O. (I.); cr. 1743. 

B.ISSA; m. d.of the 2nd Earl of Leicester. 2nd tit. Bar. Wingfield. 
Sits also as Baron Powerscourt. (This Peerage was twice revived after 
becoming extinct.) Has been Lieat. 1st Life Gaards. A Liberal U. 51, 
Parttand-piaeet fV,i Marlborough Ciub^ S.fV.i Powerseourt 
Castle, Etmisterry, eo. fVietlow. 

Powis (4th Earl of), George Charles Herbert; cr. 1804. 

B. 18i>2; in. d. and co-'ieirens of the 12th Baron Conyers. 2nd tit 
Visct. CliTc. (Peerage conferred for military services.) Ld. Lt. for 
Salop; and a D.L. Montgomeryshire. Is patron of IIS livings. A 
Conservative. 46, Berkeley-sq., fV. ; Carlton Club, S.fV.; Powis 
Castle, tVelsltpoot, Montgomeryshire; PValeot Hall, Lydbury, 
North Salop. 

Radnor (6th Earl of), Jacob Pleydell-Bouverie ; cr. 

B. 18fi8: m. 1801, d. of Chas. Bairoar,eaq. 2ndtit. Visct. Folkestone. 
Was private lecr^ary (as Visct. Folkestone) to president of Board of 
Agriculture. Majorof 1st Wilts K.V. 8«ived in S.Africa 1900. Was 
M.P. for South Wilts 18»2.1i>un. A Const rvative. Longford Castle^ 
Salisbury t fViUs: Manor House, Folkestone. 

Raglan (3rd Bar.), George Fitzroy Henry Somerset ; 
tT. 1852. 

B. 1857; m. d. of 7th Earl of Bessborongh. Is Governor of Isle of Man ; 

tppointed 1»02. Was page of honour to Queen Victoria. Capt. 

Cienadier Guards (retired). Under-Secretary foe War 1UU008. A 

I Conserrative. Carlton and Guards* Clubs; C^fhtilia Court, Usk, 

I Jfon. ; Government House, Isle of Man. 

w 2 


Ramsay (Bar.). See Dalhousie. 

Ranfurly (5th Earl of), Uchter John Mark Knox, 
G.C.M.G.; cr. 1831. 

B. 1856: m. d.uf 7th ▼isct.Charlemont. Sits as BarDn Ranfurly. Sod 
I It. Visct. NnrthUnd. Was a Lord in Waiting 1895-7. App. Gov.-Gen. 
New Zealand 18il7. A Cimservative. CarUon and R.Y.S. Clubs; 
Northland House, Dungamion Park, co. Tyrone. 

Rathdonnbll (2nd Bar., Ir. Rep.), Thomas Kane 
McClintock-Bunbury ; cr. 1868. 

B. 1848; m. 1874, d. Rt. Hon. Henry Brnen. Formerly Lieut. Scots 
Greys. Has been Capt. Leicestershire Yeomanry, and is Lord-Lieat. 
CO. Carlow, Deputy-Lieut, co. Loath, and J.P. Carlow (High Sheriff 
1876). A Conservative. Carlton and Naval and MilUa/ry Clnba , 
Lisnauagh, Ratkvillyt co. Carlow ; Drumeart IhmUer, co. Louth. 

R.ATHMOBE (1st Bar.), David Robert Plunket, P.C. ; 
cr. 1«95. 

B. 1838. A Q.C. (I.) 1868; Solicitor-Gen. (I.) 1875-7 ; Paymaster-Gen. 
1880; First CommisMoner of Works 1885, and again 1886-9^; M.P. for 
Univ. Dnblin 1870-95. A ConHcrvative. The Oats, fVimbledon ; 
CarUon and Athentmum Club*. 

Ravensworth (3rd Earl of), Atholl Charles Lid- 
dell ; cr. 1«74. 

B. 1833; s. 1903; m. d. of the Hon. Geo. Edgcamhe. 2nd tit. Lord 
Ellington. Li a Depafy-Lieat. of Durham. Formerly Capt. 60ih 
Rifles. A Conservative. Carlton Club; Havensworth Castle, 
Durham ; .'Islington Park, Alnwick^ Northumberland. 

Rayleigh (3rd Bar.), John William Strutt; cr. 1821. 

B. 1842; m d. of the late James Maitland Baliour, esq. Was senior 
wrangler at Cambridge 1865, and Professor of Experimental Physics iu 
the Univer»iry. Created D.C.L. Ozon 1883. Is F.R.8., and scientific 
adviser to Trinity Houite; received Order ot Merit 190:2; formerly Lord* 
Lirut. Esjiex. A Conservative. 10, Douming-street, S. W. ; Univet-' 
aity Club ; TerUng Place, fVitheun, Essex. 

Reay (1 1th Bar.), Donald James Mackay, G.C.S.I., 
G.C.I.E.; cr. Sco. 1628; Eng. 1881. 

B. 1889 ; m d- of the late R. Hasler, esq. and widow of A. Mitchell, esq., 
M.P. Sits as Bar. Reay, of 1881. Lord Rector of the University of 

St. Andrew's 1884. Has been Parliamentary Sec. for India, and 


GoTernor of Bombay, 1885-1889. Is Lord-Lieat. of Roxburghshire, a 
D.L. for Berwick and Selkirkshire, Pres. University Coil. London, and 
Chairm. Lond. Sch. Bd. A Liberal. A, Great Stanhope-tt., fV. ; 
AthetHBuntt National Liberal, and Travellers- Clubs: Laidlaw- 
stiel, Selkirksltire ; Carolside^ Barlston, Berwickshire: Ophemerl, 

Bedesdale (IstBar.), Algernon Bertram Freeman- 
Mitford, K.C.V.O., C.B. ; or. 1902. 

B. 1837 ; m. (1. of 7th Earl of Airlie. Fcirmerly Secretary of Legation 
in St. Petersburg, Pekin, and Japan. Secretary of H.M . Office of Works 
1874-88; M.P. for Strat ford-on- A von, 1892-95. A Conservative. Batsford 
Park, Moreton-inthe-Marsh. 

Bendel (1st Bar.), Stuart Bendel ; or. 1894. 

B.1834: m. d. of W., nf Horsham. Wascalledio 
the Bar, bat has not practised. M.P. for Montgomeryshire, 1B8U-U4. 
A Liberal. 23, Princes Gate^S.fV. : Athenceum and Garriek Clubs : 
Hatchlands, near Guilcfford. 

Rbvelstgkb (2nd Bar.), John Baring, C.B. ; or. 1885. 

B. 1863 ; s. 1897. Is a partner in the banking house of Baring Bros. 
&0o. D.L. for London. Director of Bank of England. A Liberal U> 
S6, Htll-st., Berkeley-sq. 

RiBBLBSDALB (4th Bar.), Thomas Lister, P.C; or. 1797. 

B. 1854; m. d. of Sir Charles Tennant, bart. Is an Aldurman of L.C.C. 
Was a Lord-in -Waiting, and Master of the Backhounds 1 802-1895. A 
Liberal. 32, Green-street, fV.: Brooks's Club; Gisbunie Park, 
Cmheroe, Yorkshire. 

Richmond and Gordon (7th Dake of), Chas. Henry 
Gordon-Lennox, C.B. ; or. 1675. 

B.1845; s. 19U3; m. 1st, d. of P. Ricardo, esq.; 2nd, d. of W. G. 
Craven, esq. 2nd tit. Earl of March. Col. 3rd Batt. Sussex Hegt. Is 
Lord Lieut, of Banff. D.L. f6r Sussex. A.D C. to the King. Served in 
8. Africa, 1901. Formerly M.P. for S.W. Sussex. A Conservative. 
49, Belgrave-sq., S.fV.: Carlton Club ; Goodwood Park, Sussex ; 
Gordon Castle, Fochabers, Banffsh. 

RiDtET (Ist Visct.), Matthew White Ridley, P.C. ; cr. 

B. 1842; m. d. of 1st Lord Tweedmouth (d. 1899). Was ander- 
secrerary for home dept. 1878-80. Financial sec. to treasury 1885. J j 
Hone secretary 1893.1900. M.P. for N. Northumberland :1R6° "' • 


Blackpool 1885-1900. Is Chairman of N.B. Rally. A Conserratlire. 10, 
Carlton Uotue-ttrrae; S.W.i Athenaum and Carlton Clubs; 
BlaffdoHt VramUngtom, Northumberland, 

RiPON (1st Marq. of), George Frederick Samuel 
Robinson, K.G., G.O.S.I., P.C.; cr. 1871. 

B. 1827 ; n. d. of Henry Yyner, esq. Snd tit. Earl de Orey. Has 
been Under-Secretary of State for India and for War, Secretary of State 
for War, Lord President of the Council, First Lord of the Admimlty, 
and Sec. of State for the Colonies 1892-95. Was Chairman of the High 
Joint Commission at Washington 1871, Viceroy of India 1880.84. Is 
Lord-Lieutenant of the North Riding of York, and a Depnty-Liem. 
for the West Riding of York and for Lincolnshire. Has been Chairman 
West Riding C.C. Patron on living. A Liberal. 9. CfuUea Etmbant- 
ment, S.fV.t Broots's^ Athoneeum,TraV€UerM' and Rtform Club* i 
Studley Royalt Rlpon, Yorkshire. 

RiPON (Bp. of), William Boyd Carpenter, D,D. 

B. 1841 : m. 1st, d.of Rey. J. W. Peers (she d. 1877),2ndly, d. of W. 
W. Gardner, esq. Formerly vicar of St. James's, Holloway, and 
Christ Chnrch, Lancaster Gate. Is Clerk of the Closet to the King ; 
canon of Windsor. Consecrated 1884. AnnaM valae of see, ;P42UU. 
A Liberal U. Athetiantm Clitb ; 71, Carl$$le.manaionst F'tetoria- 
street, S. W. i Palaee, Ripon, Yorkshire. 

RoBARTBS. See Clifden, 6th Visct. 

Roberts of Kandahar (1st Earl), Frederick Sleigh 
Roberts, K.G., G.C.B., G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., P.C, 
K.P., V.C. ; cr. 1901. 

B. 1882; m. d. of the late Capt. John Bews. Entered Bengal Artillery 
1851 ; Field-Marshal, 1896 ; Commander-in-Chief, IHOO. Served throoRh 
the Indian Mutiny, Abyssinian, Afghan, Cabnl, and South Afirican 
campaigns; Com. Forces in Ireland 1895, and in South Africa 1899. 
Cr. bart. 1881 ; Bar. 1892. Received Order of Merit 1902. A Liberal U 
47. Portlandrplaee, IV. t United Senrioe, Athmutum and Mart- 
borough Clubs ; fVar Offiee, Pall MaU, S. IV. 

RoBBBTsoN (Bar.), James Patrick Hannerman, P.O. ; 
cr. 1899. 

B. 1846 : m. d. of W. N. Fraser, esq., M.P. for Buteshire 1885.91 ; Lord 
Advocate, Scot. 1888-91 ; Lord Jastire Gen. Scot. 1891-9 ; Lord of Appeal 
in Orri. 1899. A ConservMtive. 103, fiafofWffMirtf, 5.ff^. ; Muehaltt 
''asllf, Kincardineshire. 


Rochester (Bp. of), Edward Stuart Talbot, D.D, 

B. 1844. Appainted 1896; m. d. of 4th Lord Lyttletoo ) conaec. 1895, 
Wm TiCAr of Leeds, hon. chaplain io Ord. to H.M. Patron of 39 iiving^s, 
A Liberal. Bishnp'a House ^ Kenningtony S.B. 

RoDNBT (7th Bar.), George Bridges Dennet Rodney ; 
cr. 1782. 

B. 1857; m. d. of 1st Baron Wimborne. Ha» been Capt. 1st Life 
Guards. A D.L. Shropshire) J.P. Herefordshire, (lat Peer was the 
celebrated Admiral.) A (^nseryative. Carlton and Twf Clubs; 
BerHngton Hall, Lsominster. 

RoLLO (10th Bar.), John Rogerson RoUo; cr. 1651. 

B. 1836 ; m. d. of Col. R. K. Trotter. A D.L. of Damfriesshire. Sits as 
Baron Donning. A Liberal U. Athnumum Club : fVtlmington, Ryde, 
ItU qf fVigM; Dunorunb Caatl«t Dunning, N.B. 

RoMiLLT (3rd Bar.), John Gaspard Le Marchant 
Romilly ; cr. 1865. 

B.I8M ;'&. 1891 ; m. d. of Hon. Henrietta Lady Grey Egerton. Late 
Capt. in the Coldstream Gnards. Formerly of the 7th batt. King's 
K>»yal Rifles. Served in S. Africa 1899-1902. A Liberal U. 49. Charlea- 
street, W. t Guards' Club, S.W. ; Porthkerry, Cowbridgt, S. fVales . 

RoMNEY (4th Earl of), Charles Marsham ; cr. 1801. 

B. 1841 ( m. d. of the Snd Marq. of Hastings. 2nd til. Visct.MNr- 
xham. Has been a Lord in Waiting. D.L. for Kent. Is pntron of 2 
liTings. A ConserratiTe. Carl/on Club. 

RosBBERY (5th Earl of), Archibald Philip Primrose, 
K.G., K.T., P.C; cr. 1703. 

B.I847 : m. d. of Baron Meyer de Rothschild, M.P. (she d. 1800). Sits as 
Baron Rosebery. 8nd tit. Lord Dalmeny. Is Lord-Lieut, nf Linlithgow, 
and of Midlothian, Hon. Col. Linlithgow Batt. Royal Scots Volunteers, 
and «as Lord Rector of the University of Aberdeen for 1878-H, and Lord 
Rector of Edinbargh University 1880-1, and has been Chairman of the 
liondon County Council. Was Under-Sec. Home Department 1881-8; 
Lord Privy Seal and First Commiuioner of Works 1883 5, Foreign Secre- 
tary Jan. to June 1886; again Foreign Sec. 18H2, in Mr. Gladstone's 
fourth Ministry, and Prime Minister, 1894-9A; realigned the Leadership 
of the Liberal Party Oct. 6, 1896. A Liberal. 88, Berkeley-sq., W. ; 
Brooks' » and City Liberal Clubs ; The Durdans, Epsom, Surrey; 
Dalmeny Park, Linlithgowshire ; Rosebery, Edinburghshire. 

RosMEAD (2nd Bar.), Hercules Arthur Temple Robin- 
son ; cr. 1896. 

B. 1866 ; 8. 1897 ; m. d. of 4th Lord Castlemaine. Is Major 6th I 


Laoca. Fusiliers. Served in S. Africa 1899-1902. A ConservatiTe. 
Carlton Club, S.fV. ; Stella Lodge, Aseot^ Berk*. 

RossB (4th Earl of, Ir. Rep.), Lawrence Parsons, K.P. ; 
cr. 1806. 

B. 1840; m. d. of 4th Lord Hauke. Snd tit. Lord Oxmantown. 
(Peerai^e conferred for official services in Ireland.) Is Cliancellororthe 
University of Dablin, and a member of the Senate of the Royal Uni- 
versity of Ireland, also pres. Rl lri.<ih Acad. A Conservative. Carlton 
and Athaitmum Ciubs: fVormealet/ Hark ,PntUefraet; Birr Castle, 
Paraonetown, King's County. 

RossiE (Bar.). See Kinnaird. 

RossLTN (5th Earl of), James Francis Harry St.-Clair- 
Erskine; cr. 1801. 

B. 1869; edacaled at Eton : ra. d. of R. C. Yyner, esq., uf Fairfield, 
Yorlcshire. Snd tit.IiOrdLoaghborouRh. (Ist Peer a judge.) Formerly 
aLleat. Royal Horse Guards. Is patron of 1 living. A CoDsenrative. 
Carlton, Turft and Portland Clubs. 

RossMORE (5th Bar.), Derrick Warner William 
Westenra; cr. 1796. 

B. 1853; m. eldest d. of R. C. Naylor, esq. Is Lord-Lient. ot 
Monaghan ; Hon. Col. 5th Batt. Rl. Irish Fusiliers. A Conservative. 
23, Lotimdes-atf., S.fV.; Carlton and Tnrf Clubs ; Rossmore Park, 
CO. Monaghan. 

Rothschild (1st Bar.), Nathan Mayer de Rothschild, 
P.C. ; cr.'1885. 

B. 1840 : m. 1867. Emma, d. of Baron Chas. de Rothschild. Educated 
at Trinity Coll. Cambridge. Was formerly M.P. for Aylesbury. Is D.L. 
for London, and Lord.Lieut. of Buckingham. Hon. Capt. Backs 
Yeomanry. A Liberal U. i^S, Piccadilly, fT'.; Brooks's Club: TWhy 
Park, Herts. 

RoxBURGHE (8th Duke of), Henry John Innes-Ker, 
K.T., M.V.O.; cr. 1707. 

B. 1876; s. 1892 ; m. d. of R. G<ieiet. esq., of New York. Is Lieut. Rl. 
Hone Gnards; served in S. Africa 1£99 1903 ; D.L- for Roxburgh. Sit:i 
as Earl Innes. A Liberal Unionist. Floors Castle^ Kelso, Roxburgh, 
shire: Broxmouth Park, Dunbar, Haddingtonsliire. 

Russell (2nd Earl), John Francis Stanley Russell ; 
cr. 1861. 

1. 1865 i educated at Wiuchester; m. 1st, d. of Sir Claude Scott (div.) ; 


2Bd, Mn. SomerTille, of U.S.A.: elected a member L.C.C. 1895, and 
Chairman, Highways Committee 1897; elected alderman 1898. 2nd tit. 
Viaci. Amberley. A Liberal. 3, Raymond' s-huilding a t drays Inn, 
fV.C. ; Reform and National Libtrat Clubs. 

Rutland (7th Duke of), John James Robert Manners, 
K.G., G.C.B., P.C. ; cr. 1703. 

B, 1818; m. l«t, d. of Col. Marley, C.B., 2ndly, d. of Thomas Hnghan, 
esq. (she d. 18H0). Created D.C L. at Oxford 1876. Was Commissioner of 
Works with a sent in the Cabinet, I8R2, also 1858, and again 18fi6, Post- 
master General ]874-8U,and again 1885 ; Chanc. Duchy of Lancaster 188B 
to 1802. Sat for Newark lh41-47, for Colchester 1850-57 , and for 
Leioegf enhlre from 1867 to 1888. 2nd tit. Marq. of Granby. " A Tory." 
i, Cambridge-gate, Regent's Park, N,fV,; CarUon Club; Betvoir 
Castle, (irantham; St. Mary's Tower, Bimam, N.B. 

Sackvillb (2nd Bar.), Lionel Sackville Sackville- 
West, G.O.M.G. ; cr. 1876. 

B. 1827; entered diplomatic service 1847. Has been Sec. of Legation, 
Envoy, and Minister, Argentine Bepnblic, Madrid, Washington. 
A Conservative. Travellers* and Si. James's Clubs ; Knole Park, 
Sevenoaks, Kent. 

St. Albans (11th Dake of), Charles Victor Albert 
Aubrey De Vera Beauclerk, P.C. ; cr. 1684. 

B. 1870: 8. 1898. 2nd tit. Barl of Enrford. Is Hereditary Grand 
Falconer : also Hereditary Regi-strar tothe Court of Chancery . Late capt. 
S. Notts Yeomanry, Lt. 3rd Bait. Lothian Regt. Patron of 2 livings. 
Betlwood Park, Nottingham. 

St. Albans (Bp. of), Edgar Jacob, D.D. 

B. 1844. Formerly Vicar of Portsea, Hon. Canon of Winchester, and 
Chaplain to Queen Victoria. Bishop of Newcastle 1806-03 ; translated 

St. Asaph (Bp. of), Alfred George Edwards, D.D. 

B. 1848; educated at Jesns Coll. Oxford; m. 1st, 187fi, d. of Mr. B. 
Edwards ; 2nd. 188S,d. of W. J. Garland, esq. Has been warden and 
beid.niaster of Landovery School, vicar of St. Peter, Carmarthen, and 
chaplain tn the Bp. of St. David's. Consecrated March 25, 1889. Patron 
of 1091ivings,with 3 alternately with the Crown. Annual valne of see 
X4200. A Liberal (J. Palace, St. Asaph. 

St. David's (Bp. oQ, John Owen, D.D. 

B. 1S54; m. 1885 ; consecrated 1897. Took his seat 1903. Formerly 
Priacipal of St. David's Coll. Lampeter, and Dean of St. Asaph. Annual 



value of the lee, £4500. Athmantm Club; Abergieitiy Pataet, 

St. Germans (5th Earl of), Henry Cornwallis Eliot; 
cr. 1815. 

B. 183R; m. d. of the Ute Lord THDnton. Has been in the Navy, and 
an AniBtant Clerk in the Foreif^ Offloe. 2Dd tit. Lord Eliot. I« patron 
of 8 livings. A Liberal U. 13, Qrotvenor-nmrdtna,, 8.W. ; Arthur's 
and TVavellers' Chtba t Port Eliot, St. Germans, Cornwall. 

St. John of Bletsor (16th Bar.), Beauchamp Mou* 
bray St. John ; cr. 1558. 

B. 1844 { m. d. of the late Harry Thornton, esq. Has been ensign 
74th F(H>t : retired 18A7. A Hereford, la patron of A livingit. 
A Conservative. Junior Carlton Club; Melehbourne-park, Sham- 
brook, Bedford. 

St. Leonards (2nd Bar.), Edward Burtenshaw Sagd6n, 
cr. 1852. 

B. 1847; m. d. of Capt. George A. C. Dashwood. (The 1st peer wms 
Lord Chancellor.) A Conservative. Childerley, Cambridge. 

St. Lev an (1st Bar.), John St. Aubyn ; cr. 1887. j 

B. 1829 ; m. d. of 4lh Marquis Townshend. Was M.P. for Went Corn- 
wall, 1858-1886, and for St. Ives div. Cornwall, 1886-1887. Mayor of 
Devonport 18U0-91. A Liberal U. Broota'e, TVavellera\ and Boodie'a 
Cluba ; St. Miehael'e Mount, Cornwall. 

St. Oswald (2nd Bar.), Rowland Winn ; cr. 1885. 
B. 1867 : m. 1892, d. of the late Sir Charles Forbes, bart., of Newe. 
A O.L. for W. Riding, formerly a capt. in the Coldstream Gnarda, and 
served in the Soudan war, 1884. M.P. for Fbntefract 1886 to 1898. A 
Conservative. Patron of A livings. \\^ Groevenoff-gardene, S.ff^.; 
Carlton^ Guard**, and Marlborough Clubs ; Nostell Priory, Wake- 
field; Appleby Hall, near Donoaster. 

St. Vincent (6th Visct.), Carnegie Parker Jenris ; cr. 

B. 1866 ; an. d. of the late James Baston, esq ., of Manchester. Formerly 
Capt. 2nd batt. Berkshire Reg. Is C.C. Lincolnshire. Succeeded his i 
brother 1886. Patron of 2 livings, fist Peer a distinguished naval 
commander.) A Conservative. Sutton-on'Dertoettt, York; Norton 
Disney, Newark, ' I 


Salisbury (4th Marq. of), James Bdw^ard Hubert 
Gascoigne-Cecil, P.C.; cr. 1789. 

B. 1861 ; v. 1903; m. d. of 5th Earl of Arran. Was Under-Sec. for 
Foreign AffAira 19U0-03. Appointed Lord Privy Seal Oct. 1903. 
Formerly Lt.-Col. 4th batt. Bedford Regt. M.P. for Darwen 1885-92, 
and for Rochester 1893-1903. Sad tit. Visct. Cranborne. A Conservative. 
SO, ArUngton-straett S.fV,; Carlton and Athenaum Clubs; Hat 
Seld HoMt^ Hertfordsh. ; Cranborne^ Dorset. 

Salisbury (Bp. of), John Wordsworth, D.D. 

B. 1843: edocaied at Winchester and Oxford; m. Ist, d. of the late 
Rev. H. O. Coxe, Bodley Librarian (shed. 1894); 2nd. d. of Col. R 
WilliMms, M.P., of Bridehead, Dorset. Consecrated 1886. Was some, 
time fellow of Brasenose Coll. a nd Oriel Col 1 . ; Canon of Rochester 1 883-6 ; 
Bampton Lecturer 1881. Patron of 5U livings. A Conservative. Palace 
SaUsbwyt Lollards' Tower, Lambeth, S.B. 

Saltbrsford (Bar.). See Codrtown. 

Saltoun (18th Bar., Sco. Rep.), Alexander William 
Frederick Fraser; cr. 1445. 

B. 1861; m. sister nf Sir H. C. Grattan -Belle w. Has served in the 
Grenadier Guards; late Lt.-Col. 3rd Gordon Highlanders. Elected 
Sco. Rep. Jan. 1890. A Conservative. Athenofum, Carlton, and 
Guards' Clubs; Philorth House, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire. 

Sandhurst (2nd Bar.), William Mansfield; cr. 1871. 

B. 1855 ; m. d. of 4th Earl Spencer. Has been a Lieut. Coldstream 
Goards. Parliamentary Sec. War Office, Feb. 188rt,and again Aug. 1892. 
Elected on the School Board for East Lambeth, 18U1, resigned 1893. 
Gov..Gen. of Bombay 189M900. Alderman of L.C.C. 1908. A Liberal. 
60, Eaton square, S.fV. ; Brooks's Club, S.fV. 

Sandwich (8th Earl of), Edward George Henry 
Montag:a; cr. 16G0. 

B. 188(1. Formerly Col. Grenadier Guards. Was M.P. for Huntingdon 
1876-84. Is Lord-Lient. of Huntingdonshire, and chairman C.C. 2nd 
tit. Visct. Binchingbrooke. (Peerage conferred by Charles II. for 
naval services.) Is patron of 6 livings. A Liberal. Carlton Club ; 
Bmehingbrooke House. Huntingdon ; Hoote Court, Beaminster. 

Sandys (4th Bar.), Augustus Frederick Arthur Sandys ; 
cr. 1802. 
B. 184U ; m. d. of Lady Cecilia and Sir C. Des Voeua. Has been 


Lieut, in the 2nd Life Guards, retired 1868. A Libeml U. 12, fVillou 
ereseenttS.fV.: Ombershy Court, /Voreestersh. i 

Savilb (2nd Bar.), John Savile Lumley ; cr. 1888. 

B. 1868; 8. 189«; m. d. of the late C. P. Wedderburn, esq., and wid- 
of A.H. Has been in the Foreign Office, and aerred as 
Attache at Bruasela, Athena, &c. I« a J.P. Notts Formerly Maj. Sher- 
wood Ran Rcra Yeomanry. A Conservative. 38, Southrstreei, Pttrk-lane, 
W. ; St. James's and BaehelorM' Clubs ; Ruford Abbey, OUerton, 
Notts. ; Ryshworl Lodge, Halifax. 

Saye and Sble (I4th Bar.), John Fiennes Twisleton- 
Wykehatn-Fiennes ; cr. 1447. 

B. 1830 ; m. d. lOfh Earl of Kinnoul. I.i Dep. Lieut, and was Capt. 
Yeomanry, Oxfordshire. This barony was revived in 1781, after an 
abeyance of 107 years, in favour of the present baron's great-grand- 
father. A Liberal U. Brooks's Club: Sunbury House, Reading. 

ScARBROUGH (10th Earl of), Aldred Frederick George 
Beresford Lumley ; cr. 1690. 

B. J857, m. d. of C. D. Gardner, esq. (widow of R. Ashton, esq.). Hm 
been a Lieut, in the 7th Hussars. 2nd tit. Visci. Lumley. IsCastos 
Rotulornm West Riding Yorlc, and patron of 9 livings. A Conservative. 
21, Park-tane, fV. ; Wellington Club; Sandbeek Park^ Rotherham; 
Lumley Castle, Durham; Glentworth, Lineoln. 

ScARSDALE (4th Bar.), Rev. Alfred Nathaniel Holden 
Curzon; cr. 1761. 

B. 1831 ; m. d. of J. P. Senhouse, esq. (dead). Is rector of Kcdieston, 
Derbyshire, and patron of 6 liviwRi.. A Conservative. Carlton Club: 
JCedleslim Hall, Derbyshire. 

Se AFIELD (1 1th Earl of), James Ogilvie- Grant; cr. 

B. 1870 ; s. 1888 ; m. 1898, d. of J. H. Townend, M.D. Sits as Baroa 
Strathspey (cr. 1884). A Conservaiive. C.l, Onslow-gardens, S.PV. 

Seaton (3rd Bar.), John Reginald Upton Colborne; 
cr. 1839. 

B. 1854; m. d.of Sir F. Fuller Elliot Drake, bart. Is a D.L. and J.P. 
for Devon and a J.P. for Rildare. (Peerage conferred for militar; 
services.) A Conservative. Carlton and Travellers' Clnbs ; Beech- 
wood Park, Plympton, Devon ; Bert House, Aihy, Kildare. 

Sefton (6th Earl of), Osbert Cecil Molyneux; cr. 

B. 1871 i s. 1901 ; m. d. 4th Earl of Bradford. Sits as Baron Sefton 


2Dd tit. Tisct. Molyneax. Fonnerly Capt. Lane. Yeomanry, and 2nd 
Life Goardfl. Patron of 1 living. A Liberal U. CroxUth HaittLancashire; 
Abbeystead, Lancaster, 

Selborne (2nd Earl of), William Waldegrave Palmer, 
P.O. ; cr. 1882. 

B. 1859; 8. 1895; m. 1888, d. of the Harqnis of Salisbury. 2nd 
tit. Viwt. Wolmer. Appointed Pirst Lord of the Admiralty 1900. 
Was Under Sec. of State for the Colonies, 1895-1900 ; formerly 
priTate secretary to his father, Lord Chancellor Selborne. Is Hon. 
Col. Srd Batt. Hampshire Regiment, and a J. P. for Hampshire. 
M.P. lor the Petersfield diT. 1885-92, and for Edinburgh, West, 1892-95. 
A Liberal U. 49, Mouni-st., fV.; White's and Bachelors' Clubs; 
Blactmoor, Petersfield, Hants. 

Shaftesburt (9th Earl of), Anthony Ashley -Cooper; 
cr. 1672. 

B. 186U : m. d. of the late Earl Grosvenor. Is Chamberlain to H.R.H. 
Princess of Wales. Capt. Army Reserve Officers ; late Capt. 10th 
Hossars. 2nd tit. Lord Ashley. A Conservative. Carlton and Turf 
Clubs; St. Giles's House, Cranborne, Dorset; Be^ast Castle, 

Sr AND (1st Bar.), Alexander Burns Shand, P.O.; cr. 1 892. 

B. 1828 : m. d. of the late J. C. Meymott, esq., called to the Scottish 
Bar 1853; advocate-depnty I860; sheriff Kincardineshire and Hsd- 
iiington and Berwick 1862—1869; Judge of Coartof Session 1872-Uli, 
member of Judicial Gem. of Privy Coancil. A D.L. Edinburgh. A 
Liberal U. 32, Bryanston-square, fV.; Alhenimum Club. 

Shannon (6th Earl of), Richard Henry Boyle; cr. 1750. 

B. I860. Sits as Baron Carleton. 2nd tit. Visct. Boyle. (Peerage 
Mflferred for official services.) Has served in the Kifle Brigade. 
A Conservative. Carlton Club, 8.W. ; Casllemartyr, eo. Cork. 

Sheffield (Srd Earl of), Henry North Holroyd ; cr. 

B. 1832. Sits as Baron Sheffield. 2nd tit. Visct. Pevensey. Has been 
atiaehi to the legation at Copenhagen, and aftervrards at Constantinople. 
Is a Depnty-Lient. of Sasscx. Is patron of 1 living. A Conservative. 
Carlton and Travellers' Clubs ; Sheffield Park, UcJtfield, Sussex. 

Sherborne (4th Bar.), Edward Lennox Dutton; 
or. 1784. 

B. 1881 { m. d. of the late Baron de Stem. Is patron of 8 livings. 
9, 5^. Jam0s*'square, S.ff^.; Travellers' and fVhite''s Clubs 
.yterbome House, Northleach Glouceatersh 


Shrewsbury and Talbot (20th Earl of), Charles 
Henry John Talbot ; cr. 1442. 

B. IMO; m. d. of C. R. Palmer-More wood, esq., ot Alfireton Hall, 
DerbyHh. Is Hered. High Lord Steward oi Ireland. Snd tit. Visct. 
Ingestre. A Conservative. 12a, Gtorge-tt., Hanover^q.t IV. ; 
Carlton Club ; Ingtatrt Hall, Stafford t Alton Towers, StoU-on- 

Shutb (Bar.). See Barrington. 

Sbuttlewobth (1st Bar.), Ughtred James Eay- 
Shuttleworth, P.O.; cr. 1902. 

B. 1844; m. d. Sir Woodbine Parish, K.C.H. Was member of 
London School Board, 1880.83. Pari. Under-Sec. for India, issfi. 
Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster, 1880. Secretary to the Admiralty, 
1802-U5. Is D.L. for Westmoreland. M.P. for Hastings, I868-b0; 
Clitheme div. of Lanes., 1885-19U2. A Liberal. 28, Prince' s-ftardens. 
S.rV. ; Reform and National Liberal Clubs; Gawihorpe Hall, 
Jiurtiley, Lanes. ; Barbon Manor, Kirby Lotisdale. 

SiDMouTH (3rd Visct.)y William Wells Addington; 
cr. 1805. 

B . 1824 ; m. d. of the Hon. and Very Rev. George Pellew, D.D., Dean 
of Norwich (she d. Jan. 1806). A Lieot. R.N.,retired 1848. A Depnty- 
Lieut. of Devon. A Conservative. (Peerage conferred for oflcial ser- 
vices.) 78, EatoH'pl. S.fV.i Carlton Club; Up-Ottery Manor I 
Honiton, Devon* 

SiLCHBSTER (Bar.). See Longford. 

Sinclair (i4th Bar., Sco. Rep.), Charles William St. 
• Clair. 

B. 1831 ; m. 1870, d. of James Marray, esq. Is n Col. in the army 
(retired). Served in the Crimen and was wounded at the Redan. Also 
served in India during the Mntiny. A Conservative. 55, Oiwloto-<9., 
S.fV.t Umud Service and Carlton Clubs; Uerdmanston, Had- 
dingtonsh, ; Nisbet House, Berwickshire. 

Sligo (5th Marq. of), Henry Ulick Browne ; cr. 1800. 

B. 1831 { s. 1908 ; m. d. of W. S. Dick«n. Esq. Sits as Baron Mont- 
eagle. Snd tit. Eari of AlUmont. Served in the Bengal Civil Service 
1851-86. A Conservative. 41, Beeleslon-square,^.; fVestport 
House, Co, Mayo, 

SoMERHiLL (Bar.). See Clanricarde. 


80MBR8 (6th Bar.), Arthur Herbert Tennyson 
Somers Cocks ; cr. 1784. 

A minor. B. 1887; a. 1899. Clifford's Meant, near Netoent, 

Somerset (15th Duke of)» Algernon St. Maur; cr. 1546. 

B. 1846; m.d. of Chas. Mackinnon, esq. ; s. his father, the 14th Duke, 
IS94. Lient. 60th Rifles, retired, and Col. Wilts R.Y. 2nd tit. Lord 
Seymour. A Conservative. 36, Orosvenor-aq. W. ; Army and Navy 
and WelliHgtan Clttbs; Maiden Bradley House, Bath: Burton Hall, 
Louyhborough ; Berry Pomeroff, Newton Abbot, Devon. 

SoMERTON (Bar.). See Normanton. 

Sondes (2nd Earl), George Edward Milles ; cr. 1880. 

B. 18A1. 2nd tit. Visct. Throwley. Is a J. P., D.L., and C.C. for 
Kent, and Hon. M^j. B.Kent Yeomanry. Is patron of 3 liyings. A Cun- 
semtive. 11 & 1*2, Park-lane, fV.; Carlton Club, S.fV.; Lees 
Court, Faversham, Kent ; Naekington, Canterbury. 

Southampton (4th Bar.), Charles Henry Fitzroy ; cr. 

B. 1807; m. 18Q2, d. of the 3rd Earl of Zetland. Was Capt. 10th 
Hnasars. 1st peer was a grandson of the 2ud Dake of Grafton, and a 
lieot.-gen. in thearmy. A Conserrative. Idlieote, SMpton-on-Stour 

SouTHESK (9tb Earl of), James Carnegie, K.T.; cr. 1633. 

B. 1827; m. Ist, d. of the Ist Earl of Gainsborough (she d. 1855); 
2ndly, d. of the 6th Earl of Dunmore. Has seryed in the Grenadier 
Guards. Has been Lord Lieaf. of Kincardinesh.; is a Depoty-Lieut. of 
Porfiuih. 2nd tit. Lord Carnegie. Sits as Baron Balinhard. A Conser- 
vative. Carlton emd Travellers* Clubs ; Kinnaird Castle^ Brechin^ 

Southwell (Bp. of), George Ridding, D.D. 

B.I828; m. d. of the Barl of Sel borne. Was educated at Winchester and 
Ball. Coll. Oxford ; was «>metime fellow and tator of Exeter Coll. ; and 
'hen head-master of Winchester Coll. (1867-84). Valae of see £8000. 
Consecrated 1884. A Cunseryative. jitheneeum Club; Thurgarton 
Priory, Southwell, NoUs. 

Bpkncbr (6th Earl), John Poyntz Spencer, K.G., P.C.; 
ct, 1765. 

I B. 1835 ; m. d. of P. C. W. Seymour, esq., and grandd. of 1 at Marq. of 
Bristol (d. 1903). 2nd tit. Visct. Althorp. Is Leader of the Liberal 
Fiirty in House of Lords. Was Lord-Lient. of Ireland 1868-74 ; Lord 



Preddeut of the Coaacil April 1880-82; again Lord-Lieut, of Iretaod 
1882-85, and again President of the Conncil Jan. 1886, and wm lit Lord | 
of the Admiralty 1892-95. Is Chancellor of the Victoria Uraversity, and 
patron of 12 livings. Is Lord-Lieut, of Northants, and has been chairman 
Northamptonshire C.C. A Liberal. S7,St-James's^l., S.ff^.; Alhe- 
ntmunif Brookt't, and Rtform Clubs ; AUhorp Park, Northampton. 

Stafford (1 1th Bar.), Fitz-Herbert Edward Stafford- 
Jerningham; cr. 1640. 

B. 1883: s. 1882. A Liberal U. Conttssy Part, Norwich: Shifhal 
Manor, Salop ; Stafford Castle, Staffbrdshbrt. 

Stair (Uth Earl of), John Hew North Gnstave j 
Henry Dahymple ; cr. 1703. 

B. 1848; s. lUOS; m. d. of Sir J. Grant- Snttle. Sits aa Bama 
Oxenfbord. Snd tit. Visct. Dalrymple. Formerly Major Royal Horse 
Guards. Is Lt.-Col. Ayrshire Yeomanry. A Liberal U. Travellers* 
Club; Oxenfoord Castle, Dalkeith; Loehineh Castle, CastU 
Kennedy^ If^igtonshire. 

Stalbrtdge (1st Bar.), Richard de Aqaila Grosvenor, 
P.C. ; cr. 1886. 

Youngest s. of the 2nd Marq. of Westminster. B. 1887; m. 1st, d. of the 
3rd Visct. de Vesci : 2ndly, d. of R. H. Btnbber, esq. Has been a llent . 
R.N. Is Hon. Col. Dorset Yeomanry; and chairman of the London and 
North-western Railway Co. Was M.P. for Flint from 1861-86. and 
Parly. Sec. to the Treasury from 1880-85. A Liberal U. 82, Queens- 
borough-terraee, fV. ; Brooks's, Rtfoftn, and Devonshire Clubs ; 
Moieombi House, Shaftesbury. 

Stamford (9th Earl oO, WilUam Grey; cr. 1628. 

B. 1850 : educated at Exeter Cull. Oxford (M.A. 1875) ; m. 1895, d. ol 
Rer.Chas. Theobald, rector of Lasham, Hants. 2nd tit. Lord Grey of 
Ondiy. Was acUndged 9th earl by the House of Lord* 1892. Was for- 
merly professor of classics and philosophy atCodrington Coll.,Barbadoes. 
(1st Peer a distinguished military commander.) A Liberal U. 15, 
St, James' S'plaee, S.fV. ; Grosvenor and Hyde Park Clubs. 

Stanhope (6th Earl), Arthur Philip Stanhope, F.S.A. ; 
cr. 1718. 

B. 1888; m.d. of the late Richard Pennefather, esq. 2nd tit. Visct 
Mahon. (Peerage conferred for military services.) Has been Capt. 
and musketry instructor, Grenadier Guards. Was a Lord of the Trea- 
sury 1874.6. Is Lord-Lieut, of Kent, and First Church Estates Com- 


missioner. Fonnerly M.P. for Leominster, and East Suffolk. Patron 
of 1 living. A Conservative. 2(», Grosvenor-place, S.IV.; Carlton, 
St. Stephen's, and Travellers' Clubs ; Chevening, Sevenoaks, Kent. 

Stanley of Aldbrley (4th Bar.), Edward Lyulph 
Stanley; cr. 1839. 

B. 1839 ; 8. 1903 ; m. d. of Sir Lowthian Bell. Is Vice -Chairman of 
the London School Board. M.P. for Oldham* 1880.85. A Liberal. 
\^, Mansfield-street, Portland-place^ W.; Aider ley Park, Chel/ord, 

Stanley of Preston (1st Bar.). See Derby (16th 
Earl of). 

Stanmore (1st Bar.), Arthur Hamilton Gordon, 
G.C.M.G.; cr. 1893. 

B. 1829; m. d. of the late Sir John Shaw-Lefevre (she d. 1880). Was 
priv. sec. to his father, the Earl of Aberdeen, as premier; Sec. to the 
Corfu Mission of Mr. Gladstone, 1868 ; and M.P. for Beverley 1854-i>7. 
IsaJ.P. and D.L. co. Aberdeen. Has been Gov. N. Brunswick, Trint. 
dad, MaaritioA, N. Zealand, CeyloD, &c., &c. A Liberal. Mhenttum 
Club; The Red House, Ascot. 

Stewart of Gaelies (Bar.). See Galloway. 

Stourton (Bar.). See Mowbray. 

Stradbroke (3rd Earl of), George John Edward 
Mowbray Rous; cr. 1821. 

B.1862; m. d. of the late Gen. Keith Fraser. Snd tit. Vistft.Dunwich. 
Appointed Yice-Admiral of Suffolk 1890. Is LieQt..Co1. in the 1st 
Norfolk Volunteer Artillery. Is patron ot 7 livings. A Conservative. 
Henham Hall, fVangford, S%iffblk, 

Strafford (5th Earl of), (Rev.) Francis Edmund 
Cecil Byng; cr. 184?. 

B. 1835 ; a. 1699 ; m. 1st, d. of Sir W. Miles, Bart, (she d. 1862); 2nd, 
d.of Lord F. H. Kerr. Is Grand Chaplain to the Freemasons ; chaplain 
to the Qoeen, 1867; vicar of St Peter's, S. Kensington, 1867-89, and 
(Chaplain to the Speaker, H. of Commons, 1874.89. Snd tit. Visct. 
Enield. A Liberal U. 5, St, James' s-sq. S.fV.; IVrotham Park, 

Strange (Earl). See Atholl. 

SiRATHCONA AND MoUNT RoYAL (Ist Bar.), Donald 
Alexander Smith, G.C.M.G. ; cr. 1897. 

B. 1830 ; m. d. of R. Hardlsty, of Canada. Is High Commi&sioner of 



Canada, Gov. Hudion's Bay Co. , &c. Has been member of the Daminion 
Parliament, &c. A Conservative. 28, Grosvmor-sq.f W. ; AtheHosum 
Club, S. IF. ; Knebworth Park, Stweiuige, 

Stratheden and Campbell (3rd Bar.), Hallybarton 
Geors^e Campbell; cr. 1836 and 1841. 

B. 18S9; m. eldest d. of the late Rt. Hon. A. J. B. Hope, M.P. (First 
holder of the title a peeress.) Has been in the Bengal Civil Service. 
Lieut. Roxburghshire Rifles and Lient.-Col. 40th Middlesex Rifles. J.P- 
Galway. A Liberal U. 17, Bruton- street, fV.i Brooks^s and 
Bachelors' Clubs ; Hartrigge Hon*e, Jedburgh, N.B. 

Strathmorb and Kinghorne (13th Earl of), Claude 
Bowes-Lyon ; cr. 1677. 

B. 1824; m. d. of Oswald Smith, esq. Sits as Baron Bowes (cr. 
1887). Second title, Lord Glarois. Has been Lieut. 2nd Life Guards, and 
a SCO. Rep. peer. Is Lieut, of Forfarshire. A Conservative. Carlton 
Club, S.W. : Glatnis Castle, Forfarshire. 

Strathspey (Bar.). See Seafield. 

Stuart (Bar.). See Moray. 

SuDELEY (4th Bar.), Charles Douglas Richard Hanbury' 
Tracy, P.C. ; cr. 1838. 

B. 1840; m. d. of Hon. Frederick James Tollemache. Formerly served 
in the Navy as Lieut, in the Baltic and at Bomarsuud. Is a Barrister-a(- 
Law ; and P.R.S. A i.P. and Deputy-Lieut. of Montgomerysh. A Lord- 
in-Waiting 1880-85 ; Capt. Gent.-at-Arms 1886. Patron ot 2 livings. A 
Liberal U. Brooks's and Travellers* Clubs ; Ormetey. lodge. Ham' 
common, Surrey. 

SuDLBY (Bar.). See Arran. 

SuFFiBLD (6th Bar.), Charles Harbord, P.C, K.C.B., 
G.C.V.O. ; cr. 1786. 

B. 1880; m. d. of the late Henry Baring, esq. Has been Lieut, in 7th 
Hussars, and Master of the Bnckhounds. Is a Waiting, Lieut. - 
Cul. and Hon. Col. (Militia Furue). Patron o.'' 8 livings. A Liberal U- 
4, Manchester -square, fV, ; Marlborough and TurJ Clubs i 
Gnnton Fart, Norfolk. 

Suffolk and Berkshire (19th Earl of S. and 12th 
Earl of B.), Henry Molyneux Paget Howard; cr. 
1603, 1626. 

ii. 1877 : B. 1898. Is Capt. 4th Batt. Gloucestershire Regt., and extra 
aide-de-c. to Lord Cursou, Viceroy of India. 2nd tit. Visct. Andovtr. 
A Liberal U. Char lion, Malmesbury, fVifts. 


Sutherland (4th Duke of), Cromartie Sutherland- 
Leveson-Gower, E.G. ; cr. 1833. 

B. 1 8R1 ; m. d. 4th Earl of Rosslyn. Formerly Lieut. Snd Life Gaarda. 
H.P. for Sutherland 1874^. 2nd tit. Marq. of Stafford. Lord-Lieut . 
of Sutherlandsh., late Lieut-Col. Queen's Own Regt. Staffordahire 
Yeomanry. Is patron of 13 livings. A Liberal U. Stafford Hottse, 
St./ames*s, S. fV.; Brooii's and Travellera' Cluba ; Trentham Hall^ 
Stot9'On-Tr0nt i LiUeahali, Ntwport, Salop t Dunrobin Castle, 

SwANSBA (2iid Bar.), Ernest Ambrose Vman ; cr. 1893. 
Cr. Bart. 1882. 

B. 1848; succeeded bis father, the lat Bar. (who was M.P. for Truro 
and Swansea 1863 to 1893) , 1894. Is a J.P. and D.L. for co. Glamorgan. 
A Liberal V. 29, Lowndes-tt, S.W.{ Carlton and Athetiteum Clubs ; 
SingleUmt Swansea. 

Talbot-De-Malahide (5th Bar.), Richard Wogan 
Talbot; cr. 1831. 

B. 1846; m. d. of Sir James Boswell, bart., of Anchinleck (she d. 
1898). Is a Deputy- Lieut, for cu. Dublin. Formerly Lieut. 9lh Lancers. 
Sits as Baron Talbot De-Malahide of 1856. A Liberal U. Army and 
Navy and Carlton Clubs ; MaleUtide Castle^ eo. Dublin. 

Tankbrville (7th Earl of), George Montagu 
Bennet; cr. 1714. 

B. 1853; m. 189ft, Leonora, d. of Mr. Von Martor. 2nd tit. Lord 
Ossulston. Is Vice*Lieut. of Northumberland. Formerly a Midship- 
man R.N. ; Lieut. Rifle Brigade and A.D.C. to Lord-Lieut, of 
Ireland. Is patron of Hiring. A Conservative. Chillingham Castle , 
Alnvieky Northumberland. 

Temple (5th Earl), Algernon William Stephen Gore- 
Langton ; cr. 1822. 

B. 1871 ; s. 1902. Was Attach^ in Diplomatic Service, and A.D.C. to 
Governor of Cyprus. A Liberal. Chandos Houae^ Cavendieh- 
«9., fV.t CarUon Ctubt Newton Park, Bristol. 

TEMPLEMOR9 (2nd Bar.), Henry Spencer Chichester ; 
cr. 1831. 

B. 1821; m. Ist, d. of the late Right Hon. Sir A. Paget (dead); 2ndly. 

d. of the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury. Formerly Lieut. Ist fiife Guards. A 

CoBsetvative. 1 1 , Upper Gros venor-st. iV. ; Carlton and Travellers ' 

Clubs; Dunbrody Park, eo. IVeitford. 


296122 ^ 


1 liiMPLBTOWN (4th Visct. Ir. Rep.)» Henry Edward 
Montagu Dorington Clotworthy Upton ; cr. 1806. 

B. 1868 ; 8. 1890 ; m. d. of 9th Earl ofWinchilAca. Pres. Nat. Aghcnl- 
taral Union. Has been Lieut. 60th Rifles. A Conaerrative. Carlton 
and Marlborough Clubs: CastU UptoniTetnple-patriei,eo. Antrim. 

Tennyson (2nd Bar.), Hallam Tennyson, G.O.M.G. ; 
cr. 1884. 

B. 1852; m. d. of the late C. J. Boyle, esq. Was Gov. and 
Com.-in-Ch. South Aastralia, 1899.1902. OoT.-Gen. of Australian 
Commonwealth, 1902-03; a J.P. for Hants. A Libera IXJ. Athentenm 
Club I Haslemere^ Surrey: Government House, jtOetaide. 

Tbnterden (4th Bar.), Charles Stuart Henry Abbott ; 

cr. 1827. 

B. 18H5. Has been Lieut. 8rd York and Lancaster (rail.) Kegt. 
A Liberal U. fVellington Club, S. fV. 

Teynham (18th Bar.), Henry John Philip Sidney 
Roper-Curzon ; cr. 1616. 

B. 1867 ; m. 1895, d. of the late Col. H. Green Wilkinson. Is a D.L. 
for Kent. A Liberal U. Wellington Club; Lynsted Lodge, Sittingboume. 

Thring (1st Bar.), Henry Thring, K.O.B.; cr. 1886. 

B. 1818 ; m. d. cf the late J. Card well, esq., of Liverpool (she d. lt»97). 
"Was formerly Hiffh Steward of Kingston-on-Thames. Fellow of 
Magdalene Coll. Cambridge, having obtained a first-class in the Classical 
Tripos. Was called to the Bar, and has been Parliamentary Counsel 
to H.M. Government. A Liberal. 5, Queen' »-gate gardens, S.W.i 
Alderhurst, Englefield Green, Surrey. 

Thurlow (6th Bar.), Thomas John Hovell-Thurlow 
Cumming-Bruce, P.C, F.R.S. ; cr. 1792. 

B. 1838; m. d. of 8th Earl of Elgin. Has been Lord High Coro- 
nissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, and hi«9 
held diplomatic appointments at Stockholm, Paris, Pekiu, Tienna, 
Washington, The Hague, &c. Was private secretary to GoF.-Oen. of 
India 1862-4; and twice Lord-in-Waiting. In 188Khe was appointed 
Paymaster-General. A Deputy-Lieut, of Elwin, Nairn, Stiilingsh.. and 
Suflblk. Patron of 1 living. (1st Peer Lord Chancellor,} A idberal. 
Brooks's and Travellers' Clubs, S.fV.; Dunphail, N.B.; Kinnaird, 

ToLLBMACHB (2nd Bar.), Wilbraham Frederick Tolle- 
mache; cr. 1876. 

B. 1832; m. Ist, d. of the gth EnrI of Galloway (she cf. 1869) ; 2nd It, 


d. of the late Lord Claude Hamilton. Is a D.L. for Cheshire; was for- 
merly Major 1st Cheshire Militia, and wasM.P. for Cheshire, west, from 
Feb. 1872 to Nov. 1885. A Conservative, m, Cadogan.gardena, S.W.i 
CarlUn and Travellera' Clubs; Peckforton Castle, Tarporley, and 
Hdmingham Hall, Stonham, SvffoUc. 

ToBPHiCHEN (12th Bar., Sco. Rep.), James "Walter 
Sandilands ; cr. 1564. 

n. 184A ; m. d. of MaJ..Gen. C. E. P. Gordon. C.B. {dUv. 189U). Has 
been capt. Rifle Brigade. Elected Sco. Rep. 1894. A Conservative 
Jfaval and Military and Windham Cluht ; Caldw-houte^ Mid- 

ToRRiNGTON (9thyisct.),George Master Byng; cr. 1721 . 

B. 1886. A mlDor. A Page of Honour to H.M. Yolea Court, 
Mereioortht Kent. 

TowNSHBND (6th Marq.;, John James Dudley Stuart 
Townshend; cr. 1786. 

B. 1866; R. 1899; D.L. for Norfolk. 2nd tit. Viact. Raynham. A 
Liberal. Raynham Haltt Faienham, Norfolk. 

Tredkgar (2nd Bar.), Godfrey Charles Robinson-Mor- 
gan; cr. 1859. 

B. 1831. Has been Capt. 17th Lancers (retired). Served in the Crimea . 
Is a D.L. of Monmouth andof Brecknoclcshire. Chairman of Monmoathsh. 
C.C. Patron of 4 living.i. A Conservative. 3U, Portman-sq., fV. ; 
Carltotif Army and Navy, and Boodle's Clubs; Tredegar Park^ 
Newportt MonmoutJish. 

Trevor (2nd Bar.), Arthur William Hill-Trevor ; cr. 

B.1852: s. 1891; m. Ist, d. of 17th Baron Saltoun (she d. 1895) ; 2nd, 
Rosamond, Conntess of Bantry. D.L. for Deubighsh. Lieut.-col. Ist 
Life Goards ; ret. 1895. A Conservative. Carlton and f^Vhite's Clubs ; 
Brynkinalt, Chirk, Denbighshire, 

Truro ^Bishop of), John Gott, D.D. 

8. of William Gott. esq., of Wyther, near Leeds ; b. l£30 ; educated at 
Winche»ter, B.N. CoU. Oxford, and Wells Theol. Coll. ; m. d. of W. W. 
Haitland, esq. Curate St. Andrew's, Yarmouth, 1861-6 ; Vicar of Leeds 
1873-86, Rural Denn 1874-86 ; Dean of Worcester 1886-91. Consecrated 
Bp. 18111 ; took his seat in the House uf Lords 1896. Lis Bsoop, near 
Truro; Athmeeum Club,8.W.i Treny then, Par Station^ Comwali . 


TwBEDDALB (10th Marq. of), William Montagu Hay, 
K.T. ; cr. 1694. 

B. 1826; m. d. of SiRnor VinoensoBartolacd. Sits u Baron Tweed- 
dale. Lord Hiffh Commissioner of the Charch of Scotland, 1890-08, and 
again 1896-8. Was a Deputy Oommi.oi(ioner of Simla, and Superintendrnt 
of Hill States in Northern India. 2nd. tit. Eari of Gilford. A Liberal U. 
H, HiU-atreet, Berteleff square, IV. ; Brooks's and GarrieJt Clubs ; 
Yester Houss, Haddington. 

TwEEDMOUTH (2nd Bar.), Edward Marjoribanks, P.C.; 
cr. 1881. 

B. 184tf ; m. d. uf the 7th Duke of Marlboroagh. Has been called to 
the bar. Was M.P. for Berwick, 1880-U4. Has been ComptroUer of 
H.M. Hnnaehold, Parliamentary Sec. to Treasury, and Liberal 
<< Whip'' in the Hoase of Commons. Was Lord Privy Seal and Chan- 
cellor of the Dnchy ot Lancaster 1892.95; is an alderman, L C.C, and 
U.L. CO. Inverness. A Liberal. Brook Hous*^ Park-lane , IV. ; 
Brooks's Club ; Hutlon Hall, BerwietsMre. 

Tyrone (Bar.). See Waterford. 

Vane (Earl). See Londonderry. I 

Vaux of Habhowden (7th Bar.), Hubert George i 
Charles Mostyn ; cr. 1523. 

B. 1860; ro. lst,d.ofthelMte Sir Alexander Mathe8on,br.(9herf. I8HC): > 
2nd, d. Of Sir W. C. Pluwdcn Whs attach^ to Sir Evelyn Baring's 
MiiWion to Cairo, 1885, and 2nd Sec. to the English Minister nt \ 
Berne, and D.L.N. Hants. A Liberal. Brooks' sand St. James's Clubs ; 
Harrowden, Wellington, Xorthamptonsh. 

Ventry (4th Bar. Ir. Rep.), Dayrolles Blakeney 
Eveleigh De Moleyns ; or. 1800. ' 

B. 1828; m. d. of Andrew Waachope, ejiq. Was Lieut .-Col. Cum- 
maiidant Kerry Militia. A Conservative, i^i, Bmtismore^ardens, i 
S.fV.; Carlton Club : Burnham House, Dingle, eo. Kerry. \ 

Vernon (8th Bar.), George Francis Augustus 
Venables-Vernon ; cr. 1762. I 

B. 1888. A minor; h. 1898. Sudbury Hall, Derby t Poynton 
Hall, Stoekport, Cheshire. 

Vbrulam (3rd Earl of), James Walter Grimston ; cr. I 

B. 185S; m. d. ot Sir P. U. Graham, 8rd Bart., and widow of A. E. I 


Miiekintosh, esq. 2nd tit. VIsct. Grimston. Wu M.P. for th« St. 
AlbaDB diT. of Herts 1885-92. Patron of 7 livings. A Conservative. 
Carlton and Baehtlors' Clubs ; Gorhamhury, St. Albana, Herts. 

Vivian (4th Bar.), George Crespigny Brabazon Vivian; 
cr. 1841. 

B. 1878 ; s. 1893 ; ni. d. of the iate Atlmar Fanning, esq. Lieut. 17th 
Lancers; served in 8. Africa, 1899-191)8. A Conservative, (ihjnn, 

[Wakbfield (Bp. of), George Rodney Eden, D.D. 

B. 1863. Consecrated Bp. Suffragan of Dover 1890 ; translated to 
Walcefleld 1897. Patron of 14 livings, and 11 alternately with the 
Crown. No seat at present. Overthorpe, Thomhill, Detcabury.] 

Waldegaave (9th Earl), William Frederick Wal- 
degrave, P.O.; cr. 1729. 

B. 1851 : m. d. of the Earl of Sriborne. Is Capt. Yeomen of tlie 
Ooard ; was a Lord in Waiting. Snd tit. Visct. Chewton. A Con- 
servative. 20, Bryanaton-tq.t W,; Carlton and Oxford and Cambridge 
Clubs ; Chetcton Priory, Bath. 

Wales (Prince oO, H.R.H. Prince George Frederick 
Ernest Albert, P.C, K.G., K.T., K.P., G.C.M.G. ; 
cr. 1901. 

B. 1865 : m. Princess VictoriM Mary of Teclc. Is Duke of Cornwall and 
York, and Earl of Chester. Entered the Rojal Navy 1877 : commander 
1891; capt. 1892; rear admiral 1901; vice admiral 19U'.l. Is also 
Pres. Sac. for the Prevention of Cmelty to Animals; Col.-in-chief 
Royal Marines ; Hon. Col. Loyal Suffolk Hnssars Yeomanry (now 
D. of York's Own), 3rd. batt. West Yorks. Kgt.,and 3rd Middlesex 
Rifle v., capt. 1st Prussian Dragoon Guards (Queen of £n$;land's 
Own), and has orders of the Black Ea^Ie of Prussia, &c. Jtarlborough 
House, S.f^.t Marlborough and United Serviee Clubs i York- 
cottage, Sandringham. 

Walsingham (6th Bar.), Thomas de Grey ; cr. 1780. 

B. 1 84a : m. d. of William Lock, esq., and widow ot Lord Bnrghersli . 
Is a P.R.S., and Depaty-Lient. of Norfolk. Was a Lord in Waiting 
1874-5. and M.P. for West Norfolk 1865-71, and was appointed High 
Steward of Cambridge University 1891. Is patron of 8 livings, (l^t 
Peer a Judge.) A Conservative. Baton House, Eaton-sq., S.fV. ; 
CarUmi and While's Clubs; Merton Hall, Thetford, Norfolk. 

Wandsworth (let Bar.), Sidney James Stem ; cr. 1895. 

Eldest s. of the late Viscoant de Stern, who wnn head of the Lnnd' 
rrn of Stern Bros. B. in London 1843. Is a J. P. for the rountie 


Surrey and London, and Hon. Col. 4th V.B. Surrey Regt. Was M.P. 
for SufTolk, Stowmarket div., 1891-95. A Liberal. 10, Great Stanhopt- 
ttreet, W. ; Marlborough, Reform, St. James', and Bachelors' Clttbs. 

Warwick (5th Earl of), Francis Richard Charles Guj 
Greville; or. 1759. 

B. 1858 ) m. d. of Col. the Hun. Charleii II. Maynard and the Cuante^s 
of RoHslyn. Waa M.P. for East Somerset 1879-85, and for Colchester 
1^8-02. AJ.P.and D.L. Warwickah., J.P. Somerset and Lord-Lieut. 
Essex; Major Warwicluh. Yeomanry; Governor and Traatee Rugby 
School. 2ndtit. Lord Brooke. Is patron of 2 livings. A Conservative. 
Carlton ondTraveilerM' Clubs : Warioieh Cattle, fVanoick; Eeuton 
Lodge, Dunmow^ Etsex. 

Waterforo (6th Marq. of), Henry De-la-Poer-Beres- 
ford, K.P. ; cr. 1789. 

B. 1875; 8.i89R; m. d.ofMarq.of Lansdowne. D.L. for Northamber- 
land. Sits as Barun Tyrone. Is a Kt. of Grace of St. John of JerusalcB. 
2nd lit. Earl of Tyrone. A Conservative. Curraffhmore House, 

Wklby (Ist Bar.), Reginald Earle Welby ; cr. 1894. 

B. 1832$ educated at Eton and Trin. Coll. Cambridge. Asst. Finan- Sec. Treamry, 1880; Perm. Sec. 1885-94} Auditor Civil List 1881. 
H G.C.B. 1892 ; a Commissioner of the Patriotic Fnnd, Alderman (late 
Chairman) L.C.C., and Pres. Cobden Club. A Liberal. II, Stratton- 
afreet, Piccadilly, fV. ; Arthur's, National Liberal, and Atheu^um 

Wellington (4thDake of), Arthur Charles Wellc^lev, 
K.G., G.O.V.O.; cr. 1814. 

B. 1849; s. 190U; m. 1872, d. of Robt. G. Williams, formerly Ueal.- 
Col. Grenadier Guards. 2nd tit. Marq. of Dunro. Enjoys an estate 
purchased by a Parliamentary grant for the 1st Duke, an a reward for his 
military services. Is patron of 4 living*. A Conservative. Apsley 
House, Piccadilly, fV.; Marlborough Clubs Strathfieldsaye, 

Wbmyss ANn March (9th Earl of), Francis Charteris ; 
cr. 1633. 

B. 1818 ; m. d. of 1st Earl of Lichfield. Sits as Baron Wemyas. 2nd 
tit. Lord Elcho. Is Deputy-Lieut, of Haddingtoush., and hon. Col. 
London Scottish Volunteers. Has been M.P. for E. Gloucestershire, and 
Haddingtonshire. A Conservative. '2^. St. James' s-pl.^ S.fV.; Cart- 
ton Club; Amisfield und Go^ord House, Haddington t Slanway, 
GloHCfstersh.; Bleho Castle, Perth, 


Wenlock (3rd Bar.),Beilby Lawley, K.C.B., G.C.I.B., 
G.C.S.T., P.O.; cr. 1839. 

B. 1849 : m. eld. d. of 4th Earl of Harewood. Is a Lord of the Bed- 
chamber to the Prince of Wales. Has been uov.-Gen. Madras 18UI.6, 
and Chairman C.C. East Ridini;, Yorlu. Cr. G.C.I. E. 1896. Patron of 2 
livings. A Liberal U. 26, Portland-pl., IV. ; Brooks'a Club ; Eserick 
Park, York. 

VVentworth (12th Bar.) ; cr. 1529. See Lovelace. 

Westbury (3rd Bar.), Richard Luttrell Pilkington 
Bethell; cr. 1861. 

B. 185S; m. Lady Agatha Mannen Tollemache, sister oi 8th Earl 
Dysart. Is a retired Lieat. ScotslFasilier Gaards. (Ist Peer was Lord 
Chancellor.} A Conservative. 90 , Hill-st.^ B«rkeUy.4q.tfV.; Carlton 
and Guards* Clubs. 

Wbstmeath (11th Earl of, Jr. Bep.), Anthony 
Francis Nugent ; cr. 1621. 

B. 1870 ; 8. 1883. Is D.L. for co. Gal way. Formerly private sec. to 
Rt. Hon. J. Chamberlain, Colonial Sec. Was Hon. Attach^ to British 
EoilMssy at Washington. Elected Ir. Rep. Peer 1901. A Conservative. 
Carlton Club ; Pallas ; LoughrsOt eo. Gahoay. 

Westminster (2nd Duke of), Hugh Richard 
Arthur; cr. 1874. 

B. 1879; m. d. nf Col. Cornwallis West. 2nd tit. Earl Groavenor. 
Formerly 2nd Lieot. R. iHorse Guards. Served in S. Africa 19()0. A 
Liberal U. 88, Uppsr Grosvenor-»t., fV. ; Eaton Haltt Chester. 

Westmorland (!3th Earl of), Anthony Mildmay 
Julian Fane; cr. 1624. 

B. 1869: m. second d. of the 4th Earl of Rosslyn. Has been capt. Srd 
bn. Northamptonshire regt. 2nd tit. Lord Burghersh. A Conservative. 
Jpethorpe, fVansford, Northamptonshire. 

Wharncliffe (2nd Earl of), Francis John Montagu- 
Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie ; cr. 1876. 

B. 1866: 8.1899; m. d. of Lt.-Gen. Sir T. L. J. Gallwey. 2nd tit. 
Viact. Carltan. Late R.N., 1869-89, ret. as Commr. A Conservative. 
16, CurMon-st. IV. ,• Carlton and Marlborough Clubs i fVortley 
Hall, Sheffield; Simonstone, Hawes, York. 

Wig AN (Bar.). See Crawford. 


WiLLouGHBY DB Broke (11th Bar.)) Richard Greville 
Verney ; cr. 1492. 

B. 1869; s. 1902; m.d. of Chas. Hanbary, esq. D.L. for Warwicksh. 
Was M.P. for S.E. Warwicksh. 18Ufl-l900. A Conservative. Carlton 
and Junior Carlton Clubx ; Compton f^erney and Kineton House, 

Wilton (5th Earl of), Arthur George Grey Egerton; 
cr. 1801. 

B. 1863; 8. 18U8 ; m. d.ofSib Baron Rendleabam. Formerly Capt. lat 
LifeGnard^. 2nd tit. Visct. Grey de Wilton. Is patron ot 4 livings. 
A Conservative. Carlton and fVhite's Clubs; Houghton Hall, 
Swaffham, Norfolk ; Heaton Hall, Manchester. 

WiMBORNE (1st Bar.), Ivor Bertie Guest ; cr. 1880. 

B. 1885 ; m. d. of 7th Dnke of MarlborooRh. Has been Hiffh Sheriff of 
Glamofflranshire. A Conservative. 22, Artington-st. S.fV.; Carlton 
and St. Stephen's Clubs t Dowlais House, Dotolais, MerthyrTydml; 
Cartford Manor, fVimbome, Dorset; Dene Park. fioumemotUh. 

Winchester (16th Marq. of), Henry William 
Montagu Paulet; cr. 1651. 

B. 18H2; ni. 1B92, Charlotte Josephine, widow of the late Mr. Samnel 
Garnett. (Peerage ronferred for official services.) Is Premier Marquis 
of England, and hereditary bearer of the Cap of Maintenance. A Con- 
servative. Amport, St. Mary's, Audover. 

Winchester (Bp. of), Herbert Edward Eyle, D.D. 

B. ISaft; m. d. of Maj.-Gen. G. H. Adams. Formerly Principal of 
St. David's College. Lampeter. Hulteau Professor of Divinity at 
Cambridge. President of gaeen'kt College 1896-1901. Bishop of Exeter 
)gui-03; translated to Winchester 19US. Is Prelate of the Order of the 
Garter. Fam/iam Castle, Surrey. 

Winchilsea and Nottingham (13th Earl of), Henry 
Stormont Finch- Hatton; cr. 1628. 

B. 1852, s. 1898 ; m. d. of late Admiral Sir H.G. Codrington, K.C.B. 
2nd tit. Visct. Maidstone. Hereditary Lord of the royal manor of Wytr. 
Is patri>n of 4 livings. A Conservative. Harlech, N. fVdles: 
fVhite's Club. 

Windsor (14th Bar.), Robert George Windsor-Clive, 
P.C. ; cr. 1592. 

B. 1857; m. d. of Rt. Hon. Sir A. Berkeley Paget, C.C B. I« Hon. 
Col. 2nd Glamorgan Artillery V. Paymaster-Oeneml 18M. la First 


CnnuniMinner of Work«, uppointrd 1903. A ConserTative. 64, Momil 
St., fV. ; Carlton and Marlborough Clubs t Howell Grange , 
Redditeht St. Fagan's Castle, Cardiff; OakUy Part, Salop. 

WiNTON (Earl of). See Eglinton. 

W0L8ELBY (Ist Visct.), Garnet Joseph WoUeley, K.P., 
G.C.B., G.C.M.G. ; cr. 1885. 

B. 1888; m. d.of A. Erskine,nq. Is « Field-Uarshiil in the Army, 
aad P.C. in Ireland. Hmh been A^Jntant-Gen. of the British Forces; 
and was of the Egyptian Expedition, after which 
be received a Barony and a grant of ^S,UOU. Has been Governor of 
Cyprus and interim Governor of Natal; wan Commr.-ln-Chief in the Nile 
expedition, 1884, and waa Gen. Com.-ln-Chief 1895-1900. Received 
Order of Merit 1902. Has written a '* Lifeof Mariborough," &c. A 
Conservative. United Service Club ; Hcanpton Court Palaoe. 

WoLVEBTON (4th Bar.), Frederick Carr Glyn; cr. 

B. 1864 : ra. 1895, d. of the Ist Bar! of Dudley. Is a partner of Glyn, 
Mills ft Co., Bankers; and a member L.C.C. A Lord in Waiting 1892. 
is Vice-Ctaamberlain of H.M. Household, appointed 1903. A Liberal U . 
25f St. J€uneM*-plaee,S.ff^.; Iwertie Minster, Bland ford, Dorset- 

[Worcester (Bp. of), Charles Gore, D.D. 

B. 1858. Consecrated 1003. No seat at present. Educated at Harrow 
aad Balliol Coll., Oxford. Was a Fellow of Trinity Coll., Oxiunl, 
1875-95. Vice- Principal of Cnddeadon Coll. 1880. Ordained 1876. 
Vicar of Radley. Berks. 1893. A Canon of Westminster Abbey 18(«4- 
1901. Is anthor of numerous works, and editor of *< Lux Mnndi." 
Patron of 96 livings. Bishop'* House, ff^oreester.} 

WoRLiNOHAM (Bar.). See Gosford. 

Wrottbsley (3rd Bar.), Arthur Wrottesley ; cr. 1838. 

B. 18S4|m. d. ofthe 1st Lord Londesborongh. Has been Lord In 
Waiting. Is patron of 3 livings. (Ist Peer a Judge.) A Liberal U. 
Brooks's and TrmuoUera* Clubs; fVrottesley Hall, fVolverhampton. 

Wynford (5th Bar.), George Best ; cr. 1829. 

B. 1838: «. 1903. Formerly Llent.-Col. H.H.A. County Aid. for 
Wilts. Is patron of 1 living. A Con.nervativr. Charlton House 
Ludwell, Salisbury. 



Yarborouoh (4th Earl of), Charles Alfred Worsley 
Anderson-Pelham, P.O. ; cr. 1837. 

B. 1859t m. 1886 a d. and oo-beiress of the 12th Lord Conyen. Has been 
Capt. of the Gentlemen at Arms, and is a Depaty-Ueot. of Lin- 
colnshire, and y ice-Admiral of the co. of Lincoln. Is patron of 17 livings. 
A Oonserratire. 17, Arlington sl.^ fV.; Carlton and Marlborough 
Clubs : Broeiletby Park^ Uleeby, Ltneobiahirt. 

York( Abp. of), William Dalrymple Maclagan,D.D.,P.C. 

B. 1826; m. Ut, d. of G. Clapham, esq.; 2ndly, d. of late Visct. 
Barrington. Piimate of England. Served in the army in early life 
(retired 1852), graduated at St. Peter's Coll. Cambridge. Rector ot 
Newington 186i), Vicar of Kensington 1875. Consecrated Bp. of Lich- 
field 1878 ; translated to this see, 1891. Annual value of see, ^^10,000. 
Biahopthorpe Palace, York. 

Zetland (Ist Marq.), Lawrence Dundas, P.C., K.T. ; 
cr. 1892. 

B. 1844 : m. d. of the 9th Earl of Scarbroagh. Is also Barl of 
Ronaldshay, cr. 1892. Has served in the Royal Horse Guards. Was 
Lord-Lieut, of Ireland, 1889-92 ; previously Lordin- Waiting. Patron of 
3 livings. A Conservative. 1«, Arlington-at., W. ; Carlton and Turf 
Clubs ; Ast€ Hall, Richmond^ Yorkshire ; Kerst House, Stirling- 

ZoucHB (Idth Bar.), Robert Nathaniel Cecil George 
Curzon; cr. 1308. 

B. 1851; m. d. of 17th Baron Saltoun (divorced 1876). D.L. ibr 
Sussex. Served in S. Africa 1899-1902. A Conservative. Carlton and 
Travellers' Cluba ; Parham Park, Pulborough, Susses. 


Tlie following is a list of peers not yet of age, with the date at which 

each will attain his majority. As they do not enjoy the right of sitting or 

votingin Parliament, their names only are given in the general account of 

members of the Upper House. 

Camoys, Bar 1905 

Combermere, Visct 1908 

* De Clifibrd, Bar 1905 

Exmonth, Visct I»ll 

Holm Patrick, Bar 1907 

Leinster, Duke ot 1908 

Macclesfield, Earl of. 19o9 

Somers, Bar 1908 

Torrington, Visct 1907 

Vernon, Bar 1909 




Chaibhav ov Coxxittbbs, Rt. Hok. Eabl or Moblet, P.C 

Ciert pfOf ParliameniSt Sir Henry J. L. GrahRm. K.C.B. 

Citrk-Assistant, Hon. E. P. TheBiger.C.B. 

Reading-Clerk and Clark tj Outdoor ComnUtlees^ Edward Hall 

Alder«on, esq. 
Counsel to Chairman nf Committees, Albert Gray, eaq. 

.A. Harriann, esq., Chief Clerk and Clerk of Public Bills. 
r W. A. Leigb, esq.. Clerk of the Journals, 
g •-- I '• '• Symons-Jeune, esq., Prineipnl Clerk of Private 
Cln-ks \ Committeet. 

' ' F.Skeavtaq.,Prin.Clerk,JudicialIJepartmenty and Taxing 
Officer tf Judicial Costs. 
\yv. H. Hamilton Gordon, esq. 
C. L. Anstrattaer,esq., Clerk attending Table. 
A. H. Robinson, esq., Principal Clerk tf Private Bills and 
Tcuing Officer cf Private Bill Costs. 
Other Clerks.— Hon. A. McDonneU, H. P. St. John, V. M. Biddalph, 
esqs., Hon. E. A. Stonor, H. J. P. Badeley, C. Headlam, J. B. 
Hotham, £. C. Vigan, A. B. 8. Tennyson, G. D. Luard, esqs. 
Librarian, S. Arthar Strong, esq. 
Assistant Librarian, A. H. M. Butler, esq. 
BxaaUners for Standing Orders, C. W. Campion and J. F. Symon 

Jen ne, esqs. 
Clerk, B. H. Fell, esq. 
Aetountant, T. A. Court, esq 

tientleman-Usher of the Black Rod, Gen. Sir M. A. 8. Biddulph, G.C.B. 
Yeorneu*- Usher, Capt. T. D. Butler. 
^eryeani-at-jirms. Sir Fleetwood Edwards, K.C.B. 
Dtputig Serjeant-at-Arms^ S. Hand, esq. 
Shorthand Writer, W. H. Gnrney Salter, esq. 

Principal Secretary in the Lord Chancellor's Office, Sir Kenneth Mair 

Mackensie, K.C., K.C.B. 
Private Secretary to Lord 0ianceUor, R. C. Norman, esq. 


PART 11. 



Adjournment Ill 

— — moved before Pub- 
lic Business .. Ill 

_ ^— . Motions in Abuse 

of Rules.. .. Ill 
Amendment .. ..Ill 

Appropriation Bill .. ..Ill 

Ballot for Notices of Motion . . 112 
Bills, Public .. .. 113,128 

Private 113 

Provisional Order .. 114 

Motions for 114 

Bishops of Parliament, &c. . . 130 

Black Rod 114 

Budget 114 

Business, Order of, &c 114 

Cabinet 116 

Chairman of Committee of Ways 

and Means 117 

Chairman of Committee of 

Whole House 117 

Chancellor, Lord 125 

Chiltern Hundreds, &c. .. 117 
Clerk of the House of Com- 
mons 118 

Clerk of the Parliaments ..118 

Closure 119 

Committals for Breach of Privi- 

leg 119 

Committees 119 

Commons. See House of . . 124 
Conduct of Members .. .. ISO 

Conference 1%1 

Consolidated Fund . . . . 121 
Contempt. See Committals . . 121 

Count»>out 121 

Crown 122 

Debate, Rules of 122 

Oissoiations. See Sittings of 

Parliament 138 

Divisions 123 

frivolously claimed ,. 123 

Elections and Re-elections. 

See Sittings, Chiltern H., &c. 

Executive 123 

House of Lords .. .. 115,124 
House of Commons . . . . 124 
Lord High Chancellor .. ..125 

Lords, House of 124 

Lords and Commons, Conflicts 

between. S«e Conference .. 121 


Lords Spiritual of Parliament 

(Bishops) 130 

Members of Parliament.. .. 126 
Minister (Prime). Sm Cabinet. 116 
Ministry. 5eeKiecutive,&c. 116,122 
Money Bill. See Appropriation, 
Supply, &c. 111,126,141 

Motions 126 

Naming a Member .. 126 

New Parliament 127 

Notices of Motion 126 

Oath. See Business ..114 
Office, Acceptance of. See Chil- 
tern Hundreds ll» 

Orders of the Day 12^ 

Originating Bills 12S 

Palace of Westminster. See 

House 124 

Parliament 128 

Peers 12i> 

Petitions 13»» 

Press Gallery 131 

Previous Question .. ..131 

Privileges of Parliament .. 132 
Progress, Report of ..13^^ 

Prorogation. S«« Sittings .. 13B 

Question 133 

Questions to Ministers .. .. 133 
Quorum. See House . . 124, 125 
Rejection of a Bill .. ..134 

Reporters. Se« Press .. ..131 

Resolution 134 

RovalAsMnt 134 

Rules of Procedure .. ..135 

Seijeant-at Arms 135 

Session 135 

Six Months (this day) .. ..133 
Sittings of Parliament, Inter- 

ruption of 136 

Sittings of the House . . . . 1 38 
Speaker House of Commons .. 138 
Speaker House of Lords . . 140 

Speech from the Throne ..125 

Standing Orders 140 

Strangers 14U 

Supply, Committee of .. ..141 
Supply, Business of .. ..141 
Suspension of Members . . . . 120 
Urgency, Matters of .. ..Ill 

Vacating Seats llt> 

Ways and Means 143 


*«* In the following remark$ the word Houte is to be under- 
tfood to mean the Mouse of Commone, unlets it is obvious that it 
refers to the House of Lords or to either House, 

ADJOURNMENT.p-An adjoarnment compeU the immediate rising o 
the House, who meet again at the time appointed for the next sitting, or 
Hdjnams the business on which the House is then engaged antil a future 
day. The adjoarnment of the House is effected either by virtue of a 
Standing Order, or by tlie order of the Hoose. See Counts Out, Sittings of 
Parliaoient, and Sittings of the House. 

BUSINESS. — A Mvnibcr may rihe to muve the udjourninent of the House 
lor the purpose of discussing a matter of urgent public impurtaace. Tbi.s 
motion may only be made after the question* to Mioisters ut the afternoon 
MttiD? have been disposed of, und before the lummenrenient of Puhlic 
Business has been entered upon. The terms of the motion nm!.t be 
ciiven to the Speaker in writing. If forty Members do not rl)»e in support 
of it, the motion fails, unless, not lesd than ten having so riMen, und a 
duision being claimed, the majority are in favour of tlie motion. Iftlie 
motion is made, it must stand over until tlie evening sitting of tlie 
vtrae day. 

I r the Speaker, or the Chairman of a Committee of the whole House, 
>ha)l be of opinion that a Motion for the Adjournment of a Debate, or 
»f the House, during any Debate, or a Motion that the Chairman do 
report Progress, or do leave the Chair, is an abuse of the Rules of the 
House, he may forthwith put the Question thereupon from the Chair 
or he may decline to propose the Question to the House. 

AMENDMENT.— See Business, Debate, &c. 

APPROPRIATION BILL.— When all the grants necessary fur the 
service of the year have been voted, the expenditure of each grant upon 
the service for which the grant is made, is secured by the Appropriation 
.4ct, whicn closes the financial procedure of the year. See also Supply and 
Way» and Means. 


BALLOT FOR NOTICES OF MOTION.— To obtain priority for a 
notice of motion on a day set apart for the consideration of motions before 
the Orders of the Day (see p. 128), Members avail themselves of the 
b;iIIot held for that purpose on the Table of the House before questions 
are asked of the Ministers. The Member seeking such priority enters bis 
name upon a paper which is placed in the Speaker's hands, who, when the 
number attached to the Member's name has been drawn out and announced 
to the House by a Clerk at the Table, calls upon the Member to state to the 
House the terms of his motion and the day when it is to be considered. 

As it is essential, in the case of an unofficial Member's bill, that it 
should be set down for second reading on the earliest Friday in the 
session. Members on the first day of the session ballot to obtain priority for 
the motions for leave to bring in their bills, as the Members who obtain 
the earliest place among those notices of motion are able to choose the 
most advantageous Fridays for the second reading of their bills. 

BILLS (FUBLIQ.— A bill is the draft of a statute. There are three 
modes of iBtrodncing bills to the Honee. (1^ A motion for leave to intro- 
duce a bill. (This is necessary for important Government bills.) CJ 
Intruduclion ander the so-called ten minutes rule. (3) Presentation of » 
bill without previous order for leave to introduce. A bill originated in 
the Lords may be laid on the table by a peer without the previoas per- 
mission of the House. 

Permission having been granted to bring in the bill, three or fonr 
Members are appointed to prepare the bill. It is then brnaght in and read 
a first time without debate, and a day appointed for the second reading, 
previoasly to which it is printed and a copy famished to every Member. 

The bill, aAer the second reading, is referred to a Committee of the 
whole House, (Mr to a Standing or a Select Committee (see Committees), 
whereby its details are considered. The Speaker leaves the Chair for tlie 
Committee without question pat, when the bill is considered clause br 
clause, and sometimes the bill is largely remodelltd. Sums to be charged 
on the public revenue, penalties, &c., are printed in italics; the words in 
italics, technically known as blanks, are agreed to without a question 
being put, anless a member should propose to alter them. The next pro- 
ceeding is the report of the bill to the House by the Chairman of the 
Committee, which he does by stating to the Speaker " that the Committee 
had gone through the bill," and either "made amendments thereunto" ' 
or " had directed him to report the same withoot amendment." Tlie 
report of a bill is a for^ial proceeding. If no amendments have been made < 
the bill is ordered to be read athird time ; but if the Committee have altered I 
it, the bill, as amended, is ordered to be taken into eonsidomtion on a 
fttture day, when the House proceeds to consider the bill without questions I 
pnt. I 


On the third reading thejadgment of the House is expressed upon 
the entire bill as it finally stands, and only verbal amendments can be 
made at this stage, though it is otherwise in the House of Lords. The 
question that the " bill do pass," according to present usage, is not put to 
the House. 

Daring the progress of a bill the House may divide on the following 
qnextions : 1st, on the motion for leave to bring in the bill; 2nd, on th*; 
first reading ;8rd, on the second reading ;4(b, that the bill be re-committed; 
ftlb, that it be read a third time. These are exclusive of divisions on an 
instrnclion to the Committee, or on amendments, or clauses added to or 
expunged from the measure in or out of the Committee. Alterations cannot 
be made in a bill until after its committal. Immediately alter the 
passing of a bill, the Clerk of the House takes the bill to the bar of their 
Lordships' House, desiring their concurrence, where it passes through the 
sainef orma as in the Commons. Pursuant to Standing Order a Commons 
bill which has remained 12 days on the table of tlie House of Lords cannot 
be proceeded with, save upon 8 days' notice. If abill which has passed the 
other House be rejected, no message thereon is sent to either House. When 
the Lords agree with the Commons in the principle oft he measure, but difl'er 
on niAtters of detail, they return the bill with amendments to which the 
Commons agree, with or without amendments, or disagree ; and on the 
concurrence between the two Houses over these amendments tne fate of the 
bill depends. Procedure by conferences between the Houses is not now 
adopted. The same proceedings are adopted mutatis mutandis when the 
bill originates in the Upper House. A bill for a general pardon or act of 
grace originates with the Crown, and is read once only in each Housf. 

The bill having thus passed both Houses.remainswith the Lords, except 
n the case of a bill of supply, which is sent back to the Cummons, to 
bf by them presented at the bar of the Lords to the Sovereign or the 
rowl Commissioners. The assent of the Crown is the final proceeding 
which converts abill into an Act of Parliament, which is printed by the 
King's printer on vellum, and preserved in the House of Lords. See 
Royal Assent, and Conference. See Origin of Bills ; also Rejection of a 

BILLS (PRIVATE).— Theseare chiefly introduced to enable private indi- 
'idoals, associated together, to undertake railways or other works of public 
utility at their own risk, and, in a degree, for their own benefit; but 
there are other private bills, as those of naturalization, change of name, 
divorce, or for perfecting titles to estates, «rc. The parliamentary fees paid 
by the promoters of a private bill are fix^d by the Standing Orders of both 




BILLS (PROVISIONAL ORDER).— These bills are carried through 
Parliament according to the procedure assigned to Private Bills. The ob- 
ject of a Provisional Order Bill is to give statutoiy force to Orders 
granted (under powers conferred by Statute) by Government Departments, 
such as the Home Office, the Board of Trade, Ac, which make provision 
for undertakings of public and general utility, such as the improvement 
of working men's dwellings, the construction of piers and harbours, gas. 
waterworks, and tramways. These bills, which thus effect the purposes of 
a private bill, are obtainable with more rapidity, and at a less cost. 

BUSINESS.— On Tuesdays anl Wednesdays, and on Mondays and 
Thursdays for Government bills. Motions for leave to bring in bills 
and for the nomination of Select Committees may be set down for 
consideration at the commencement of Public Business. If such 
Motions be opposed, Mr. Speaker, after permitting, if he thinks fit, a 
brief explanatory statement from the Member who moves and the 
Member who opposes any such Motion respectively, may without 
farther Debate put the Question thereon, or the Question That the 
Debate be adjourned. 

BLACK ROD (Gentleman Usher of the).- See Serjeant-at-Arms. 

BUDGET (THE).— The Chancellor of the Exchequer, or occa- 
sionally the First Lord of the Treasury, makes a general statement 
every year to the Hoose of Commons, usually in Committee of Ways and 
Means, which has for a longtime past been called '*/Ae Budgets This 
statement is based uu a review of the income and expenditure of the 
last year, and estimates of those of the ensaing year* with remarks opun 
the financial prospects of the country, and an exposition of the proposed 
repeal, modifications, or imposition of taxes to be accomplished by the 
finance bills of the session. See Ways and Means. 


On each sitting of the Hoase, after the private business, and quest torn 
have been asked of the Ministers, the time for the conimeacement ot 
public bui^iness has arrived. The Speaker accordingly calls on the Clerk 
to read the Orders of the Day, or calls on the member whose motion standi 
first on the list of notices, or who is otherwise entitled to precedence. 

Bj Standing Order Members may take the oath required by law (or m<ike 
the solemn affirmation or declaration permitted instead of the oath), 
either before the commencement of public budnessior after it has been 


dispoiied of. Doriiig ewch teasion the d;«yH ullotled to Government 
business are Monday and Thnraday ; after Easter it has precedence on 
Topsday evenings, and after 'Whitsuntide at all sittings. 

Motions proposed by anofficial MtrmtHirM « lion Id he seconded (except 
roo(i<<ns conseqaent npon an order or the d^y or when the House is in 
Committee), else it Mia to the ground. AccordintiT to the practice outside 
Parliament, when an amendment has been moved, it Is usual to give 
precedence to the amendment over the motion on which it is moved i but 
in Parliament the practice is that the Speaker or Chairman should read to 
the House the original motion, nest that he should read the amendment, 
iind then say,** the question I have to put Is, that the words proposed to 
be left out (by the amendment) stand part of the question." Should the 
'(noes'* prevail, the amendment then becomes h substantive motion, upon 
vhicb other amendments may be moved, and considered in lilie manner as 
the first. It is sometimes erroneously supposed that a Member who is 
adverse both to the original question and to the proposed amendment 
would express an opinion favourable to the question by voting ** that the 
words proposed to be leit oat stand part of the question." By such a 
course, however, he merely declares his opinion to be adverse to the 
amrndment. If, however, be t>e equally opposed to the motion and to the 
anif ndment, he may vote with the noes on both. 

In Parliament it is contrary to order for those engaged in delwte to mention 
any Member by name (excepting the Chairman of Committees). It Is alio 
out of order to speak in direct terms of any proceedings of the other Houte, 
anleu they have been recorded in the votes or orders of the other House. It 
■I also irregular to refer to the opinions of the Sovereign} speeches from the 
throne and royal messages being treated as tbe sentiments of the ministry 
which the Sovereign utters or communicates on their responsibility. 

Members speaking in the House of Commons mast address themselves to 
tbe Speaker; they may do so from any part of the House, bat their speeches 
must not be read. No member may speak more than once npon a question, 
rxcept by way of reply or explanation, or in Committee of the whole 
House. It is out of order for any Member to cross the House between tbe 
Speaker and the Member speaking. (See Conduct of Members, Naming a 
Member, Motions, and Resolution.) 

In the House of Lords the rules of order differ in some particular from 
those olnerved in the Commons. In debate those who speak address the w hole 
House, and not the ciiairman. Motions need not here, as in the Commons, 
be seconded. The Peer who sits on the woolsack or In the chair of committees 
has no duties to perform during the deliberations of the House, excepting to 
**put the question." He is not the fudge or guardian of order. If several 
Peers rise together, the House decides who shall first be heard. The spealr 
H 2 


or deputj speaker of the Lords Is not disqualified ex t^io from taking a part 
in debate. Until the year 1868 the process of voting in the House of Lords 
differed from that in the House of Commons, inasmuch as absent Peers were 
allowed to vote by proxy. In that year, howerer, a new Standing Order was 
agreed to, by which it was ordered *< that the practice of calling for proxies be 

CABINET.— The government of a state or (community is anderstood to 
signify the exercise uf supreme aatltority, and includes (he executive, the 
le^iNlative, and the judicial powers: but in popnlar acceptation it means 
only the first of these, the higher and more immediate functions of «hirh 
are exercised by the Cabinet, a select body in whom, for the time being, 
the whole of the royal authority is vested. Its members all belong to the 
Privy Council, but do not inclnde a tithe of that body. The Cabinet if 
composed of the more eminent portion of the Administration; it con- 
stitutes occasionally, according to recent pracice, almut one-fourth of the 
ministry and the officers of state nominated by the Prime Minister, the 
persons included in the Cabinet being rarely lesr than ten or more than 
seventeen or eighteen. Mr. Iltt's first Cabinet (1783) consisted of but seven 
personr. and he himself was the only memlier of the House of Cummons 
among those seven. TheCabinet being more immediately retponsible fur llie 
conduct of public affairs, their deliberations are Hlways considered confi- 
dential, and kept secret even from their colleagues who are leas exalted in 
office. The distinguished individual who fills the situation of First Lord oi 
the Treasury is generally (though there wa.<« an exception made in 1885} 
the chief of the Ministry, and therefore of the Cabinet: he is usually 
styled, the "Premier," or "Prime Minister," but more propeily de- 
signated as "the head of his Majesty's governmeut.*' It is at his im- 
mediate recommendation that his colleagues are appointed, and, with 
hardly an exception, he dispenses the patronage of the Cnmo. Eveiy 
Cabinet includes the following high officers-— The First Lord of the 
Treasury , the Lord Chancellor, the Lord President of the Council, the Lord 
Privy Seal, the Chancellor of the Exchequer.and the Secretaries of State. 
Sffveral other ministerial functionaries, however, may have s«Ats in the 
Cahintti never less than three, and rarely so many as seven or right of this 
latter clh»s, are called to that station. Their offices are as follow :— Com. 
missioner of Worlcs and Buildings, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, 
First Lord of the Admiralty, President of the Board of Trade, Judge 
Advocate-General, Postmaster- Oeneral, Chief Secretary for Ireland, Presi- 
dent of the Local Government Board, Chief Justice of England. The selec- 
tion usually falls upon those amongst the latter mentioned functionaries, 
whose rank, talents, reputation, and political weight render tkem 


tb« most Qfseftil auiliaries, or whose services, i»hile in opposition, rnhj 
hare created tlie strongest ciaims to ttie honours of the Cabinet. It 
has oocasionalljr happened that a statesman, beiuR a Privy Coancillor, 
possessing high character and inflaence, accepts a seat in the Cabinet with- 
ont nudertaking the labours and responsibility of any particular office. 
Although this select council has now been regarded during several genera- 
tions as an essential part of our polity, yet it still continues to be unknown 
tothe law. The names of the noblemen and gentlemen who compose it are 
never offlctally announced to the public. No record is kept of its resolutions 
or meetings, nor has its existence ever been recognised by any act of par- 
liament. See Crown, and Executive. 

oBcer of the House of Ctnnmons— always a Member— is elected by the 
House, in Committee of Supply , on t he assembling of every new Parliament. 
It is his duty to preside whenever the House is in Committee whether 
on bills or any other Committee of the whole House ; he sits, not in the 
Speaker's chair, but at the table in the seat of the Cierk of the Honse. The 
oaly occasion when he votes, in committee, is in giving the casting vote, 
ifon a division the numbers happen to be equal. With the assistance oi 
ihr Speaker's Counsel he examines Private Bills to ascertain that they 
comply with the law of Parliament. If the unavoidable absence of the 
Speaker is announced to the House by the Clerk, the Chairman of Ways 
and Means acts as Deputy-Speaker until the close of the bitting; or 
he takes the chair on the request of the Speaker. If the unavoidable 
kbsence of ihe Chairman is anntinnced, a Deputy-Chairman, who is 
entitled to exercise all the powers of Chairman, including those as 
Deputy- Speaker, is also appointed at the commencement of every new 
Parliunent. The Speaker nominates five members to act, when requested 
to do so by Ihe Cliairman of Ways and Means, as temporal y Chairman ot 
Committees. See Speaker, his duties, &c. 


Commons, the Chairman of Committees of the whole House is usually 
the Chairman of Ways and Means ; in the Lords be is elected by the 
House every Session, and usually holds in addition the office of Deputj- 

CHILTERN HUNDREDS, &c.— A Member cannot relinquish his seat. 
A Member, therefore, who wishes to retire, accepts office under the Crown , 
as BO member can accept an office receiving emolument from the Crown 
vithoBt thereby vacating his seat. A Member, accordingly, who wish'- 


to resign his seat in the Houae appties to the Treasury, and he receives, 
unless causes exist for refasing the applicMtion, one of the nflkes of the 
Stewardship of his Majesty's three Chiltern Hundreds— Stolie, Des- 
borongh, and Booenham : or the Stewardship of the Manor of Northstead; 
sinecures which are retained until the office is wanted for another holder. 
The holders of old offices, such as the Secretaries of State ortheChaocfllor 
of Exchequer, t.e. offices created before the 26th October, 170S, under the 
Act of Anne (which imposed the parliamentary disability upon holders of 
Crown offices), can sit in the House ot Cooimous, after re-election on 
acceptance of office. The holders of certain departmental offices, either 
because they are not held directly from the Crown, or by statutory pro- 
vision, can retain their seats in the House without re-election. Ofthc^e 
olBces may be mentionrd an ambassador, or foreign minister, the Under- 
Secretaries of Slate, or the Secretary to the Admiralty. By the Reform AcU 
of I8H7 and 1868 it was enacted that Members who hold the principal 
offices of state should not, on the acceptance of other offlce.", thereby vacate 
their .seats. 

CLERK OP THE PARLIAMENTS. -He, as Clerk of the House of 
Lords, i.s responsible for the due record and publication of the proceedings 
and journals of the House. In this duty he is assisted by the Clerk Ab-his- 
taut and the Reading Clerk, who sit with him at the table of the House. 
He is also resipounible for the due conduct of the business of thn, 
and of the Clerks attached thereto. He signifies the royal assent to 
(he billH agreed upon by both Hon:<es of Parliament. He endorses the 
bills communicated between the two Houses, and signs orders for the 
attendance of witnes-'es, and other orders of the House. The Clerk 
of the Parliaments is appointed by the Crown under letters patent 
and he appoints the clerks of the departments under his control. The 
Clerk Assistant and the Reading Clerk are appointed by the Lord 

CLERK OP THE HOUSE OP COMMONS.— His duty towards the H<3nse 
of Commons is analogous to the duties which devolve on the Clerk of the 
Parliaments. He sits with the two Clerks Assistant at the table of the 
House. He reads alond all such documentii as are by custom or order read 
to the House ; he performs the duty ^from his place at the table) of presi- 
dent or moderator during the choice of a Speaker, putting, if a difl'erence 
occurs thereon, the questions consequent on that occasion, and directing, 
it necessary, the House to divide upon the question. The Clerk of the 
House is appointed by the Crown by letters patent, and the Clerks Assis- 
tant by royal warrant. 


hu been proposed, a Member may rise and claim *'Tbat tbe qaestion 
be now pot.'* and unless that motion appears to the Speaker, the Deputy- 
sp«aker, or the Chairman of Ways and Means to be an abuse of the Rules 
of the House, or an inflrinfement of the rights of the minority, the 
qaestion, "That the question be now put," is put forthwith, and decided 
without Amendment or Debate. The SUnding Order also enacts that, 
alter the Closnae has been carried, consequent motions, clauses, and 
pirts of clauses may be similarly proposed atid carried. It is necessary 
that the majority in support of the motion should consist of not less than 
lou I 

oourts of law, the Houkes of Parliament can punish all contempts of their 
authority, or repress any aggression committed upon their rights or privi- 
Irges; but in the case of the Commons the operation of this power is limited 
tn the session of Parliament, committals by that House being annulled 
by a prorogati«>n. Persons committed tn prison for contempt cannot be 
liberated on bail. 

COMMITTEES.— A Committee of the whole House is the HouHe itsvlf 
presided over by a Chairman instead of by the Speaker. The function of 
kttch a Committee is deliberation and not inquiry; they are appointed to 
otusider resolutions ibr the grant or the levy of public money, such as the 
Committees of Supply and Ways and Means, or resolutions as aprepara- 
liuD for legislation, and also to consider the details of a bill. The 
Speaker leaves the Chnir furihwith upon a Committee of the whole House . 
Mve in the case of the Committee of Supply, &c. When the House of 
Commons is in Committee, the Speaker vacates the Chair, the Mace is 
placed under the table, and the Chairman of Ways and Means, or in his 
4bieare a temporary chairman, is called on to preside. (8ee Chairman of 
Citmmitteea and of Ways and Means.) 

Under the Standing Orders two Standing Committees may be nppointed 
for the coDsideratian of such hills relating to law and Courts ol Justice and 
legal procedure, and to trade, shipping, manufactures, agriculture, and 
i>hing,as nay be committed to them ; the procedure in such committees is 
the same as in a Select Committee, a nd strangerx are admitted, except when 
the Committee shall order them to withdraw. These Committees cannot 
•it while the House is sitting without the order of the House. Notices of 
aiaendment to ciausea in bills committed to a Standing Committee, given in 
the Hoose* stand referred to such Committee ; 20 are the quorum of the 
Standing Oommittees. They consist of not less than 60 or more than " 


Members, nominated by the Committee of Selection, who shall have regard 
tu the classes of hills committed to such Committees, to the composition of 
the Ilonse, and to (he qualifications of the Members selected. The Com- 
mittee of Selection nominate a chairman's panel, of not less than four nor 
more than six Members.three being a quorum, and the chairman is appointed 
from the panel. In 188U the House of Lords also agreed to a Standing; 
Order for appointing one or more Standing Committees each Session, and 
thereunder appoint such Committees for ** Bills Relating to Law,"&c., 
and for "General Bills" respectively. 

Select Committees also are chosen to inquire into and to report to the 
House the matters referred to them ; aLso to consider the clauses of bills. 
These Committees seldom exceed 20 Members ; and there are also Com- 
mittees on private bills. Select Committees are generally empowered by 
(he House to send for papers and to summon witnesses. By an Act passed 
in 1871, the House of Commons or any Committee thereof is enabled to 
administer oaths to w itnesses ; and any person wilfully giving false evidence 
is liable to the penalties of perjury. See Privileges of Parliament. 

COMMONS, HOUSE OF.— See House of Commons. 

CONDUCT OF MEMBERS.— Whenever a Member shaU have been 
named by the Speaker or by the Chairman as disregarding the authority of 
the Chair} such Member shall be suspended t^m the service of the House. 
If any member who has been suspended shall refuse to obey the direction 
of the SpealiLer, the Speaker shall call attention to the fact that force is 
nece.<sary in order to compel obedience, the member who has refused to 
obey shall thereupon be suspended during the remainder of the session. 
Suspension does not exonerate the Member from serving on committees to 
which he had previously been nominated. Similar disregard of order in 
Committee of the whole House is reported to and dealt with by the House. 
The Speaker, or the Chairman, orders Members whose conduct 
is grossly disorderly to withdraw immediately from the House during 
the remainder of that day's sitting; and the SeijeMit-ftt-Arms 
actH on such orders as he may receive from the Chair, In pursuance of 
this resolution. If, however, the Speaker or the Chairman deems 
that his powers under the Standing Order are inadequate, he may 
name such Member or Members, or he may call upon the House to 
adjudge upon the conduct of such Member or Members. 

Members who are ordered to withdraw under this Standing Order, 
or who are suspended under Standing Order, must forthwith withdraw 
from the precincts of the House, subject, however in the case of 


suspended Members, to the provision regrarding their service on Private 
Bill Committees. 

Irrelevance or Repetition.— The Speaker or the Chairman, after 
having called the attention of the House or of the Committee to the 
conduct of a Member who persists in irrelevance or tedious repetition 
either of his own arguments or of the arguments used by other Mem- 
bers in debate, may direct him to discontinue his speech. See also 
Kaming a Member. 

CONFERENCE.— This is a method of negotiation between (het\ro Houses 
nf Parliament, conducted by manigerit appointed on both sides, for the 
purpose of prodacing concnrrence, in c«.«es where mntunl cnniient is neces- 
sary ; or for the purpose of reconciling differences which may have arisen. 
irth(>'conference be apon the subject of a bill depending between the tuo 
Houses, it must be demanded by that House which, at the time of askinc 
'he conference, is in possessiou of the bill. It is the privilege of the 
Lnrda to name the time and place for holding a conference, no matter by 
wtiich House it may have been demanded. Reasons in writing for t he 
coarse resolved to be taken are furnished to the managers on both sides, 
or a free conference can be held, when the managers attempt by discussion 
to effect an agreement between the two Houses. In May, IS&l, it was 
agreed both by Lords and Commons that reasons respecting diDer- 
rnces of opinion on any bill, or other proceeding, might be communicated 
to either Honse by message Arom the other, and this method has in effect 
superseded procedure by conference. See also Bills, Public. 

CONSOLIDATED FUND, THE, is the fund established by Act 27, 
Geo. III., cap. 13, formed of the proceeds of taxation, and otiier sums 
received by the Treasury in behalf of the Crown, in order that a fund may 
be provided "into which shall flow eveiy stream ol the public revenue, 
and from whence shall issue the supply for every public service." 


C0UNT8-OUT (in the Honse of Commons).— The Speaker, if necess»ry, 
cv>antsthe House when he takes the Chair, and after four o'clock, if forty 
Mrmbers are not present or do not assemble in two minutes, as indicntcd 
by the sand-glass upon the table, the House stands adjourned to ihf 
neit day of meeting. This also takes place during a silting, on the 
demand of a Member that the House be counted. At an evening »itting, 
ti>e Honae shall not be counted before 10 o'clock, but if on a division being 
taken on any business, and 40 members are not present, the business shall 


BtMiid over antil the next rittiiiR, and the next bosiness shall be taken 
Such an Hdjournntenl is called a " Count-out." 

CROWN.— The prerogatives and functions ofthe Crown may be sammed 
up under the following heads:— To give or reftase to bills the "Rojal 
Asaent" (which see); to cause the due administration and execntion of 
the laws ; to acton behalf of the whole community in its interoonrse with 
Foreign States, and as a part of that, to declare war or conclude peace; to 
direct the naval and military force of the country ; to administer the public 
revenue ; to prorogue or dissf^ve Parliament ; to create peers; and to coia 
money. The monarch is the supreme governor of the Church ; the source ot 
justice and of mercy, of all offices, honours, emoluments, and chartered 
rights. But in every case the sovereign acts by ministers who are amenable 
to Parliament, and the choice of those ministers is the only prerogative 
which can be constitutionally exercised without responsible advisers; bat 
even over this, thwe is much Parliamentary control, for the royal favoor 
can hnve no practical eftect, unless it rest upon men whose characters and 
meii.surf4 prove generally acceptable to both Houses. (See Cabinet.) 

DEBATE, RULES OF. — A Member desiring to speak rises in his place 
uncovered, and addresses himself to Mr. Speaker ; but no Member may 
speak twice to a question, except in explanation or reply, which is allowed 
to a Member who has made a substantive motion to the House. A Member 
may not read his speech, but he may refresh his memory by reference to 
notP8. A Member who rises to speak mustdirecthis speech to the question 
before the House, or to a motion or amendment which he intends to move, 
or to a question of order. When an amendment has been moved which 
seeks to substitute for a motion words more or less at variance thereto, 
debate is not restricted to the amendment, but includes the motive of the 
amendment and of the motion, both matters being under the consideration 
of the House, as alternative propositions ; but if the amendment be to add 
words only, debate is restricted to the desirability of the addition of tho»e 
words. No Member may speak to any question after the same has been 
fully put by Mr. Speaker ; and a question is fully put when the Speaker 
has collected the voices, both of the Ayes and of the Noes. When two 
or more Members rise to speak, Mr. Speaker calls upon the Member who, 
on rising in his place, is first observed by Mr. Speaker ; but if the Speaker's 
call be questioned, the House can determine which Member shall be heard. 
A new Member, who has not yet spoken, is generally called upon, by 
courtesy, in preference to other Members rising at the same time. A 
Member who has moved the adjournment of a debate is, if he claima the 
nrivilege, allowed precedence in addressing the House when the debate is 


resumed, or he may subsequently join in the debate. By the indulgence 
of the house, a M«mbf r may make a personal explanation, although there 
be no question before the House ; but no debatable matter may be brought 
forward, or debate arise upon the explanation. See Closure, &c. 

DISSOLUTION.— See Sittings of Parliament. 

DIVISIONS, MODE OF TAKING.— After the Question has been put 
by the Speaker, or Chairman, and his statement as to the preponderance of 
the "Ayes," or "Noes," as the case may be, has been challenged, 
the division bells are set in motion, and two minutes are allowed to 
elapse for the assembling of absent Members. The doors are then 
locked, and the Question is again put. If the statement from the Chair is 
again challenj^ed, the Speaker, or Chairman, directs the "Ayes" to go 
into the Right Lobby and the "Noes " into the Left Lobby, and appoints 
two Tellers for each. As the Members pass through the Lobbies, the 
Division Clerks take their names, and their number Is counted by the 
Tellers. The result being reported by the Tellers to the Speaker, or 
Chairman, he declares the number to the House. (See also Speaker of 

the HOUlte of Commons.) rr,rrr r^ xx rrr^m r 

man may,after the lapse of two minutes as indicated by the sand-glass, 
if in his opinion the Division is frivolously or vexatiously claimed, take 
the Vote of the House or Committee by calling upon the Members who 
support and who challenge his decision successively to rise in their 
places, and he shall thereupon, as he thinks Ht, either declare the deter- 
mination of the House or Committee, or name tellers for a Division. 

EXECUTiyE.— Thetollowingoomprise the principal departments of the 
execotive government:— The Treasury and Exchequer, the AdmlrNlty, 
the War Office, the Home Office, the India Office, the Colonial Office, 
the Board i»f Trade, the Foreign Office, the Board of Works, the Office 
of the Privy Seal, the Office of the Duchy of Lancaster, Secretaiy for 
Scotland, the Office of Chief Secretflry for Ireland, the Local Govern- 
ment Board, the Post Office, the Privy Council Office, the Board 
of Edocatinn and the Board of Agriculture. The public function- 
aries to whom the conduct in chief of these several departments is 
eatrasted, together with the great officers of the royal household, 
ooastitnte what is termed the Ministry or Administration. Its members 
vary according to circumstances, rarely exceeding fifty or sixty persons. 
The Administration usually resign when they lose the ct>nftdence of either 
House of Parliament; or they may be dismissed by the Sovereign » and if 


is competent for either Hoase to present an address to the throne, praying 
their dismissal. The members of a government are understood to onncnr 
in principles of legislation and policy, and co-operate in Parliament upon 
all matters not specifically agreed on as open qaestions. Their chief 
is generally the First Lord of the Treasury. When a Commoner, he 
sometimes combines with that office the Chancellorship of the Excheqatr, 
or another office, as that of Lord Privy Seal. The offices which are prinri- 
pally or exclusively occupied with the collection of the public revenue 
are the Cnstoms, the Excise, the Stamps, the Post Office, the Office nf 
Assessed Taxes, the Crown Landb, &c. 

HOUSE OP LORDS.— The Strangers' gallery, as in the Commons, is not 
opened till after prayers. Their Lordships frequently sit during the da; 
as a Court of Appeal, but do not usually assemble in their legislatire 
capacity until a quarter-past four in the afternoon, and on Tuesdays, the 
day appointed for the Standing Committees, at half-past five. On the 
opening or closing of the session, the meeting of the House generally 
takes place at two oVIouk. When the royal assent is to be given to bills 
by commission, the time of meeting is fixed to snit the occasion. A C<»m 
mission for giving the Royal Assent in itself constitutes a House. lu ISSl*. 
the Lords by Standing Order provided that if on a division in any stage i>t 
a bill in the House or in Committee thirty lords are not present, the ques- 
tion is not drcided, and the debate is adjourned to the next meeting. It is 
contrary to the Commons'privileges that the Honseof Lords should initiate 
or amend bills dealing with public expenditure or revenue, and bills ur 
amendments of such a nature are therefore laid aside or disagreed to by lUc 
Commons ; but the House of Lords can reject a money bill, as in thecase 
of the Paper Duties Bill of I860. 

The jurisdiction of the House of Lords as a court of Ultimate Appeal « a: 
constituted nnderan Act psssed in 1876, which came into operation in M ir. 
of that year. The Lords of Appeal consist of the L«)rd Chancellor (prt- . 
siding) and four Lords of Appeal in ordinary, three constituting a quorum, 
and may also include such peers of Parliament as hold or have held hii,h 
judicial office ; there is nothing in the Act to prevent lay peers also atteiut 
ing. The Lords of Appeal in ordinary receive each a life Peerage as a 
Baron, conferring a in the Honse of Lords. 

HOUSE OF COMMONS.— The House used to sit in St. Stephen's Chaprl. 
the chapel of the Royal Palace of Westminster, until the year 1834, when 
that building was destroyed by ftre. St. Stephen's Hall noir occupies the site 
of the former House of Commona; the basementstory of St. Stephen's Chapel, 
namely , the sub chapel, still exists. The present House of Commons is at 


the north end of the FHace; technically speaking, the House does not 
iBclade the gxlleries at each end of the chamber, or the space below 
the Bar. It was first ased 30th May, 1850. Above the Speaker's chair 
is a gallery for the Reporters. The galleries opposite are reurved for 
prers, Ibreign ministers, special visitors, and strangers, to whom the 
largri portion of the gallery is assigned, and who obtain access by orders 
obtained from the Speaker's secretary. Disttngntshed foreigners and other 
Tuitors are also seated below the Bar. Ladies are excluded from the 
House uf Commons, bnt there is a gallery Hbove that of the Keftorters 
rr»n which, concealed by a grating in front, they are allowed an imper* 
lectTiewof the House. The Ladies' Gallery is now approached by a 
'* liit." The galleries are opened as soon as the Speaker Ukes the chair . 

Formerly the House met at 8, 9, and 10 o'clock in the mr.ming. During 
the century previcui to 1888 the time of meeting was a quarter before 4 o'clock, 
when the Speaker took his seat at the table, and the Chaplain read prayers. 
In 1888 the time of meeting was changed to 3 o'clock, except on Wednesdnys 
and Saturdays. In 19U2 the time was changed to 2 o'clock for an aReruoon 
sitting, except on Fridays. The Strangers' and Reporters' galleries are then 
opened, and as forty generally attend, busineu begins. If, before he takes the 
Chair, thfl speaker feels Imund to ascertain the number present, he counts, 
and if lorty members do not appear at 4 o'clock, the House is adjourned to 
(he next day at the customary hour. At 7.30 the afternoon sitting is feos- 
pendcd antil 00, when the evening sitting commences with adjourned 
prit-ate tMsineas (if any) and Government business. On Fridays the House 
meets at noon and sits till6, if theordersofthe day are not sooner disposed of. 
On other days there was until lately no lime fixed for rising, but in 1888, by 
Standing Order, after 12 o'clock no opposed business can be taken, and the 
siting Is closed at 1 oVlock. (SeeSittings of the House.) The longest sitting 
00 record of the House of Commons in modern times occurred during the 
Debate on the Protection of Person and Property (Ireland) Bill, when the 
debate was prolonged fur 41 hours, viz. from 4 o'clock in the afternoon of the 
31st Jan., 1881, till 9 o'clock in the morning of the 2nd Feb. The House 
does not usually sit on Saturday : when it does, it meets at noon, and seldom 
itts late into the evening of that day. At the opening of each session the 
time of meeting is 2 o'clock, when the spee.'h from the Throne is delivered, 
and the two houjies reassemble for business at 4 o'clock. See also Business, 
Order of,&c., in Parliament. 

LORD HIGH CHANCELLOR. — This distinguished functionary being 
lerper of the great seal. Is by prescription Speaker of the House ot Lords 
aid IS ueually a Peer. When royal commissions ore issued tor opening the 
tnsiaa, for giving the royal assent to bills, or for proroguing Parliament 


the Lord Chancellor it usually one of the CommiMioneri* and read* the 
royal apeech upon the occailon. When the Sorereign opena or cloeea the 
Seaaion In peraon, the Lord Chancellor atandt on the right of the thron« 
and handa to the Monarch the speech opening or terminating the annual 
labours of the Legislature. 

LORDS, HOUSE OP.— See House of Lords. 

—See Bills : also Conference, so. 

MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT.— See Business, &c., in Parliament, 
Conduct of Members of House of Commons Pririleges of Parliament, 
Sittings of the House. 

MINISTER (PRIMK).— See Cabinet. 

MINISTRY.— See Cabinet: also Executive. 

MONEY BILL.— See Appropriation Bill, Supply: also Ways and Means. 

MOTIONS. — Every proceeding in Parliament is based on a motion made 
by a Member (and seconded, if required), whereon the question is 
put from the Chair, which is decided by the House in the afflrmatiTe or th« 
negative. A substantive motion, i.e. a motion not consequent on the pro- 
ceeding before the House, such as motions calling upon the House 
to muke an order, or to agree to a resolution, must be made upon a 
notice printed on the notice paper for the sitting when the motion 
is made, and these motions, as a rule, muKt be moved by the Member in 
whose name the motion stands. Many motions made in the House are 
formal motions that arise from the proceeding in which the Houf^e is 
engaged, such as motions for adjournment, and on a report from a Com- 
mittee, &c. Previous notice of these motions of necessity cannot be given. 

Motions, save motions consequent on an order of the day., or made in 
Committee, require a seconder, although in practice the Speaker does not 
call upon a sec->nder of a motion, unless the propriety of tlie cull be 
obvious. See also Ballot for Notices of Motion. 

MOTIONS FOR LEAVB, &c.— See Bills. Motions for. 

NAMING A MEMBER.— If a Member is guilty of persistent disorder, 
the Speaker calls the particular attention of the House to him and to his 
conduct by calling upon the Member by his name, and thereby shows that 
such Member has incurred the displeasure and censure of the House. How 


that displeasure may take effect was in former times a matter of some 
ancertaintjr, and hence arose that standing parliamentary jest that a 
Speaker once confessed," Heaven knows what would be the result if he 
aamed a Member." Tbatuncertainty is, however, to a considerable extent 
rrmoved, for when the Speaker has named a Member, a motion mnst be 
nade forthwith that the Member be suspended from the service of the 
House. See also Conduct of Members. 

appointed by Royal Proclamation for the return of the writs, after a 
General Election, the Members meet in each House. In the House of Lords 
the Commissioners representing the Sovereign sit, and before these 
Commissioners the Commons are summoned, as upon the commencement 
of an ordinary session. Both Houses are then informed by the Lord 
Chancellor, one of the five Lords Commissioners, that as soon as the 
Members have been sworn, the Sovereign will declare the cause of 
their being called together; and the Commons are then directed to 
proceed to their chamber forthwith, and there elect a Speaker who is 
to be presented next day for the Sovereign's approval. New Peers having 
been introduced in the Lordf, that House adjourns to the next day. Mean- 
while, the Commons proceed in their own House to elect their Speaker. 
The process uf election is, briefly, as follows. The Clerk of the House 
rises in his place at the table and points to a Member (previously prepared 
as to the course that is to be taken), and without having spoken a word 
he fthe Clerk) sits down again. The Member indicated then rises and, 
addressing the Clerk, proposes that some other Member (who also has 
been previously prepared for the motion), "do take the Chair of this House 
as Speaker." The motion is seconded by another Member, usually one 
who ha« been Leader of the House of Commons, or has held a similar post 
of importance. On the motion being carried, and the Member proposed 
to be elected expressing his willingness to accept the office, the new 
Speaker is conducted to the Chair, from which he addresses the House in 
a speech of thanks, Ac. If another Memoer is proposed for the office, the 
claims of each nominee are discussed in a debate, and decided upon, if 
nreessary, by a division. The Mace, which had been placed below the 
table, is now laid thereon, where thereafter it always appears during the 
littings of the House with Mr. Speaker in the Chair. 

Next day the Speaker himself, at the head of the Commons, presents him* 
i(lf tothe Royal Commissioners attending in the House of Lords to receive 
him, and the Sovereign's approval of the election of the Speaker is accorded . 
Mr. Speaker afterwards making one of the speeches which give him his 
oame, and therein claiming, as he says, for himself, and on behalf of the 


Commonii, "all their ancient and undoubted rights and privileges." The 
Sovereign has in former times appeared in person in these proceedings 
(and on one occasion, in the year 1678, the "gracious approval" of the 
elected Speaker was withheld), bat of late years the Commissioners re- 
present the King, or Queen, who usually does not appear upon tlie scene 
until two or three days later, the day namely appointed for the formal open- 
ing of Parliament and the delivery of the King's, or Queen's, *' Speech." 
(See also Session, Sittings of Parliament, Speaker, &c.) 



OFFICE (ACCEPTANCE OP).— See Chlltern Hundreds. 

ORDERS OF THE DAT.— These are the stages of bills and other matters 
already ordered to be taken into consideration, and so forming part of the 
appointed business of each day's sitting. Orders of the Day may be 
superseded by an amendment snbstitating for it a resolotion of the 
House; or beoume " dropped " when, if the order of the day is read, no 
action be taken thereon. Sach orders as are not reached, owing to a prior 
adjournment of the Huu»e, are put down for the next sitting. For*' Passing 
to (he Orders of the Day," see Previous Question. 

ORIGIN OF BILLS. -Generally speaking, with the Crown originate 
bills ofamnesty {—with the House of Lords all bills relating to a restitutiOD in 
blood and to restitution of honours;— with the House of Commons all bills 
relating to the public income and expenditure, which must receive tlie 
previon.s recommendation of the Crown. BillsafTecting tberoja] prerogative 
require the consent of the Crown. It is considered discourteous for one House 
to take the initiative in any measure aflecttng the privileges ol the other. 
It has always been held that in the Lords should originate bills of ** pains and 
penalties^'* or other measures founded upon oral testimony, mainly because 
until a comparatively recent date (1871) the Commons had not the power 
possessed by the Lords of examining witnesses upon oath. 

PALACE OF WESTMINSTER, THE.-See House of Coramoas, &c. 

PARLIAMENT.— The Commons are not the Parliament, neither ar« tlje 
Lords nor the Crown ; but the Sovereign and three <* Estates " ol the realm, 
the lords spiritual, the lords temporal, and the commons, united, constitute 
the High Court of Parliament, and exercise the legislative Amotions of the 
realm ; though it is usual to speak of the King, Lords, and Commons as 


the -three branches of the Legislatore." A peer is as much a mem- 
ber of Parliament at a commoner, while the Crown is a whole estate of 
ParlUment centred in the person of an individual. Thetwo Mouses convened 
by royal authority, and acUng jointly with the Crown, constitute the Legis- 
Uture or Rsrlianient » and its acU are called IndlfTerently «« Statutes** or «« Acts 
of Parliament;'* they hare the full force and efftet of law. (See «« Bills/') 
Parliament fully assembled consists of the Kinff, with the two estates 
of the peerage, sitting in one House, and the Commonalty by their repre- 
lentatiFCs standing below the bar. Neither of the Houses ever delibe. 
raU$ in the presence of the Sovereign, nor will either of them permit any 
allusion in debate to his sentiments. The King, Lords, and Commons, 
in their onitedcharact««r,exercisenonebutthelegislativefunctions. Taken 
together they are the Parliament, and there can be no Act of Parliament 
in which they do not concur. (See Royal Assent.) The power of Parlia- 
ment is held to be tranxendent, and subject to no limitation whatever. An 
Actof Parliament binds every subject, and even the Sovereign, when speciaUy 
named therein ; and no aothority less than that of Parliament can dispense 
with or abrogate a statute. In addition to this legislative character, 
common to the three, each has separate functions peculiar to itself. In 
•he Sovereign resides the whole executive authority. The House of Lords 
exercises judicial authority as a court of Ultimate Appeal, and as a tribunal 
to which great oiBners of State, impeached by the other House, are 
amenable. (See also House of Lords, and House of Commons.) 

PEERS OP PARLIAMKNT.-The Peerage of Great Britain and Ireland 
may be described as conaisting of, Ut, the Peers of England ; 2ndly, those 
of Scj>tland ; 3rdly, thoj-e of Ireland ; 4(hly, those of Great Britain ; and, 
Sthly, those of the United Kingdom ; according to their patents of 
creation. In the House of Lords, all Peers of England have seats and 
votes » have all of Great Britain, and of the United Kingdom. It fre- 
quently happens that Peers of England, Great Britain, or the United 
Kingdom, hold an equal or superior rank in the peerage of Scotland or that of 
Ireland; in which case, though popularly known by the higher dignity, they 
Kill have seats and votes in the Hou.e as of the inferior ranlt. It sometimes 
lappens also that the eldest son of a peer has a seat in the House during the 
lifetime of his fathei. The Rirl of Lovelace so sat as Baron Wentworth (by 
courtesy Viscount Ockham), he having succeeded to the barony through 
fcs mother. On the death of the Ist Earl of Lovelace (1893), Lord 
Wentworth became 2nd Earl, and his title. Baron Wentworth, became 
•erged in the higher dignity. The peers of ScoUand and Ireland have 
I place m the House only by their representatives, of which Ireland sends 
a, who are elected for life, and Scotland 16, chosen for each new Parlla- 



ment. By the Act of Union, no Iriah Peer enjoying a British dignity can be 
elected a RepretentaUve Peer. But the caw of an Irish Representative ob- 
taining an English Peerage after his election was not adverted to t thme hxve 
consequently been Irish representatives sitting by their Irish dignities, 
thou^ holding also English baronies. With a view to diminishing the 
number of non-representative Irish peers, but few new creations have been 
made during late years. The latest creations are the Dnkedom of Abercorn 
and the Ban>nyof Rathdonnel (1868), and the Barony nf Kedleston (1898). 
Irish Peers, not representative, may sit in the House of Commons k^r 
other than Irinh constituencies, but Scotch Peers may not. In adiUtion 
to the hereditary Peers of Parliament, the four Judges nf Appeal have 
the dignity of Barons for life, and nre summoned to Parliament as aach 
during their tenure of office. The two Archbishops, the Bishopa ot 
London, Durham, and Winchester, and SI of the remaining Bishops of 
England and Wwles, have seats in the House of Lords, not as Peers, 
but as Lords Spiritual of Parliament. The five flrat-mentioned prelates 
have their seats on appointment ; the others take seats by seniority 
of consecration, the junior Bishops being for the time excluded. The 
Bishop ofSodor and Man has no seat in Parliament. 

PRTITION8.— Tlieite musit proceed firoin British sutijects or foreigners 
resident in this country. When intended for the House of Lords, a petition 
must be addressed, "To the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and 
Temporal in Parliament assembled;" when addressed to the House or 
Commons, it nuy be directed, ** To the Honourable the Knights, Citiaens, 
and Burgesses of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in 
Parliament assembled i" but more usually in thif form, **To the Honour- 
able the Commons of the United Kingdom in Parliament assemlWed.** 
Its commencement must describe the petitioners thus: " The humble- 
petition of the electors of the parish of showeth that," dec. or. ira 

the case of an individual, his name and occupation must be state*.^ 
thus: **The humble petition of John Brown, carpenter, showeth that,** dec 
The statement of grievance must then follow} and the whole musr 
conclude with a specific prayer. The omission of a prayer ia fhtal to i 
the reception of a petition, for no mete remonstrance or detail of griew- - 
ances will be received. The prayer should be thus introduced : ** Whemu. 
fore your petitioners humbly pray that your Honourable House will t»« 
pleased to," dec, the particular relief expected being here stated.. To t>»« 
whole petition must be added the words, ** And your petltionera as ».«3 
duty bound will ever pray, &c. ;» immediately thereupon mustfoUow the sis^. 
natures ; of which one at least must be on the same sheet of paper, or skin oi 
parchment, aa the petition— not pasted or otherwise appended. The signature^ a 


or marks must be original— not copies nor signatures of agents on behalf o 
ofheni, except in the case of illness ; thus no chairman of a public meeting 
can sigti for the whole meeting; in the caf«e of snch an informality the 
petition is received only as that of the individnal signing. But the 
common seal of a Corporation Is received as the petition of the whole 
rorporate body, and the Corporations of London and Dublin have tlie right 
to petition without the intervention of a member. The address of each 
petitioner must be affixed to his signature. A printed, lithographed, or 
type- written petition will not be received ; it must l>e in writing on parch 
ment or on paper, free from erasures or interlineations, and composed 
in English, or accompanied by a translation, which the inreaentinf mem- 
ber certifies to be correct ; but no letters, affidavits, or other documents, 
can be annexed. Petitions are rejected if not respectful and temperate 
in lanicuage, free tVom imputations upon the character and conduct of either 
House of Parliament, the Courts of Justice, or other constituted autho- 
rities. No reference is permitted to any debates, or to any motions supposed 
to be in preparation ; while petitions, praying for a grant of public money or 
for the remission of customs, stamps, or other duties (when payable by any 
person) can only be received on the recommendation of the Crown. The 
presenting memt>er is expected to affix his name to the heginntnfi of the 
ptrtition, as well as to examine whether all the necessary conditions have 
been complied with ; and, though no debHte is allowed on a petition, the 
Committee on Public Petitions subseqnently subject all those documents to a 
severe scrutiny. Petitions for presentation may be forwarded by post free of 
charge, to any member of either House, in parcels open at the ends, merited 
outside," Pariiamentary Petitions," and not exceeding 39 ounces in weight. 

PRESS GALLERY.— Galleries have Ijeen constructed and set apart for 
the use of the reporters for the press in the House of Lords since October 
\b, 1831, in the Hoase of Commons since February lU, 1885. See also 

PREVIOUS QUESTION, MOVING THE.— When a motion has been 
made upon which the House is unwilling to come to a decision, the motion 
can be withheld from the decision of the House by moving " tJie Previous 
ttoestion," or by an amendment to the motion proposing that " the House 
do now proceed to the Orders of the Day," or « do pass to the public busi- 
feess of tlie day." These amendments, which, if agreed to,set aside theoriginal 
■notion, can only be moved on privilege motions, which are brought for- 
«rard without notice before the public business is commenced. The form 
Bf the "Previous Question" in the House of Commons is "That that 
Question (i.e. the original motion) be not now put." If the "Previous 

I 2 



Question" be agreed to, the original motion cannot be put from the 
Chair, though it can be proposed on a subsequent occasion. In the Houi^e 
of Lords the form for the " Previous Question " is " whether the original 
question be now put," and those who support the "Previous Question ' 
vote against that motion. 

PRIVILBGE8 OP PARLL\MENT.— These are of three kindst 1st, the pri- 
vileges which appertain to members indiTlduaily ; 2nd* those which belong 
to either House in its collectire capacity ; 3rd, those of both Hoosee Joint] j. 
Prom well-known precedents it appears that the Lords and Commonr, 
actmg concurrently, can assume the supreme power whenever the throne 
is vacant, or the Sovereign incapable of exercising the royal fonrtions, si 
happened 'at the Revolution in 1688 { in 1788, when a regency was ofiercd 
to the Prince of Wales, though George IIL recovered so speedily that it 
became unnecessary t in 181£, when a restricted regency was appointed ; 
and, subsequently, when the restrictions were removed. The separate 
privileges of either House are extensive, but they are, at the same time, 
uncertain and ind<rfinite. Amongst them are the power of rommittiiig^ 
individuals to prison, the power nf publishing matters which, if not 
issuing firom such high authority, might become the subject of prixreed- 
ings in a court of law, the power of directing the Attomey.General to prosecute 
persons accused of offbnces against the laws, or afibcting the privilege of Par. 
liainent, and, finally, a power vested in each House respectively of doing an\ 
thing iu Hccordance with the law of Parliament— which may be neces- 
sary for the vindication or protection of itself in the exercise of its ou n 
cnnstitulionMl functions. In the daily proceedings of Parliament question^ 
of privilege take precedence of all other business. The privileges of tndlridua I 
Memberb of Parliament are freedom of speech and person. Including fircedom 
from legal arrest and imprisonment. Parhamentary privilege, however, 
does not extend to Indictable oflfences, to contempu of the courts of 
justice, or to cases nude felonies and misdemeanors by the laws o( 
bankinptcy. By bankruptcy, a Member's seat becomes vacant. Members 
of Parliament are exempt from obeying subpoenas, and serving on Juriea. 
" PrivOege of Fsriiament " continues to Peers at all times, and to Commonera 
for a ** convenient" time after prorogation and dissolution. 

Peers are entitled to be present at the coronation of the Sovereign, ana if 
Parliament be in session at the time, the Commons also attend, with tftseir 
clerks and officers. Peers cannot be outlawed in any civil action, nor can 
any attachment lie against their persons ) they are exempt from atteadknc 
courtsleet, or the posse^omitatus } when arraigned fisr any criminal ol1bnc«, 
it must l>e twfure their peers, who relorn a verdict, not npon oath, batBf>on 
honour ; they also have the privilege of sitting covered in courts of juaticc. 
la 1871 an act was passed by which Peers becoming bankrupt, or in 


Scatland having their estatm sequestrated, are disqualifted from sitting or 
voting until after the bankruptcy is annulled, or the debts discharged. 
See also Committals for Breach of Privilege. 

PROGRESS, REPORT OP.— A Committee of the whole House cannot 
^i^ourn its sittings, or any proceeding therein, to n further day. If the 
transactions with which a Committee is charged are not completed, in 
the Lords, when the House is resumed, the Chairman moves " That the 
House be again put into Committee" on a future day, and in the 
Commons, he reports " progress," and asks leave to sit again. 

The motion that the Chairman do report progress is also used in 
Committee in order to interrupt or to arrest the procedure therein, in 
the same way that motions for adjournment are moved in the House- 

PROROGATION,— See Sittings of ParlUment, InterrupUon of. 

QUESTION.- When a motion has been made and seconded, it merges 
in theqnestion which is proposed by the Speaker to the House. Tlierc 
upon debate arises, and amendments may be moved thereto. 

When a question has been proposed from the Chair, the question, sub 
ject to amendments, must be decided by the House in the affirmative or 
negative, or the question may be avoided by the proposal of the previous 
question, or it may; be withdrawn upon unanimous leave given by 
the House. When debate on a question is closed, the question 
must be put. The Speaker rises, states the question to the House, 
beginning with "The question is that," and takes the sense of the 
House thereon by desiring that "as many as are of that opinion say 
' Aye' or 'Noe»*' (in the Lords the form is " Content" or "Not Con- 
tent ") . The Speal:er in reply to the response made by the House says, 
"I think the Ayes (or the Noes) have it," and if that statement be not 
challenged, he finaUy declares, "So the Ayes (or the Noes) have it." If 
the Speaker's statement, "I think, Ac," be cliallenged, he directs the 
House to divide. (See also Debate and Divisions.) 

QUESTIONS TO MINISTERS. -Notices of que.»tion8 must be given 
by members in writing to tlie Clerk at the table, and are taken at a 
qoarter past two. No questions are taken after tive minutes before three 
eicept those whi<^h have not been answered in consequence of the 
ii'Meace of .the minister to whom they are addressed. Any member who 
desires an oral answer may distinguish it by an asterisk, but notice rnunt 
"P;>earun the notice paper of the day before that on which an answer is 
desired. If questions are not distinguished by an asterisk or the member 
h not present to ask it, or if it is not reached before live minutes to three 


the answer will b« printed with tbe votes, unless the member has 
signified his desire to postpone the qoestion. 

QUORUM.— See House of Lords and House of Commons. 

REJECTION OF A BILL.— The usual mode of moving the rejection 
of a measure is by moving an amendment to the question. That the bill 
be now read the second time, whereby, if agreed to, the House order 
that the bill be read a second time ou this day six mouths. See also 

REPORTERS fPARLIAMENTARY).-SeePre88Galleryand Strangers. 

RESOLUTION.— A Resolution of the House consists of an entry in the 
Journal which batons with the word " Resolved." This form is used when 
the House arrives at decisions regarding its future conduct, snch as art- 
embodied in the Standing Orders, or when the House gives expression tn 
its collective opinion, as in a resolution that the Ministry do not possess 
the confidence of the House, or when the House expresses an adverse opinion 
upon a bill by substituting for the motion that the bill be read a second 
time, a declaration that, for specified reasons, it is undesirable that the bill 
should become law. 

When the House determines that a return should be made to the House, 
or that a matter should be dealt with on a future day, the Journal entry 
begins with the word "Ordered That, &c." See also Orders of the Day. 

ROYAL ASSENT— The act by which the Crown agrees to a blU which has 
pasted both Houses is called** The Royal Assent,*' which may be given by the 
Sovereign in person robed, crowned,and seated on the throne in the House of 
Lords, or the royal assent may be given by commissioners appointed by the 
Crown for that special purpose and for the single occasion. The furmsobMerved 
in both cases do not vary, and are as follow:— The Lords being assembled in 
their own House, the Sovereign or the Commissioners seated, and the Commons 
nt the bar, the titles of the several bills which have passed both Mouses u« 
read, and the King or Queen's answer Is declared by the Clerk of the Ite*! la- 
ments in Norman French. To a bill of supply (which on being presented 
by the Spealcer has the precedence of other bills) the assent is given ta the 
following words i—*'i:.e roy (or, la reyne) remercte set bong tufett^ meetptt 
fntrbinivolenee et airuile 9euU,^* To public general bills it Is given In theaa 
terms:— **/<e roy for, la reyne) It vetiM.'* To a private bill it is thus de- 
clared :—**Sot( fait comme U est detiti.^* Should the Sovereign refuse 
assent, it Is In the gentle language of **£« roy (or, la reyne/ s^aviMera,** As 
acts of grace and amnesty originate with the Crown, the clerk expressing the 


fjutitiide of the subject addresMt the throne as follows.— **!>« prtlan. 
Meignturst el cimumnus^tn ee priient Pariiament ataenMiM au nam de touu 
tout tnitret t^fets retturclent Iris hunMetnent vottre majealit et priettt A 
Dieu Mm« donmr *n santi bonne uie et Umgue." The moment the royal asMnt 
ban been given, that which was a bill becomes an Act, and tnitanUjf has the 
force and effect of law, unless some time for the commencement of its opera- 
tioB should have been specially appointed. 

RULES OP PROCEDURE.— See Ba»neMi, Debate, Motions, Standing 
Orders, &c. 

SERJEANT AT ARMS.— There are two officers bearing this titlr, 
appointed bj the Crown to attend the Houses of Fvllsment, and each has a 
dsputjr. In the House of Lords, the maintenance of decorum below the bar, 
iioar the throne, and in the gallery, devolves upon the (tentleman and ye«inun 
nsher of the BiNck Rod, with their as^i»tant^ so that ** the Serjeant at Arms 
attending the House of Lords" haa less conspicuous duties to perfbrm than 
tbosa which devolve upon** the Serjeant at I ending the House of Commoni>)" 
both, however, execute the commands of the House to whtch they belong, as 
regards the apprehension or custody of all persons committed by order of 
Psrliament. In the House of Commons, the Sorfeant at Arms is an officer 
of considerable importance, assisted by a deputy and several subordinate 
ofRcers; during the sittings of the House he occupies a chair close to 
the bar, and he diiects a large proportion of the arrangements connected 
with the maintenance of order in the approaches to the House and the 
oflices adjacent. He is at once the executlvo and th« ceremonial officer 
of the lower House. He discharges the duties appertaining to his office 
>nd givea efiect to the directions of the House, communicated through the 
Speaker. The office is usually held by a gentleman of the military profesiion 

SESSION.—The term session, applied to the sittings of any public assembly, 
vould be generally understood to signify the period during which they >at 
without any intermission or recess { but in Iteliamentary language it has u 
more extensive stgniflcation. Unless Parliament be prorogued, the session 
is not closed. The House of Commons takes care to limit to one year the 
duration of certain Acts of Parliament, such as the Army (annual) or 
Motiny Act, and ceruin statutes authorising the levy of taxes, &c., without 
viiich the Government of the country could not be carried on ; and the 
Crown, therefore, is compelled to resort to an annual assemblage of Parlia- 
■neat, which usually takes piece in the beginning of February, though special 
ciicunutancee may sometimes lead to the appointment of an earlier period. 
Six days at lease, butgenerally thirty or fbrty days previous to the intended 
ncetiag, a pmclamation Is bsued by the Crown, commandfaag the attendanr 


of the Lords and Common i, nmully at Westminster; Init It may be at any 
place within the United Kingdom. The Houses being assembled, the 
So?erelgn meets them in the House of Lords, either in person, or by 
Lords Commissioners, and decliires the cansesoi the nommons by a Speech, 
prepared beforehand by the Cabinet. Thas does a seMsion cnmmencr. 

The circumstance of either or both Houses adjourning their sittings, 
whether vith or without the recommendation of the Crown, does not ter- 
minate the tesaion. To effect that, there must he the prorogation of 
Parliament, under a royal commission, or by the Sorereign in person. 
The progress which a measure makes in one session does not influence 
itfl position in the next, or in any others for if not completed previous 
to prorogation, it in any following session be commeuoed 
de novo; though private bills are occasionally bU»p«nded from one 
Hcsaion to anotlirr. The business usually transacted on the first day of 
every session is to take into consideration the speech nrom the throne ; Imt 
for "form's sake," a bill always receives a first reading, in order, it Is 
said, to show that Fariiament is not obliged to give precedence to the 
siibiects contained in the royal speech. In the year 1763, in 1817, and on 
various other occasions, the consideration of the King's speech haa been 
delayed by discussions on other subjects, but generally the practice ia to 
proceed with it at the afternoon sitting, namely, in about two or three hours 
after the speech has been delivered. 

The usual duration of the session is fi-om February to August ; but no num- 
ber or length of adjournments destroys tti continuity. In the year I6£l, the 
House of Commons adjoivned its sittings For five months; but yet it was held 
that the session had not terminated. Tl>e session of 18iJ8 ran into 1894, 
heint; the Innpent scj^sinn on record, except in the case of the Long Parlia- 
ment. In 1A49, it is recorded that Parliament sat through the Christmas 
holidays, Christmas Day alone excfpted. f See Sittings of Parliament, New 
Parliament, &c.) 

SIX MONTHS (THIS DAY).— See Rejection of a Bill. 

ceedinRS of Parliament may be intermpted or suspended either by ad- 
joornment, prorn(ration,or dissolution. Adjournment, as the term imports 
is a postponement ofthesit.tingorproceedingii of either Mouse of Parliament 
from .)ne time, to another Npecitied for the reassemblage of the Hoose, or 
the re^uinptiun of tiio business wliich was adjourned. Tlio interruption 
of a sitting of both Houses by royal authority is called prorogation. l)is- 
xolation puts an end to the representative character of the individaals 
who at the time compose the House of Commons, as well as to that of the 


Scottish RepreFentatire Peers, and Parliament cannot again assemble antil 
after a general election. 

The power of adornment is inherent in each Honse respectively, and 
no precise restraints apon this power are preacrilied by the constitation. 
Either Hoase may interrupt or postpone any debate, defer the consideration 
of any raeasnre, or adjourn its sittings. The Lords frequently adjoarn 
"daring pleasare," which means that the Lord Chancellor or other 
Speal(er of the House may, in the exercise of his discretion, take his 
ieat on the woolsack, two other Peers being present, and resume busi- 
ness at any hour within the day on which such Mdjonrnment "during 
pleasure" has taken place, otherwise their Lordships' House will 
stand adjourned to the usual hour of meeting on the following day. 
The Commons, on the contrary, always adjourn to a time specified, though 
tlie saspension of a sitting often takes place. The adjournment of 
one House is no adjournment of the other. The Crown may, during an 
adjournment or prorogation, summon both Houses by proclamation. The 
pleasure of the Crown may be signified that boih Houses should adjourn to 
a specified day ; this intimation is contrary to modern usage, and has not 
been exercised since 1814. Adjournment does not cAost the session ; proro. 
nation does not terminate the Parliament ; the former is an act of either 
House; the latter an act of the Crown, whereby the duration of a 
seasiun may be extended or curtailed, according to the royal pleasuret 
subject to Act of Parliament. 

All unfinished proceedings (except an impeachment, and an appeal 
to the House of Lords) are quashed by prorogation; but during an 
adjonrnment they remain m statu quo. Prorogation is effected at 
the dose of a session by royal oomraissitin, aud then by proclama- 
tion until it is intended that Parliament should assemble for the dis- 
patch of business. Prorogation has been resorted to in order to admit 
lh« reintroduction, otherwise not possible until the next session^ of a 
bill which has b«en rejected by the Lords ; thus in 1831 there whs a 
prorogation from Oct. 2U to Dec. ^, to allow of the reintroduciion of the 
Kefonn Bill. The Crown by proclamation may, notwithstanding a proroga- 
tion, summon Parliament on giving not less than six days' notice ; before 
the year 1 870 the period was fixed at fourteen days. In case of the embodi- 
ment of the Militia, Parliament must be summoned within ten days. 

Dissolution is the civil death of Parliament, and may be eflected by 
the pleasure of the Crown, or by of time. Parliament under 
<be Septennial Act ceases to exist after seven years from the day 
On nhich by the writ of summons it was appointed to meet. Until 
'he Reform Act of 1867 was passed, the law was that, however re- 
cently elected, a Parliament expire in six months at most i^rom the 



demise of (he Crown, Mbject tn disflolafion by the Sorerei};n in a 
less period than six months from the denth of his predcoesKor. 
Since that Act became law, however, the Parliament in being at any 
future demise of the Crown will continue as long as it would have 
otherwise continued, unless dissolved by the new Sovereign. If Parlia- 
ment at the time of the Sovereign's death be separated by a^joarnmetit 
ur prnrngwtion, it mast assemble immediately. If no Parliament bts then 
in existence, the members of the last must again meet and may serve lu a 
Parliament for six months, unless sooner prorogued ; and so much Innpor- 
tance appears to be attached to an instant assemblage, that upon the 
demise of the Crown even the intervention of Sunday has not been per- 
mitted to delay the meeting of both Houses. ^See also Session.) 

SITTINGS OP THE HOUSE.— Unless the House otherwise order, 
the House shall meet every Monday, Tuesday, "Wednesday, and Thurs- 
day at Two of the clock for an afternoon hitting, and at Nine of the 
cloclc for an evening sitting, and shall, unless previously adjourned, 
sit till One of the clock a.m., when the Speaker shall adjourn the 
House without Question put, unless a Bill originating in Committee 
of Ways and Means, or unless proceedings made in pursuance of any 
Act of Parliament, or Standing Order, or otherwise exempted, under 
the provisiuns contained in this Standing Order, be then under 

That at 7 30 and midnight on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and 
Thursdays, except as aforesaid, and at half-past Five of the clock on Fri- 
dayH, the proceedings on any business then under consideration shall be 
interrupted ; and the business then under consideration, and any busi- 
ness subsequently appointed, shall be appointed for the next day on 
which the House shall sit, unless the Speaker ascertains by the prepon- 
derance of voices that a majority of the House desires that such business 
should be deferred until a later day. 

That after the business under consideration at Twelve and half-pa^t 
Five respectively has been disposed of, no opposed business shall W 
taken ; and the Orders of the Day not disposed of at the cliwe of the 
sitting shall stand for the next day on which the House shall sit. 

That a Motion may be made by a Minister of the Crown at the com- 
mencement of Public Business, to be decided without Amendment or 
Debate, to the following effect : "That tlie proceedings on any specified 
business if under discussion nt Twelve this night be not interrupted 
under the Standing Order ' Sittings of the House.' " 



officer, who presides over the deliberations of the Houaej was anciently, 
■■ at preaeat, the oi^an or spokesman of the Commons, and delivers 
speeches on their belialf. Amongst the duties of the Spealcer are the fol. 
lowing: he reads to the Sovereign addresses from the Commons, and 
delireri, in the Royal presence, whether at the Palace or in the House 
of Lords, nich speeches as are usually made on behalf of the Commons. He 
praposes and puta each queation for the decision of tiie House, and, if 
uecessary, direcu the House to divide thereon, and appoints the tellers ; 
be callson the Members who rise to speak j he puts questions in the name of 
the House, when witnesses or prisoners are at the bar} reprimands persons 
who incur the displeasure of the House ; issues warrants fior new writs ft>r the 
election of a. If ember, and makes communications in writing, when so in- 
•tnictedby the House. 

He is the guardian of the rights and privileges of the House) and by hit 
counsel ascertains that private bills are drawn In conformity with the Law of 
Ptflianwnt. He expresses the thanks or approbation of the Commons to dis. 
tinguished personages ; entertains the Members at dinner in due successiun 
and at stated prriodsi and in the Chaplain's absence he reads prs} ers. He 
siijnurBS the House at four o'clock, if forty members be not present (see 
Httose of Common^)- 

He maintains order in the House, either by the authority of his position, or 
under the standing and other orders of the House. The Speaker names 
Members who persist in disorder (see Naming a Member). In extreme cases 
Uie Speaker may order Members or others Into custody until the pleasure Of 
the Houaa be sigDified. The Speaker must not enter into debstr, 
though be may speak in a Committee of the whole House. On divisions, 
when the numbers iiappen to be equal, he gives the casting voice, ntherw ise 
he only votes when out of the Chair, that is when the House is in Committee. 
When Parliament is prorogued by the Sovereign, it is customary for the 
Speaker to address to the I hrone from the bar of the House of Lords, 
> ipeech recapitulating the proceedings of the session. 

His Privileges, Appointment, and Rank.— He is chosen by the House of 
Commons from amongst its own members, subject to the approval of the 
Crown, and holds office till the dissolution of the Parliament in which 
>w was elected. His salary is 5000/. a.year, with a fnrnUhed residence. 
At the end of his official labours he ts rewarded by a peerage, and a 
pension of 40001. He is a member of the ("rivy Council and entttlod to 
rank after Barons. 

Until the year 18A8, business conid not be transacted in his absence, 
though to this rule there was an exception in the year 1606, a prisoner 
**«ing released by order of the House during the illness of a Speaker. In 
An;u9t, 1853, however, it was rexolved that during the unavoidable 


abKHce of (he Speaker, the Chairman of Committee of Ways and Means 
should preside in bis stead ; and the Speaker may during the sitting of the 
House, ask htm to take the Chair. (See also Closure of Debate, Conduct 
of Members, Sittings of the House, Chairman of Committee of Wayeand 
Means, New Parliament, &c.) 

SPB AKBR OF THE HOUSE OF LOilDS.~The Lord Chancdlor, or Lord 
Keeper of the great seal* is by prescription Speaker of the House of Lords. 
He is usually, but not necessarily, a peer. There has always been a Deputy 
Speaker* and formerly there were two or moret tiut from the year 
1851 there was only one, though in 1881, four Deputy Sp«-akers were 
appointed. The Chairman in Committees cenerallv fills this office (see 
Chairman of Committee). In the alwence of the Lord Chancellor and 
the Deputy Speakers* it is competent to the House to appomt any noble 
Lord to take the woolsack. The Speaker is the organ or mouthpiece of the 
House, and it is therefore his duty to represent tlielr Lordships in theii 
collective capacity when holding intercourse n ith other public bodies or with 
ndividoals. Unlike the Commons* Speaker, lie votes on divisions, but be 
has not a casting vote ; for should the numbers prove equal, the not contents 
are held to prevail. See also Lord High Chancellor and New Parliament. 


resolution agreed to by (h j Houjie for the guidance and <irder of their pro- 
ceedings, whidi the House has resolved to a Standing Order, and is 
operHtive until it is repealed. The Stnnding Orders regulate the sittings 
of the committees of the House, procedure on bills* the presentation of 
petitions* the creation of charges upon the public revenue, and other 
matters connected with the procedare of the House. 

Sessional orders agreed to at the commencement of each session are re- 
newed l^om year to year. These orders relate to Members returned upon 
doable returns* and declsre that peers must not interfere with elections to 
Pitrliament, and that the Hou.<>e will proceed with severity against persom 
guilry of electoral bribery. The Commi.<'sioners of the Police are also 
ordered to keep the streets leading to the house free and open. 

Many resolutions governing the procedure of the House made in past 
Parliaments are continually observed, and have by custom received ilie 
force and operative eflfectof a Standing Order. 

STRANGERS— It is contrary to the Standing Orders of both Houses thst 
any suangers should be present; and the publicmtion of debates U theoretically 
a breach of privilege. But secret deliberation by Parliament has been so 


long renounced) that the right of the public to be present through their 
agents* the Reporters, is as clearly established as if no theoretical 
privacj had ever existed. Occasions have arisen, however, though at Itmg 
interrals, when the House has thought proper to exclude strangers, as 
in 1870, when they were excluded during debates not thought desirable tu 
render public. Up to the year 1875 a single member who toolc 
notice of the presence of strangers could procure an order from the Chair 
for their ezciusion; but by resolution agreed to during the session of 1875, 
subsequently made a Standing Order, strangers are not to be excluded 
except by a motion carried wiihout amendment or debate, reserving to 
the Speaker or Chairman the power to order the withdrawal of strangers 
from any part oi the House. As ladies are not technically ** StrNngers," 
their preaance in their gallery is unaffected by the order of the House. 
See House of Commons.) 

SOPPLY (COMMITTEE OF)^All proceedings which relate to the publie 
income or expenditure must originate with the House of Commons, and are 
commenced by the demand of the Sovereign, in the Royal Speech, for 
« supply of money to maintain (he public service. The grant of Supply 
by the Commons is founded on the estimates of the annual expenditure 
presented by the Crown, and is made by resolutions which are sgreed to, 
first in Committee of Supply, and then by the House, and subsequently 
sanctioned by the Appropriation Act. (See p. 111.) After the House 
has first gone into Committee of Supply on the Army, Navy, and Civil 
Services, the Hoase resolves itself into Committee forthwith, in order 
that under the constitutional usage that grievances be heaid before (he 
grant of Supply general subjects are discussed on the question, " that 
the Speaker do leave the Chair." The payment of the grsnt of Supply 
is made by the Treasury when the issue is sanctioned by a royal order 
under the sign manual, and by the Consolidated Paud and the Appro- 
priation Acts which are passed during the progress and at the close of the 
session. See also Ways and Means. 

SUPPLY (BUSINESS OF).— "As soon as the Committee of Supply 
hssbeen appointed and Estimates have been presented, the bminess of 
Supply ihsll (until it be disposed of) he the first order of the day on 
Thursday, unless the House otherwiie order on the motion of a Minister of 
the Crown moved at the commencement of public business, lo be decided 
without amendment or 4ebate. 

Not more than twenty days, being days before the 5th of August, 
shall be allotted for the consideration of the Annual Estimates for the 


Army, Navy, and Civil Services, including Votes on Account. The days 
allotted shall not include any day on which question has to be put that 
the Speaktr do leave the chair, or any day on which the busineaa of Supply 
does not stand as first order. 

"Provided always, that the days occupied by the consideration of Esti- 
mates supplementary to those of a previous Session, or of any Vote of Credit, 
shall not be Included in the computation of the twenty days. 

" Provided also, that on motion made after notice, to be decided without 
amendment or debate, additional time, not exceeding^ three days, may be 
allotted for the busineasof Supply, either before or after the 5th of August. 

*' On a day so allotted, no business other than business of Supply 
shall be taken before midnight, and no business in Committee or 
proceedings on Report of Supply shall be Uken after midnight, 
unless the House otherwise order on the motion of a Minister of the 
Crown, moved at the commencement of public business, to be decided 
without amendment or debate. 

** Of the days so allotted, not more than one day in Committee shall be 
allotted to any Vote on Account, and not more than one sitting to the 
Report of that Vote. At midnight on the close of the day on which that 
Vote is taken, and at the close of the sitting on which the Report of that 
Vote is taken, the Chairman shall forthwith put every question necessary 
to dispose of the Vote or the Report. 

" At ten o'clock on the last but one of the allotted days, the Chairman 
shall proceed tn put forthwith every question necessary to dispose of the 
Vote then under consideration, and forthwith put the question that all 
Votes outstanding be granted ; and at ten o'clock on the last day the 
Speaker shall proceed to put forthwith every question necessary to com- 
plete the outstanding Reports of Supply. 

"On the days appointed for concluding the business of Supply, the 
consideration of that business shall not be anticipated by a motion of 
adjournment; nor may any dilatory motion be moved on such pro- 
ceedings for that business; nor shall they be interrupted under any 
Standing Order. 

" Kny additional estimate for any new service or matter not included in 
the original estimates, shall be submitted for consideration on some day 
not later than two days before the Committee is closed.** 

ceedings on the reports of the Committees of Supply and Ways and 
Means, nnd other committees authorizing the expendituie of public 


money, may be entered upon at any hour, though opposed, and shall 
not be interrupted under the provisions of any Standing Order regulating 
the sitiinge of the House. 

SUSPENSION of a Member from Servke— See Conduct of Members. 

OP.— See Adjoarnment, Moved before Pahlic BaiiiueM. 

VACATING SBATSw— See ChUtem Hundreda. 

WATS AND MSAN8 (COMHITTSS OF)^Aaia the Committee of Supply 
(see Sapply) the eJiaual expenditure of the nation is provided for, the levy of 
taxation to meet the Sappiy is voted in the Committee of Ways and Meant. 
All loana, duties* taxest tolls, reTenae, and imposu must be tirst considered 
in a Committee of the whole House, whilst the imposition of taxation 
for the servioe of the year is reserved lor the Committee of Ways 
and Means. The propositions of Oovernment for the levy of taxation are 
voted In the form of separate resolutions, which, having been agreed to by 
the House, are embodied into bills,and in due course become law. As in 
the case of other money bills, the Lords may reject, tmt cannot modify th'sse 
bills ; nor can their Lordsfcips insert pecuniary penalties in any bill, unless 
it be a private bill. The Appropriation bill is founded upon the resolution 
whicn closes the proceedings of the Conunitte of Ways and Means. (See 
also Chairman of.) 




The Hoaaeof Commons consists of 670 Members, of which England re- 
tarns 4A5 : Wales, 8U ; Scotland, 72 ; and Ireland. 103. The following 
are the 




With a Statement of the Population of each, the number of 

Registered Electors upon the last Register published, 190^, and 

the Polls at the General Election, October, 1900. 
The names of the unsaccessful candidates are printed in Italics, 
The names marked with an asterisk (*) are of those who were members of 

the last Parliament. 
The abbreviations here used are as follows:— />o/>. for population; dt'st. 
for district of barghs; diif. for division ',reff. elect, for registered electors. 
C. Conservative; LM. Liberal Unionist; C. Liberal; N. Nationalist. 

The figures giving the Registered Electors are of electors, and do not 
inclmle duplicate voles.* Th<r Population is from the Census returns 
of 1901. 

ABERCROMBY. See Liverpool. 


North Division. Pop. 65,793. 
•Capt. D. V. Pirie (L.) . . . .4238 

R. Williams (C.) 2251 

Reg. Elect. I9t0, 10,047; 1903, 10,326. 

South Division. Pop. 77,935. 
•Rt. Hon.J. Bryce(L.) . . .4238 
W. C. Smith (L.U.) .... 3830 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 11.383; 1903,12,158. 


East Division. Pop. 77,433. 

A. W. Maconachie tL.U.) . . 4178 

r. R. Buchanan (L.) . . . 4100 

Keg Elect. 1900, 12,404 ; ir03, 12,370. 

fVest Division. Pop. 65.f93. 

•Dr. R. Farquharson (L.) . . 4352 
Sir A. Grant, Bt. (C.) . . . 3213 

Reg. Elect. 190O.I0/S56; 1903, 10.710. 

• The Official Return has a note to the efltect that the figure* hen given " are 
taken from the Rei^isten of ParliamenUry Voters, transmitted to the SecreUry 
'V .\^.}^ pursuance of Section 37 of the Parliamentary Electora RegistraUon 
Act, 1868. The officers in chaive of Registers were asked to (umish a summary of 
tne number of ParUamentary Electors, exclusive of duplicate r«gistrauons, so far 



VERSITIES. 5«« Glasgow. 

ABINGDON. See Berkshire. 

ACCRINGTON. SwLancashire.N.E 

ALTRINCHAM. See Cheshire. 

ANDOYER. See Hampshire. 

ANGLESEY. Fbp. 60,606. 
'E. J. Griffiths (L.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900,9627; 1903,9914. 


North jinirim. Pop. 45,724. 
* William Hoorr, Junr. (C.^ . 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 8600; 1903, 7966. 
Mid-AntHm. Pop. 46,020. 
•Hon. R. T.O'Ni-.iilCC). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 8219 ; 1903, 7564^ | 
Batt Antrim. Pop. 62,270. 
*Co]. Jamfts M'Calnont (C.) . . 3583 
l}r. King Kerr (C. and Pre*.) . 2653 
R«g. Elect. 1900, 8886 ; 19r»3. 8489, 

SouUt Antrim. Pop. 49,205. 
•W.O. Ellison Macartney (C.) . 3674 

a. Lawther (Ind.C) 3081 

On Mr. Macartney accepting ofBcej 
new writ, Feb., 1903. 

C. C. Craijf (C.) 4464 

J>r. KeightUy (Ind.) . . . .8616 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 10.881 ; 1903,10,236. 

APPLEBY. &« Westmoreland. 

ARPON. See Carnarvonshire. 

ARGYLESHIRB. Pop. 60,270. 

•D.N.NicoKC) 3834 

^■8.AiH»worth{L.) . . . 

On the death of Mr. NicoI,new writ, 

Sept., 1903. 
J. S. Ain8Worth(L.) . . . .4326] 

('. Stewart \,C.) 2740, 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,406 ; 1903. 10,643.' 


North Armagh. Pop. 46,200 
*Col. B. J. Saundenun (C.) . . 3679 

/. Orr (Ind.C.) 2468 

Reg. Elect. 1900. 10.014 ; 1903, 7687. 

Mid Armagh. Pop. 41,626. 
*J. B. Lonsdale (C.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 7363 ; 1903, 7027. 

Souih Armagh. Pop. 37,413. 

J. Campbell (N.) ]6«6 

Dr. O'kem (N.; 1261 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 7162 ; 1903, 7348. 

ASHBURTON. See Devonshire. 

ASHFORD. &eKent. 


[Pop. 61,080. 

'H.WhiteIejr(C.) 3548 

S. A. Parkyn (L.) 2400 

'/. Johnston (Soc.j 787 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 7763; 1903, 798C. 

ASTON MANOR. Pop. 77,326. 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 12,339 ; 1903, 12,234. 

ATTERCLIFFE. See Sheffield. 

AYLESBURY. See Buckingham, 

AYR Dist. (Comprising Oban, 
Irvine. Ayr. Campbeltown, and 
Inverary.) Pop. 6U,v&5. 
*C. L. Orr-Ewing(C.). . . . Slol 
Col.E. C.BrotoneiJi.). . , .2511 
On the death of Mr. Orr-Ewing, 
new writ. 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 6819; 1903, 7027. 

North Division. Pop. 87,946. 
*Him.T. Cochrane (L.U.) . .6985 

A. Williamson (L.) 4791 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 13,657 ; 1903,14,677 



South Division. Pop. 95,455. 
Sir W. Anol (L.U.) . . . .6616 
A. Johnton Ferguaon (L.) . . 5753 
Reg. Elect. 1900. 15,941 ; 1903, 16,620. 

BANBURY. &« Oxfordshire. 

BANPPSHIRE. Pop. 52,846. 

A. W. Black (L.) 2768 

/. Watt (C.) 2470 

Keg. Elect. 1900,8156; 1903,8180. 

BARKSTON ASH. See Yorkshire, 



BARNSLEY. See Yorkshire, W.R. 

ClaphamDiv, Pop. 120,761. 
•P.M. Thornton (C.) . . . .7504 

F. D. Perrott (L.) 3084 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 16,572 ; 1903, 17,564 

BEDPORD. Pop. 35.144. 

•C. G. Pym (C.) 2115 

P. Barlow (L.) 1848 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 4711 ; 1903, 5215. 

BEDPORDSHIRE. Pop. 62,446. 
North, or Biggleswade, Div. 

'Lord Alwyne Compton (L.U.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 13,697 ; 1903, 13,315. 

Souths or Luton, Div. Pop. 73,650. 

T. O. Ashton (L.) 5474 

G. E. Elliott (L.U.) 6371 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 13,317 ; 1903, 13,745. 

BARNSTAPLE. See Devonshire. 


[Pop. 67,586. 
*Sir C. W. Cayzer (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 7755 ; 1903, 8197. 

BASINGSTOKE. See Hampshire. 

BASSETLAW. See Nottingham- 


I East Division. Pop. 121.520. 
'G. W. Wolfl (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900,14,666; 1903, 16,484. 

South Division. Pop. 73,386. 
•W. Johnston (C). 

On the death of Mr. W. Johnston, 
new writ, Aug., 1902. 

T. H. Sloan (I.C.) 8795 

C. W. Dunbar Buller (C.) . . 2969 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 8441 ; 1903, 9541. 

f^est Division. Pop. 64,480. 
*H. O. Arnold-Forster (L.U.). 

On Mr. Arnold-Forster being 
appointed Secretary for War, new 

BATH. Pop. 52,778. 
'C«»l. Wyndham-Murray (C.) 
Rt.Hon.E.R. Wodehouse (L.U.) 8439 

D. Maclean (L.) 

^. C. JIfoWon (L.) 2549 writ, Oct., 1903. 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 7300; 1903, 7521. |*H. O. Arnold-Forster (U.) . . 3»12 

,.,.^ — ,. P.Detnp8fy{H.) 3ft7l 

BATTERSEA AND CLAPHaM. | Reg. Elect. 1900, 9652; 1903, f6l7. 
Battersea Div. Pop. 102,46». | North Division. Pop. 89,32i) 

•John Bums (L.) 5800 'Sir J. H. Haslett (C.) . . . 4I7i' 

Jt. Oarton (C.) 6606 T. Harrison (Ind.) 18f>j 

""q. Elect. 1900, 14,420 ; 1903, 14,968. Reg. Elect. 190O, 10,117; 1908, 98B0. 

BERKSHIRE. [Pop. 46.087. 

North, or Abingdon, Divia on. 
•A. K. Loyd(C.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8698; 1903, 8A90. 

Southt or Neiobwry, Division. 
Pop. 65,772. 
'W. A. Meant (C). 

Reff. Elect. ]900, 10,595 ; 1908, 10793. 

Bast, or fVokingham, IJ ivision . 
Fop. 67,610. 
•Capt. O. Young (C). 

On the reiiffnation of Capt. Young, 

new writ, July, 1901. 
E. Gardner (C). 

Keg. Elect. 1900, 11,466 ; 1903. 11^59 

BERM0ND8EY. See Soathwark. 



BERWICKSHIRE. [Pop. 30,688. 

'H.J. Tennant(L.) 2618 

Lord Dftnglass (C.) . . . .1968 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 5493 ; 1903, 6121 


North-Eatt Div. Pop. 64,873. 

'Sir M. M. Bhownaggree (C.) . 2U68 

H. L. H^'. Lawson (L.) . . . 2609 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8012} 1903, 8026. 

South-ff^eet Div, Pop. 64,8.'i4. 

S. P.Ridley (C). 286-2 

•B. U. FicJtertgill (L.) . . . 2514 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 8128 ; 1903. 7893. 



Bdgbaaton Division. Pop. 77,568. 
•P. W. Lowe (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 12,016 ; 1903,12,686. 

West Division. Pop. 78,341. 
*Rt. Hon. Jos. Chamberlain (L.U.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 13,035 ; 1903, 12,900. 

Central Division. Pop. 64,187. 
E. Parkes (L.U.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 12,010 ; 1903,11^92. 

North Division. Pop. eo,8;28. 
•J. T. Middlemore (L.U.). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9930 ; 1903, 9603. 

Bast Division. Pop. 82,657. 

•Sir J. B.Stone (C.) 4989 

J. v. Steifftis (L.J 2835 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 13,070 ; 1903,13,954. 

Bordesley Div. Pop. 99,018. . 
Rt. Hon. Jesse Colling8(L.U.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 16,199 ; 1903, 10,631. 

South Division. Pop. 72, 1 85. 
•Aid. P. Williams (L.U.).' 

Keg. Elect.l900,12,5(t4; 1903,12,168. 

BEWDLEY. 5e» Worcestershire. 
BIGGLESWADE. 5«e Bedfordshire 

BIRKENHEAD, Cheshire. 

[Pop. 110,915 
'Sir Elliott Lees, C.}. 

Reg Elect. 1900, 16,486| 1908,15,816. 

BIRR. See King's County. 

ham, CO. 

BLACKBURN. Pop. 127,626. 
Sir W. H. Hornby (C.) . . 11,247 
"SirW. Coddington(C.) . . 9415 
P. 5}iour(/m (Sou.) .... 7U9» 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 19,496; 1903, 20,334. 

SONTOWN. S«« Glasgow. 



BLACKPOOL. 5m Lancashire, N. I BRENTFORD. &« Middlesex. 

BODMIN. Sf* Cornwall. 

IBRIDGETON. 5fe Glasgow. 

BRIDGWATER. See Somerset. 

' BRIGG. See Lincolnshire. 

BOLTON. Pop. 130,611. 
*H. Shepherd-Cross (C.)- 
"G. Harwood(L.). 

Unopposed. I BRIGHTON. Pop. 153,386. 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 19,716; 1903, 80,119. ♦jjg^, J Lojer(C.) '86S 

^_^_^,_. I'B.C.V.WentworthrC.) . . 6fi26 

BOOTLE. See Lancashire, S.W. I/. Kensit (C.) 4fi»3 

I Reg. Elect. 1900, 18,634 ; 1903, 19,413. 

BORDESLEY. 5ee Birmingham, i .--.^^ 

. . IbRIGHTSIDE. 5ee Sheffield. 

BOSTON. Pop. 20,456. ' BRISTOL " 

•WGarfitCC.) ..... .1710, yfr^^t' OMsion. Pop. 68.706. 

lV.T.Simonds{\..) . . . • Hf^^l.Rt. Hon. Sir Michael Hiclw Beach 

Reg. Elect. 1900,8448; 1908, 3593. 

BOS WORT H . See Leicestershire. 

BOW and BROMLEY. See Tower 

BRADFORD, City of. 

fVest Division. Pop. 79,431. 

•E. Flower (C.) *990 

F. fV. Joioelt (Lab.) .... 4949 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 13,340; 1903, 13,212. 

Central Division. Pop. 60,957 
•J. L. Wanklyn (L.U.) . . . 4684 

A. Anderton (L.) 4007 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,442 ; 1903,10,404. 

East Division. Pop. 88,337. 
•Hon.Capt.GTeviUe(C.) . . .6121 
fV. E. B. FrisstUy (L.). . . 6514 

- 5ft«/don (I.Lab.) 11 1 

Beg. Elect.lUOO, 14.189 ; 1903,14,931, 

•C. Morley (L.). 


Reg. Elect. 1900, 8466 ; 1903, 8994. 
North Division. Pop. 83,514. 

Sir F. Wills (L.U.; 4936 

Sir C. Smith (L.) 41W 

Reg. Elec. 1900, 13,157 ; 1903, 13,791. 

East Division. Pop. 86,553. 
C. E. Hobhouse (L.^ .... 4»7H 

R. A. Sanders (C) 884> 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 18,181 ; 1903, 14.186. 

South Division. Pop. 83,162. 
•Rt. Hon. W. H . Long (0.) . . 5470 
fV. H. Demies (L.) . . . . 4859 
Reg. Elect 1900, 18,206 ; 1903, lS,&e:i. 

BRIXTON. &• Lambeth. 

BROMLEY. See Tower HamleU, 

Bow. ^^,,^,.,,,v,vy.,v^ 

Northtor Buckingham, Division. 
Fop. £9,380. 
•W. W. Carlile (C.) .... 5101 
H. Beaumont fL.) 4684 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 11,584 ; 1803, 1 1,240. iReg. Elect. 1900, 11,686 ; 1908,11,995. 


Mid, or jiylesburjf, IHvisiM. 
Pop. 66,991. 
•Hon. L. W. Rotluchild (L.U.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900,llytl4 ; 1903, 11.439. 

South, or Pryoomb0t Division. 
Pop. 76,245. 

W, H. Grenfell (C.) 6111 

J. Thom€U (L.) 3582 

Keg. Elect. 190U, 18,064 ; 1903.14.002. 


BUCKROSE. See Yorkshire, E.R. 

BDRNLBY. Pop. 95,823. 

W. MitcheU (C.) 6773 

"Hon. P. J. Stanhope (L.) . . 6178 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 14,393 ; 1903, 15,386. 

BURTON, See SUffordshlre. 

BURT (LancMbire). Pop. 66,409 

•J. KenyoB (C.) 4182 


Ou the resignation of Mr.J.Kenyon, 
new writ. Hay, 190S. 

0. Tonlmin (L.) 4213 

ir.Lawson(C.) 3790 

Reg. Elect. 1900,8581 ; 1903, 8761. 

BDKY ST. EDMUNDS. Pop. 16,266. 
SirE. W. Greene. 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 2581 ; 1903, 2653. 

BUTESHIRE. Pop. 18,641. 

'Rt. Hon. A. O. Marray (C). . 1241 

ff- Lamoni (L.) 1046 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8412 ; 1903, 8397. 

RL.Harm»worth(L.} . . .1189 

^- Henderson (C.) 1161 

*Dr.G. B.Clark (h.). ... 678 

F.C\Auld{h.) 141 

Reg. Elect. lOm, 4013 ; 1903, 4029. 


North Division. Pop. U3,073. 
T. J. MNcnamara (L.) .... 4820 

I.R.DigsHe iC.) 3486 

Regr. Elect. 1900, 12^7 1 1903, 12,63S. 

PseJbhamDiv. Pop. 91,448. 

•P. O. Banbnry (C) 4463 

F. Hemphill (h.) 8061 

Reg. Elect. 1900, ll,S3o ; 1903, 11,864. 

Dnlwieh Division. Pop. 97,369 . 
Sir J. B Mnple (C). 

On the death of Sir J. B. Maple, new 

writ, Dec, 1P03. 
F. Rutherfoord Harris (C.) . . 6819 
C. F. G. Masterman (L.) . . . 4382 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 12,675; 1603, 13^15. 

CAMBORNE. 5e« Cornwall. 

CAMBRIDGE, Boroagii! 

[Ptop. 47,731. 
•Sir R . U. P. Fitsgf raid (C). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 8186 ; 1903, 8756. 


*Pror.SirR. C.JebbrC). 
'Rt. Hon. Sir J. Gorst (C). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 6886 ; 1903, 6972. 

CAMBRIDGESHIRE? [Pop. 51,282. 

North, or Wisbech, Division. 
Hon. A. G. Brand (L.) . . . 4007 
C. T. Giles (C.) ... . . . 3846 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,232; 1903, 10,416. 
fVest, or Chesterton, Division. 
Pop. 48,317. 
Capt. W. R. Greene tC). . . 4190 

H. B. Hoare (L.) 8961 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,554 ; 1903,10,448. 
Bast, or Newmarket, Division. 
Pop. 48.362. 
•Col. H. L. B. McCalmont (C). 4296 

C. 2>. Itose (L.) 8218 

On the death of Col. McCalmont, 

new writ, Dec, 1902. 

C. D. Rose (L.) .*.... 4414 

H. L. Braeeey (C.) . . . « . 8907 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 0477; 1903,9630. 




CAMLA-CHIE. 5e«GlMgow. 
CANTERBURY. Pop. 24,860. 
•John Henniker Hew on (C). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, «955 ; 1903, 4052 

CARDIFF Dlat. (Comprising Cardiff, 
Cowbridge, and Llantriasant.) 
Pop. 167,592. 

Sir E. J. Reed (L.) 9312 

J. Latorenoe [C.) 8541 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 22,861 ; 1908,25,431. 

CARDIGANSHIRE. pi>p. 60,240. 

•M.V. Davie. (L.) 4568 

/. Harford (C.) 3787 

Reg. Elect. 1900,13,299; 1903,13,213. 

CARLISLE. Pop. 43,689. 

•Et Hon. W.CGuHy (Speaker) (L.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 7218 ; 1903, 7133. 

CaRLOW Co. Pop. 36,793. 
*John Hammond (N.). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 6454 ; 1908, 5088. 

CARMARTHEN Dist. (Comprising 

Llanelly and Carmarthen.) 

Pop. 35,879. 

A.Davies(L.) . ... • .2837 

•Sir J. J. Jenkins (L.U.) . . 2047 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 5557 ; 1903, 6738. 


East Division. P«>p. 54,4.%. 

•Abel Thomas (L.) . . • • -1837 

Capt. J. E. Richardson (C) . 2156 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9967 ; 1903,16,881. 

fVesi DiiHsion. Pop. 46,011. 

*J. Lloyd Morgan (L.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9338 ; 1903, 15,461. 


SoiUkt or KiJlo*h THvision. 

Pop. 43,9:?6. 
'J. B. Roberts (L.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9119 ; 1903, 918C. 
Norths or Arfon, Division. 
Pop. 50.465. 
•W. Jones (L ). 
Reg. Elect 1900, 9473 ; 1903, 9815. 

CAVAN, County. 

rVest Division. Pop. 50,599 
T. McGovera(N.). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9944 ; 1903, 9219. 

Bast Division. Pop. 46,942. 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9372; 1908, 9426. 

CHATHAM. Pop. 78,755. 
•SirH. D. Davic8(C.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,730; 1908, 11,971. 

CHELMSFORD. &e Essex. 

CHELSEA. Pop. 95,086. 

•C. A. Whitmore (C.) .... 4637 

J. Jeffrey ih.) 8806 

Reg. Elect. 1900,12,736 ; 1903, 12,5&o. 

CHELTENHAM. Pop. 52,858. 
i. T. Agg-Gardner (C). 
Reg Elect. 1900, 7.584; 1Q03, 77S5. 

CARNARVON Dist. (Comnnsing 
Carnarvon, Criccieth, Nevir 
Pwllheli, Bangor, and Conway.) 
Pop. 82,503. 

rop. aZfOua. 
• D. Lloyd George (L). . . .2412 
Col.PfaUiQ.) 2116 

CHEllTSEY. &« Surrey. 


fVirralDiv. Pop. 100.845. 

2J.Hoalt(C.) 6084 

Col.PlaU{Si.) 'ziiiS fV.H. Lever ^l*.) 6079 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 6208 ; 1903, 6842, iReg. Elect. 1900, 14,899 j 1903, 16,993. 

SddisbwyDiv. Pop. 54,896. 
H. J. Tollemaohe (C). 

Reg. Elet't. 1900, 10^84 ; 1903, 10,631 
MaecU^field Div. Pop. 51.69. 
*W. Bromley- Davenp<Mrt (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8540 ; 1903, 8493. 

Creioe Division. Pop. 74,518. 

J. Tomkinaon (L.) «120, 

J.E.ReisaiC) 4921 

Reg. Elect. 19U0, 13,447; 1903, 14;215. 

Northwieh Div. Pop. 69,102. 
•Sir J. T. Brunner, Bt. (L.) . . 6377 

C. i. 5ffin««n (C.) 4878 

Keg. Elect. 1900, 12,067 ; 1903, 12,399. 

AUrineham Div. Pop. 78,814. 

*C. R. Disraeli (C.) 5685 

E. F. Alford (L.) 4177 

Keg. Elect. 19U0, 13,061 ; 1903,14.553. 

Hyde Division. Pop. 60,939. 

E. Chapman (C.) 4774 

J. F. Brunner {L.) 4l»5 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,485; 1903, 10,722. 

KmUtford Div. Pop. 60,203. 
*HoB. A. de Tatton Bgertou (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,119 ; 1903. 10,468. 


CHOB.LEY. Bee Lancashire, N. 

CHRISTCHURCH. Pop. 67,924. 
.Major K.R.Balfoar(C.) . . .3411 
Hon. T. A. Brassey (L.) . . . 3408 
Rfg. Elect. 1900, 8116 ; 1903, 8722. 


See Gloucester- 

R0S8-SHIRB. Pop. 43.315. 

•E.WasonfL.) 3284 

G.Yotinger{C.) 2933 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 7609 ; 1903, 7768. 

CLAPHAM. S«e Battersea. 


Bast Division, Pop. 53,585. 
■W. Redmond (N.). 

Re«. Elect. 1»00, 12,028 ; 1903, 8615. 

fVest Division. Pop. 67,140. 
'Mayor J. E. Jameson (N.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,683 ; 1908,8898. 

CHESTER. Pop. 46,207. 
•R.A.Yerburgh(C.). . . -3303 

H.Wri«(L.) 2574^^^^"^^"^' 

Keg. Elect. 1900, 7257 ; 1903, 7542. 

CLEVELAND. S«e Yorkshire, N.R, 
See Lancashire, N.E . 

CHESTERFIELD. See Derbyshire. 

Durham co. 


See Cambridge- 

CHICHESTER. S«« Sussex. 
CHIPPENHAM. See Wiltshire. 

COCKERMOUTH. 5ee Cumberland. 

COLCHESTER. Pop. 38.373. 
•Sir W. D. Pearson (L.) . . . 2548 
Colonel T. J. HoUand (L.U.) . 2274 
Reg. Elect. 19[)0, 6663 ; 1903, 5945 . 



See Yorkshir- 



North- fVesi, or Camborne, 
Division. Pop. 52.»3. 

CORK, City. Pop. 100,022. | 

W. O'Brien IN.J ^812, 

'J. F.X. O'Brien IN.). . . • 5SI 3; ^J %««*»« ^l- f^"^ 

/ C.i/a^etLO. . . • • 223^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^ „, Caine. new 
*Maurte«Heaiui^-)' • •_••*_*" writ, April, 190». 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 13,163 ; 1903, 12,895. 

CORK, County. 

North Division. Pop. 48,838. 
•J. C. Flynn (N.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 74R8; 1903, 7071. 
NorthBast Div. Pop. 46,653, 
MV. Abraham (N.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 7893 1 1903, 7058. 

Mid Division. Pop. 43,863. 
*Dr. Charles Tanner (N.). 

On the death of Dr. Tanner, new 

writ. May, 1901. 
D. D. Sheehan (Lab.). I 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 7822 ; 1903, 7138. 
East DitHsion. Pop. 45,373. 
*Capt. Donelan (N.). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 6990 ; 1903, 6361. 
fVost Division. Pop. 43,567. 
•James Oilhooly(N.). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 6683; 1903, 6124. 
South Division. Pop. 41.793. 
•E. Barry (N.). 

Reg.Elect.1900 7611; 1903 5785. | «« Cheshire. 
South-Eeut Div. Pop. 42,007. ^^ ^^ 

^•.Sei'jLN.): : : : : :?60»;CRrCKLADE. S.*Wilt.hire. 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 8839 ; 1903, 0S58. 

Sir W. Lawsnn (L.) 

A. Strauss (L.U) 2869 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8023 ; 1903, 86.W. 

Truro Division. Pop. 49,676. 
•SirE.Duming Lawrence (L.U.) 3869 
C. IV. Thor7itoH (L.) .... 3051 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9290 ; 1903, 9346. 

Mid, or St. Atutett, Division. 
Pop. 51,U75. 
W. A. McArthur (L.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9942 ; 1903, 9900. 

Sotdh'East, or Bodmin^ Div. 
Pop. 65,796. 
Sir L. W. Molesworth (L.U.) . 4280 

T. Snape (L.) 3248 

Reg. Elect. 1800, 10,026; 1908, 10,:J63. 

North- East t or Launeestoti, 
Division. Pop. 45,366. 

'J.P.Moalton(L.) 8831 

F. H. B. Ctmliffe (L.U.) . . . 2737 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9616 ; 1903, 9780. 

COVENTRY. Pop. 68,918. 

•C. .I.Murray (C.) 5267 

Z. Cowen (L.) 4187 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 12,145 ; 1903, 12,665. 

iCROMARTY. See Ross. 

CORNWALL. [Pop. 51,379. 

fVest, or St. Ivesy Division. 
E. Hain (L.U.). 

Ree. Elect. 1900, 8369 ; 1903, 8515. 

CROYDON. Pop. 133,89r». 

•Rt. Hon. C. T. Ritchie (C). 

I Unopposed. 

Reg. Elect 1900, 18,567 ; 1903. 19,9!)0. 

CUMBERLAND. [Pop. 4A.808 

North, or EakdaU^ Division. 

C. W. Lowther (C.) .... 4052 

*R.A Allison [h.) 8349 

Heir. Elent. 1900. 10,054; 1903, 10,158. 
Uid,orPtnrilh,Viv. Pop. 43,377. 
•Rt. Hon. J. W. Lowther (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8896 ; 1903. 8717. 
Ctkermouth Diu. Pop. 62,124 

J. S.Raodle8(C.) 4276 

•Sir W. Lavoson, Bt. (L.) . . 4067 
Res. Elect. 1900, 10,897 ; 1903, 11,017. 
IVesit or Baretnont, Divtsion. 
Pop. 52,268. 

J. R. Balu (C.) 3917 

D. Ainsworth (L.) .... 3377 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9303; 1903, 9376. 


DERBY. Pop. 105,912. 

Sir T. Roe (L.) 7917 

R.Bell (Lab.) 7640 

*Sir H. H. Bemrose (C.) . . . 7389 

•G. Drags {C.) 6776 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 18,270 ; 1908, 19,374. 

: DARLINGTON, Dorbam. 

[Pop. 44.487. 


Kej;. Elect. 1900, 7331 ; 1903, 7973. 

DVRTFORD. See Kent. 

D\RWEN. See Lancashire, N.E. 

, DENBIGH Di«t. (Comprising Wrex- 
I bam. Holt, Denbigh, and Rnthin). 
Pop. 27,050. 
Hon. 0. T. Kenyon (C.) . . . 1862 

\ C. Edwards (L.) 1752 

R«rg. Elect. 1900, 4187 ; 1903, 4329. 

East Division. 

*Samael Hoas (L.). 
" ppoMd. 

Pop. 54,681. 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,242 ; 1903, 10,623. j 

fVestemDiv, Pop. 48,211. 
•J. H. Roberta (L.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9290 ; 1903, 9741 

DBPTPORD. Pop. 110,122. 

•A. H. A. Morton (C.) .... 62361 

i» /one* (Lab.) 8806 1 

Reg. Bieet. 1900,15,000; 1903, 15,009.;DEVIZES. 


High Peak Div. Pop. 63.373. 

O. Partington (L.) 4R91 

S. Roberts (C.) 4432 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,420 ; 1903, 10,637. 

Sorth-East Div. Pop. 81 ,190 . 

*T. D. Bolton (L) 5251 

Dr. J. Court (L.U.) 4B83 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 12,782 ; 1903, 14,120. 

Chesterfield Div. Pop. 82,435. 
*Tliomas Bayley (LJ . . . .5418 
Lt. A. IV. Bvron (L.U.). . . 4729 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 12,069 } 1903, 18,555 . 

ffest Division. Pop. 58,463. 
•Victor Cavendlah (L.U.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,969 ; 1903, 1 1,048. 

Mid Division. Pop. 67,662. 
•James Alfred Jacoby (L.) . . 6328 
H. St. J. Baikes ^C.) .... 4094 
Reg. Elect. 1900,11,847; 1903, 18,036. 

Ilkeston Div. Pop. 84,898. 
*Sir B. W. Foster (L.) . . . 6688 

F. Wright (C.) 5698 

Reg Elect. 1900, 14,519 ; 1903, 15,657. 

South Division. Pop. 76,489. 

•J. A. Gretton (C.) 6073 

IH.H. Raphael iJj.) . . . .6707 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 14,499 ; 1903,15,522. 


Mid, or MhbiirUm, Divisim. 
Pop. 68,319. 
I •Rt. Hon. C. Seale-Hayne (L.) . 4487 

8 J.ji. Nix (C.) 8716 

On the death of Mr. Seale-Hayne, 

new writ. 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9777 ; 19u3, 9992. 

. 8458 


DBVONPORT. Pop. 79,028. 

*H. Kearley (L.) . . . 

*E.J. C.Morton TL.) . 

J. LocJbie {C) .... 

F.McC. Goodheart (C.) 

On the death of Mr. B. J. C. Monon, 
new writ, October, 1902. j 

/. LockielC.) 3785 DEW8BURY. Pop. 74,363. 

Hon. T. A. Brassey (L.) . . . S757 ♦Mark Oldroyd (L.) . . . 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8851 ; 19(t3, 12,214. F. J. Morrow (C.) »>♦' 

I On the resignation of Mr. Oldroyd, 
"''^'^'~~^^^ new writ, J an , 1902 . 

DEVONSHIRE. Pop. 61,517. VV. Ranciman (L.) 5660 

East, or Honiton, Division. J- Haley (C) . 
*Rt.Hon.8irJohnH.Kennaway(C). ff. Q»«'«*(»> 

Unopposed. Reg. Elect. 1900, 18,296; 1908, 13,612. 

Reg. Elect. 1900,9348; 1903,9340. IjjQjjcilSTESrS^^r^ksbire.W.R 
NortluEcut, or Tiverton, Div. i ,^^^xxxv^>^v,^ 

Pop. 60,566. IDONEGAL. County. 

♦SirW.Walrond,Bt.(C.). i Sorth Division. Pop. 43,353 

Unopposed. W. O'Doherty (N.) 2562 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9067; 1903, 10,181.^ Q,^„,^„^(I„^.N.^. . . . 1612 

. fi04S 

. 451J 

North, or SoiUh 3Iolton, Div. 
Pop. 42,'i30. 
•G. Lambert (L.). 
Reg. Elect. 1900,8714; 1903, 8484. 

North- fVest, or Barnstaple, 
Division. Pop. 62,663. 

E.J. SoHre«(L.) 6007 

*Sir W. C. Gull (L.U.) . . . 4660 
Reg. Elect. 1900. 11.916 ; 1903, 12,370. 

^op.' 57,7iT'*'"*'*' ^"'"**'*- E. McFadden CN.) 

R eg. Elect. 1900, 8095 ; 1903, 6766. 
fVest Division. Pop. 48,762. 
J. Boyle (N.). 

On the resignation of Mr. J. Boyle, 

new writ, April, 1902. 
H. A. Law (N.). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9475 ; 1903, 71S0. 
East Division, Pop. 41,300. 

. S113 

J. W. Spear(L.U.) 4746 

Hon. J. Wallop (L.) .... 4731 
Reg. Elect. 1900. 12,202; 1903,13.140. 

SouthfOr Totnes, Div. Pop. 46,796. 
* Francis Bingham Mildmay (L.U.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9678 ; 1903, 9026. 

Torquay Div. Pop. 59,407. 

F. Layland-Barratt (L.) . . . 4020 

C. R. Hankin (C.) 8891 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9313 ; 1903, 9938. 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 7950 ; 1903, 656S. 

South Division. Pop. 42,29s>. 
*J. G. S. MHcNeill (N.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8370 ; 1903. 6573. 
DORSET. '"^^^"^ 

North Division. Pop. 43.104. 
•J. K. W. Digby (C.) . . . . 8705 
Hon. G. Gordon (L.) .... 8166 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 8316 ; 1903, 8162- 



Bast Division. Pop. 62,867. 
»Hon. H. N. Start (C.) . . . 477B 

A. AUen (L.) 4«80 

Keg. Elect. 1900, ll,Alfl ; 1U03, 12,082. 

South Division, Pop. 60,937. 

•W. E. Brymer (C.) 3884 

Capt. A. L. Renton (L.^ . . . 3519 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9011 ; 1903, 9819. 

West Division. Pop. 86,008. 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 7148 ; 1003. 7241. 

DOVER. Pop. 89,636. 
•G. Wyndham (C). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9938 ; 1903, 6411. 

DOWN, County. 

North Division. Pop. 55,718. 

T. L. Corbett (C ) 4493 

CoLSharman Vraioford {L.). 8230 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9886} 1903, 96»6. 

Bast Division. Pop. 47,390. 

On Dr. Rentoal beincr appointed a 

Judge, new wrir, Feb., 1902. 

J.W<MMi(I.) 8576 

Col. WaUace (C.) 8429 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8489 ; 1903, 82Hff. 

fVest Division. Pop. 44,895 . 
•Capt. Arthnr Hill (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8815 ; 1903, 8883. 

South Division. Pop. 48,818. 
*M. M'Cartan (N.). 

On the resignation of Mr. M 

M'Cartan, new writ, Feb., 1U02. 
J. McVeigh (N.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8944 ; 1903, 8747. 

DROITWICH. See Worcestershire, 


College Green JHv. Pop. 74,4^7. 

J. P. Nannetti (N.) 24ft7 

*J.L. CarewiH.) 2173 

Heg. Elect. 1900, 10,223 ; 1903, 9,576. 
Dublin Harbour Div. Pop. 74,922. 
♦Timothy Harrington (N,). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9932 ; 1003, 9146. 

St. Stephen's Green Division. 
Pop. 6«,3«<4. 

f. McCann (N.) 3429 

V. H. M. CampbeU (C.) . . . 2«73 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 8714 } 1903, 806H. 
St. Patrick's Div. Pop. 69,132. 
•W. Field (N.). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9402 ; 1903, 7796 

DUBLIN, County. 

North Division. Pop. 82,628. 
♦Xohn J. Clancy (N.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 12,429 ; 1903,13,505. 

South Division. Pup. 81,110. 

J. Mooney (N.) 8668 

•«/. Hon. H. C. Plunkett (C.) 2864 

E.BaU(C.) 1583 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,782 ; 1903, 11,228 


*Rt. Hon. Sir E. Carson (C). 
Rt. Hon. W. E. H. Lecky (L.U.). 


On the resignation of Mr. Lecky, 

new writ, Feb., 1903. 

J. H. M. CampbeU (C.) . . . 1401 

A. fV. Samuels (C.) .... 1428 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 4669 ; lOOS, 4553. 

DUDLEY, Worcestershire. 

' [Pop. 96.916. 

•B. Robinson (C.) 6461 

tV. Bsleher (Lab.) 5876 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 15,869 ; 1903, 16,4ir 


DULWICH. jiMCamberwell. 


•Alex. Wylie (C.) 6083 

P. R. Buehanan (L) .... 5393 
Rcff. Elect. 1900, 13,781; 1903, 14,054. 

DUMFRIES Dist. (Compriiiing Dnm- 

fries. Ad nan, Kirkcndbrig1it« Loch. 

maben, and Sanquhar.) Pop. 27,799 

•Sir E. T. Reld (L.) 1847 

fV. Murray (L.U.) 1300 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8717 ; 1903, 3722. 

DUMFRIB8SMIRB. Pop. 52,586. ^ 

W.i. Maxwell (L.U.). . . • 4J24 ^'"^^'^i'L^^'^iV 
•/I. R. SoHttar (L.) . . . . 3075 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9178; 1903, 9310. 

DUNDEE. Pop. 159,083. 

•E. Robertson (L.) 7777 

*SirJohnLenff (L.) . . . .7650 

A IV. Smith (C.) 6181 

/. B. Graham (L.U.) .... 5lB2 
Keg. Elect. 1900,18,665 ; 1903, 18,741 

DURHAM. Pop. 15,128. 
♦Hon. A. R. Elliot (L.U.) . . 1250 
Sir fV. N. Geary (L.) ... 781 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 2607 ; 1903, 2597. 

North- fVe$iDiv. Pop. 82,261. 
L. A. Atherley Jones (L.) . .6168 

J.JoietyiC.) 6137 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 18,726 ; 1908, U,768. 

Mid Division. Pop. 74,678. 

•John Wilson (L.) 5565 

C. B. Himitr (C.) 4105 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 12,816 ; 1903, 13,104. 

Sonth-Sast Div. Pop. 70,189. 
Hon. F. W. Lambton (L.U.). . 6196 
'J.RiehardMOHlL.) . . . .5521 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 14,819; 1908, 15^986. 

Bishop Anekland Division. 
Pop. 66.282. 

, 4872 
ff^. H. Hopkins (C.) .... 8641 
Reg.Elect. 1900.11,341 ; 1008. 11,901- 

Barnard Castle Div. Pop. 60,4»i . 
•Sir Joseph W. Pease (L.) . . 5036 
MaJ. Hon. fV. I». rone (C.) . 9SXh 

On the death of Sir J. W. Pease, 

new writ, J aly, 1903. 

A. Henderson (Lab.) .... 8370 

CoU Hon. ff'. L. Kane (C.) . 3323 

H. Beaumont (L.) 2«0tt 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 11,045 ; 1903, 11,22<;. 

DURHAM, Comity. 

Jarrow Division. P»p. 91,935. 
'Sir Charles Mark Palmer (L.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 15,789 ; 1903, 16,633. 

Houghton- U-Spring Division. 
Pop. 80,496. 

*R. Cameron (L.) 6865 

R.rv. Jackson {C.) . . . .4917 

Reg. Elect. 1900,14,817 ; 1903,15.034, 

Chester-te-StreetDiv. Pop. 93,211 

*Sir J.Joicey (L.) 5880 

Capt. Nicholson {C), . . . 6391 
-?. Elect. UK)0,16,358; 190.^18,156. 

EALING. 8e« Middlesex. 

EASTBOURNE. See Sussex. 
ECCLES. Set Lancashire, S.E. 
ECCLESALL. See Sheffield. 
EDDISBURT. See Cheshire. 
GDGBASTON. See Birmingham. 




Reut JHuision. Pop. 73,181. 

•G McCrae (L.) 4461 

i. S. Brovm (C.) 3170 

Beg. Blect. 1900, 1 1 ,025 ; 190S, 1 1,488. 

fVest DHtiaien. Pop.63,4M. 
'StrL. MeWer (L.C.) . . . .4180 

E. Adam (L.) 36 

Reg. Blect. ISOOjaOttG; 1903, 8969. 
Centrai DMHon. Pop.62,2fl 

G. M. Blown (L.) 3028 

J. Conan DoyU (L.U.) . . . 2459 

Reg. Blect. 1900, 7630; 1903, 'i2a. 

Stmth Division. Pop. 107,20B. 

Sir A. N. A£new (L.U.) . . . 5776 

*A Dewar (L.) 1)655 

Rcf. Elect. 1900, 14,794 ; 1908, 13,801, 


•Sir J. B. Take (L.U.). 

Keg. Blect. 1000, 99S7 ; 1903. 10,474. 


Pop. 91,885. 
Hoa.A.O.Mamy(L.) . . .5804 
Co/, a* Hon. N. DakympU 

HamiUeniO 6490 

Ree- Elect. 1900* 13,991; 1903, 14,751. 

ELLAND. See Yorkshire, W.R. 

ENFIELD. See Middlesex. 

EPPINO. See Essex. 
EPSOM. See Surrey. 
ESKDALE. See Cumberland. 

EGREMONT. See Cumberland. 

EIFION. See Carnarvonshire. 

ELGIN Dist. Pop. 88,498. 
(Comprising Elgin, BanlT, Cnllen, 
laverarie, Klntore, and Pteterhead.) 
'Alexander Asher,Q.C. (L.). . 1744 

J. Moffat (C.) 1187 

Reg. Blect. 1900, 4585 ; 1908, 5017. 

ELGIN 8l NAIRN. PVip. 87,975. 
*Hon. J. B. Gordon (C.) ... 289 
S. /VUUamuonxh.) . . . . 2i5H 
Kes. Blect. 1900, 5974 ; 1903, 5604. 


South- fV»st, orfValtham$low. 
Divition. Pop. 183,649. 

D. J. Morgan (C.) 9807 

S. fVooda (L.) 7842 

Reg. Elect. 1900,24,167; 1903,30,349. 

Sottth^ or Romfitrdt Divi$ion. 
Pop. 217,085. 

*Loius Sinclair (C.) 10,450 

Hon, L. R.Holland {l^.) . . 388 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 29.816 ; 1908,39.158. 

fV0»tt or Roping t Division. 
Pbp. 58.790. 
Col. A. R. M. Lockwood (C). 

Reg. Blect. 1900, 10,129 ; 1903, 10,441 . 

NorthfOr Saffron fValdsn, Div. 
Pop. 43/)30. 
Hon. A. Wodehonse (L.) . . . 3247 
C. ff. Gray (C.) 3137 

On the death of Hon. A. Wodehouse, 
new writ. May, 1901. 

J. A. Pease (L.) 3994 

C. fV. Gray {C.) 3203 

Reg. Blect. 1900, 8556 ; 1903, 8600. 

North East, or Harwich, Div. 
Pop. 68,820. 
Ronnd (C). 
Reg.Blect. 1900, 12,185 ; 1003, 12,371. 

£««/, or Maldon, Division. 
Pop. 58,030. 
'Hon. C.H. 8tratt(C.) . . . 464» 
J. M. Hstidsrson (h.) .... 3801 
Reg. Blect. 1900, 10,018; 1903, 10,lf 


Mid, or Chtlmtford, Divition. 

Pop. «2,679. 

*M^Jor P. C. R«Kh (C.) . . . 4078 

H. C. S. Hetiry (L.) .... 1849 

R<*g. Elect. 1000, 1U,841 ; 1903, 10,946. 

SoiUhEastDtv. Pop. 97.057. 
Lieut.-Col. B. Tufnell (C.) . . R81^ 
R. ff''hilehead{L.) .... 44fil 
Keg. Elect. IWOO, 16,169 ; 1903.17,295. 

EVERTON. 8m Liverpool. 

EVESHAM. See Worcesterahire. 

EXCHANGE. See Liverpool. 


South DHHsiun. Fop. 81,805. 

•J, Jordan (N.) 8735 

T. S. F. BaUer*by (C.) . . . 1982 
Reg. Elect. 1900. 5622 ; 1903, 5432. 

PIPE, Coanty. 

Bast Division. Pop. 61,477. 
•Rt. Hon. H. H. Asquith. Q.C. 

(L.) 4141 

A. H. B. Constabls (C.) ... 2710 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9606 ; 1903. 9700. 

West Division. Fop. 77,037. 

). D Hope (L.) 4Sf>2 

Cr. IV. Ralston f L.U.) . . . S374 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 1 1 ,206 ; 1903, 13,261. 

EXETER. Pop. 68,141. 
•Sir Edgar Vincent (C.) . . . 4001 
Allan H. Bright (L.) .... 3386 
Reg. Elect. 19U0. 8708 ; 1903,0052. 

EYE. 8e« Suffolk. 

FALKIRK Di8t. Pop. 78,9.11. 

(Comprising FHlkirk, Airdrie, 
Hnmilton, Lanark, and Linlithgow.) 

•J. Wilson (L.U.) 4222 

J. Murray Maedonald (L.) . 4U2:; 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,888 ; 190J, 11,744, 

FALMOUTH. SeePenryn. 

FAREHAM. Sefi Hampshire. 


North Division. Pop. 83,585. 
•E. Mervjn Archdale (C). 


On the rerignation of Mr. Archdale, 

new writ, March, 1908. 
E. Mitchell (Ind.C.) . . . .2407 

f opt. Craig {C.) 2251 

Heg. Elect. 1900, 6242; 1903,6213. 


HolboruDiv. Pop. 61,901. 
J. F. Remnant (C). 

Reg. Elect. 19U0, 10,903 ; 1903,9076. 

CsntralDiv. Pop. 64,077. 
Hon. W. F. M. Malnwaring(C.)287S 

/. Bsnson (L.) 252^ 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8523 ; 1903, 8135. 

East Division. Pop. 89.827. 

H. C. Richards (C.) .... 2174 

/. J. Baker (L.) 1827 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 5678 ; 1903, 5534. 

FLINT Dist. (Comprising Flint. 
Caergwyle, Caerwys, Overton, 
Rhuddlan, Holywell* Mold, and 
St. Asaph.) Pop. 8I.^4I. 

J. H. Lewis (L.) 1760 

/. L. Price IC ) 1431 

Reg. Elect. 1900,8681 ; 1903,3573. 

FLINTSHIRE. Pop. 68,863. 

Samnel Smith (L.) 4528 

Col. Howard (C.J 892* 

Reg. Elect. 1900,10,774 ; 1903, 10,939. | 

FOREST OF DEAN. 8te Gloacec-j 

tershire. ' 



FORFARSHIRE. Pop. 69,616. |6ATB8HBAD. Pop. 109,888. 

*Capt. John Sinclair (L.) . . . 4962 •William Allan (L.) 66R7 

Hon. C. M. Ramsay (C.) . . 4714 /. Sfurbum (L.U.) ..... 6711 
Reg. Elect. 1900,12,818 ; 1903, 12,27lJ On the death of Sir W. Allan, 

^>^^^>^>--v^^^^s, I ***^ writ. 

Reg. Elect. 1900,16,686 ; 1903, 17,717. 

FROME. Bee Somerset. 

^---'■■■-^^' GLAMORGANSHIRE. 

PULHAM. Pop. 187,249. | East Division. Pop. 105,577. 

•William Haye» Fisher (C.) . . 6.541 •Alfred Thomas (L.) .... 6904 
£. A. CornvtaU (L.) .... 4S47 Major Und»ay (C.) .... 4080 
Reg. Elect.1900, 16,600; 1903,18,216. Reg. Elect. 1900, 15,315; 1003,16,213. 

Rhondda Div. Pop. 88.968. 

GAINSBOROUGH. S<eLincoln»hire.'» William Abraham (L.) . . .8383 

^ jj^f,gg (c.) 1874 

CALWAY. Pop. 16,257. ,le^_ B,^t, ipou, 12,549 ; 1903, 13,900. 

Hon Martin Morris (C.) • ■ • 882 ^^ f. Division. 

B.Leamy(ii.} 765| Pop. 62,549. 

On the Hon. M. Morris succeeding J. A. Thomas (L.) 4276 

to the Peerage, new writ, Nov., 1901^ y^^^^^j^^ J ggj^g 

A. Lynch (N.). . ... . ^;j7 r gi^Pt 19^0 ^2 2Q7 19<J3 12,r,l6. 

On Mr. Lynch being convicted of. Mtd Division. Pop. 82,738. 

high treason, new wiit, March, 1903. 8. T. Etoiis (L.) 7027 

;C. R. Devlin (N.). H. Phillips {C.) 2244 

Dnoppi»5ed. |K«e- lS.\ieai. 1900, 18,666 ; 1903, 14,578. 

Reg.Elect. 1900, 2209; 1903, 2347. | South Division. Pop. 103,883. 

---^^^^^ ,*Maj. Wyndham-Quin (C.) . .6811 

jCALWAY, County. fV. Morgan (L.) H322 

ConnsmaraDiv. Pop. 46,698. Reg. Elect. 1900, 17,979 ; 1903, 19,035. 

rw.O'Malley(N.). I 

' Unopposed. GLASGOW. 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8423; 1903, 6780. Bridgeton Div. Pop. 91,242. 

North Division. Pop. 46,493. |c. Scott Dickson, Q.C. (C.) . . 6032 
Col. J. P. Nolan (N.). I ^- F. Murison (L.) .... 404l 

Reg. Elect. 1900. 10,475; 1903,8068. 

Bast Division. Pop. 44,392. 
•John Koche(N.). 

Keg. Elect. 1900, 8936 : 1903. 7341. 

Son/h Division. Pop. 41,309. 
VV. Dully (N.). 

Reg. Elect. , 8148 ; 1903, 6964. 

Reg. Elect.1900, 11,706 ; 1903, 11,950. 

Camlaehie Div. Pop. 78,011. 

•A. Cross iL.U.) 4815 

j4. £. Fletcher (Lab.) .... 8107 
Reg.Elect. 1900,10,479 ; 1903, 10,537. 

St. Rollox Div. Pop. 118,626. 

J. Wilson (L.U.) 0232 

T. M. Wood (L.) 6049 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 16,896 ; 1903, 18,186 



Central Div. P^. 74,601. 

Reg. Elect. 1900, lfi,181 ; 1903, 15,136. 

CoUeg* Division. Pbp. 112,492. 
•Sir J. Stirling MaxweU, Bart. 

(C.) ft 

R. PaUrson (L.) 6160 

Keg. Elect. 1900. 16,976 ; 1908, 15,87 

Trathtten Div. Pop. 71,378. 
*A.C. Corbett(L.U.) . . . . 4S81 

fV. MaxweU {l4.) 2785 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9671 ; 1903, 9847. 

Blaekfriars and Huteheson. 
town Division. Pop. 76,122. 

A. B. Law (C.) 4140 

•^. D. Provand (L.) .... 8140 
Keg. Elect. 1900, 10,804 ; 1903, 10,083, 

Beut^ or CireneeUer^ Division. 
Pop. 49,557. 
*Hon. A. B. Batliarst (C). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9487 ; 1903. 9402. 

Foreat of Dean Division. Pop. 
'Rt. Hon. Sir C. Dilke (L.) . . 497S 

H.TerreUaC.) 2S20 

Keg. Elect. 1900, 999S ; 1903, 10,41;l 

SouihfOr nombury. Division. 
Pop. 72,717. 
'E. Colston (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 12,646: 1903, 13,2<i0. 

GORTON. See Lancashire, S.E. 

GOV AN. 5e< Lanarkshire. 


•Rt. Hon. James Alexander Campbell 

Reg. Elect. 1900,9397; 1903,9937. 

GLOUCESTER. Pop. 45,146. 

R. Rea (L.) 8267 

P.RaUi{LX.) 8044 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 7496; 1903, 7772. 


Mid, or Sirond, Division. 
Pop. 64.542. 

C. P. Allen (L.) 4692 

•C. ji. Cripps, Q.C. (C.) . . 4379 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,474; 1903, 10,401. 

North, or Tewkesbury, Div. 
Pop. 51,269. 
'Sir John E. Uorington (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 12,801 ; 1903,12,429. 

GOWER. See Glamorganshire. 

GRANTHAM. Pop. 18,001. ' 

A. Priestley (L.) . . . . 1347 

'H. Y.B. Lopes iO. . . . IS<»9 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8046 ; 1903,8089. 

ORAVESEND. Pop. 39,888. 

G. Parker (C.) 2&4i 

a. Uarmsworth (L.) . . . . 18o4 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 56U0 ; 1903, 5964. 

GREAT GRIMSBY. 5r« Grimsby. 


GREENOCK. Pop. 67,672. 

J. Reid (C.) 8165 

J.MaeonieiL.) S886 

Reg. Elect 1900, 7690; 1903, 7658. 

GREENWICH. Pop. 95,578. 

*Lord H. Cecil (C.) 6454 

K. S. Jackson (L.) 8484 i 

Reg. Elect. 1900,12,247 ; 1903,12,723. | 

GRIMSBY. Pop. 78,196. 
•G. IXtnghty (L.U.). 

RcK. Elect. 1900, 13,292 ; 1903, 13.849 


GUILDFORD. Sm Surrey. 


North Division. Pop . 84,231 . 
'VV.R Bonsfleld(C.) . . . . 600R 
H. IV. tVilberforct iL.) . . 2437 
Reg. Elect. 1900» 11,747; 1903, 11,536. R. B. Faber (C 

Cmtral Division. Pop. 67,726 
'A.H.AIIhaMn(C.) . . . .3747 

Sir I. Hart (J,.) 224 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8692 ; 1903, 8872. 

South Division. Pop. 101,844. 

•T. H. Robertson (C.) . . . .4714 

H. Bottomley (L.) 4S7tt 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 13,146 ; 1903, 13,264, 

HAMPSHIRE (or Soothamploii^ 

North, or Basingstoke, Div. 
Pop. 82,969. 
♦A. P. Jeifreys (C). 

Reg. Elect. lUOO, 10.506 ; 1903, 10,089. 

fVsst, or Andovor, Divisioyt. 
Pop. 52,222. 
»Rt Hon. WilliRm W. B. Beach (0.). 

On the dea^h of Mr. Beach, new 
writ, Aug., 1901. 

thian). Pop. 38,798. 
' Robert B. Haldane (L.) . . . 8668 

/.ir*rr(L.U.) 2290 

Reg. Elect. 1900. 6484 ; 1903, 6767. 

HAGGERSTON. See Shored itch. 

HALIFAX. Pop. 88,912. 

Sirs. B.CrossIey(L.U.) . . .5931 

i. H. Whitley (L.) 5543 

*A. Billson (L.) 5325 

J. Parker (Jjnh^ 3276 

Keg. Elect. 1900, 14,879 ; 1903, 15,247. 

H ALLAH. See Sheffield. 

HaLLAMSHIRE. 5ee Yorks.,W.R, 

G.Judd{L.) 3473 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9883 ; 1903, 9766. 

Beut, or Petersfietd, Division. 
Pop. 50,260. 
W. Nicholson (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8761 ; 1908, 9170. 

&>f</A, or Fareham, Division. 
Pop. 8l,Hft3. 
Lient.-Col. A. H.Lee(C.) . .7375 

R. T. Smith (L.) 8828 

Reg. Elecr.1900, 16,050 ; 1903. 16,866. 

New Forest Div. Pop. 62.887 . 
*Mon. J. Scott Montagu (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,496; 1908, 10,449. 

lile of fVight Division. Pop 
*Capt. J. E. B. Seely (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 14,4i>'4; 1903,14,654. 

HAMPSTEAD. Pop. 82,829. 
E. B. Hoare (C). 
On the reeignation of Mr. E. B. 
Hoare, new writ, Jan., 1902. 

T. Mil vain (C.) 384.S 

G. F.Roxceih.) 2118 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9837 ; 1903, 10,778. 

HAMMERSMITH. Pop. 111,970. 

W.J. Bull (C.) 6468 

il. E. Laage {h.) 2166 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 13,Wi4; 1903, 13,026. HANDSWORTH. See Staffordshire 




HANLEY. Pop. 100,865. 

A. H. Heath (C.) A586 

E. Edwards (L.) 6944 

Reg. Elect. 1W00,15,»88 ; 1903.16,044. 

HARBOROUGH. fiMLeicestershire. 

HARROW. See Middlesex. 

HARTLEPOOL. Pop. 86,305 

Sir. C. Purne-M (L.) 6401 

*&V r. Riehardton (L.U.), . 46IS 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 12,849 ; 1903, 14,068. 

HARWICH. 5« Essex. 

HASTINGS. Pop. 62,913. 

P. Preenuin-ThomascL.}. . .£ „ 

E. Boyle (C.) 8191 

Reg. Elect. 1M0(>, 8142 ; 190.% 829 . 

BROKE. <S«e Pembroke. 

HAWICK Dist. (Comprising Ha- 
wick, Galashiels, and Selkirk.) 
Pop. H5.826. 

•Thos. Shaw (L.) 2«11 

/. SatMftdersoti (C.) .... ?3W' 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 5869 ; 1903, 6784 

HENLEY. See Oxfordshire. 

HEREPORD. Pop. Sl,382. 
J. 8. Arkwright (C). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 8529 ; 1903, 3571. 

HEREFORDSHIRE. [Pop. 44,603 
North, or Leomitister, Division. 
'Sir J. Rankin (C). 
Reg, Elect. 1900, 9631 ; 1903, 9106. 
Souiht or Ross, Diirision 
^ Pop. 48,395. 
Sir JO, ciiye (C). 

Reg. Erecr"o^,«..o. ,^3.10,803 |"?h?r?,"s'^^''"^=^^^ ^' ^^^^ 

HERTFORD. See Hertfordshire. 

HERTFORMHIREn[Ptop. 47,490 
Norths or Hitehin, Division. 

•G. B. Hudson (C). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9275 ; 1903, 9599 

A. H. Smith (C). 

Reg.Elecl. 1900, 10,402 ; 19fi3, 10 837 

•Hon. VicaryOibbsCC). 

Reg.Elect.ll»00, 11.104 ; 1903, 11,3J»? 

'Thomas Prederick Halaey (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 18,450 ; 1903,14,8ic. 

HEXHAM. «M Northumberlana. 
HEY WOOD. 5*e Lancashire, SE. 
HIGH PEAK. See Derbyshire. 
HITCHIN. Sm Hertfordshire. 
HOLBORN. si^Fiiibiry. 
HOLDERNESS. Se« York8hire,E.R. 
HOLLAND. See Lincolnshire. 
HOLMFlRTnTXiYorirshire, W.R. 
HONITON. • See Devonshire. 

HORNCASTLE. See Lincolnshire. 
HORNSEY. &feMiddUsez. 


I Durham co. 



See Torkthlrr,'ILKBSTON. 8m Derbyshire. 

HOXTON. Am Shoreditch. 

HUDDBR8P1BLD. Pop. 96,218, 
*8tr J. T. Woodhoue (L.; . • 7G9fi 

Cat. Carlile (C.) 68»1 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 16,770 ; 1903, 17.078. 

IINCE. See Lancashire, S.W. 


INVERNESS (Di8t. Comprisinff 
iDTerneM, Porren, Fortrme, and 
Nairn.) Pop. 80.882. 
*Sir Robert B. Finlay (L.U.) . 18S» 

I. S. Duncan {L.) 1409 

Reg. Elect. 1000, 4086 ; 1903, 42J9. 

Kaet Division. Pop. 71,181. 

•T. Pirbank (C.) 6264 

r. F. Ftrefts (L.) 44S8 

Rei;. Elect. I9»U, 12,066; 1903, 12,179. 
Cenirai Division. Pop. 60,474. 

«SirH.S. King(C.) fi257 

O. (f.areenwood ih.) . . . 24ft& 
Reg. Elect. li^O, 10.878 ; 1903, 9061 
rVesl Division. Pop. 107,862. 

*C. H. \VilM>n(L.) 68tM 

/. B. fVillows (C.) . . . .4419 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 16,767 ; 1903, 19.017. 

HUNTINGDON. See Huntingdon- 


SouthrtrHimiingdon , Division . 
Pop. 22.918. 

C.HonUgti(C.) 2118 

C. R. r. /Idtans (L.). . . . 1888 

Reg. Elect. 19U0, 6222; 1903, 6172. 

Northt or Ramsey^ Division, 

Pop. 31,060. 

' Hon. A. B. Fellotres (C.) . . . 2893 

a. J. Phillips (L ) 1742 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 688; 1903, 7U80. 

HYDE. 5;ee Cheshire. 

HYTHE. Pop. 46,619. 
Reg. Elect. 1900. 6502 ; 1903, 6008. | Reg. Elect. 1900. 8796 ; 1903, 8196. 



J. A.l>ewar(L.) 3168 

Ths ifackintoth of Maekintoth 

(C.) 2867 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9061 ; 1903, 9488. 

IPSWICH. Fop. 66,680. 
D. F. Goddard (L.) .... 4567 
Sir C. DHlrymple. Bt. (C.) . . 4627 

If . E. Burton (L.) 4283 

/. F. P. JtatoUuton (C.) . . . 42U7 
Reg. Elect. 1000, 10,646 ; 1903, 1 1 ,300. 


ISLE OF WIGHT. Ses Hampshire. 


North Division. Pop. 99,895. 

Onorge C. T. Bartley (O . . 4881 

S. C. Jtatelingi (L.) . . . . 2667 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 11.964 ; 1903, 11,761. 

ff^sst Ditfision. Pop. 74,171 . 

T.LnogbCL.) 8178 

F. H.Medhurst{l*.V.) . . .8159 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9074 ; 1908, 9272. 

East Division. Pop. 89,34 . 

B.L Cohen IC.) 4205 

A. M. Torranos (L.) .... 2686 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,895 ; 190?, 10.G60. 

South Division. Pop. 71,623. 
'Sir A. K. Rollit (C.) .... 8881 
/. A. Strahan (L.) 1666 




See Durham co. 

North- East, or Favjrsham, 
Division. Pop. 76,887. 
Capt. J. Howard (C). 
I Unopposed. 

I Reg. Elect. 1900,14.795 ; 1903,13,932. 
SotUh, or Ashford, Division. 
Pop. 66,063. 

»L. Hard;(C.) «* 

B. NtcAol»ofH Protectant) . .2343 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 12,714 ; lf03, 18,027. 
KENSINGTON. , Bast, or St.Auinistin^s, Div 

...^"sr;^ --f'-^^j-H.f r-i^pw-..- cc... 

B. Isaac, {!..) 262: ^fP^P^jS; U 811 • 1903 15 m 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9828 ; 1903, 9845. I Reg. Elect. 1»)0, U,811 , 1903, 15,1* 

South Division. Pop.85.S66. ■ /'^''^f*Tw'^e/rC r^*' 
'Earl Percy (C). "I^*- H°"- '' ^owther (C). 

KEIGHLEY. See Yorkshire, W.R. 
KENDAL. See Westmorland. 
KENNINOTON. &e Lambeth. 


Reg. Elect. 1900, 8830: 

1903. 9363. 

Reg. Elect. 1902, 10,017 ; 1903,10.579 


fVsstt or SevsnoakSt Division 
Pop. 94,789. 

*H.W.Por8ter(C.) 6604 

Jtf. Eichardson (L.) .... 179i 
On Mr. H. W. Forster accepting 

office, new writ, Aug., 1902. 
H. W. Forster (C.) . . • . . 633. 

B.Morice{h.) ***'- 

Keg. Elect. 1900, 14,861 ; 1903, 16,930.1 
North- fVest^or Dartford, Div. 
Pop. 109.889. 
-Sir William Hart Dyke (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 15,798 ; 1903, 17,864 
South- PTsst, orTwibridgSyDiv. 
Pop. 80,260. 
'A. 0. Griffith-Boscawen (C.) . 557i' 

C. Cory (L.) 3494 

Reg. Elect.1900, 13,519 ; iyu3, 13,902 

Jfirf, or Medtvay, Division 
Pop. 65,997. 
♦Col. Warde (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900,18,985 , 1(03, 14,0^4 

KERRY, County. 

North Division. Pop. 39,075. 
•M. J. Flavin (N.). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 6675 ; 1903, 6676. 
West Division. Pop. 43,871. 

i.O'DonnelKN.) 3464 

/.jMKan(Ind.N.) . . . . • 1«« 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 6846 j 1908. 6863. 
I South Division. Pop. 42,081. 
I J. P. Boland (N.). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 6*68 ; 1903,6031. 
Bast Division. Pop. 40,099. 
J. Murphy (N.). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 6005 ; 1903, .•)672. 

See Lincolnshire. 

I KIDDERMINSTER. Pop. 26,263. 
•Sir A. P. Godson (C). . . • 19'^" 
i£. B, Barnard (L.) . . . . WM 
Reg. Elect. IWO, 4289 ; 1903, 4484. 



XILDARE, County. 

North Division. Pup. 80,173. 

K. Leamy (Ind.N.) 1461 

v. J. IngUdew (N.) 1233 

Reg. Elect. 1900; 6A41 ; 1903, 5309. 

South Divition. Ft>p. 33,093. 

On th« resignation of Mr. Mincb, 

new writ. May, ltt03. 
D. Kilbride (N.). 

Rrg. Elect. 1900,7573 ; 1903, 5452. 

KILKENNY. Pop. 13,V42. 
*!'. O'Brien (N.). 
ReR. Elect 1900, 2536 ; 1903. 1317. 


Birr Divisioit. Pop . 30,764. 

M. Reddy(N.) 263C 

ff. Ifo/Zoy (N.) 1181 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 4792; 1908, 4680. 

TuUamor* Div. Pop. 29,438. 
H. Bnrke (N.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 4939 ; 1903, 4645. 

KILKENNY, County. 

North Division. Pop. 31,855. 

On the resignation of Mr. P. 

McDermott, new writ, Feb., 1902. 
J. Devlin IN.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900. 6170; 1903, 5309. 

South Division. Pop. 33.747. 
/. O'Mara (N.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 5141 ; 1903, 520S. 

KILMARNOCK Dist. (Compriaing 
Xilmnrnock, Dumbarton, Renfrew, 
Kntherglen, and Port Glasgow.) 
Pop. 90,438. 
'CoL J. M. Denny (C.) . . . 607« 

J. R. Xainy ih.) 6692 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 18,621 ; 1903, 14,631, 

*J. W. Crombie (L.) .... 8093 

/. Moioat (C.) 1586 

Beg. Elect. 1900,6410 ; 1903, 6762. 

KING*S LYNN. Ses Lynn Regl.v 
KINGSTON. Sm Surrey. 



KINGSWINFORD. See Stafford- 

KIRKCALDY Dist. (Comprising 
Burntisland, Dysart, KinRhom, 
and Kirkcaldy.) Pop. 48,877. 

•J. H. Daliiel (L.) 8354 

M.B.NaimiC.^ 2013 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 6872 ; 1003, 7647. 


Pop. 81,503. 
*8ir M. J. Stewart, Bart. (C.) . 2784 

R. U. Cox (L.) 2181 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 6846 ; 1903, 5640. 

KIRKDALE. See LiTerpool. 

KNUT8F0RD. See Cheshire. 


North Division. Pop. 69,542. 

P. Horner (C; 2077 

Lt.-Col.C.Ford{h.) . . . .1795 
Reg. Elect. 1900. 7090 ; 1903, 7303. 

Ksnnington Div. Pop. 78,313. 
•P. L. Cook (C.) ..;... 410f 

R. W. Esses {L.) 28- 

Reg. Elect. 1900,10,439 ; 1903, 10,f 


BnxtcnDzv. Pop.76,8fi«. | Lancaster Dio. Pop. 78,663. 

•Sir Robert Mowbray CO. ,N. W. Helme (L. |»- \*Cot. Foster (C.) 5060 

Reg.Elect. 1900. 10,686 ; 1908,10186. ReR. Elect. 1900, 12,884 ; 1903» 13.640. 

NortooodJHv. Pop. 86,730. | Blackpool Div. Pop. 111.614. 
•C. E. Tritton (C). j " »t. Hon. Sir M. W. Ridley (C). 

Unopposed. UnoppoMd. 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 11,204; 1903, U,931. On Sir M. W. Ridley being created 
a Peer, new writ, Dec, 1900. 
H. W. Worsley-Taylor (C.) . 7050 

/.Heapi^.) »83 

Reg. Elect. 1900,16.807 ; 1903, 18,795. 
Chortejf Division. Pop.77,05S. 
Lord Balcarres (C). 

On Lord Balcarres being appointed 
Junior Lord of the Treasury, new 
writ, Oct., 1903. 
•Lord Balcarres (C.) .... 6226 

/. Lawrence (L.) *79» 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 12,288 ; 1903, 12.836. 


Govan Division. Pop. 103,978. 

R. H. Craig (L.) 6744 

R.Ditnean (LAJ.) 6B80 

Reg. Elect. 1000, 14,807 ; 1903,16,392. 

Partiek Division. Pop. 116,628. 

* J. Parker SmitlUL.U.) . . .0950 

R.Lambielh,) 4717 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 15,921; 1903,18,421. 

North- West Div. Pop. 100,209. 
•Dr. C. Douglas (L.) .... 6B06 
L. JEdmttnds (L.U.) .... 6214 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 18,568 1 1903, 15,200. 

NorlfhEast Div, Pop. 119,349. 

•JohnColvillelL.) 7180 

Sir fV. H. ReUtigan (L.U.) . 5667 
On the death of Mr. J, ColvlUe 
new writ, Sept., 1901. 
Sir W. H. Rattigan (L.U.) . . 5673 
C. B. Harmnoorlh (L.) . • 4' 

/?. SnitlWe (Lab.) 2900 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 16,001 ; 1903, 18,569. 
Uid Division. Pop. 90,»6«. 

♦ James CaldweU(L.) . . . .5267 
C. K. M'Kenzis (C.) .... 5076 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 12^98 ,1903, 14,297 

South Division, Pop. 66.504 . 

• Hon. J^mes H. C. Hoaier (C) 8968 
ff^. Meuaies (L.) 6610 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9134 ; 1908, 9647. 


Darwm Division, Pop.787fl6- 
J. Rutherford (C.) ..... 7S» 

C. P. Huntington iM . • •6^58 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 15,808; 1903, 15,845. 

CUtherosDiv. Pop. 110,858. 
•Rt. Hon. Sir Ughtred J. Kay 
Shattleworth (L.). 
On Sir U. J. Shuttleworth bein- 
created a peer, new writ, Au^'., 

D. J. Shackleton (Lab.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 18,584 ; 1903, 19,7t)6. 
AetritigtoH Div. Pop. 84,897. 
•SirJ.F. Le«.e,Q.C.(L.) . .6685 

E. UiehoUs (C.) . 

/. HentpsaU (Soo.) .... 433 

LANCASHIRE, N. »<«• ^^^'- 1»00, 14,221 ; 1908. 14.883. 

NorthLonsdaleDiv. Pop. 60,430. Rossendals DiV. Pop. 71,480. 

'R. Cavendish (L.U.). | W. Mather ^L.). 

Unopposed. | Unopposed. 

Reg. Elect. 1900,9687 ; 1905, M18. Reg.Elect. 1900, 12,148 ; 1908, lS.6i' 


LANCASHIBE, S.S. [Pop. 97,816. 

fVett Houffhton Division. 
'Lord Stanley (O- . . . • •7080 
F. Thonuuson CL.) . . . .4939 
Rtg. Elect. 1000. 15,837; 1903, 16,092. 

HtywoodDiv. Pop. 57,894. 

*C«pt. O. Kemp (C.) 4A57 

B. Holdm (L.) 4481 

Reg. Blect. 1900, 10,033 ; 1903, 10,254, 

MUUUetou Div. Pop. 74,647. 

E B. nelden (C.) 6147 

•J. DueJttoorth (L.) . . . .6011 
Reg. Elect. 1900,18,707; 1903, 14,07-. 

Radelijr-tum-Famworth Di- 
vision. Pop. 78,397. 

T.C. Taylor (L.) 5497 

/. C. Cross (C.) 5437 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 13,344 ; 1903, 12.759. 

Recte* Division. Pop. 92,830. 

'0. Leigh Clare (C.) 6153 

J. P. Fry {L.) 6934 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 14,674 ; 1903,15.917 

SiretfordDiv. Pop. 96,265. 
•SirJ.W.Maclure(C.). . . .7591 

H.NuUaUiL.) 4938 

On the death of Sir J . W. Maclure, 
new writ, Feb., 1901. 

'C. A. Crippa (C.) 7088 

F. ThomassoH (L.) .... 5191 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 18,900; 1003, 21,415. 

Gorton Division. Pop. 95,61 7. 
•E. P. C. Hatch CC.J .... 6761 

*V. fVard (Lub.) 5341 

ZUg. Elect. 1900,14,511 ; 1903,16,473. 

Prestwieh Div. Pop. 103,117. 

'P.Cawley(^L.J 7127 

€ap<. H.H. Houldsworth(C.) 6406 
Beg. Elect. 1900, 15,733 ; 1903, 17,467. 


Ormskirk Division. Pop. 76,063. 
*Hon. A SUnley (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 11,052 ; 1908, 11,773. 

Bootle Division. Pop. 131,105. 
•Col. T.M. Sandys (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 17,439 ; 1903, 19,088. 

rVidnes Division. Pop. 67.661. 
Col. W. H. Walker (C.) . . . 4716 
M. C. Mclnemey ij^.). . . .3063 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9447 1 1903, 10,089. 

Nowton Division. Pop. 80,408. 
•Lt.-Col. PilkingtOD (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 13,063 ; 1903,12,974. 

Ineo Division. Pop. 79,336. 
Col. Blandell (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 11,781 ; 1903, 12,604. 

Leiffh Division. Pop. 79,465. 

♦C. P. Scott (L.) 5289 

W. W. Fitzgerald (C.) .... 5119 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 11,907 ; 1903, 12,838 

LANCASTER. See Lancashire, N. 
LAUNCESTON. See Cornwall. 


SouU^oriDiv. Pop. 90,220. 
E.UvshallHalUC.) . . . .5632 
'SirG.A.PiVkington{lj.). .5813 
Beg. Elect. 1900, 18,164 ; 1903, 13,922. 

LEAMINGTON. See Warwick and 

LEEDS. -^^ --- - - 

North Division. Pop. 116,600. 
Rt.Hon.W.LawiesJack8on(C.). 7512 
J. C. Hamilton (L.) . . . .4995 
On Mr. W. L. Jxcksdti being created 
a peer, new writ, July, 1902. 

R. Barran (L.) 7539 

SirA.Lawson{{:.) 6781 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 17,887 ; 1903, 1 ,787 
Central Division. Pop. 64,157. 
Rt. Hon. Gerald William Bal- 

foar (C.) 4144 

Sir S. Montagu (L.) .... 8043 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9830 ; 1903, 0055. 


East Division. Pop. 65^74. 

II. 8.CaaUey(C.) 8453 

/. /?. Maguire (L.) Ift86 

ff^. P. Bylts CH.B. and Lub.) . 1 206 
R«g. Elect. 1900,0886 ; 1903, 9330. 
iTtst Division. Pop. 100,147. 
*Rt. Hon. H. J. GlNdstone (L.) 7U48 
T. fV. Hardint (L U.) . . <«&8S 
Beff. Elect. 1900, J6,867i 1903,18,126 

5bff/A Division. Pop. 82,094. 
•J. L. Walton, Q.C. (L.) . . . 4852 

It J. XevilU (C.) 4718 

Kee. Elect. ItfOU, 13,442 ; 1903. 1 1,572. 

LEEK. See StaiTordshire. 

LEICESTER. Pop. 151,489. 

*(1. Bmadharst(L.) . . . .10,385 

SirJ.Ron««ton(C.) .... U066 

' ff^. Hasell (L.) 8628 

J.R.Maedonatd{Lnh.) . . 4164 
Reg. Elect. 1900, S4,U«S : 1903, 25,491 


£««/, or MsUoHt Division. 
Lord C. Miinners (C.) .... ri5S5 
Coutieillor fVdksrley (L.) . . 5193 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 18,470 ; 1933, 14,9S8 

Midyor Loughborough.Dii'ision. 
Pop. 65,763. 

M. Levy (L.) 4897 

M. Packs (L.U.) 4830 

Reg. Elect. 1900, ll,42u ; 1903, 13,423 

ff^sstt or Bonoorlh, Division. 
Pop. 66,309. 
'C. B. Bright M'Laren (L.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900,11,721 ; 1903. 12,404. 

Southtor Harborouffh.Division. 
Pop. 73,075. 

•J. W. Lo«ra (L.) 726H 

C. U. Dixon (C.) 594(^ 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 16,128 ; 1903, 16,678. 

LEIO H. See Lancashire, S. W 


LBITH DUt. (Comprbin^ Leitli, 
MuMelbnrRh, and Portobellu.J 
Pop. 97,554. 
*R. C. Munro-Fergnson (L.) . 604o 
E. T. Salvoston (L.U.) . . . t»-i26 
Reg. Elect. 1800,15,484; 1906,16,33h. 

LBITRIM, Connty. 

North Division. Pop. 34,460. 

•P. A.M'Hugh(N.) 4025 

C. J. Singleton (C.) .S83 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 7670 ; 1903, 6629. 

South Division. Vop. 34,883. 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8240 ; 1»)3, 6791 . 

LEIX. 8e« Queen's County. 

LEOMINSTER. See Hererordshire. 

LEWES. See Sussex. 

LEWISHAM. Pop. 128,346. 
•J. Penn (C). 

On the death of Mr. J. Penn, ne» 
writ, Dec, 1908. 

E. F, Coates (C.) n09 

/. rV.aeUmdih.) SK*? 

Reg. Elect. 1900,15,254 ; 1903, 18,700. 

LICHFIELD. See Staffordshire. 
LIMEHOUSE. See Tower Hamlets. 

LIMERICK, City. Pop. 46,170. 
M. Joyce (N.) S&^I 

F. E. Kearney (V.) .... 474 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 5297 ; 1903, 53&9. 

LIMERICK, County. 

ff^est DiviHo$i. Pop. 60,281 
P. J. O'Shanghuessy (N.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8651 | 1908,8264. 



East Division. Pop. 19,644. 

Keg. Elect. 1900. 1U33 ; 1903, 7966. 

LINCOLN. Pop. 51,751. 

'C. H. Seely (L.U.) 400S 

C. Robert* (L.) SUSft 

Reg. Biect. lOUO. 8646 ; 1903, 9462. 


West tAntUetft or Gainsborough 
Division. Pop. 52,343. 
Hoa. 8. Onnsby-Gore (C.) . . 4661 

'E. BainbHdge (L) 4624 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 1S,328; 1903,12.555 

NorUt Lindseift or Brigg, Div. 
Pop. 02,300. 

*H.J.Reckitt(L.) 4899 

H. Peaks iC.) 4077 

Reg. Elect ItfOO, 10,718 ; 1903. 11,167. 

Batt lAndseVy or Louth, Div. 
Pop. 43,231. 

•R.W.Perk*(L.) 4188 

MaiJ.B.Coote{C.) 828 

Reg. Elect. 1900. 9621 ; 190.1, 9692. 

South LindseVt or HomeasUs, 
Division. Rip. 43,572. 
*LordWiUoaghb7d'£rwby (C.J 4802 

T. fVaUis (L.) S962 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9488 ; 1903, 9625. 


Pop. 44,906. 

*Rt. Hon. Henry Chaplin (C.) . 4228 

Dr. C. Reinhardt (L.) ... 8786 

Reg. Elect. 19U0, 9870 1 1903, 9484. 

SouthKesteventOr Stamford,Div. 
Pop. 45,309. 

•W.YoiiBg*r(C.) 4292 

i^- Hasiam (L.) S8{ 

Keg. Elect. 1900. 9584; 1903,9620. 
Spalding Div. Pop. 48,700. 

H.liaBalleld(L.) 4862 

'tf. F. PoUoek (L.O.) . . . 4296 
Res- Elect. 1900, 12,560 ; 1903,14,162. 

800 Lincolnshire. 

•Alexander Ure (L.) .... 8827 

D. Dundas (C.) 8084 

Reg. Elect. 1900,84.50; 1903,0346. 


Kirkdale Division. Pop. bl ,91 5 . 
*DaTtd Maclrer (C.) .... 4883 

A. R. Cherry (L.) 1788 

Reg. Elect. 1900,10,695 ; 1903, 10,688. 

fVaUon Division, Pop. 90,823. 
'J. H. Stock (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 11,341 ; 1903, 13,411. 

Bverton Div. Pop . 83,567. 
•J. A. Willox (C.) . 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,291 ; 1903,10,347. 

West Derby Div. Pop. 86,694. 
8. W. Higginbottom (C). 

On the death of Mr. S. W. Higgin- 
bottom, new writ, Jan., 1903. 
W. Rutherford (C.) .... 6466 

JR. Holt (L.) 8261 

Reg. Elect. 1900,11,799 ; 1903,11,824. 

SeoUandDtv. L'op. 52,066. 

•T. P. O'Connor (N.) . . . .2044 

fV. fV. Rutherford (C.) . . 1484 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 6859 } 1903, 0113. 

ExehangeDiv. Pop. 41,990. 
*C. MfiArthar (L.U.) .... 2811 

F.p-emeyfjj.) 1614 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 6718 ; 1903, 6256. 

Jbereromby Div. Pop. 63,440. 
W P. Lawrence (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8262 ; 1903, 779 



East Toxteth Div. Pop. 70,427. 
•A. P. W«t(0.). 

On the resignation of Mr. A. F. 
Warr^new writ, October, 1902. 

A Taylor (C.) 8610 

II. R. Bathbone (L.) .... 3238 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9295 ; 1903, 9608. 

West Toxteth Div. Pop. 65,803. 
*R. P. Houston (C). 
Reg. Elect. 1900. 8614 : 1903, 8509. 

LONDON, City. Pop. 26.923. 
♦Hon. A. G. H. Gibbs (C). 
Sir J.C. Dioisdale(C.). 

Both unopposed. 
Reg. Elect. 1900,33,364; 1903,33,049 


'Sir Michael Poster (C.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 4408 ; 1903, 4486. 

LONDONDERRY. Pop. 39,898. 
Marq. of Hamilton (C.) . . . 2861 

'^. J. Moore IV.) 2294 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 60M ; 1903, 6710. 

South Division. Pop. 33,204. 
Hon. E. Blake (N,) 

Reg. Elect. 1900. 4212; 1903, 4762. 

shire, N. _ 

LOUGHBOROUGH. Bee Leiceater 

LOUTH, Coanty. 

North Division. Pop. 35,242. 
•Timothy Healy (N.) . . . .1604 

H. Bourke (N.) 1285 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 5869 ; 1903, 5794. 
South Division. Fjp. 30.578. 

J. Nolan (N.) 123.^ 

R.MeGhee(V.) »34 

Reg. Elect. 1900, .'i480 ; 1903, 5167. 


North Division. Pop. 53,787. 
*Rt. Hon. J. Atkinson (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,843; 1903, 9958. 

South Division. Pop. 50,725. 
J. Gordon (L.U.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9189 ; 1903, 8391. 

LONQPORD, Coanty. 

North Division. Pbp. 28,468. 
•J. P. Fanrell (N.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 4805 ; 1603, 3036. 

LOUTH, Lincolnshire, which see. 
LOWESTOFT. See Suffolk. 
LUDLOW. See Shropshire. 

LUTON. See Bedfordshire. 

LYNN REGIS. Pop. 20,288. 

T. G. Bowles (C.) 1409 

F. H. Booth IL.) 1332 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8209 ; 1903,319:<. 

MACCLESFIELD. See Cheshire. 

MAIDSTONE. Pop. 33,516. 

J. Barker (L.) S2<»1 

F. S. fV.CopiwaUis (C). . 2168 
On Mr. i. Barker being tmseated 
on petition, new writ, Feb., 1901. 
•Sir F.H. Evans iL.) .... 2375 
r. Jfi7i;a/« (C.) 'i^«- 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 5088 ; 1903, 5132. 

MALDON. See Essex 



JULTON. See Thirak and Malton. 


North- PTett Dht, Pop. 67,959. 
•Sir W. H. Hoaldsworth, Bt. (O* 

Reg. Elect. 1900,11721 ; 1903, ll.UO. 

North Diifision. Pop. 82,511. 
*C. E. Schwann (L.) .... 4868 

J.Hieka{C.) 428S 

Reg. Elect. 1W)0,10,770 ; 1903, 10,865, 

Nortk-Kast JHv. Pop. 71,760. 
•Rt. Hon. Sir J. Ferjjusson (C.) 4316 

' A. Birrell (L.) 3610 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9947 ; 1903, 9856. 

Baal Division. Fop. 04,499. 
*Rt. Hon. A. J. Balluar (C.) . 5808 

A. H. Seott (L.) 88B0 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 12.727 ; 1903, 12,879. 

South Division, Pop. 91,711. 
•Hon. W. R. W. Peel (L.U.) . 5122 

B.Ho//(L.) 8850 

Reg. Elect 1000, ll»788 ; 1903, 13,879 

' Soitih-fVfstDiv. Pop. 66,916. 

•W.ji,0«llowav(C.) . . . .4017 

F.BrocklehnrstCLih.) . . . 23»8 

Reg. Elect. lUOO, 9102 ; 1903. 8792. 

MANSFIELD. See Nottingham- 


East Division. Pop. 58,677. 

*B. BontuoU (C.) 8108 

J. P. R. Lyelt (LA 1126 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 6072; 1903, 6474. 

fTsst Division. Pop. 73,618. 
'Sir S.E. Scott (L.U.). . . .8487 

^y. a. Sands (L.) 1582 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8792 ; 1903, 8542, 

MAYO, Coanty. 

North Division. Pop. 49,77 . 

C. O'Kelly (N.) 2504 

fV. Murphy Ci.) IIIB 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 7688 ; 1903, 7636. 

fVsst Division. Pop. 52,689. 
*Dr. R. Ambrose (N.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 0486; 1903,9806. 

East Division. Pop. 48,236. 
•J. Dillon (N.). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 8225 ; 1903, 8058. 

South Division. Pop. 49,761. 
*J. O'Donnell (N.). 
. Unopposed. 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 0055 ; 1903, 8325. 

MEATH, Connty. 

North Division. Pop. 34,286. 

P. White (N.) 1453 

•7. Gibney (N.) 1816 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 6064 ; 1903,6836. 

South Division. Pop. 33,211. 
J. L. Carew(N.}. 

On the death of Mr. Carew, new 
writ, Oct., K03. 

D. Shcehy (N.) 2246 

J.H.PnmeU(lnd.J:i.) . . .1031 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 6362 ; lOUU, d9bO. 

MED WAY. See Kent. 
MELTON. See Leicestershire 

A. O. Williams (L.). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9487 ; 1903, 9714 




LPop. l33,51o. 

'David A. Thomas (L.) . . . 85t 

KeirHardie(Lab.) 6745 

*IV. Priiehard Morgan (L.). 4004 
Ree. Elect. 1900, 16.400 ;1903, 19,822. 

Col. S A. Sadler (C.) .... 67«0 
V. U. rVUson (Lab.). . . - 6706 
Reg. Elect. laOO, 17,307 ; 1903, 18.542, 


Enfield Division. Pop. 1 23,291 
'C»)I. H. P. Bowles (C.) . . . 6928 

C. S.Cro/*(L.) 3865 

Rei;. Elect. 1900, 17,044; 1903,19,656. 

Tottenham Div. Pop. 136,774. 
'Joseph Howard (C.) . . . .6721 

G. H. Morgan (L.) 4009 

Reg. Elect. 1900. 19,412 ; 1903,20.922 

Homsey Division. Pop. 109,752. 
Capt. C. B. Balfour (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900,16,127; 1903,17,944. 
Harroio Division. Pop. 167,392. 
*J. E. B. Cox(C.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900,20.067 ; 1903, 24,106 

Eating Division. Pop. 101,294. 
*Rt. Hon. Lord George Hamilton (C.) 


Reg. Elect. IJWO. 14,497 ; 1903, 16,389. 

Brentford Die. Pop. 90,660. 
*J. Bigwood (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 12,469 ; 1903,14,308 

UxbridgeDiv. Pop. 83,145. 
*Sir P. D. Dixon- Hartland (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 13,701 ; 1903,15,366. 

MIDDLETON. 5«e Lancashire, S.E. 

MIDLOTHIAN. SteEdinbnrghshire. 

See Tower HumlcU. 

MONAGHAN, County. 

North Division. Pop. 3S,20S. 
D. Macaleesv (N.). 

On the death of Mr. D. Macaleese, 
new writ, Dec, 1900. 
Dr. E. C. Thompson (N.). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 7014; 1903, 6616. 
South Division. Pop. 36,403. 
•James Daly (N.). 
On the resignation of Mr. J. Daly, 
new writ, Febmary, 1808. 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 6706 ; 1903, 6646. 

MONMOUTH Dist. (Cumprising 
Monmoath. Newport, and Usk.) 

Pop. 66.036. 
Dr. Rutherfoord Harris (C). . 4415 

*j1. Spieer (L.) 8727 

On Dr. R. Harris being unseated on 
petition, new writ. May, 1901. 

J. Lawrence (C.) 4604 

ji. Spieer (L.) 4261 

Reg. Elect. 1900,9335 ; 1903, 10,520. 


North Division. Pop. 58.671. 

R. MKenna (L.) 5139 

D. F. Psnnefather (C.) ... 3740 
Reg. Elect. 1900, II ,169 ; 1903, 12.252. 

fVest Division, Pop. 82,173. 
•Rt. Hon. Sir W. V. Harconrt 

(L.) ^^ 

IlUyd Gardner (C.) . . • . 84"l 
Reg. Elect. 1900, II ,1 60 1 1903, 14,506. 

South Division. Pop. 73,437. 
'Hon. F. Conrtenay Morgan (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900,14,803 ; 1903, 14,721. 



MONTGOMERY Dirt. CComprising 
LUinfyUiD, LUnidloes, Machynl- 
leth. Montgomery, Newtown, and 
WelBhpool.) Pop. IT.'iSl. 

'Ll.-Col. E. Pryce Pryce. Jones 
(C.) 1478 

J. A. BHghi (L.) 1309 

Rrg. Elect. 1900, 3229 ; 190S. 3238. 


CPop. 37,110, 
•A. C. Httmphrey«-Owen ^L.) . 3482 
Capt. R. W. Willinma-iVynn 

(C.) 3218 

Reg. Elect. 1000, 7915 ; 1903, 7845. j 

MONTROSE Dist. (Comprising NEWPORT. See Shropshire. 
Montrose, Arbroath, Brechin, For- .^^^^ 

.Jt'VT* ^T'Jn wrLT'syeo'^BWRY. CofDown. Pop. 13.137 
•Rt. Hon. John Morley (L.). • 8»60|.p q carvilUN ) 

/. A I>on (L.U.) 2390 '' ",_ "L 

Reg. Elect. IflOO, 8881 ; 1903, 8485. 

NEW FOREST. See Hampshire. 


W09t Division. Pop. 61,279. 

«Capt.CeeU Norton (L.). . .3559 

F. /. B. Seavtr (C.) .... 24o3 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 84tf 1 ; 1903, 8756. 

fValworth Div. Pop.fiO,893, 

'J. Bailey (C.) 3098 

ft. Spokes (L.) 2J88 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 7770 ; 1903, 7619. 



See Cambridge- 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 1789 ; 1903, 2037 

MOBLEY. See Yorkshire, W.R. 

MORPETH. Pop. 50,043. 

-Thomas BnrtiL.) 8117 

MaUman Barrie {O . . .27071 
I Reg. Elect. 1900, 8490 ; 1903, 9457. 


NEWARK. See Nottinghamshire. 

NEWBUKY. See Berkshire. 


fPop. 60,666. 
SirA.S. Haslam(L.U.) . . .3751 

' fV. Alien {l^.} 8568 

Reg. Elect. I90n, 9095} 1903, 9746. 


[Pop. 215,328. 
W. R. Plnmmer (C.) . . . .15,097 

0. Renwiek (C.) 14,762 

S. Storey (L.) 10,488 

Capt. Hon. H. Lambton (L.) 10,4fi8 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 84,690 ; \W», 35,635. 

NEWTON. See Lancashire, S.W. 


North' fVeetJHv. Pop. 51,380. 

G. White (L.) 4->87 

Sir fV. H. Ffolkes (L.U.) . .3811 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,811 ; 1903. 10,H.5(] 

SoiUh fVest Div. Pop. 48,500. 

T. L. Hare (C.) 8702 

ft. fVinfrey (L.; 8636 

Reg. Elect. 1»00, 8740 ; 1903, 8E03. 

North Division, Pop. 53,738. 
'Sir W.B. Garden (L.) . . .4490 

Major FoUelt (C.) 8493 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,261 ; 1903, 10.573. 

Bast Division. Pop. 50,697. 

R.J. Price (L.) 4563 

Capt. PHoleau (C.) .... 3733 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,791 ; 1908, 10,»mI. 

Mid Division. Pop. 46,154. 

•F. W. Wilson (L.) 3996 

fV. L. Boyle (C.) 342^^ 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9226 ; 1903. 928» 


South Division. Pop. 40,611 

•A. W. Sonines (L.) 896* 

E.N. Mann iC.) 3b« 

Reg. Elect. 1900. 9651; 1908, 9686. 

NORMANTON. See Yorkshire.W.R 

NORTHAMPTON. Pop. 76,070. 

J. O. Shipman (L.) 6487 

'H.LJiboachere(L.) . . . .6281 
R. R. B. OrUbar (C.) . . . 4481 
H.E.RandaU(C.) . . . .4121 
Reg. Elect. 1000, 12,180 ; 1903,12,352, 


TyMsidtDiv. Pi»p. 100.687. 
H.C. smith (L..U.) . . . .7093 

J.jt.Pease(h.) 6780 

Reg. Elect. 1900. 18,460 ; 1903,21,340. 

Hexham Piv. Pop.&5,0U. 
W. C. Beanmont (L.) .... 4197 
rtset, Morpeth {h.V.) . . .4011 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,310; 1903, 10,860. 

Benoiek-on-Tioeed Division. 

Pop. 60,191. 
Sir Edward Grey (L.). 

Reg. Elsct. 1900, 9r.03 ; 1903, 9189. 


North Division. Pop. 47,303. 
Col. S. G. Stopford-SackviUe 
(C; 4od9 

R;g^wicUl^li0,20i; \m,\^l Reg.Elect.l900,i8.788;l«03.19.5lO. 

NORTHWICH. 5m Cheshire. 

NORWICH. Pop. 111,733. 
'Samnel Hoare (C). 
On tlie death of Sir H. BuUard, 
new ^rrit. 

Sasl Division. Pop. 87,221. 
* Francis Alltton Channing (L.). 7003 
/. C. D. Parker CC.) .... 6568 
Reg. Elect. IWIO, 14,866 ; 1903, 16,200. 

Mid Division. Pop. 65,801. 
Hon. Chas. Robt Spencer (L.) . 5899 

•Sir J. Pender iO 4605 

Reg. Elect. 1900,12,176 ; 1903, 12,875, 

South Division. Pop. 43,753. 
Hon. £. A. Pil«roy ^C.) . . .4174 
T. N. A. Grove (L.) . . . . 3166 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 8976 ; 1903, 8894. 

NORWOOD. 5^« Lambeth. 

NORTH SHIELDS. SceTynemonth. 


ff^ansbeekDiv. Pop. 80,61 
*CharlesPenwick(L.) . . .547^ 

J. S. Appleby (C.) 428c 

Keg. Elect. lUCO, 14,179 )1903, 15.640. 


fVest Division. Pop. 8,887. 

•J.H.Yoxall(L.) 6023 

Sir L. H. Grijfin (L.U.) . . . 6«89 
Reg. Elect. 1900,14,878; 1903,15,797. 

Bast Division. Pop. 73,21 1 . 

E. Bond(C.) 4927 

B. Eraser (L.^ 4148 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 12,109; 1903,12,257. 

South Divisiotu Pop. 78,195. 
'LordH.Bentinck(C.} . . . 5299 

a. Y. Stanger (L.) 8914 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 12.442 ; 1903.13,09-3. 


Bassetlaw Div. Pop. 57,117. 
•Sir F. G. Milner. Bt. (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,428 ; 1903. 10,928. 



OXFORD, Oty. Pop. 49,285. 
Yuct. Yalentia (C.;. 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 81S6 ; 1903, 8367. 

Newark Division. Pop. 60,96 
•Sir C. Welby (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1»00, 10,810 ; 1903,10,618. 

R'usheliff'e Div. Pk>p. 80,319. 
•John Bdvrard EUIb (L.) . . . fl3,S»|oXPORD UNIVERSITY. 

J. Robinson (C) R»l8;Rt. Hon. John Gilbert Talbot (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 14,906; 1903, 15,168. |. sir W. R. Anaon. Rt. (L.U.V 

Roth nnoppoted. 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 6321 ; 1903, 6329 . 

3ransJUld Div. Pop. 86,530. 

A. B Markban(L.) 6496 

Col. Byre (C.) 4127 

Reg. Elect. 1900,14,456; 1903,18.751. OXFORDSHIRE. [Pop. 40,616. 

Northt or Banbury ^ Division. 

NUNEATON. ^eeWarwickghire. 

*A. RraBsey (C.) . 

Hon. B. Fiennes (h.) . . . .2881 
- - - - " - - - - Reg. Elect. 1900, 785.S ; 1908, 7G87. 

OLDHAM. Pop. 194,155. I Mid, or fVoodstook, Division 

•A EmmoU (L.) ... . 12,9i7i ^^P- *«»4'«- 

Winston S. Ctinrchill (C.) '. . 12.931 *^- ». Morreil (C). 

• IV. Runeiman (L.) . . . 12,709 Unopposed. 

C.B.CrUp{C.) ,2,ft22J Reg. Elect. 1900,9668, 1902,9726. 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 29,853 ; 1903, 32,108. AWA, or Henley, Division. 

l Pop. 48,050. 

' """ " " 'E. T. HermonHodge (C.) . . 8622 
ORKNEY AND SHETLAND. H»Samuel(h.) 8450 

Pop. .M,80S. jj g, J jgoQ gogg jg^g gogS. 

J.C.W^annthV.) 2067 ^ .., 

* Sir Leonard LyeU{h.). . • 8017 pj^I,D,^OTQjj 
OnthesecessionofMr. J. C. Waaon, m;.,#* fM.w.rf-« p»« t9<iiii 

new writ, October. 1902. L. J^ , .r^'*'**"' ^°^'^'^- 

J.C.W«son(I.L.) 2412;'«^^lj'»i^.) ...... 3864 

MrKinnonVoodlL.). . . . SOOL*' ^if**'^?-"' l''^^ * '^' ^ l^^^ 
T.W.S.AngUriC.) . ... 740 «*?• Bleot- "OO, 8197 ; 1903, 9138. 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 7420 ; 1903, 7672. I South Division. Pop. 65,1 14. 

^ ^, I* Sir T. O. Fardell (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 5750 ; 1903, 6007. 

ORMSKIRK. See Lancashire, S. W. I 

OSGOLDCEOSS. See Yorkshire, 

OSSORY. See Queen's Cotinty. 
OS W R STR Y See Shropshire. 

PAISLEY. Pop. 79,354. 
*Sir W. Dunn. Rart (L.) . . 4683 
Capi. O, C. Swinton (C.) . . 8474 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,758 ; 1903. 11,450- 

PARTICK. See Lanarkshire. 

OTLET. Stf« Yorkshire, W.R. jPECKHAM. Sf« CamberwelU 


PEEBLE8.SUIRE. &e Selkirk. PETEKSFIELD. See Hampshire. 

WEST Diat. (CompriKinR Pern. 
broke, Tenby, WMon, PishGraiird, 
Haverrordwest. Milford, and Nar- 
berth.) Pop. SA^TS. 
«GeB. J. Laurie (C.J .... S67tf 

T. Terrell {h.) 2567 

Reg. Elect. 19»U, 6R96 ; 1903, 0689. 

•J. Wyuford Philipps (L.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900,11,088 ; 1903, 11.010. 

PENRITH. See Cumberland. 


Pop. 16,312. 
'F.J. Uorniman(L.) . . . .1184 

N.L. Cohen (L.U) 1164 

Reg. Elect. 19JU, 2766 ; 1903, 2845. 

PERTH. Pop. 32,866. 

•R.Wallnoe(L) 8171 

/f^. fVhiteletw (C.) .... 18«7 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 4873 ; 1903, 5076. 


Bastem Div. Pop. 42,830. 
*SirJ. KiBloch(L.} . . . .8186 

/. a. Stewart (C.) 2148 

On the reBignMtloD of Sir J. Kinloch, 

■ew irrit, Feb., 19U3. 
T. R. Buchanan (L.). 

Reg. Elect. 1»UU.7463; 1903, 7S14. 
fVeetern Div. Pop. 47,399. 

J. Stroyan (L.U.) 35li8 

C. S. Parker (L.) S0i8 

Reg. Elect. 190V, 8078 ; 1903, 8208, 

Pop. 33,t05. 

•R. Purvis (L.U.) 23U 

H.SUioartih.) 2l6fi 

Reg. Elect. 1«00, 5300 ; 1903, 5954. 

PLYMOUTH. Pop. 105,543. 

H. B. Dake (C.) .*.... 600i» 

■ Hon. Ivor Guest (C.) . . . . eoo.5 

^S.F.Mtndli-L.) 54tUI 

H. de R. fValier K2A4 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 18k566; 1903, 18,016. 

PONTEFRACT. Pop. 20,745. 

•T. W. Nussej (L.) .... 1385 

Sir F. Ripley (C.) 1269 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8001 ; 1903, 3236. 

POPLAR. See Tower Hamlets. 

PORTSMOUTH. Poo. 188.09S. 

J. H. A. Mi^endie (C.) . . .10.818 

R. Lucas (C.) 10,SS3 

*Sir J. Baker (L.) . . . .10.214 
*T. ji. Bramsden (I^.) . . . lu.tiSl 
Reg. Elect. lUOO, 26,6IW ; 1903,28,862. 

PRESTON. Pop. 118,227. 
*Rt. Hon. R. W. Hanbury (C). 8M4 
•Williaai E. M. Tomliuson (C.) 8i«7 
J. X. Hardie iUkh.) . . . .4834 
On the death of Mr. Hanbury. new 
Mrit, May, IWS. . 

J. Kerr (C.) 8639 

/. Hodge (I<ab.) 6490 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 16,867 ; 1903, 17,973. | 

PRESTWICH. See Lancashire, S.E. j 

PUDSEY. See Yorkshire, W.R. 


Osaory Diuieion. Pop. 29,091 
VV.P. DelaBy(N.). 
Reg. Elect. 19C0, 6621 ; 1903, 5055. 
Leix Division. Pop. 89,261. 
•Dr. M. A. McDitnnell (N.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900. 6881 ; I9(i8, 5116. 

conshtubnct, polls. &o. 

See Lancashire, S.E. 

RADNORSHIRE. Pop. 23,381. 

F. Edwards (L.) ..... .2082 

C. renabl0*-Llewelyn (C.) .1916 

Reg. Elect. 1900. 6210 ; 1903, 6360. 

R&MSEY. See Hnntingdonsbire. 

READING. Pop. 64,922. 

G. W. Palmer (L.) 4592 

C.B.Keyser(C.) 4353 

Reg. Beet. 19U0. 10,152 ; 1903, 10,722. 

iHEIGATE. See Surrey. 



North Division. Pop. 48,830. 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8995 ; 1903, 8069. 
South Division. Pop. 51,328. 
'John P. Hayden (N.). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 8980 ; 1908, 9044. 

ROSS. See Herefordshire. 

Pop. 68.908. 

•J. G.Weir(L.) 3564 

/. fV. Fletcher (L.U.) . . . 1«51 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 7909 ; 1903, 7863. 


See Lancashire, 


Eastern Div. Pop. 84,773. 
*H. H. Shaw-Stewtrt(C.). 

leg.:£leGt. 1000,12,464 ; 1903, 13,682. 

fVestemDiv. Pop. 68,160. 
*€. Bine Renshaw (0.). ... 4 
Sir T. 6. Coats (L.) .... 4U58 
Beg. Elect. 1000, 0861 ; 1903, 10,001. 

EHONDDA. See Glamorganshire. 

mCHMOND. See Yorkshire, N.K. 

tirON. See Yorkshire, W.R. 

COCHDALE? Pop. 76,124. 
*Col.C. M.Royds(C.). . . .6204 

&. Hetrvey (L.) 6185 

A. Clarke {Son.) 001 

Bee. Elert. 1900. 12.968 ; 1903, 13,513. 

ROCHESTER. POp. 30,590. 
*Visct.Cra&bome (C). 

On VisGt. Cranborue succeeding (o| 

the Pea-age, new writ, Sept., 1903. jST. ALBAN'S. See Hertfordshire. 

CToffrC.) 2504 ^-~^ 

\iru jrA^mtMMtt I igj,q,ST. ANDREW'S Dist. (Comprlsinfr 

SirU.John$tw{L,) . . . .1803 Anstruther Easter, Anstruther 

Rpfe'. Elect. 1900, 4086; 1903, 520S. ' Wester, Crail, Cnpar, Kilrenny, 

■--■■ , Pittenweem, and St. Andrews.) 

ROMFOBD. See Essex. Pop. 19,309. 

ROTHEUHAM. fie«York8hire,W.R. 

KOTHERHITHE. See Southwark. 

ROXBURGHSHIRE. Pop. 31,702. 
•Earl of Dalkeith (C.) . . • .2682 

Sir J. JanUne (L.) 2828 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 6081 ; 1903, 5767. 

RUGBY. Sc« Warwickshire. 

RUSHCLIFFE. \se«" Nottingham . 

RUTLAND. Pop. 10,709. 
*G. H. Finch (C). 
Reg. Elect. 1900,4207 ; 1803,4171. 

I RYE. 5e« Sussex. 




• H. Torren* Anstntrher (L.U.) 1 14? 

J. Awiaud (L.) 1094 

On Mr. Anstruther being appointed 
Director of Sues Canal, new writ, 
September, 190S. 

Capt. E. C. EUice (L) 1324 

3[aJ, Aiutruther- Thornton (C.) 1288 
Res. Elect. 1U0O.SO51 ; 1903, 3162. 


ST. AUSTELL. See Cornwall. 


Pop. 76,784. 
Col. the Hon. H. Legge (C). . 8852 

fX'; Everitt (L.) 1878 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 982^>; 1903,9888. 

Tower Hamlets. 

ST. HELEN'sTlmc). Pop. 80.678 

•H.Seton.Karr(C.) ftSOU 

C, A. V. Conybeare (L.) . . 8402 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,768; 1M03, 11,501 

ST. IVES. See Cornwall. 


North Division. Pop. 59,375. 

•E. R. P. Moon (C.) .... 8056 

^V. H. Dickinson (L.) . . . 2345 

Keg. Elect. 1900, 7682 ; 1003, 7620, 

Eaat Division. Pop. f 0,276. 
'SirT. WrightHonCC). . . .3016 

/. Af. Astbury (L) 2106 

Reg. Elect. lUOO, 7248 ; 19U3, 7094. 

Weat Division. Pop. 69,766. 
•H.R. Graham (C.) . . . .8220 

G. Jt. Benson (L.) 1558 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 7481 ; 1903, 6901 
South Division. Pop. 55,495. 

*H.M.Je8ael(L.U.) 2278 

N. P. Hamilton CL.) .... 1118 
Reg. Elect. 1000, 5894 ; 19i)3, 5478. 

ST. PATRrCK»sr See^ublin. 

ST. ROLLOX. See Glasgow. 



North Division. Pop. 69,750. 
P. Piatt HiggiDS (C.) .... 4370 

J. S. Lawton {L.) 34U7 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9482 ; 1903, 9589. 
West Division. Pop. 8J,333. 

Lees Knowles (C.) 6503 

C E. Mallei (L.) 4341 

Reg. Bleet. 1900, 12,813 ( 1903, 13,314. 
South Division. Pup. 64,873. 

i.G. OroyeslC.) 4207 

A.Mond{L.) 2980 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9109 ; 1903, 8992. 

SALOP, COUNTY of. See Shrop- 

SALISBURY, City. Pop. 19,421. 

W. Palmer (L.U.) 1399 

F.Lowih.) 1160 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 2872 ; 1903, 3tt»5. 


*J. C. Rickett (L.) 8548 

Sir G. Sihoell, Bt. (C.) . . . 9441 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 6780 ; igtlS. 6134. 

SCOTLAND, Liverpool, which see. 

SHIRE. Pop. 1U,609. 
•Sir W. Thorburn (L.U.) . . . 1598 
H. P. Tennant (L ; .... 13S7 
Reg. Elect. 190(i, ;i6(i3 ; 1UU3, 3581. 



Attercliffe Div. Pop. 91,705. 
*Batty Langley iL.}. 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 13,674; 1903, 14,970, 

Brightside Die. Pup. 78,088. 

J. P Hope (C.) 49P8 

♦F. Maddison (L.) 40S8 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 11,700; 1903, 11,7»7. 


Ontral IHviiion. Pop. 65,0»9. 
Col. Sir C. B. H. Vincent (C). 

Keg. Elect. 1900, 9881 ; 1903, 9450. 

Hattam DivitioH. P&p. 76,217. 
Rt. Hon. C. B. Stuart- Wortley (C). 

[eg. Elect. 1900, 10,7C0 ; t903, 12,391. 

EeeUtall IHvuioH. Pop. 75.081. 
Sir B. Ashmead Burtlett (C.) . &05» 

i. rait (R.) 

hi the death of Sir E. A. Bartlett, 
new writ, Feb., 1902. 

(. Roberts ^C.) 5231 

8. T. VaiU (L.) 4119 

leg. Elect. lUOO, 11,357 ; 1903,12.553 


Mid, or WeUUtgton, Divition. 
Pop. 48,052. 
*A.HarKTeaTeB Brown (L.U.) . 3480 

H. rarty aai8 

Reg. Elect. 1800, 8487 ; 1903, 8675. 
Soitthyor Lttdlouf,Div. Pop. 55,906. 
*Robert Ja»per More (JUU.;. 

On the death of Mr. J. More, new 
writ, Dec., 1903. 

R. Hant (C.) 4883 

F. Bomt iL.) 8423 

Keg. Elect. 1900, 10,884 ; 1903. 10,382. 

SKIPTON. ae» Yorkshire, W.R. 



See Orkney and Shet- 

iHIFLEY.^XTYOTkiriiire, W.R. 

IBOKBDITcil.' - -- 

HoxtoH JHvition. Pop. 62,429. 

Run. Claude Hay (C.) .... sem 

*J. Stuart (L.) 2596^ > 

Reg. Elect. 1800, 7780 ; 1903, 7555. 
Haggentan Div.;277. 

W. R. Cmner (L.) 2290 

J.Linale*(C.) 2206 

teg. Elect. 1000, 6781 ; 1908, 6626. 

nREWSBURY. Pop. 28,895. 
*B. D. Greene, K.C. (C). 

Keg. Elect. 1800, 466ii ; 1903, 4776. 

IHR0P8HIRE. P0pr58,96ft. 

Ifett, or Otweatry. JHviHoH. 
Stanley Leighton (C). 

Ob the death of Mr. S. Leighton, 

new writ. May, 1901. 
jbn.G. OrmebyGore (C.) . .4818 

it Bright (L.) 343(i 

leg. Elect. 1000,9091 ; 1909, 10.106. 

North, or Newport, Divirion. 

Pop. eajBbe. 
tieat.-Ool. Kenyon4laney(C.). 

leg. Elect. ItWO, 10,629 ; 1903, 10,548. 


8LIOO, Coonty. 

Nortti DivitioH. Pop. 44,616. 

W. MoKillop (N.). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 8629 ; 1908, 8446. 
aouth Divieion, Pop. 42,808. 
'J. O'Dowd (N.). 
Reg. Eleet. 1900, 7670 ; 1903, 7663. 


North DivitioH. Pop. 59,231 . 

*J2j'-i5^!* ^'e^y Llewellyn (C.) 4530 

ff^. U. Baieman Hope (Jj.) ! 4014 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,682 ; 1908, 11,111. 

Welts Division. Fop. &9,6S0. 
' R. B. Dickinwn (C). 

Reg. Blecl. 1900,11,187 , 1903,11,063. 

Frome Divition. Pop. 56,H««. 

•J.E.Bnrlow(L.) 5066 

J. f^. Uume-fVii/iam* (C.) . 4708 
Reg. Elect. 1900,12,817 ; 1903, 11,940. 

£n8t DioitioH. Pop. 47,428. 
'Henry Hobhoase (L.O.). 

Reg. Eleet. 1900, 9047 ; 1903, 0222. 

South Divitton. Pop . 49,688. 

'E Stracbey (L.) 4349 

lf^,J.PeaJte Masonic.) . .8671 
Reg. Blect. 1900, 9462 ; 1903, 9426. 




Bridgwater Div. Pop. 48,492. 
'Bdwud James SUnley (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10.487 ; 1903, 10,103. 
West, or WMington, Diviaioii. 
Pop. 48,106. 
»Capt. Sir A. AcUad Hood, Bt. (C) 

IReg. Elect. 1900, 9787 ; 1903, 9746. 

SOUTHAMPTON. Pop. 120,215. 
T.Chunberlayne(C.) . . . . 688 
*SirJ.B. Simeon (L.U.) . . . 0S5 
*Sir F. H. Boons (L.) . . . 6576 

C. O. Hyde (L.) 4661 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 16,606 ; 1903, 17,401 

SOUTHAMPTON (Connty). See 

SOUTH MOLTON. See Deronshire. 

SOUTHPORT. S«e Lancashire, S.W 

SOUTH SHIELDS. Pop. 97.263. 
•W. S. Robson, Q.C. (L.) . . . 7417 

T. Redhead (G.) 4119 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 16,063 ; 1903, 17,240. 


West mviaioH, Pop. 62,687. 

*R. K. Catuton (L.) 8887 

Sir ji, J. Newton (hX.). . .2768 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 7945; 1903,7666. 

Botherhithe JHv. Pop. 70,S48. 
•J. Camming Macdona (C.) . . S08Q 

T. H. Vattiet (I<.) 8866 

Reg. Elec^.1900, 9d59 : 1903, 9128. 

JSetMoutbey Div. Fop. 82,160. 

H.J.C.C08t(C.) 4017 

/. fV. Benn (L.^ 3717 

Reg. Elect. 1900,11,811 ; 1903.11,162. 

STAFFORD. Pop. 20,605. 

*C. B. Shaw (L.) 163 

G. Cawston (C.) l&Si 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8534 ; 1908, 3543. 


Leek Division. Pop. 61,859. 

•Clia8.Bill(C.) 4b0£ 

R. Psaree {li.) 4M1 

Reg. Elect. 1900,11,006; 1903,11,264. 

Burton Division. Pop. 61,787. 
R.F. Ratcliff(L.U.) . . . .6692 
/. B. Johnson-Ferguson . . 3421 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,862 : 1903, 11,»1. 

West Division. Pup. 60,419. 
•A. Henderson (L.U.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,744 ; 1903, 10.981. 

North- West Div. Pop. 68,961. 

*Jas. Heath (C.) 62u6 

/,Lovait{h.) 4«li 

Reg. Elect. 1900,14,620: 1903, 14;9';U. 
LicJ\field Divis%on. Pop. 66,720.1 
T. C. T. Warner (L.) .... 4300 
fV.B.HarHson(l,.V.) . .3485 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9608 ; 1903, 9i!34. 
Xingstoinford Div. Pop. &2,iU'.». 
Col. W. O. Webbe (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900,12,866 ; 190B, 1^63* 

Sandsworth Div. Pop. 196,394. 
*Sir H. Meyaey-ThompiOD, Bt. (L.U.) j 

Reg. Elect. 1900,21 /)88 : 1903,23,270^ 

SOWERBV. See Yorkshire, W.R. 
SPALDING. See Lincolnshire. 


See Yorkshire 

STALYBRIDGE. Pop. 46.657. | 
M. White Ridley (C.) . . . .3321 
/. F. OuoOuun (L.) . . . .334^ 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 7461 ; 1903, 7491 

STAMFORD. See Lincolnshire. 

'.STEPNEY. See Tower Humlets. 



STIRLING Dift. ( ^ropminR Stir- SUDBURY. Sm Suffolk 

linfr. Culross? Dunfermline, Inver- 

keithing, and Qneensferry, South.) 

Pop. 44,536. 
•Rt. Hon. Sir H. Campbell 

; Bannerman (L.) 2713 

Cnt. O. T. Duke (L.U.) . . . 2086 
RCK. Elect. 1900. 6423 ; 1903,6837, 

STIRLINGSHIRE. Pop. 109.637. 

[N.M-Kin.p(C.) ^.pr«cU8.s««„on(L.) 

Reg Elect.1900. 16,179 ; 1903, 17,750. 

8TOCKPOBT. Pop. 78, 

Sir J. Leigh (L.) 5666 

•B. V. M elyille (C.) 5377 

6. Gre«n(L.) 5300 

A. HilUer (C.) 6098 

Rep. Elect. 1900, 12,386 ; 1903, 12,638. 


Pop. 71,816. 

Col. R. Ropner(C.) 5279 

*/.&zmti«/(L.) 4873 

Ref;. Elect. 1900, 1 1,808 ; 1903, 13,114. 


Pop. 89,015. 
•D. H. Ooghill (C.) .... 

G. Baring 11^.) 4783 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 18,074 ; 1903,13,935. 

STOWMARKET. fiw Suffolk. 

STRAND. Pop. 63.297. 
•Hon. W. P. D. Smith (C). 

.Reg. Elect. 1900, 9S91 ; 1903, 8848. 


North, or Zotceatoft, Division. 
Pop. 69,871. 

Col. P. Lueas (C.) 5077 

yf/of. Adams (L.) 8348 

Reg. EI«!Ct.l900, 13,678 ; 1903, 13,338 

Norfi-East, or Eye, Division. 

Pop. 61,401. 

. 4664 

. 8947 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,162 ; 1903, I0,.32l. 

North- West, or Stovnuarket^Div. 

Pop. 54f884. 

'J. Ian Malcolm (C.) .... 4431 

J. CHoroNn (L.) 8068 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,661 ; 1903, 10,549. 
South, or Sudbury, Division. 
Pop. 63,149. 
•Sir William Cuthbert Quilter (L.U.). 

Reg. Elect. 1600,10,234; 1908,10/128. 
South-East, or Woodbridge, Div. 
Pop. 67,806. 
♦Capt.E.Pretyman(C.) . . .5089 
F,F.Cobbould(L.) . . . .4437 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 18,077; 1903, 13,816. 


AVON. See 

BTRETFORD. See Lancashire, S.E, 
STROUD. See Gloucestershire. 

SUNDERLAND. Pop. 158,877. 
Sir W. T. Doxford (C.) . . . 9616 

J. Pemberton (C.) 9666 

G. B. Hunter (L.) . . . , , 9870 
A. fVilkie (L. & Lab.) . . . 8842 
Reg. Elect. 1900,84,438 ; 1903, 27,593. 

SURREY. '""''"" 

North-West, or Chertsey, Div 
Pop. 79,898. 
'H. C.Leigh-Bennett (C.) . .5367 
H. H. Longman (L.) .... 3080 
On the death of Mr. Leigh-Bennett, 
new writ, March, 1903. 

J.A.Fyler(C.) 5700 

H. H. Longman (L.) .... 4529 
Reg. Elect. 1900. 13,399; 1903, 12,9f5i 



South-Weat. or Qvild/ordt JHv. 
Pop. 77,2«1. 
•Rt. Hon. W. St. John Brodrick 

(0.) S8I« 

A. fV. Chapman (L.) . . 
RpR. Elect. 1900,12,477; 1903,18,242. 
South-Eaat, or Reigatt, Diciaion. 
Pop. 78,280. 
•Hon. H. Cnbitt (C). 

ReR Elect. 1900,12.078 ; 1903, 12,676. 
Mid, or Epaom, Div. Fop. 86,7»9. 
•W. Keswick (C.) 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 12,598 ; 1903.18.982. 

Kingaton Div. Pop. 103«084. 
•T. Skewes-Cox (C). 

Reff. Elect. 1000,15,139; 1903,15,758. 
North-Saat, or Wimbledon, IHv. 
Pop. 99,112. 
E. HHmbro (C). 
Reg. Elect. 1900.19,059 ; 1903, 20,077, 

£aat, or Rye, Div. Fop. 64,036. 
ArtharMontaRiiBrookfield(C.). 5376 
C. F. Hutehinaon (L.) ... 2887 
On tlie reufpiation of Col. Brook field, 

new writ, March, 1903. 
Dr. C. F. Hutchinson (L.) . . 4910 

E. Boyle (C.) 4376 

Reg. Elect. 1000, 11 ,856 ; 1903. 12,543. 


North- Weat, or Horaham, Div. 
Pop. 63,767. 
•J. H. Johnstone (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9594; 1903,9946. 
South- Weat, or Chieheater, Div. 
Pop. 58.453. 
* Lord Edmund Talbot (C.) . 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 980» ; 1903, 10,288. 
Xorth, or Eaat Grinatead, Div. 
Pop. 5«,956. 

•0. Goschen (C.) 8890 

C.H.Corbettih.) .... 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9896 ; 1903, 10,1 6. 

Atid, or Lewea, Div. Pop. 7«,276 . 

♦Sir Henry Fletcher, Bart. (C). 


Reg. Elect. 1900, 18,594 ; 1903, 14,624. 

South, or Eaatbottme, Diviaion. 

Pop. 79^425. 

L. Hogg (C.) 4948 

Itenr.jidm.Hon.T.S.BraHd(L.) 4S45 
Reg.Elect 1900,11,248; 1903,12,20: 


Pop. 90.636. 
F. S. Le^eson-Gower (L.U.) . 1224 

*J.Maelepd[h.) 75S 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 2588 ; 1908, 2770. 

SWANSEA TOWN. Fop. 63,476. 

SirO.Newnes(L.) 4818 

SirJ<,T.DtUwvn-Llt*oelynlC.) 8203 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9079 ; 1903, 9619. 

Loaghor.AberaTon, Kenll{ 
and parts of Swar — 

D. Brynmor Jones (L.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 11,056 ; 190&,11,;23 

ITAMWORTH. See Warwickshire. 

TAUNTON. Pop. 19,723. 

•Col. A. C. Welby (C.J . . . 1SS2 

I^.KinffiL.) »<*» 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8272 ; 1903, 3363. 

TAVISTOCK. S#« Devonshire 


See Gloncestet 

THANET, ISLE OP. fiesKent 

Yorkshire, N.R. 

THORNBURY. SeeGloucwtershin 


Xorth IHvition. Pop. 89,669. 
*P. J. O'Brien (N.). 

itrg. Elect. 1900, 62S6 ; 1903, 5811 

Mid JHvinon. Pop. 40,675. 

K. O'Brien fN.) 281A 

F. 0'2)r/<eo//(N.l 587 

Reg. Sleet. 1900, 6776 ; 1903, 6354. 

South Divinioti. Pop. 37,144. 
J. CaUinan (N.). 

Keg. Elect. 1900,6695 ; 1903. 51U6. 

£a»t Divirion. Pop. 40,903. 
•T. J. Condon (N.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900. 6866 ; 1903, 5615. 

TIVERTON. See Deronshire. 

TORQUAY. fiM Devonshire. 

TOTNESS. See Devonshire. 

TOTTENHAM. 8«e Middlesex. 


Stepney JHvisioH. Pop. rt3,698. 
Msjor VV. E. Gordon (C.) . . 2783 
• ir. C. Sieadman (L.) . . . 171 8 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 5878 ; 1903, 560]. 
Jioto if Bromley Div. Pop. 90,554. 
'W. M.Guthrie (C.) . . . .4403 
G. Lanebury (8oc.) .... 2R58 
Reg. Elect. lUOO, 11,278 ; 1903, 11.257. 

Poplar JHoiaioti. Pop. 78,382. 
*8ydn«y C. Buxton (L.) . . . 8WI2 
fV. T. BuUivant (C), . . . 284u 
Reg.Elect. 1900,10,009; 1903, 9938. 


Whiteehapel JHv. Pop. 7 8,684. 

S. M. Sannel (L.) 1679 

D.H.Kyd{C.) 1008 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 5004 ; 1903, 4415. 
St. George's JHv. Pop. A], 193. 

T.R. Dewar(C.) 1437 TYNESIDE. See Northumberland 

B.S.SlrtnulL.) 1141 

See Liverpool. 

TRADESTON. Set Glasgow. 

TRURO. See Cornwall. 

TULL AMORE. See King's County 

TUNBRID6E. S«e Kent. 

SHIELDS. Pop. Sil.3fi6. 

P. L. Harrin (C.) SftOl 

F.D.Blake {I,.) 80M 

Reg. Elect. 19()0, 8041 ; 1903, 8668. 

Reg.Elect. 1900, 3518; 1903, 3253. 
Limehouse Div. Pop. 55,981. 

•H. 8. Samnel (C.) 2608 

ff^. Pearee (L.) 2070 

Reg. Elect. 1900. 6835 ; 1903, 6925. 
Mile End Divinon. Pop . 48,867. 

TYRONE. County. 

North Divinon. Pop. y8,261. 
*Rt. Hon. C. H. Hempbiil (L.) . 2869 

P. J. fVilson (C.) 2814 

Reg. Elect. 1900,6168 ; li<03, 7003. 

Mid Division. Pop. 87,969. 

'Spencer Charrington (C.) . . 8440'O. Mnrnsgban (N.). 
G. ClarJb (L.) ....... 1280 Unopposed. 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 691 5 1903, 5551 . Reg. Elect. HlOO, 7560 ; 1903, 8611. 


Satt Division- 

♦P. C. Dnggan (N.) 3126 

Col. J. L. Sandwith (C.) . . 3050 
Rejf. Elect. 1900, 6760 ; 1903, 7438. 

South JHviaion. Pop. 34,824. 

•T.W.RaM«ll(L.U.) . . . .2499 

E. C. Thompson (N.) .... 24«)P 

Major R. D. Howard {ln<(.) . 803 

Beg. Elect. 1900, 6220 ; 1903, 7140. 



»' Pnp.39,07f». 

•Hon.A.Lyttelton(L.U.) . .2785 
H. /. Maekinder (L.) .... 1954 
Ob Mr. L3^eUon beiag appointed 
Colonial Secretary, new wrft, Oct., 

•Rt. Hon. A. Lyttelton (D.) . . 2«8» 
/. H. D. BerHdge (L.) . . . 2499 
Reg. Elect. 1900. 5920 ; 1903, 5980. 

UXBRIDGE. Set Middlesex. 

WAKEFIELD. Pop.41,U0. 
•ViJMJt. Milton (L.U.). 

On Visct. Milton succeeding to the 

Peerage, new writ, March, 1902. 
E A. Brotherton (C.) . . . .2960 
P. Siiowden (Lab.) .... 1979 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 6055 ; 1903, 6400. 

WALSALL. Pop. 86,430. 

Sir A. D. Hayter, Bt. (L.) . . 5610 

•5. Gedge (C) 6286 

Reg. Elect. 1900,18,851 ; 1903, 14,055. 

WALTON. See Liverpool. 
WALWORTH. See New ington. 

WANDSWORTH. Pop. 179,877 
•H. Klmber (C). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 20,790 ; 1903,25,156 

South-Weat^ or 
Avon Division. 

WANSBECK. See Northumberland 

WARRINGTON. Pop. 64,701. 

•R. Pierpoint (C.) 4468 

j1. H. Crosfield (L.) .... 38oS 
Keg. Elect. 1900, 9S60; 1903, 9974. 

WARWICKSHIRE. [Pop. 72,361 
North, or Tamtcorthf Divitiou. 
Philip Albeit Munts (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 12/)7S : 1903, 13,756 
North-East, or Nmieaton. Dit. 
Pop. 68,998. 
F. A. Newdigate (C.) .... 5738 

IV. Johnson (L.) 4432 

Reg. Elect. 1800, 12,894; 1903, 13,612. 

Pop. 46,672. 

On tile death of Col. Mil ward, new 
writ, June, 1901. 

P. S. Foster (C.) 4755 

BoUon King (L.) 2977 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,060 ; 1903, 10,039. 

Sotrth-East, or Rttgby, Division. 
Pop. 56,221. 

Corrie Grant (L.) 4349 

«. F. JffMw/a (C.) 4180 

Re^.Elect. 1900, 10.284 ; 1903, 10.717. 

WATERPORD, City. Pop.28,l.'3. 
'J. E. Redmond (N.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 8941 ; 1903, 8501. 


West Divisiotu Pop. 32,865. 
'James J. O'Shee (N.). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 6067 ; 1908, 4117. 

East Division. Pop. 29,092. 
'Pxtrick Josepli Power (N.). 

Reg. Elect. 1900. 40S3 , 1903, 4290. 


Sottth Division. Pop. 38,557. 
*DonNl Sailiran (N.). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 6600 ; 1903, 5406. 

WATFORD. See Hertfordshire. 

WBDNB8BURY. Pop. 72.492. 

•\V. D. Green (C.) 4738 

E.Horlon{L.) 4558 

Reg.;Elcct. 1900, 11,856 ; 1908, 12,884. 

WELLINGTON. See Shropshire, 
and Somerset. 

WELLS. See Soinenet. 

WEST BROMWICH. Pop. 65,114. 
'E. Spencer (C). 
Rfg. Elect. 1900, 10,096 ; 1903. 10,435. 

W'ESTBURY. See Wiltshire. 
WEST DERBY. See Liverpool. 


North Divisiott. Pop. 105,719. 

'B.C«y(C.) G613 

J. H. Bethell (L.) 4183 

RcK. Elect. luOO, 15,844 ; 1903, 15.901. 

South Division . Pop. 161 ,689. 
'MajorG.E. Banes (C.) . . .5615 

fV. Thome (Lab.) 4439 

Reg.Elect. 1900. 19,631 ; 1903, 23,189. 

cashire, S.B. 

WE8TMEATH. County. 

North DivUion. Fbp. 29,876. 

P- J. Kennedy (N.) 1763 

/. Gftm«/I{N.) 1418 

WESTMINSTER, City. Pop. 50,790 

*W.L.A.-B Burdett-Contts (C). 3715 

H. H. Montague Smith (Ind.C.) 439 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 7367 ; 1903, 7306. 

VYESTMORLAND. Pop. 81,480. 
North, or Appleby, Division. 

R. Bigg (L.) 2835 

*Sir J. Savory iO 2256 

Beg. Elect. 1900, 6744 { 1903, 6621. 
South fir Ketidal,Div. Pop.32.823. 
•Major Bagot(C.). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 6552 ; 1903, 6312. 

WEXFORD, County. 

North Division. Pop. 51,262. 
*Sir T. O. Esmonde (N.) . . . 2823 

T. /. Healy (N.) 1153 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9183 ; 1908, 6989. 
South Division. Pop. 62,575. 
•Peter Ffrench (N.). 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 8927 ; 1903, 8737 

WHITBY. See Yorkshire, N.R. 


See Tower 

WHITEHAVEN. Pop. 19,167. 

•A. Helder(C.) . . IM^ 

'ff^.MeGowanih.) 876 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 2881 ; 1903, 3059. 

WICK Dist. (Comprising Wick. 
Cromarty, Dingwall, Tain, Dor- 
noch, and Kirkwall.) Pop. 17,498. 

A. BIgnold (L.U.) 1154 

T. C. Heddenoiek {L.) ... 104' 

Re«. Elect'. 1900, 6200 ; 1903, 5035. ! Reg- Elect. 1900, 2746 ; 1903, 2630 



WICKLOW, Coanty. 

Weit JHvition. Pop. 27,132. 
•J««. O'Connor (N.). 

Reg. Eleot. 1900. 4671 ; 1903, 1169. 

East Divition. Ptqp. 81.875. 
D. T. Cogan (N.), 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 4887 ; 1903, 4873. 

WIDNE8. See Lancaghire, S.W. 

WIGAN. Pop. 60.764. 
•Sir F. 8. Powell, BL (C.) . .8772 
Col. Vr. fVoodM (L.) .... 8180 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 8039 ; 1903, 8B22. 

WIGHT, ISLE OpT 5^ Hampshire. 

WIGTOWNSHIRE. Pop. 88,&08, 
*Rt. Hon. Sir Herbert B. Maxwell 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 6615; igo8, 63B8. 

WILTON. Sm Wiltshire. 

WILTSHIRE. [Pop. 70,900. 

North, or Cvicklade, Diviaion. 
* Lord Edmund Fitzmaurice (L.) 5764 
MaJ. E. H. C. Pemberton (C). 4920 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 12,441 ; 1903, 18,213. 

North- West, or Chippenham, Div. 
Pop. 44,719. 
*Sir J. D. Poynder, Bt. (C.) . . 8868 

•/. T/tortUon (L.) 8878 

Repr. Elect. 1900,6446; 1903, B&69. 
Wett, or Weatbury, Divition. 
Pop. 50,046. 

J. M. P. Poller (L.) 4SSii 

•Co/. /?. G. Chalotur{C.) . . 8961 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9782 ; 1903, 9870. 

Eaat, or Devizea, Diviaion 

Pop. 46,661. 

•B.A.GoaldiBg(C.) . . . .8788 

F. B. N. Rogers (X,.) . . . .8111 

Reg. Elect. 1000, 8807 ; 1903, 8886. 

SoHth, or Wilton, Diviaion. 
Pop. 42,188. 

*J. A. MorriaoB (&} 8733 

J. AT. ffltiU (L.) 8898 

Reg. Elect. 1900. 8806 ; 1903, 8149. 

WIMBLEDON. See Surrey. 


•W. H. Myers (C.) 1842 

B. G. Hemmerde (h,). ... 846 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 2681 ; 1903, 2806. 

WINDSOR. Pop. 81,480. 
•Sir P. T. Barry (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 3185 ; 1903, 3138. 

WIRRAL. 8m Cheshire. 

WISBECH. See Cambridgeshire. 

WOKINGHAM. 8s« Berkshire. 


Weat Diviaion. Pr>p. 75,611. , 
Sir A. Hickman (C). 

Unopposed. I 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 11,483 ; 1903, 12,384. < 

£aat Diviaion. Pop. 68,868. < 
• Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Fowler (L.). ' 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9354 ; 1903, 9601. 

South Diviaion. Pop. 68,888. 

H. Norman (L.) 8701 

fT". Oulton (L.U.) 8.S88 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 9414; 1908^ 9607. 

WOODB RIDGE. See Suffolk. 
WOODSTOCK. See Oxfordshire. 


WOOLWICH. Pop. 117,170. 
*Co]. Bdwin Hughes (C). 

On the resignatiOB of Col. Ho^hes, 

new writ, April, 1902. 
Lord C. Beresford (C). 
On the appointment of Lord C. 
Beresfbid to Channel Sqaadron. new 
writ, March, 1903. 

W. Crooks (Lab.) 8687 

R. Drag0 (C.) 5458 

Reg.Blect.1900, 14,S92 ; 1903,16,136. 



Pop. 61,316. 

ReK. Elect. 1900, 8499 ; 1903, 8634. 

WORCESTER, City. Pop. 46,624. 
*Hoa. O. H. Allsopp (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 7780 | 1903, 7852 


Weft, or Betedley. Divigion. 
Pop. M.032. 
*A. Baldwin (C). 

Reg. Elect. 19oO, 10,888 ; 1903, 10,164. 

South, or Btetham, Diviaion. 
Pop. 4»,7II4. 
•Lt..Col, C. W. Long (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,073 ; 1903, 10,126. 

Jlid, or Droitwich, Divition. 

Pop. 50,341. 

*R. B. Martin (L.U.) .... 4020 

C. Harmsfoorth (L.) .... 3752 

Rig. Elect. 1900,10,175; 190.3, 10,635. 

North Bitition. Pop. 77,647. 
*J- W. Wilson (L.U.). 

Reg. Elect. 1»00, 18,736; 1903, 14,228. 

Batt Division. Pop. 96,087. 
*i- A. Chamberlain (L.U.). 

Reg.Bleet. 1900,18,799; 1903,16,816. 

WYCOMBE. See Buckinghamshire. 

YORK, City. Pop. 76,B21. 
*J.O. Batcher (C). 
•O. D. Paber (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 13,683 ; 190S, 13,369. 


Thirak and Malton Division. 
Pop. 67,915. 
*J. G. Lawson (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 13,856 ; 1903, 12,412. 

Richmotid Dip. Pop. 50,780. 

'J. Hutton (C) 4578 

Hon. G. Hoioard (L,) . . .8117 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,369 ; 1903,10,239. 

Cleveland Div. Pop. 60,010. 
A. B. Pease (L.). 

On the resignation of Mr. A. E. 

Pease, new writ, Oct., 1902. 

H. Samuel (L.) 5834 

a.Drage(C.) 8798 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 13,177 ; 1903, 12.503. 

Whitbif Division. Pop. 51,204. 
E. W. Beckett (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,740 ; 1903, 10,047. 


Holdemess Div, Pop. 42,150. 

A. 8. Wilson (C.) 4597 

A.J.Lawrieilt.) 3810 

Reg. Elei.t. 1900, 9710 ; 1903, 9689. 
Bnckrone Division. Pop. 53,365. 

L. White (L.) 4083 

E. C. MeyaeyThompsen (L.U.) 8^ 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 9653 ; 1903, 10, 


Hotcdeushire Div. Pop. 50,063. 
•Col. W. H. Wilson.Todd (C). 

Reg. Elect. 1900. 9467 ; 1903, 9489. 

Skipton JHvirion, Pop. 64,047. 


Barmley Division. Pop. 101, 0S7. 

•J. Walton (L.) 7M9 

A. fV. Grnser {C.) 4356 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 15,948 ; 1903. 17,fi57. 

Hallatnthire JHv. Pop. 90,108. 
Sir Frederick Mappin (L.) . 

F. W. Thomson (L.) . . • . ^\^\F. S. Hatchard {C.) 4938 

" Bee. Elect. 1900,15,610 ; 1908, 17.331. 

JlMtherham JHv. Pop . 101 ,042. 
W. H. Holland (L.) .... e&2& 
Vernon fVragge (C) .... 5081 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 15,385: 1908, 17/H2. 

*fV. Morrison (L.U.). . . . 5007 i 
Ree.Blect. 1900, 11,866 ; 1903, 12,372. 
Keighley Diviaion. Pop. 70,426. ^ 

•J. Brigg (L.) 6^88 ^ 

W. Bair$tow (fi.) 4798 ^ 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 18,470 ; 1903, 12,921. 

Shipley Division. Pop. 66.689. Doncaster Divieion. ^op.92fil7. 
.8irJ.F.PlanneryiL.U.) . • 6284 *P. W. Pison C.) «»2 

Soteerby Division. Pop. 66,024. Bipon Division. Pop. 68,448. 
•Rt. Hon. J. W. Mellor (L.) . 6528 'Rt. Hon. J. L. Wharton (C). 

J. a Bailey (C.) 4067 Unopposed. 

Reg. Elect. 1900,11,998 ; 1903,12,166. Reg. Elect. 1900, 11,004; 1908, U.68o. 

EUand Division, Pop. 66,125. Otley Division. Pop. 68.775. 

•Ch.PhiUp8Trevelyan(L.)l . 6164 j. H.Duncan (L.) 6327 

Major Coates (C.) 4512 jf, jyj, fVyviUe (C). . . . 4747 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 13.146 ; 1903, 13,512. Reg. Elect. 1900, 12,138 ; 1903, 12,374. 

Morley Division. Pop. 70,929. Barkston AshDiv. Pop. 53,292. 

•A. E. Hutton (L.) ^^^ •Col. Robert Onnter(C.). 

W. B. Boyd-Carpenter (C.) . 8888| unopposed. 

Reg. Elect. 1900,14,049; 1903, 14,512. ^gg^ gleet. 19C0, 9279 ; 1903, 9750. 

Kormanton Div. Pop. 80,296. 
♦Benjamin Pickard (L.) . . . 6025 

C.L.iraye{C.) 8606 

Reg. Elect. Ifc'OO, 13,100 ; 1903, 14,493. 

Colne Valley Div. Pop. 58,377. 
•Sir J. Kitson, Bt. (L.). . . . 4609 
fV.G.BagnallKG.) - • . -4176 
Reg. Elect. 1900,11,081 ; 1908, 11,118, 

Holn\firth Div. Pop. 66,180. 
* Henry Joseph Wilson (L.). . 4505 
Mt^or B. M. Stuart. fVortUy 

(C.) 8786 

- - Elect. IflOO, 1 1,523; 1908,11,865, 

Osgoldeross Div. Pop. 81,222. 
•Sir J. Austin, Bt. (Imp.L.) . . 6609 
Dr. V. Rutherford (L.) . • 3025 
Reg. Elect. 1900, 14,689 ; 1908, 15.995. 

Pitdsey Division. Pop. 52,098. 

-G.Whlteley (L.) 6973 

B. B. Faber (C.) . ... 6484 
Reg. Elect. 1900,14,673} 1908,15,185. 

Spen Valhnf J>iv. Pop. 58,000. 
•T. P. Whittaker (L.) . . . 6068 

fT". Glossop (C.) 3653 

Reg. Elect. 1900, 10,858 ; 1903, ll.OQC. 


OF October, 1900, 

Iv BxFKBXvca TO Political Pabtiss. 



















































21 1 83 











». 1 

9 1 



870 I 

*•* In the above summary only the two main parties of Unionists and 
Liberals are taken account of. The Unionists, however, consist of 340 
Contenrative* and 71 Liberal Unionist!; whilst the Opoosition party 
comprises 82 Irish Nationalists. 

The following shows the majorities at the General Elections since the 
Reform BiU;- 

18W Lib. . 

. . 370 

1857 Lib. . 

. . 80 


Lib. . 

. 86 

1836 „ 

. .112 

1869 ,. 

. . 60 



. 114 

1837 " . 

. . 18 

1865 „ 

. . 78 


Lib. . 

. 40 

1841 Con. . 

. . 76 

1868 „ 

. . 116 



. 1.52 

1M7 Lib. . 

. . 18 

1874 Con. . 

. . 98 


. 134 

1852 Con. . 

. . ao 

1880 Lib. . 

. . 116 

The results of bye-elections since October, 1900, show, up to January 
3, 1904, C. gains at N^E. Lanark and Devonport (opposition loss), L. 
uaiat at Argyllshire, Barnard Castie, Bury. Leeds, Cambs. East, Orkr 
and Shetiand, St. Andrews, Sussex— Rye Div., and Woolwlcli. N. g 
at Galway (C. loss). 











The abbrcTiationB nsed in this part of the Tolome have the following 
significations:— i7. born; bro. brother; d. daughter ; «. son t m. married. 

The names marked with an asterisk (•) are those of members who have 
been returned since the General SlecUun in October, lUOO. 

Abraham, William. (Cork co., North-East div.) 

B. at Limerick 1840. In 1881, having taken an active part in the 
Land League agitation, was imprisoned as a suspect. In the following 
year was elected chairman of the Limerick Board of Guardians, a post 
he also held in 1883, 1885, and 1886. He sat for Limerick co., West, 
from 1885 to the General Election of 1893, when he retired. Was first 
elected for N.E. Cork 1803. A. Protestant (Congregationalist), National- 
ist, and an hon. secretary to the party.— 7, ChevertoH-rd., N. 

Abraham, Wm. {Glamorganshire, Rhondda Valley div.) 

B. 184V. He is the son of a working collier and copper-snelteft 
and worked in the mines at ten years of age . Since 1873 he has been a 
miner's agent.and be is now the vice- president of the Monmoathshire and 
Sonth Wales Sliding Scale Committee, president of the Soath Wales 
Miners' Federation, treasurer of the International Miners' Congress. 
Has sat for the Rhondda Valley div. since the general election of 1886. 
A Liberal, in favour of Home Rule for Ireland.—Coftden Ctttb ; Bryny- 
Bedu, P0ntr0, R.S,0. Glam. 


icland-Hood, Sir Alexander Fuller, Bart. (Somerset, 
West, or Wellington, div.) 

S. of Sir Alexander Acland-Hood, formerly M.P. for West Somerset, 
and Lady Acland-Hood, d. of the late Sir P. Palmer Fnller-Palmer- 
Adand. B. 1858. at St. Aadries: educated at Eton, and Balliol Colleeif, 
Oxford ; m. 1888, Mildred, d. of Lord Yentry. Late capt. Grenadier 
Gaards (1875 IStfS) ; was adjutant Snd batt. Grenadier Guards 1881-6; 
A.D.C. to Governor of Victoria 1889-91. D.L. Somerset. Appointed 
Patronage Secretary to the Treasury, 1902. is chief Conservative Whip. 
Was V ice-Chamberlain of H.M. Household 1U00.02. A Conservative. 
-39, Enninmore-gardm; S.fV.; Carlton and Guard*' Clubs ; St. 
Axtdriet, Bridgwater. 

Agg-Gardner, James Tynte. {Cheltenham) 

S. of James Agg-Gardner, of Cheltenham, by EiUalie Emily, d. of the 
late R. Hopkins Northey, of Oving House, Bucks. B. at Cheltenham, 
1816; educated at Harrow and Trin. Coll. Cambridge ; unmarried. 
Barrister (Inner Temple) 1873; J.P. Gloucestershire, Alderman of 
Gloucestershire C.C. Represented Cheltenham 1874-80 and 188o-93, 
and since 1900. A Conservative, in favour of International Arbitration. 
—Carlton, Junior Carlton, Garriet,andSt. Stephen' » Cluba ; Svesham 
Houte, CheUenham. 

Agnew, Sir Andrew Noel, Bart. {Edinhurghj 
Sonth diy.) 

S. of Sir Andrew Agnew, 8th butt., and Lady Louisa Noel, d. of 1st 
Earl of Gainsborough. B. at Exton Park, Oakham, 1850 ; educated at 
Harrow and Trin. Coll. Cambridge ; graduated 1871, LL.B. 1872 ; called 
to the Bar 1874 ; m. 1888, Gertrude, d. of the late Hon. Gowran C. Vernon. 
Is a D.L. and J.P. for Wigtownshire and Vice' Lieutenant of the county. 
A Liberal Unionist, in favour of Army Reform, Old Age Pensions, 
Temperance Reform on the lines of the •' Majority " Report, Taxa- 
tion of Land Values, &c.— 16, Eaton-square, S. W. ; Lochnaw Caetle^ 
Wifftownthire ; Brooks' and United Universities' Clubs. 

*Ain8Wortb, John Stirling. (Argyllehire) 

S. of Thos. Atnswortb, of Cleator, Cumberland, and Mary, d.of the 
late IUt. J. Stirline, D.D. B. 1844; educated at University College, 
Loadon, M. A., LL.B. ; m. 1879, Margaret, d. of the late R. Macredie. Is 
interested in iron.mining and other industries in Cumberland. Chair- 
man of the Cleator and Workington Junction Railway, and a director of 
Whitehaven Joint Stock Bank ; a J.P. for Cumberland, and was ShcrilT 


1891. Col. of 8rd Y.B. Border Regt. 1898-1902. Unsnccessftilly contested 
Barrow-in-Fumeu 1886 and Argyllshire 1900. Elected for this con. 
atitaency August, 1U03. A Liberal, in favour of Free Trade. Riform 
Cfub : Haveerofl, Gosforth, Vumberiand ; Ardetnaisey^ Kitch- 
venan, Argyll, N.B. 

Aird, Sir John, Bart. {Padding lon^ North) 

S. of John Aird, of Ross-shire, Scotland, and Agnes Bennett, hU wife 
B. in London, Dec. 8, 1888 ; educated at private schools ; m. 1854, Sarah , 
d.of Benjamin Smith, e-sq., of Lewisham. Has been a contractor for 
Public Works since 1 850, and is a partner in the firms of John Aird and 
Co. and John Aird and Sons, of Great George-street, WestniBster. 
Is on the Court of Lieutenancy of the City of London, and a Col. 
in the Engineers and Railway Volunteer Staff Corps; mayor of Pad- 
dington 19U0-02; he served on the Royal Commission upon Trade. 
Has sat for Faddington, North, since June 1887- Cr. Baronet 1901. A 
Conservative, and a strong upholder of the Union.— 14, Hyd» Park- 
terrctc0, fV.; Jumor Carlton^ Carlton^ Conalitutionalt Conserua- 
live, and St. Stephen** Club*. 

Akers- Douglas, Rt. Hon. Aretas. {Kent, East, or St. 
Augustine's, div.) 

Eldest s. of the late Rev. Aretas Akers, of Mailing Abbey. Kent, by 
Frances, d. of Francis H. Braadram, esq., of Tnnbridge Wells, Kent. 
B. 1851; ip. 1875, Adeline Mary, d. of Henry Austen Smith, esq., of 
Hayes Court. Kent. Was educated at Eton and at University Coil. 
Oxford. Was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1875. Assumed the 
name of Douglas in addition to his patronymic 1875. Appointed Hone 
Secretary 1902 Was Patronage Secretary to the Treasury, 1885, and 
again 1886 to 1 892. First Commissioner of Works, 1896-1902 ; P.O. 1891. 
Sat for East Kent from April 1880 to Nov. 1885, and for the St. AngustiAe'a 
div. since.— 113, Mount-ttreett Groxvenor-aquartt fV.; Cartton and 
Junior Carlton Clubet Chilston Park, Lenham, Kent. 

Allen, Charles Poter. {OloiLcestershire, Mid or 
Stroud div.) 

S. of Peter Allen, ne\»spaper proprietor, and his wile, Sophia Rossell. 
d. of the late John Edward Taylor. B. at Prestwich 1861 ; educated at 
augby School and Duiversity College, Oxford ; m. 1890 to d. of Alfred 
Darker, of Constantinople. Is a barrister-at-law, cal led 1888. A Liberal • 
-National Liberal Club; FarmhiU Park, Stroud, Glouee$t€r- 


Allhasen, Augustus Henry Eden. {Hackney, Cuutral 

Eldest c. of the late Heory C. Allhasea, and Alice, d. of Thomas Eden, 
of Norton Hall, Oiouoeatenhire, aod grandson of C. Allhniien, J. P., 
D.L.. of Newcastle and Stoke Court, Bucks. B.Nt Oatrshead, 1867 : 
educated at Cheltenham Coll., and Trln. Coll., Cambridge, B.A. 1890 ; 
, m. 1890, Mary Dorothy, yoanger d. of Lady Jeune by her first husband 
' the late Col. the Hon. John Stanley. Is J.P. and D.L. Bucks, and has 
been Lient. Roy. Bucks Hussars. Was member for Salisbury 1697-1900, 
A GonservatiTe.- Carl/on and fVhiWt Clubs; Stoke Court, Sloke 
Pogett Bueka. 

Allsopp, Hon. George Higginson. {Worcetler) 

Third s. of 1st Lord Hindlip, of Hlndlip Hall, Worcester. B. 184A ; 
edncatedat Eton, and Trinity Coll. Cambridge (M.A. 1868) ; m. 18»^. Lady 
Mildred Oeorgina, d. of the 8th Earl of Shaftesbury. Has been twice 
Biayor of Burton-on*Trent, is a J.P. and D.L. for the counties of Derby 
aid Stafford, and chairman of the Burton School Board. Has sat for 
Worcester since 1885. A ConserTative.— 8, Htr^ord-gardenxy tV. 

Ambrose, Robert. {MayOy West div.) 

8. of the late M. Ambrose, of Newcastle West,co. Limerick. B. 1855. 
Educated Wier's School, Limerick, and Queen's College, Cork (B.A. 
1^76}. Is a surgeon, &c., practising at the East end of London; 
L.R.C.P.. Edin. and L.M., 1883, a member Brit. Med. A8aoc.,&c. 
A Nationalist.— I, Mount-place, WhitechapeUroad, E.; National 
Liberal Club. 

AnsoD, Sir William Beyuell, Bart. {Oxford Uni- 

Eld. s. of 2nd Bart., of Birch Hall, Manchester, by Eiiiabeth, d. of 
M^..Geu. Sir Denis Pacit, K.C.B. B. 1818, at Avisford, Walberton, 
Souex ; ed. at Eton, and Balliol Coll. Oxford. A Fellow All Souls* 
Coll. 1867; Warden there ISi^l. Called to the Bar, Inner Temple, 1869, 
Vice-chancellor of the University 1898, and resigned 1899 to become one 
ofitirepreaentatiTes in Parliament ; appointed Parliamentary Secretary 
orBovd of Education 1902. Author ot works on *' Law of Coatraet," 
" Law and Cnstom of the Constitution," &c. Chairman Q. Sessions, 
Oxiordsh. Is Chaneellor of the diocemt of Oxford. In 1880 unsuccessfully 
coBtested Weit 8tafford*hire as a Liberal. A Liberal Unionist.— £rooit«'«, 
TratdUrt\ Stw Univenitjf, and Athenetum Clubs, 8.W.: All Souls' 
College, Oitford ; Fuzey, Faringdon, Berks. 



Arkwright, John Stanhope. {Hereford) 

Only 8. of John Hongerfitrd Arkwriirht, of Hamptoa Coart, Leominster, 
Rnd Lacy {nie Davenport). B. 1872; edacated at Eton and Christ 
Churcb, Oxford, and in 1893 won the Newdigate ftiie. Is a Barrister. 
at.Iaw. Is a»t. private secretary to the Rt Hon. O. Balfonr. M.P.,nt the 
Board of Tnde. Isa J.P. and D.L.forHerefiirdahire. A ConserTntive. — 
7, Kittys Bench-wait, Temple; Carlion Ciubi Mampten Court, 

Arnold-Forster, Et. Hon. Hugh Oakeley. (Belftut, 
West div. ) 

A s. of the late William Delaliel J Arnold, Director of Pnblic Instrao- 
tion in the Pnnjaab, and the adopted a. of the late Bt. Hon. W. E. 
Ponster. B. 1855, at Datvlish ; edacated at Rugby, and Dnirersity Col- 
lege. Oxford; m. 1886. Mary, Snd d. of Pruf. N. Story-Ma»kelytte, 
late M.F. for North Wilts. Was called to the Bar at Linooln's Ino. 
Appointed Secretary of State for War 1U03. Waa Sec. to the Admiralty 
1900.03. P.C. 1W08. He contribated a series of letters to the Timet on 
Army Reform, &c., which have since been republished, and haa written 
the " Citiien Reader," *' The Laws of Every Dny Life," *' In a Connin:: 
Tower," and other books. Was an unsncceasful candidnte at Darlin^on 
1886, and atDewsbury 1888. A Liberal Unionist, opposed to Home 
Rule for Ireland} in faTour of shorter hoars of labour, Ucensing rvformn 
and large measures of Naval and Military Reform.~9, Bvetyn-^artlen*, 
S.fV. ; Rtferm mndSavUe Club*. 

Arrol, Sir William. [Ayrghire, South) 

S. of the late Mr. Thomas Arrol and his wife Agnes, lUe Uogart. 
B. 1889, in Glasgow ; m. 1864, Miss Eliiabeih Fattison. He began 
work at the age of eight in a cotton mill; was then apprenticed to a 
blacksmith, and so became foreman at Laidlaw and Son's, boiler and 
bridge makers, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Is now senior in the Una of 
Arrol & Ck)., engineers and oontractori, who bailt the Tay and Forth 
bridges, and supplied the steel work for the Tower Bridge. la a J. P. 
for Ayrshire and hon. LL.D.GIasgow. Was knighted in 1890. He 
uBsnocessfqlly contested this seat in 1893. A Liberal Unionist.— 
Dftmiatoun, Glatgow ; Seafieldt Ayr. 

Asher, Alexander. {Elgin dist.) 

8. of the Rev. William .Asher, D.D., minister of Inveravoa, by Kathe> 
fine Forbes, d. of the Rev. John Gordon, minister of DulTna. B. si 
InveravoB 1835; m. 187 U, Caroline Julia, eldest d. of Rot. Ouoies 
Henry Crannird, rector of Old Swinford, Worcestershire, and grands. »r 
M^Jor-Oen. Robert Cranfurd, leader of the Peninsular Light Diviaiim . 


Edaeated tt Elgin Academy and King's Coll. Aberdeen, also at Edinbargh 
UniTcrsity. Was called to the Scottish bar in 1861. Became a Queen's 
Ootuuel in 1881, and rlrated Dean of the Faculty of Advocates 1805. 
Appointed 8olieitnr<Oen. for Scotland, Aug. 1881; again Jan. 1886; and a 
third time Aug. 1802 ; resigned 1804. ReceiTed the hon. degree of 
LLJ). at Aberdeen in 1882, and at Edinburgh in 1801. Is a Deputy- 
Lieat. of the city of Edinburgh. A Liberal, in CaTour of Home Rule. Un- 
suceeasftilly contested Glasgow and Aberdeen Universities April 1880 ; 
has sat for the dist. of Elgin since July 1881.— A^To'tn, Brooks's 
cotd Dwonshire Clubs; 81, Heriot Row, Edinburgh. 

Ashton, Thomas Gair. (Bedfords^iire, Luton div.) 

Eldest 8. of the late Thomas Ashtou, of Hyde, Cheshire, and Ford 
Bank, Lancashire, J.P. aod D.L., and Eliiabeth Ashton, d. of S. S. 
Gair, esq., of Liverpool. B. 1855 ; educated at Rugby, and University 
College, Oxford (B.A. 1878, M.A. 1882); m. 1886, Eva Margaret, d. 
of J. H. James, J.P., of Kingswood, Watford, Herts. Is a J.P. for 
Lancashire and Cheshire, and County Cuuncillor for Cheshire. Sat 
fur the Hyde div. of Cheshire 1885-86 ; unsuccessful there in 1886 and 
1892. A Liberal.— 89, Prinee'a- gardens, S.fV. ; Brooks's, Rtform, 
and New UniuersUy Clubs; Hyde, Cheshire: VinehaU-plaee, 
BaUle, Sussex. 

Asquith, Et. Hon. Herbert Henry. (Fi/Bf East) 

Second s. of the late J. Dixon Asquith. of Croft House, Morley, York- 
•hire. by Emily, d. of the late W. WUIans, of Hnddersfleld. 
B. at Morley, 1 853 ; educated at the City of London School, and Balliol 
College, Oxford, of which he was a scholar, and afterwards Fellow (B.A . 
1874), raking a tiratclass classics and having gained the Craven Scholar- 
ship; m. 1st, 1877, Helen Relsall, d. of Frederick Melland, of 
Manchester (she d. 1891) ; Sndly, 18»4, Margaret, d. of Sir Chas 
Teanant, Bart. Was called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1876 (Q.C. 1890, 
and a bencher 1804). Became Home Secretary and a P.C. Aug. 1892 ; 
resigned with Lord Rosebery's Ministry, 1895. Is Hon. LL.D. £din 
Univ. Has sat for East Fife since 1886. "An advanced Liberal."— 
!lO,Cavendish~$quar«, W.; 1, Paper-buildings, Temple, -B.C.,- 
Brooks's, JthsHesum, andRtform Clubs. 

Atherley-JoneSy Llewellyn Archer. {Durham, North - 

8. of Ernest- Jones, esq., barrister-at-law, the well-known Chartist 

leader, by Jane, d. of Gibson Atherley, esq., of Barfield, Cumberland, 

and niece of Edward Stanley, M.P., of Ponsouby Hall, i n the same county. 

B. 1849. Educated at Manchester Grammar School, and Brasenose Coll. , 

N 2 


Oxford; m. Elizabeth Fannie, d. of James Lambert, esq., of Duiham. 
Wa« called to the Bar at the Inner Temple in 1875, and attends the 
North- Eastern Circuit ; aQ.C. 1896. Is author of" The Miners' Manaal," 
a treaUse on the law of mining. Has sat for North-West Durham since 
1885. A Liberal ; in favour of Disestablishment and partial Disendow- 
ment with flill compensation to the clergy; and of Home Rule in IreUnd.— 
4, Paper-bttiUUngt, Temple^B.C.; 25, Pembrokt-road, Kentinsften, 
IV. i Devonshire Club. 

Atkinson, Rt. Hon. John. (Londonderry, North) 

S. of Edward Atkinson, esq., ofGleimdinm, Ballergary, co. Linaerick, 
and Rosetta, d. of Capt. McCullnch formerly of the 87th Regt. B. at 
Urogheda, 1843 ; educated at the R. Belfast Academic Institution and 
Queen's University (B.A., LL.B.> ; m. 1874, Rowena Jane. d. of 
Richard White, esq., of italee. Was called to the IrUh Bar 1866 ; a 
Q.C. 1880 ; Bencher of King's Inns, 1885 ; called to English Bar, I80U ; 
Solidtor-Oen. lor Ireland 1889; Attorney-Gen. 1892, and since 
1895. A Conservative and Uoionut, in favour of progress, and 
of justice for all classes, &c.— Cor Aon and Garriek Clnbs; 68, Fit%- 
loiltiam-square, Dublin t Kitdare- street Club, Dublin. 

Aubrey-Fletcher. See Sir H. Fletcher. 

Austin, Sir John, Bart. {Vorkthiret W, Ridinyy 
Osgoldcross div.) 

Second s. of the late J. Austin, esq.. Manor House, Kippax. Edncatrti 
at Kippax Grammar School ; m. 1866. Agnes, d. of the late S. S. Byron. 
esq. Is a J.P. for the West Riding, chairman Visiting Committee, of iht- 
Co. Justices, York Castle. Was for sin years chairman of the Castlefbrd 
School Board, and has been president of the Osgoldcross Liberal Asaocia. 
tion. Elected 1886. In June, 1899, having disagreed with some of his 
supporters on the Local Veto question, he resigned, and offered himaelf 
for re-election, and was re-elected with an increased majority. 
Created Bart. 18V4. A Liberal, but opposed to Local Veto.— Aed tfc7/, 

Bagot, Josceline. (Westmorland, South, or Kendal, 

8. of the late Col. Charles Bagot, of the Grenadier Guards, and Sophia 
Luuisa, eldest d. of the late Vice-Adm. the Hon. Josceline Percy, C.B. 
B. 1854: educated at Eton; m. 1885, Theodosia, d. of Sir John Leslie, 
Bart., nf Glaslough, Ireland. Parly, private sec. to Mr. Hanbnry, Sec. 
to the Treasury, 1897-8, and to Sir M. Ridley, Home Sec, 1809. He 
joined the Manchester Regt. (06th) in 1873, and the Grenadier Guards 


In lg75; retired CapUin 188rt. Is a Litut. Col. in the Westmoreland 
andCnaberland Imperial Yeomanry, Was A.D.C. to the Go7..GeueraI 
uf Canada (Marq. of Lome) 1882-3, and again to Lord Stanley of 
Preaton 1888-9. Served in S. African War 1809-1902. AJ.P. andD.L. 
Westmoreland, and a C.C. A Conservative.— Car//on and Marlborough 
aubt; Zeveus Hall, Mibithorp, fVestmorland. 

Bailey, James. {Newington, Walworth div.) 

S. of William Bailey, of Kensington-house, Mattishall, Norfolk, B. at 
Mattishall, ISIO; educated at a private school at Dereham; m. 1st, 
Catherine, d. of J. Smith, esq., of Wallingford (she d. 1893) ; 2ndly, 
1896, Lily, d. of A. Fass, esq., ofQueen's-gate-gardens, S.W. Is a J.P. 
for Essex, D.L. for Norfolk, and was one of the founders of the Con- 
Btitutional Club. First elected for the Walworth dir. May, 1895. A 
ConserTative.—l, Pr»nceVjro/e, 5. f^.; Carlton, Junior Carltottt "'»(< 
Cotiititutionnl Clubt. 

Bain, James Robert. (Cumberland, Egremont div.) 

S. of the late Sir James Bain, of Glasgow, M P. for Whitehaven, and 
Mary.d. of John Dove, of Glasgow. B. in Glasgow, 1851 ; educated at 
the University of Glasgow; m. 1886, Lily, d. of the late Sir George 
Burton, Chief Justice of Ontario, Canada. Is an ironmaster; D.L. 
(ounty of Cumberland 1900, J.P. 1874 ; late colonel 8rd batt. Border 
Regiment (Cumberland Militia). A Conservative. — Carlton and 
Junior Carlton Cltiht ; Bolton Hall, Gosforth, Cumberland. 

Baird, John George Alexander. {Glasgow, Central 

8. of Wffl. Baird, of Gartsherrie, by Janet Johnson. B. at Bosemonnf, 
Monkton, N.B., 1854 ; educated at Eton, and Christ Chnrch. Oxford ; m . 
I8811, Snsan Georgiana, d. of Sir J. Fei^inason, of Kilkerran, hart. 
Entered the army in 187K, and retired (Lieat. 16th Lancers) 1882. Is 
Lt.-Col. Ayrshire Yeomanry, Dep. Lieut. Glasgonr, city and county, 
&c. He nnaaccessfnlly contested Central Glasgow in Nov. 1885. First 
Fleeted for the Central div. 1886. A Conservative.— 88, Ealon-tquare, 
HW. ; Carlton, Naval and Military Clubt i /^ellwood, Muirkirk, 

Balcarres, David Alexander Edward Lindsay, Lord. 
(Laneathire, N., Chorley div.) 

Eldest s. of the Earl of Crawford and Balcarres, by Emily Florence, 
i\. of Col. the late Hon. Edward Bootle Wilbraham. B. 1871 ; educated 
at Eton and Magdalen Coll., Oxford ; m. 1900, Constance, d. of the 
Ute Sir H. Pelly, M.P. Appointed Junior Lord of the Treasury, Oci 


1908. Is a capt. Ist T.B. Manchester Rifles, and a Trustee of tht 
National Portrait Gallery, F.8.A , A.R.I.B.A. Has sat for this dir. since 
May, 1895. A ConserTatiTe.— 74, Broot-Uteet, W.; Carltott Club, S. W.; 
Haigh Hall, Wigon, 

Baldwin, Alfred. {Worcestershire, West, or Bewdley 

S. of Mr. George Baldwin, ironfounder, of Stoarport, and Sarah, d. of 
the Rev. J. Stanley. B. 1841. at Stoarport ; educated at private schools : 
m. 1866, to Louisa, d. of the Rev. G. B. Macdonald, of WolTerhnmptnn. 
Is an ironmaster. Chairman of Baldwins, Ltd., the Metropalltan Baak 
(of England HndlWales) Ltd., and Director of the Great Western Railway. 
A J.P. and D.L. forWorcestershiic, Mnd J.P. for Staffordshire. Has mt 
for this diT. since 1892. A Progressive Conservative, stmngly op|KMed to 
Home Rale for Ireland, to DJBestablishment of tho Chnrcb, and to the late 
Local Veto meHsaxc—Kenainglon Palace MatiaionSt fV.; Carlton^ 
jilhentKum, St. Slepheu'a, and City iff London Clubs t FF'ildeH 
Housot Stottrport. 

Balfour, Right Hon. Arthur James. {Manchester^ East) 

S. of James Maitland Balfour, esq., of Whttttngehame, Haddingtonshire, 
by Lady Blanche Cecil. 2nd d. of the 2nd Marq. of Salisbury. B. 1848. 
Educated at Eton and at Trinity Coll. Cambridge. In the early 
part of his parliamentary career he acted with Lord R. Churchill as one 
ofthe so-called **Ponrth Party.'' Was priv. sec. to the Marq. of SaliA- 
baryas Foreign Sec. 1878-80, and during the special misaioa of Lord 
Beaconsfield and Lord Salisbury to Berlin 1878 : a P.C. and Pres. Local 
Government Board 1885 ; Sec. for Scotland 1886-87 s Chief Secretary 
for Ireland 1897-91 ; First Lord of the Treasury and Leader of the House 
of Commons 1891-02, and since 18U5; appointed Prime Minister, July. 
IfK)2, Lord Privy Seal 1902-03, Lord Rector of St. Andrew's University 
188H, of Gihugow UniTernily 1890, Chancellor of the Uatverslty of 
Edinburgh 1891 ; isa P.R.S., hon. LL.D. Edin., St. Andrew's, Oiajigow. 
Dublin, and Hon. D.C.L. Oxford. Is author of "A Defence of Philo- 
mphic Doubt,* "The Foundations of Belief," •' Essays and Addresses," 
&c. A Conservative. Sat for Hertford from 1874 to 1 885 : has represented 
Manchester, East, since 1885.— 10, Downing- »treet^ WkiUhaU, S.ff^.; 
Carlton, AthentBum, Travellers', and New (Edinburgh) Clubs .- 
PfTMUngehame, Preetonkirt, N.B. 

Balfour, Charles Barrington. {Middlesex, Hornsej 

S. of Charles Balfour, of Netrton Don and Balgonie, and the Hon. 
Adelaide, d. of the 5th Viscount Barrington. B. at Newton Don, Kelso, 


1863; educated at Eton College and the R.M.C. Sandhurst; m. 1888. 
Lady Nina McDonnell, d. of the lOth Earl of Antrim. Lieut. Scots 
Guards 1881.00 ; Egypt 1882, TeLel-Kebir medal and clasp and Khedive's 
■tar I cnpt. Royal Guards Reserve Regiment 190(). J.P. Roxburghnhire ; 
i.P., D.L.,and C.C. for Berwickshire ; chairman of Finance Committee 
•f County Council ; pres. National Union of Conserratire Associations 
for Scotland 1894-fi. A Conserratire.— 11, Orontnor-erencent, S. fV. ; 
Guards', Baehelort', Bath, and Carlton Clubs, London ; Knv Club, 
Edinburgh ; Newton Don, Kelso. 

Balfour, Rt. Hon. Gerald William. (Leeds, Central) 

S. of James Haitland Balfour, esq., of Whittingehame. Haddington- 
shire, by Lady Blanehe, d. of the 2nd Marqnit of Salisbury. B. nt 
Edinburgh ISKS; edorated at Eton, and Trinity College, Cambridge, 
where he took a first class in the Classical Tripos of 1875, 
and beeame a fellow of bis ro!le?e; ni. 1887 to Lady Betty, eldest d. 
of the Ist Earl of Lytton. In June 1885 was appointed private secretary 
to his brother, the Rt. Hon. Arthur Balfour; was Chief Secretary for 
Ireland, 1896-1900; appointed President of Board of Trade I9U0. First 
elected for this div of Leeds 1885. A Conservative.— 8. fVhitehaH 
Court, S.fV.i Car/ton and Athenaaum Clubs; Fishers Ilill, 
l-Voking, Surrey. 

Balfoar, Kenneth Bobert. {Christ church) 

Seconds, of the late George Edmond Balfour,of The Manor, Sidmouth. 
Devon, and Marianna Joiritt, of Deniaon Hall, Leeds. B. 1863 ; educated 
at Eton ; m. 1st, 1888, Margaret Anne, d. of the late C. Rogerson, 
f»q. (d. 1901); Sndly, IVOS, May Eleanor, d. of Col. A. Broadwnod. 
Joined the Royal Dragoons 1885, retired as captain 18flU ; joine<l 
the Imperial Yeomanry 1900 as major. Is a J.P. for Dorset, A Con- 
«erTative.— 18, Lovndfs-street, S.fV.; Carlton, Naval and Military 
Clubs ; Stagsden Houee, Bournemouth. 

Banbury, Sir Frederick George, Bart. (Camberwellf 
Peckham div.) 

Eldest s. of the late Frederick Banbary, esq., banker, of Lombard-st. 
•ud Shirley House, Surrey, and Cecilia Laura Banbury. B. 1850, in 
London; educated at Winchester and abroad; m. 1878. to Elizabeth 
Rosa, 2nd d. of the late Thomas Barbot Beale, e«q., of Bettenham Park, 
Saffolk. Became a partner in the firm of P. Banbury and Sons, stoek- 
bmkeTs, 23, Old Broad-street, 1878, and head of the firm in 1879. Cr. 
R^ronet 1H02. A ToBservative and Unionist. — 41, Lowndes-slree' 
S.IV. ; IT'arueford Place, Highioorth, fVtlls. 


Banes, George Edward. (Wegt Ham, South) 

Eldest 8. of Mr. O. Dann Bunes, formerly sorreyor of iron ship-baild- 
infr to the Admiralty. B. at Chatlian, 1828 ; edacated at Cfaatham and 
Rochester High School ; m. 18S0, Mary Abbi eldest d. of Mr. M. Place, 
of Biomham, Beds. Is a wharfinger and bonded warehoaseman, trading 
as Banes, Noel and Co., Mark Lane, and the Colonial Wharves, 
Wapping. He fonnded th« 8rd Exsex Artillery Volnnteer Corps, fnm 
which he retired as major in 1676. I.< a J.P. for West Ham, and was a 
ciemlter of the West Ham School Board from 1874-91, and also an alderman 
of the boroagh. Was M.P. for this div. 188A 92; re-elected 1893 and 1000. 
A ConservatiTe. though ** not a slavish follower of the party*; in faronr 
of ■ Local Scir-Gorernment for Ireland as well as England, Scotland, 
and Wales, snbtect to the control of a United Parliament." Oppos'-d 
to Education Bill. Is a Free Trader, bat faronrs Fiscal Reform a« 
suggested by Mr. Balfour and Mr. ChanlMrlain.— 37, 38, Uark-lane, 
E.C. ; Red Houa», Upton, Essex. 

Bannerman, Campbell-. See Campbell-Bannerman. 
Barlow, John Emmott. (Somertet, Froine div.) 

Eldest s. of the late Thomas Barlow, esq., J.P., of Torkington Lodse, 
Hazel-grove, Cheshire, and Bryn Eiriae, Colwyn Bay, North Wales, by 
Mary Ann, youngest d. of the late George Emmott, of DIsley, Cheshire. 
B. 1857, at Adswood-grove, near Stockport, Cheshire ; educated at Totten- 
ham School, and by private tuition ; m. 1805, Hon. Anna Maria Heywood 
Denman, sister of present Lord Denman. Was called to the Bar (Inner 
Temple) 1884, but docs not practise. Is senior partner in the firms of 
Thomas Barlow and Brother, Manchester and London, and Barlow and 
Co., of Calcutta, Shanghai, and Singapore; a J.P. for Somerst-t 
and Cheshire, and a C.C. for Cheshire. Unsuccessi^Uy contested 
the Knutsford div. of Cheshire in 1885, and Denbigh dist. 1886. Sat 
for the Frome div. of Somerset 1892 to 1895, when he was defeateiJ 
by Yisct. Weymouth ; re-elected IS9C. A Liberal.— D«rofi«A*Vr, Nntiomti 
liberal and Brooks's Clubs ; Torkington Lodge, Uazel-grove, Cheshire. 

*Barran, Bowland Hirst. {Leeds, North) 

Sir J. B. Barran, formerly M.P. for Leeds and Otley div. of Tories., 
and Ann, d. of M. Hirst, etq., of Leeds. B. 1858, at Leeds; educated 
privately; m. 1887, Rose Cardew, d. of Rev. O. Bradley (whom be div. 
1^9). Is a director of the firm of John Barran& Sons, Ltd.,mercl)ant«, 
I^eeds; a Life Governor of Yorkshire College; a Governor of Leeds. 
Grammar School ; Chairman of Finance Committee, Leeds School 
noard, 1887-1902 ; Member of Leeds City Council since IMl- Elcrtetl 
for North Leeds, July, 1902. A Li!»eral (IraperiuliHt).— f?e/orw Club; 
''i-fchirooil, UoHndhaij, tir. Leeds. 


Barratt. See Layland-Barratt. 
Barry, Edward. (Cork, South div.) 

8. of Garrett Barry, farmer. B. 1862, at New Mill, Roeacarbery ; 
educated at 8t. Vincent's College, Caatleknock, Dablln, and Dr. Kaigltt's 
Seminary. Cork. Is a farmer and a J.P. oo. Cork. A Nationalist.-. 
Ntw Mill, Rossearbtry, eo. Cork, 

Barry, Sir Francis Tress, Bart. ( Windsor) 

Eldest s. of Charles Barry, esq., of the Priory, Orpington, Kent, and 
Ilarrirt Ades his wife. B. in Loudon, 1885; educated priTately;m. 1851, 
SMHih Douglas, only d. of Arthur Herron, esq., of Northiam, Sussex . 
WasfM-merlyH.B.M. Vice-Consal fur the Province of Biscay, Spain, 
■nd for several years was Conrul-General in England for the Republic 
of Ecuador. Is J.P. and D.L. for Caithness, and J.P. and County Alder- 
uanforBerlcshire. Cr. Bart. 1899. Mns sat for Windsor since March 
1890. A ConservatiTe and Unionist.— 1. South AttdUy-atrtft, fV.; 
St. Leonardt Hill, Wind$or; Keiu Cattle, Caithtua$, 

Bartley, Sir George Christopher Trout, K.O.B. 
{hlingion, North) 

Second s. of the late Robert Bartley, esq., of Rectory Place, Hackney, 
by his wife, Julia Anna Lucas. B. at West Hackney 1848 ; m. 
Jan. 1804. Mary Charlotte, third d. of Sir Henry Cole, K.C.B. Edocated 
xtCbipton and Dniversity College School, and was in the Civil Service 
(Science and Ait Department) from 1S59 to 1880. Was the founder 
(1875) of the National Penny Bank, Limited, of which he is one of the 
nanaging cooimittee. K.C.B. 190S. Has written a number of books and 
pamphlets bearing upon the questions of thritl and education among the 
poor : •* Schools for the People," •' The Parish Net,*' " One Square Mile 
in the Bast of London," and ** The Provident Knowledge Papers," &c. 
H«sBat for North Islington since Nov. 1885. A Conservative ; in favour of 
refomu in local rating, the licensing laws, land-transfer. Sic— St. 
MargartPa House, 67, F'ieloriO'atreet, ff^eslminsleri Athtnctum 
and ConttUutional Clubs. 

Bathursty Hon. Allen Benjamin. {Gloucestershire y 
Cirencester div.) 

Third and youngest s. of Allen. 6th Earl of Bathurst, by his first wife, 
the Hon. Meriel Leicester Warren, d. of the 8nd Baron de Tabley. 
B. June 85, 1872 : educated at Eton College and the Royal Agricultural 
Collie, Cirencester; m. lOOS, Ruby, d. of Lord Edward Spencer- 
Churchill. A capt. 4th Batt. Gloucester Regt. Was Parliamentary 
private secretary to Lord Lonc'ondrtry when Pontmartpr-Cen. A Con 
•frvative.— 29, Chesham.street.S.rr. ; Carlton dub. 


Bayley^ Thomas. (Derbyshire, Chesterfield div.) 

Only 8. of the lafe Thomas Bayley.of Lenton Abbey, Nottinghamshire, 
and Harriet his wife, B. 1846, at Lenton; edocated at Amersham 
School, and privately; m. 1874, Annie, 2nd d. of Mr. Henry Parmer. 
Is a colliery owner; sheriff of Nottingham 1881-S: alderman of the 
Notts C.C. since 1889. Has (rreatly interested himself in the Notti 
University Scheme and other educational matters. Unsoecessnilly ood- 
tested the Barkston Ash div. of Yorlubire in 1885 and this div. in 
1886. A Liberal, in favour of Home Rule for Ireland, **oiie man one 
vote," &c., reform of the Land Laws, an Eight Hours Bill for mlner.s 
and complete religions equality.— AToZ/ona/ Liberal, Rt^orm, and 
Deffonshire Clubs; County Cliibt Nottingham: Peverel Hotis4, 
Nottingham; Lenton Abbey , Notts ; Ringwood Hall, Chtsterfield. 

Beach, Rt. Hon. Sir M. Hicks-. See Hicks-Beach. 

Beaumont, Wentworth Canning Blackett. (North- 
umheriand, Hexham div.) 

Eldest s. of Wentworth B. Beanmont, enq., M.P. for South North, 
nmberland 1852 85, and for the Tyneside div. 1886-92, by his flmt wife, 
Margaret Aune, d. of the 1st Marquis of Clanricarde. B. at Bywdl- 
hall, 18601 educated at Eton, and Trinity Coll. Caml)ridge (M.A. 1888); 
m. 18P9, Liidy Alexandrina.d.of the 5th Marquis of Londundeiry. Waa 
formerly cnpt. Srd (Militia) Batt. Roy. Welsh Pnsiliers.and eapt. Tork- 
.oltire Has»Hrsfh>m 1880 ; is J.P. and D.L. co. Nnrthumbfrland and W 
Riding. Yorks. A Liberal, in favour of Home Rnle for Ireland, for purely 
Irish affairs, measures for promotion of temperance, Pree Trade, &c.,&c. 
—IT, Upper Grosffetio*-. street, S.W.; Brooks'*. Traveller a*. aiulTtnrf 
Clubs; Byioetl Hall, Stoek^field'On-Tyne t Bretton Part, WeUtefield. 

Beckett, Ernest Wm. {Yorks, N, Riding, Wtiithy div.) 

Eldest s. of the late Mr. William Beckett. M.P. for the Bassetiaw div. 
of Nottingham.<ihire, by the Hon. Helen, d of the 2nd Lord Peversba*. 
Is heir presumptive to Lord Grimthorpe. B.185A; educated at Eton 
and Cambridge: m. 1883, Lacy Tracy, only child of W. P. Lee, esq., of 
New York (she CE.IS91). Is a partner in the firm of Messrs. Beckett. 
bankers, of Leeds, &c., and Lt. Col. in the Yorkshire Hussars. A.A.rt. 
Imperial Yeomitnry 1900. Has sat for the Whitby div. since 1885. 
A Conservative.— 11 , Connaught-ptaee, FV.; Carlton, St. /ame«'. 
Baehelore' and Turf Clubs ; KirkstaU Grange, near Leeds ; ^ootf 
Lee, Virginia fVater. 

Bell, Eiohard. (Derby) 

n. at Mcrthyr Tydvil in 1859. Entered the Great WpRtem Railivav 
-vice la-C. Appointed organising secretary of Amalgamated Socirty 


of Railway Servants 1898, and general secretary 1898. Acted as arbi- 
trator before Lord James of Hereford in connection with crisis on 
Nortb-Eastern Railway 1807. A Labour representatiTe« independent of 
either political party.— Office : 72, Aeton-»treetf Gray' » Inn-road, W.C. , 
Residence ; 116, Brownlotc.roadf JV<>t« Southgate. 

Bentinck, Cavendish-. See Cavendish -Bentinck. 

Bhownagg:ree» Sir Mancherjee Merwanjee. {BefJmal 
Green, North-East div.) 

S. of the late Merwanjee, a Parsee merchant of Bombay, who was also 
head of the Bombay State Agency for Bhavnagar, and his wife Cooverbai 
(she died 189A). B. 1851 ; edacated at the University, and Elphinhtone 
College, Bombay; m. a d. of A. E. Chinoy. Is a J.P. and a Fellow of 
Bombay University. Became a journalist in India, and in 1872 sncceeded 
bis father in the State Agency. Came to England in 1882, and was called 
to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1885. Was lately Judicial Conucillor of 
Bhavnagar, and Commissioner for that state at the Colonial and 
Indian Exhibition 1886; was awarded the silver medal of the Society 
of Arts 1885 for his paper on Indian female education, and acted 
as secretary to the Rokhmibai Committee which npheld the rights of 
Indian womanhood. Has published a Gnjarati translation of Queen 
Victoria's " Onr Life in the Highlands,*' and "The Constitution of 
the Bant India Company." Was created CLE. in 1886, and K.C.l.E. 
l^T. Is a member of Council of the Society of Arts and a Life Fellow of 
the Imperial Institute. Was first elected for N.E. Dethnal Green 1895. 
A Conservative and Unionist.— 96, Cromicell-road^ S.W.; Carlton and 
Conttitutional Clubt. 

Bignold, Arthur. ( WicJe Burghs) 

Yoanpest s. of the late Sir Samnel Bignnid, M.P. Educated at Trinity 
Hall, Cambridge*. Was President of the Gaelic Society 1900 : a founder 
of the Kennel Club. A Conservative.— 2, Curznn-street, JV. ; Carlton^ 
Junior Carltitn, and Ccnaiiltttional Club$t Look Rosque Ca»tle, 
Knaa.ahire; Sirathbran Lodge, Dingwall; Calmie Lodgt by 
Aehanatt, Rots shire. 

Bigwood, James. {Middlesex, Brentford div.) 

8. of James Bigwood, esq., of 6, Great Oeorge..street, Bristol. B. at 
Clifton, 1889; educated at Cotham School, and St. John's College, Cam- 
bridge : M. A. 1865 ; m. 1862, Marian, only d. of the late Edward Webb, of 
Torquay. Is a partner in the firm of Champion and Co., City-road, London, 
it J.P. for Middlesex and London, and an alderman and chairman of the 
Parliamentary Committee of the Middlesex County Council. Is als.) 


Chairmanof the ParliamenUry CummiUeeoftbe London Justices. H« 
entered Parliament as member for Piiubury, Baxt, at the general 
election of N07. 1885, bat was defeated there in the contest of 18»^. 
He was flnt returned for the Brentford dlv. 1886. A Conservatire. 
—lib, Citif-road, B.C.t Carlton Club; Tht Lawn, Twickenham. 

Bill, Charles. (Staffordshire, Leek div.) 

8. of John Bill, esq., J.P., StafTordsbire, by Sarah, d. of Abel Ham- 
pbreys, esq., of the United States. B. 1848, at Parley Hall, Staffiird- 
shire ; educated at Eton College, and University College, Oxford. Was 
called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1868. Is a J.P. Staffordshire, aa 
Alderman of the County Council, and Hon. Col. of the 4th N. Stafs. 
Regt. A Consenrative.— 10, Hana Man$ioua, S.vr.; Carlton and 
United University Clubs; Farley Hall^ Cheadle^ Staffordshire. 

Black, Alexander William. (Banffshire) 

S. of the Rev. James Black, minister of Dunnikier Free Church, Kirk- 
caldj, Fifeshire, and Mary Anne, only d. of tlie late John Sutherland, 
Viewton Place, Aberdeen. B. at Kirkcaldy 1859 ; educated at Hi^h 
School, Kirkcaldy, Stuttgart, Germany, and Edinburgh University; m. 
1888, Ellinor, 2nd d. of Admiral Thomas Wilson, C.B. Is a writer to thr 
signet, admitted 1885 ; member of the firm of Menzies, BInck, St Menziet. I 
An advanced Liberal.— 3, JJowti-street, W.i Reform Club ; 5, Lear- 
mouth-terrace, Edinburgh ; Scottish Liberal and University CM^, 
Edinburgh. \ 

Blake, Hon. Edward. (Longford, Sonth div.) 

8. of the Hon. William Hume Blake, Ute Chanoellor of Upper Canada ' 
(formerly of Wicklow and Oalway), and Catherine Hame, formerly ol 
Wicklow. B. 1883, at Adelaide, co. Middlesex, Upper Canada ; edu- j 
cated at Upper Canada College, and University of Toronto; m. I85S, 
Margaret, d. of the Rt. Rev. B. Cronyn, Lord Bp. of Huron, Canada. 
Called to the Bar 18RA; Q.C. 1864; president and treasurer Law Soc. 
of Upper Canada since 1879; has declined both the Chancellorship o( 
I'pper Canada and the Chief Justiceship of Canada. Was Chancellor of 
the University of Toronto from 1876, President Toronto Oen. Trusts Co. 
from 1882, Premier of Ontario 1871-2, member Priry Ooandl 1873, 
Minister of Justice 1875-7, declined K.CM.0. 1876, leader of Canadian j 
Liberal party 1880-91, when he retired in opposition to the party's 
policy of *' unrestricted reciprocity with the United States. A Canadiaa 
liberal. In general politics a Liberal. A member of the Irish NationaliM | 
party in favour of Home Role aa meaning '* union for the first time ia 
the only true and real sense" of Ireland and Great Britain.-2i). 
Kensington Oate, fV. ; National Liberal Club ; Humewowt, I 
>ro>»/o, Canada ; A« Caprice, ifurray Bay, Quebec. ■. 



Blandell, Henry Blundell-Hollinshead. {Lancashire, 
Ince div.) 

Eldest s. of the late Riclurd Benson Blandell-MoIlinBhead Blundell, 
esq., of Deykbrook, by Jane. d. of John Leigh, esq., of Sandhills, near 
Liverpool. B. 1881 ; educated at Eton, and Christ Church, Oxford 
(B.A. 1864); ni.1868, the Hon. Beatrice, d. of Vice- Admiral the Hon. 
Henry D. Byng. Bnteied the Bifle Brigade 186R, and senred in the 
Ciimea after the fall of Sebastopol ; exchanged into the Grenadier 
Gnatds, 1868; passed Staff Coll. 1864. Assfaitant AcUntant-General of 
the Home District from 1876 to 1881 ; became Ool. 1882 ; served on the 
staff in the Nile Expedition 1884-85; retired 1889. Is a C.B. ; also a 
D.L. for liancashire. Sat for the Inoe div. 1886-92 ; reelected 189.i. A 
ConservatiTe and Unionist.— 10, StraUon-tt., W. ; Carlton, Guard*\ 
Army and Navy, and U. Strvie* Clubs, S.fV, ; A9hur»t4odge, 
Sunninghill, Btrkt ; D»ytbroek, ntew Liverpool. 

Boland, John Pius. (Kerry , cc, South div.) 

S. of Patrick Boland, baker and miller, of Dublin, and Mary,d. of John 
Oonoell7,of Dublin. B. in Dublin 1870 ; educated at the Orator.v School, 
Edgbaston; B.A.London UniTersitj, M.A.Oxford ; semester at Bonn 
University (Bavaria Ye r bind ung); m. 1903, Eileen, d. of Dr. P. Moloney, 
of Melbourne. Barrister-at-law, Inner Temple; called January, 1897. 
A Nationalitt.— 12, King's Betich-toalk, Temple, £.0.; 198, Aahley- 
gardens, 8. W. 

Bolton, Thomas Dolling. {Derbyshire, North- East div.) 

S. of Janes Thomas Bolton, esq., of Solihull. Warwickshire, by Mary 
Ratcliffe, d. of the Rev. DVilliam Bongbey Dolling. B. 1841 ; educated 
privately ; unmarried. Is a solicitor, admitted 1866. Has sat for this 
div.slBcelSStS. A Liberal. 8, Temple Gardens, Lontton. 

Bond, Edward. {NoUingham, East) 

S.of Edward Bond, esq., of Elm Bank, Hampstead, and his wife, 
Sarah Jane, the d. of William Pollard, of Cmwtrees, near Bradford. 
B. 1844 ; educated at Merchant Taylor's School and St. John's College, 
Oxford, where he obtained a flrst-olass in final cksaical school, and 
was afterwards elected to a fellowship at Queen's College, is a 
banister, called at Lincoln'^ Inn, 1871, and has been Lecturer to the 
Incorporated Law Society. Has been a member of the London School 
Board; resigned on appolutment as Assistant Charity Cos miisioner, 
which office he held 1884-91. Elected member of the L.C.C. for Hamp- 
itcad, 1895 and 1896. Contested South wark. West, 1893. First 
elected for Nottingham (East) 1896. A Conservative.*!, Suffolk- 
place. Pall MaU,3.W.: Sim Bant, Hampstead; Athenaum, 
Albemarle, ar.d Carlton Clubs. 


Boscawen. See Griffith-Boscawen. 

BoulnoiSy Edmund. {MaryUbonef East div.) 

B.1888, in London; educated at King Edward's School, Buy St. 
Edmand's. and St. John's Coll., Cambridge (Scholar; B.A..]S61,M^. 
I8A5); m. 1862, Catherine, eldest d. of T. J. Bennett, esq., of Great 
Marlow. Is J.F, and U.L. of the oonnty of Middlesex, and ehairmaa 
of the MNrylebone Bench of Magistrates; was member of the London 
County Council for Marylebone, East div. Mayor of Maryiabone 
1900-2- Has sat for this div. since July 1889. A ConserTatiTe.— 27, 
fVtUbowrtu-Urraet, fV^ Cariton Club. 

Bousfield, William Robert. {Hackney, North) 

Eldest s. of Mr. E. T. Bonsfield, of Bedford. B. 1864; educated at 
Bedford Modern School, and Cains College, Cambridge; m. 1879, 
Florence, d. of the late Mr. George Kelly, uf Shanklin, Isle of Wight. 
Whs for a time in training as an engineer, at Sir Joseph Whitworth'« 
\\:irks, and afterwards lecturer on engineering and mathematics at 
University College, Bristol. In 188U was called to the Bar at the Inner 
Temple, and joined the Western Circuit. Became Q.C. in 1891, and a 
bencher of his inn 18U7. Is an Associate of the Institute of Civil 
Engineers, and is author of a work on Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks. 
Unsuccessfully contested Mid Lanark I88!i and 1888. Was first elected 
for this constituency in May 1892, on the death of Sir Lewis Pelly. A 
ConserTaUve. — 2, Crown-^fflce-row, BX.; Carlton Club; St. 
Swithin^s, Uendon. 

Bowles, Henry Ferryman. {Middlesex, Enfield div.) 

S. of H. C. B. Bowles, esq., J.P. and D.L., of Myddleton Houte, 
Waltbam Cross, and Cornelia, d. of George Kingdom, esq. B. 1858. at 
Mjddleton House, Waltbam CroM ; educated at Harrow, and iesos Coll.. 
Cambridge, where he took the M.A. degree ; m. 188U, Dolly, d. of J. L. 
Broughton, esq., of Tunstall, Salop. Is a barriscer-at law, of the Inner 
Temple. Is also member of the .^liddlesex County Council for Enfield, 
Lt..Col. 1st V. B. Middlesex Regt., and late Lt.-Col. (Militia) 7th Batt. 
Rifle BrigMde, J.P. for Middlesex and member Court of Assistants 
Goldsmiths' Company. A Conservative. Hms sat (or the Enfield dir. 
since March 1889.— CarZ/on atid Conservative Club*; Myddleton 
Houee, PValtham Cross ; Forty HaU^ Enfield, 

Bowles, Thomas Gibson. {Lynn Regie) 

B. 1843 ; educated privately and at King^s College, London : n. 1876i 

Jessica, d. of General Evans Gordon (she cl. 1887). Was a olcrk is 

Inland Revenue Dept. Has been a correspondent of the Morning 



Pott^ and hai written ** Maritime Warfare," ** Flotsam and JetMun," 
'*The Declaration of Faria 1656," &e. Is bon. Heat. Royal Naval 
Reserve, and has the Board of Trade certificate as a master mariner ■ 
Was an nnsnccessAil candidate at Darlington, 1874, Banbury, 1880, and 
South SaUord, 1886. " A Tory."— 26, Lowtides-sqttare, 8. W. 

Brand, Hon. Arthur George. {Camhridgeshire, 
I North, or Wisbeoh div.) 

Third s. of Viscount Hampden (formerly Speaker of the House of 
Commone). London, 1853; educated at Rugby; m. 1886, Edith, 
d. of the late Joseph Ingram, J.P., of Brooklunds, Cheshire (nhe 
(/. 1903). Was private secretary to Mr. Arnold Morley, tlie Liberal 
" Whip,'' during 1885 and 1886, and has also been one of the managers 
of the Liberal Central Association. In 1893 wus assistant private secrc- 
Ury (unpaid) to Mr. Fowler, pres. Local Govt. Board, and in 1894 
was treas. of H.M. Household. J.P. and D.L. for Sussex. Sat for 
Cambridgeshire, North, 1881, 1892^. A Liberal.— i2e/or»*, Batchelora' 
and Garriek Clitba; HuntUand, Crawley Down, Suttex. 

Brassey, Albert. (Os^ordahire, Banbury div.) 

S. of the late Thomas Brassey, esq., of Bulkeley, and Maria Farring* 
(on, d. of Joseph Harrison, esq. B. 1844. in France ; edacated at Eton, 
M.A. of University CoU.,0xford; m. Hun. Matilda Maria Helena, eldest 
d.of tbe4tb Lord Clanmorris. Was lient. 14th Hussars, 18A7-71,col. 
Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars, 1892-95; High Sheriff of Oxfordshire, 
1878 ; Major of Chipping Norton, 1893-1901 ; Master of Heythrop Fox- 
hoonds since 1878. A Conservative and Unionist, in favour of Hone 
Legislation.— 29, Berkglty-tquare, W. ; Army and Natfff, Naval 
and Military, Carlton, Cavalry^ and Qj^ford and Cambridge Club* ; 
Heytkropt Chipping Norton. 

■Bngg, John. {Yorkshire, West Biding, Keighley div.) 

Second s. of the late Mr. John Brigg, J.P., of Ouard House, 
Keighley, and Mkrgaret Ann Marriner. B. 1834,at Keighley ; educated 
at Stubbing Hili and Dewsbury Moor; m. I86U, d. of William Anderton, 
of Bingley. Is Chairman of the Bradford Old Bank, Ltd., a Director of 
the Leeds and Liverpool Canal Cu. Is a J.P. and D.L. West Riding, 
and a co.-opted member of the. Technical Committee of the West Riding 
County Counqil, was prp visional Mayor of Keighley, 1882, and is a 
governor or member ot council of mauy institutions in the West Riding, 
and a F.G.S. A Liberal in favour ot Home Knie and the Liberal 
progiamme generally.— IT^/cfccrfoit HcUl, near Keiyhley. 



Broadhurst, Henry. (Leicester) 

S. of the late Thomas Broadbttnt, journeyman stunemason. B. at 
Littlemore, Oxfonliihire, 1810; m. 1860, d. of Edward Olley, of Nor- 
Mricli, joume}-man currier. Worked as a jonmeTman stonemaaon till 
1872. Elected Secretary of the Trades Union Congress Parliamentarr 
Committee, 1675 ; resigned 1890. Appointed Parliamentary Sec. to the 
Home Office, Jan. 1886. Is «n alderman, and a J.P. for Norfolk. Sat 
on the Royal Commissions on Reformatories, on Housing the Workini; 
Classeo, and on Markets, and was a member of the Royal Commission 
on Old Age Pensions. An advanced Liberal, in favour of Home Rule, 
of the reform of the present land laws, thinking they ** operate against 
the free distributionof land,"of the abolition of compulsory vaccination, 
ftc. Sat for Stoke-on-Trent 1880^, for the Bordesley div. of Birming- 
ham till June 1866, for Nottingham, West, from 1886 to 1892, and was 
first elected for Leicester 1891.— 4, Btm Gardem, Brook Green, fV. ; 
Reform and National Liberal Club», S.fV.f Cromer , Norfolk. 

Brodrick, Bt. Hon. William St. John Fremantle. 
{Surrey, Guildford div.) 

Eld.s.ofyisct. Midleton, by Hon. Aagvsta Mary, 8rd d. of the 1st 
Baron Cotlesloe. B. ISM; m. 1st, 1880, Lady Hilda Charteris, 8rd d. nf 
the EniI nf WemysB (she d. 1901) ; Sndly, 1903, Madeleine, d. of the late 
Him. J. C. Stanley. Was edacated at Eton, and at Balliul Coll. Oxford, 
where be gndaated B.A. 1 870. M. A. 188S. Has been Ueat. 2nd Sorrey 
Militia, Hon. Col. Surrey Yeomaniy. App. Secretary of State for India, 
Oct. 1»03. Was Pinaneial Sec. War Office, 1886-92, Under Sec. ot 
State for War, 1895-08, Under Sec. Poreign AfTaira, 1898-1900, a r.( . 
1897, See. of 8tate]for War, 1900-3 ; served on the Royal Commiaiion I 
on Iriah Pcisou, 1884. Sat for Weat Surrey 1880-5, and for the Goild- 
ford dir. since. A Conservative.— 34, Porlland-piaee, ff^,; CarUem i 
emdAtAmanun Clubs, S.fV.: Peper Harow^GodeUmhtg. 

Bromley-Davenport, William. (Cheshire, Macclesfield 
dW.) i 

Bldeit a. of the late Mr. WilUam Bromley-Davenport, M.P., by Aagiuta, i 
eldest d.of the late John CunpbeU of May, N.B. & 1809 1 edacated 
at Eton, and BalUol College, Oxford. Appointed Plnaucial Sec. to the 
War Office, Oet. 1803. Is a magiitnte for CheAiie, and pacnm of fix 
livings. Has lat for this di v. since 1886. A Coneervative.— 1 , B^lgrtun- I 
plaoe, S,Pr.; Cartton. fVhito't, and Bachelors' aubs, Cap^sOtomt J 
HaU,Ch€fford, Baginton, Covontry . fVooUon HaU, Askbnume. 


*Brotherfcon, Edward Allen. ( Wakefield) 

S. of Th«ophiIns Brothertoa and Sarah O'Donnell. B. 1856, at 
Ardwick; educated at Owen's College, Manchester. Is a chemical 
mannfiiCtarer, having works at Birmingham, Leeds, snd Wakefield, and 
an Alderman of Wakefield (Mayor, 1903-3). A Conservative, and a 
■taiiach upholder of the present Government. — ^16, 8t. Jatnet* -place ^ 
S.W.; Carlton, Bath and Royal Societiea Ctubs : The Gables ; Wake- 
Jleldi Arthinffton HaU, Whar/edale, Yorkt. 

Brown, Sir Alexander Hargreaves, Barfc. {Shropah., 
Wellington div.) 

Third s. of the late Alexander Brown, of Beilby Orange, Yorksh., 
by Sarah Benedict, d. of James Brown, of New York. G.s. of 
Sir W. Brown, of Liverpool, 1st Bart. B. at Beilby Orange, Yorkah., 
1844; m. 187ff, Henrietta, d. of R. C. Blandy. Formerly Cornet Bth 
Dragoon Guards. Is Hon. Col. Ist Lancashire V. Artillery. A partner 
uf Brown, Shipley ft Co. J.P. for Satrey and Lancashire; cr. Bart. 
1902. A Liberal Unionist. Sat for WeAlock 1868-86, and since for the 
Wellington diT. of Sbropshire.— 18, Cfroavenor^ffardetUt S.fV. ; 
Brooks* M emd R^orm Clubs; Breome-haU, Holmwood, Surrey. 

Brown, George Mackenzie. (Edinburgh, Central 

S. of the late Hon. George Brown, Toronto, Canada. B. at Toronto , 
Canada, 1869 ; educated at Upper Canada College, Toronto, Merchiston 
Castle, Edinburgh, and King's College, Cambridge ; m. 1901, Mary, 
il. of the late Thomas Nelson, of Edinburgh. Is a publisher! managing 
trustee of Thomas Nelson & Sons since 1892. A Liberal.— 20, Moray- 
piae^, JBdinbitrgh ; Royal Societies* Club, St. Jatnet' -street, 8. W. 

Brunner, Sir John Tomlinson, Bart. (CAMAtr«, North - 
wich div.) 

8. of th« ReT. John Bmnner, of Zfirioh, Switserland, a snoceasfhl 
Khoolanster at Everton, Liverpool, by Catherine, d. of Thomas Cur- 
phey, of BaUdrona, Isle of Man. B. at Everton, 184S: was edncated 
by his lather. M. 1st, 1864, Salome, d. of Mr. James Davies, of 
Liverpool! and Sndly, 1875, Jane, d. of the late Dr. Wyman, of Ketter- 
ing, Northanptonshire. Entered meteantile life at Liverpool in 1857 ; 
ibenca be went to Widnes ; and in 1873, in company with the dls- 
tingniaiied chemist Ladwig Mqnd, P.R.S.. he esfaUished the alkali 
works >t Northwich which became the iHi^^est in the world. He 
has given large sums of money for building and endowing many 
Brbools. Technical Institutions, Free Libraries, and other institutior 



In Cheshire. He i* a Dienber of the Council and has endowed a 
chair of Eeononics at Liverpool University. Wa» member of Royal 
CommiMion for Parii Bxhibltion 190O, and Ciril List Committer 
190]. He is a J.P. for Cheshire, and was cr. Bart. 1895. First 
rrtarned for the Northwieh dir. Not. 188A. la the foUowing year he 
was defeated: bat in 1887 he was again elected. A Uberal; ad- 
vocating Home Rale, Local Oorernment, temperance legislatioo, 
reform of social evils, religious equality and InternatioBal arbitration 
—9, Eiminnore'ffard4ti», S.W.; Rtform, National Lib0rat, and 
AriaCiuha: Dntids Crost, fVaveriret, Liverpoot; tVimtinglim 
Old HaU, Northwieh. 

Bryce, Rt. Hon. James. {Aberdeen^ South div.) 

S. of James Bryee, esq., LL.D.,of Glasgow, F.G.8., and of Margaret, 
eldest d. of James Yoang, esq., of AbbeyTille,co. Antrim. B.atBeUut 
1888. Was educated at the High School and UniTenity of Glasgow, 
and at Trinity CoU. Oxford, where he graduated B.A. (double lat elass) in 
1809, having obtained the Craven and Vinerian scholarships, vith 
other University priies; is Hon. Fellow Oriel and TVin. Colls., Hon. 
D. Litt. Camb., and a corresponding member of 'he Institute of Fr«nrr, 
and of the Royal Academies of Brussels, Naples and Turin. Late Pmi- 
dent of Alpine Club. M. 1889, Elisabeth Marion, d. of the late Thnm«5 
Ashton, esq., of Ford Bank, Manchester. Was called to the Bar 
at Lincoln's Inn 1887. Was Begins ProGesaor of Civil Law st 
Oxford 1870-98. Was chairman of the Rl. Commission on Seoondirr 
Bdncation, 1804-95. Appointed Parliamentary Sec Foreign Affairs 
Feb. 1886, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, with a seat ia th« 
Cabi n«t, 1 892, Pres. Board of Trade, May, 1894 ; resigned with the Boseberj I 
Ministry 18U5. Is author of "The Holy Konan Bmpire," **Transj 
CaocasiN and Ararat," "Report on the Condition of Bdueatioa in 
Lancashire," of **The American Commonwealth,* ** Impresshms of | 
South Africa," &c. Unsnocessfully contested Wick Feb. 1874. Sat ■ 
for Tower Hamlets fhxn April 1880 UU Nov. 1885, and since for Abeideea, I 
South. A Liberal.— 64, Porttatid-plaee, fV. ; jtthtnm v m Mtfl 
National Liberal Ctube ; Hiftdleapt Forest Row, Sustex. ' 

Biymer, William Ernest. (Dorset, South div.) 

Eldest Burviring s. of the late Mr. John Brymer. B. 1840 ; educatH al 
Harrow, and Trin. Coll. Cambridge. A J.P. for Dorset, and has b««l 
High SherifT (1887). Late Cul. of the Dorset Yeomanry, and Was M.P, 
for Dorchester 1874-8S. Has sat for South Dorset since April leOli 
A Conserratire.— 8, JV. Jamee'-strett, S.fV. ; Carlton and Ojifcri 
mid Cambridge Clube t IMngton House, Puddletown, near Dot 


Bryn-Roberts. See Roberts, Bryn-. 

*BnchanaD, Thomas Ryburn. (Perthshire, Ea»t) 

S. of the late John Bnchanwi, of EdiDbargh, and Jane, d. of J. Yoanp, 
esq., of Glasgow. B. at Glasgow, 1846. Educated at Glangow High 
School. Sherborne School and Balliol Coll., Oxford. UJi. 1872. M. 
1888, Emily, d. of T. 8. Bolitho, of Trengwainton. Cornwall. Formerly 
a Fellow of All Soul*' Coll. Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple, 
1873. Is a D.L. fbr Edinburgh. Unsnccessfully contested Haddington, 
ahire, 1880. Sat for Edinburgh City] 88l-8ft, and the West div. 188(»-Ui{; 
Aberdernbhire, East. 18»S-1»00. Elected for Perthshire, East, February 
1903. A LiberMl.-lv*, Sotith-atreet, Park-lane, W. ; M^form Club. 

Ball, William JameB. (Hammersmith) 

Second ». of Henry Ball, solicitor, Bometime of Indian Board of Control, 
bj Cecilia Ann, 3rd d. of James Peter Howard, of Shirley, Hants. B. 
at Hereford 1863; educated at St. Mary's Academy; unmarried. Is a 
BolicitoT and member of the firm of Bull& Bull, 31, Essex Street, Strand* 
and Hammersmith, and Chairman of J. W. Singer & Sons, bronze 
founders, Frome ; a Director of Thomycroft Steam Wagon Co. ; a go%-er. 
nor of the Latymer Charities, and Hon. Solicitor to the Life-Saving 
Society. Was a member of the L.C.C. 1892- lUOl. Is a member of the 
Alien Immigration Committee and Parliamentary Secretary to President 
of Local Gov. Board. A Conserratire.— CaWfon, Constitutional and 
I'nitfd Club* ; Vencmirt^ Hammersmith. 

Burdett -Coutts, William L. Ashmead Bartlett -. ( West' 

B. in the United States of America in 1851, being the second s. of the late 
Ellis Bartlett, esq., of Plymouth, New England, by Sophia, d. of John 
King Ashmead, esq., of Philadelphia. His grandparents on both sides 
were British subjects. Was ed. privately ; gained the first scholarship 
at Keble Coll. Oxiord, and graduated M.A. in I87tt. M. 1881, the 
B%ion«u Bardett-Ooatts and assumed by Royal Licence the surname of 
BardeCt-Cnatls. The Baroness Burdett- Contts having originated the 
Taikiah Compassionate Fund, he, in 1877, Tolnnteered to proceed to 
Turkey as Special Commissioner ; and he is the author of a book upon the 
subject. The Sultan conferred on him the Star and Second Class of the 
MedjitUyeta. He was one of the originators of the Fisheries Exhibition, 
and has interested himself in the question of the food supply of the 
poor ot London. He re-opened Columbia Market for the sale of 0sh ant' 
▼egetnhles, and establi^thed a large Ashing fleet in the Korth Se 
o 2 


Fnaader and on mt of the BrookJield hone-breediag atablidiiiieit ; 
Treas. Gt. Northen CeBtral Hoapital ; Got. of Christ's Hospital ; and 
one of the Foaaders of the British East Africa PomcssIobs ; he canied 
the Haapstead Heath Act, 18SS. Police BafranchiseiMnt, aad Metro- 
pnlltaa Maaageneirt AiseadMeat Acts, 1887, and also the Advertisr 
neat Bating Act, 1880. In 1900 proceeded to South Africa as Timft 
correspondent with regard to side and woanded, " Article IX.," leadia^ 
to appuintMeat of a Rofal Comsiiision of Inqairy and a Sehnae of 
Reiarai of the Ansy Medical Service.— Has sat for Westminster since 
Nov. 1886. A ODnservatire, adroeatiBg "the Conrtitntion and th< 
Empire; Progress with Liberty *—l, SfrvB(fe»-s<., fP: : CarUom Clnb, 

Burke, £. Havilaud. See Haviland-Barke. 

Burns, John. (Battersea and Clapkamt Battersea div.) 

S. of Alexander and Barlwra Bnma. B. 18R8 ; ednoated at thr 
National Schools, Battersea; m. in 1880, Martha Charlotte, d. of John 
Gale, a working shipwright. Employed as a boy at Price's candle factory , 
snd then went to Wilson's engine works. At fourteen years of age he 
was apprenticed as an engineer at Millbank. He has worked at his trade 
in varions parts of England, on board ship, and, for a year, in Africa, 
on the Niger. When first elected to the London County Gbnoeil is 
1889, he was working as an ordinary mechanical engineer at Hoe's 
printing machine wtirks. In 1885 he was an nnracoes^l parliamentary 
candidate lor West Nottingham. He has lieen a member of the Oooacil 
of the Workmen's Peace Society and of the Social Demoerntio Fedentios , 
sliio has bren n member of the exemtire of the Amalgamated Engineers' 
trade anion, and connected with other associations. Was a leader in 
thr great docks strike in 188!). ** A Socialint: * advocates nationalisa- 
tion of the land, railways, mines, *'and the means of prodnctioe," 
HtMue Rule, payment of members, adult man and woman suftage, the 
investment of County Councils, District and Parish CMincils *'witb 
run and popular powers," the 'Legal Bight Hours Day,** regulatins 
nf the drink tnifflc by " direct veto," &c., ftc.— 1U8. Lavender Hilt, 

Burt, Thomas. {Morpeth) 

8. of Peter Burt, coal-miner, of Earsdon, Northnmberland, by Reberca, 
d. of Thomas Weatherbnm, engineman, of Cowpen Colliery. B. at 
Murton Row. Percymain, Northnmberiand, 1887 : m. I860, Mary,d. •*( 


Tbomu Weatherburn, of Seghill, NoitbumberUnd. Commenced work< 
ing w coal-pits at an early age, and since I81BA has been secretary to 
the Northumberland Miners' Mutual Association, a trades-onion oou- 
silting of 80,000 members in the co. of Northumberland. Was Secretary 
to the Board of Trade in the Gladstone-Rosebery Ministry of 1893.K. A 
* Radieal,* in ravnar of Home Rale. Me voted in the minority against 
the Protection of Person and Property (Ireland) Bill. 1881, and Is 
opposed Co the Miners' Bight Hoars Bill. Has sat for Morpeth since 
Feb. 1874.— Ai/orm. National Liheral, and Bii/hty Chtb»i liO, 
Burdon-terraee, Neweaatle-on-Tyfu . 

Butcher, John George. {York, City) 

S. of the late Rt. Rev. Lord Bishop of Meafh, Samuel Bntchf r,of Danes- 
hrtt Kiltarney* co. Kerry, and Mary his wife, of Soatb Hill, Killarney. 
B. 1858. at KilUrsej : educated atMarlbonmgh College, and Trinity Coll. 
Camtaridffe. Graduated 8th Classic and 8th Wrangler at Cambridge, 1674, 
and was ofterwarda a Fallow of bis College. M. 1M98, Alice Mary, 
widow of the late J. E. H. Gordon. Is a barrister, called 1878, at 
Lincoln's Inn ; a Q.C. 1897. Has sat for York (city) since 1898. A 
CoDsenratiTc, opposed to Homo Rale for Ireland and Disestablishment 
of the Churches, and thinking that the energies of Parliament should 
now be devoted to social and Industrial reforms.-^, f?/v<M<on Piaet, 
S.fV.t Carlton and Yorkshire Clubt ; Rieoall Halt, Yorkshire. 

Buxtoo, Sydney Charles. (Tower HamUU, Pophirdiv.) 

S. of the late Charles Buxton, esq., of Rixwarren, Cobham, Surrey 
Cwho represented East Surrey, Maidstone, and Newport), by Emily 
Maiy, d. of Sir Henry Holland, bart., M.D. B. in London, 18KS; 
m. 1st 1888, Constance d. of Sir John Lnbbock, M.P. (Lord Avebury) 
vi>he d. 1898) ; 2nd 1896, Mildred, d. of Hugh C. 8miih, of Mount Clare, 
Roehampton. Educated at Clifton College, and Triii. Coll. Camb. Was 
Under Sec. of State for the Co'nniea, Aug. 1892 to Jnne 1896. Was a 
mrmber of the London School Board ftnm 187K to 1888. In 1888-4 was 
hon. sec. to the late Mr. Tuke's Irish Emigration Fund Is anthor of the 
" Handbook to Political Questions," " Finance and Politicn, An His- 
torical Study, 1788— 188K,** « Mr. Gladstone: as Chanrellur of the 
Excfaeqner,*' "Fishing and Shooting," &c. A Liberal; in favour of 
ff ome Rale. Sat for Peterborough from Jnne 1888 to ftov. 1885, when he 
«ras onsaccessful. In Jan. 188H he whs also unsuccessftil at Croydon. 
ff^x sat for the Poplar div. Hince July 1886.— 7, Groavenor-erescent , 
A-f^.; Broois's and Mheuteum Club*, 


Caldwell, James. (LanarJcshire', Mid. div.) 

S. of Mr. Fi&dley Caldwell, of Glacgow. B. in Kilmarnock, 1839; 
educated at the Unireralties of Glasgow and Edinburgh. He became a 
member of the Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow in 1861, and practised 
there, becoming also lecturer on law in the College of Science and 
Arts, Glasgow. He retired from the law, and succeeded his father 
in the calico-printing business of Caldwell and Ritchie at Milton-of- 
Campsie, and has now retired from that business. He is a J. P. 
Lanarkshire, and has been president of the Campsie Liberal Assn. 
Was returned for St. RoUox div., Glasgow, as a Liberal Unionist in 
1886, but joined the Home Rule party in 1892. At the geneial election, 
189S, he unsuccessfully contested the Tradeston div. Glasgow ; first 
elected for Mid. Lanarksh. 1894. A Liberal.— National Liberal a«h; 
107, HoUand'roadf Kennngtotit W. ; 12, Grotvenor-terrace, Glaagov. 

Cameron, Robert. (Durham, HoughtoD-le-Spring dir.) 

8. of the late Rev. Dnncan Cameron, a Baptist minister, and Cliiistiaa 
Cameron (nit McGregor). Perthshire 1886 ; edncatedat the parish 
school of Portingall, Perthshire, and Borough Road College, London ; n- 
1881, Alice Ann, eldest d of the late John Patton, of Croft Spa, co. 
Dnrham. Became a teacher in 1847. Has been Goardian, amemberof 
the School Board (chairman nine years), Ccnncillor, and Alderman for 
Sunderland; also a J.P., chairman Free Lib. and Mnseam Committee, 
and a lecturer and writer of magaxine articles, &c. A Liberal, ia faToar 
of Home Rale, reforms in the Land Laws, Licensing, RegistratioR, and 
in the House of Lords, and of Religious Equality, &c.— 26, Qveen's 
Mansions t 56, f^ictoria- street, fVestminster, 5.fF. 

Campbell, Rfc. Hon. James Alexander. (Glatgow 
and Aberdeen Universities) 

8. of the late Sir James Campbell, Merchant in Glasgow, of Stracathio. 
Forfarshire, by Janet, d.of Henry Ban nermani esq., of Manchester. B. at 
Glasgow 1825 ; m. 1854, Anne, d. of the late Sir Samuel Morton Petoi 
Bart, (she d. 1887). Was educated at the High School, Glasgow, and 
the University of Glasgow, and was created Hon. LL.D. there. Has 
been a Merchant in Glasgow ; retired 1876. Is a D.L. for Forfar 
and Lanark. Was a Member of the Scottish Unirersitiea Commissifln 
1876, of the Endowed Institutions (Scotland) Commisslim 1878, 
of the Educational Endowments (Scotland) Commission 188x*. and 
of the UniTcrsitiefl (Scotland) Commission, 1889 ; a P.C. 1891^. A Ci>ii- 
serTatiTe; opposed to a separate legislature for Ireland, and opposed (« 


Disestablishment. Has sat for Glasgow and Aberdeen UniTersities since 
April 1880.— 2, Prinet*»-fard€ns, S.fV.; Carlton Club; Straeathro 
■ffouie, Br0ehint SeoUcmd. 

^Campbell, James Henry Mnssen. {Duhlin 

8. of the Ute W. M. Campbell, esq. B. 1851 ; edacated at Stackpoole's 
School. Kingstown, and Trinity College, Dublin i m. d. of the late J 
McCallagh, R. M. Newry. Was called to^.thejlrish Bar 1878; BngliHh 
Bar 1898; Q.C. 18W. Appointed Solicitor-Oeneral for Ireland 1901. 
Sat for St. Stephen's Green div. of Dablin:i898-1900. Elected for Dublin 
Vniversity, March, 1903. A Coowrvative.— (7a» /<on Club; 30, Upper 
Ptmbrcke-slreet, Dublin. 

Campbell, John. (Armagh, South div.) 

Educated at St. Fatrick's College, Armagh, and French College 
Blackrock. Is a barrister-at-law of the Middle Temple; called 1896; 
Cert, of Hon. and Campbell- Foster Prize for Criminal Law; LL.B. (Ist 
Hotts.) University of London. A Nationalist.—!, Elm Court, Temi)le 
£.C. ; Blackwatertown, co. Armagh, Ireland. 

Campbell- Bannerman, Right Hon. Sir Henry, G.C.B. 
{Stirling dist.) 

Seooad s. of the late Sir James Campbell, of Straeathro, Porrsrsb, by the 
youngest d. of Henty Bannennan, esq., of Manchester. B. 1886; m. 186U, 
d. of Major-Gen. Sir Charles Bruce, K.C.B. Educated at Glasgow Uni. 
versity, and at Trinity Coll. Cambridge, where he giaduated B.A. 1858; 
M.A. 1861. Assumed, Not. 1872« the name of Bannerman in addition 
to his patronymic. Was Financial Secretary for War f^on 1871 to 
1874, and again 1880 to 1882 ; secretary to the Admiralty 1883 to 
1884, when he became Chief Secretary for Ireland (1884-5). In Mr. 
Gladstone's third administration, Jan. 1886, he became Secretary of 
State for War, which office he again took under Mr. Gladstone in 1892, 
and retained when Lord Rosebery became Premier in 1893-4, till 
Jane of that year, when he resigned, and was cr. G.C.B. Chosen 
leader of the Liberal opposition 1890. a Liberal, in favour of Home 
Rule. Has sat fur Stirling dist. since Dec. 1868.— 6, Grosvenor-pt., 
S.ff^.; Brooks's, tteform, and Oxford and Cambridge Club' 
Belmont Castle, Jleigle, N.B. 


Carlile, William Walter. (Budnnghamshire, North) 

Only «. of J. W. Carlile, of Poiuboarne Piirk, Hertford. B. 18(i2 ; eda- 
ciitrd at Harrow, and Clare College, Cambridge; m. 1885, Blanche Ana, 
d.of the late Rev. E. Cadogan, of Wicken, Northants. Is a D.L. and 
J.P. CO. Bocks. A Consenrative.— (Tor/tflM and Junior Cmtlton Clubs i 
Gayhurat, Nnoport Pagtuit, Bucks. 

Carson, Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Henry. (Dublin Uni- 


8. of the late Mr. E. H. Carson, C.E., sometime Vice-PresideBt of tke 
Royal lost, of Irish Architects. B. 1864 ; edncated at Dablin Univer- 
sity (B.A. and M.A.). Called to tlie Irish Bar 1877, and to the Middle 
Temple 189il: Q.C. (Ireland) 1880; Solieitor-Gen. Ireland from Jane to 
Aug. 1802 ; Q.C. (Eng.) 18M ; a P.C. (I.) 1806. Solicitor Oenenl 1900. 
Is a bencher of the King's Inns and of the Middle Temple. A Con- 
servatire.— 5, Batcn-plaett S.fV.; Carlton emd (iarriek Clniti 
UnivertUy Club, DubUn. 

Carrill, Patrick George Hamilton. {Newry) 

8.of PrancisCwrTill, of Newry, and Rostrevor, co. Down, and &Iar- 
garet, d. of James Hamilton, Springfield, Kilkaol. B. 188R ; edocated at 
Armagh, and the London University (matricnlatedh m. 1869, to Pnacu 
Mary, d. of Thomas McBvoy Gartlan, Monalty, Carrick nmcross, co. 
Monaghan. Is a barrister, called at the Middle Temple; J.P. for the 
counties of Down and Armagh (High SheriflT of Armagh 1878) ; a member 
of the Court of Referees, Honse of Commons. He ansuccesiAilly 
contested Newry in the Uberal interest 1880; has held the aeat since 
1892. A Nationalist.— 29, Morpcth-matuiont^ S. W. ; S, Oardcn-eourt, 
Templt,E.C.; Riform €mdRaneiaffh Clubs, S.fV.i Balfyvounuy, 
CO. Cork. 

Causton, Richard Knight. {Southwark, West) 

Second s. of the late Sir Joseph Causton (Alderman of London sad 
Sheriff of London and Middlesex for 1869-70), by Mary Anne.d. of the 
late Edward Potter, esq. B. in London 1843; m. 1871, Selena Mary, 
eldest d. of the late Sir Thumas Chambers, Q.C, recorder of London 
and formerly M.P. for Hertford and Marylebone. A director of the 
firm of Sir Joseph Causton and Sons, Ltd. Is a Commissioner of 
Lieutenancy for London, a Member of the Execatire Committee of 
the London Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the Company 
of Skinners, of which he served as Master 1877^. Was a Lord of 
the Treasury, 1892-95. Is '• by conviction an earnest Liberal ; " in 
favour of " Home Rule for Ireland,* and of" the policy of peace abrosd, 
and of a safe and steady progress in those reforms at liome so math 


nreded by agricnltural and commercud interests." Sat from 1880 to 
1885 for Colchester, for which he stood nnsnccessftaiy Feb. 1874. First 
elected for Southwark, West, Feb. 1888.— 12, Devonthire-pUiet, W.; 
lkton»hire,B*form, National Liberal, Ore$ham,and City Liberal Clttbs. 

Caatley, Henry Sbrother. (Leeds, East dir.) 

S. of Henry Cautley, of Bramley , nr. Leeds, and of Burton Pidsea, East 
Yorkshire, and Mary Ellen Cautley, d. of the lata Thomas Strother, of 
KlllinKhall, Yorkshire, and Hi|i(hani Park, Northamptonshire. B. at 
Cross Hall, nr. Leeds, 1868 ; educated at the Charterhouse (Scholar), 
King's Coll., Cambridge (Scholar and first prize Math. Tripos 1884); 
m. 1902, Alice, d. of B. H. C. Fox, J.P., of Woodhouse Eaves, Leicester, 
•hire. Called to the Bar by the Middle Temple 1886 ; practises in London 
and on the N.E. Circuit, and is the author of two law works. Unsuccess- 
fully contested Oewsbury in 1892 and in 1895. A Conservative (Pro- 
i!TeMi'rt).—S8t Montaffu-^uare, fV. : 4, Brick-court ^ Temple, B.C.; 
Carlton, and Oxford and Cambridge Clttht ; Burton Tideea, Holderness, 
£. YorkAire. 

CsTendisfa, Richard Frederick. {Laneaahire, North 
Lonsdale div.) 

Second 8. of the late Lord Edward CareBdiah, brother of the present 
Dake of Devonshire, and Emmn BliBabeth, d. of the Rt. Hun. W. S. S. 
Laaoellea. B. 1871, in London ; edaoated at Eton College and Trinity 
College, Canbridge ; m. 1895, Lady Moyra Beaaderk, d. of the Dake of 
St. Albans. Is Ueat. 1st V.B. Royal Lancaster Regt. Was Prirate Sec. 
to Lord George Hamilton, Sec. of State for India, 1901. A Liberal 
Unioiust.— 7, Culford-gardene, S.fV.; Brooke'e aub,8.fV. 

Cavendish, Victor Christian William. {Derbyshire, 
West div.) 

Eldest s. of the late Lord Edward Cavendish, M.P. for the div., by his 
wife, Elisabeth Emma. d. M the late Rr. Hon. W. fleabright Laxcelles, 
M.P. B. 18A8: edocatrd at Eton, and Trinity Coll. Cambridge; m. 
I><02, Lady Evelyn Pitzmaurice, eldest d. of the Marquis of Lansdowne. 
Is Major Derbyshire Yeomanry, and heir presumptive to the Duke of 
Devonshire. Appointed Financial Sec. to the Treasury, Oct. 11M)S. 
Waa Treasurer to H.M. HooseboM 1900-03. First elected for Derbyshire, 
Wejt,1891. A Liberal Unionist.-87, Park-tone, fV.; Brooks' and 
White* Clubs; Holker Hall, Carnforih, N. Lancashire. 

[^aveDdish-Bentinck, Lord Henry. {Nottingham, 

llalf-brotber of the Duke of Portland, being a s., by bis Snd 
onafriage, of the late Lieut.-tien. A. Cavendish- Beulimk.. B. 18tU 


edncaied at Eton, and Chri«t Church, Oxford. Was raised to the 
rank of a Doke's son in 1880. He has been a lieut. Deiby shire Yeomanry 
1S86« hon. maj. 1899. He unsnccessfnUy contested North.West Norfolk 
at the general election of 188(i> sat for that div. 1886^2, defeated 188S: 
first elected for Soath Nottingham 1896. A Conservative, stiongtj 
opposed to Home Rale, bat in favnnr of Local Government for Ireland.— 
18, Grosvetior-plaee, S. W. ; White's Club ; Underley, Kirkby LontdaU. 

Cawley, Frederick. {^Lancashire , Prestwich div.) 

S. of Thomas and Harriett Cawley, of Priestland, Tarporley. B. at 
Priestland,Tarporleyt edncutrd at Aldersey Grammar School; m.l8;6, 
Elisabeth, d. of John Smith, esq., of Kynsal Lodge, Andlem, Cheshire. 
Is a bleacher and calico-printer, and a J.P. for the connty of Lancaatrr. 
A Liberal.— iVatfona/ Liberal and Reform Clubs; Brooklandt, 
Prestwich ; Berringlon Hall, Lenminsttr. 

Cayzer, Sir Charles. (Barrow-in-Fumesa) 

Eldest s. of the late Charles Cayser* of Hatherlcigh, Devon. B. 1843 , 
m. 1»68, Agnes Elizabeth, only d. of William Trickey, esq., of CliAon, 
Brisrol. Is a shipowner, head of the firm of Cayner, Irvine & C»., 
Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, and London. Is also Hon. Col. 
1st Lanarkshire Volonteer Artillery, a J.P. for Stirlingshire, Renfrew- 
shire and Dumbartonshire. Was cr. Kt. 1897. Has sat for Barrow tines 
1892. A Conservative.— tfycr« Park Court, S.fV.t Carlton and City 
of London- Clubs; Ralston, Retifrewslure; Gartmort, Perthshirt; 
Newtylct Forfarshire. 

Cecil, Evelyn. (Aston Manor) 

Eldest 8. of Lord Eustace Cecil, s. of the 2nd Marquis of Salitbarj, 
and uncle of the present Marquis (M.P. for Essex 1865-1865, and 
Surveyor General of Ordnance 1874-1880 in Lord Beaconsfield's atl* 
ministration), by Lady Gertrude Louisa, d. of the 2nd Earl of Eldon. 
B. 1865; educated at Eton, and New College, Oxford (B.A. 1S87; M.A. 
1890); m. 1898, Alicia, d. of the 1st Lord Amherst of Hackney. Wu 
called to the Bar, Inner Temple, 1889, and joined the Western Circuit. 
Was Asst. Private Sec. to Lord Salisbury as Prime Minister 1891-93 and 
1895-1902, and was a member of the London School Board from 1894 to 
1899. Was the last Englishman to confer with Presidents Kruger and 
Steyn before the S. African War 1899. Chairman of Select Committee 
Foreign Steamship Subsidies and their effect on British Trade, 1901-2. 
and of Eastern Mail Committee, 1903. Has written a history of 
" Primogeniture," 1894, ••On the Eve of the War," 1900, Ac. Sat for 
Herts, East or Hertford div. from 1898 to 1900, and has since represented 
Aston Manor. A Conacrvativc.— 10, Eaton-plave, S.fV.; CarlluH 


Cecil, Lord Hugh Richard Heathcote. (Greenwich) 
Piftb s. of the Iftte Mirquis of Salubury, aud 0«orgina Caroline, d. of 
Sir E. Hall Alderaon. B. 186B ( educated at Eton, and University Coll., 
Oxford (M. A. 1894} ; a Ptellow of Hertford Coll. Oxford aince 1891. Has 
been a private sec. to liiii father as Secretary of State for Foreign 
Ailhirs. A Conservative Unionist, favourable to well-oonsidered mea- 
sures of Social Beform, and to public aid for voluntary schools.— 9o, 
ArUngton-sireet, S.fV.i Carlton, Junior Carttont mnd New O^^ferd 
and Cambridge Clubi. 

Cliainberlain, Right Hon. Joseph. (Binning hamiWest) 

Eldest a. of the late Joseph Chamberlain, esq., of Moor OreenHall, 
near Blnnlngfaam, by Caroline, d. of Henry Harben, esq. B. in London, 
1886: m. 1st, 1861, Harriet, d. of the late Archibald Kenrick, esq., of 
Berrow Court, Edgbaston (she died 1803); 2ndly, 1868, Florence, d. of 
Timothy Kenrick, esq., of Maple Bank, Edgbaston (she died 1875); 
3rdly.l888. Mary, onlyd. of Hon.W.C. Endicott, Sec. War, United 
States, Cleveland Presidency. Was educated at a private school, and 
afterwards at University Coll. School, London. Was a manufacturer in 
Birmingham ; retired 1 874 ; was three times Mayor of Birmingham (1874- 
1876), Chairman of the Birmingham School Board, and Chairman of the 
Natjnnal Education League. Was President of the Board of Trade April 
1880, and President of the Local Government Board Jan. 1886, in Mr. 
Gladstone's ministries. Appointed Sec. of State for the Colonies 1895; 
resigned Sept. 1908. In 1887 he was appointed chief Commissioner to 
•ettle the North American Fisheries dispute. Was chairman Coal Dust 
Commission 1891-4, member Aged Poor Comm. 1898-5 ; is a P.R.S. ; hon. 
LL.D. Cambridge, 1893 ; hon. D.C.L. Oxon. 1896. Lord Rector Glasgow 
Univ. 1896. Chancellor of Birmingham University, 1901. A Liberal 
Unionist; has sat for Birmingham since June 1876.— 40, Prince's- 
gardens, S.rV.; Jthencrtun and Devonshire Clubs; Highbury 
Moor^reen, Birmingham. 

Chamberlain, Bight Hon . Joseph Austen. ( Worceeter- 
»hire, £ast, or firomsgrote, dvr.) 

Eldest s. of the Rt Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, M.P., by his firot wife, 
Harriet, d. of the late Archibald Kenrick, esq., of Birmingham. B. at 
Birmingham 1868 ; educated at Rugby, and Trin. Coll. Cambridge (B.A. 
1886, M.A. 1889), studied at the Ecole des Sciences Folitiques, Paris, 
and at Berlin. Appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer, Oct. 190S. 
Was Civil Lord of the Admiralty 1895-1900. Financial Sec. to the 
Treasury 1900-1903. P.C. 1902. Postmaster- General 1902-1903. Has 
sat for this div. since March, 1892. A Liberal Unionist.— 11. Downing 
Street, S. W.t 40, Frinee'sgardene, S.fV.; Brooks's and Devonshire 
iltubst S. iy-i Highbury ^ Moor green, Birmingham. 


GhamberlaTne, Tankerville. (Southampton) 

Second and only rarviving t. of the lute Thomas Chamberlajiie, of 
Cranbnry Park. Hante, bj Amelia, d. of thf late General Densil Onilow, 
nf staorhtoB Hoiue, Hanti. B. 1843 ; edocated at Eton aad Mafdalen 
College, Oxford (B.A. 18A61 : m. Edith Rachel, d. of the late S. J. Aahley. 
of Kidllngton, Oxford. U hon. Heat, in Royal Naval Reaerre. Sat for 
SoothamptoB I89S-96, when, being re-elected, he was aaaeKted on 
petition. A Onnserrative.— Carlfoft mnd Junior Carlton Gubt; 
Granbury Park, PTinehtater; Baddoaloy Manors Romto^; and 
ff^eaton-ffrovo, Southampton. 

Channingy Francis Allston. (Northamptonshire, East) 

The only s. of the late Rev. William Henry Channing, of Boston, 
afttrrwards of Liverpool and Kensington, byJalia, 8rd d. of William 
Alien, esq. M. Elisabeth, d. of Henry Bryant, esq., of Boston, U.8.A. 
Was educated at Liverpool and at Exeter Coll. Oxfrnrd ; took honoors in 
classics and mathematics, besides gaining the Chancellor's English 
Essay and tbe Arnold Hbtorical Prises, and became Fellow, Leetnrer 
and Tntcnr of University Coll. Was called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn. 
but has not praeiised. Is a J.P. for Northants, and has been a memberof 
the Hove Board of Commissioners, and also of the Hove School Board. 
Appointed on the Roy. Commission on Agricaltnre, 1898 ; wasChairmaa 
of the Chambers of Agricaltnre 1894, and Pres. Land Law Refbrm Assoc. 
18M-8e. An "advanced Liberal ;*' in fhvoar of Land Law nfOTma, a 
National system of Edneation, shorter hoars of laboar, Ac. Has sat for 
Northamptonshire, Bast, since 188S.— 40, Baton^lact, S.fV.t R^orm 
National Liboral^ and New UnivoraUv Chtba. 

Chaplin, Right Hon. Henry. (Lineoltuh,, Sleaford div.) 

Second s. of the late Rev. Henry Chaplin, by Caroline Horatia, d. of 
WilliHm EIHce, esq. ; nephew of Charles Chaplin, esq., of Blanknef 
Hall, Lincolnsh., to whose estates he succeeded. B. 1841 ; m. 1870. 
Lady Florence, d. of the 8rd Duke of Satherland and Coantesa of Cro- 
martie (she died 1881). Was educated at Harrow, and at Chri»i 
Church. Oxford. Is a Magistrate and Depnty-Lieut. of Lincolnshire. 
Was Pres. Local Govt. Board 1896-1900$ Chancellor of the Dochy of 
Lancaster 1885-86; and President of the Board of Agricaltnre 1889-93. 
A Conservative. Sat for the Mid division of Lincolnshire from Dec. 
1868 to Nov. 1885, and for the Sleaibrd div. since.-5lq#brtf-AotiM, St. 
Jamea'a-aquaro, S.fV.: Turf and Carlton Cluba, 

Chapman, Edward. {Cheshire, Hyde div.) 

S. of Jolm Chapman, M.P., of Hill End, MottrHm, who died 18T7, and 
Anne, d . of George Sidebotham, esq., of UiU End, Mottram. B. at HiU 


End, Mottram-In-Longdendale, 1839 ; educated at Orer Vicarage ; Merton 
CoU.. Oxford, B.A. 1864, M.A. 1866 (.1st class Nat. Sc). FeUow of Mag- 
dalen College ; Public Examiner in Natural Science. Was associsted with 
various boards connected with University extension and teaching. Is 
J.P. and D.L. for Cheshire and J. P. for Lancashire. On roll for High 
Sheriff, 1901. Is deputy chairman of the Great Central Railway, and 
director of South Eastern Railway. Was for twenty years chairman of the 
Mottram District Council, and late chairman of the Hyde Conservative 
Association. Is a member of the York House of Laymen. Is lord of 
the manor of Hattersley, and freeman of the Turners' Coy., London. 
A Progressive Conservative. Supports the Unionist party as represented 
by Mr. Balfour and Mr. Chamberlain. In favour of Tariff Reform. 
Is opposed to Home Rule. In favour of House of iLords as second 
chamber ; but is open to consider improvements in its constitution. 
Army and navy must be kept efficient. Reorganization of the army as 
an efficient war machine must be first duty of Parliament. Is in favour 
of voluntary schools, and against disestablishment of the Church.— 
Queen Anne'i Mansiott$, 8.W. ; Hill X$id, Mottram-in-Longdendale, 
Chethire ; Carlton and Cowervative Clxtbs ; Union Clxtb, Manchester. 

Charrington, Spencer. (Tower HamleU,Miie End diy,) 

S. of the late Nicholas Chairington, of Mile End. B. 1818; educated 
at Eton; m. 1853, Alethe C. P., d. of Rtv. J. O. Calmeyer, Prost, of 
Hammerfest, Norway. It a partoer in the firm of Charrington and Co., 
brewers. Has sat for the Mile Enddiv. since Not. 1886. A Conserratlve. 
—19, Carlton Houtg-terract, S.f9^.; 1, St. P»ter'$-rd.^ Milt End: 
ConserucUivg Ctub, S.fV. ; JBunsdon House, Huntdon, naar fVare^ 

Churchill, Winston Leonard Spencer. {OWiam) 

Eldest 8. of the late Rt. Hon. Lord Randolph Churchill, by Jennie, d. 
of the late Mr. Leonard Jerome, of New York. B. 1874 ; educated at 
Hsimw and Sandhurst. Late lient. 4th Queen's Own Hussars ; served 
wHh Spanish fonees in Caba 1896 (first-class Spanish Order of MiUtaty 
Merit) ; with Malakand Field Force, 1897 ; orderly officer to Sir W. 
Lockhart, Tirah Expeditionary Force, 1898 ; with Nile Expeditionary 
Fence, 1896. Served with S.A. Light Horse, and was special corre- 
spondent for Morning Post in South Africa. Author of'* The Story of 
the Malakand Field Force,* " Savrola," '• The River War," ** London 
to Lsdysmith.*' Uasnocessfhlly contested Oldham, Jnly, 1899. A Con- 
.servative.— 105, Mount street^ fV. ; Tutf, Marlborough, Carlton, and 
Bachelors^ Clubs. 


Clancy, John Joseph. (Dublin co., North) 

S. of Mr. Willinn CUncy, of Cumigh Lodge, co. Oalwuy. B. 1847 : 
f dncated at Summer Hill College, Athlone, and at Queen's Coll. Galway 
(of which he was Scholar, Exhibitioner, and Priteman) ; m. Margaret 
Louise, d. of P.J. Hickie, esq., of Limerick. Is M. A. Royal Cniversity 
of Ireland, and wascnlled to thelribh Bar in 1887. Was on the editorial 
staff of The Natioft newspaper firom 1870 to 1885. Has sat f!>r the 
northern diT. of co. Dublin since 1885. An Irish Nationalist.— i 
Brrfffii'lerraeef Sandy eove-road, eo. Dubiin. 

Clare, Leigh-, O. L. See Leigh-Clare. 

Clive, Percy Archer. {Herefordshirey 8. or Ross 

S. of the late Charles Meysey Bolton Clive, of Whitfield, Hereford, by 
Lady Katherine Julia Mary, youngent d. of the 7th Earl of Denbigh. B. 
at 17, South Eaton-place, S.W., 1873 ; educated at Eton and Sandhurst ; 
unmarried. Is a J. P. and D.L. for Herefordshire. Pa rly.prii'ate secretary 
to Sec. to the Admiralty. CaptJiin in the Grenadier Guards; served 
with the Went African Field Force in Nigeria 1898 ; and in South 
Africa, 189fl-1902. A Liberal Unionist.— 21, Chester-street, S.W. ; 
Guards' Club ; fVormbridge, Hereford. 

*Coates, Edward Feetham. {Lewisham) 

S. of James Coates, esq., of Helperby Hall, York, and Elisabeth, d. of 
Wm. Sayer, esq., of Yarm, York.**. B. at Clapham, 1853 : educated at 
Marlborough College ; m. 1878. Edith, d. of Capt. P. WoUey, of Boluey, 
Sussex. Is a stockbroker. Lieut, of City of London; J.P. for Surrey 
and N.R. of Yorkst ▼ice-chairman of the Surrey C.C. Formerly Miuor 
in the Srd bat. (M.) West Riding Regt Unsuooessftilly contested the 
BUand div. of Yorks, 1900. Elected for Lewisham, Dec. 1903. A 
Conserrative. In favour of Mr. Balfour's Policy, and approves of 
Mr. Chamberlain's scheme for Colonial preference.— Ainfor United 
Service and fVellington Clubs t Tayler Hilt, JSwell; Hetperhy 
Hall, Fori. 

Cochrane, Hon. Thomas Horatio Arthur Ernest. 
{Ayrshire, North div.) 

S. of Thomas, 11th Earl of Dnndonald, and Louisa, d. of the late a. 
Mackinnon, esq., M.P., of Acryse Park, Kent. B. 1857; educated at 
Eton : m. 1880, Lady Gertrude Boyle, d. of the 6th Barl ta Glasgow. 
Served in the 9Srd Highlanders, and in the Scots Guards, and is Hiw . 
Lt..col. 4th oatt. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders; served in S. 
Africa IS99-1902. Is Under-Secretary for Home Dept.; appointed 1902. 


Was anpaid private sec. fo Mr. Chamberlain, as Colonial Sec, 1896«ig<>l. 
A J.P. for Pifii, and D.L. for Renfrew.obire. A Libenl Unionist, 
opposed to Home Rule, but In favour of a Local Government scheme for 
Ireland, Stc— Crawford Priory ^ Cupar, Fife. 

Coddington, Sir William, Ban. (Blackburn) 

Eldest B. of the late William Dudley Coddington, esq., of Wyeollar, 
Blackburn, by Elisabeth, d. of Robert Hopwood, esq., of Blackburn. 
B. at Salford, 1880 1 m. 1864, Sarah Katherine, third d. of the late 
William Thomas Hall, esq., of Milntborpe, near Wakefield. Is a Magis- 
trate and Deputy-Lieut, for the co. of Lancaster. Is senior partner in 
the firm of W. D. Ctiddiugton & Sons, cotton. spinners. Wascr. Bart.1896. 
A Conservative. Has sat for Blackburn since March, 188b.— Car Aon 
and Junior Carlton Clubs : fVycoUar^ Blackburn. 

Cogan, Denis Joseph. (WicTclow, East) 

S. of Denis Cogan, P.L.G.,and Mary Cogan. B. at Bray.eo. Wicklow, 
1859 ; educated privately ; m. in 1886, a d. of the late John Murphy, 
P.L.G., Luragh, Glendalough. Is a provigion merchant. Was town 
councillor Dublin Corporation 1885.91, reprepenting the Arran Quay 
Ward ; Poor Law Guardian Rathdrum 1897-1900 ; C.C. GI<>ndalough div. 
CO. Wicklow, and chairman Finance Committee C.C. 1899-1901. 
A. Xationalixt.— 115, Thomm^street, Dublin ; Laragh, Glendalough, co 

Coghill, Douglas Harry. (Stoke-on- TVenl) 

S. of the Inte Harry Coghill, esq., J.P. Staffordshire and Sussex, and 
his wife, Mary Jane Puller. B. IRS.^i i educated at Cheltenham College, 
and Corpus Christi Coll. Oxford ; B.A. aud M.A. 3rd C. classical (Hons. ) 
moderations. Is a barrister of the Inner Temple, called 1879, and goes 
the Oxford Circuit. He sat for Newcastle-undcr-Lvme 1886-03, de- 
firated there 189*2. Has sat tar Stoke-on-Trent since 1895. A Conser. 
v9.t\rt.—\A,Stanhopf gardens tS.lV.; Carlton and United Univer- 
sity Club*. 

Cohen, Benjamin Louis. (ItUngton, East div.) 

8. of the late Louis Cohen, esq , founder of the Arm of Louis Cohen (k 
Sons, stock and share dealers, and Floretta Maryanne, d. of Assur 
Keyser. B. 1844, at South Street, Finsbnry; educated privately; m. 
187U, to Louisa Emily, only d. of the late Benjamin M. Merton. Entered 
the Stock Exchange in 18Q8, and was a partner in the late Urm of Louis 
Cohen fit Sons. Is • D.L. for the city of London, J.P. for the counties of 
London and Kent, and has been a member of the London County 
Couaeil. A Conservative.— 80, Hyde Part^ardene, fV.t Carlton, 
Jtmior CarUon, Coneervaliife, and City Carlton Clubs ; Highjletd, 
Shorehamt Seifenoaks. 


CoUings, Rt. Hon. Jesse. {Birmingham, Bordesley div.) 

Youngest s. of Mr. TIknbwi Collings, of Littldiam, Exmonth, Devon. 
B. Kt Bzmoafh, Devon, 1881 ; m. 1869, d. of Mr. Edward Oxenboald. 
Whs head of the firm of Messrs. Collioss and WalUs, Merchanu at Bir- 
mingham t retired firom business in 1879. Was a Common Cooncilnuui 
fhr Edgbaston Ward from 18A8 to 187R, when he was elected an AJdermaa 
of Birmingham. Is a J.P. for Birmingham : Mayor of Birmiaghan 
1878-9, and in that year ^10,000 wa<isohscribrd as a Mayor** Diatmi 
Pnnd to relieve the want caused by the depre^sioB of trade. Was 
chairman of the Plee Libraries Committee, and was Hon. See. and uue of 
the founders of the National Education League. Was a governor of Kine 
Kdward*s Grammar School and member of the Council of the Midland 
institute. Was president of the National Pederation of Liberal Associa- 
tions. Hp voted in the minority against the Protection of Person and 
Property (Ireland) Bill 1881 ; and moved 'the Small Holdings ResolntiaB. 
the carrying of which caused the resignation of Lord Salisbury's adminis- 
tration, Jan. 1886. Was founder of the Allotments and Small Holdingi 
Association and president of the Rural Labourers' L^gne. Was Rirl. 
Sec. Local Gov. Board, 1886 : a P C. 1802, and nnderSec. Home Depart- 
ment, 1896-190S. A Liberal Unionist. Sat as a Radical fiHr Ipswich 
1 880-fl, when he was unseated. Elected as a L.U. for the Bordesley dir . 
July 1886.— P«von«Mr« Club : Edgbaaton, Birmingham, 

Colombo Bt. Hon. Sir John Charles Ready, K.C.M.G. 
{Great Yarmouth) 

8. of the late Gen. G. T. Colomb, by Mary, d. of Sir A. King, bart.,of 
Corrard, co. Permanagh. B. 1888 ; educated privately and at the Royal 
Naval College; m. 1866, Emily Anna, d. of R. S. Palmer, esq., and 
widow of Lieut. Charles Augustus Paget* R.N. Served in the Royal 
Marine Artillery firom 1864 to 1869, and retired as eapt. Is DX. and 
J.P. for CO. Kerry. Cr. K.C.M.O. 1888. Has written *' The Defenoe of 
Great and Greater Britain," &c. P.C. (I.) liK)8. Was an nnnceessfnl 
candidate for Bow and Bmmley at the general eleotion of 1885, bat sat 
for that div. of the Tower Hamlets ttrm 1886 to 1898. A CoBaervative 
and Imperialist advocating development of new markets for British 
Trade, and in favour of some special means for reoording the vote* of 
Mtilors.— 76, Belgravtroad, S.fV.i Carlton, UnUtd Service and 
Bath Clubs t Dromquitma, Kenmare, eo. Kerry. 

Colston, Charles Edward Hungerford Athole. ( Glouces- 
terthirCf South , or Thombury, div.) 

S. of the late Edward Colston, esq., of Ro^jndway Park, and Louisa. 
d. of the late Rev. E. Murray, vicar of Northolt. Mtddlwrx. B. 1854 .- 


educated at Eton, and Christ CbOTch, Oxford (B. a. 187A): m. 1879, to 
toMlijid, d. of Col. GoBtttng-Mnrray, of Whitton Park, Hoonslow. 
Is a J.P. and D.L. WUt«, aad U. Col. 2nd Wilt* RiSe Voluntf era. 
Was an nnsnooessfol candidate at North Bristol in 1886. A Consenm- 
tire.— 64, Green-Mlrtet, GrosvetMr-aquarg^ fy,; Roundtoay Parti 
Devis0a ; Says Court, Gloueestanhirt. 

Compton, Lord Alwyne Frederick. {Bedfordahirei 
Biggleswade div.) 

Second surviving s.of the late Marquis of Northampton, by Elisa, 
d. of the late Adm. the Hon. Sir George Elliot, K.C.B. B. 1865 1 cda. 
ctted at Eton; m. 1886, Mary Evelyn, d. of R. C. De Grey Vyner, esq., 
or Nevvby Hall, Bipon. Joined the Grenadier Guards 1874, and in 
1879 the lOih Royal Hnssars. Served as A.D.C. to the Marquis of 
Ripon, Viceroy of India, 1882-84, and also in the Soadan Expeditions, 
tailing part in the engagements of Ei Teb, Tamal, fiic, 1884-85 (medal 
and Etaedive'i Star). Retired 1887. Raised a body of Horne and served 
in the Imperial Yeomanry, S. AMca, 1899.1902, and was mentioned in 
despatches ; D.8.O. Represented North Beds, since 1885. A Liberal 
Unionist.— 7, Balfour-place, Park^ane^ W.; Ovarda, Marlborough, 
and Tur/auba; TorMak,Ist9 tfMuU, N.B. 

Condon, Thomas Joseph. {Tipperary, East) 

S.of Mr. Jeremiah Condon, of Clonmel. B. 1850; m.1875, Alice, d. 
of Mr. J. McGrath. Was Mayor of Clonmel 1 889 to 1891 and since 1900. 
and alderman since 1887. Has sat for East Tipperary since 1885. A 
Nationalist.— CfoftJiM A Tipparary. 

Cook, Sir Frederick Lucas, Bart. {Lambeth, Ken- 
nington div.) 

Eldest s. of Sir Francis Cook, 1st bart., and his first wife, Emily, d. of 
Robert Locas, esq., ot Lisbon. B. in London, 1844 ; educated at 
Marrow; m. 1868, Mary Ann Elisabeth, d. of the late Dr. R. Payne 
Cotton, of Cavendish square. Is a partner in the firm of Cook, Son, 
& C0.9 «arehon8em«n, of St. Panrs Churchyard ; a Commissioner of 
L.iettteBancy for London, F.R.G.S., &c. A Conservative; opposed 
to any Home Rule measure tending to the disintegration of the Empire. 
Disestablishment of the Church, and the Local Veto Bill ; in favour of 
^icial Legislation, ftc.— 24, Hyd0 Park-gardma, W.: Carlton, 
Prtn90$, HurUnghamt and Ranetagh Cluba; Doughty Houae, 
Mekmond; Montatrrat, Cintra, Portugal. 

^orbect, Archibald Cameron. (G/a«^oii;,Tradestondiv.) 

Second s. of the late Thomas Corbett, esq., of South Park, Cove, Dnm- 
iMTtonsldre, and Sarah, d. of A. Cameron, esq., of Edinburgh B. May, 



1856; edacated by privnte taitinn; m. J 887, Alice Mary, d. of 
John Pnliinn, esq., of Cutle Levan, nenr Greenock, N.B. {she d. 19021. 
la a Magiatrate for Warwickxhire and Lanarkshire. Unsoocemfally 
contested North Warwickshire in 1884. Has sat for the Tiadeston dir. 
since 1885. A Liberal Unionist.— 26, Hana-plaee, S.fV.t Brook*' s 
Club; Thomliebtmk HoHse^ (rla»s^ow. 

Corbefct, Thomas Lorimer. (Dowriy co., North) 

S. of the late Thomas Corbett of South Park, Cove, Dumbartonshire, 
and ^arah, d. of A. Cameron, esq., of Edinburgh. B. in Glasgow 1854 ; 
educated -privately; m. to d. of John Connell, of Buahey Down, Tooting 
Common. Was a member of London County Council ; Whip of Moderate 
party for many years ; deputy chairman 1899. A Conservative.— CaWfow 
and Constitutional Cluhit. 

Cox, Irwin Edward Bainbridge. (Middlesex, Harrow 

Eldest s.of Ihe late Mr. Serjt. E. W. Cos, of Moat Mount, Mill Hill. 
sometime M.P. for Taunfon, Dep. Assistant Judge, Middlesex Sessions, 
ftc, and Sophiii. d. of the late W. H. Harris, M.n. B. 1836. at Taunton ; 
educated at Magdalene Coll., Camb.; called to the Bar, Mid. Temple. 
1864; senior proprietor of the F»e/d, Qu«oa, Law Timet, and 
other papers ; m. lS(l(i, Katharine, d. of the late Rev. B. Nicol.*, 
vicar of Mill Hill (she d. 1898). Is D.L. Middlesex (High Sheriff 1898- 
99), and chairman Petty Sessional div. of Gore, Middlesex ; member of 
the County Council ; alderman 1901. A Conservative ; a strong sap- 
porter of Mr. Dalfonr'a Government.— ilfoai Moimlt lUili Hill^ ilidcBf 
gex ; Carlton and New Oxford and Cambridge Chtbs. 

Cox, Skewes-. See Skewes-Cox. 

*Crai?, Charles Cartis. {Antrim^ South) 

S. of the late James Craig, J.P.. of Belfast. B. in Beltkst ISiO. 
Educated at Clifton College. M. 1897, Lillian, d. of the late J. Wimble, 
uf Ditton Hill, Surrey. Is a solicitor, but has retired from praetire. 
Elected for S. Antrim, Febnuiry 11^03. A dmservatlve.— Car/fon Clnh ; 
Ardmillant Fortveilliam Part, Belfast. 

C raig, Robert Hunter. ( LanarJcshire , Govan di v. ) 

Youngest s. of James Craig and Ma'garet Brown, of Gorranbank, 
Partick. B. in Partick 1839 ; edacated at Partick and Glasgow Academy 
m. Ist, 1864, Jessie, d. of R. Simpson, of Glasgow (d. 1880) ; 2ncl, l(t^ 
Sarah Elisabeth, d. of Wm. Foster, of Goodmanham. Yorks. Is fonndei 
and chalnnan of R. Hunter Craig & Co , Ltd., produce importers, *m 


takes • great interest in religions, tempemnce, und phllantliropic work 
in Glasgow and snrronndings ; is a director of the Scottish Temperance 
Assnrmnce Oo.< Ltd.. and of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce ; is a 
J.P. Cor Ayrsh. andLanarksh. A Liberal. ~l?</brm Club; fVeat Park 
Sktlmorlie, jiprshire. 

Grean, Eagene. (Corkj S.E. div,) 

Is a member of Cork Town Council, was Mayor of Cork, 1809. He 
is see. to one of the Irish Labour Organisations and was at one time 
president of the Cork Trades Council. Sat for the Ossory div. of Qneen's 
CO. 1893.1900. A Nationalist.— 3, Douglat-ttrtet, Cork. 

Cromer, William Randal. (Shoreditchf Hagger- 
stone dir.) 

S. of G. M. Cremer, of Fareham. Hampshire, a herald painter. 
B. 1888 ; educated at the National School ; m. 1st, Charlotte, eldest d. of 
Mr. James Wilson, of Spalding; 2nd, Lacy, d. of Mr. J.Coombes, of 
Oxford, bat left a widower for the second time in 1884. Is editor and 
pablistaer of the Arbitrator^ and secretary to the International Arhi- 
tration League; founder of the Amalgamated Society of Csrpenters 
and Joiners. Mas three times Tiiited the United States with memorials 
in favour of a Treaty of Arbitration. In 1890 the President of the French 
Repnblie 'conferred npnn him the Cross of the Legion of Honour. 
Founded the Inter-Parliamentary Union. Gained the Nobel Peace 
Prise ISOS. Unsneces^ftilly contested Warwick 1808 and 1874 : sat for 
Haggeraton div. 1H85 03. A Liberal.— 11, LineolnU Inn-fields, W.C. 

^Cripps, Charles Alfred. (Lancashiret S.E., Stratford 

8. of the late H. W. Cripps, Q.C., and Julia, d. of Chas. Lawrence. B. 
186S ; m. Theresa, d. of B. Potter, of Rusland Hall, Lanes, (she d. 189S}. 
Edacated at Winchester and New College, Oxford, where he obtained 
four Pint Classes. Gained the Senior Studentship of the Inns of Court 
1876. Called to the Bar at the Middle Temple 1877 ; Q.C. 189U. Was 
Attorney-General to the Prinee of Wales 1895-1901, and again 1902. 
Appointed Attorney-General to Dochy of Cornwall 1901 . Vicar-General 
of York 1900. Vicar-Geaeral of Canterbury 1902. Is a J.P. for Bucks, 
and Tiee-Chaiman Qnart«r Sessions, and author of ** Law of Compensa ■ 
tion," '* The Laws of Church and Clergy," &c. Sat for the Stioud div . 
of Gtoncestershire 1896-1900. Elected for Strefbrd Air, 1901. A Con- 
scrrative.—1 6, Queen's Qate»getrdtH»,8.fV.: CarUen,]Hartboronffh, 
Oxford and Cambridge C/ubai Parmow, Hentey-on-Thamea. 
P *J 


Crombie, John William. {Kincardineshire) 

S. of the late John Crmnbie, of Balgownie Lodice, Aberdeen, uid Jane, 
d. of Ji>hii Sang, solicitor, of Edinburgh. B. 1^8 ; edncated at the 
Cjrmnasium. Old Aberdeen, Aberdeen Univemity (M.A.)* and in France 
.ind Germany; m. Minna, eldeot d. of Enguene Wason, M.P. for 
Clackmannan. Is a director of J. and J. Crombie (Limited), of Aberdeen, 
a D.L. Aberdeenshire, and was an anpaid private secretary to the Rt. 
Hon. James Bryce, Sec. Board of Trade. Is also author of ** Some Poets 
of the People in Foreign Lands,* &c. An Advanced Liberal.— 91, 
Onalow-aquare, S.fV.; Rrfomt Club ; Balgownie Lodgt, near 

*Crooks, William, {Woolwich) 

S. of George and Caroline Crooks. B. at Poplar \9Sti. Educated at 
Poplar Poor Law Schools. M. 1871, 1st, d. of Thomas South, of Hull : 
2nd, 1893. d. of John Lake, of Gloucester. Started work when only 
nine years of age, and in 1866 was apprenticed tu a cooper. Is i 
member of the London County Council, Metropolitan Asylums Board, 
and Chairman of Poplar Board of Guardians. Was Mayor of Poplar 
1901. Elected for Woolwich, March 1U03. Labour Member.- 81, 
Gough-ttreet, Poplar, E. 

Cross, Alexander. (Glasgow^ Camlachie div.) 

8. of Mr. William Croes, seed merchant , of Glasgow, and Marian, d. of 
Malcolm M*Laren,esq.,of Monteith Row, Glasgow. B. 184B; e<tacated 
•t Glasgow University; m. 1876, a d. of Sir Peter Coats. Is r member 
of the old-established iirm of Alex. Cross and Sons, seed merchants sad 
cberoiCAl manufacturers, and a director of several commercial companies; 
also director of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce. Was chairman of 
the Glasgow Liberal Association before he became a Liberal Unionirf. 
A Liberal Unionist holding advanced views on social questions.— 
Reform Club, S.fV.; Woodland-Urraee, Glasgow; Marchba»t- 
wood, Vutnfriesithire. 

Cross, H. Shepherd-. See Shepherd-Cross. 
Crosslej-, Bt. Hon. Sir Savile Br intoii, Bart. {Halifax) 

S. of the late Sir Francis Crossley, bart., M.P. for Halifax, and 
Martha Blisa, d. of Henry Brinton, esq. B. 1857; educated at Eton 
and Balliol College, Oxford ; m. Phyllis, d. of Sir Henry de Bathe, bart. 
I« Paymaster-General, appointed 1902. P.C. 1902, and one of the Con- 
servative " Whips. •» Holds oommbsion as Hon. Lieut. Col. in Norfolk 
MUitia Artillery; has served in Imperial Yeomanry in S. Aftiea, 1J«- 
1902 ; was mentioned in despatches. Was high sheriff of Suffolk in 1^'. 


and is m magistrate for that conntj aod for Norfolk. Uaa taken a great 
interest in hospital work, being one of the hon. secretaries of King 
Edward's Hospital Fnnd and Chairman of Hospital Saturday Fond. 
Sat for Lowestoft d^. of Sufblk 1885-9:i. A Liberal Unionut.-lS, 
Carlton HouM-ttrraet, S,fV. ; Brooks* and Marlborough Ctubs ; 
SemerUytoH Hatt, Lowtatufl. 

Cubitt, Hon. Henry, (Surrey, South-East, or Reigate 

Onlj 8. of Lord Ashcombe (formerly Rt. Hon. George Cabitt, M.P.)> 
by Laura, d. of the Rev. James Joyce. B. 1867; educated at Ktun, and 
Trill. 0(*ll.,Camb.(M.A. 189iljs m. 189U,Maud Mariamne, younger d. of the 
iHte Uol. Calvert, of Ockley Court, Dorking. Is a J.P. and D.L. fur Surrey, 
and Lt.-Col. commanding Surrey Imperial Yeomanty. A Cunserrative 
and Unioniitt, strongly approving the policy ofMr. Bslfour, domestic as 
well as Imperial.— SO, Prtno^a Gate, 8.W.; CarUon Club; Birtley, 
BramUnt Guildford. 

Cullinan, John. {Typperobryf South) 

8. of the late Chas. Culilnan, Baasha, by Catherine, d. of the laie &. W. 
Walsh, Tonrin, CO. Waterford. B.lSSBinBanaha; educated at Thnrlesl^y 
Coilego. U a jonrualiit. Has been a prominent member of the Nation> | 
Movenu^nt and was several limes ImpriMinedj chairman of Pour 
Law Board, and memberol Cuoniy and District Councils. A Nationalist. 
—Bantha, co. Tipptrary. 

Gust, Henry John Cockayne. {Southwark, Ber- 

Eldest s. of the late Major H. F.Cockayne Cust. M.P. lor Grantham 
1874-SU, of Cocluyne Hatlcy» Sandy, Bedfordbhire, and Sarah Jane, d. 
of the late Isaac Cookson, of Meldon Park, North nmberiand, and widow 
••f Migor Sidney Sireatfield. B. I8dl; educated at Eton and Trinity 
College, Cambiidge I m. 1893, Emmeline Mary Elisabeth, only d. uf Sir 
William Welby-Gregory, bart. Is a magistrate for Beds, Lord of the 
Manor of Cockayne Hatley, and a J.P. and D.L. for Lincolnshire. Is a 
cousin of Earl Browulow and heir-presumptive to (he peerage. Was 
editor of the PaU Mall GazttU 1898-96. Sat for SUmford div. of 
Uaoolnshhv 1890-96. A Conservative.— 5/. Jamta's Lodgt, Chapol- 
place, Delakayaltael^ S fV.; CarUon, TravtlUra*, and 8i.Jam»9*s 
Cluba i BtUham House, Grantham. 

Dalkeith, John Charles Scott, Earl of. iRoxburg/uihire) 

Eldest s. oVthe Duke of Bnccleach,by Loaiita Jane, the Itit Dul 
u( Abervurn. B. 1864 \ educated at Christ Chnrcb, Oxford ; ra. Marga 


Alice, d.uf Earl of Bradford. Entered tbe R.N. 1877 ; retired ai lieut. 
1886. U a D.L. and J.P. MidloUiian, DttmfHcHhire, Roxnrgbahire. 
and Selfciriuhire. A Conaerrative and Vnloalat.—Mvnlagu-kous*, 
rVhitehaUt Carlttm Club, S.¥V. ; BildonJkaU, St. SosweiPa. 

Dalrymple, Sir Charles, Bart. (Ipswich) 

Second s. of the late Sir Charles Dairy mple FerguB»on, hart., of 
Kiikerran, Ayivh., by Helen, d.of the late Right Hon. Darid Boyle. 
Lord Jostice-Oeneral. B. at Kiikerran, 1890: m. 1874, Alice Mary, 
d. of the late Sir Edward Hnnter Blair, bart., of Blairqnban (she d, 
1884). Educated at Harrow, and at Trinity Coll. Camb. Asnimed the 
name of Dalrymple on aucoeeding to the estates of his great'grandfather, 
Sir Da vid Dalrymple, bart. (Lord Hailes) . Called to the Bar *i LlaoolB'i 
Inn 1865, and is a J.P. for Midlothian, D.L. for Haddington^ire, and 
Hon. MaJ. 8rd batt. Rl. Scotch Fusiliers. Was a Lord of the TTeainry 
from June 188A to Jan. 1886; cr. baronet 1887; bei'ame Chairman 
Select Com. Pub. Petitions 1893, and has served on Rl. Conuns. on 
Cathedral Estabs., Reformatories, Vaccination, and Universities (Scot.). 
A Conservative. Sat for Bntesh. fron 1868 to 1885, with the ezeepOnD 
of three months in 1880. In Dea. 188ft he ansoccessfnlly oontated 
Edinburghshire against Mr. Gladstone, bat in tlie following April he 
was elec(ed for Ipswich.— 20, Onslow-ffardetu, S.tV.i jitheHtrnm 
^ Club; Newhailet^ Musselburgh, N.B. 

Dalziel, James Henry. {Kirkcaldy Burgb) 

S. of James Dalsiel, esq. B. at Borgue, Kirkcudbrightshire, 1868 , 
educated at Borgue Academy, Shrewsbury High School, and King'* 
College, London. Is a Journalist and newspaper proprietor, and has 
been connected with several Scottish and Loudon papers. First elecird 
for this oonstitnency on the death of Sir Gcurge Campbell, in Marck, 
1808. A Liberal, holding advanced views on all political and social 
questions.— ITo/e/C^M^/, SirandtfV.C.tB^pvrmaudNationtUUhtral 

Davenport, W. Bromley-. See Bromley-Davenport 
Davies, Alfred. {Carmarthen diet.) 

8. of Uev. John Davies, a native of Curmarthensliire, Congregational 
minister, Albany Street, London, N.W.. and Walthamstow, and Nnrj 
Kidman Foster, of Houston Mills, Cambridgeshire. B. 1818; edncatrd 
at Mill Hill School and Rickmansworth ; m. 1877, Lydia Edith, d. o. 
WiUiam Deatli, of Burnt Mill, Essex. Is an international carrier and 
underwriter. Was on the first. London County Council. A Radical, 
Mith u bound Labour platform. — TAc iMthiana, rU^uhn's-aveHUt, 

-ntipsUad , ares'hum and S'ational Liberal Clubs, 


Davies, Sir Horatio David, K.G.M.a {Chatkam) 

8. Of Mr. H. D. D«Tie«« City of Lmdon. B. in London, 1842 ; educated 
at Dalwich College : m. 1867 , Linie, d. of Mr. Charlei John Gordon, of 
the City of London. A lient-col. (Y.O.) 8id Middlesex ArtUlery 
Volanteers (retired); Lient. City of London, Sheriff London and 
Middlesex, 1888, Alderman 1889; Lord Mayor of London 1897-98} 
a D.L.and J. P. for Krnt. UnracceMfttlly eontrsted Roclieater 1880; 
returned for same borough 18US, but unseated on petition. A Cunseiva - 
live.— 23, Gi. St. H9t»n's, Blshap8gat0,B.C.; CaWtoii, /muar Carlton, 
and City Carlton Clubs. 

DavieSy Vaughan-. See Vaughan-Davies. 

DelaDj, William. (Queeti's County, Ossory div.) 

S. of Denis Delany, farmer and grazier, and Margaret Kinsella, liis 
wife; educated privately and is unmarried. Is a farmer and graiier ; 
member of County Councils of King's County, and Rura District 
Council, Mountmellicli. A Nationalist, in favour of Home Rule, Com- 
pnlsory Purchase of Land, Catholic University Education, Financial 
Reform ; is pledged to sit, vote, and act with Irish party.— rMZ/anior^, 

Denny, John McAuslaud. {Kilmarnoek Burght) 

S. of f belate Peter Denny, LL.D., shipbuilder, of Melenslee, DnaBbnrton, 
and his wife, Helen Leslie. B. at Dumbarton , 1858 ; educated at the Burgh 
Academy and LaoMnne, Switserland ; m. 1886, Janet Connal, d. of 
John Tullocfa, esq., engineer, Dumbarton, la a shipbuilder, chairman 
of the Clasfow and Renfrew Dbt. Railway, a director of the Lanariuhire 
and Dunbartonshire Railway Co^ India Oen. Navigation and Railway 
Co., Union S.8. Co. of New Zealand, and Coast Derelopoient Co., Hon. 
eol. of 1st Dumbarton RiHe Volunteers, a J.P. for co. Dnmbarton, &c. 
A ConserratiTe.— C(ir<toH, Oriental and Constitutional Clubs, London; 
Imperial Union and Consorvativo Ciub, Glasgow; Garmoyle, 

♦Devlin, Charles R. (QaUvay City) 

S. of Charles Devlin, of oo. Roscommon, and Helen Runey, of 
Aylmer, Quebec. B. at Aylmer, 1858 ; rdncated at Montreal College 
snd Laval University, Quebec; m. U03, Blanche, d. of Major de 
Montigny. Was for several years connected with the Press, and a 
member of Canadian House of Commons 1891-97. Commissioner in 
Ireland for Canadian Government 1897-1903. Elected for Galway. March 
1903. A Nationalist; believes that the treatment extended. to Canada 
khuuld be given to Ireland.— 14, RalMown Terrace, Irelan' 
^ylmwt Qttebec, CanaOa. 


^Devlin, Joseph. (Kilkenny, North) 

S. of Charles ud Eliubeth DevliD. B. 1872, at Belfut: educated at 
the Christian Brothers* Schools, Belfast Is engaged in the wine and 
spirit trade, and is President of fisecutivit Conncil of the United Irish 
League in Belfast. Was returned unopposed for N. Kilkenny whilst 
engaged in political work in America, March, 1902. A Nationalist.— 
Irith aub, W.C. 

Dewar, John Alexander. (Invemess-shire) 

S. of John Dewar, of Perth. B. at Perth 1866 ; educated at Perth 
Academy ; m. 1884, d. of William Tod, of Gospetry, Kin roes-shire i 
d. 1809. Head of the firm of John Dewar & Sons, Limited, distillers, of 
Perth. Was Lord Provost of Perth six years, 1893-99. A Liberal.— 
B^orm Club ; Murrayahall, Scontf Perththire. 

Dewar, Sir Thomas Robert. (Tower Hamlets, St. 
George's-in-the-East div.) 

S. of John Dewar, founder of the firm of John Dewar it Sons, aad 
Janet his wife. B. in Perth 1861 ; educated at Perth and Edinburgh ; 
unmarried. Is a distiller. J. P. for Kent ; Lieut, of City of London ; was 
on the L.C.C. for West Marylebone 1892-5 ; sheriff of City of London 
1897-8. Is the author of •^ A Ramble Round the Globe," ** Experiences 
of Prohibition," &c. Knighted 1902. A Conservative, in favour of better 
housing of the working classes, and strongly against the unrestricted 
immigration of pauper aliens.— ^B6a, S<. Joined Street, S.W. ; CarUm, 
Junior Carlton and Sports Clubs ; The Grove, Pluekley, Kent ; Leonard 
Bank, Perth. 

Dickinson, Robert Edmund. (Somerset, Wells 

S. of Edmund lleorj Diukinson, e>q., J.P , and the HoDble. Emily 
DalcibellN, d. of the 3rd Lord Auckland, Bishop of Bath and Wells. 
B. 1862. Edncated at Eton College and Trln. Coll., Cambridge. 
Is a Director of SI uukey's Somtnrsetsbire Bank and National Profident 
Institution ; J.P. lorco.ol Someraet ; Capt. Nurtli Somerset Teomaury 
and Mayor of Bath 1899. First elected for Wells div. 1899 A 
Conservative.— rAe Albany, PiceadiHy^ W.; Carttony Constrtra- 
tive, and St. Stephen's Cluba ; Combe Cottage, Lvtteombe, Bath 

Dickson, Rt. Hon. Charles Scott. {OlasgoiCy 
Bridgeton div.) 

S. of John Robert Dickson, M.D., Glasgow, and Mary Scott, both 
'teased. B. in Glasgow ISaO ; educated at Uie High bcbooi, Gtesgow, 


and the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh ; m. 1883, Hester Bagot, 
d. of the late W. Banks, of Edinburgh. Advocate 1877 ; advocate depute 
1892 and 1805 ; Queen's Counsel 1896 ; BoUcitoi-general for Scotland 
1896-1903; appointed Lord Advocate, Oct. 1903; P.C. 1903- Is a 
magistrate and D.L. for Edinburgh; LL.D. Glasgow. UnsaccessfuUy 
contested the Kilmarnock Burghs in 1892, and the Bridgeton div. of 
Glasgow in I8&5,'and at a by-election in Feb. 1897. Conservative. —22, 
I Moray-fHaeet Edinburgh ; Carlton and Conatitutional Cluba. 

Dickson- Poynder, Sir John Poynder, Bart. {Wili- 
shire, Chippenham div.) 

S. of the late Rear>Admiral BourmaHter Dickson, C.B., and Sarah 
Matilda, Srd d. of the late Thomas Poynder, esq., of Hariham. B. 186A ; 
fdacated at Harrow, and Christ Chnrch, Oxford ; di. 1896, Aone 
Beauclerk, d. of Mr. and Hon. Mrs. Henry Dnndas. Late lieut. Srd batt. 
Royal Scots (M.). Assnmed the additional name of Poynder 1881, and 
resamed that of Poynder only 1887. Is a member L.C.C., and Major Kl. 
Wilts Yeomanry Cavalry. Was High Sheriff of Wilts 1800. A Con. 
5ervative.- 8, ChesUrfield-gardens, Mayfair, ff^.; Marlborough and 
Carlton Clubs; Hartham Park, Corsham, fViUa. 

Digby, J. K. D. Wingfield-. See Wingfield. 

Oilke, Right Hon. Sir Charles Wentworth, Bart. 
{Gloueestershiret Forest of Dean div.) 

Bid. 8. of the late Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke, Ist bart. (a Royal 
Commiasiiiner of the Exhibitions of 1861 and ISA:?, and M.P. for 
Walliagfurd from 1865 to 1868), by Mary, d. of the late Capt.W.Chatfield, 
Madras Cavalry. B. in Sloane-street, 1843 ; m. 1872, Katherine Mary 
Eliza, only d. nf the late Arthur Gore Sbeil, esq. (bhe died 1874) ; 
Sndly, 1885, Emilia Francis Strong, d. of Major Strong, H.E.LC.F., 
aad widow of the late Mark Pattison, Hector of Lincoln Coll., Oxford. 
Educated at Trinity Hall, Cambridge; LL.B., first in law tripos 1865 ; 
LL.M. 1869. Was called to the bar at the Middle Temple 1866. Was 
l'nder>Sec. of State for Foreign A flairs from April 188U to Dec. 1882. 
Became President of the Local Government Board, and a P.C. 1882, and 
teld oflice to 1885. Is aatbor of *' Greater Britain," " The Pall of Prince 
Fbtestan of Monaco." '*The Papers of a Critic" (essays by his grand- 
father, the fonnder of the Mh0naetun)t *'The Present Position of 
European Politics,*' "The British Army," "Problems of Greater 
Britain," and joint author of a work on <' Imperial Defence ; " is 
proprietor of the AthtnoBum (Journal), Notes and Queries, &c. " Au 
Aaunced Kadical." Sat for Chrbea (ruin Dec. 1868 to June 18be 


Has sat fur Forut of Dean Rince July 1892—76, Stoane-tl.^ S.kV. ; 
Reform Club ; PyrforA Houghs fVokiug ; DoeteU Bddyt Shn>P9ri9H, 

Dillon, John. (Mayo, East) 

8. of the late John Blake Dillon, eaq., of Dublin, barriiter-at-law, 
M.P. for Tipperary, by Adelaide, d. of William Francis Hart, eaq., of 
Dublin. B. at Dnblin 1851 ; edocated attbe Catholic UniTersity, Dublin ; 
m. 1806, a d. of Sir J. Mathew, Judge of theHi^h Court of Juattcc. 
Is a licentiate of the Irish College of Surgeons. In 1880 was rvturned 
for Tipperary as a Nationalist, but ilUhealth obliged him to resign his 
seat in March, 1888. Leader of the Nationalist party in succession to 
Mr. Justin McCarthy, 1896-1000. Has sat for Mayo, East, since 1883. 
A National ist.-2, North Great George' s-street^ Dublin. 

Dimsdale, Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Cockfield, Bart. 
K.C.V.O. (City of London) 

S. of Joseph Cockfield Dimsdale and Catharine, d. of the late T. Stephen- 
son. B. at 49, Cornhill, 1849 ; educated at Eton College ; m. 1873, Beatrice 
Eliza Bower Holdsworth, d. of R. H. Holdsworth, 57, Gloucester 
Gardens. Is Chamberlain of City of London, appointed 1902. Repre- 
sented City of London on L.C.C. 1893-1900; aMerman of Cornhill 
1891-1902; sheriff 1893-4; Lord Mayor of London 1901-2; knixhted at 
Windsor 1894; or. Bart., P.C, and K.C.V.O. 1908; Kt. Com. Star of 
Ethiopia and Rising Sun of Japan ; Master of Grocers' Company 1885 6 ; 
past grand treasurer of Freemasons ; treasurer of and connected with 
many charitable and philanthropic institutions. A ConserratiTe.— 3, 
Laneaster-atreett W.; Cnrtton, Albeiitarle, and City CarltoH Clubs; 
Qoldtmitha, Langdon Hills, Essex. 

Disraeli, Coningsby Ralph. (Cheshire, Altrincbam 

Only s. of the late Ralph Disraeli, esq., 15 years Deputy-Clerk of 
Parliaments, by Katherine, d. of the late Charles TcttTor,eBq. Is nephew 
to the late Earl of Beaconsfield, whose property in Buckinghamshire 
he inherited. B. 1867; educated at the Chatterhonse, and at New 
College, Oxford ; m. 1897, Marion, d. of Edward Stlva, esq., of Test- 
combe, Hants. Is a J.P., D.L., and Alderman of CO. for Backingham- 
shire. Lieut. Ruy»l Bucks Hu^ssara. lias sat fur the Altrincham div. 
since WJ2. A Conservative.— (7ar«o« and H^hite's Clubs ; Uuff/ien- 
\h Manor, High fVyeombe. 


Dixon-Uartlandy Sir Frederick Dizon, Bart. {Middleitejc, 
Uxbridge div.) 

Eldest 8. of the late Nathsiiiiel HartUnd. esq., of the Oakland*, 
Gloacestenhire, by Blin, d. aod co-heir of Thomas Dixon, eaq.> of 
King's Lynn. B. at Evesham, 1832 ; m. Ist, Grace Amy, youngest d. of 
the late Col. Wilson, K.H.; Snd, 1895, Agnes Chichester, d. of W. L 
Christie, esq., of Glyndebonrne, Sussex, late M.P. ibr Lewes. Was 
educated at Cheltenham Coll., and is a F.SJL.,P.K.G.8.,&c. Created 
Bart. 1899. A J.P. for Middlesex, London, Gloucestershire and 
Worcestershire, a Lieut. City of London, County Alderman fur 
Middlesex, a Governor of Christ's Hospital, and chairman of the 
Thames Conservancy Board. Is author of " Genealogical History of 
the Royal Houses of Europe,* and other works. "A Tory." Stood 
for Evesham July 1880, when he was in a minority of 2, but on 
petition obtained the seat, Dec. 1880. Has sat for the Uxbridge div 
of Middlesex since 1885.— 14, Chesham-plaee, &9V.: CarUoti and 
Garrick Clubs; Jghley Manor, tiear Chsltenham. 

Donelan, Anthony John Charles. (Corkf East div.) 

Only s. of the late Col. Anthony Donelan,48th Kegt., by Sarah d. o 
Jubn Johnson, esq., of Holbeacb, Lincolnshire. B. 1846; educated 
privately, and at Sandhurst. A Protestant Home Kuler, one of the 
"Whips" of the Irish National party.— if oum qf Commons ^ SJ'V 
Ballffnoneh MidUion, eo. Cork. 

Doogan, Patrick Charles. (Tyrone^ East) 

S. of Patrick Doogan, of Rossavelly, oo. Permanagh, by Catherine 
Maguire, d. of Thomas Macguire, of Gortahurk, co. Permanagh. Is 
a farmer. A Nationalist.— /'o^nt House, LisbsUaw, eo. Fermanagh. 

Dorington, Bight Hon. Sir John Edward, Bart. 
{Gloucestershire, North of Tewkesbury div.) 

Eldest s. of the late J. E. Dorington, of Lypiatt Park, Stroud, and 
Qaeea Anne's Gate, S. W., by Susan, d. of J. Godman, esq., of Park Hatch, 
Surrey. B. 1882i educated at Eton, and Trinity Coll., Cambridge ; 
m. 1859, a d. of William Speke, esq., of Jordans, Ilminster. Is a Com- 
missioner in Lunacy (unpaid), a J.P. and D.L. for Gloucestershire, 
chairman Gloucestershire C.C, and was chairman of quarter sessions 
1878 to 1889. Is also M^jor (retired) of the Gloucestershire Yeomanry ; 
and a governor of the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester. Was 
Chairman of Committee on Ordnance Survey 1892-3; served on 
Kuyal CommlBsion on London Water 1807.t». He was vreated baronet 
iu Feb. 188(i, P.O. I'JUS. Was returned for Stroud in 1874, but unseated 



on pedtiun : waa an nntnccessfiil candidate for the lepresentation 
of the same borough in 1880, and alao wuncceMfol as a candidHte for the 
Girenoeater dir. of the county in 1885. FInt elected for the Tewke»bvry 
diT. 1886. A Conservatire.— 80. Quten Jwul's Gate, S.PT.; JOu- 
nmum and Carlton Cluht; Lypiatt Park, Sintud, Glevcesttr- 

Doughty, George. {Great Grinuby) 

A s. of Mr. William Doughtj, of Grimsby. B. 1854; edacated at the 
Wesleyan Higher Grade School, Grimsby. Is a merchant and ship- 
owner, a J. P. for Lincoln shire, and an aldenqan of the botongh, ul 
which h<s has been twice Mayor. Was elected in 1895 as a Home 
Rnler, bnt, having changed his ▼iews, resigned his seat in I8II8, and 
was re-elected as a Liberal L'nionist.— A^orm Club, S. tV. : fVaUham 
Hall, Lineoltishire* 

Douglas. See Akers-Douglas. 

Douglas, Charles Mackinnon. {Lanark, N.-Weet 

8. of Dr. HalUday Douglas, a retired physician of BdinborRh. B. 
1866 ; m. Anne d. of Robert Tod, esq. Is M.A., D.Sc., and anthor of 
<• John Stnart Mill, a Study of his Philosophy," *• The Ethics of 
J. 8. Mill."&c. A Liberal, in favoar of Home Rule, Land Refom, 
Local Control of the Liquor Traffic and an eight-hour day for miners. 
—89, Groavetior-roady S.W.; Auchloetum, Lesmahogote, LanarkMhirt. 

Doxford, Sir William Theodore. {Sunderland) 

A son of Mr. William Doxford, shipbuilder, and Hannah Pile, his mfe. 
B. Feb. 1, 1841, at Sunderland ; educated at Bramham College, York- 
shire ; m. 1863, Margaret, d. of Richard Wilkinson. Is a shipbuilder 
and engineer, of the firm of Doxford and Sons, Limited, of Sunderland ; 
a J.P for the Borough of Sunderland, J.P. and D.L. for co. Durham, and 
a River Wear Commissioner. Knighted Jan. 1900. Represented 
Sunderland since 1895. A Conservative.— Or*n<fon Hall, SuHderland . 
Cktrlton, Constitutional, and City of London Cluba. 

Duffy, William. {Qalwa/if, South) 

S. of Lawrence and Mary Duffy {nit Higgins). 6. at Looghrea, April. 
1865: educated at St. Brendan's College, Loughrea. Is a mercbant. 
Hon. sec. of the Land League, National League, National Federatiuo. 
United Irish League, and co. CalMay Gacliu Athletic Asaociatioa. A 

itionulibt.— XoM^Arca. 


Duke, Henry Edward. (Plymouth) 

S. of the late William Edward Duke, quarry proprietor, Merivale, 
Devon, and Elizabeth his wife. B. nr. Plymouth 1856. Called to the 
Bar at Gray's Inn 1885 ; joined the Western Circuit} was appointed 
Q.C. and elected a Bencher of his Inn 1899 ; was recorder of Plymouth 
and Devonport. A Conservative. — 37, Alleyn-park, West DuUcich, 8.E. ; 
Carlton and St. Stephen's Club. 

Danoan, James Hastings. (Torkshirey TF. Siding, 
Ofcley div.) 

S. of James and Elizabetli Duncan. B. at Otiey 1855; educated 
privately t m. 1879, Janette, d. of Thomas Hunter, Newall Close, Otley. 
Is a worsted spinner and manufacturer. Late chairman of the School 
Board | councillor and alderman of the West Riding C.C. ; representative 
on the West Riding Rivers' Board and the East and West Riding 
Agricultural Council. A Liberal.— 0#7ey, Yorkshire. 

Dunn, Sir William, Bart. {Paisley) 

S. of John Dann. of Paisley, and Isabella Chalmers. B. 1883 ; ra. 1861 , 
Sarah Blisabeth, d. of James Howse, of Orahanstown, Sooth Africa. 
Is senior partner in the firms of William Dunn & Co., Bankers and 
Merchanbi, Broad-street Avenne, London, Mackie, Dann & Co., 
Port Elisabeth, W. Dann & Co., Durban, and Dunn & Co., East London ; 
IS also a J.P. for Renfrewshire, and for West Sairolk,anda directorof the 
Royal Exchange Assurance Corporatioo, and the Union Discount Co. 
He was elected for Paisley in 1891, and was cr. bart. 1895. A Liberal, 
in favour of free education, '* one man one vote," religions equality, and 
consequent union of tbe Presbyterian churches in Scotland, local option, 
&e.—PltilUmore-gar<leru, Kensingtotit W.; Rtform and Vity 
Liberal Clubn ; Th9 Retreat, Lakenheath^ Stiffblk. 

Duming- Lawrence, Sir Edwin, Ba^t. ( Cornwall^ Truro 

Youngest s. of the late William Lawrence, Alderman of London, and 
brother of the late Sirs W. and James Clarke Lawrence, former Lord 
Mayors of London. B. in London 1837 1 educated at London Unirersity 
School and College, where he graduated in honours LL.B. % m. 1874, 
Edith Jane, younger d. and co-heiress of Jno. Benjn. Smith, M.P., 
Stockport. CaUed to the Bar at the Middle Temple 1867, but does not 
now practise. Is a Commissioner of Lieutenancy for London, a J.P. 
£v Berkshire^ and author of pamphlets on the Progress of the Present 
Ceatury, &e. Unsuccessfhlly contested Baat Berks, 1885, Haggerston, 
IM, and Burnley, 1892. Cr. Bart. Jan. 1, 1898, and assumed by Royal 
Uoeaee the additional name of Durniog in same year. Has represented 
Tniro since 1S95. A Liberal Unionist, and snppnrter of Mr. Ch^imbfr- 



Grattan. B. at Pan 18fi2 ; m. 1891, to Alice Barbara, d. of Patridc Dono- 
van, Esq. Was Lleot. fith Brigade of the 8. Irish diTision R.A. (Militia) 
I880-6A; and was sherifi* of Waterford 1887. Sat for the Sooth div.or 
Dublin oonnty 1885 to 1802, and for Kerry, West, 18aS-1900. Is a 
Commiaaioner of Appeal nnder the Local Gkivt. (Ireland). A Nationalist, 
andsenior **Whip"of bis \mx\y.— National Liberal Club: Balfyna- 
straght Gorey, eo. ^Veatford. 

Evans-Gordon, William Eden. {Tower Hdrnilets^ 
Stepney div.) 

S. of General Charles Spalding Evans-Gordon, and Catherine Rose, d. 
nf Dr. Ruse, Inverness. B. at Chatham 1857 ; educated at Cheltenham 
College and abroad ; m. 1892, Julia Charlotte Sophia, d. of Stewart 
iMackenzie, of Seaforth. Entered the Army in 1876; Poreign Dept. 
Government of India ; retired as major 18U6. Is identified with the 
movement for restriction of Alien Immigration, and author of "The 
Alien Immigrant." In favour of Better and Cheaper Hoasing of the 
Working Classes, Reform of the Poor Laws, Old Age Pensions, Army 
Reform. A Conservative.— 24. Cado^<»t-s9., 5. fFl; 88, 5/«pn«y-^rMn, 
E. ; Naval and Military^ Boodle's, and Orleans Clubs. 

♦Evans, Sir Francis Henry, Bart., K.C.M.G. 

S. of Wm. Evans, formerly of Manchester, and Mary, d. of M. 
Nicholson. B. 1840. Educated at Manchester, Nenwied in Genaany, 
and Manchester New College, London; m. 1872, Marie de OraaBe,d.ot 
the late Hon. 8. Stevens, Attorney-Gen. of New York. Was a pupil 
of Sir James Brunlees, the eminent civil eURtueer, and fmn 1870 to 
1884 was in business as a banker. Is a partner in the Ann of DunaM 
Carrie & Co., managers of the Union Castle Steamship Co.; a director of 
the Thames and Mersey Marine Insurance Co. and the Intemntioaal 
Sleeping Car Co.; and a Commissioner of Lieutenancy fbr London. Created 
K.C.M.6. 189S; Bart. 1902. Sat for Southampton 1888-9R; re-eleetrd 
1896-1900 ; defeated at the General Election 1900, and elected for Maidstone 
March 1901. A Liberal -40, Grosvenor-plaee, 8.fV.; Rtform, City 
Liberal, and National Liberal Clubs; Tubbendens, Orpington. 

Rvans, Samuel Thomas. {Glamorganshire , Mid. div.) 

S.urthehiteJohnandofMargaretEvans, of 8kewen,near Neath. 
' Skewen, 1859; educated at the Collegiate School, Swansea, and Univer- 
sity CoUege, Aberystwyth, and the Unirenity of London; m.l8S7, Mias 
Rachel Thomas, of Skewen (she d. 1889). Was admitted a aulacitor 
1888; called to the Bar, Middle Temple, 1891: K.C. 1901 : and is a 


J.P.fbrOlainarguishire. A Liberal and HomeRaler. Has sat for this div. 
lines Ftob. 1900.— 12, King's Bench Walk, TempUi i,fVMt«halUottrt, 
S.W.: Ifational Liberal ana Reform Qubs, 8.W., Bath Club, W, ; 
Xeath, Glamorganthire. 

*Faber, Edmund Beckett. {Hampshire^ Andover 

Bldeit a. of Chas. W. Faber, J.P. or Nortbaw, Herta, and Mary 
Beckett, d. of Sir Bdannd Rcekett, bare., and sisterof Lord Orimthorpe. 
B. 1S47. Educated at Eton, and Trinity College, Cambridge. Is n 
banker, a partner of Beckett dc Co., Leeds Old Bank. Is chairman of 
the Connty Bankers' Association, and the Yorkshirt Pott newa- 
imper, and a director of London and North Western Railway, Snn 
Insnrance Co. and Aire and Calder Navigation Co. Is a J.P. and 
D.L Ibr West RldlnR of Yoik. Unsoooessftally contested the Pndsey 
dir. of Yorks 1900. Elected fbr the Andover dir. of Hants, Aagast 190], 
K Oonserrative.— 19, Parh-at.y W. ; Carlton and Junior Carlton 
Clubt ; Belvedere, Harrogate. 

Faber, George Denison. {YorU City) 

8. of the late Charles Wilson Fkber, of Northaw House, Herts, 
by Mary, eldest d. of Sir Edmund Beckett, bart., of Doncabter. B. 1862; 
educated at Marlborough College and University Coll., Oxford ; called 
to the Bar. Lincoln's Inn, 1879; m. 1895, Hilda Oeorgiana, youngest d. 
of the late Sir Frederick Ulric Graham, bart., of Netherby, Cumberland, 
by Lady Jane Hermione, eldest d. of 13th Duke of Somerset. Registrar 
nf the Privy Council from 1867-96. A ConservNtive.— 14, Grosvenor- 
square, W. ; Carlton and United University Clubs ; B.%uh Courts 
kVaiUnaford. * 

Fardell, Sir T. George. {Paddington, South div.) 

S. of the late Henry Fardell, M.A., Canon of Ely and Vicar of Winbech , 
and of Eliza, d. of the Bishop of Ely (B. £. Sparke). 6. at The College, 
Ely, 1688; educated at Eton, and Christ Church, Oxford, B.A. 185(> • 
n. 186S, Letitia Anne, only d. of Henry Swann Oldfield, esq., Bengal 
C.S. Is a barrister, called at Lincoln's Inn 1862; went the Norfolk 
Circnit, and was appointed Registrar of the Bankruptcy Court of Man- 
chester 1868. Was a member of the London Board of Works 1684- 
1689, instrumental in obtaimng appointment of Royal Commission 
thereon, and was a member of the London County Council from 1889 
to 1898— chairman of Licensing Committee six years. Is a J.P. Isle 
uf Elj^ and chairman of Quarter Seitsions, and was cr. Kt. 1807. 
A Conservative, strongly opposed to Home Rule for Ireland, <* Disea! 
Ublikhment," and all ''revolutionary propoauls for the abolttiun o> 


enfeeblenaent of the House of Lord* ; " in favoiur of adding power to 

the local goTerning bodies, and opposed to ** centralization.** First 

elected for this div. 1895.— 26, Hyde Park-atreet, W. ; Carlton and 
Conservative Cltibs. 

Farquharson, Robert. {^Aberdeenshire ^ West) 

S. of the late Francis Farquharaon, esq., of Finieaa, Aberdeettahtre, 
by his mar. with Miss Alison Mary Ainslie. B. at Bdinbargh 1837. 
Was educated at Edinbargh Academy and at the UnWeraty of Bdin- 
bargh ; graduated M.D. 1858. Fonnerly Aasistant-Sargcon Coldrtream 
Gnards, medical oiBoer to Rngby School, and a F.R.C.P. I^ond. 
Was Aasistant-PhysieiaH to St. Mary's Hospital, London, and 
lectnrer on Materia Medica in the Medtcal School there. Is author of 
numerous medical and scientific works, including '*A Guide to 
Therapeutics.'' Has sat for Aberdeenshire, West, since April 18S0. a 
Liberal.—S, Porehestgr-ffordent, ff,; Rrform, CaMbmiam, Jtmitr 
United Service ^ and National Liberal Clubs ; Fituttan^ jtbvsfn* 

Farrell, James Patrick. {Longford, North) 

8. of Mr. Patrick Farrell, of Longford, and his wife Anne,d. of Mr. 
John Lynam, of Strokestown, Roscommon. B. 1866 ; educated at St. 
Mel's College, Longford ; m. 1888, Bride, 4th d. of the late Mathew 
Fitzgerald, esq., Longford. Is a journalist, editor and proprietor of 
The Longford Leader, a Nationalist newspaper for cos. Longford, West- 
meath, Uoscommon, and Leitrim, and author of a '* History of 
County Longford," &c. He unsuccessfully contested Kilkenny, City. 
at the General Election, 18ti6. A month later he was returned unopposed 
fur Cavan, yVesX, At the Qeneral Election 1900 was returned iinopposrd 
for North Longford in room of Mr. Justin Macarthy,>esigned. An Irish 
Nationalist.— JfarAe/.«guare, Longford. 

Fellowes, Hon. Ailwyn Edward. {Huniingdofuhire, 
Ramsey div.V 

S. of the 1st Baron De Ramsey by Mary Jalla, eldest d. of the 4th 
Lord Sondes. B. 1865, at Haverland Hall, Norfolk i edncnted at 
Eton College, and Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Was Vice-Chamberlain 
18U5-19U0. Appointed Junior Lord of the Treasury 1900. A J.P. for 
Norfolk and Hnnts, and Hon. Maj. 8rd Batt Norfolk Regiment. He 
unsnccesstnlly contested Mid-Norfolk in 1885, and North Norfolk in 
1886. Has sat for this div. since Aug. 1887. A progresuve Obnserva- 
tive; in favoor of aUotments, the relief of the occnpiers of luid, nd 
a measure of County GoTcmment.— 3, Belffravo- square, HT. ; Carltw 
and Bachelors' Clubs i Honingham, Norwich. 


Fenwick, Charles. {Northumberland^ Wansbeck dW.) 

8. of Juho Fenwick, a working collier. B. at Camliagton village 
1860, and after atteadlag the colliery Mhool for a few years he, at the 
age of nine, went to work with his father. Has been one of the execa - 
tiveof theNorthnnberland Miners' Aasooiation, and in 1884 was the 
miners' representative at the Trades Union Congress at Aberdeen. Parlia . 
mentary Secretary to the Trades' Union Congress 1890-94. First elected 
for the Wansbeck div. in 1886, ap to which time he still worked at 
the Bebside Colliery, Northamberland. A Liberal and Home Ruler.— 
National LibtrcU and Cobden C^ubs ; 14, TanktrviiU terrace, 

Ferguson, B. C. Munro-. See Munro-Ferguson. 

Pergusson, Right Hon. Sir James, Bart., 6.C.S.I., 
K.C.M.G. , CLE. (Manchester, North-East) 

Eldest s. of the late Sir Charles Dalrymple Pergvsson. bart., by Helen. 
Sad d. of the Kt Hon. David Boyle. Lord Jostice General of Scotland. 
B. at Edinbargb, 1832; m. 1st, 1857, Lady Edith Ramsay, 2nd d. of 
tbe Marqness of Dalhonsie, K.T. (she died 1871) ; Sndly, 1878, Olive, 
d.of John Richman, esq., of South Australia (she died 1882); 8rdly, 
lb93, widow of C. Hugh Hoare, esq.,d. of the late Rev. T. Twisden, of 
Charlton, Devon. Educated at Rugby, and University Coll. Oxford. 
Served in the Grenadier Guards 1851-6, including the campaign in 
tbe Crimea, where he was wounded, and also served as Lleut..Col. 
Commandant Royal Ayr and Wigton Militia 1868-78. Sat for Ayrshire 
lb54-7, and 185U-68; was Under Sec. of State for India 1866-7 ; Under 
Sec. at the Home Ottoe 1867-8 1 Governor of S. Australfai 1868-78 ; 
Governor of New Zealand 1878-5; Governor of Bombay 1880-85; 
Parliamentary Under-Secretary at tbe Foreign OIBce 1886-91, and Post- 
master-General 1891 to Aug. 1803. He U a Magistrate and D.L. for the 
county of Ayr. Has sat for N.B. Manchester since 1886. A Conservative. 
—80, Cormoall- gardens, a.fV.; Carltmi Club; Kilkerran, jiyrehire. 

Ffrench, Peter. ( Wexford co., South) 

S. of Thomas Fft-ench, esq., farmer, and Mary Golfer. B. 1811, at 
Farmhouse, Barmow, co. Wexford ; educated privately ; m. 1870, Anas- 
tasia Ellen, d. of Mark Dake, esq., of Commons, co. Wexford (shed. 
1808); 2nd, Elizabeth, d. of James Power, of BaUinahask. Is a 
farmer, and a J.P. Has been three times returned unopposed. 
A Nattonalist.->NaMona{ Liberal Club t S,tJ^.i Harpoon Town, eo. 

Q 2 


Field, William. {Dublin, St. Patrick's div.) 

S. of John and Grace Field. B. at Blackrock, co. Dnblin, 184S: 
educated at St. Laurence G'Toole's School, Harcourt-atreet, and 
the Catholic Unireraity, St. Stephen's-j^reen. Is a rictaalleri 
Pres. Irish Cattle Traders and Stock Owners' Association, Yice-Prcs. 
National Federation of Meat Trades of the United Kinfrdom, and 
Dnblin Bimetallie Leaflrue ; Hon. Sec, Dublin Victuallers Association, 
and author of works on Government in Ireland, Home Rule, Railway 
Nationalization, &c. '*A Nationalist and Labour representatlTe ad- 
vocating manhood suffrage — international eight hoars day — social 
and economic reforms."— ^tacitroei^, ee. Dublin, 

Fielden, Edward Brockleharsfc. (Lancashirey S,E., 
Middleton div.) 

S. of Joshua Pielden, M.P. 1868 eastern divisioa West Riding, and 
Ellen, d. of T. Brockleharst , of Marclesfield. Todmorden 18!>7{ 
edncated at Wellington CuUege ; m. 1884 to Mary, d. of the late T. 
Knowles, M.P. (she d. 1902). Is a civil engineer ; chairman of Pieldcn 
Bros., Ltd., cotton spinners and mannfltctoren ; director L. Ac T. Railway. 
A Conservative.— C'or/lon, Con<0rvafA/e and St. St0pken*9 Cimbti 
Cotidover HeM, Salop. 

Finch, Bt. Hon. George Henry. {Rutland) 

Eld. s. of George Finch, eiiq., of Barley.on-the-Hill, Rutland, who 
represented sacoesaively Lymington, Stamford, and Rutland, by his 
2nd wife. Lady Louisa, 6th d. of the 6th Dake of Beaufort. B. in 
Lundou, 1885; m. 1st, 1801, Emily Eglantine, d of John Balfour, esq., 
of Bnlbirnie (she died 1865); 2ndly 1871, Edith, eldest dau. of Alfred 
Montgomery, esq., late commissioner of Inland Revenue. Educated at 
New Coll. Oxford. Is a raNgistrate and C.C. for Rutland, and Brevet-Major 
Leicestersh. Yeomanry. P.C. 1902. A Conservative; is in favour of the 
removal of all burdens on agriculture. Has sat for Rutland dnce Nov. 
1867.- Carlton Club ; Bwley-on-lhe-Hillt Oakham, RuUand. 

Finlay, Sir Robert Bannatyne. {Inverness Burghsi) 

Eldest s. of William Finlny, esq., P.R.C.P.E. of Cherryhauk* meat 
Newhaven, Edinburgh, and Anne Bannatyne. B. l84S,at NewbuvcA; 
educated at Edinburgh Academy and University; m. 1874, MHry. 
youngest d. of the late Cosmo Innes, esq., of Edinburgh. Gndmced 
as M.D. Edinburgh, in 1R68, but left medicine for law, and was called 
to the Bar in the Middle Temple in 1867. He became Q.C. in 188S, 
and a bencher in 1884. Appointed Solicitor-Gen. and knighted Aug. 1885. 
Appointed Attorney General 1000. Lofd Rector of Eduburgh Ubit. 
'UU2-3. Sat fur the Inverness district 1886-92; re-elect ed 1886. A 


Liberal Unionist; opposed to Church Disendownent.— 31, PhiUimcrt- 
gardtHMt Campden-hiUt fV. ; Brooks's% Oarriek, and Rtform Clubt ; 
Newton Nairn, N,B. 

Firbank, Sir Joseph Thomas. {Hull, East) 

Eldest 8. of the Ute Mr. Joseph Firbaak, J. P. and D.L. (High 
Sheriff; Monmonthshire, 1886), by his first wife, Sarah, widow of Mr. 
John Frjratt, of Melton Mowbray. B. 1850, at Market Harborough ; edu- 
cated at Cheltenham College ; m. 1863, Harriette, d. of the late Rev. J. 
P. Garrett, of Kilgarron and Kellistown, co. Carlow, and has, with other 
issue, Joseph Sydney, b. 1884* Is a railway contractor ; J.P. and D.L. 
for CO. Monmonth (High Sheriff 1891); J.P. for Kent ; Mi^jor Engineer 
and Railway Vol. Staff Corps, and a Director of the Union Assurance 
Society. Knighted 19it2. Unsuccessfully contested the Haggerston div . 
of Shoreditch, 1892. A Conservative, opposed to Home Rule and thr 
Local Option Bill of the late Government ; in favour of an amendment 
of the Employers' Liability Act, of Religious Education, Ac— CSnWtoH, 
Junior Carlton, Junior Conititutional, White'i, and Union C3uht ; 8t. 
Julian*$, Newport, Man. ; The Cooperi, ChiaUhurat, Kettt. 

Fisher, William Hayes. (Fuikcnn) 

Bldest a. of the late Rev. Frederick Fisher, rector of Downham, Isle of 
Kly, by Mary, d. of the late Willian Hayes, conveyancer to the Conrt 
of Chancery. B. at Downham Rectory 1858; educated at Hailey. 
bory Cbll. and University Coll. Oxford; m. his rainsin 1896, Miss 
Ploreooe Fisber. Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple in 
Jan. 1879. Was Jonlw Lord ofthe Tleasary, and one of the ministerial 
••Whips" 1896-190S; Pinancial SecivUry to the Treasury, 190S^. 
Has been private sec. to Sir M. Hkdu.Beach and the Rt. Hon. A. J. 
Balfour. Has sat for Folham since Nov. 188{». A progressive Conser. 
vative ; in favour of aoclal reform, with the maintenance of imperial 
interests.— 18, Buckingham Palaoe-gardens^ S.n^.{ Varttou and 
0:tfordand Catnbridgt Clubs.; 

Fison, Frederick William. {Vorkthire, Doncaster div.) 

Only s. of William Fison, esq., J.P., West Riding. Yorlu, and Fanny, 
d.ofj. Whitaker, esq., of Orernholmf*. B. 1847; educated at Rugby 
and Christ Church, Oxford (Ist Class Nat Scienur, M .A.) ; m. 187S, Isabel, 
d. of Joseph Crossley, esq., Broomfleld, Halifax, J.P. and D.l«. West 
Riding. Is senior partner of W. Fison & Co., of Oreenholme, Brad- 
ford, and London, a director of the Great Northern Railway, F.C.S., 
tK. A Conservative and Unionist, in favour of legislation for the relief 
of agrieolture, <ur amending the Poor Laws, for Old Age Pensions, an 
eight hours* day In otMl mines, &c.— 64, FonUttreet, S.fV.t Cartton 
and United University CInbs. 


Fitzgerald, Sir R. U. Penrose, See Penrosc-Pitz- 

Fitzmnurice, Lord Edmund George Petty. (Wilt- 
shire, Cricklade, or Northern div.) 

Second s. of the 4th Marquis of Lanadowne, by his 2nd wife> Emily de 
Flahault, in her own right Baronets Nairne, and brother of the present 
Marquis, fi. 1846; ed. at Eton and Trin. Coll., Camb. In 1871 he 
was called to the Bar (Lincoln's Inn), and became priv. sec. to the 
Rt. Hon. R.Lowe, when Home Sec. ; was H.M. Commissioner for Euro- 
pean Turkey under the Berlin Treaty of 1880, a plenipotentiary at 
the Danubian Conference, Lond. 1882-3, and Und. Sec. Foreign Aflairs 
1883-86. A boundary Commissioner under the Local Government Art 
1867. Is chairman Wilts C.C., and chairman of Quarter Sessions, 
mem. Hist. MSS. Commission, and trustee Nat. Portrait Gallery. 
Author of ''Life of Earl of Shelbume," *' Life of Sir William Petty, " 
editor of the ** Letters of Gavin HamUton," "AbbA Morellet," 
" Charles, Duke of Brunswick." Sat for Calne 1868 to 1885. Re- 
entered Parliament as member for the Cricklade div., Feb., 1888. A 
Liberal, in favour of Free Trade, Local Control of the Liquor Traffic, 
Religious Equality in Education. —-Brools't C/t4&, 8.W. ; Leigh^ Brad- 
ford-on-Avon, fVilU. 

Fitzroj, Hon. Edward Algernon. (^orfTiampfon- 
shire, Sonth div.) 

Younger a. of 8rd Barun Sonthamptoa, by his 2ad wife, ImaaiK 
B.1<W9; educated at Eton; m. 1891, Mariel,d. of late Col. tlie Hoa. 
A. C. H. Dooglan- Pennant. Is a D.L.. J.P. and C.C. for Morthant!*. 
formerly Lievt. 1st Life Guards, and a Page of Hononr to HJI. A Ooa- 
servative.— (7ar//on, Arthvr*a and Naval and MiHtary Clubs: 
Fox.hUl, fVetl Haddon, Rugby. 

Flflnnery, Sir J. Fortesoue. See Fortesoae-Flanncry. 
Flavin, Michael Joseph. (Kerry, North) 

8. of Mr. James Flavin and his wife, Johanna Mangan. B.1866,nt 
BallydufT, co. Kerry ; educated at the National Schools and St. Michael < 
College, Listowel, and also privately. Is a merchant In Listowel anA 
Tralee, and President of the Listowel Young Ireland Society ani 
member . of Kerry C.C. An Irish Nationalist.— 119, Rock.$treft, Trattr. 


I Fletcher, Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Aubrey-, Bart, C.B. 
{Sussex, Mid or Lewes div.) 

Eldest! . of Sir Henry Fletcher, 8rd bart., by Emily Maria, 2iid d. of 
George BrowDe, esq., of Bombay. B. at Ashley Park, Sarrey. 1836; 
B. 1869, Agnes, youngest d. of Sir John Morillyoii Wilson, C.B., E.H. 
of the Bojal Hospital, Chelsea. Entered the Army as Ensign fiOth Foot 
1868; Lieat. Grenadier Gaards 1866. Was Parliamentary Groom- 
in* Waiting, Ifl86. Is a Magistrate for Surrey and Sussex, and a D.L. for 
the latter county. J.F. for Bucks. Patron of 7 lirinRs. Is Col. com- 
manding Snd Sussex Volunteer Infantry Brigade, and was in Westmore- 
land and Cumberland Yeomanry. P.C.1901. A Conaervative. Sat for 
Horsham from April 1880 to Nov. 1886, and since for Mid-SosMX.-— 
1, Upper Belgrave-Urtet, S.fV.; C€trHonandConsHhUionat Clubs t 
Ham Manor, jinfftnerinff. Susses; Dorton House, nr. Thame t 
Uanbritkyd, Glamorgan. 

Flower, Sir Ernest. (Bradford, West) 

S. of the late John S. Flower, esq., and Frances, d. of the late Edwin 
Cuthbert, esq., of Clogh Prior, co. Tipperary. B. Ang. S4, 1866. Has 
been connected with the People's Palace and philanthropic work in 
East London, and in 1897 he was elected a member of the London 
School Board fiw the Tower Hamlets. Member of Committee of 
Metropolitan and Orthopmdlc Hospitals. Knighted 1903. He unsuccess- 
fully contested West Bradford in 1892. A Conserratire and Unionist. 
—6, Upper Pftillimore-ffordens, fV.; Carlton ^ Bath and Junior 
Car/ton Clubs, S.fV.; Braclford Countif Conservative Cltib, Brad- 

Plynn, James Christopher. {Cork co., North) 

S. of Mr. Daniel Flynn. of Whitechurch, co. Cork, by Sarah 
Nicholls, of Northampton. B. in London 1858 ; educated privately, and 
at the Christian Brothers' College, Cork. Became a widower in 1894 
m. 1897, Rebecca, widow of T. F. Rice, esq. Is hnn. sec. to the 
United Irish League of Gt. Britain. Has been a prominent member of 
the Coik Literary Society, and was secretary to the Cork Evicted 
Tenants* Fund. Has sat for the northern dir.of oo. Cork since 1886. 
An ** Irish Nationalist," in favour of national and legislative indepen- 
dence for Ireland.- 14, nnceut-sq., S.fV. ; York Terrace, Cork. 

Forater, Henry William. (Kent, West, or Revenoaks, 

8. of Major John Forster, late 6th Dragoon Guards, and Emily, d. of 
John Ashton Case, e»q., late of Thlngwell Hall, and Ince HaU,Lan- 
raahire. B. 1866, at Southend Hall, Kent ; educated at Eton, and Now 


CoUepro, Oxford; m. 1890, the Hon Rachel Cecily, only d. of Lord 
Montagu, of Beaulieu. Is a Junior Lord of the Treasury (appoints 
1902), and one of the Conservative **Whipt." A ConaervaUre and 
Unionist.— CarirofiflriMl fV^tHngton Clubs; Southend Mali, Catford^ 
Kent; Exbury, Southampton, 

Fortescue-Flannery, Sir J. {Yorkshire^ Shipley diy.) 

S.of Capt. John Plannery and Eliiabeth, d. of James K,enr, of Straa- 
raer, Scotland. B. 1851, in Liverpool \ educated at the Liverpool School 
of Science; m. 1882, Edith, d. of OAbon Jenkyn, esq., of Ealios Com- 
mon, W. Is an engineer, M. Inst. C.B., Pres. Inst. Marine Bagineers 
1897, examiner in engineering to the City of London College, 
&c. Was inspecting engineer under Sir E. J. Reed, K.C.B., laie 
Chief Constructor of the Navy, and has served on board ship. Was 
also, 1805, Admiralty Assessor to the Dockyard Committee for settling 
Labour disputes in the engineering trades, and in 1887 was app<rinted 
British Commissioner to the Brussels International BxhibitioB. b a 
member of the Arm of Flannery. Baggalay, and Co., marine engineers, 
London and Liverpool, a director ot London & South Western Banlc, 
a m. of the Croydon Board of Guardians, Lieut of City of London, a 
J.P. cos. London, Kent, and Suirey. A Liberal Unionist : in fovour of 
" eight hours for miners,'' reduction of the number of puUie-honaes oa 
equitable terms, Electoral Eqnaliiation with Ireland, Wrightaon'< 
Dwellings Bill, graduated income-tax, old age pensions, ftc— A<form 
Cluk, S.W.; Gibson' a- Mil, Norwood, 

Foster, Sir Michael, K.C.B. {London University) 

8. of M. Poster, P.R.C.S., of Huntingdon, and Mercy Cooper, of 
Potton, Beds. B. 1836; educated at Huntingdon Grammar School and 
University Ooll. School and University Coll., London ; m. 1st, in 1864, 
Georgiua, d. of Cyril Edmunds, esq. (she died 1869} ; 2nd, in I87:t 
Margaret, d. of Geo. Rust, esq., J.P., of Hnutingdon. M.R.C.8. 1837. 
M.D. Lond., 1859. Was Professor of Physiology at University Coll. 
London 1868-7a In 1870 was appointed Proetector of Physiology a 
Trinity College, Cambridge, and in 1883 was elected to the Chair of 
Physiology at Cambridge, which he resigned in 1V03 ; was a sec. 
retary of the Royal Society 1881-1903. Is author of '•Tiextbook of 
Physiology " and other works. A Liberal Unionist.— .tlfAensvuat Club : 
Nino U^eUs, Qroat Shttford, Camba. 

Foster, Sir Walter. {Derbyghire, Ukestoa div.) 

S. of the late Mr. B. Paster, of Drogheda, Ireland, and Beaulieu, Hants- 
B. at Cambridge ; educated at Drogheda Grammar School, nnd Dublin; 
m. Emily Martha, second d. of William Lucas Sargant, esq., of Edgbaston . 


Was acoDsnlting physician, F.R.C.P. London; M.D. of the University 
of Erlangen; D.C.L. Durham; LL.D. Montreal; Gold Medallist for 
" Distingaijthed Merit," and ?ioe-pn». of the British Medical Associa- 
tioBy Emeritus professor of medicine in Qaeen's College, and Consolting 
Physician to the General Hospital, Birmingham. Was knighted in 
1886; and wag Secretary to the Local Government Board 189S to 1S95. 
Is a J. P. for Warwickshire, has been Chairman of the Council of the 
National Liberal Federation, and is president of the Allotments and 
Small Holdings Association, and also of thi Land Law Reform Associa- 
tion. Has written '* Method and Medicine," «*CUnical Medicine." 
'* Public Aspects of Medicine," and other works on Medicine and 
Sanitary Science. Entered Parliament as member for Chester city, 
Nov. 1885. bat was defeated therein the following year. First elected 
for the Ilkeston div. 1887. A Radical.— SO, Orosvmor-road, S.W.; 
Rrform and National Liberal Ctub$. 

♦Foster, Philip Staveley. {Wa/rwickshirey Stratford- 
on-Avon div.) 

S. of A. B. Foster, J.P.,of Canweli Hall, Tamworth, and Rosamond, 
d.of J. Staveley, of Withwood Heath. Worcestershire. B. 18«S, at 
Halifax ; educated at Eton and Magdalen College, Oxford ; m. 1890, 
Louisa Frances, d. of Col. F. C. Weymss, of H.M. Royal Bodyguard. Is 
a J.P. for Warwickshire, and captain in the Staffordshire Yeomanry. 
Lnsuccessftally contested the Blland div. of Torlcshire 1899. Elected for 
Stratford-on-Avou June 1901. A Conservative and Imperialist.— 
Carlton, Junior Carlton, and While's Clubs : Inffon-grange, 

Fowler, Right Hon. Sir Henry Hartley, G.C.S.I. 
{Wolverhampton^ East) 

S. of ReV. Joseph Fowler. B. at Sunderland 1830 1 m. 1867, Ellen 
^. I., youngest d. of the late O. B. Thorncycroft, esq., of Hadley 
Park, Salop. Was Mayor of Wolverhampton, 1868. Was Under 
Secretary of State for the Home Department 1884-6. In 1886 became 
Pinaneial Sec. to the Treasury, and in June of that year was made a 
Privy Councillor. Appointed Pres. Local Government Board, with a 
'fat in the Cabinet, Aug. 1892, and Secretary of State for India 1894. 
Is a DeputY'Lient. for Staffordshire ; and was cr. G.C.S.I. 1895. 
Has sat for Wolverhampton since April 1880. A Liberal.— Ai>^rm and 
AUunesum Clubs i fVoodlhomo, fVolverhamplon. 

Freeman-Thomas, Freeman. {Hastings) 

8. of the late Mr. Frederick Freeman-Thomas, by Mabel, d. of 1st 
Lord Hampden. B. 1867; educated at Eton and Cambridge ; m. 1892, 


Hon. Marie Adelaide, d. of Lord Bramey. la a major in the SaiMZ 
Imperial YeomaQiy, foraefly captain in the Soaaex Artillery: A.D.C. 
tn Lord Braaaey when Ck>vemor of Victoria. A Liberal.r>7Vav«ICar«', 
BrooJt9% and Baekelort" Ouba: Rattw, fVUUngdmt^ Sussax. 

Fuller, John Michael Fleetwood. (Wiltshirey 
Westburj dir.) 

8. of G. P. Fnller. of Neaton Park, H.P. Weatbnry div. 188&^ft,by 
Emily, 9nd d. of the late Sir M. Uidu-Beach, 8th bart. B. nt Neaton 
Park 1864 ; educated nt Winchester and Christ Chnxch, Oxfiard (Brd class 
hoBonrs History 1886); m. 1898, Norah, 2nd d.or C. N. P. Phipps.of 
Chalcot, Westbory. Wilts. Alderman WUts County Council since 1888. 
major Royal Wilts Yeomanry 1SH)1, and A.D.C. to Viceroy of lBdi« 
1891-95. Has travelled extensively in the two hemispheres. A l.iberal 
Imperialiitt.— KO, Ruiland-gate, S.fV.: Brookft, White's^ Arthur's, 
i'ratfSt and Prtne€*s Clubs : Jaggarda, Cor sham. 

Farness, Sir Christopher. (Hartlepools) 

S. of John Farness and AveriU Wilson, d. of John Wilson, of Naisbrt 
Hall, 00. Daiham. B. at West Hartlepool 1852 ; educated priTutely ; 
m. 1876, Jane Annette, d. of Henry Sofrgitt, of Brierton, co. Durham. Is 
a shipowner, shipbuilder and engine builder; J.P. and D.L. for counties 
of Durham and Yorkshire. Was knighted 1896. A Liberal.— S8, Upper 
Brook'Sirstt, fV.s Grantley Jiatl, Ripon, Yorkshires Tunatail- 
courtt Wtst Hartlepool. 

*Fyler, John Arthur. {Surrey, Chertsey div.) 

8. of the Rev. F. Fyler and Charlotte, d. of the late Col. FUne. B. 18&6 
at Ewelme, Oxon. Educated at Marlborough, and Exeter CoIL, Oxibnl. 
M. 1887 to Norah Caroline, d.of the late A. Hambrough. of Sceephill 
Ca«tle, I.W. Is a barrister, called 1880. Elected for Chertsey div. 
March 1U03. A Conservatire.— rMi7fti Universittf Club: WoodlaudK, \ 
Windlesham, Surrey. 

Galloway, William Johnson. (Manehetter, Soath. 


S. of Mr. John Galloway, J.P., of Mnnchester,by the d. of Mr-'WilUam 
Crippin, of Manchester. B. 18fl8 ; educated at Wellington CoUegr, 
and Cambridge. Is now n partner in the firm of Galloways (L,imited)* 
engineers, of Manchester. He nnsnccessftUIy contested South -Bast 

Warwickshire at the General Election of 1898. A Consfyrative. 9S, 

Portman-square, fV.-, Carlton and fTeUtngien Clubm , ' The 
Cottage^ Old Trajford, Manchester ; Seaife Halt, BhtbberA^tses, 


Galloway- Weir, James. (Ross and Cromarty) 

8. of Janei Rou Weir and Margaret McLaren, of Perthahire. B. 1880 ; 
edncated at the Dollar Academy, and in London ; m., l>t, 1888, Mary 
Aane, d. of George Dadi, esq. (ahe d. 1896) ; Snd, 1898, Miu Marion 
Jolly. Has been engaged in bosinesses; retired in 1880. Has 
been a member of the committee of the Scottish Corporation, the 
committee of the National Liberal Clnb, and of the Lni^don County 
Council 18D9-06. Unsncoessfnlly contested the Palliirfc Dist. 1886. A 
Liberal and Home Ruler ; in ihTour of tlie Gladstonian programme 
gruerally, but puts in the foreftont Amendment of the Cnrfter Act.— 
National IMerat Club, S.W.i 4, Froyna/, HampsUad, N.fV, 

♦(rardner, Ernest. (Berkshire, Wokingham div.) 

Third s. of the late J. O. Gardner, of Havering, Essex, and Elisabeth, 
d. of P. Silvester, of Shellhaven, Essex. B. 1846; educHted at Oraett 
House, Essex ; m. 1878, Mary, only d. of Wm. Prto, of Cool^ham 
(rf. 1008) ; snoceeded to the Berkshire property of his unele, John Silvester, 
of Spencers, Maidenhead, 18A4. Is a J.P., an alderman of the County 
Council for Berkshire, a member of the Drapers' Oimpan), and Master 
of the Company 1901-3. "Was Mayor of Maidenhead 1898-& Returned 
nnopposed for Wokingham div. July 1901. A Conservative. -iSJp«nc«rs 

Garfit, William. {Boston) 

S. of William Garftt,esq., banker, of Boston, and his wife, Jane, the 
d. of Richard Hassard Short, esq., of Edlington Grove, Homcastle. B. at 
Boston; educated at Harmw and Trin. Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1862} 
m. 1868, d. of Conolly Norman, esq., of Fahan House, Londonderry . 
Is a director of the Capital and Counties Bank ; late capt. Snd Vol. Batt 
10th Reg. ; a J.P. and D.L. Lincolushire, sheriff of Lincolnshire, 1892. 
A Conservative.— 7, (^aham-plaee, S.fV,; fVmsi Skirbeck-hoftse, 
Baton : Carlton, S.rV., andJunr. Constitutional Clubs, W. 

George. See Uoyd- George. 

Gibbfl, Hon. Alban George Henry. (City of London) 

Eldest 8. of Lord Aldenharo, who, as Henry Hncks Gibbs,nf Aldenham 
House, Herts, was formerly M.P. for the City, by Louisa Anne, d. 
of W. Adams, LL.D. B. 1846 1 educated at Eton, and Christ Church, 
Oxford (B.A. 1870, M.A. 1878); m. 1878, Bridget, 6th d. of the Iwte 
Rt. Him. A. J. B. Beresford-Hope, and Lady Mildred, eldest d. of the 
late Marquis of Salisbury (slie d. 1806). Has been a partner in his 
fiither's flm of Antony Oibbs and Sons, merchants, of Bishopn- 
gnte-atreet, since 1 873. Mas sat for the CItysincel 898. A Conserrati v 


«nd strong supporter of Mr. Balfoar's Poreign and Irish policy: 
opposed to disestablistanent of the church, and to any interference with 
the Corporation of London or the City Guilds.— 82, Pertiand-plaee, 
W.{ Carlton^ dip CarUon, White'; and Contitutioiuii Clubs: 
IwfergeicUtt Comrte, N.B. 

Gibbs, Hon. Vicary. {Hertfordtthire, Mid, or St. 
Albans, diy.) 

Second s. of Lord Aldenhan, and brother of the ahoTe, by Ixmisa 
Anne, third d. of Dr. William Aduns, LL.D., of Thorpe, Surrey. B. 185S. 
at FiDgnal, Hampstead; educated at Eton, and Christ Chnroh, Oxford 
(B.A. 187tt). Is a barrister (of Lincoln's Inn 1880), and a partner in 
the house of Antony Oibbs and Sons since 1888. A OonaerviKtivr.— 
St. Jhmstan's, Regent* s-park, H.fV. ; Mheneeum anri CarlUm 
Ciuba : Atdenham Houee, Blttree, Herte. 

Gilhooly, James. {Cork eo., West) 

S. ofMr.J. Oilhooly, an oiicer in the Coastguard service . B. abont 
1845. Is in business as a draper at Bantry. Has sat for the weatcra 
div. of Cork co. since 1886. A Nationalist.— faniry, eo. Cork. 

Gladstone, Rt. Hon. Herbert John. (Leeds, West) 

Fourth s. of the late Right Hon. WilUam Bwart Oladstnne, by 
Catherine, eldest d. of the late Sir Stephen Richard Glynne, baut., of 
Hawarden Castle, Flintshire. B. 18M. Educated at Eton uid »t 
Oxtord (UuiTciBity Coll.) : m. 1001, Dorothy, d. of Rt. Hon. Sir R. H. 
Paget, of Cranmore Hall, Somerset. Was a Lecturer on History 
at Keble Coll. Oxford, and Private Secretary (without salary) to hi-s 
father as Prime Minister in 1880 and later. A Lord of the TrcMwy. 
1881, Deputy-Commissioner of the Board of Worlis 1885, Financial See.. 
War Ofltee, 1886, Secretary to the Home OAue 1898. and Pint Oom- 
missioner of Works 1894-US; became P.C. 1894. Is chief " wiap»to 
the Liberal party. A Liberal ; Li in (avoor of Free Trade, Home Role 
for Ireland, Temperance Reform, and of the abolition of the veto power 
ol the House of Lords. Unsuccesafully contested Middlesex, April 1880. 
Sat for Leeds May 1880-8ft, and lor Leeds, West, since.—S. CowUw-*ireet , 
fVeslminstm-t S.fV.i Ri(form, Bath, and National Liberal Clubs 
Sandycrqfl, Littlestone-on-Sea. 

Goddard, Daniel Ford. {Ipswich) 

S.of Ebencser Ooddard, C.E.,a J.P. for Ipswich, and Annie, d.of 
Thomas Ford, of Reading. B. 1850, at Ipswich ; educated ftnt at 
Ipswich, then at Hastings, under Dr. Martin Reed ; m. lit, Lucy, d. of 
Thomas Haiwood, esq., of Belstead Hall, Suifolk ; Snd, Biinbeth, d. of 


E. Htteliooek, esq., of Braaford, Saffolk. li a ciril engineer, articled 
1807. Engineer to the Ipsirieli OaiUglit Co. 1872-87. A Mnnioipal 
Conncillor for Ipswich 1886-96, mayor 18Q1-0S, J.P. for the borangh 
1898, alderman 1896. Was an unsnceessM candidate for Ipswich ia 
188S. A Liberal, in favour of Electoral, Poor Law, and Licensing 
reforms. Disestablishment of the 8tate Church in Wales, and abolition 
of the Teto of the House of Lords, Ac—R^orm and National LibtreU 
I Chtbs, 8. fV. ; Oak'hUh Ipswieh. 

! Godson, Sir Augustus Frederick. {Kidderminster) 

Eldest s. of Septimos Holmes Godson, of Oray*s Inn, barrister-at-law, 
14, Rutland-gate, and Tenbury, Worcestershire, and neiihew to Richard 
Godson, Q.C.. who was M.P. for Kidderminster itom 1888 to 1840. B. at 
Tenbury, 1836; educated at King's Coll. London, and Queen's Coll. 
OxCord B.A. 1867, M.A. 1869} ; m. 1869, Jane Charlotte, youngest d. of 
E. Bongfaton, esq., J.P., of Stoke, near Coventry. Was called to the Bar 
xttbe Inner Temple in 1869; is, and has been 37 years, hon. treasurer 
(chairmaB 18661, of the Worcestershire 8oc., one or the committee 
of the Herefordshire Soe., and one of the founders of the Knowie 
Asylum for Idiots, near Birmingham ; is P.O.M. of the Preemasons nf 
Woroestershire, a Loriner and a Patten-Maker, London, ftc: J.P. 
ind D.L. for Worcestershire ; Knighted 1898. He unsuocessAiIiy con- 
tested Warwick at the elections of 1874 and 1880, and Kiddenninster 
in 1885. Pirst elected 1886. A ConserratiTe and Unionist.— 7, Fig Tree- 
court. Temple, B.C.; 6, Hane Mansion* S.fV,, Carlton Club, 
Atlifield, Malvern. 

GordoD, John. {Londonderry, Soath) 

8. of Samuel Gordon. B. 1849; oducated at Koyal Academical 
Institute, Belfast, and Queen's College, Galway. B.A. and LL.D. of the 
QnecB'a inow Boyal) Univtrsity, Ireland; m. 1H87, Durothy May, d. 
of R. Keating CUy, J.P. Called to the Bar in 1877 ; Q.C., member of the 
MJE. Bar 1892, and was elected a bencher of the King's Inn 1896. Is 
uae of the leaders of the Irish Bar. Unsuccessrnlly contested Mid 
Armagh in February, lOUO. A Liberal Unionist.— 26, Upper Fits- 
wHUant-ttreet, Dublin. 

Gordon, Uou. John Edward. {Elgin and Nairn ahirea) 

Eldest s. of the late Rt. Hon. Edward Strathearn Lord Gordon of 
Drumemrn (cr. a Life Peer 1876), Lurd Advocate for Scotland in Lord 
Derby's and Mr. Disraeli's Administrations 1867 and 1874, and Agnes, 
unly child of John Molnnes, esq., of Ancheureoch, Stirlinffdilre. B. at 
Bdiaburgh, .I860 ; educated at the Academy, and University uf £dir 
borgh; m. 1879, Elisabeth Anna, elder d. of J. Snow dun Henry, est 


formerly M.P. for 8.E. Lancuhire. A Conserrative.— 61, PHncea-gaU, 
S.fV,; CarUon and Junior Cotutitutional Chtba: Bati Dene, 
Bonehurch, I. qf flight ; The QuirUa SanP Amuit Madeira. 

Gordon, Major W. E. Evans. See E vans- Gordon. 

Gore, Ormesby-. See Ormesby-Gore. 

Gorst, Right Hon. Sir John Eldon. {Camhrid*je 

S. of the Ute Edward Chaddock Lowndes (formerly Gorat), by Blixa- 
beth,d. of John D. Nesham, esq. B. at Preston 1885; m. I860, Mary 
Elisabeth, d. of the Key. Lorenso Moore. Gradnated at St. John's Coll . 
Cambridge ; Srd Wrangler B.A. 1857 ; M.A. 1861) ; Peilow of his CoUege 
Was called to the bar at the Inner Temple 1865; Q.C. 1875. 
Was Solicitor Gen. 1885 ; Parliamentary Secretary to the India OSce 
1888-91 • and Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Nov. 18»1 to 1893 ; 
Vice-President Committee of Ooancil 18d5-1902. Was ciTil com- 
missioner of Wail^ato from 1861 to 1868. Author (1804) of •• The 
MHori King." A ConservatiTe. Sat for Cambridge (borooffh) finooa April 
1866 to Nov. 1868; for Chatham Feb. 1875 to Jane 1892. Has sat for 
Cambridge University since Jnly 1892.— (7ar/lo7i Club. 

Goschen, Hon. George Joachim. {Sussex, East Grin- 
stead div.) 

Eldest s. of Visconnt Oofchen, formerly First Lord of the 
Admiralty, &c. , by Lncy, d. of John Dallay. B. at 8L Leonard's, Sussex , 
educated at Rugby, and Bailtol Coll. Oxford m. 1892, Lady Margacvt 
Evelyn Gathome- Hardy, d. of the Earl of Cranbrook. Was a iwivatc 
sec. to his Ikther, and served in that capacity to the Earl of Joary 
when Governor of New South Wales. Is Lietat.-Coi. oommaading 2nd 
V.B. East Kent Regt, and Commander-in-Chief (Lord Roberta)- 
A Conservative.— SO, Cadogan-gardene, S.fV.; CetrUon Club. 

Goulding', Edward Alfred. (WiltsMre, Devizes div,) 

S. of the late Mr. William Goulding, D.L., sometime Conservative 
M.P. for Corlc. B. 1868 ; educated at Clifton, and St. John's €k»ll«se« 
Cambridge. Is a barrister, called at the Inner Temple 1887. pri-VAte 
sec. (unpaid) to Mr. Chaplin, Prcs. Local Government Board. 189&-9S 
Is a magistrate for London, and was a member of the Losadoa 
County Council 18951901. Chairman of the United Clnb ; Vioe-Claair. 
man Constitutional Club. A Conservative and Unioni8t.->4, Soacc* 
Eatotuplace, S.IV.; Carlton and Conatitntiofial Clubt. 


Gnham, Hairy Robert. {St. PancraSf West div.) 

8. of the late J. B. Gnham, esq., of 16, Warrior-aquare, SL Leonard's* 
oo-8ea,by Loaiaa, eldest d.of R. Rymill, esq. B. I860; educated at 
Exeter Coll. Oxford (B.A. 1878 ; M.A. 1877). Has trarelled three times 
round the world, and visited each of our colonies. Unsucoessinllj con> 
tested the Handsworth div. of Staffordshire. 1886. West St. Psncras, 
1886, and North 8t. Pancras, 1800. A ConserTative, opposed to Home 
Rule for Ireland, and in favour of a careflil revision of the incidnnoe of 
taxation and a federation of the colonies.— 8, Marble Arch, IV.; 
Athenteum, CarUoH, Oafard and CamMdQ^t and Junior Consti- 
ttManal Cluba. 

Grrant, C orrie. {yVarwicksliirey S . E . or Bugby div. ) 

S.of Jamea Brighton Grant, Kettleborgh, Snllblk, brewer and maltster, 
who was imprisoned fbr the non-payment of Church Rates, and Frances 
Anne Gmnt {n*9 Palmer). B. at Kettleburgh, Suffolk, in 1860 ; educated 
at City of London School i m. 1886 to Anne Mary Adams, of Newnham 
Coil, and Plymouth, d. of William Adams, of Plymouth. Is a barrister. 
Rt-law, called at the Middle Temple Nov. 1877, and of the N.E. Circuit. 
A Radical.— 96, Th€ Avenue, Bedford-part, fV. i Naliotutt Liberal 

Gray, Ernest. ( IVesi Ham, North) 

B. 1867 1 educated at a Public Elementary School and St. John's 
College, Battcriea (M.A., Aonorf* causa, Oxford) ; m. Florence 

. Caroline, d. of J. Qarside, esq. Is Secretary to the Education Committee 
nf the National Onion of Teachers, and is an ex-President of that 
t'nioB. Member of the Consultative Committee of Board of Education. 
Hm. M.A., Ozon 1899. Captain 8rd V.B. Essex Regt. A Conservative 
and Unionist; an Imperialist, and strongly in favour of progressive 

« seeial legislation, and of the greater efficiency uf National Education.— 
99, Oroevetior-road, S.fV. ; Cmrlton,Junior Constilutienal,and Soitih 
Euex Chtbt, tV, 

Green, Walford Davis. {JVtdneibury) 

Eldest s. of the Rev.Walford Green, of Blackheath, Kent, ex-president 
<rf the Weslejran Conference. B. 1869 ; edncated at the Leys School and 
King's College, Cambridge; m. 1^6, Annie Lillian, d. of 0. F. Car- 
penter, esq., of Hnptly, Bishops-Teignton. Is Chairman of Tamworth 
CoUiery Co. and Lt. Snd V.B. 8. Staffs. Regt. Hss written •* The PoUtical 
Career of George Canning,** which gained for him the member's prise 
for Modem History at Cambridge in 1891, "Ufe of Lord Chatham." 
l¥as called to the Bar at the Inner Temple, 1895. A Conservative and 
tTainnisU— Jlf(ic(ir^iry-AoM4«, QretuKxch-park, S.£.; Carlton ani 
lathmian Clubs. 


Greene, Sir Edward Walter, Bart. {Bury St 

Only 8. of the late B. Greene, M.P. B. 184S t edncated at Ragbj ; o. 
1864, d. of Prebendary Roydx, rector of Hanghton, Staffordsliire. b a 
J.P. and D.L. for Snffolk, J.P. for Worcestenhiie ; was high sheriff for 
Snffolk 1897, and created n baronet 1900. Is hon. lleat.-col. of the 
Snlfolk Yeonanry.— Cor/Zon, R.Y.S,, and CaveOry Club*: Ntlhn 
Hall, Bury St. Bdmundt. 

Greene, Henry Dayid. {Shrewsbury) 

8. of the late B. B. Greene, J.P., of Midgham, Berks., ex-gOTeraor of the 
Bank of England, and Isabelbi, d. of the late T. Blyth, esq. B. 1843 : 
edncated at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he proceeded to the 
degrees of M.A. and LL.M. Was called to the bar at the Middle 
Temple, 1868. Goes the Oxford Circuit. M. 1879, Harriet Rowland, 
d. of the late John Jones, esq., of GroTe, Crayen Arms, Salop, chiir- 
man of the City Bank. Became a Q.C. 1885, a bencher of the Middle 
Temple 1891, and recorder of lAdlow, 1892. Is a J.P. and DX. for 
8alop. Has sat for 8hrewslmry since 1892. A ConsenratiTe.— 18, Con- 
naught-plaet, HycU-part, fV.t 4, Briek-eourt, Templet J.C; 
Oarriet, New University, and Cartten Cluba; Omve, Oraoen 
Arms Station, Salop. 

Greene, Waiter Raymond. {Cambridgeshire, West) , 

Eldest s. of Sir Edward Walter Greene, of Nether-hall, SoliUk. UJf. ' 
for Bory St. Bdmnnds, and Anne Elisabeth, d. of the late Rer. C. Boydi. 
B. 1860, at Bury St. Edmunds; educated at Eton and Oriel Coll., Oxfioni- j 
Is a J. P. snifolk, and major Loyal SulTolk hussars. A Connerratife.- 
fVhite's and CetrUen Clubs, S. W. ; Nether-hatt, Bury St. SdmrnA. i 

Grenfell, William Henry. {Buckiiighjam^hmi 
Southern or Wycombe diy.) 

S. of the late C. W. Grenfell, by Oeorgiana, d. of the Right Hon. W. 
Sebright Laseelles. B. in London 1866; edncated at Hairow sad 
Balliol College, Oxford ; m. 1887, Ethel d. uf the Hon. Julian PiDe | 
and Lady Adine i,nhe Cowper). Was in the Harrow elcTen 1878-4, 
and represented the UniTersity in athletics and rowing. He twice swan i 
across Niagara. Specihl correspoudent Snakim Expedition ; prirste I 
secretary to Sir William Harconrt at the Exchequer, 1886; High SheriS 
of Backs. 1889 1 mayor of Maidenhead, 1895-97. Is a J.P. for Bucks, asd 
Berkshire. Sat for Salisbury 1880-85. Hereford 1892 as a Radical, bai 
resigned in 1898 before the second reading of the last Home Rule Bill, I 
and declared ConserrHtiTe 1898. Unsncoessftilly contested Windsor | 
1800. A Conservative. ~4, St. Jamts's-squar^, S.fV.; Twf onrf j 
Travellers* Clubs t Taplow Court, Taplow, Bucks. 

^ I 


Gretton, John. {Derbyshire, South) 

A >. of the late Mr. John Orettnn, ofthe firm of Bhm, RatdUT, Oretton 
& Co., brewers, of Bnrton-OB-Trent. B. 1867; edncated at Harrow ; m. 
1000, Hon. Mand, d. of 4th Lord Yenrry. Is a director ofthe firm ot 
Bass & Co. A ConserratiTe and Unionist.— 66, EtmUtnor^-gardhns, 
S.fF.; CarlUm, Marlborough and Junior CarUon Clubs, 8,fV.; 
Stapltford-pttrkt Melton Mowbray. 

Greville, Hon. Ronald Henry Fulke. {Bra^ord, 
East div.) 

Eldest 8. of Lord and Lady Greville. B. 1864 ; educated at Rugby ; 
m.l891, Margaret Helen, step-d. of W. McEwan, late M.P. for Central 
Edinburgh. Late Capt. Yorkshire Dragoons (Yeomanry), Capt. 
Ist Life Guards, and Lieut. 3rd Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. 
Is a J.P. and D.L. for co. Westmeath ; H. Sheriff for same (1B99). 
DnsoccessfuUy contested the Bamsley div. of Yorkshire 1806. A Con> 
serratitre.— 11, CharU»mttreet, Berkeley^qttare, W. ; (ktrlton, Tur/i 
Bachelor*', and Naval atut Military CltAa. 

Grey, Right Hon. Sir Edward, Bart. {Northumber- 
land, Berwick-on-Tweed div.) 

8. of the late Liettt.-Col. George Henry Grey, by Harriet Jane, d. of 
the late Lient.-Col. Pearron. B. in Chester-sq., London, 186S; m. 
1885, Frances Dorothy, d. of 8. F. Widdrington, esq., of Newton 
Hall, NorthamberUnd. Ednoated at Winchester, and Balliol Coll. 
Oxford. Was Parliamentiiry Sec. for Foreign Affiiirs 1893-95. P.O. 19C2. 
Sir B. Grey is a grandson of the Rt. Hon. Sir George Grey, G.C.B., the 8nd 
ban., and grand>nephew ofthe Snd Earl Grey, the celebrated statesman. 
Has sat for the Berwick'On -Tweed div. since 1885. A Liberal, in favour 
of Home Role.— 22, Qrottenor-road, 8.1V. ; Brook*'* and Ojfford and 
Cambridge Club*: FaUoden, Northumberland. 

Griffith, Ellis Jones. {Anglesey) 

S. of the lateT. M. Griffith, of Brynsienryn, Anglesey. B. 1860; 
educated at the University College of Wales, and Downing College, 
Cambridge (B.A. I^nd. and M.A. and LL.B. Camb.) ; m. Mary, d. of 
the Rev. R. Owen, of Mold. A barrister, called at the Middle Temple 
1887, and of North Wales, Chester, and Glamorgan Circuit. Is a Fellow 
of Downing Coll. Cambridge, ex-Pres. Cambridge Union, one of the 
Council of University Coll. North Wales, and author of some legal 
handbooks. He unsncoessfblly contested the Toxteth div. of Liverpool 
in 1892. A Liberal, in favour of Home Rnle. &c.-3 {North), King** 
Bench fVali, Temple, E.G.; National Liberal Club, S.fV.i 
Txf C6eh, BrynHeneyn, Anglesey. 



Griffith-Boscawen, Arthur. (Kentf South- West, or 
Tunbridge, div.) 

8. of Capt. Griffith-Boscawen, chairman of the Denbigh qnarter 
seasioBA, and Helen Sophia, eldest d. of the late Admiral Duff*. B. 186n, 
at TreTalyn Hall. Wrexham ; edacated at Rogbj, and Qneen'a College, 
Oxford; m. 1802, to Edith, eldest d. of the late S. Williams, esq., of 
Boones, Edenbridge, Kent. He obtained a first in Classics at Oxford 
.in 1888, and second in History 1889, and was President of the Oxford 
Union. Is Capt. Srd Batt. Qneen's Own Rl. West Kent Reg., nnd a 
J.P.for Kent; priv. sec. to the Chanchellor of the Exchequer (Sir M. 
Hicks-Beach) 1895-1900. Appointed a Parly. Charity Commijisioner 
(unpaid) 1900. A ProgreraiTe Conservative and Unionist, nad a strone 
Churchman, opposed to Disestablishment.— 52, Queen^t-gate-Urraee, 
S. fV. ; Carlton Club ; Ifarwarton, Speldhurst, nr. Ttitibridgc 

Groves, James Grimble. {Salford, South div. ) 

S. of the late William Peer Grimble Groves, brewer, and Elizabeth 
Groves. B. in Manchester 1854 ; educated privately in Cheshire, and at 
Owen's College, Manchester ; m. 1878, the younger d. of the late Robert 
Marsland, M.R.C.S.L. Is chairman and managing- director of the firm of 
Groves & Wbitnall, Ltd., Brewers, Salford. i.P. for the ooantj borough 
of Salford 1892, and for county of Chester 1898; mayor of Altrineham 
1897-08, 18U8-U0. A Conservative.— ^fieen Antw'9 Mansions, S.W.: 
Carlton Club ; OldfieUHaUt AUrineham, Cheshire. 

Guest, Hon. Ivor Churchill. (Plymouth) 

Eldest s. of Lord Wimborne, by Lady Cornelia Henrietta Marid, 
eldest d. of 7th Duke of Marlborough. B. 1878; educated at Bton and 
Trinity Coll. Cambridge i m. 1902, Alice, d. of Lord Ebury. High sherifi 
of QIamoigansbire 1900; lieut. Dorset Yeomanry. A Conservative. — 
22. Arlhigton-street^ S.fV.t Carlton, fVhite's, MarlborotigK «cnti 
Garrick Clubs; Cat\ford Manor, fVimbome. 

Gully, Rt. Hon. William Court. (Carlisle) 

Seconds, of the late James Manby Gully, M.D., by Flrances, d. of 
Thomas Court, esq. B. in London, 1835 ; educated at Trinity Ooilegv, 
Cambridge (M.A. 1859); Hon. LL.D. 1900; was president of the Cuwt- 
bridge Union: m. 1865, Elizabeth Anne Walford, eldest d. of the late 
Thomas Selby, esq., of Whitley, and Wimbish, Essex. Elected Speaker 
of the House of Commons April, 1806, and again 1895 aud IXM*. 
Was called to the Bar at tite Inner Temple, 18(10; became Q.C. 1877, and a 
Bencher of hi« Inn, 1879, and was a leader of the Northern Circuit. Was 
Recorder of Wigan 1886-05. He unsuccessthliy contested Whitehavca 


In 1880 and ISSfi. Ha» sat for Cariule since 1886. A Ubera], who sap. 
ported Mr. Gladstone's Irish poliey ,r-Speaker'» House, Palace of West- 
miruieTt S,fV.t SuUon^laety Seaford, Suseex; Oxford and Cam- 
bridge, and Atheneeum dubs. 

Gunter, Sir Robert, Bart. (Vorkah, West Riding, 
Barkston Ash diVt) 

Eldest s. of the late Robert Gunter, esq., of Earls-coart, Middlesex, 
by Panny, d. of William Thompson, eaq., of Durham. B. 1831; edu- 
cated at Rugby. A Magistrate in the West Riding of Yorkshire, and 
CoI<»cl Srd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment. He was formerly in the 4th 
Dragnon Gaards,and senred through the Crimean war. M. 186?, Jane 
Margnerite, elder d. of Thomas Benyon, esq., of Gledhow Hall. York- 
shire. Cr. baronet 1901. Sat for Knaresborongh fh)m Dee. 1884 to Noy 
1885, and for the Barkaton Ash div. since. A ConservatiTe.— 80, Baton- 
equare, S.W.* Army atut Navy, Hurlingham, and Carlton Clubs, 
S.fV.: Yorkshire Cltib, York; The Grange, fVetherby, Yorkshire. 

Gurdon, Sir William Brampton, K.C.M.G., C.B. 
{Norfolk, Northern div.) 

Yoanger s. of the late Brampton Gurdon, esq., of Letton Hall, Norfolk, 
sometime M.P. for West Norfolk, and the eldest d. of the late Lurri 
Colbome. He is also brother to the late Lord Cianworth, M.P. South and 
Mid Norfolk. B. in London, 1840; educated at Eton, and Trin. Coll.. 
Gunb. I m. 1888, Eyeline, d. of 6th Eirl of Portsmouth fshe d. 1894). Was 
a clerk in the Treasury, by competition, 1863-1885 ; Priv. Sec. to Mr. 
Gladstone as Chancellor of the Exchequer, Pint Lord, &c., 1866-74: 
C.B. 1874; K.C.M.G. 1883. Has served on several foreign missions uf 
both Liberal and Conservative ministries, one being M. Leon Say's 
Paris Monetary Commission of 1878. Was a member of the Transvaal 
Inquiry Commission. 1881 ; retired from the Treasury, 1885. A Liberal, 
in favour of a Arm but not aggressive foreign policy. Residential 
voting, Registration reform. Disestablishment, Uusectarian Bible Teach- 
ing in schools, SiC.— Brooks's Club, S. fV.t Assington Hall, Boxford, 

Gothrie, Walter Murray. {Tower UandeU, Bow 
nnd Bromley div.) 

8. of the late Jas. Alexdr. Gnthrie, of Craigie,J.P. and D.L., bybis 
wife Elinor, d. of Adml. Sir Jas. Stirling. B. in London 1869; ed. 
at Eton, and Trin. Hall, Camb. M. 1894, Olive, youngest d. of 
Sir John Leslie, Bart. Is a (director of National Discount Co. and 
Chairman of Commercial Union Assurance Co. Is a member of tl' 
a 2 


Scottish Archen, Qneen's bndjr-guard for Sootlaod ; Aldemaii off City 
of Lond., and a Merchant Taylor. J. P. and D.L. fiir Argyll. Muiager 
of Van Alan Field Hospital in 8. Africa 1900. A ConserratiTe.— 
9, Upper Berkeley Street, W. ; Twit Cartton, ff''hU^s,and Garrtck 
Clubs; Duart Castle, lalet^fMtOlfN.B. 

Hain, Edward. {Cornwall, Western or St. Ives 

S. of Edward und Grace Hain, of St. Ives, Cornwall. B. at St. Ives 
1851 ; edaeated At a private school ; n. 1863, Catherine 8«ward. Sad d. 
of Junes Haghes, of Whitehaven, Comberland. Is a shipowner of 
St. Ives, Cornwall, London, and CardiiT. Six timea nMjor of 
St. Ives, Cornwall. Was member of Cornwall C.C ; i.P. for Cornwall 
and the borongh of St. Ives. A Liberal Unionist.— i?4ferm MMf City 
€(f London Clubs ; TVetoyhtm, St. tves, ComweM. 

Haldane, Bight Hon. Richard Burdon. {Haddington- 

Eldest ff. of the late Robert Haldane, esq., of Cloanden, Pertluhire, 
by Mary EIisabeih,d.of the late Richard Bardon Sannderson, esq., of 
Otterbnrn, Northumberland. B. at Edinburgh Jnly, 1856; edncnted 
at Edinburgh University (M.A. with first-class honours in philonophy, 
Hon. LL.D., 1898), and at GOttingen. Wu called to the Bar In 1879, 
and was made Q.C. Jan. 1890. P.O. 1902. Is Joint editor and antlrar 
of ** Easays on Philosophical Criticism,'* author of " Education and 
Empire," and translator of Echopenhanerli chief works. Han sat for 
Haddingtonshire since 1885. A Liberal, in bvour of Hnme Rule. — 
8. WMlehatt-eourt, S.fV,t 10. Old-sq., Lincoln's-inn t Brooks's, 
AthentBum and New Club, Edinburgh t Cloanden, jiuchlmrarder, 

Hall, Edward Marshall. {Lancashire, S.W., 
Soatbport diy.) 

S. of Alfred Hall, M.D., P.R.C.P., s. of J. Cressy Hall, of Alfreton, by 
Julia Elisabeth, d. of James Walter Sebright, of Glasgow. B. in 
Brighton 1858 ; educated at St. Andrew's College, Chardstnck, Rvgby, 
St. John's College, Cambridge (B.A. 188S),and the Inner Temple ; m. 
1st, Ethel, d. of Henry Moon. M.D., P.R.C.P. (she d. 1890) ; Snd. 
Henriette, d. of the late Hans Kroeger. Was called to the Bar 1883, 
Q.C. 1898 ; practised Sonth-Eastern Circuit and London. A OonserTative . 
-3, Tewple-gardens, B.C., and 75, Cambridge-terraee, HydO'ptirk ; 
Carlton, Garrick, and Beefsteak Clubs. 


Halsey, Bight Hon. Thomas Frederick. {Hertfordshire ^ 
Watford div.) 

8. of the late Thomu Plumer Halsey (who sat for Heru 1846<M), by 
Prederica, d. of Frederick Johnston, of Hilton. B . at Temple Oinsley, 
Herts, 1889; m. 1865, Mary JaUa, youngest d. of the late P. O. Wells, 
esq., Bengal Civil Service. Educated at Eton, and at Christ Church, 
Oxford i B. A. 1861, M.A. 1864. Is a J.P. and Vice-chairman Herts C.C, 
i>rpnty Chairman of Q. Sessions for the St. Albans dir., Hon. Lieut..coL 
Herts Yeomanry, retired. Is patron of 8 livings. P.C. 1901. Ap- 
painted Chairman of Standing Orders and Selections Committees, 1899. 
A Conservative ; in favoor of a re-adjnstment of local taxation, and of 
■steady Conservative progress*," opposed to Home Rnle for Ireland, 
Oiwstablkhment, and to **all pn^pnsals tending to impair the elliciency 
of theTulnntary Schools.* Has sat for Hertfordshire since Feb. 1874.— 
73, Baton-pl.tS.fJ^. ; CarltoUf Conatittttionaland United University 
Ctubsi Gt. Gaddesden Place y Hemel Hempstead^ Herts. 

irambro, Charles Eric. (Surrey, Wimbledon div.) 

8. of Bverard A. Hambro and his wife, Oeitrnde Mary. B. at Oiflbrd 
House, Roehampton, 1873 ; educated at Eton College and Trinity College, 
Cambridge ; m. 1894, Sybil Martin Smith, Srd. d. of Martin R. Smith, of 
Smith, Payne & Smith, bankers. Is a banker, partner in the house of 
C. J. Hambro & Son. A Conservative.- 70, Prince* t-gaie^ S.fV.; 
rravellert' and PFMtc's Clnba. 

Hamilton, Right Hon. Lord George Francis, G. C.S.I. 
{Middlesex, Ealing div.) 

Third ■. of the 1st Duke of Abereorn, by Lady Louisa, 8nd d. 
•>f the 6th Duke of Bedford. B. 1845 1 m. 1871, Lady Maud Caroline, 
youngest d. of Srd Earl of Harewood. Ensign in the Rifle Brigade 1864 ; 
Lient. Coldstream Guards 1868 ; ret. 1869. Was Under Secretary of 
State for India 1874 to 1878; Vice-President of the Council 1878 to 
1880; First Lord of the Admiralty 1885-86, and again Aug. 1886-9S % 
Sec. of State fur India 1895-1903. Is governor of Harrow School, 
and was chairman Lond. School Board 1894-»r. G.C.S.I. 1»08. 
A CbMCrvative. Sat for Middlesex from Dec. 1868 to Nov. 1885, and 
W the Baling div. since.— 17, Montaffu-streett fV.t Carlton and 
Athmaevm Clubs. 

Hamilton, James Albert Edward, Marqnis of. 
{Londonderry City) 

Eldest 8. of James, Snd Duke of Abereorn, by Lady Mary Anna 
C'ursoB Howe, d. of Richard, ! st Earl Howe. B. 1869 ; educated at Eton 
m. 1894, Lady Raialind Bingham, only d. of Gorge, 4th Earl of Luna 


Appointed Treasarer of the Household, Oct. 1903. Is a major N. ot 
]r(>land Yeomanry, late captain in the 1st Life Guards. A Conwrratitc. 
15, Montagu-square, 9V.; Carlton Chtb.' 

Hammond, John. (Carlow, co.) 

B. 1842. Is a merchant, haring an extensive and long-eatabUsbed 
business in the town of Carlow, a J.P. for the county, and member of 
the Carlow Urban District Council and Carlow Co. 0. Haa sat for 
Carlow since 1B9I. A Nationalist.— iVofionoi Liberal Club, S.fV., 

Harcourt, Right Hon. Sir William Greorge Granville 
Venables Vernon-. {Monmoufhshive^ West) 

Seoondi.of the Rev. William Temon-Harooart, of Nnnehiuai Park, 
Oxf<Nrdflh., Canon of York, by Matilda Mary, d. of the late Lient.-Col. 
William Gooch. B. 1827 ; m. 1st, 1850, Th^se. d. of the late Thomas 
H. Lister, esq. ; Sndly. 187G, Mrs. Ives, d. of J. L. Motley, the hiBtoriaa 
and United States Minister in London. Edacated at Trinity Coll. Cam- 
bridge, where he graduated B.A. 1851. Was called to the bar af the 
Inner Temple May 1854; a Q.C. 18S6 ; wrote a series of letters in fhe 
7im«a, signed '«Historicas," 1860.67. Was SolicitorJGIen. firoa Nov. 
1878 to Peb. 1874, and so knighted : Sec. of State for the Home Depart- 
mentl880; and Chancellor of the Exchequer Jan. 1886, andaeain 1SP2 
to 1805. On Mr. Gtadstone's retirement from Parliament, 18M, he 
became Leader of the House of Commons. Was Professor of Inter- 
national Law at Cambridge University from 1869 to 1887. Praseated 
with the freedom of the city of Glasgow 1881 ; and is a D.I«. Soath- 
nmpton, and Tnutee of the British Museum. A Liberal, ia fkToar of 
Home Rule for Ireland, &c. Sat for the dty of Oxfbrd from Dec. 18RS 
to May 1880, when he stood nnsacceasAilly on taking oflcet for Derby 
from 1880 to July 1805, when he was defeated here and eleotcd Tor 
Monmouthshire, West.— X7«t/on«Atre, JZe/brm, Natiomal L^erai, andt 
Ojfordand Cambridge Cluba ; Malteood, Lifntlhurst, Hants. 

Hardie, James Keir. (Merthyr Tydfil) 

S. nf David Hardie and Mary Keir. B. 1856, in Lanarkshire ; m. 188o, 
Lillie, d. of Duncan Wilson. A working collier 1866; Minera* Unk>« 
secretary 1870 ; Journalist 1882 ; chairman of Independent Laboor Party 
1898-1000; founder and editor nf The Miner 1887: Labonr leader IRv^. 
He nnsnccessrully contested Mid Lanarkshire, April, 1888 ; sat for West 
Ham 1892.05. A Socialist and Independent LaboBr.->58, Fle^.ttre^t, 
Lontion, B.C.; Lochnorria^ Cumnock, Ayrshire. 


Hardy, Laurence. {Kent, South, or Ashford, di?.) 

8. or Sir John Hardy, 1st bart., of Danstall Hall, Burton-on-Trent, 
*Dd his wife, Laura, d. of W. Hoibech, esq., of Farnboroagh Hall, co. 
Warwick. B. 1854, at Oldborj Hall, ftcar Atherstone, Warwiduhire ; 
educated at EtoB» and Christ Chnrcb, Oxford (M.A. lat Class in Hist.) ; 
m. Evelyn Emily, eldest d. of J. Gattaorne Wood, esq., of Thedden 
Granges Alton, Hants. Is a director of the Low Moor Iron Works, 
a J.P. and D.L. Kent, a J.P. W«st Riding, Ytirks, and a C.C, 1889- 
1892. Has been one of the Chairman's Panel for Grand Committees 
siuce 1899. UnsaccessfttUy contested Shipley diT. of Yorks 1885. 
First elected for S. Kent 1899. A CoiiservatiTe.— 42, Lotondes-$quar0, 
8.W.; Cailtoti, fVellington^ and Oxford and Cambridge Clubt; 
Snndling-park, Htjthe, Knit. 

Hare, Thomas Leigh. (Norfolk, South- West) 

S. of the late Sir Thomas Hare, formerly Capt. 2nd Life Gaards,and 
A. Grace, his wife. B. 1859; edocated at Eton; m. 188(1, Lady Ida, 
Sqdd.oftheSrd Earl Cathcart. Entered the 24th Regt. 1879 1 trans- 
lerred to the ScoU Goardu 1880 ; retired 1885. Served in the Zulu 
War, and in Egypt, an() was in the battle of Tel-el.Kebir, 1883, and 
expedition to Snakim, 1885. Is major P.W.O. Norfolk Arlillery, and a 
J.P. and D.L. Norfolk. A Conservative.— /'s, Mariborouffh, and 
Carlton Clnbs; Stow Hatlfitfar Downham, Norfolk, 

Harmswortb, B. Laicester. {Caithness-shire) 

Fourth s). of the late Alflred Harmswortb, barrister-at-law of fhe 
Middle Temple. B. 1870. Is a director of The Amalgamated Pre>i.i. 
lid., publishers, London. A Liberal.— 3, Marlborough Oate, Hyde- 
park, W. 

Harring:ton, Timothy. (Dublin, Harbour div.) 

8. ot Mr. Denis Harrington, of Castletown, Bere, co. Cork. B. 1851 s 
Vacated at the Catholic University, and Trinity Coll. Dublint m. 1892, 
Elinibeth, 2ud d. of the late Dr. Edward O'Neill, Dabliu. Is a 
barrister, was formerly proprietor of United Ireland, and of the 
Kerry Sentinel. Was Lord Major of Dublin 1901. re-elected IflO'J 
and 19US. Was lately Secretary of the Irish National Lesgue, and a 
Parnellite, bat in 1897 he declared himself to be an Independent 
Nationalut. Sat for Westroeath from Feb. 1883 to Nov. 1885, and .for 
ihf llHrlvtqr diy. of Dnbliji since.— 7", Har court- street, Dub/in. 


Harris, Frederick Leverton. {Tynemouth) 

S. of Prederiok William Karris, J.P., and Ettsabeth, d. uf Peter 
McLeod Wylie. B. at Nnrwood 1864 1 edncated at Wiaehester iihI 
Caias College, CamtNidge ; m. 1886, to Gertmde. d. of the late John G. 
Richardson, of Bessbrook, Ireland. Is a partner in the fim of Harris & 
Dixon, shipownrrs, London, and Parliamentary private sec. to Mr. 
Amold.Forster. Secretary for War. A Conservative.— 4, Green-stnet, 
Part-lofu, fV. : Carlton and St. James* Ctuba ; Camitla Lacey, 
Dorking, Surrey. \ 

♦Harris, Frederick Bntherfoord. {Camherwell, 
Dulwioh div.) 

8. of the late O. A. Harris, Judge of the Supreme Con it of Madru, 
and Emma, d. of R. Ratherfooid, esq. B. 1855; edncated at Leather- 
head Grammar School; Baden and Edinburgh Universities; nnmaitied. 
Went to South Africa in 1882 and established a medical practice in 
Kimberley. He subsequently became confidential secretary to the late 
Mr. Cecil Rhodes, and first secretary to the Chartered Company. In 
1894 was elected member for Kimberley in the Cape Parliament, tad 
acted a3 Government Whip 1888. Was returned for Monmoatb 
Boroughs at the General Election, 1900, hut was unseated on petition. 
Elected for Dulwich, Dec. 1908. A Conservative. 101, Mottnt'Streel, 
fV. : Llangibby Castle^ Usk, near Netcportt Man. 

Hartland, Dixon-. See Dixon- Hartland. 
Harwood, George. {Bolton) 

S. of Richard Harwood. J. P., Mayor of Bolton, and of Alice Cualifr- 
B. 1845, at Bolton ; educated at Chorlton High School, and Owens Coll., 
Manchester (M.A. Lv>ndon University) ; m. 1868, Alice, d. of James 
Marsh, of Wigan (she d. 1894). Called to the Bar. Uncola's Inn, 18»0 ; 
now head of the firm of Richard Harwood & Son, cotton sfrinnen.oT 
Bolton. Passed the Oxford and Cambridge Exam, for Ordinatiou, and, 
as an attempt to extend lay help in the church, served as a Deacon 
(unpaid) at St. Ann's Church, Manchester, 1886 89, by peraissioa of 
(he Bishop. Is author of " Disestablishment,*' ** Hie Ooaiing DeoKv 
cracy,*^ &c., Ac. An Independent Liberal, in favour of Hone Rnle : abu 
of the principle of an Established Church, n refimned House of Lords, a 
diminution of publichouses, but not of Local Veto, &c— 68» South 
Audley-etreet, fV.; Athntmum, Rfform, and Bratenote Cinhs. 
Browntow F^td^ Bofton. 


flaalam, Sir Alfred Seale. (Newcaatle-under-Lyme) 

S.orwuiiam Hulam. of Dttbf, and Ann, d. of the Ute J. Smith. 
BniMtOBe, Stafb. B. at Derby 1844; educated at Derby and by private 
mtor ; n. 187B, d. of the late Thoa. Tatam, The Elms, Little Eaton, nr. 
Derliy. Is an engineer and ironmaster at Derby, and was member of 
Derby Corporation nineteen years, mayor 1890-1, alderman, J«P. for co. 
Derby ; ^President of Children's Hospital two years. Deaf and Dumb 
Institnte two years, and Derby Chamber of Commeroe three years. 
Knighted 1891 ; Mayor of Newcastle-under-Lyme since ISOl. A Liberal 
Unioniat. In faTow of reorganisation of the War Offloe, Foot Law 
Rerom, SDD.-Rrform, Dwotuhire, and City nf London Clubs t 
Breadaedl Priory, Dgrby. 

Haslett, Sir James Horner. (Belfast , North) 

8. of the Rev. Henry Haslett, Presbyterian minister, and his viitr 
Mary, the d. of the late John Wilson, esq., of Dmmeroon, Londonderry. 
B. at Knock, near Belfast, 1882; edacated at Knock National School, 
sndthe Royal Academical Inatitntion, Bel6isti m. 1878, Annie, d. of 
John Rae, esq., of Islandreagfa, co. Antrim, and London (she died 1894). 
A ehemist and dngg^t at Belhst, where he was apprenticed in 184A, 
and started business, in pnrtnership with his brother, 18B4. Is a J. P. 
and alderman for Belfast, &o. Has been twice mayor of Belfast, and was 
knighted in 1887. A Conservative. Was elected for West Belfast in 
NoTember, 1885, but defeated by Mr. Sexton the following June. 
Elected for the North div. on the death of Sir E. J. Harlaud, Jan. 18tf6. 
—Prinoo'a-yarclmu, Be(fast. 

Hatch, Ernest Frederic George. (Lancoihire, S.E., 
or Gorton diy.j 

8. of the late John William Hatch and Matilda Augusta, only d. of the 
lateHvgb SneU,esq., CalUngton, Cornwall. B.1859 : 
m. 1900, Oonstanee Blanche Oodolphin. youngest d. of 9th Duke 
of Leeds. Senior partner and founder of Hatch, Mansfield ft 
Co., of No. 1, Oockspur-st., S.W., and a director of the Pine Arts 
Insuranee Co. Has travelled In America, Canada, 8. Africa, India, 
China, and Japan. Takes great int«rest in Poieign and Colonial alTairH, 
and in the social condition of the people and the development of tlie 
Empire. A Conseivative. Contesled this div. unsuccessfully in 188!> 
and 1892.— 11, Jfotifil Street, Groavenor Square, fV.,- Carlton, 
BoodU*», Junior Carlton, and Ranelagh Clubs. 

Haviland-Burkei Edmund. {King's County y Tnl- 
lamore div.) 

Eldest a. (by Jane, 8nd d. of the late J. Waltham] of the late Rdmnn 
HaTiUnd-Borke, formerly M.P. for Chrlstchurch, Hants, who was t 


only BOO of the Ute Thomas William Aston HaTiIand-Barke, gnnA- 
nephew and heir-at-law of the Rt. Hon. Edaand Burice. B. 1864 . 
educated privately, chiefly on the Continent ; m. 1893, Susan, 2iid d. of 
the late John Wilson, of Cam Sampson, Ballycastle, co. Antrim. Acted 
as a war oorrespondent in Epiros to the ManeheaUr Guardian daris; 
the Torco-Greek war of 1897. Unaaccessfally contested North Kerry 
18U2, South Dablin 1805, and North Louth 19U(). A Natinnalis(.-7i>. 
fValerloo-road, Dublin. 

Hay, Hon. Claude George. {Shoreditchj Hoxton 

Fifth s. of the 11th Earl of Kinnoull. B. 1K2 ; educated at Badkj 
College and abroad. In a stitckbroker, and member of the firm of 
Ransford & Co. Was Under-Sec. of Lloyds. He unimooessfnlly con- 
tested Hoxton diT. of Shoreditch in 1892 and in 1895. Is a J.P. for 
London. Was private sec. to the late Rt. Hon. Edward Stanhope. Is 
interested in the Hoosinir of the Workintr Classes, the Municipal Movf- 
raent in the Metropolis, and in Railway Questions. A Consenrative ; in 
favour of Old Age Prnslona.— K, Cwtnaught-aqnart, IV.; Tnrf, 
Carlton, Baeh9lort\ Garriekf and Bevfst^ah Club*. 

Hayden, John P. {Roscommorit South) 

S. of Luke and Mary Hiiyden, of Roscommon, and brother of Lakf 
Patrick Hayden, the late member. B. 1863; educated at St. Cum***. 
Roscommon. Is a journalist and newspaper proprietor. Has rfprr- 
srutrd S. &o.scommon since 1807. A Nationalist.—'* Westmroih 
Examiner" Office, Mnllingar. 

llayter, Right Hon. Sir Arthur Divett, Bart/ 
( Walsall) 

S. of the Rt. Hon. Sir W. G. Hayler. bart., M.P., Judge Advorate-Grn. 
1848, and Secretary of the Treasury I849-&9, and Ann, eldest d. of W. 
PulsfiMrd, esq . , of Linslade Manor, Leighion Buzsard. B. 1835 ; edaeattd 
at Eton and Balliol and Brasenose Colls., Oxford CHons. in ClaM.) ; 
m. 1866, Henriette, d. of Adrian J. Hope, esq., and nteoe of Rt. Hod 
A. Beresford Hope, M.P. Was appointed to Grenadier Onards 18M< 
retired as captain 1866; commanded London Rifle Brigade 1872*81; lord 
of the Treasury 1880-82 ; financial yecretary at War Office 188S-85 ; prirr 
councillor 1894. Is Chairman of Public Aca)unts Committee. Authorof 
'^Eiisays on Production and its Increase." A Liberal, in fiiranr of 
Shorter Parliaments. Registration Reform, Better Housing (tf ih<- 
Working Classes, Compensation for iqjuries in all trades, Sic-9. 
Grogwenor-Hquare, tV.; Brooks', Travellers', Devonakire, and 
National Liberal Clubs; South-hill Part, BrttckneU, Btris . 
Tintagel, Cameiford^ Cornwall. 


Healy. Timothy Michael. {Louth, North) 

Second s. of Mr. Maurice Healy, by his wife Eliza Sullivan. B. at 
Bantry,co. Cork, 1855; m. 1882, Erina Kate,d. of Mr. T. D. Sullivan, 
M.P. Called to the Irish Bar 1884; a Q.C. 1899. Called to the 
English Bar 1908. Sat for Wexford borough from Vow. 1880 to June 
1883,and was then elected for Monaghan. Represented South Derry from 
Not. 1885 to June 1886. Was defeated there in July 1886, but was 
returned unopposed for North Longford in Feb. 1887. Has sat for 
Louth, Ncrth, since 1892. Is the author of '*Why there is an Irish 
Land Question," *'A Word for Ireland," &c., &c. A Nationalist— 
National Liberal Club ; 1, Mountjoy-iq.^ Dublin. 

Heath, Arthur Howard. (Hanley) 

8. of the late Robert Heath, of Biddulph Grange, Congleton, Cheshire, 
and Anne, d. of James Be«ch» of Tnnstall, Staffs. B. at Newcastle, Staffs, 
1856 ; was edacated at Cliiton College and Brasenose College, Oxford; 
m. 1884 to Alice, d. of the late Rev. H. R. Peel. Is an ironmaster and 
colliery proprietor: J.P. for Staffordshire; hon. major Siaffordshire 
Yeomanry. A Conaervatire, In favour of War Office and Temperance 
Reforms.— 16, BrytMnston-sqiiaref IV. ; Cartion, Junior Carlton and 
fVtlUnglon Clubs ; Ntwbold Revel^ Rugby. 

Heath, James. {Staffordshire , North- West div.) 

S. of Robert Heath, esq., M.P., of Biddulph Grange, Congleton, by 
Aline, d. of J. Beech, Efq., of Tunsrail, Staffordshire. B. \%^2, at Kids- 
grove; rdncaied at Cliftou College; m. 1881, Eaphemia Celina, d. of 
P. G. Vanderbyl, esq., of Ehelnwood, Farnborongh, and Cape Town. 
I.4 an ironmaster and colliery proprietor ; was Cnl. Staffordshire Yeo- 
manry. Has sat for N.W. Staffordshire since 1892. A Consenrative.— 
54, Cadogan'squartf S,fV.t Carlton and Junior Carlton Clubs ^ 
S.fV,; Jshome Hill^ Leamington. 

Heaton, John Henniker. {Canterbury) 

S. of the late Lient.-Ool. Heatont by the d. of John Henniker, esq. B. 
at Rochester, Kent, 1818: educated at Kent House School, and King's 
Coll. London ; m. 1878, only d. of Samuel Bennett, esq*, of Mandarrah 
Towers, New South Wales. Is a landowner in Australia, and also 
part owner of several Australian newspapers. Is author of **Tbe 
Anstralinn Dictionary of Dates and Men of the Time," '*An Account of 
a Canonisation at Borne," and a woric on the *' Australian Aborigines." 
Represented the Government of N.S. Wales at the Amsterdam Exhibi- 
tion, 1883, and in 1884 was deputed by the people of Maorititu to 
neRotiate with the Home Government for a new constitution. In 
1885 he represented the Tasmanian Guvernment at the Berlin Inte< 


national Cable CuufereoM, aad in 1866 was CoainiMk»n<r for N.S. 
Wales at the Indian and Colonial Exhroition. In 1898 he carried his 
scheme of Imperial Penny Postage, and he has obtained nnmerois 
other postal reforms. Freedom of City of London conferred on liim 
1900. Has sat for Canterbury since N07. 1885. ▲ " pittgreariTc 
Conserratire ; '* in fiiToar of ** fair trade for English manufactnres."- 
81, EeUon Squan, S.fV.i Portiand,Bath,and OarUon dubs. 

Helder, Augustus. (Whitehaven) 

The second s. of George Helder, of Clement's and Gray's Inns, 
solicitor, and AngusU (nie Pontet) his wife. B. 1887, at Brixton, 
educated at Pollard's School, Brompton, and at the College of St OniKr, 
France. Was articled to Richard Armitstead, solicitor, in Whitehavm 
in 184.3, admitted 184tf, and is now senior partner in the firm of 
Broclibaiik, Hrlder, & Co. Is also a director of varioos cumpaair*, 
including '* The Graphic* A Conservative, nflering hearty auppott to 
the Unionist Government, is in favoar of xn Eight Hoorh BUI fur 
miners.— Car//on and ConstUiUional dubs, S.W.s CorkiekU. 

Helme, Noryal Watson. {Lancashire^ N,, Lan- 
caster diy.) 

Eldest s. of the lute James Helme. B. in Lancaster 1849 ; educated 
at the Rnyal Grammar School, Lancaster ; m. 1877. Mary, elder d. of 
Thomas Wilson, of Caldbeek, Cnmberland. Is an Alderman (Mayor 
1890-7} of Lancaster, president of Lancaster and district Chamber of 
Commerce, member of Lancashire Coanty Council for Lancaster (West), 
Chairman Lancashire Asylums Committee, and member of Lancasbirr 
Education Committee ; is J. P. for county of Lancaster. A Liberal.- 
4, fVhiteAaii-eourt, S.W.; Rtform and National Liberal CM$ . 
Spi'ingfiald Hatt,lLaneaster. 

Hemphill, Rt. Hon. Charles Hare. (Tyrone, North) 

S. of the late John Hemphill, esq., and Barbara, d. of the Rrv. P. 
Hare. B. at Cashel; edncated at the Rev. Dr. Wall's School. Haae 
Street, Dublin, and Trln. Coll. Dublin (Scholar, 1st Classical Moderator, 
and sometime auditor of the Coll. Historical Soc.) ; m. 1849, Angasti 
Mary Stanhope, d. of the late Hon. Sir Ftancis Stanhope, and ttraad.*!. 
of the Srd Earl of Harrington (she d. 1899). A barrister, K.C., aad 
Bencher of the King's Inns ; sometime H.M. Serjeant at-Laur ; vu 
Solicitor-Gen. for Ireland. 1898-96, when he became a P.C. ; also J.P. 
eos. Dublin, Tipperary. and Wicklow. A Liberal, In lavonrof Hone 
Rule for Ireland, Mr. John Morley's Land Bill, A^—R^fbrm md 
National I^ibtral OInba ; 66, MerHon-s/fuare, Dublin: Vfiflon 


House, ShafMU, eo. Dublin; Stephen* »-grem Club^ Dublin; R. Si. 
George's Yaehi Club, Kingstown, 

UenderMD, Sir Alexander, Bart. (Staffordshire, 
West div.) 

S. of the late Mr. George Henderson, of Langholm, Dumfries. B. in 
London, 1860; educated privately; m. 1884, Jane Ellen, d. of E. W. 
Davis. He is one of the firm of Greenwood ft Co., of Austinfriars, 
London. Was a director of the Manchester Ship Canal Co. Is chairman 
of the Oreat Central Railway, a J.P. for Berkshire, &c. Created Baronet 
1902. A Liberal Unionist; opposed to Disestablishment and to the 
Eight Hours proposition, except for miners ; in favour of voluntary 
schools and of the Christian religion being taught in Board Schools.— 
18, Arlington-street^ S.W. ; Buscot Park, Faringdon, Berks. 

^Henderson, Arthur. CDwrham, Barnard Castle 

S. of David and Agnei Headeraon. B. at Glasgow 18A3. Bdocaied at 
St. Mary's School, NewcaaUe^n-Tyne. M. 1888, d. of Wm. WatMHi, 
of Porest Row, Suaaex. Waa>pprenticed to Robeit Stephenaon & Co., 
and haa held sevonl oflk:ial positions ia connection with Trade Uni<in 
Societies. Has been secretary of the NJB. Coast ConciliatloB Board 
since 18S4. Formerly a member of Newcastle City Council and Darham 
C.C. Is A member of the; Darlington Bnroogh Coaneil and a J.P. for 
Newcaatle. Labonr member.— 80, fVindsor- terrace, Darlington. 

Hermon- Hodge, Sir Robert Trotter, Bart. (Ojefttrd^ 
thire, Henley div.) 

S. oi Oen^e William Hodge, esq., of Newcastle-npon-Tyne, and 
Sam Elisa Hodge. B. at Newcaatle-apon-Tyne, 1861 ; edncafed at 
Clifton Coll.,and Worcester Coll., Oxford (M.A. I88I); m.1877. Prances 
Caroline, only d. of Mr. Bdward Hermon, sometime M.P. for Preston, 
whose name he assnmed in 1885. He is a J.P. for Oxfordshire, a It-col. in 
the OaUhrdah. Hassan, and ooanty alderman. Uasaocessfally contested 
the Aoerington div. at the election of 1885 ; sat for thatdir. 188(1-98, in 
which latter year he moved "The Address," bnt was defeated in 189« and 
1898. Cr. Baroaet 1902. First elected for Henley div. 1895. A Con- 
servative and Unionist, in favour of Imperial Federation.— Car//wi, 
Cauetlry, and fVMte's Clubs; WufoU-oourt, Reading. 

Hickman, Sir Alfred, Bart. (Wolverhamptofif West 

S. of the late Mr. George Roshbary Hickman, ironmaster, of Tb- 
Uoat, Tipton, Staffordshire, and Mary his wife. B. IKiOt at Tipto 


educated at King Edward's SchooU Birmiogham ; m. 1850, Lacy Owen, 
d. of Mr. William Smith, civil engineer, of Portaea. Has been aa 
ironmaster since 1848. A D.L. and J.F. for Staffordshire, member of 
the Council of the Mining Association of Gt. Britain, and of the Iroa 
and Steel Institote, ex-Pres. British Iron Trade Asaociation, chaimunof 
Alfred Hiclcman, Ltd., chairman of the Sonth Staffordshire Railway 
and Canal Freighters' Assodatton. He was knighted in 1891 ; created 
Baronet 1903. Unsaccessfalljr contested WoWeihampton, 1880; was 
elected for the Wcbt dir. 188^, lost the seat at the General Blectioa 
1886; re-elected 1883, and has held the seat since. A Conaerratirc— 
22, Kensington Palaee -gardens ; Carlton and St. Stephen's (Uub$: 
Wightwiek^ near Wolverhampton. 

Hicks- Beach, Right Hon. Sir Michael Edward , Bart. 
(Bristol^ West) 

Eld. a. of the late Sir Michael Hicks Hicks-Beach (8th bait), who «« t 
for East Oloncestersh. in 1864, by Harriett Yittoria, d. of John Stntton, 
esq., of Farthingfaoe Lodge, Northamptonsh. B. in Fortagal-stnrt, 
London, 1837; m. 1st, 1864, Caroline Sasan, eld d. of J. H. Blwes, esq. 
(she died 1865): 2ndly, 1874, Lady Lacy Catherine, Srd d. of the 3rd 
Earl Fortescne. Edacated at Eton, and at Christ Church, Oxford, wheie 
he graduated B.A. 1858, UJl. 1861, and was placed in the First Clavi 
Law and Modem History at the Final examination, July 1858. Wai 
Parliamentary Secretary to the Poor Law Board fh>m Feb. till Dec 186$, 
with the exception of a few weeks daring which he was Under Sec fcr 
the Home Department. Chief Secretary for Ireland from F«b. 1874 
to Feb. 1878, and again 1886; Secretary of State for the Colonies 1878 
to 188U ; Pres. Board of Trade 1888 92. Chancellor of the Excdieqaer 
1885, 1895.19U2. Has been Church Estates Commissioner and is a Depaty- 

Lieut, of Gloucestershire and Lord High Steward of the City. Wu 
formerly a Capt. of the N. Gloucestenhire Militia. A ConserTatiTe. 

Sat for East Gloucestershire 1864-1885, and for West Bristol since.- 
Carlton and Athenaeum Clubs i Coin, St. Aldwin's, Faiiford, 

Higgins, F. Piatt-. See Platt-Higgius. 
HiU, Arthur. {Down co., West) 

Only s. of the late member, the Rt. Hon. Lord Arthur William HiU 
(s. of the 4th Marq. of Downshire), and his wife Annie, only child 
of Lieut.-Gen. Cookes. B. 187S; edacated for the army. Entered the 
Militia, and is Capt. 5th Batt. KI. Irish Riliex. Served in Soatb 
Africa 1899-1902. J.P. for c«>. Down. A Conservative.— 43, fia/ott. 
place, S.fV.i Carlton and New Clubs: The Kennel, Hadley, 


Hoare, Sir Samuel, Bart. (Norwich) 

Eldest s. of th« Ute John Carney Hoire, esq., by Caroline, d.of the 
lite Charles Buelay, esq.,ofBiury Hill, Sorrey. B. 1841; educated at 
Harrow, and Trinity Coll. Cambridge : n. 1860, Katharine Lonisa Hart, 
d. of the late Richard Vaughan Davis, esq. Has been a partner in the 
banking: house of Barnetts, Hoare and Co., and is a J.P. for Norfollc 
and Middlesex, and Lieat. for the City of London. Cr. Bart. 
1899. VITas an unsuccessful candidate for Norfolk, North, at the 
general election of 1885, but on Mr. Bnllard, the member for Norwich, 
being unseated in March, 1886, he was returned for the city without 
opposition. A ConservatiTe, opposed to Home Rule for Ireland.— 
jttheruettm and Carlton Club* : Sideatrand Hall, Norfolk. 

Hobhonse, Charles Edward Henry. {Bristol, East) 

8. of Sir Charles Parry Hobhouse, bart., and Lucy, eldest d.of Sir 
Thomas Turtou, bart. B. in Sussex 18ri3: educated at Eton, Cb. Ch. 
Oxford, and R.M.C. Sandhurst ; m. to Oeorgina Fleetwood, only d.of 
George P. Faller, Neston Park, Corhham, M.P. for West Wilts 1886.95. 
A Ueut. ftOth Rifles 1884, captain 7th batt. King's Royal Rifles (Militia) 
1896, Lt..Col. conmiinding 8rd toI. battn. Gloucester Regiment. J.P. 
ht Wilts, CO. Wilts. Sat lor East Wilts 1892-96 ; private secretary 
Colouial Office 189S-96. A Liberal, in favour of a complete system of 
Secular Education, and of Disestablishment and Disendowment of State 
Chucches.-47, Rutkmd-gaiOt S.fV.-. Brooks' Club: Tbo Ridge, 
Cartham, fVilts. 

Hobhonse, Bight Hod. Henry. (Somerset, East) 

8. of Henry Hobhouse, esq., J.P. (who was s. of the Rr. Hon. Henry 
Hobhouse, Under Sec. of State at the Home Oflice, 1817-27}, by the Hon. 
Charlotte, d. of 8rd Lord Talbot De Malahide. B. 1854 ; m. 1880, 
Margaret, 7th d. of Richard Potter, esq., J.P. Educated at Eton, and 
Balliol Coll. Oxford ; flrst-class in classics, 1876 : M.A. 1878. Was called 
to the Bar in 1880, and has practised as a Parliamentary draftsman and 
counsel. Appointed an Ecclesiastical Commissioner (unpaid) 1890, and 
a member of Consultative Committee to the Board of Education 190O. 
P C. 1902. Is a J.P. fur Somerset, and vice-chairman of Somerset C.C. 
Hax sat for East Somerset since 1885. A Liberal Unionist.— .^/Amorwm 
Club i Hadspen House, Castle Cary, SoTnerset. 

Hodge, Hermon- Sir R. T. See Hermon-Hodge. 
Hogg, Lindsay. {Sussex, Sonth or Eastbourne div.) 

6. of William Hogg, many years Hansiatic Consul at Shanghai, and 
Elia S. (n^« Hicksun). B. at Shanghai 185S ; educated at Harrow 



m. 1B80, Alice, yoanger d. of John C. Cowley, of Heathfleld, Addinston, 
Snirey. Is a J.P. and C.C. for Snuex. a ConeenratiTe.— Corlfon tmd 
Junior Carlton Cluba ; Rotherfitld HaU, Stusex. 

Holland, Sir William Henry. (Forts., W.R., 
Botherham diy.) 

Younger a. of the lare WiUiam HoUand, J.P., Manchester. B. 1840. 
at Maneheater; m. 1874, May, eldest d. of Jaaes Land, esq., OJ... 
of Malsis Hall, near Bradford. Is a cotton and worsted spinser 
at Manchester. Is yice-Chairman Pine Cotton Spinnem Assoc., Ltd.« 
Director Williams Deacon and Manchester and SaUbrd BaaJc; Tier 
Pres. Assnciared Chamb)u Commerce; and Commissioner Paris BxhibitioB 
1900; and was Pre*. Manch. Chamb. Commerce 1806-8 ; Aldennas, 
Manch. l888-08( member Commercial Intel. Committee Board of Trade 
l»n, and Indian Currency Committee 1898 Knighted 1908. Sat for 
Salford, North dlv., 18»2-5, and the Botherham div. since 1899. A Liberal. 
in favour of War OSoe Reform, Limitation of theTetoofthe House nf 
Lords, Taxation of Ground Values, Temperanra Reform, PIree Trade, Ac., 
— rtl. Quem's-gaU, S.fV. t R^orm and National Liberal Cluba 
Poole Hall, Nantwieh, 

Hood, A eland-, Sir A. F. See Acland-Hood. 
Hope, James Fitzalan. (Sheffield, Brightside dir.) i 

8. of James Robert Hope (afterwards Hope-Scott, Q.C.) and Lady ' 
Victoria Howard, d. of the late Duke of Norfolk. B. at Norfolk Hoase, 
8t. James's-sqnare, 8.W., in 187U ; educated at the Oratory Sehuol. 
Birmingham, and Christ Church, Oxford ; m. 1898, Mabel, d.of Prascii 
Riddell, of Cheesebum Grange, Northumberland. J.P. for Sussex 1896; 
assistant hon. secretary Conservative Central Oflce 1898-96 ; prlnte 
secretary to the Duke of Norfolk as Postmaster-General from Haich, | 
1896, and on his resignation to the Marquis of Londonderry, k 
member of Teachers Registration Council. A ConservutiTe.— Ctn'IlM 
and fVMte'a Cluba; Herori'e Ohyll, Uel^M, Suases. i 

Hope, John Deans. (Fife, West div.) i 

8. of James Hope, of East Bams, Dnnbar, the well-known agri- 
culturist. B. at Duddingston, Midlothian, ISflO; educated at ¥<dUs ' 
College, and Edinbni^h University ; m. in 1899 the younger d. of i 
R. K. Holms-Kerr, of Dnderbank, Ayrshire. Is a chartered acconntasi 
and stockbroker. UnsuocessfliUy contested W. Perthshire. 1895. A I 
Radical, opposed to Imperialism .-i^ToMono/ Liberal Club: 1<> I 
Prineei- street, Edinburgh. 


Hornby f Sir William Henry, Barfc. (Blackburn) 

Is a s. of Mr. William Henry Hornby, of Blackburn, a former member 
for Blackbam. B. at Blackburn 1841; edacated privatHy; m. 1887, 
Letitia Grace Clayton-Browne. Ii head of the firm of W. H. Hornby 
and Co., cotton ipinnent and manufactarers, director of the Lancashire 
and Yorkshire Railway Company, and a J.P. and D.L* for Lancashire. 
Cr. Bart. 1899. Has sat for Blackbam since 1886. A Conservatire.— 
Carlton Club; PUasington Hall, Blackburn. 

Horner, Frederick William. (Lamhethy North 

B. in 1854; educated privately; m. Aim^e, youngest d. of the late 
Mr. Isaacson, of Rio Janeiro, Brazil, and Melbourne, la sole proprietor 
of the fVhitehall Review. Member of the Executive and Finance 
Committees, and of the Council of the National Union of Conservative 
Associations (Metropolitan div.) ; chairman of Works Committee and 
Lighting Committee, St. Martin's-inthe-Pields ; chairman Strand 
Labour Exchange. Writes, under the name of Martya Field, works 
entitled, *'The Late Lamented,** "The Bungalow," *'The Other 
Fellow," Sec, &c. He contested West Soathwark in 1896 unsuccess- 
fully. A Oouaervative. — TVktf Lindens, Aberdeen-plaee, N.fV. 
Carlton and Junior Carlton Clubs. 

Horniman, Frederick John. (Penryn and Falmouth) 

S. of John and Ann Horniman, o f Coombe Cliff, Croydon. B. at Bridge- 
water, Oct. 8, 1835 ; educated at the Friends* College, Croydon ; m. 1897, 
Minnie Louisa, d. of 6. W. Bennett, esq., of Chariton. Is chairman of 
Horniman, Ltd., tea-merchants, of Wormwood-street, London, K.C. He 
presented to the public a collection of objects of art and antiquity called 
'The Horniman Free Museum " at Forest Hill. A Liberal.— Fa/mouM- 
AotM«, SO, Hyde Pari terraee, W. ; National Liberal and City 
liberal Cluba. 

liouldsworth, Sir WiUiam Henry, Bart. {Manchester, 
North- West div.) 

S. of Henry Honldsworth, esq., of Coltness, Scotland, by Helen, d. of 
James Hamilton, esq., of Glasgow. B. at Manchester, 1834 ; m. Elisa* 
beth Graham, d. of Walter Crum, esq., of Thornliebank, Renilrewshire. 
Educated at St. Andrew's University. Is in business as a cotton-spinner 
in Manchester. Was the delegate of Great Britain at the Monetary 
Conference, Brussels, 1802. Created a baronet 1887. A Conservative; 
will support a Sunday closing bill for England, and will resist every 
attempt to destroy religions estabiishments. Has sat for Manchester 



since Oct. 1888 86, Gro»V0nor-pL, S,fV. ; Carlton eind ConserveUive 

Clubs; 49, Spring-gardens, Matiehesf^rt Coodham^ Ktlmamoct, 

Honlt, Joseph. {Cheshire j Wirral div.) 

S. of the late John Hoult, of Liverpool, and Alioe, d. of Josepk 
Welri)y, of Norton. B. at Urerpoul 1S47 ; edacated at WavNtrrt 
College ; m. 1878, to Julia Anne, 2nd d. of tlie late James Mvmy, of 
Edinbargh (d. 1901). Is a J.P. for LiTerpool and Cheshire. A 
Conservative.—TTktf RookUmda, Thornton Hough, Cheshire, 

Houston, Robert Paterson. {Literpool, West Toxteth 

Only 8. of Robert Honston, esq. B. 1858 ; edncated at LiTerpool 
College, and privately. Is head of ihe firm of R. P. Houton & Co., 
steamship owners and merchants, of Liverpool and Londoa. A &«- 
servativc.— 44, Park-lane, fV.: Finabnty-houee, BlomJUld-elnet, 
B.C.; Carlton and Junior Carlton Clubs; 10, DeOe-street, Liver- 
pool; The Laion, Aigburth, near JUverpool. 

Howard, John. {Kent^ North-East div.) 

S. of W. Howard, of Ersham, Canterbury. B. 1868; m. ISHft, Hoi. 
Mrs. Pawson, widow of W. Hargrave Pawsmi, and d. of 8rd Viscoaat 
St. Vincent. J.P. for Kent 1895 1 major Royal Bast Kent Yeomanrj. 
Served in South AfHca with ImperiaQYeomanry 1899-1902. A Oonserrx- 
tiff.— Carlton and Cavalry Clubs i Sibton Park, Lyminge, Kent. 

Howard, Joseph. (Middlesex^ Tottenham div.) 

Second s. of the late Mr. John Eliot Howard, P.R.8., of Tottenhan, 
by Maria, d. of Mr. William Dillwurth Crewdson, of Kendal, banker. 

B. at Tottenham 1884; edncated at University Coll. London; m. 185«, 
Ellen, d.of Mr. Henry Waterhouse, of Manchester. Wa* called to the 
Bar in 1856, but is now engaged in the iron tnbe trade. Is a J. P. and 

C. A. for Middlesex, and a Lieutenant of the City of London. Has sat titr 
the Tottenham div. since 1885. A Conservatlve.~18, Kenainei'*^ 
court, 9V, 

Hozier, Hon. James Henry Cecil. (XanarivAtrf, 
South div.) 

Only 8. of Lwd Newlands, 1st Baron, of ManldsUe Castle, Lanart- 
shire, and his wife Fanny, d. of the late John O'Hara, esq., of Rahccit 
CO. Galway. B. at Tannochside, Lanarlcshire, 1851 ; educated at Etoa. 
and Balliol Coll. Oxford; m. 1880, Lady Mary Cecil, second d. of tkt 
3rd Marqnb uf Exeter. Served in the Foreign OSoe 1874-S, and utt 



Diplomatio SeoreUrj on Lord Saliabary's special embMsy to the 
Constuitinople Cunference of 1876-7, private seoreUry to Lord Salis- 
bnry aa Fonrign Minister irom 1878 to 1880, and again vthen lie 
became Prime Minister, 18864(. He is Gmnd Master Masim of Soot- 
land ; a Public Works Loan Ck>mniissloner, and bus repreitented South 
Lanarkabins since the general election of 188H. A Conservative 
UniouisC.— 36, Grosv0nor-»g.t W.; St. /onn^a'a, Carllont Garrick, 
Praii*t, fVhite'at and Bachelors' Cluhs ; Mau/dsUt Castle, Car- 
htke^ Itonark^hire. 

Hudson, George Bickersteth. {Hertfordshiret North, 
or Hitchin, div. ) 

8. of the late Rev. Thomas Dawson Hndson, and his wife Isnbella 
Mary, d. of the Rev. W. Leigh BennetL B. 184ft ; educated at Rugby, 
and Exeter Coll. Oxford (B.A. 18A8; M.A. 1878); n. 1888, Lucy 
RetieecM, d. of the late George Ley, esq., of Ooburg, Ontario. Is a 
barrinCer called at the Inner Temple June 1878, of the Soutb-Bastern 
Ciruaiti and J.P., D.L.. and C.C. force. Hertford. A Conservative.— 16, 
Gtat€ee»t0r-squar9, Hy<U-park; Carlton Ctubt Frogmors Hall^ 

Humphreys-Owen, Arthur Charles. {Montgomery" 

S. of Krskine Humphreys, esq., of Lincoln's Inn, barrister-at-law, and 
Eiiza, youngest .1. of Edward Johnes, M.D.,ofGarUimjl. B. atGurthmyl, 
Montgomeryshire, 1836 ; educated at Harrow and Trin. Coll. Cam- 
bridge; m. 18*i4, Maria, eldest d. of the late James Russell, esq., Q.C. 
Is a barrister of Lincoln's Inn ; called April, lb64. He is a landowner 
in Ills native county, and chitirman of the County Council and deputy 
chairman of Quarter Sessions there. Is also Chiiirmiin of the Cam- 
brian railway, a governor of the University Colleges at Aberystwith 
and Bangor, chainnan to the Central Board under tiie Welsh Inter- 
mediate Education Act, 1889, and Member uf Consultative Committee 
of tlie Board of Education. On succeeding to tlie property of the 
late Mr*. Owen, of Glansevem, he assumed, by Royal licence, the name 
of Owen. A Liberal, in favour of Home Rule for Ireland, Wclsti dis- 
establiahment, reform of the land-laws, Local Control of the Liquor 
Traffic, unaectarian elementary schools, &c.—Athen«sum, Bath. Oxford 
and Cambridge, and National Liberal Clubs; Olauseveru, Berriew 
MotUgomery shire. 

*Himt, Bowland. {Shropshire, Ludlow div.) 

8. of the late Rowland Hunt and Florence, d. of R. Hnmflrey* esq., of 
Stoke Albany. B. 185S; educated at Eton and Magdalene College, 
Cambridge ; n. 1890, Georgina, d. of the late O. H. R. Davidson, esq., of 


Talloch. Is a J.P. for Shropshire. Served with LovAt's Svoats in 
S. African War, 1839-1902. A ConserratiTe, in favoar of Fiscal 
Reform.— Boreatton Parh^ Shrewtbury ; Kibworth HaUf Leicester. 

*HutchinBon, Charles Frederick. (Sussex, Bye dir. ) 

S. of R. S. Hatnhiiison, M.D., and Frances Hadden. B. at Nottis;- 
ham. 1850; educated at Elstree, Uppingham, and Edinburgh University, 
also at Berlin, Tienna, and Paris. M. 1880, Ellen, d. of the late S. 
Uorner-SoameM. M.D. Edin., 18^4 ; retired from practice, 1898. Is 
a J.P. for Sussex. A Liberal.— 6a, Deati" s-yard, Westminster, &W.; 
Reform Club ; Knotole, Mayfield, Sussex. 

Hutton, Alfred Eddison. (Yorkshire, West Riding, 
Morley div.) 

S. of John and Eliaa Hatton. B. 1866, at Eccleah ill, near Bradford 
educated at Mill Hill Scliool, Hendon, and Trinity College, Cambridfre. 
First elected for Morley div. 1608. A Liberal ; in favour of HomeBale, 
ike,— Brooks's aiid Devonshire Clubs, S.fV,f Eoeies-MU, Bradford; 
Crow Trees, Rawdon, Torks. 

Button, John. (Yorkshire, Richmond div.) 

S. of the late John Hutton, and Caroline, d. of Thomas Robson, 
of Holtby Hall, Yorkshire. B. 1847, at Solberge, Northallertoa ; 
educated at Eton, and Christ Church, Oxford ; m. 1870, Hon. Caroline 
Shore, eldest d. of the Snd Lord Tdgnmonth. Is a J.P., D.L^ Chairaao 
of the N. Riding Q. Sessions 1892 to 1899, and of the C.C. since 1895. 
Author of Yorkshire Coroners Act 1897, and Cottage Homes BilL Was 
MP. for Northallerton 1868-74. Has sat for Richmond div. ofYorU 
»inRe 1895. A Conservative.— CarAou Club, S,fV. ; Solberge, 
Northallerton, Yorkshire. 

Jacoby, James Alfred. (Derbyshire, Mid) 

8<>cond8. of the late Mr. Moritz Jacoby, of Nottingham. B. 1S5^; 
educated privately; m. 1888, Miss F. Lirpmann, of Olasguw. 
Haa been a town councillor of Nottingham since 1876,and was Sherift 
in 1877>8. Was president of the Nottingham Chamber of Commerce, 
and chairman of the Technical Schools Committee (which he took aa 
active part in promoting), and is Chairman of the Nottingham LibeMi 
Club, and a Fellow of the Statistical Society. Has oat for Mid Derbyshire 
since 1886. A Liberal and Home Ruler ; in favour of ** Local Option,' 
of reform in the Honse of Lords, &c.— 8, Queen's-gate Gardens, S.fV. , 
R^orm Club: OdkhiU, Nottingham, 

Jameson, John Eustace. (Clare, West div.) 

S. of the late Mr. James Jameson, of Airfield, eo. OnbUn, a partner u 
the distillery firm of W. Jameson & Co , of Dublin. B. 1862; edncstti 


at Wimbledon, and Sandharitt College ; m. Mary, d. of J. Bond Cabbell, 
esq., of Cromer Hall, Norfolk. Is a J.P. for co. Dublin. Has been in 
the 18th Royal Irish, 20th Honsars, and Queen's Own Worcestershire 
Hussars. Retired as major. Has also been one of the GoTernment 
Inspectors of Factories, and manager of his father's business. A 
Nationalist.— 75, Harrington^arden», S.tV, ; Reform, Hurlingham, 
and Saval and Military Clubs ; Tenby Hou$e, Dundrum, Dublin. 

Jebb, Sir Richard Claverhouse. (Cambridge University) 

S. of Robert Jebb, esq., Barrister-at-Lnw, and his wife, Emily Harriet, 
d. of Dr. Horsley, Dean of Brechin. B. at Dundee, 1841: educated at 
St. ColnmlM's College, Charterhouse, and Trin. Coll. Cambridge: m. 
1874, Caroline Lane, d. of the late Rer. J. Reynolds, D.D., and widow 
of Gen. A. L. Slemmer, U.S.A. army. A fellow of Trinity Coll. 1868 
^Lecturer, 1863-75); Public Orator of the University 1869-70: Greek 
Professor* Univ. Glasgow, 1875-89; Regius Prof, of Greek, Camb., 1889. 
Is LitL D. Camb., Hon. D.C.L. Oxon; Hon. LL.D. Harvard, Edin., 
Dublin and Glasgow, Hon. Doct. Philos., Bologna; Com. of the Order 
of the Saviour, Greece; also F.S.A. and Fxts. Soc. Promotion of 
Hellenic Studies : a member of the Rl. Commission on Secondary Educa- 
tion, 1804; Lond. Univ. Commission, 1896 , Royal Commi».<ion on Irish 
University Education, 1901, and Consult. Committee of Board of 
EducAtion, 1900; Chairman P^rl. Committee Burial Laws, 1897-98. 
U Hon. Professor Ancient Hist, in Royal Academy. A Trustee of 
the British Museum. Knighted 190U. A Conservative, strongly opposed 
to lefrislative interference with the EstMblished Church and its 
endowments, and in favour of maintaining the independence and 
integrity of the Colleges of the University. Has sat for Cambridge 
Univ. since 1891.-2, fVhitthalUeoitrt, S.PV. ; SpHngfield^ Neten- 
ham, Cambridge ; Athenceum and Albemarle Clubs. 

Jeffreys, Eight Hon. Arthur Frederick. {HaniSy 
North, or Basingstoke div.) 

S. of the late Arthur JeflQreys, R.N. B. 1848; educated at Christ 
Church, Oxford; B.A. Hoits. Maths.; m. 1877, Amy Constantia, d. of 
George J. Fenwick, D.L., Pelton, co. Durham. Was called to the Bar at 
the Inner Temple, 1872, but never practised, and is D.L., J.P., and 
C.C. for Hampshire. Has sat for North Hants since 1887. Is Deputy 
Chairman of the House of Commons. P.C. 1902. A Conservative; in favour 
of War Office Reform and improving the condition of British soldiers ; 
wonid relieve Agriculture by reducing the burdens on agricultural 
land, and by giving greater facilities for the carriage of farm produce. 
— Carlton Club ; Burtham House, near Alton, Hants. 


Jessel, Herbert Merton. {Si. Pancrtu, South div.) 

Younger a. of the late Rt. Hon. Sir George Jeasel, Master of tbr 
Rolls, and Amelia, d. or Jnaepli Mdeea, esq. B. 18A6, at Brighton ; edu- 
cated at Rngby and New College, Oxford; m. 1804, Mand, flftli d.ot 
(he late Rt. Hon. Sir Julian Ooldnmid, M.P. for thisdir. of St. Pancn* 
from 1885 to 1896. Formerly Capt. 17th Lancers, and Rl. Berkshire 
yeomanry, retired 189A ; J.F.forCn. of London. Is aConocillorforCit; 
of Westminster (Mayor 190.S) and Treasurer of London MnniciiMl 
Society. A Uberai Unionist. — 50, Mount-tt., Part Ltute, fV,i 
f'VhUt's, Army and Navy, Brooks's^ and Garriek Chtbs. 

Johnstone, John Hey wood. (Suaaex, North-west, or 
Horsham, div.) 

8. of the late Rev. Geo. D. Johnstone, rector of Creed, Cornwall, ami 
Mary Anne, d. of John Hawkins, esq., of Bignor Parle. B. 1850, ai 
Stonegate, Sussex ; educated at Trinity College, Cambridge : m. IB'S, 
Josephine, d. of the late J. J. Wells, esq., of Bicklir. Kent. Is atMiriiter. 
called at the Inner Temple Nov. 1874. Is a J.P. and member of the 
County Cnnncil for West Sussex. Was an unsuccessftil candidate at the 
St. Austell election in 1885. A Conservative.— Cor/iron and Unhvrsit* 
Clubs ! Riffnor Park, Pitlboroughf Sussex: Treufithtn^ Grampamtd- 
roady Cornwall. 

Joicey, Sir James, Bart. {Durham, Chester-le-Street 

S. of Mr. George Joicey, mining engineer, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, bv 
Dorothy his wife. B. at Tanfleld, Durham, 1840; educated at Gainfoid 
School, near Darlington; m. 1st. 187S), Amy, d. of the late Joseph 
Robinson, esq., J.P., of North Shields 2ndly, 1884, Mar^ret. d. nf the 
late Col. Drever, Bengal Cavalry. H.E.f .C.8. Is a large ooalowaei 
the Ann of Joicey and Co., and the Lambton Collieries, Ltd. Is D.L. 
for Co. Durham, J.P. for Northumberland, Durham, Montgnmeryskire, 
and Newcastle-on-Tyne. Baronetcy conferred June 1898. Has sat ta 
his div. since 1885. An 'advanced Liberal** and Home Ruler— at. 
Cadoffttn-aquare ; Reform, Devonshire, and NatitnuU LihermI 
Clubs I Longhirst, Northumberland ; Gregynog^ Newtotan, Jfo»^ 

Jones, Atherley-. See Atherley-Jones. 
Jones, David Brynmor. (iSwansea, dist.) 

Eldest s. of the late Rev. Thomas Jones, of Rhayader House, SwaaiWi 
(sometime chairman of the Congregational Union of Bngiand tid 
Wales), by Jane, his first wifi*. B. 1852, at Pentrepoeth. near Swanaei . 
educated privately, and at University Coll. School, and UnivefiityCoU., 


London, gradaated LL.B., 1874, UniTerrity of London; m. 1898, to 
Florence, widow o( Mr. A. de M. Mocatta, a d. of the late Mi^or 
Lionel B. Cohen. Was Hume Sq^olar at University College 1878 ; 
obtained the atndentsbip of the Conneil of Legal Bdncation 1876 ; called 
to the Bar. Middle Temple, 1876, a Bencher, 1899 ; Q.C. 1898. Practised 
as a bimriiiter in London and on the Sooth Wales and Chester Ciicnlt. Has 
been County Coort Judge Mid. Wales and Olonoestenhire ; resigned 
1882. Is a Governor of the Uaiversity College of 8onth Wales and 
Monmottthshire, a member of the Conit and Bxecntive of the Univ. of 
Wales, also Hon. Connsel : a ▼ioe'Pres. of the Cymrodorion 8iie., and 
was a member of the Welsh Land Commiwiiou. 1894-U6. J.P. for 
Glamorgan. Chairman of County Oonrt Dept. Committees 1898 and 1899. 
Has written '*Horae Rule and Imperial Sovereignty," ** Welsh 
History and Recent Research,* and "The Welsh People" (Jointly 
with J. Rhys), edited a volume of Sermons by his father, *«The Divine 
Order, and other Sermons," with an introduction by Robert Browning, 
the poet. Sat for the Stroud div. of Gloucestershire 1892-96. A Liberal. 
—87, Bryanstan-tquare^ fV.t 12. King*$ B»Heh.waIJt,Tempie, E.C ; 
Reform and Devonshirt Club*. 

Jones, Pryce-. See Pryce-Jones. 

Jones, William. {Camarvomhire, North) 

B. in Anglesey, 1880. Served as schoolmaster in Wales, and, coming 
ro London, became an assistant master in a Board School. Is now a 
private tutor at Oxford. A Liberal, supporting Home Rule, &c.— 24, 
Gordon-street, W.C. ; Oxford. 

Jordan, Jeremiah. {Fermanagh^ South) 

S. of Samuel Jordan, fanner, of Brookborough, co. Fermanagh, bjr 
Elisabeth Warrell. B. 1880 ; educated at a National School, and the 
Royal School, Ennisliillen. Is a provision merchant ; also a tenant 
farmer, and has been several times chairman of the Enniskillen Town 
Commiasioners. Is Chairman of Fermanagh Co. Council. Sat for West 
Clare 1885-92. Stood unsuccessfully for Fermanagh, North, 18i«2, but 
was elected in 1893 for Meath, South. A NaUonalut.— 12 and 13, High- 
atreet, BHnUkillen. 

Joyce, M. (Limerick, City) 

la an alderman of Limerick, and a pilot by trade. A Nationalist.— 

Earr, H. Set on-. See Seton-Karr. 
Kearley, Hudson Ewbanke. {Devonport) 

S. of George Bubanke Kearley, esq., of Uxbridge,and Mary Aniie, 
d. of Ch. Hudson, esq.,of Devonshire-square, E.C. B. 1856, at Uxbridge 


educated Rt the Snrrey Coanty School, Cranleigh ; m. 18S8, Sc-Una, d. of 
Edward Chester, e; q., of Blisworth , Northnts. Is a merchaat. ▲ Libera I. 
—Al, Grotvenor-pfaee, S.ff^.; Reform Club^ S.fV.; IVitUngtou, 
Marlow : Gwylfa HirMthoff, Denbigh^ N. fValet. 

Kemp, George. {^Lancashire, Heywood div.) 

S. of George Tawke Kemp, of Beech wood, Rochdale, and Braily 
Lydia, d. of Henry Kelsall, Tlie Batta, Rochdale. B. IS66. at Beech. 
wood ; educated at Shrew^bltry School, and Trinity College, Cainbridf>e 
( B.A. Class. Tripos) ; m. 1896, Beatrice, d. of the Earl of Ellesaiere. Is 
a flannel manafaeturer, major in the Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeo- 
in:tnry, and Hon. Lt.-Col. in the Army. Served in Soath Africa 1900.05. 
Was private seC; (unpaid) to Hr. W. E. Macartney, Secretary tu the 
Admiralty, 18P6. A Liberal Unionist.— 71, Portfrintf-p/ace, W.; Whites 
and Prate* Clubs ; Beeehiaood, RoehdaU ; Linghoime^ Keswiek. 

Kennaway, Rt. Hon. Sir John Henry, Bart., C.B. 
(Devon y Honiton div.) 

Eldest 8. of the late Sir John Kennaway, bart., bythe d. of the late Tho- 
mas Kingscote, esq., of Kingscote. Gloucestershire. B. at Park CreMxnt, 
1837; m. 18M, Prances, elder d. of Archibald P. Arthbuthnot, esq., nf 
Hyde Park Gardens, London, and grand-d. of the 1st Visct. Googh. Wai 
educated at Harrow and at Baliiol Coll. Oxford, where he was 1st class in 
the law and modern history school. Called to the bar at the Inner Temple 
1864 ; sworn a Privy Councillor 1897. C.B. 1902. Is Hon. Col. Srd V.B. 
Devon Regt. ; also Pres. Church Missionary Society, and of the Lnudnn 
Society for Promoting Christianitv among the Jews, ands J.P. for Devon. 
Is NUthor of a work entitled ** On Sherman's Track." A Conservative. 
Sat for East Devon 1870-85, and for the Honiton dir. tlnee.-'Atheuifum 
and National Clubs ; Eseot^ Ottery St. Mary, Devon. 

Kennedy, Patrick James. ( Westmeathf North) 

S. of Bryan Kennedy, of Rathrore Honne, Enfleld. County Meatk, 
hy his uife. Brigid Bourke. B. at Rathcore House, 1864; educated »t 
St. Vincent's College, Cnstleknock, oo. Dnblint m. IS88, Cornelia 
.Ird d. of Professor P. A. Duncan, of the University of Vienna. Is r 
landowner and gentleman farmer : elected chairman of the first County 
Council, established in April, I8l)9, by the Local Government Art, 1898. 
for his native county of Meath. Was chairmiin of the Meath County 
Council, 10011-02. Is a J.P. for co. Meath, and has served on all loc^l 
bodies; is a member of the Council of Agriculture. Sat for North Kildxre 
1892-5. An Irish Nationalist, strongly in favour of a scheme of 
compulsory purchase of land for Ireland and of the establishment of an 
Irish University for Catholics, both to be accomplished by Imperial 
financial aid, as a set-off to the present financial grievances of Ireland.— 
National Liberal Club ; Rathcore House, Enfield, oo. MeeUA. 


Kenyon, Hon. George Thomas. (Denbigh dist.) 

Second bat eldest rarviving s. of the third Baron Kenyon. by the Hon. 
Georginit de Grey, d. of the fourth Baron Walaingham. B. at Harley 
Street, London, in 1840; educated at Harrow, and at Christ Church. 
Oxford, sraduated B.A. Snd class Law and History 1864, M .A. in 1870 ; 
called to the Bar at the Middle Temple 1869 ; m. 187S, Florence, d. of 
John Harleston Leche, esq., of Garden Park, Chester. Is a J.P. for Salop, 
Denbighshire, and Flintshire, and a D.L. for the latter county ; junior 
depnty chancellor University of Wales 1898; capt. in Shropshire 
Yeomanry Cavalry 1873-78. He has written the " Life of Lord Kenyon. 
Lord Chief Justice of England.*' Sat fur Denbigh dist. 1885.9!>. when 
be retired, and in September, 1897, unsuccessfully contested East 
Denbighshire. A Conserratire, in favour of completion of our educa- 
tional System, especially technical and secondary, Reform of Poor 
Laws, Better Housing of the Working Classes, &c.— Carlton Club ; 
Llanerch Pannat Flintshire. 

Kenyon-SIaney, William Slaney. {Shropshire, N., or 
Newport div.) 

S. of the late Col. William Kenyon-Slaney (who was a grandson of 
the first Lord Kenyon), by Frances Catherine, d. and co- heiress of R. A. 
Slaaey, M.P., of Ilatton Grange. B. at Rajkote, Bombay, 1847 ; educated 
, at Eton, and Christ Church, Oxford; m. 1887, Mabel S«i in a, eldest d. of 
Earl of Bradford. Entered the Grenadier Guards in 1867, and became 
Major ard Col. in 1883; served in Egypt 1882. Isa J.P. and D.L. for Salop. 
Uu successfully contested the Wellington div. of the county in 1885. 
A Conservative ; desires to treat Ireland * in a spirit of generous jus- 
tice," but is opposed to Home Rule with a separate Parliament.— 
n^ellington and Carlton Clubs; Hatton Orange, Shi/nal, Shropshire. 

*Kerr, John. (Preston) 

S. of —Kerr, esq. B. 18S)3. Educated at St. Andrews and Glasgow 
Universities. Is an engineer, principal partner of Dick, Kerr & Co., of 
Kilmarnock and Preston. Isa J.P. for East Lothian. Unsuccessfully 
contested Haddingtonshire 1900. Elected for Preston, May 19u3. A 
Conservative.— ConstittUional Club. 

Keswick, William. {Surrey, Epsom div.) 

B. 1885. Is a member of the firm of Jardiue Sc Co., China merchantti, 
member of Legislative Council of Hong Kong, and a J.P. for Surrey, 
High Sheriff 1898. A Conservativc—S, Lombard- street, E.G. • 
Bastwiek-park, Leatherhead, 


*Kilbride, Denis. {Kildarej South) 

S. of Thnmu Kildnre and Maria Ryaa. B. 1848 at Luggacnrren. 
Educated at Clongowes Wood College, Clane. Dnmairied. Ir a tenant 
fanner. Sat for S. Kerry, 1887-95. and for N. Galway 18f»5-1900. 
Elected for S. Kildare, May ItfUS. A Nationalist.— Duiles/ree<, Jth^t 
CO. Kildare. 

Kimber, Henry. (Wandsworth) 

S. of the late Mr. Joseph Kimber, of Canonbnry. B. in London Jalj« 
1884 : m. 1860, Mary Adelaide, d.of the late General Charles Dixon, R.B., 
of Rectory Grove, Clapham. Was admitted a soliritor in ISAS, haviug 
preTionsty taken the first prise of the Incorporated Law Society, 
and a certificate in law at University College, London. Retired 
from practice 1890. Is chairman of the South Indian Railway Co., 
the Colonists' Land and Loan Co., N. Zealand, and the Natal Land and 
Colonisation Co., and director of the Capital and Counties Bank. Is also 
a member of the Royal Colonial Institute. Has sat for Wandswoith 
since 1886. A ** progressive Conservative," in favour of Imperial Pedeni- 
tinn, Reform of Representition, &o.—Jlb€my-ehamberM^ Yori-tlr^eU 
S.fV.; Lanndoioite Lodge, Bcut Pulney, S.W.; Carltottt City 
Carlton^ St. Stephen's, and Constitutional Clubs. 

King, Sir Henry Seymour, K.C.I.E. {Hully Central 

Eldest 8. of the late Mr. Henry Samuel King, J.P., Manor House, 
Chigwell. B. 1852; educated at Charterhouse, and M.A. Balliol Coll. 
Oxford; m. 1875, Julia Mary, youngest d. of the Rev. Dr. Jenkins of 
Montreal. Is head of the firm of Henry S. King and Co., bnnken and 
East Indian Ngents, of Cnrnhill and Pall Mall, London, and Calcutta 
and Bombay, India. Created K.C.I.E. 1892. and is in the Lienten«ncy 
of the City ot London, and the first Mayor of Kensington, 1900. Has 
sat for Hull, Central, since 1885. A Conservative.— 25, ComweM- 
gardens, S.lV.t Carlton, Conservatiite, St. Stephen**, Satfile^ and 
Alpine Clubs, and R.Y.S , Royal London, and other Taehi Clubs. 

Kitson, Sir James, Bart. {Yorkshire, West Riding » 
Colne Valley div.) 

S. of James Kitson, esq., engineer, of Elmete Hall, Leeds. B. at 
Leeds, 1835 ; educated at WalLefleld Proprietary School, and U^versity 
College, Loudon; m. 1st, 1860, Emily, d. of the late J. Cliff, esq., of 
W«>rtley, Leeds; Sndly, 1861, Lanra, d. of £. Pisher Smith, esq., of 
the Priory, Dudley. Is an iron and steel manufactorer} has been 


president of the Leeds Chamber of Commerce, and is a director of the 
N.B. Railway. Created Bart. 1886 ; Mayor (now Lord Mayor) of Leeds f 
1896-97. Was chairman of the Yorlishire Banking Co. First elected for 
this diT. 189S. A Libera1.-105, Pall Mall, S.fV.i Rtform Club; 
Ghdhow Hall, Leeds. 

Knowles, Sir Lees, Bart. (Saiford, West div.) 

BIdeit I. of the late John Knowles, esq., J.F. and D.L. (High Sheriff 
of Laacashire 189S-3}, of Westwood, Pendlebary* by BUubeth, d. of 
th« late James Leea, esq., of Green Bank, Oldham. B. 1867; educated 
at Rugby, and Trinity Coll. Cambridge, where he took the degrees M.A. 
andLL.M. Was President of the Cambridge UniTenity Athletic CInb 
1678; called to the Bar at Unooln's Inn 1883; Joined the Northern 
Circnit, 1883; was unpaid private Sec. to Mr. Ritchie ( Pres. Local 
Government Board) 1887, (Pres. Bd. of Trade) ISiift. Was hon. sec. of 
the GninncM Trust; a member of the Select Committee on Town 
Moldings, and chairman of the Select Committee on the Pinmbers' 
Registration Bill. Has been sncces5fnl in passing Ave Acts of Parlla- 
ment, dealing chiefly with nanitatiun. Is Lient.-CoI. 8rd vol. batt. 
Lane. Fusiliers; is also a D.L. for Lane., a Church Bstates Commr. 
(unpaid), a trustee of the London Parochial Charities, a member of 
Merchant Taylors' Company, a trustee of three livings, and hon. sec. 
to the Lane. Conservative M.F.'s Association ; created baronet 19U8. 
Unsuccessfnlly contested the Leigh div. of Lane. 1885 ; flrst elected for 
Salford, West, 1886. A Conservative.— 46, Park-street, AF.i 4, New 
Squar^t LineoMs Itm, W.C.; Carlton audJitnior Carlton Clubs; 
Union and Conservative Clubs,' Manchester : fVestwood, Pendle- 

Labouchere, Henry. {N'orlhampton) 

8. of John Labonchere, esq., of Broome Hall, Dorking, Surrey, by 
Mary , Sud d. of James Du Pri, esq., M.P., of Wilton Park, Bucks. B. in 
London 1881; educated at Btont m. 18A8, Henrietta, d. of James 
Hodson, esq., of Dublin. Is a nephew of the late Lord Taunton, 
sometime Chief See. for IreUnd and Sec. of State for the Colonies. 
Entered the Diplomatic Service 1854. retired 1864. Is proprietor of 
Trt(<A, which Journal he established. An advanced Liberal; in favour 
of the disendnwment and disestablishment of (he Church of England, and 
of Home Rule for Ireland. Sat for Windsor from July 1865 to April 
1866, when he was unseated on petition, and for Middlesex from April 
1867 to Dec. 1868, when he «as an unsuocessftil candidate there; has 
sat for Northampton since April 1880.— 10, Carteret-st., Queen Anne's- 
gate^ 8.W.; Reform, Union, National Liberal^ and St. James's 
Clubs; Pope's mia, Twickenham^ Middlesex. 


Lambert, Georga. {Devonshire, South Molten div.) 

S. of the late Get^ge Lambert. B. 1806, at Soath Tawton ; educated 
at North Tawton Grammar School. Is a farmer and Lord of the Manor 
of Spreyton : a J. P. and County Councillor for Devon, and a Capt 8rd 
bHtt. DeTonshire Regt. Served upon the Rl. Commission upon AsTi- 
culture. 189g. First elected for the South Molton div. Nuv. 1801. A 
Liberal, who, *'as an occupier of land and a tenant fiurmer, knowinf 
and feeling the requirements of fanners and agricultural labonren," 
will advocate reforms in the interest of those classes nioie particularly. 
—6, Upper Belffrave-itreet, 8.W.: Reform and NeUional ZJberal 
Clubs ; Spreytotit Bow, North Devon. 

Lambton, Hon. Frederick William. {Durham 
South- East) 

Second s. of 2nd Earl of Durham, and t win bm. ol present Earl. B. 1855 . 
' educated at Eton ; m. 1879, Beatrix, d. of Mr. John Bnlteel, of Pamflde. 
Devon. Served from 1874 to 1880 in the Coldstream Guards. D.L. for 
Northumberland. Sat for South Durham 1880-85. Unsuccessfully con- 
tested Berwick-upon-Tweed div. of Northumberland 188fi, Snoderlaad 
18H2, S.E. Durham. February, 1898. A Liberal Unionist— 72, Vpper 
Berkeley-street, fV.; Turf aud Travellers* Clubs : Fentorit fVooler, 

Langley, Batty. (8heffi,eldy Attercliffe div.) 

S. of Thomas and Jemima Langley. B. 1834, at Uppingham, Rutlao']. 
Is a timber merchant in a large waj of business in Sheffield. He ha? 
been fur many years a prominent Nonconformist member of the City 
Council, is a J. P. for city and county, an alderman, orerseer, 
chairman of the Burial Board, member of the Snhool Board, president 
of the Sheffield Sunday School Union and of the Liberal Association, 
&c. Was mayor of Sheffield in 1893 and as such promoted the Sheffield 
Conference for settling the great coal strike of that year. Daring hl<i 
mayoralty the town was made a city. An advanced Liberal. Fir<l 
fleeted for this iliv. Juni", lh'.U.—yatinnnl Liberal Club ; LnughiU, 

Laurie, Lt.-Gen. John Wimburn, C.B. {Pembroke and 
Haverfordwest f dist.) 

Eldest 8. of the late John Laurie, esq., of MarshalU, Essex. 
M.P. for Barnstaple, and BUta Helen, d. of Kenrick Oollett. «sq.. 
Master in Chancery. B. in London, 1835; educated at Harrow, 
Dresden, and the Roy. Mil. Coll. Sandhurst ; m. 18«3, Prances, d. of 


the Hon. Enos Coll ins (Halibx,N.S.}. Entered theSud Queen's Royals, 
1858, major (on special scrrioe in Canada) Dec. 1861, major-gen. 
1882, lieat.-gen. 1887. Serred in the Crimea 18M-M, in the Indian B^tiny 
campaign, repulse of Fenian raids 1866, in the exped. to the Transvaal 
1881,and was Snd in command in the Canadian N.W. Rebellion campaign. 
Later was Red Cross Commissioner in Senria, and made a K.C. of the 
Order of St. Sava, &c. Is Hon. Col. Rl. Munster Fusiliers and 63rd 
Halifkx Rifles of Canada. Was inspecting field oflcer when in Nova 
Scutia 1862-81, Pres. Central Board Agricnltoiv, Nova Scotia, Warden 
Halifax Coancil, 1880-81, and a Canadian M.F. 1887.91. Borough 
Councillor Paddington 1891 and 1900 ; is a governor. City and Guilds 
Institute, Northampton Institute, and City Polytechnic. F.G.M. Free- 
masons in 8. Wales ISH7. Master Sadlers' Company 1892, &o., &c 
C. B. 1902. XJnsuocessfhlly contested this seat 1 892. A Conservative and 
Unionist.— 47, Porehesttr.terTaee, ff.; Cartton Club; OaJtfield 
Nova Seotia* 

Law, Andrew Bonar. {Glxisgow, Blackfriars and 
Hutchestontown dir.) 

8. of the Rev. James Law, M.A., New Brunswick, Cannda, and Eliza 
Anne Kidston. B. at New Brunswick 1858 ; educated in Canada and 
at Gilberttitfld School, Hamilton, and Glasgow High School; m. 1801, 
to Annie Pitcairn,d. of Harrington Robley, of Glasgow. Was an iron 
merchant, Glasgow. J.P. for Dombartonshirc. Was Chairman of 
Scottish Iron Trade Association. Appointed Parliamentary Secretary of 
Board of Trade 1902. A Conservative.— Car/Zon Club; KintiUo 
Oelengburgh, N.B. 

^Law, Hugh Alexander. {Donegal, West) 

S. of the Rt. Hon. H. Law, late Lord Chancellor uf Ireland, and Helen 
Maria, d. of Vim. 'White, of Shrubs, co. Dublin. B. at Dublin, 1872 ; 
educated at Rugby and University College, Oxford ; m. 18^3, Charlotte, 
d. of Rev. A. U. Stuart, of Bogay House, Londonderry. Is <i J.P. for co. 
Donegal. Elected for W. Donegal, 1903. A Nationalist.— IfarUe Kill, 
Baltymore; LetUrkeuHV,eo.Dotugal, 

Lawrence, Sir £. Darning-, Bart. See Duming- 

♦Lawrence, Sir Joseph. (Monmouth Boronghs) 

8. of the late Philip Lawrence, of Ionian Islands. B. 1848, at Zante, 
edacated privately andOwen's College Manchester; m. 1873, Margaret 



Alice, d. of Joseph J<)Ciunii, of S mthport. Is chairman of the Linotype 
and Machinery, Ltd., BdiMin Ore Milling Syndicate. Dep. Chairroan 
Onjaderlaod Iron Ore Co., and director of British Westinghonse Blectric 
Co., a member of Surrey C'onnty Cooncil and J.P. for Surrey. Was 
captain in 40th Lancashire Volanteers 1878-78. Is Lievt. fur City of 
London, and Sheriff 1001. Was one of the pioneers of the Manchester 
Ship Canal. Kniffhted 1902. Unsnccessfally contested Cardiff at the 
General Election 1900. Elected for Monmonth May 1901 . A CnaiiervatiTf 
and an Imperialist.— 9, Buetingham Paiaee^ard«tu,S.fJ^.: Cariiw 
and City Cartton Clubs i OakUtnda Ktnley, Swrrey, 

Lawrence, Wm. Frederic. {Liverpool, Abercromby div.) 

Sob of the hite Rev. Chariei W. Lawrence, incmnbent of St. Lathe's. 
Liverpoolfliy Lacia.d.of Sir Samad Yoang,bart.,of PormoM.Berfcs. B. 
1844 ; edneated at Eton, and Christ Chvrch, Oxford, where he gradnated 
B.A.(18A7) and M.A. Was called to the Bar at Lincoln'KlBn 1871 : 
is J.P. for Wiltshire, 2Bd chairman of Wilts Quarter Sessions at 
Salisbury, and {oint-patron of the living bf St. Lulie'f, Liverptml. 
Has sat for the Abercromby div. of Liverpool since Nov. I88li. A 
ConsFTvative.— 27,fia/oM-«9f««rr, ; Atheiunkm,fiew Univrtily, 
and Carlton Cluba ; CowesJUld Hotue, fVhtUparish, SaUtbtuy. 

Lawson, John Grant. {Yorkshire, North Riding, 
Thirsk and Malton div.) 

S. of Andrew S. Lawson, esq., J.P. and D L. of Aldborough manor, 
Yorlcs., and Isabella, d. of John Grant, J P. and DIj., of Nnttall Hull 
Laucanliire. B. ISftii i educated at Harrow, and Christ Church, Oxford, 
vkhm he toolc honours in Law (B.A.ISXO ; M.A. 188S) ; m 1902. Silvia, 
d of Chas. Hunter, of SelMby, Darlington. Appointed Pari. Sec. Local 
Govt. Board ItfOO. Wms a deputy chairman of <* Ways and Means " ; 
and a Charity Commissioner (unpaid], a J.P., N. and W. Ridingn.and 
D.L., N. Riding, Yorks. Was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple, 
but does not practise. Stood unsuceessfhtly for Bury 1886, and for the 
Hey wood div. 188<t. A Progreasive Conservative —66. Orottfwr- 
street, fV,; CarUon, Baehtlors*, and fVMUi^a Ciubs; Kttavemirt 
Lodgt, York ; Nuttall Hatt, Lanes. 

*Lawaon, Sir Wilfrid, Bart. {Cornwall^ Camborne 

Bid. s. or the late Sir W. Lawson. 1st hart. B. at Brayton. 18811: 
educated privately; m..l8<K), Mary, d. of J. P. Senhouse. esq, of 
Nelherhall, Cumberland. Sat for Carlisle 186l»-66 and 18I(M6, and 


for Cnckermoaih dlv. of Comberland 1886-10U0. Elected for CMmborne 
div. of Cornwall, April 1903. A Radical.— /Reform Club; Brayion, 

Lajland- Bar rati, Franois. (Devoiishirej Torquay 

Only 8. of the late Francis Rarratt, of St. Aastell, Cornwall, by Anna 
Mifthell, eldest d. of J. P. Bennetts, J.P., of Palmoath. B. at St. 
Aastell 1860; educated at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, of which he is 
M.A. and LL.B.; m. 1881, to Prances, eldest d. of the late Thomai) 
Layland, of Stonehonae, Wallasey, Cheshire. Is D.L..J.P. Cornwall; 
C.C. Cornwall tnm oonunenoement of Connty Councils i high sheriff 
Cornwall 1897 ; assvmed by Rojral License additional name of Layland 
18V(>. UnavcoeMAilIy contested the Torquay div. in 1895. A Liberal, 
in fnvonr of radical reforms in the War Oflke.. in the Registration 
Laws, and the system of Land Tenure, and would bupport any 
pnicticnl scheme providing Old Age Pensions. — 68, Cadogan- 
square, S.fV.t Beferm, Devonshire, Naiionai Liberal Cfnhs ; 
Manor House, Torquay ; Tregarne Lodge, St. Austell. 

Leamy, Edmnnd. {Kildarei North) 

S. of the late James Leamy, of Waterford. B. at Waterford 1B48 
educated atTulIabtrg and University High School, Waterford; m. 1889, 
to Mai^aret, d. of Edward Hanly, Kilmurray Grove, Bray, co. Wicliluw. 
Admitted a solicitor in Ireland 1878 ; called to the Irish Bar 1885. He 
first entered Parliament as one of the two members for Waterford City 
in 1880. Elected wlthont opposition for N.B. Cork in 1886 and in 188» . 
Unimooemlkilly contested Mid Armagh in 188tt. Retired from Parliament 
in 1888; re-elected foHnwing year for South Sligo. Stood by Mr. 
I'amell at the time of the division in the ranlu of the Irish Parliamentary 
Party. L'nsnoceasfnily contested East Waterford as a Pamellite in 189-^ 
and Galway City in I896,and also at the present election. Has published 
s«MDe volumes of** Fairy Tales.'* An Iri«h Nationalist.— 60, Edith-road, 
U^stt Xenfingtont fV. 

Lee, Arthur Hamilton. (iETanfs, South or Fareham 

8. of the late Rev. Melville L. Lee, rector of Bridpori, Dorset, and 
Emily Winter Lee {nke Dicker). B. at Bridport 18A8 ; educated at 
(GirdlestODe's) Saiiningdale School, Cheltenham College, and the 
R.M.A. Woolwich ; m. 1899, Ruth. d. of the late J. O. Moore, of New 
York. Was brevet-major R.A., retired 1900. Waa also adjutant 


Hongkong Volanteen 1889-90; a(\jatant B.. 4. Isle of Wight 1801-93; 
professor of Strategy and Tactics Roy. Military Coll., Canadi. 
1893-98: British military attachi with U.S. army Spaniah-ikmericaB 
War 1808; military attach^ with rank of lieat.-ool. at Briti»b Embassy. 
WarhingtoD, 1899.1900. Haacontribnted articles to Harper's, Seribner'i 
Edinburgh Rtview^ and other pablicationa. Appointed Civil Lord 
tif the Admiralty 1903. A Conaeryative, in faroar of Protectioa of 
British Industries, Preferential Trade with the Colonies, Army Refoia, 
Strengthening Navy, against Disestablishment, &c., &c.— 10, Cht$lrr- 
fieid-ttreet, W.; Carlton and United Semice Club*; Rookeaburi 
Park, fViekham^ Hants. 

Lees, Sir Elliott, Bart. (^Birkenhead) 

Only surviving s. of T. E. Lees, J.P., D.L., of Woodfield, Oldham, and 
Hyde Park-square, by Bemarda. d. of Elliott Bay TumbuU, esq. B. at 
Hathershaw, Oldham, 1860; educated at Eton and Christ Church, 
Oxford, where he took the M.A. ; m. 1882, Florence, d. of P. Keith, esq. 
Is a J.P. for Dorset, and capt. in the Dorset Yeomanry. Served in 
South Africa 1899-1902, and was twice mentioned in despatches; D.S.U. 
Cr. Bart. 1897. He unsucces8f\illy contested Rochdale in 1885, and sit 
for Oldham from 1886 to 1 892. In June, 1893, he unsuccessfully contestfd 
Pontefract. A Conseri-ative and Unionist.— 14, Queen Anne'i-ff<tU. 
S. W. ; Conservative, Carlton, and Garrick Clubs ; 61, Hamilton-square. 
Birkenhead ; South Lytchet Manor, Poole, Dorset. 

Leese, Sir Joseph Francis. (Lancashiref N.E., Ac- 
crington div.) 

S. of Joseph and Prances Susan Lease. B. 1845, at Manohestcr: | 
educated privately, and at London University (B.A.) and Cambridge: 
m. 1807, Mary Constance, only child of the late Mr. William Bar I 
greaves, of Send, Woking, Snrrey. Is a barrister, called at the lantf | 
Temple 1868; Q.C. 1891 } a Bencher there, 1899; appointed Reoorderof 
Manchester Dec. 1893, when he vacated his seat and was le-eledoii 
knighted 180!S. An Advanced Liberal : advocates Home Rule for Ik* 
laud. Electoral, Land, Law, and Financial Reforms. DiaestabUshmentof 
the Scotch and Welsh Churches, the '* Direct Veto * aa regards licensiB;i 
an Eight Hours day for miners. District Councils, Sie— Queen Jtin*'' 
Mansions, St. James* Park, S.fV,t Refttrm Chtbt Book HfoA 
House, fVoUng, SurreU' 

Legge, Hon. Heneage. {8t, George*St Hanover 

S. of William, fourth Earl of Dartmouth, and the Hon. FraiK^ 
arrington, 2nd. d. of George, fifth Vifconnt Bariington. 6. «< 


SHndwell Park, West Bromwich, 1845 ; rdurated at Ermi. Colonel, late 
0th Lancen 1873490, furmeily Coldstream Guards 1863.73. Vestryman, 
8t. George's, Hanover Sqaare, 1891.1900, and coancillor on the London 
Coanty Coancil 1896.1901 ; Coanrillor on Westminster City Council 
1900^1. A Conservative.— 90, Ptcra<f«7/y,fF'.; Carlton and fVtUing- 
ton Ctuba. 

Leigh, Sir Joseph. {Stockport) 

S. of Thomas Leigh, cotton tpinner, Stockport. B. 1841 ; edacated at 
Stockport Grammar School and privately; m. 1868, Alice A., eldest child 
ofDanielAdamson, chief promoter of the Manchester Ship Canal. Is 
a J.P. for Stockport and Cheshire. Was mayor of Stockport in 1883, 
188'i-89; honorary freeman of the boroufih of Stockport; Chevalier of the 
Legion of Honour, Prance. Defeated candidate for Stockport in 1885, 
1886, and 1895. Headof the poll in li!92 and 1900. Is in favour of such 
measures of domestic reform as Old Age Pensions, the Housing of 
the Poor, the Rating of Land Values, the Temperance Question, and 
administrative reform in the War OIBce. A Liberal.— /?</orm Club ; 
Tho Tow0rs, Didtbury^ Manehoster. 

Leigh-Clare, Octavius Leigh. {LancashirCf Eccles 

S. of William Clare and Elizabeth Leigh. B. at Walton Breck, 
Liverpool, 1841 ; educated at Rossall School, and St. John's Coll., 
Cambridge ; m. 1st., 18ti8, Harriet, d. of William Hnson, of Liverpool, 
Snd, 1889, Jane Maria, d. of James Wigan, esq., of Mortlake. Is a 
barrister, called 1866. A Bencher of the Inner Temple, and a member 
of the General Council of the Bar. Was an unsuccessful candidate in 
the Eccles div. of Lancashire, 1892. A Conservative and Unionist.— 
11, New-eourtt Carey street, W.C.; Queen AntWa Mansions, S.fV.i 
Hittdley Cottage^ East Sheen ; Carlton, New University, and St 
Stephen's Clubs ,* Manchester Conservative Club. 

Leng, Sir John. {Dundee) 

S. of the late Adam Leng, esq., of Hull, and Mary, d. of Christopher 
Luocock, esq., land surveyor, of Malton. Yorkshire. B. 1828, at Hull ; 
educated at Hull Orunmar School ; m. (1) 1861, Emily, d. of W. Cook, 
esq., of Bererley (she d. 18«4} ; (2) 1897. Mary. d. of W. Low. esq., of 
Kirriemuir. Is a journalist. In 1847 he was subeditor of the Hull 
Adoerliser; and in 1861 he became editor and managing proprietor of 
the Dundee Advertiser. He has since established several popular 
journals in Scotland, including the People's Journal. Is the author 
of *' America in 1876,'' ** Scotch Banking Reform," ** American Com- 
petition," " Pi actical Politics," " The Best Methods of dealing with the 



Unemployed,* **H<Mne Bole All Bonnd," *< Letters from India mi 
Ceylon," &R. Is J. P. for the coonties of Porfar and Fife, and D.L. 6r 
the Co. of the City of Dundee. Knighted 1893. First returned fur 
Dundee on the death of Mr. Firth 1889. A Liberal. Considers tk 
most urgent subjects demanding legislation are Temperance Refora, 
Taxation of Land Values, Registration Reform.— ISA, FleeUst., £.C. 
Naiional Liberal Club ; Baatem Clitby Dundee ; Kinbnt, 
Newport, Fife. 

Leveson-Gower, Frederick Neville Sutherland. 


Only 8. of the late Lord Albert Sutherland Lereson-Gower. B. 1874; 
educated at Eton and Christ Charch, Oxford. A Liberal UnioniaL- 

Berkeley-hotue, Hay^hiUt fV. ; Travellera' and St. James's Clubs. 

Levy, Maurice. (Leicester shir Cy Mid or Lough- 
borough div.) 

8. of Joseph and Cordelia Levy. B. at Leicester 1859; edacatH 
privately and at London University School; m. 188S, d. of Mas 
Zossenheiro. Is a director of Messrs. Hart & Levy, Ltd., of Leicester vai 
London. A Liberal.— 16, St, James's-plaee, S.W.i Reform cutd 
National Liberal Clubs ; Humberstone HaU^ Leicester. 

Lewis, John Herbert. (Flint dist.) 

S. of Mr. E. Lewis, of Mostyn Quay, shipowner, by Catherine, 
d. of Mr. M. Roberts, of^Plas Llangwyfan, Denbighshire. B. 185S; 
educated at Denbigh Grammar School, the University of Montreal 
and Exettr College, Oxford; m. (1) Adelaide, d. of the Ute Mr, 
Charles Hughes, J.P. (she d. 1895); (2) Ruth, d. of the Ute W. S^ 
Caine, SI.P. for Camborne. Is a solicitor,adniitted 1882 ; an alderman o^ 
the Pliutshire County Council, chairman of the Flintshire Cooat) 
Governing Body of Intermediate Schools. A Liberal.— 65, Norti 
Side, Clapham Vommon, S.fV. ; Reform and NeUionat Liberat 
Clubs ; Penueha Caerwye, Holywell, Flintshire. 

Llewellyn, Evan Henry. (Somerset, North) 

S.of Llewellyn Llewellyn, esq., of Bnckland, PilUegh, N. Devoa, 
and £lica,d.of John Strick, esq. B. 1847, at Ynispenllwch, Glunorgaa 
educated at Rugby ; m. 18(S8, Mary Blanche, d. of Thomas SomerB,e:iq. 
Mendip-lodge, Somerset. Is a landowner ; a J.P. and Alderman en, 
Somerset, and maj. and hon. li«ut.-coI. 4th batt. Someivetaiiiie rcgt A 
Conservative.— Ic, Xiup street, St. James's, S.fV.s Carlton CM 
S.fV.; Langford-court, Somerset. 


Lloyd-George, David. {Carnarvon dist.) 

8. of the 1ar« Mr. William George, formerly muter of the Hope Street 
Unitarian Schools, Liverpool, and Elisabeth hln wife, who was d. of the 
late David Lloyd, Baptist minister of Llanystumdwy, Camanronshire. 
B. at Manchester, 1863; educated at LlanystamdwyCharch Schools and 
privately ; m. 1888, Margaret, onlyd. of BlchardOwen, eBq.,of Mynydd 
Ednyfed, Criccieth. Is a solicitor; admitted Jane 1884. Practises 
in London, the irm being Lloyd-Oeorge, Roberts and Co., 63, Qneen 
Victoria-street. Has sat fur Carnarvon dist. since April 1890. "A 
Liberal and Welsh Nationalist,* supporting "Home Rale,» •'Tern- 
perance," ** Diaestablishment," and other items in the programme of 
the Advanced Liberal party.— G/«n«ome Houae, Wandsworth Cum- 
tnoH,S.W.: National Liberal Ciub,' Brytiaweton, Orieeieth. 

*Lockie, John. {Devonport) 

8. of J. Lockie, of Glasgow, and Elizabeth Laidhiw Smyth. B. 1863, 
at Glasgow ; educat(>d at Geo. Watson's Coll., Edinburgh ; m. 1892, 
Annie, d. of John Farrell. Is a shipowner at Newcastle-on-Tyne. 
Established the Tyne Tube Co. at Jarrow. He is chairman and 
found«*r of the National Industrial Association, and took a leading 
part in despatching a commission to inquire into tri>de prospects in 
South Africa, 1902. Unsuccessfully contested Devonport at the General 
Election, 1904). Elecled for the same constituency, Oct., 1902. A Con- 
serv&tive.— Royal Societiea Club; Stone Hall, Stonehouie ; Button 
Hallf Letbury, Northumberland. 

Lockwoody Amelius Richard Mark. {Essex, West, or 
Epping, div.) 

8. of General Mark Wood (he took the name of Wood) and his wife, 
the d. of the kte Sir Robert Williams, bart. B. in London, 1847 : 
educated at Btou; m. 1876, Isabella, d. of the late Sir John R. Mil- 
banke.bart. Entered the Coldstream Guards 1866; retired with the 
rank of Lieut.-Col. 1883. A Conservative.— 5, Audlty-squaret W.; 
Arthur's and Prat ft Clubs ; Bishop's Hall, Jton^ford, Esses. 

Loder, Gerald Walter lirskine. {Brighton) 

Fborth i. of the kte Sir Robert Loder. bart., M.F. for Shoreham, 1880 
to 1886. and Maria, d. of Hans Busk, esq. B. 1861 ; educated at Eton, 
and Trinity College, Cambridge, M.A. and LL.B. 1884 i m.Oct. 1890, 
Lady Lou iae de Vere, eldest d. of the Duke of St. Albans. Was called 
to the Bar at the Inner Temple, 1888, and was priv. sec. to the Rt. 
Hon. C*. T. Ritchie, as President of the Local Government Board ISSS-t"* 
and to the Kt. Hon. Lord George Hamilton, Sec. of State tot h 
T 2 


1896-1901. Is a J.P/and D.L. for Sussex. Was first elected for Brigfatoi 
1889. A Cooservati^e.— Cortfon, Athenasum, Si. Stephen's^ and 
St. James's Clubs: Abinger House, Brighton t fVakehvrst Place. 
Ardinffley, Sussex. 

Logan, John William. {Leicestershire , South, or Har- 
borough div.) 

8. of John Logan, esq., railway contractor, of The Maindee, Newport, 
Hon. B. 1845, at Newport ; educated at Oloncester Oollegiate School ; 
m. 1874, Maud Ansdall, d. of the Rev. B. B. Watkins, of T^eetoa 
Rectory, Rotherham, Yorkshire. Formerly a railway oontnctor 
an Associate member of the Institute of Civil Engineers, and a J .P. for 
Leicestershire. A Liberal, in favour of Home Rule for Ireland, and the 
Liberal programme generally. First elected for ttau ean^titueney April 
1891.— 6, Riehfnond-lsrraoe, fVhitefiaU, S.fV. ; R^orm, National 
LibercU, and Cobden Clubs ; Bast Langton Grange, Market Uar- 

Long, Charles Wigram. {Worcestershire ^ Evesham 

Second 8. of the late Yen. Charles Maitland Long, Archdeacon of thr 
£. Riding of Yorkshire, by Anna Maria, d. of Sir Robert Wigram. 
B. 1842 ; m. Constance Mary, d. of the late Lt^Coi. R. VansitUrt, Cold 
stream Gds. Is a Lieut-Col. Roy. Artillery, retired, 1886, a J.P. and 
D.L. for Worcestershire, and chairman of the Severn Stoke Pari^b 
Council. Col. Long passed the Market Gardeners' Compensation Bill 
1893. A Conservative and Unionist, in favour of compensation to markrt 
gardeners, &c. First elected for the Evesham div. Jan. 1895.— Serem 
Bank, Severn Stoke, Worcestershire. 

Long, Right Hon. Walter Hume. {Bristol, South div.) 

Eldest f>. of the late Richard Penruddocke Long, esq., of Rood 
Ashton. Wilts, by Charlotte Anna, only d. of the late Rt. Hon. W. 
Wcntworth Fitzwiliiam-Hume Dick , of Wicklow, late M.P. for Wicklow . 
B. at Bath 1854; m. 1878, Lady Dorothy Blanche, 4th d. o< the 9th 
Earl of Cork and Orrery: educated at Harrow and Christ Church 
Oxford. Col. commanding Wilts Yeomanry, 1898. Appointed Pres. of 
Local Govt. Board 1900; was Pres. Board of Agriculture, 1895-1900 i 
was Parly. Sec. to the Local OoTernment Board, under Mr. Bitchie, 
1886-92. A J.P. and D.L. of Wilts, J.P. Somenet, and a patron of 3 
livings. A Conservative. Sat for North Wilts 1880-86, for the Devises 
"' 1885, and for the West Derby div. 1892-1900 ; retired and elected 


for Bristol, South, 1900.— U, Enn1amore.gar(im3 S,fV.i Carlton, 
Cavalry, and TStrf Clubs; Chilttme-todgtt Codford, Wilts; Bood 
Ashton, Trowbridge. 

Lonsdale, John Brownlee. (Armaghy Mid) 

S. of James Lonklale, of Armagh, by Jane, d. of Wm. Brownlee, of 
Armagh. B. 1849, at Armagh ; m. 1887, Plorence, d.of Wm. Ramney, of 
Stubbins Hoose, Lancashire ; educated privately. J. P. for co. Armagh ; 
litgh sheriff 1895. Is Hon. Secretary to the Irish Unionist Party. A 
ConservatiTe, and supporter of Mr. Chamberlain's Pair Trade pro- 
posals.— 13, Prinee's-gardens, S.fV.t Carlton, fVhite's, and Con- 
Mervative Clubs; The Pavilion, Armagh. 

Lough, Thomas. {Islington, West div.) 

S. of Mr. Matthew Lough, of Killynebbrr House, Cavan, and Martha, 
d. of Mr. William Steel. B. 1850. at Caran; educated at the Royal 
School, Cavan, and the Wesley College. Dublin; m. 188U, Edith 
Helen, d. of the late Rev. John Mills. Since 1880 he has been 
a wholesale tea merchant in Eastcheap. Was one of the founders, 
and for some time Hon. Sec. of the Home Rule Union. Is a member of 
the Royal ArchBological Society of Ireland, and of the Statisfical 
Society, and author ot *' England's Wealth, Ireland's Poverty," &c. 
A Liberal, advocating Home Rule for Ireland, and the^'Newcastle '' 
and** London Liberal "programmes, with LabonrRefnrm,&c.— A<A>rin, 
National Liberal, City Liberal, and Eighty Clubs; 14, Dean's, 
yard, fVestminster, S.fV. ; Drom Mullai, co. Cavan, Ireland. 

Lowe, Fi-ancis William. (^Birminghamj Edgbastou 

S. of William Lowe, esq., late of Birmingham, Solicitor, and Emma, 
d. of the late William Griffiths, esq., of Moseley, Birmingham. B. at 
Edgbaston, 1852 ; educated at the Birmingham (King Edward's) 
Grammar School and Lond. University; m. 1883, Mary, only child of 
William Holden, late of Scarborough. Is a solicitor, admitted 1876 ; 
formerly a member of the firm of Lowe and Joly, but has now ceased to 
practise. Is a J.P. for the city, late Chairman of the Midland Union, and 
a member of the Council and Executive of the National Union of Con- 
servative Associations. Has been Fres. Birmingham Conservative 
Association since Dec. 1892, and served for six years as a member of the 
City Council. A Progressi^'e Conservative. In 1885 he unsuccessftllly 
contested the Eastern dir. of Birmingham, and in 1892 the Harborough 
div. of Leicestershire.— 2, Queen' s-gate, S.fV.: Carlton Club ; W 
Colmore-row, Birmingham 


Lowther, Clande. {Cumherl<indt North) 

S. of CaptaiD Francu William Lowth«r, Royal Navy, and cousin ol 
the Earl of Lonsdale. B. 1870 in the Isle of Wight ; was edacated 
at Rugby and on the "^oBtinent. Served for several years in the 
Diplomatic Service. On the outbreak of the Boer war volunteered for 
active service, and went out as second in command of the WestmoreUnd 
and Cumberland contingent of Imperial Yeomanry. After the battle of 
FaberV Spruit, in whichbe was recommended lor the V.C. for saving tbe 
life of a comrade under a gallingfire, Sir Charles Warren appointed biB 
as A . O.C. He has written several books under a fiom de pluau. Wkik 
attach^ to Sir Henry Drummond Wolff at Madrid he wrote a report nn 
Cuba, predicting the rebellion ; for this report, which was published for 
the use of the Foreign Office, he received the thanks of Lord Kimbertef 
then Minister for Foreign Affairs. A Conservative.— 7^ Atbanf, 
Burlington-gardens, W.: Carlton, St. James's, (iarriek. Marl- 
borough, and Baehehrs^ Clubs. 

Lowther, Right Hon. James. (Kenit Isle of Thanet div.) 

Younger 8. of Sir Charles Hugh Lonrther, bart., by Isabella, eld. d. of 
the late Rev. Robert Morehead,D.D., Rector of Easington-cam-LirertoB, 
Yorkshire. B. at Swillington House, Leeds, 1810. Educated at West- 
minster School, and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge, graduated B.A. 1862, 
M.A. 1866. Called to the bar at the Inner Temple 1864. Is a J.P., D.L. 
and alderman for the North Riding of Yorks. Was Parliamentary Secre- 
tary to the Poor Law Board from Aug. to Dec. 1868. Under-Secretarj 
for the Colonies from Feb. 1874 to Feb. 1878 ; and Chief Secretary for 
Ireland from the last date to April 1880. He sat for the city of York 
from July 1866 to March 1880; un«nccesslhlly contested East Cumberland | 
Feb. 1881 ; and sat for North Lincolnshire from Aug. 1881 to Nor. 1885. 
In 1885 ht unsuccessfully contested the Louth div. of Lincolnshire, and 
in 1886 the Eskdale div. of Cumberland. Was irst elected for the Isle 
of Thanet divbion of Kent June 1888. A Conservatire.— 59, 6ro«re»ior-«r., 
W. t Wilton Castle, Redcar, Yorkshire. 

Lowther, Bight Hon. James William. {Cumberland^ 
Penrith div.) 

Eldest a. of the Hon. William Lowther, by Hon. Alloc, Srdd. of the 
late Baron Wensleydale. B. in I.ondon,1866 ; m. 1886, Mary Fnuiees, d. 
of the late Rt. Hon. A. J. B. Beresford-Hope. Was educated at Etoa, 
King's College, London, and Trinity College, Cambridge; graduated 
LL.M. 1882; was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple in 1879. b 
Deputy Speaker and Chairman of Committee of" Ways and Meaiu"; 
and has been 4th Parliamentary Charity Comroiisioner ; is also D.L., 
and aJ.P. and Chairmin of Quarter Sessions for Cumberland. Wsi 


ParliamenUry Sec. for Foreign Afikira 18U1.92; a P.C. 1898. He rat 
for RntUnd from Aug. 1883 to Nov. 1886 : whs an uiisnccmnral candidate 
for Mid Cnmberland in the ensaing general election, and flritt elected 
for the Penrith dir. 1880. A Conaervatire.— in, PVillon-eresetn 
&AF.,- Cartlon Club, S.W.; Huiton John, Penrith. 

Loyd, Archie Kirkman. {BerkHhirCy Abingdon div.) 

Third burTiving >. of the la!e Thomas Kirkman Loyd, Bengal Civil 
Service, by Annie Hnrsf, d. of tlie late James Haig. B. 1847 ; edacated 
at Brighton College .ind the late Mr. Walter Wren's, from whom he passed 
for the Indian Civil Service in 18A7: m. 188R, Henrietta Louisa, d. of 
(he late E. L. Clntterinick, of Hardenhaish Park, ChippenhHm. Called 
to the Bar at the Middle Temple 18<%, and is a member of the Midland 
Circuit; aQ.C. 1892t a Bencher of his Inn, 1894. U a member of the 
Coanril of the National Society for Aid to the Sick and Woanded in War. 
A CoBaervative.— 600, Cadogan-sqitaret S.fV. ; Carlton, fVitulham, 
and Onion Cli$b*: Lamb-building, Temple, B.C.; Down House, 
Boat Hendred, Berk*. 

Lncas, Francis Alfred. {Suffolk^ North or 
Lowestoft div.) 

S. of the late Sampson Lacas, of Glouceiiterrquare, London, and 
Lydiajd. of the lare M. Davidson. B. at Gloucester-square in 185U; 
educated privately, and afterwards at Univfxsity College, London; ra. 
1887, Alice, younger d. of the late Viacounl de Stern. Was for some 
years a partner in the firm of Lucas, MicboUs, & Co., of London, 
Manchester, and Stockport ; is an enthusiastic volunteer, for thirty-five 
yeara in the Artists* Corps, mostly as an officer, and was appointed to the 
command of the Harwich Volunteer Infantry Brigade 1900; is a 
governor of Cliriot's Hospital, Guy's Hospital, and of several other 
Fhilanthropic inalitutions. He is a director of the Alliance Insurance 
Company, and ikone ol the members representing the ea»tern counties on 
the National Union of Conservative Associations, and is also a J. P. for 
the county of Suflblk. A Conservative.— iSfortiotrfiy House, Cleveland, 
row, St.Jamea', 8.W.; Athemetim, Carlton, and St. James' Clubs; 
Eaaton Park, Wickham Market, Suffolk. 

Lucas, Reginald Jaffray. {Portsmoutli) 

8. of the late Sir Thomas Lncas, bart. B. in London 1B65. 
educated at Eton and Trinity College. Cambridge ; unmarried. Private 
secretary to the Rt. Hon. A. A kers- Douglas, chief Unionist Whip 
1886.92; to the Right Hon. Sir W. H. Walrond, chiei Unionist Whip 
189&.19U1. Has written*' Felix Dorrien* and other novels. Was lient 
LoiidoD Rifle Brigade, A.D.C to Brigadier commanding Pmrth Lond 


Volonteer Brigade, nnd OAptain Srd Baf. (M.) Hampshire Regt- A 
ConaervtAive.—Queen jitme's MansiorUt S.W. ; Carlton^ Tw^'^Marl- 
borough, and Badutlora* Clubs. 

Lundon, William. {Limerick^ East) 

S. of M. Landnn, fanner, aad Alice Landon [ni* Malnny). B. 1831, 
in Kilteelyi educated at Kiiteely ClasHlcal Academy; m. 1879. Annf. 
d.of Hagli Torpcy, fanner. Is a profensor of languages. Has brea a 
prominent politician on the side of the Irish Nationaliitt Party for (k< 
last Ibrty years. Is a teacher of considerable repute in his district 
A Nationalist.- AT^Z/^e/y, oo. Limerick. 

Lyttelton, Bt. Hon. Alfred. ( Warwick and Leamington) 

A B. of the 4th Baron Lyttelton and Lady Lyttelton, d. of Sir Stephrn 
Glynnp, 8th bart. B. in St. James's Square, London, 1857 ; edncated tt 
Eton, and Trin. Coll. Cambridge, where he took Honour* in History, 
and the Oration Priie ; m. 1st, 1885, Laura OcUTia,d. of Sir C.Tennsat, 
Bart, (she d. 1886) ; 2nd, 1892, Edith, d. of Archibald Balfour, esq. Wti 
called to the Bar, Inner Temple, 1881, and went the Oxford Circait 
Recorder of Hereford 189.3, and Recorder of Oxford 1894.1903. K.C. 19U). 
Is Secretary of State for the Colonies, appointed Oct. 19u3 ; a member of 
t)ie Council of the Bar. P.C. 1903. A Liberal Unionist. Has held tiii$ 
seat since May, 1895.— 16, Great College- street,S. W.; 3, Vaper-huildiHgi, 
Teinplef E.C.; Brooks's Club. 

McArthur, Charles. (Liverpool, Exchange div.) 

S. of Charles McArthnr, of Port Glas^w, and Harriot MoAithar,nf 
Clifton, Bristol. B. 1844, at Kingsdown, Bristol; educated at the 
Bristol Grammar School; m. Jes&ie, youngest d. of the lare Joka 
M;<kin, of Liverpool. Has been an average adjuster since 1872, aad 
has been Chairman of the Association of Average Adjnsten. Was ali«) 
Pres. Liverpool Chamber of Commerce for fonr years, and a member of 
the Lord Chancellor's Committee for Codilyiug the Marine Insaraacf 
Laws, and Chairman of the Bill of iMdinR Committee. Is author t>r 
works on Marine Insnraiice, " The Evidences of Natural Religion,' 
\'c., and a J. P. for the City of Liverpool. A Liberal Unioaiat- 
1 3, St Mary Am*^ B. C; 24, Groavtnor-mansions^ F'ieloriO'SL, S. fV-i 
i3a, Exchange Buildinga, Liverpool; F'iila Marina, New Brighton^ 

McArthur, William Alexander. (Comwail, St. Austell 
div.) 1 

Eldest s. of A. McArthur, esq., M.P. for Leicester, by Maria, Sad 
the Rev. W. B. Boycc, of Aostralia. B. at Sydney, New Suath Wales. 


1857; edttCKted privately; m. 18»0, Plorenc«, d. of J. C. CUrke.'eitq., 
bteM.P. for Abingdon. la a partner in the firm of W. and A. McArthnr, 
colonial merchants, and a director of the Bank of Australasia. Is a D.L. 
of the city of London, and was a Commissioner for New South Wales 
to the Indian and Colonial Exhibition. Was a Lord of the Treasury 
1892-05. Is one of the** Whips" to the Liberal party. A Radical, in 
farour of "a separate legislative body empowered to deal with purely 
Irish affairs.* Has sat for this div. since May 1887 .—12, Buckingham 
Gattf S.fV.; Reform^ Devonakire, National Liberal, and City 
Liberal Clubs. 

M'Calmont, James Martin. (Antrim, East) 

8. of the late James M'Calmont, esq.,of Abbeylands, Belfast, by Emily, 
d. of the Ute James Martin. J.P. and D.L., of Ross, Galway. ^. 1847 ; 
educated at Eton; m. 1880, Mary, d. of Col. Romer, of Dnigelly. 
Joined the 8th Hussars as Cornet 1866, and retired as Captain 1874. 
Afterwards held a commission as Captain In the Denbighshire Hussars, 
and served as A.D.C. to both the Duke of Marlborough and Earl 
Cowper during their tenure of the Viceroyalty of Ireland. Is a J.P. for 
CO. Antrim, Hon. Col. Rl. Antrim Artillery, and Deputy Grand Master of 
the Orangemen of Ireland. Has sat for Antrim, East, since 1885. A 
Conservative.— 89, J*rmyn-st., S.fV.; Carlton Club; Ulster Club, 
Belfast: KUdare-st. Club^ Dublin -. Holywood House, Belfast. 

McCann, James. {Duhlin, St. Stephen's Green) 

B. 1840 in Cbammrock, Louth, co. Louth. Is a stockbroker in Dublin, 
chairman of the Grand Canal Company and Catholic Insurance Co. Is a 
magistrate for cos. Dublin and Meath. Has spoken and written on inland 
navigation in Ireland in which he takes great interest, and believes much 
could bo done for Ireland by the proper ntilization of her canals, navi- 
gable rivers and canalised rivers. Delivered an address on *< Economics 
of the Irish Problem" before the Bankers* Institute in Ireland, 1901. 
A Nationalist and Independent Home Ruler, strongly in favour of a 
Calholie University.— S9, Anglesea-street, BtUtlin; Simmons-eourt, 
Castle, Donnybrook, oo. Dublin ; Tellown, eo. Meath. 

McCra€, George. {Edinburgh, East div.) 

B. 186U: educated at the Lancasterian School, Edinburgh; m. 
1880, £liaid)eth Cameron Russell. A merchant in business in Edin- 
burgh, was a member of the Corporation, and for three successive terms 
Treasurer of the city, also chairman Pinance Committee 1891-1899. 
Is J.P. CO. of the city of Edinburgh. &c. An Advanced Liberal, in favour 
of Local Parliaments for the different parts of the United Kingdom. 
Religions Equality, Temperance Legislation, " One Man One Vote* 


THzation of Grnond Valaes, Additional Farilities for the Hoasiag of the 
Poor, Reform of National and Local Taxation, Reform of the Duose 
of Lords, Ac— National Liberal Club, S.W.; Torluish Grange, 

Macdona, John Gumming. {Southwark, Rotherhithe 

8. of the late G. de Landre Macdona, F.R.G.S.,or Hilbre, We«t Kiiby, 
Cheshire, and Elisa Bowen, d. of the late John Cammins, esq., of 
Exeter. B. 1836; educated at Trinity Cjllege, Dublin, and Oxford; 
m. 1864, Esther, only child of the late James Milne, esq., of Heyside 
Shaw, Lancashire. Isabarrister-at-law. Was Parliamentary Sec. tu Mr. 
Hanbary, Sec. to the Treasury 1893. Was Rector of Cheadle, Cheshire, 
from 1874 to 1883, and restored the parish chorch at an outlay of 
£10,000. Has traTeiled much, and written " Across the Atlantic," 
"Days in Florida," •* Life in Texas,** ** Across the Andes ."''Sweden 
and Norway," Sic He introduced and passed the PloaduK Derelict 
Bill, and the Lancashire Electric Power Supply Bill which was nude 
the Test Bill for all other Electric Power Bills. A Progressite Con- 
servative ; supporting the ancient rights and privileges of the Thanes 
lightermen and watermen, the interests of sailors, Ac— St. Stephen's, 
CarUon, and Both Cluba ; Hilbre-house, fVeat Kirby, Cheshire. 

MacDonnell, Mark Antony. {Queen* 8 County, Leix 

S. of the late Mr. M. G. MacDonnell, of Palmfteld hcuse, and Shralgh, 
CO. Mayo. B. 1854; educated at St. Ignatius Jesuit College, Qneea's 
University, Ireland, and Richmond HospiUl, Dublin ; m. 1884, the d. of 
the late Mr. James Hyndman, M.D., of Boston, U.S. M.D., M.Ch., and 
L.M. 1876. Has been sargeon to the Li verpuol Cancer and Skin Hospital, 
and consulting medical ofllcer to the Toxteth Inttrmary. A Nationalist. 
—1^5, Hariey- street, fV. 

McFadden, Edward. (Donegal, East) 

S. of M. McFadden, J.P., M.C.C.,of Drumnahough House, Breensfch, 
Letterkenny, and B. McGaiian. his wife. B. at Drumnahough Hon«r 
IN62 ; educated at St. Eunan's Seminary, Letterkenny, and the Catholic 
L'niver«ity, Dublin ; unmarried. Is a solicitor, admitted Trinity term 
1M86; chairman Donegal C.C. since 1899 ; chairman Letterkenny Urbia 
Council since 1899. A Niitionalist.— N<i<io»m/ Z»6*i-«/ Club; Letterkfuun 
fnd Drumnahough Mouse, Letterkenny. 


MoGovern, Thomas. (Cavarif West div.) 

S. of Brian McGovern, furmer and contractor, and Anne Haesard. 
B. at Gortmore, Bawnbery, co. Cavan, 1851 ; educated privately. Is an 
auctioneer and fanner ; J. P. for co. Cavan since 1805 ; formerly P.L.G. 
of Bawnbery Union 1890; member of Cavan C.C., elected April 1899; 
represents co. Cavan on the Council of Agriculture, under Agricultural 
and Technical Instruction Act; a director of Cavan and Leitrim Rail, 
way Co. A Nationalist. — Gortmore , Dernaerieve , Belturbet. 

M'Hugh, Patrick Aloysius. {Leitrim, North div.) 

S. of Peter M'Hogh, tenant farmer, Leitrim, and Anne M'Hngh {nie 
.\l*Dermott). B. 1858, at Annagh, Olenfarne, Leitrim; m. 1882, 
Mary, d. of the late J. Harte,esq., Sligo (she d. 1894). Was educated for 
the R.C. ministry, bat declining orders he taught science and classics in 
the Athlone and Sligo Intermediate Schools. Became owner of the 
Siigo Champion in 1885. Elected to the Sligo County Council 1898, 
chairman 1898. Was Mayor of Sligo 1888, and again 1805-8 and 1900. 
Was imprisoned for publishing in his paper a seditious libel on Jury 
Packing in Sligo- An Irish Nationalist.—" Champion" Office, Wine- 
ttreett Sligo. 

Maclver, David. (Liverpool, Kirkdale div.) 

Eld. s. of the late Charles Maclver, of Calderstone, Allerton, near 
Liverpool, and Mary Ann, youngest d. of the late D. Mori^on, of 
Glafigow. B. in Liverpool 1840; m. 1st, 1863, Annie, d. of the late Robert 
Rankin, of Bromborough ; 2nd, 1873, Edith Eleanor, d. of the late 
A. T. Squarey, of Bebington; educated at the Royal Institution School, 
Liverpool. Is a steamship owner, and the senior partner of the firm of 
David Maclver & Co., whose vessels are regular traders between Liver- 
pool and the River Plate. Also a director Great Western Railway, Bala 
Mnd Festiniog Railway, and of the Fishguard and Rossdare Railways 
and Harbours Co., and a J. P. for tlie City of Liverpool. Sat for Birken- 
head from 1874 to 1885. First elected tor Kirkdale div. 1898. A Conser- 
vative ; in favour of Tariff Reform. — S2,Lime-ttreet, B.C.; Carlton and 
St. Stephen's Clubs ; Manor Hill^ Birkenhead. 

M'lver, Sir Lewis , Bart. {Edinburgh, West) 

Eldest 8. of Mr.John M*Iver,of Dingwall, and late of Madras. B. 184G; 
educated at Kensington Grammar School and the University of Bonn ; m. 
Charlotte Rosalind, d. of N. Montefiore, esq. Entered the Indian Civil 
Service and held several offices in India and Burma during seventeen years 
prior to 1884. Was called to the Bar at the Middle Temple 1878 ; and >- 
author of Census Reports on British Burma (1872) and Madras (1882) v 


of the Madras section or the Imperial Gazetteer of India : is Hun. Col. 
Ed. V. Artillery. Was elected as an Advanced Liberal for the Torquajr 
div. of Devon in 1885, but was defeated there as a Liberal UnioniBtin 
1886 1 or. Bnrt. 1896. A Liberal Unionist. HaH sat for this dir. sincf 
May 1895.— 25, Upper Brook-street, W. ; Brooks's^ St. Jamet'n, naJ 
Ranetagh Clubs; 27, Palmeira-square, Brighton t Sarisbury. 

*McKean, John. (Monaghant South) 

B. at Castlehlaynejr : educatml at St. Macarten's Seminirr. 
Monaghan. Is a barrister- at-law, called 1900. Medallist in orator;, 
Kin^r's Inn Debating .Society. Has been an occasional rontribator u 
the press. Elected for S. Mon.ighan, 1903. A Nationalist.— .4r(lN<ijr>¥iNA, 
Kingstown, co. Dublin. 

McKenna, Reginald. (Monmoulluhire, North) 

S. of the late William Colamban McKenna. e»q., and Enma, d. 
of the late Charles Hanby, esq. B. 1863; educated privately, and at 
Trinity Hall, CAmbridge (B.A. 1886). He nnsacoeasftiUy coalested 
Clapham at the general election of 1892. A Liberal, in favour of Hone 
Rule (or Ii eland, &c.— 128, Sloane-streei, S.W. ; Rtform Club. 

M'Killop, James. {Stirlingshire) 

Eldest 8. of the late James McKill-.ip, esq., coalmaster, Dmmclair, 
Slamannan. B. 1844; m. 1873, Je.<ue, eldest d. of the late Adam Nimma, 
esq., St. Andrews. Was educated at Slamannan and the Anderaoniaa 
University, Glasgow, in mine-engineering and kindred subjects, b 
largely engaged in ciial>mining and mechanical engineering in Stirlinf- 
shire and Lanarluhire; and is a J.P. and D.L. co. Stirling. A Coa- 
witrvhUvtT^ Conservative, and Imperial Union Cltibs, Glatgow; 
PolmotU-parkt Sttrlingshire. 

itoKillop, William. (Sligo, North) 

Is a refreshment contractor and restaurant proprietor, and has takes 
a prominent part in Iriiih political organisations. A NatiuoaliJt.— 
National Liberal Club. 

McLaren, Sir Charles Benjamin Bright, Bart. 
{Leicestershire, Bos worth div.) 

S. of the late Duncan McLaren, esq., M.P., of Edinburgh, and Pris- 
cilia, d. of the late Jacob Bright, of Rochdale, and sister of the late Bt. 
Hon. John Bright. B. at Edinburgh 1850; educated at theUniTeraity nf 

Mnbttrgh(M.A.,flr8t class honours 1870), and at the DnlTaniUea of 


Bonn and Heidelberg; m. 1877, Laura, only d. of the late H. D. Pochin, 
nf Budnant Hall, Denbighshire. Is a barrister of Lincoln's Inn (called 
1874), and practised at the Chancery bar ; became Q.C. 1897. Is a land, 
owner in North Wales ; owner of Croft Granite Quarries, Leicestershire. 
Ja also a director of the Metropolitan Railway Co.) and chairman of 
Palmer's Shipbailding and Iron Co., and of the Tredegar Coal and Iron 
Co., and a director of other iron, steel, and coal companies . Created 
Raronet 1902. Was elected for the boroagh of Stafford 188U, and again 
1886. First elected for this div. 1892. A Radical.— 48. Belffrave- 
square^ S.fV. t 8, New-eourt, Lineoln'$-inn ; HiMers, HatUmere, 
Surrtff ; Bodttanty Talyoafn, Denbighahire. 

Maonamara, Thomas James. (Cambefwellf'^OTih. 

S. of Sergeant Thomas Macnamara, old 47th Regt. (Loyal North 
Lancashires). B. in Montreal 1861 ; educated at St. Thomas' School, 
Exeter, and Borough Road Training College for Teachers ;-m. Rachel, 
eldest d. of Angus Cameron, of Runnoch. Is a journalist, editor of the 
Sehoolmaaterf essayist on social questions, fellow of Journalists' Insti< 
tute, member of London School Board since 1801, hon. LL.D. St. Andre vv 'a 
I8Q6, and the author of " Schoolmaster Sketches" (1896), and many 
works on educational method. A Radical. — Natiutial Liberal and Eighty 
Clubs ; Clontarf, RoUacourt-avenue, Herne-hill, S.E. 

MacNeill, John Gordon Swift. {Donegal^ South) 

Only 8. of the late Rev. John Gordon Swift MacNeill, chaplain of the 
Richmond Bridewell, Dublin Ca descendant of Godwin Swift, the uncle 
and guardian of Jonatlian Swift, Dean of St. Patrick's), and Susan, d. of 
the late Rev. H. Tweedy, M.A. B. 1849 in Dublin; educated at Christ 
Church, Uzford (B.A. 1873, M.A. 1876). Was called to the Irish bar in 
1^6, and joined the Munster circuit ; a Q.C. 1893. Elected Prof, of 
Constitutional and Crhninal Law, Kings Inns, Dublin, 188:2, and again in 
1685, and has examined in the Law School of Dublin University. 
Author of" The Irish Parliament, What it was and what it did," ** How 
tbe Union was Carried,** and other works. Has sat for Donegal, Soutli, 
since 1887. An "Irish Nationalist."— J^atiena^ Liberal Club; 17, 
Pembroke-road, Dublin. 

Maconoohie, Archibald White. {Aherdeenshire^ 

B. 1856, of Scotch parentage; edacated at Shrewsbury and Stratford, 
he was intended for tbe army, and had a nomination for Sandhurst ; m 
1890. Is managing director of Maconochie Brothers, Ltd., of Londo' 


Fnaerimrgh and Loweatoft, preserved provision merchants. He faa< 
travelled over nio»t of the globe. A Liberal Unionist.— 22, Wettbottrur- 
atreet, Hijde-park, S.W. 

♦MacVeagh, Jerdmiah. (Doiun, South) 

S. oTT. MacVeagh, of Belfast, and Jane Hughes, of Coalisland, co. 
Tyrone. B. at Belfast, 1872 ; educated at St. Malacby's College, BeUs^u 
Is the London conespondent of several Irish dailies. Special Iri^ii 
correspondent of the Daily News, ISL'O. Is author of nnmeroos pohural 
pamphlets and leaflets. Elected for S. Down. Feb.,19()2. A Natioiulu<t. 
— 15, MonUufue-place, Bussell- square, W.C. ; National Liberal ah"^ 
JrisA Clubs. 

Mainwaring, Massey-. See Massey. 

Majendie, James Henry Alexander. (Portsmouth) 

S. of Lewis Ashurst Majendie.M.P., and Lady Margaret, d. of 25th Eiirl 
Crawford and Balcarres. B. at 0, Grosvcnor-square, 1671 ; educated at 
Winciiester ; m. 1893, Beatrice Cecilia, d. of James Mitchell, D.L., J.r., 
of Holbrook Hall. Is D.L. and magistrate for Essex and Suffolk ; Lite 
lieutenant 3rd Royal Scots. A Conservative.— dnr/lou a$td MarlboroViik 
Clubs; Royal Naval and Royal Albert Clubs, Portsmouth ; Hedinghitui 
Castle, Essex. 

Malcolm, Ian Zachary. ( Suffolk, Stowmarket div.) 

8. of Col. Edward Donald Malcolm, C.B., R.B., and Isabel Wyld Mal- 
colm. B. at Quebec, Canada, Sept. 3, 1868 ^ educated at Eton and New 
Coll., Oxford; m. 1902, Miss Jeanne Langtry. Entered the Diphmatic 
Service in 18»1. Attach^ at BerUii 1891-08; at Paris 1893. Is Parlj. 
Sec. to the Chief Sec. for Ireland, appointed 1900; was assistast 
private sec. to Lord Salisbury, 1895, a post, he resigned July. 1898, oa 
proceeding to visit America and the Colonies. A Conservative.— JCeni/ord 
Lodge, S. Hampstead, N. W. ; Carlton and Marlboroisgh Clubs. 

Manners, Lord Cecil Ee^nald John. {Leicester 
shire. East or Melton diy.) 

Third s. of the 7th Duke of Rutland, by the late Janetta, d. of Thorns 
Hughan, of Airds, Kirkcudbrightshire. B. 1868 ; educated at Chart< 
house and Trinity Hall, Cambridge ; unmarried. Was formerly assistant 
private secretary to the Secretary of Stole for India (Viscount CrossV 
Conservative.— Cirir/foii and Rachelors' Clubs; Belcoir CauUe. 


Mansfield, Horace Kendall. (Lincolnshire ^ Holland 
or Spalding div.) 

S. of Cornelius and Harriett Mansfield, of Stratford, London, E. B. 
at Stratford 1863; educated privately at Portsmouth and London; 
m. 1885, Annie, 2nd d. of Rev. W. Rose, of Retford, Notts. Is a manu- 
facturer and J.P. for County of Derby (1892). A Liberal.— Nntional 
Liberal Club; Church Gresley, tir. Burtou-ou- Trent ; Gr€ingeicood 
Overseal, nr. Ashby de-la-Zouch. 

Mappin, Sir Frederick Thorpe, Bart. (Vorks. West 
Riding, Hallamshire div.) 

8. of Joseph Mappin, of Sheffield, by Mary Ann, d. of Thomas Thorpe, 
of Haines, Bedfordiihire. B. 1821; m. 1845, Mary Crossley, d. of iohn 
Wilson, of Sheffield. Is chairman in the firm of Thomas Tarton and 
Sons, Limited, Sheaf and Spring Works, Sheffield, and wsrved the 
office of Master Cutler in 18i>!>-6. Is a J.P. and D.L. for the West 
Riding of York, and for Sheffield, Chairman of Town Trustees, 
and was Mayor in 1877-8. Is chairman of the Sheffield Technical School, 
and alM) chairman of the Sheffield Gas Co. Was one of the Jurors at the 
Paris International Exhibition of 1878, and appointed to the Legion of 
Honour at its cl(»se. Created Bart. Jaly 1886. Sat for East Retford from 
April 1880 to Not. 1885, and for the Hallamshire div. since. A Liberal. 
—38, Prince'* Gate, S.fV,; Reform and National Liberal Clubs; 
Thombury, Sheffield. 

Markham, Arthur Basil. {Nottinghamshire^ Mans- 
field di^.) 

Second s. of the late Charles Markham, J.P. , of Tapton House, Chester- 
field, and a grandson on his mother's side of the late Sir Joseph Paxton. 
B. 1866; educated at Rugby; m.'l898, Lucy, only d. of Captain A. B. 
Cunningham, late R.A. Is a large employer of labour, being a director 
of Markham & Co., engineers, of tlie Tredegar Coal and Iron Company, 
Ltd., of the Hickleton Main Colliery Company, Ltd., and of other 
collieries, and he is pledged to support the Miners' Eight Hours Bill. 
Of colonial questions he has made a special study, and is intimately 
acquainted with South Africa and with the conditions of gold-mining in 
Rhodesia and the Transvaal. Is a magistrate for Leicestershire and 
Derbyshire, and was formerly a captain in the 3rd Sherwood Foresr 
A Liberal.— Jl«/orm Club ; HUiffyuwood Hall, MamAeltl. 


Martin, Richard Biddulph. ( Worcestershire^ Mid, or 
Droitwich, div.) 

Eldest a. of the late Robert Martin, esq., of Overbar; Court. 
Worcestershire; by Mary Anne, d. of the late John Biddnlph, esq. 
B. at Eaton-sq., London, 1838; m. 1864, Mary Frances, d. of the We 
Admiral Richard Crosier, K..T.S., of West Hill, Isle of Wight. 
Was educated at Harrow, and at (Exeter Coll.) Oxford. A bankfr. 
chairman of Martin's Bank, Limited. A Liberal Unionist. Unsacoess- 
fnlly contested London city April 1880; sat for Tewkesbury 1881^5; 
unsuccessful in the Chelmsford div., Essex, in the latter year, and islh* 
Ashburton div. of Devonshire 1886. Has sat for the Droitwich div. liice 
1892.— 10, mU-sU, rv.; fVindkam, Jthen<mum, and Baiuhih 
Cluba; Overbttry court, Tewkesbury. 

Massey- Main waring, Hon. William Frederick Barton. 
{Finshury, Central) 

A 8. of the 3rd Baron Clarina, by Susan, d. of Hugh Bartoa, esq.. 
of Straffan, co. Kildare. B. 1845 ; educated at Trin. Coll. Dublin, wbeic 
he was distinguished in science (B.A. and LL.B. 1866) » ro. 1«'S. 
IsabelU Ann, only child of Charles B. Lee. Mainwaring, of Rjchmoad, 
and widow of Maj-Gen. Milman. On his marriage he assumed the 
name of Mainwaring, in addition to his patronymic. A barrister, of the 
Inner Temple (1868) and Home Circuit, is well-known for his tastt 
and liberality as a collector and owner of pictures and works of art. 1* 
a D.L. for Lincolnshire, and a director of several companies. Onsaccea$- 
fully contested Norwich in 1880. A Conservative and Unionist; in 
favour of the Sunday opening of Museums, &c.— 30, Grosvenor-placf. 
S. W. i Carlton^ Junior Carlton, and Burlingtou Fine Arte Clubs. 

Mather, Sir William. (Lancashire, N,E., Bossen- 
dale div.) 

S. of the late Wm. Mather, of Manchester, by Amelia, d. of the lite 
James Tidawell, of Manchester. B. 1838; educated at private aehoob 
and in Germany; m. 1863, Emma, d. of Thomas Watson, of fJigbbor;. 
Is chairman of Mather & Piatt, Ltd., Salford Ironworks, and M.lu8t.C.E. ; 
a governor and member of the council of Owen's College and of the 
Victoria University. Knight of Francis Joseph Order of Austria, 1873 
Investigated and reported on Technical Education in .America and Rani« 
for the Royal Commission on Technical Instruction in 1883. Has been 
engaged for some years in promoting Technical Education. ChairnaB ot 
the Frcebal Educational Inst, of London* Member of Committee on re- 
orgauiziition of the War Office, 1902. Knighted 1902. Sat for South 


di V. of Saiford 1 88K-86 ; for the OortoD div. of Lancaahire 1689-95. First 
elected for Rouendale div. February. ItlOO. A Liberal.— 16, KenaingtoH 
Palaee-gardent, W.; Reform, Broolu's, and Dwonihire Clubs; 
Caradoc-eourt, Ross, Herefordshire ; Saiford Ironworks^ Manchester 

Maxwell, Rt. Hon. Sir Herbert Eustace, Bart. {Wig- 

S. of the Ute Sir William Maxwell, 6th Bart., of Monreith, Wigtown • 
■hire, by Helenora, youngest d. of Sir Michael Shaw Stewart, bart. B. 
at Abercromby-plaoe, Edinburgh, 1845; m. 1860, Mary, eldest d. uf 
Henry Fletcher Campbell, esq., of Bnquhan, Stiriingshire. Educated 
at Eton, and at Christ Church, Oxford. Was a Lord of the Treasury, 
1886 to 1802 1 served on the Boyal Commiraion on Aged Poor 1893-4 ^ 
chairman of Royal Commission on Tuberculosis 1 896-7 ; Tice-ciiairman 
of Society for Suppression of Consumption! cr. P.C. 1897. la Lord- 
Lieut, for Wigtownshire. Has been Lieut.-Col. Brd Batt. Royal Scots 
Fusiliers; is F.R.S^ President Soe. Scottish Antiquaries, Hon. LL.D., 
Glasgow, and author of nnmeroos worlcs in history, archaeology, fiction 
and natural history. A Conservative. Has sat for Wigtownshire since 
April ISSO.^40, Lennox-gardetu, S.fV.; CarUonClub; Monreith, 
kVhaupMU, fVigtownth. 

Maxwell, Sir J. Stirling-. See Stirling-Maxwell. 

Maxwell, William Jardine Harries. {Dumfries- 

S. of Welhvood Herriew Maxwell, of Munches, and Jane Home, eldest d. 
of Sir William Jardine, bart., of Applegarth. B. at Munchea, Dalbeattie, 
1862; educated at Edinburgh Academy and Exeter College, Oxford; 
m. 1877. Dorathea, 8ad d. of C. L. Maitland Kirwan, of Dalgan Park, eo. 
Mayo, and Gelston Castle, Castle Douglas. Is Convener of the Stcwartry 
of Kirkcudbright since 1889. Was called to the Scottish Bar in 1878. A 
Liberal UnIonist.~£rooA«'s Club; Mutuhes,Dalbeattiefind Terraughtie , 

Mellor, Rt. Hon. John William. {Yorkshire^ Sowerby 

Eldest 8. of the late Rt. Hon. Sir John Mellor, Jaatice of the Court nf 
Queca'B Bench (who sat snoceasively for Yarmouth and Nottingham 
Irom 1857 to I8rtl), by EUMbeth Cook, only d. of William Moseley, 
esq., of Peckham Rye, Surrey. B. in London, 1886; m. 1860, Caro- 
line, d. of the late Charles Paget, M.P., of Rnddington Orange (she d. 



1000). Edacated at Trioity Hall, Cambridge ; gradaated B.A. 1857, 8th 
kcnior optime; M.A. 1860. Was called to the Bar at the Inner Teatple, 
June 18A0i Leader Midland Circuit 1882. Is hon. member of the New York 
State Bar Association. Appointed a Queen's Counsel I87fi. and elected 
a Bencher of the Inner Temple 1877. Was Recorder of Orantham; 
resigned 1874 ; Judge Advocate General and P.C. 1886 ; Rl. CommiMtnncr 
Tweed and Solway Inquiry 1 896, and Water Supply to London 18W7. Is a 
J.P. tor Somerset and Devon, and D.L- for Somerset. Was Depaty Speaker 
and Chairman of Ways and Means 1898-95. Sat for Grantham 1880 to 
1886; unsnocessfU previously at Grantham (1874), and at the Basactlaw 
div. Notts. 1800. Pirst elected for the Sowerby div. 1892. A IJbenl. 
in favour of the Abolition of the Bishops' Veto, and the defence o( 
Protestantism vvithin the Church.— «8, St. Georye's-sq^ S.fV.i 
Brooks's Club ; Ctihnhead, Pilminster, Tmmton. 

Melville, Beresford Valentine. (Stockport) 

S. of the Rev. David Melville, Canon Rcxidentiary of Worcester, and 
Emma, d. of Capt. Hill, R.N. ; of Bryanslord, co. Down. B. 1857, *t 
Shelsley, Worcestershire ; educated at Marlborough Coll. and Braseno»e 
Coll. Oxford ; m. 1888, Sydney, d. of the Rev. J. Garrett, of Kilgarrooe 
Park, and widow of the late J. Spender Clay. Is a J.P. for Kent, Satrey. 
and London. A Conservative.— 32. Grosvenor-getrdsns, S.fV.: 
Arthur**, Carlton^ and Junior Constitutional Clubs t Capo di 
Monte, Cannes. 

Meysey-Thompson, Sir Henry Meysey, Bart. {Stafford- 
shire, Handsworth div.) 

S. of the late Sir Henry Stephen Meysey-Thompson, hart., M.P. for 
Whitby 1859-65, and bis wife, a d. of Sir John Croft, bart.. of Dod- 
dington Hall, Kent. B. 1845, at Moat Hall, Yorkshire; educated Mt 
Eton, and Trinity College, Cambridge: m. 1885, Ethel Adeline, 
d. of Sir Henry Pottinger, bart. Formerly major Yorkshire Hnsaar 
Yeomanry. Is a J.P. and D.L. West Riding Yorkshire, a diivetor 
of the North Eastern Railway, and a director of the Barroir Hematite 
Steel Co. Was elected for Knaresborongh 1880, but unseated, and i 
unsuccessfilly contested North Linoolnshire. July 1885. Sat for the 
Brigg division of Lincolnshire, 1885-6. First elected for this div. 1S9S. 
A Liberal Unionist.— £roo4>s'«. Turf, Marlborouffht and Bachelors' 
Clubs; JCirbvHall, York. 

Middlemore, John Throemorton. (Binninqham, 
North div.) 

8. of the late Mr. William Middlemore, manufacturer, of Birmingham, | 
and one of the Middlemores, formerly lords of the manor of Edgbaston. 


B. Rt EdgtonsroD, 1844 ; edacnted Nt BdelMiitoii Propriftiiry School, 
Biiwdoin Cull., Kod Braiuwick, U.S. t m. 1888, Mvy, d. ol rbe lute 
Rer. B. Price, of Selly Oak, Birminghiun. Waa edacated for the 
medical profiuaion, but Ill-health prevented his bcoomiDg a practltinner. 
Is a J.P., Birmingham and Worrestemhire ; has been a member of the 
Bimingham City Onancil, and a manificent contrtbntor of works of art, 
&c*., *o the eity Art Gallery, &c. He alao foanfied and has roanaffed for 
snoie thirty years the Middlcmore Children'* Emigrant Home Scheme, 
for the training in agrienlture of drstltate children in Canada. A 
Liberal Unionikt and an Imperialist. In favour of, as an urgent 
neoeasity, better Primary, Secondary, and Technical Edneation.- 
Rtform Club, S.W.t Belbroughlont nr. Stourbridge. 

Mildmay, Francis Bingham. {Devon, Totnes div.) 

8. of Henry Bingham Mildmaj,rsq., of Plete, 8. Devon, by his mar 
with MissGeorgina Bnlteel, a grand-d. of the 2nd Earl Orey,the di>- 
tingnbhed statesman. B. 1861; educated at Eton, and Trinity Coll. 
Cambridge. Has sat far the Totnes div. of Devonshire since 188fi* A 
Liberal Unionist.— 46, ^erte/ey-i^ware, ff^.; Travtller$\ Brookn'a, 
Marlborouf^h, Twf, Baohefors\ and Httrlingham Cluhst Shore- 
ham Court, Xent; Fttte, Ivy Bridge; and Molheeombe Route, 

Milner, Rt. Hon. Sir Frederick George, Bart. {Not- 
tinghamshire, Bassetlaw div.) 

Second s. of the late Sir William Mordaunt Edward Milner (5th hart.). 
MDietime M.P. for York, and Lady Anne Georgina, sister of the 9th 
Earl of Scarbrottgh. B. at Nan-Apploton 1M9; educated at Eton 
and Christ Church, Oxford; m. IbifO, Adeline Gertrude, d. of W. 
Beckett (formerly Dcnison), the late member for the dir.fithe <f. IftOS) 
Is a J. P. and D.L. for West Riding, and was M.P. for York city from 
Nor. 1883 to Nor. I8R&; unsuccessfully contested Y'ork city at the Gene- 
ral Election, Nov. 1885, Sowerby div.. West Riding, Y'ork, Dec. 1885, 
and Radcliffe-cum-Farnworth div. of 8.E. Lancashire, July 1886. Has 
sat for this div. since Dec. 1890. A Conservative; "a hearty 
supporter of the Unionist Government, a detennined opponent of 
Home Rule for Ireland, Wales, and Scotland ; '* in favour of Boards 
of Conciliation for the settlement of labour disputes, and of a stringent 
reform of the poor lavet.—ll, Uerefi>rd-g(krden8,S,W.i Carlton, Turf, 
and Bachelors' CJubs. 

♦MiWain, Thomas. (Hampstead) 

S. of the late Henry Milvain, of Ncwcastle-on-Tyne, and Jane Aitken, 
d. of Ed. Davidson, of Newcastle-on-Tyne. B. 1»44, at Newcsstle-on- 

u 2 



Tyne ; educated at Durham Grammar School and Trinity Hall, 
Cambridge. LL.B. 1S66 : LL.M. 1871: m. 1875, Mary Alice, d. of John 
Henderson, of Durham. la a barriater-at-law ; called 1869; Q.C.l^*. 
Bencher of Middle Temple, 189S; Chancellor of the Connty Palatine ol 
Durham and Recorder of Bradford aince 1692. Was Chairman of the 
South A.frican Compeniation Commission, 1901. Sat for Durham 18fo- 
92 ; unsuccessfully contesttd Cockermonth div. of Cumberland 1895, and 
Maidstone 1901; elected for Hampstead, Jan., 1908. A Conservatire. 
—17, Itutland.gat^, S.W.; 3, Plowdenbuildingt, Temple, EX'.; 
CarltoHy St. Stephen' », New UHiver»ity,aHd Hurlingham Club*. 

•Mitchell, Edward. {Fcrmancigh, North) 

S. of William and Jane Mitchell. B. at Dovederney, eo. Femianagli, 
1859; edacated privately: m. 1887, d. of Mr. Wadsworth, of Fer- 
managh. Is a gentlenran farmer and stockbreeder. Elected for N. 
Permanagh, March 1903. A Liberal Unionist, in fkronr of Compulsory 
Land Purchase.— I7«rryou//«n, Enniakilten. 

Mitchell, William. {Burrdey) 

Eldest 8. of the late Mr. John Mitchell, of Waterfoot, Lancashire. B. 
1838; edacated at the Burnley Grammar School and the Liverpool 
Collegiate Institation; m. 1876, d. of Mr. Robert Mann, of Heath- 
hill, Lancashire. Is Chairman of Mitchell Brothers, of Waterfoot, Ltd , 
felt and woollen manafactarers. J.P. for Lancashire. Un.«acce«siull]i 
contested Acctington div. 1895 and Middleton div. of Lancashire 1897. 
A Conservative.— Car/fon Club ; Fern-hill, Staekateads, Bossendale. 

Molesworth, Sir Lewis William. {Cornwall, 
Korth-East or Bodmin div.) 

S. of Sir Paul William Molesworth, 10th hart., and Jane Frances, 
eldest d. of Gordon William Franeis Gregor, of Trewarthenick, Gram- 
pound-road, Cornwall. B. 1S53 at Trewarthenick ; edacated privately; 
m. 1876, Jane Graham, 2nd d. of Brig.-Gen. D. M. Frost, U.S. Amy. Is 
a J.P. and D.L. for Cornwall ; high sheriff 1899. A Liberal Unioaiat.— 
3, Oreat Cumberland.plnee, Hyde-parky W. ; Turf, Brooke's, and Reform 
Clubt; Trewarthenick, Grampound'rottd, Cornwall. 

Montagu, George Charles. {Huntingdonshire, 
South div.) 

S. of Admiral the Hon. Victor Montagu (brother to the Earl of Sand- 
wich) and of Lady Agneta,d. of the4th Earl of Hardwicke. B. in London 
1874 ; educated at Winchester College and Magdalen Collie, Oxford , 
took his degree in 1897 Was private secretary to the Prcaidtat of the 


Board of Agriculture 1S98-1900, and to President of Local Govt. Board 
1900-03. A Conservative.— 33, Ox/ord-mansiona, Great Castle-street, 
W. ; Carlton and Cocoa Tree Clubs. 

Montagu, Hon. J. W. E. D. Scott-. See Scott- 

Moon, Edward Robert Pacy. {St. Pancras, North) 

S. of Robert Mood, barrister, of the Inner Temple and Princes Gardens, 
8.W., and Mary Jane, d. of Robert Pacy, eiu). B. 18S8, in London; 
educated at Winchester College (head of the school 187B-7), and New 
Coll. Oxford (M.A. 1884). M. 1900, Frideswide. d. of the Hon. Mr. 
Justice Kekewich. Called to the Bar (Inner Temple) 1884, and 
practised at the Chancery Bar, also going the Northern Circuit ; but 
has now ceased to practise. Has travelled extensively during the last 
twenty years, and has specially studied the questions of the Far East. 
Fellow of Roy. Colonial Inst, and Statistical Society, a member of 
London Chamber of Commerce. Defeated in N. St. Pancras 1892. First 
suocessftal in 1893. A Progressive Conservative and Unionist.— 6, Onslow. 
garden*, S.W,; Alhtnasum and Carlton Cluba, S.fV. 

Mooney, John J. {Buhlin Countijy South div.) 

8. of the late J . G. Mooney, merchant, of Dublin. B. in Dublin 1874 ; 
educated at Ushaw College, Durham, and Trinity College, Dublin. 
Called to the Irish Bar 1895, and English Bar (Middle Temple) 1900. 
A Nationalist.— 26, JlfounZ/oy-s^f/arc, Dublin i National Liberal 
Club I Carriekmoletn, JCiUinty, oo. Dublin. 

Moore, William. (Antrim^ North div.) 

Eldest 8. of the late William Monre, of Ballymoney, co. Antrim, J.P. 
B 1862 ; educated at Marlborough Coll. and Trinity Coll. Dublin, 1887 
(Vice-Chancellor's Prizeman, &c.); m. 1888, Helen, 4th d. of Joseph 
Wilson, D.L., CO. Armagh. Is a J.P. co. Antrim. Private Secretary 
(unpaid) tu Chief Secretary for Ireland. First elected for N. Antrim 
1899. Is a member of the General Synod of the Disestablished Irish 
Church in favour of equitable compulsory land purchase and sale 
in Ireland as the only solution of the land problem, and a measure ot 
redistribotion (though not of a reduction) of seats there. Called to the 
Irish Bar, 1887, and at Line. Inn. 189tf; a Q.C. (I.) 1899. A Con- 
fervsHre.— Carlton Club, S.fV.t Moore Lodge, Ballymoney, co. 
Antrim ; 73, Lower Leeson-st., Dublin. 


Morgan, David John. {Essex, Walthamstow div.) 

8. of David Thomas Morgan, of Wbipp's Cross, and Mary, d. of 
Colonel RidRe. B. at Leytonstone in 1844; edaeated at Forest School, 
Walthamstow, andVevey, Switserland ; m. 1867, Emily.d. of E. Bigland. 
Is a Russian merchant. Chairman of Sarrey Commercial Docks and 
Northampton Brewery Co., a J.P. for Essex, and alderman of C.C. for 
Essex, a D.L. for City of London, chairman of City of London Clnb, ud 
formerly Verderer of Epping Fbrest. A Conservative.— Ccn^tton and 
City pf London Clubs; BenUty Mill, Brgntwood. 

Morgan, Hon. Frederic Courtenay. {Monmouihshire, 

Third 8. of the 1st Baron Tredegar, by Rosamond, d. of Oen. Godfrey 
Basil Mundy. B. at Brighton, 1884; m. 1868, Charlotte Anne, d. ofthe 
late Charles A. Williamson, esq., and sister of David Williamson, esq^ 
of Lawers, Perthshire. Was educated at Winchester. Has been Capt. 
Rifle Brigade i served through the Crimean war, has medal and foar 
clasps; is Hon. Col. Snd Batt. South Wales Borderers. A CoBserra- 
tive. Sat for Monmouthshire from 1874 to 1886, and for the Southern 
div. since.— C<sr//on and Army and Navy Clubs; Ruperra CasUe. 
Newport, Monmouthshire. 

Morgan, John Lloyd. (Carmarthenshiret West dW.) 

Younger s. ofthe Rev. William Morgan, Professor of Theology, 
Presbyterian College, Carmarthen, and Margaret, d. of Mr. Thomas 
Rees. B. 1861, at Carmarthen ; educated at Tettenhall College, Wolver- 
hampton, and Trinity Hall, Cambridge (B.A. 1883). Is n barrister-At- 
law, cal led a t the Inner Temple, May, 1 884. First elected for this div . 
July 1889. A Liberal, in favour of Home Rule fur Ireland.— 4, Hareourt- 
buildings. Temple, B.C. ; Reform Club. 

Morley, Charles. (Brecotuhire) 

Third s. of the late Samuel Morley, for many years M.P. for Bristol, 
by Rebecca Maria, d. of Mr. Samuel Hope, of Liverpool. Is brother ot 
the late Postmaster-General, the Rt. Hon. Arnold Morley. B. 1847 : 
educated at Trinity College, Cambridge (B.A. 1870, M.A. 1874). Is a 
director of the Holborn Viaduct Land Company, and hun. sec of tl« 
Royal College of Music. Was an unsncoessfnl candidate for But 
Siitnerset. ISU'i. A Liberal.— 46, Bryanstoti-sq., W; Brooks's. Reform. 
Travellers', and Alheuteum Clubs ; Shockerwiek- house, BeUh. 


Morley, Rt. Hon. John. (Montrose, dist.) 

S. of the late Mr. J. Morley, surgeon, of Blackburn. B. at 
Blackburn, 1838. Educated at Cheltenham College and at Lincoln 
College, Oxiord; graduated M.A. 1878. Was called to the bar 
at Lincoln's Inn in 1873, but has never practised. Was elected a 
bencher of his Inn, 1893. Is P.R.8., hon. D.C.L. Oxford, hon. LL.D. 
of Cambridge, St. Andrews, and Glasgow Universities, and a trustee of 
the British Museum. Is author of various works, '* Life of Gladstone," 
**Life of Cobden," " Edmund Burke," '* Voltaire," ** Oliver Cromwell," 
&c., and has been editor of The Fortnightly Review, The Pall Mall 
Gazette, and Maemillan'a Magazine. In Mr. Gladstone's third 
administration, Jan. 1886, he was appointed Chief Secretary for Ireland ; 
le-appointed Aug. 1892, resigned with the Roaebery Ministry, June, 
18U5. Member of the Order of Merit, 1902. Hon. Fellow of All Souls' 
College, Oxford, 19a?. A Liberal ; in favour of Home Rule in Ireland, &c. 
Unsuccessfully contested Westminster in 1880; sat for Newcastle-on- 
Tyne firom 1883 to 1896 ; elected for the Montroseldist. \S9Q.—Athenimum 
Club : Flotoermeadt fVimbledon Pari. 

Morrell, George Herbert. {Oxfordshire, Woodstock 

S. of the late Rev. George Kidd Morrell, D.C.L., vicar of Monlnfotd, 
Berks, and his wife, Anna Letitia, d. of David Powell, esq., of Loughton, 
Essex. B. 1845, at Adderbnry, Oxfordshire; educated at Rugby, and 
Exeter Coll. Oxford (M.A. and B.C.L., 2nd class Nat. Sci. 18»7); m. 
1874, Emily Alicia,only child of James Morrell, esq., of Headington Hill. 
WaaonUed to the bar at the Inner Temple, 1871, and is a member of the 
Oxford Circuit. Is J.P. for Berks and Oxon; D.L. Oxon (higb sherifi', 
18SB); alderman C.C. Oxon., and Lt.-Col. and Hon. Col. V.D. Oxford 
Univ. Vols. 187U-!i7 (retired). Has written "A Manual of Comparative 
Anatomy and Guide to Dissection*" Sat for this div. 1891-92; re-elected 
1895. A Conservative, opposed to a separate Parliament fur Ireland, but 
in favour of *' a measure of local self-government for that island." In 
favour also of social legislation, cheap and easy transfer of land, Old Age 
Pensions, &c., and opposed to Disestablishment, Sec— Carlton, Junior 
Carlton f and New Univertity Clubs; Ileadington Hill Hall, Oxford; 
Streatley Haute, nr. Reading. 

Morrison, . James Archibald. {Wiltshire, South or 
Wilton div.) 

8. of Alfred Morrison, of Hendon, Wilts. M. 1901, Mary, d. of first 
Lord Trevor. Joined the army 18^6. Lieut. Grenadier Guards 1898. 
Served in the Soudan 1898, and South Africa 1900. First returned for 
the Wilton div. July 1900. A Conservative.— 139, Har/ey-ttreet, W 


Morton, Arthur Henry Aylmer. (Dept/ord) 

Second a. of the late Edward Morton, esq., of Hyde Parte Gate, 
Keosington Gore, by Harriet, d. of William Sainsbory, esq., of Bath. 
B. in London, 1886; educated at Eton, and is a Fdlow of King's 
College, Cambridge, where he has served as Senior Dean and Bonuj: 
m. 190B, Evelyn, d. of Sir W. H. Wilson-Todd, M.P. In 1896 he vas 
elected on the London County Council, where he was yice-Chaimnn 
of the Housing of the Worlcing Classes Committee, and a member of the 
Technical Edocation Board. He is a govemor of the Polytedinic 
Institute, Refient Street, W. He nnsuccessfblly contested Bast Leeds 
in 1892, and North Manrhester in 1893. A ConserTative, who viU 
support measures calculated to ameliorate the conditions of life anous 
the industrial classes.— 80, £aeon Pku^^&ff^.t CartUnit AthateBtn^ 
Junior Carlton, St. Stephen's, and Ranelagh Club*. 

Moss, Samuel. (Denbighshire, East) 

Second s. of the late Enoch Moss, of Broad Oak, Rossetl, N. Wales 
B. 1858: educated privately and at Worcester Coll., Oxford (B.A., 2nd 
in Law, 1878; B.C.L.. 2nd in hons., and M.A. 1880) ; m. 1895, Bleasor. 
d. of E. B. Samuel, The Darland, near Wrexham. Is a barrister (called 
at Lincoln's Inn I88U), Chester and N. Wales Circuit. Is author of 
" The English Land Laws," 1886, and was Assistant Boondary Com- 
raissioner in Wales under Lord E. FitEmaurice in 1887 ; fannerlr a 
member of the Denbighshire C.C., its vice-chairman for first four year^, 
afterwards chairman three years ; and a member of the Town Coancil 
of Chester. A Liberal, in favour of " Home Rale," perfect religions 
equality, including disestablishment ot the State Church, an Eight 
Hours Bill, "One Man One Vote,* and reform of the House of Lords.- 
3, (North) King's Bench PTalJt, Temple, B.C. ; NationeU Liberal 
Club ; 29, Eastgate Roto^ N., and 90, Hough Green, Chester. 

MoultoD, John Fieicber. (Cornwall^ Launceston 

S. of the Rev. Jas. Egan Moulton, Wesleyan minister, by Catherine. 
d. of Mr. S. Fiddian, Birmingham, and bro. of the late Dr. Moulton, of 
Cambridge. B. at Madeley, Shropshire, 1844; educated at New Kin!;!>- 
-wood School, Bath, and St. John's Coll. Cambridge, Matriculated 
at Lond. University (1863) ( M.A. 1«68 ; m. l&t,18"5,Clara,relict of R.w 
Thompson, esq., Edinburgh (she died 1888) ; 2ndly, d.of Major Henry 
Davis, of Syracuse, N.Y. At Cambridge he became senior.wrancrlcr 
and 1st Smith's prizeman, and subsequently a fellow and lecturer 
of Christ's Coll., lecturer at Jesus Coll., and also president of 
the " Union." Was called to the Bar at the Middle Temple 1874, anu 
obtained a large practice ; became Q.C. in 1885. Member of Senate 


of London Unireraity 1898. For researches in electrical science he has 
also been appointed F.R.S. OiBcier de la Legion d'Honneur. Has 
written in advocacy of the Taxation of Ground Values, Old Age Pensions, 
&c. Sat for Claphara 1885, but was defeated there in the general 
election of the following year. Sat for South Hackney 1891.5. First 
elected for Lannceston 1897. A Liberal, in favour of revision 
of taxation, including "betterment," the unification of London, 
restriction of the House of Lords, Technical Education, Local Option, 
&c.— 67, OHslote.$quare, S. W. ; Reform and Garriek Clubs. 

Monnt, William Arlhar. {Berlcshire, Soath or 
Newbury div.) 

S. of William George Mount, of Wasing-place, nr. Reading, M.P. 
for Berks from 188Sto 1900, by Marianne Emily, d. of Robert Clutter- 
bnclc, of Watford House, Herts. B. 1866; edacaled at Eton and New 
College, Oxford (Honours in History) ; in. 1899, to Hilda, jounger d. of 
Malcolm Low and Liidy Ida Low, of Clatto, Cupar, Fife. Called to the 
Bar by the Inner Temple lBii3. A ConservatiTe.— 4fi, Belgrave-road, 
S.ff^.; CarUoH and Oxford and Cambridge Clubs. 

Mowbray, Sir Bobert Gray Cornish, Bart. 
{Lamhethf Brixton div.) 

8. of the late the Rt. Hon. Sir J . R. Mowbray, bart., M .P. for Oxford 
UniTenity, by Elisabeih, d. of O. I. Mowbray, of Bishopwearmoath, 
CO. Darham. B. in London 1850; educated at Eton and Ballinl College, 
Oxford, iBt class in Classics 1873, and fellow of All Bonis 1873. Was 
called to the Bar at tlie Inner Temple 1870, and went the Oxford Circuit. 
Is a J ■ P. and D.L. for Berks. Was secretary of the Royal Commission on the 
Stock Exchange 1876-77; Parliamentary private secretary to Chancellor 
of the Exchequer 1887-92: member of the Royal Commissions on Opium 
1898.94, and Indian Expenditure 18V6-liKH). He unsaocessfiiHy con- 
tested Whitby in 1880 ; sat for Presfwich div. of Lancashire 188A-95. 
A Conservative and Unionist.— 10, Little Stanhope-street, Mai/fair, 
fV.t Carlton and Aiheneeutn Clubs ; fVarreniiea PVood, Mortimer ^ 

Muuro-Ferguson, Ronald Crauford. {Leith dist.) 

SIdest 8. of the late Cnl. Robert Munro Ferguson (formerly M.P. for 
Kirkcaldy), by Kmma, d. of the late James Henry Mandeville, esq., of 
Merton, Surrey. B. Ii60 ; educated at Sandhurst •, m. 1889, Lady Helen 
Herminne Blarkwood, eldest d. of the Mnrquis of Dnflerin and Ava, 
Private Secretary to Lord Roseberry 1886, and rfgain 1894. la a J. P. 
and D.L. of Fifeshire, and was a Lient. In the Grenadier Guards. 
Was a Lord of the Treasury 1894-93; and one of the Liberal 


"Whip*." Sat for Rom and Cromiirty from 18«4 to Not. 1885. 
whenlie wasdertrated. First elected for the Leith dist. Aitg. 1886. A 
Liberal, in favour of [)e7olutum.— 46, Cadogan-aquartt Brooks' t 
Club : Raitht Kirkoaldy ; Novar^ Roas-nhire. 

Muntz, Sir Philip Albert, Bart. {WarwicJcshirt, 
Tamworth div.) 

8. of the late O. P. Mnnts, eMi., M.P.. of Umbenlade, WarwiclukiR 
(who d. 18fi7), by Eliza, d. of the Rev. John Pryce, of Dolfiirwyn H»H» 
Montgomery. B. 1889; m. 185», Rosalie, d. of Philip Henry Manti, 
esq., M.P., of Edfttone Hall, Warwickshire. I.<i J.P. for the eouty. 
Created Baronet 19C2. A Oonservative. Sat for N. Warwickshire 1884- 
85, and for the Tamworth div. since.— X7uM«mor#, near Rnghi. 
CarUon Club.S.fV. 

Murnaghan, George. {7)frone, Mid. d)v.) 

B. 1847 ; m. 1877. Is a landowner, engaged in agricaltnre and 
dairying, and J.P. for co. Tyrone. Is a member of Poor Law Reform 
Commission in Ireland; also chairman of the Omagh Union Bd. 
of Guardians, and of the Omagh Rural District Conncil. Vice-Chaiman 
of Tyrone Co. C. Elected in 1895 as a Nationalist.— XinineUy JZovtr, 
Omagh, co. Tyrant. 

Murphy, Joho. {Kerry ^ East) 

i». uf John Maiphy , sawyer, and Johanna, his wife. B. 1870 ( edncatrd 
at the Presentation Monastery, Killarney; m. ISiM, Annie, d. of Edward 
McCarthy, Killarney. Is a member of Kerry Onunty Conncil, Killaiaey 
Urban Council and Asylum Committee. A NationaIist.~Parit-pfoce, 

Murray, Hon. Alexander Oliphant (Master of 
Elibank). {Edinburghshire, Midlothian) 

Eldest s. of 10th Baron Elibank. B. 1870; educated at Chdtenhaia 
College and R.M.C., Sandhurst; m. 1884, Hilda, youngest d. of James 
Wolfe Munay, of Cringletie, Peeblebshire. Hasbeen private secretary to 
Permanent Under Secretary of State, Colonial Office, Sir Robert Meade, 
and Sydney Buxton, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State ISStf-di). 
Unsucc«8sfnlly contested West Edinburgh in 1895, Peebles and Selkirk 
1895. York City 190U. A Liberal .-Arooits'f, Baehtlmr9\ National 
Liberal and Siotfish Liberal (Edtn.) Cluba,- Juniper Rani, 
l^alkerbutn PeebUa*hire, N.ti. 



Murray, Rt. Hon. Andrew Graham. {Buteshire) 

8. ot the late Tfaomas Graham Muiray, W.8., of Stenton, Dunlceld, 
and Caroline Jane, d. of John Tod, esq., of KirkhiU, Midlothian. B. 
1849, in Edinbnrgh ; educated at Harrow, and Trin. Coll., Cambridge 
(scholar of college, B.A. 1872 ; M.A. 1874) ; m. 1874, Mary aeraentina, 
d. of Admiral Sir William Edmonstone, Bart., of Dantreath, Stirlingshire. 
Was called to the Scotch Bar in 1874; sheriflT of Perthshire \8»0-9l ; 
Q.C. 1891 ; Solicitor-General for Scotland ; again 1896.96 ; Lord 
Advocate 1886.19(8; aP.C. 1806; appointed Secretary for Scotland Oct. 
1008. Pirst elected for Bnteshire Oct. 1891. A Conservative.— 10, Hiorn. 
over-square, IV. t 7, Rothtav-terracg, Edinburgh; Carlton and 
fVeUington Club* i Stenton, IHmkeld, 

Murray, Charles James. ( Coventry) 

8. of the Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Murray, K.C.B., second s. of the fifth 
Earl of Dnnmore, and Elisabeth d. of James Wadsworth,of Oenesoo, 
Mew York. B. ISftl : educated at Eton ; m. 187li, Lady Anne Pinch, 
only d. of the sixth Earl of Aylesford. Entered the Diplomatic Service 
in 1S78 1 served in the Poreign Olllce, and was attach^ at Rome 1873«5 
at St. Petersbarg 1875>6; when he retired. Sat for Hastings ttom 
1880 to 1883. Is a D.L. of Ross.shire. and MiOor Highland Artillery 
Volunteers. Was an unsuocessftal candidate at (k)ventry in 1892. A 
Conservative and Unionist ; in favour of legislation to extend com- 
merce, develop new markets, &e., and to reform the Poor Laws, provide 
old age pensions, &c.— 41, Belffrave-aquare, S. W. ; Carlton and St. 
Jamet's Clubs, S.W ; Loeh Carron, Rois-shire, 

Mnnray, Charles Wyndham, C.6. {Bath) 

8. of the Rev. T. B. Murray, Prebendary of St. Paul's, by Helen, d. of 
(Seneral Sir William Douglas, K.C.H., of Tlmpendean, Roxburghshire. 
B. 1844 ; educated at MarlboroURh College, entered the army in 1862. 
Was D.A.Q.O., Intelligence Branch, Dublin, 1876-7, brigade major at 
Aldershot 1878-0, daring which period he was employed with the 
Boundary Cimimission, and as Military Attach^ in Turkey, and 
served in the Zulu War of 1879 as deputy assistant adjutant. 
general. Intelligence Branch of the division (brevet of major and 
medal with clasp), served ift the Afghan war with the 72nd 
Highlanders (medal) 1880, In the Mari expedition 1881, as D.A.A.O. 
with the expeditionary force in Egypt (brevet of lieut.MX>l., medal with 
eUmp for Tel-el-Kebir, &c.), 1882, and in the Bechnanaland expedition 
under Sir Charles Warren as D.A.A. and Q.M.O. 1885. Retired from 
the service 180O, and in 1801 was appointed one of H.M. Hon. 
Corps of Gentlemen at Arms. Is a Knight of St. John of JeruKal**"* 


C.B. 1903. M. 1890, EmoM Cecilia, d. of Mr. Edward Walker. A. 
CoDserTative.— 10, Rutland-gata^ S.fV.t Carlton and Anrntf aud 
Navy Clf/Uta ; Froyie Plaee, Alton, Hants. 

Myers, William Henry. {Winchester) 

Eldests.ofCliarlM Myera, late of Swanmore House, and HenrietU, 
fifth d. of the late Henry Aahton, eaq., of Wooltou, Lancaahire. B. 
1854 i educated at Eton, aud Balliol Coll.. Oxford ; m. 1888, Plaices 
Mary.d. of E. A. Prideaax Bmne, eaq. Is a barrister, called at tke 
Inner Temple, 1881. Joined the Western Circuit, bat does not pradtte. 
Is a J.P. and D.L. co. Southampton, and a County Conncillor fur 
the Droxford di« . of that county. He was nnsoccessful as a candidate 
for the Leigh div. of Lancashire in 188A. A ConserratiTe.— CorilM, 
Oxford and Cambridge, and WellingtoH Cluha ; Stocutmore Houtt, 
Bishop'* fValtheun, Hampshire. 

Nannettiy Joseph Patrick. {Duhlin, College 
Green div.) 

S. of Joseph and Bridget Nannettl (n^« Dempsay). B. in Dublin 1851; 
edacated at Baggot Street Convent and Christian Brothers' Schools, 
North Richmond Street, DnWin; m. Mary, d. of Edward Egan, of 
Dublin. Is foreman printer Freeman^s Journal, and contributor un 
lalMur sul^ects to the Dublin Evening Telegraph, Ac. Nationalist and 
Labour.— 19, Hardwieke-street, Dttbtin. 

Newdegate, Francis Alexander Newdigate. {Warwick- 
€hiref North-East, or Nuneaton, div.) 

Only s. of the late Prancis William Newdigate, Lleat.-CoL OoldsticaBi 
Oaards, and Charlotte (late) d. of Pield-Marshal, Sir Alex. Woodford. 
G.C.B. B. 1862, at Chelsea : educated at Eton, and the Royal Military 
College, Sandhurst; m. 1888, Hon. Elimbeth. youngest d. of the late 
Lord Bagot. Assumed the name of Newdegate 1902. Was in the 
Coldstream Guards 1883-85. Is a J.P. and D.L. fur Warwickahirr, 
a D.L. for Derbyshire, and a Trustee of Rugby School. Has sat fur 
Nuneaton div. since 1892. A Conservative.— Car/ion and Bachelor*' 
Clubs; Arburjft Nuneaton : Drumehoek, Auitbea^ Rose-shire. 

NewneB, Sir George, Bart. {Swansea Town) 

S. of Rev. T. Mold Newnes, late of Matlock, and d. of Mr. Daniel 
Urqnhart, of Dundee. B. .1861 ; educated at Silcoates Hall, Wakefield, 
Shireland Hall, Warwickshire, and the City of London School t m. 
1875, PrisetUa, d. of the Rev. J. Hillyard, of Leicester. Is ibandrr 
-d managing director of George Newnes, Ltd. ; and proprietor of the 


fVetiminster Gagette. Created a baronet 1895, Sat for Newmsrket 
div. from 1885 till 1895. A Ubernl.— /Viider<tft, PtUney-healh ; 
HotUrday Hitlt Lynton^ N . Devon . * 

Nicholson, William Graham. {Hampshire, Peters- 
field div.) 

Eldest s. of William NicholBon, J. P. and D.L. Hants, sometime 
M.P. for Petersfield, by Isabella Sarah, d. of John Meek. B. in 
London 1862 ; educated at Harrow and Trin. Coll. Camb. (B.\. 1884) ; 
m. 1890. Alice Margaret, d. of the late Rt. Hon. W. W. B. Beach. M.P. 
for Hants, Andover div. I.i a director of J. & W. Nicholson ft Co. , Ltd., 
distillers, of Clerkenwell, London, a J.P. forco. Sonthampton, Alderman 
Hants C.C, and mtgor Srd batt. Hampshire regt. A ConMcrvative, and 
strong supporter of Mr. Balfour's home, colonial, and foreign policy.— 
80, Eaton Square^ S.fV.; Baaing Park^ jllton, Hanta ; Carlton 
and 0:tfordand Cambridge Clubs. 

Nolan, John Philip. {Qalway, North) 

S. of John Nolan, J.P., barrister, Ballinderry, by Mary, d. of Walter 
Nolan, of Loughboy, Mayo. B. in Dublin I83S ; educated at Stoney- 
hnrst. Trinity College, Dublin, and StalTand Artillery College ; unmarried. 
Entered the Royal Artillery in 1857, served throughout the Abyssinian 
campaign, and retired from the army with the rank oriieut.-col. in 1881. 
He sat for co. Galway for a short time in 1872, when he was unseated 
on petition t represented the county from 1874 to 1885, and the Northern 
DiTisinn from 1885 to 1895, being defeated in the latter year by the 
Anti-Parnellite. A Nationalist.— ^rmy and Navy Club : BalHnderry^ 

Nolan, Joseph. {Louth, South) 

fa a natiTe of Lonlh. Is a commission agent in London. He formerly 
represented the Northern div. of the county, from which. as Mr. Parnell's 
nominee, he drove Mr. Philip Callan in 1885. He took the side of Mr. 
Parnell io his efforts to retain the leadership of the Parliamentary 
party, and standing in 1892 fur the Southern division, lost his seat. A 

Norman, Henry. {Wolverhamptorif South) 

8. of Henry and Sarah Edna Norman. B. at Leicester 1858 ; educated 
at Collegiate School, Leicester, private tnltion in France and Germany, 
B.A. Harvard University, U.S.A., University of Leipaig. He retired 
from Journalism in May, 1899, for authorship and political life; is a 
member of council of Society of Authors, F.R.G.8., commander of the 
Order of the Saviour, member of the council of the British £mr 


Lengue, a CuHrdian of the Standard of Wrought Pla«e, Birmingham, 
author of " The Real Japan," " The Peopleand PoUtica of the Par East," 
•• All the Rnsaias," &c. Is editor and founder of •* The World's Work." 
Has travelled extensively in the United States and Canada, Russia and 
in the Near and Far East. A Liberal, in favour of aboIitiOD of the 
veto of the House of Lords, Registration Reform, One Man One Vote, 
Licensing Reform, Religious Equality, Taxation of Land Valaes, Com- 
pensation to all Workmen, an increase of facilities for Secondary and 
Technical Education, and a stricter national control of Public Depart- 
ments.— 83, St. Thomau-mansiont, S.fV,; Saviie, Devonshire, 
National Liberal Clubs; Alton, Hants. 

Norton, Cecil William. {Newington, West div.) 

S, of the late Rev. W. Norton, M.A., rector of Baltinglass, Ireland, 
by Caroline, d. of George Riddick, of Triton Lodge, co. Loath. B. I85o, 
at Rathangan,co.Kildare; educated at Trinify Coll. Dublin, the Royal 
Military College, and the Staff College ; m. 1 st, 1880, CeciUa L., d. of the 
late James Kennedy, esq., and widow of W. T. Cavendish, esq., of 
Thornton Hall, Bucks (she d. Jan. 1898); 2nd, 1903, Marguerite, d. of 
C. P. Huntington, esq., of Darwen, Lanes. Entered the 6th (Royal 
Irish) Lancers as cornet April 1870; Capt. 1876; Brigade-major of 
cavalry at Aldershot 1881; retired 1882. Unsuccessfully contested Yar- 
mouth 1885 and 1886. First elected for W. Newington 1898. An 
Advanced Liberal, and advocate of Home Rule.— 18. BarksUm- gardens, 
IV. ; Rtform and National Liberal Clubs. 

Nussey, Thomas Willans. {Pontefraci) 

Only 8. of Mr. Thomas Nussey, of Bramley Grange, Thorner, near 
Leeds, and Helen, d. of Mr. J. Dodgson, of Leeds, B. 1868, at Leeds; 
educated at Leamington School, and Trinity Hall, Cambridge; B.A. 
1890 ; m. 1897, Editli, only d. of the late Dr. B. M. Daniel, of Fleetwnod, 
Lancashire. Was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple in I893,and is a 
J .P. and D.L. N. Riding, Yorkshire. Unsuccessfully contested Maidstone 
in 1892. Has sat for Pontefract since June 1893. A Liberal in favour of 
Home Rule.— 2, Dr. Johnson' s-bttildingt. Temple, E.C.i Brookis nnd 
Eighty Clubs ; Etishwood, Tat\field, Bedale, Yorkshire. 

O'Brien, James Francis Xavier. {Cork^ City) 

B. 1881. Formerly Gen. Sec. to the United Irish League of Great 
Britain. Was tried in 1867 for high treason and sentenced to be hanged, 
" drawn and quartered •» ; the sentence was commuted to penal aervimde 
for life, and he was afterwards released. Was a tea and wine nerchaat 
in Dublin. Sat for Mayo, South, from 1883-95, and for Cork, City,siiire 
1895. An •' Irish Nationalist." -49, South Side, Clapham Common. 


O'Brien, Kendal Edmnnd. {Tipperary^ Mid) 

S. of Richard O'Brien, solicitor, of Callen, TipperHry, and Ballina 
House, Clara, King's Coantv, by Kate, d. of James Byrne, J.P.,D.L., 
Lysferfield House, co. Roscommon. B. 1849 at Callen; edn- 
c«ted at Prospect House, Sandymoont, co. Dublin, and Carmelite 
Monastery, Clondalkin, co. Dublin ; m. 189(>, Anne Prances, eldent d. ot 
Cutbbert Clayton, of Golden Hills House, Cashel, co. Tipperary. Is a 
farmer, and has taken a prominent part in land agitation, also in 
organizing labour. He has written articles adrocating National Pro- 
prietary in land, or what is known as Land Nationalisation, in several 
prominent lri.ib journals. J. P. for co. Tipperary. A Nationalbt.— 
Golden Hills^ Golden, Cashel, co. Tipperary. 

0' Brian, Patrick. (Kilkenny, city) 

Seconds, of James O'Brien and CAtherine, d. of Mr. P. Byrne. B. 
at Tnilamore, King's co.; educated at Irish National Schools and 
the Liverpool Jnstilute. Is an engineer; and was hon. sec. of the 
Liverpool branch of the " Land League," and of the local branch of the 
" National League" which succeeded. Sat for North Monaghan from 
188K to 1 892. * Remained faithful to Mr. Parnell in the divisions of No. 
15 Commit tecroom, although in prison under the Coercion Act al the 
time." A Nationalistf and " whip " to the Irish party.— ^ot4«e of 
Commona, S.W. ; Leinsler Club, Dublin. 

O'Brien, Patrick Joseph. {Tipperary ^ North) 

Only 8. of James O'Brien, esq., Nenagh, by Bridget, d. of John 
Gunning Regan, esq., R.N. B. at Nenagh 1885; educated at local 
schools; m. 1878, Bridget, d. of Denis Hayes, esq., of Ballintoher, 
Nenagh. I s a hotel proprietor ; was chairman of the Nenagh Town Com- 
misnouen 188b-87, 1890-91 ; was chairman of the Board of Guardians 
1886-99; County Councillor, and Chairman District Council. 1899 1900. 
Hits sat for North Tipperary since 1885. "An Irish Nationalist."— 22, 
Caatte- street, Nenagh, Tipperary. 

O'Brien, William. {QorU City) 

S. of the late Mr. James O'Brien, of Mallow, by Kate, d. of Mr. James 
Nagle, of Mallow. B. 1852; educated at Cluyne Diocesan College and 
Queen's College, Cork; m. 1890, Sophie, d. of Hermann|Raffalovich, 
banker, of Paris. A jouinaliftt, and founder of the United Ireland 
newspaper; author of •'When We were Boys" (1890), " Irish Ideas " 
(1893), "A Queen of Men *' (1896). In 1P98 founded a new movement, 
"The United Irish League." Sat lor Mallow 1883-85, lor South Tyrone 



1885.8(1 ; nnsaccesurol undidnte 1886 ; ml*, for North-East Cork from May 
1887-92, and for Cork City 18M2-95 A Nationalist.— Afa//ofo Cottagt. 
ff^estporlf eo. Mayo. 

O'Connor, James. {Wicklow, West div.) 

8. of PatTfck O'Connor, Olen of Inaal, oo. Wicklow, and of Aue 
Kearney, Donard,oo.Wkklow. B. 1836; was formerly on theatafforthe 
Mah Peopt*t a Fenian orfi^an. I n 1 865 he, with O'Leary and O'Dono? an 
Rossa, of the Iriah People, was convicted of treason felony, and wa$ 
sentenced to 7 years' penal servitude. Was liberated before the tern 
had expired, and has since been connected with the editorial stalb of 
several Joornals and nugaainet. A NatkwaUst.— Houm qf Cowunoni, 

O'Connor, Thomas Power. {Liverpool, Scotland div.) 

S. of the late Thomas O'Connor, esq., of Athlone, by Theresa, d. of 
Thomas Power, esq., formerly of the 88th Connaaght Rangers. 
Athlone 1848: m. 1885, Bliiabeth, d. of Judge O. W. Paschal, of Texas. 
U.S.A. Was edocated at the College of the Immaealate Conoeptioo, 
Athlone, and Qoeen'i Coll., Galway, and graduated M.A. in the Qaeen's 
University. Is the author of various works, including " Lord Beaooas- 
field: a Biography," *'The Parnell Movement," ••Some Old Love 
Stories,'* " Napoleon," fire. Was the first editor of 77u Star evening 
newspaper ; later editor of The Sftn and The Sunday Sun, and present 
editor of M.A.P., and T. P:e fVeekly. Is an " Irish Nationalist." 
and is President of theUnited Irish League of Great Britain. Sat for 
Galway bor. 1880-85. Piriit electet) for the Scotland div. of Uverpoul. ' 
\%»ft.— Oakley Lodffe, Upper Cheyue-row, Cheltea, S.fV. 

O'Doherty, William. {Donegal County^ North 6\v.) 

8. of the late Owen O'Ooherty, merchant, Carndonafh, oo. Oonegal, I 
and Julia, d. of B. McGorrisk. B. at Carndonagh 1868 ; educated at St. | 
Colnmb's College, Londonderry ; m. 1804, Margaret, d. of Wm. Mitohcll, 
shipowner, Derry, and granddaughter of Sir Robert MeVicker. Is a j 
Solicitor, admitted 1893 (medallist of final exam.) ; deeted eoroacr 
Pebmary,1894, for constituency now represented by him in Parliament. ' 
Was elected member Londonderry Corporatiun 1806; chairman of Pubiie 
Health Committee: chairman of Public Libraries Coamttte«, and 
governor of Londonderry Infirmary. A Nationalist.— IS, Clarmtet^ 
avenue, Lttndonderry , National Liberal Club ; Carndnnagh, ee 


O'Donnell, John. {Mayo, South) 

S. of Patrick and Bridget O'Oounell. B. at Westport ; edacated at 
National Schools Is a joornalist. Was first organizer of the United 
Irish League, is now general secretary. Is a member of oo. Mayo 
Asylums Committee, and Westport Rural District Council. First elected 
for South Mayo, February, 1000. A Nationalist.— S9, Upper O'Connell- 
ttreet, Dublin ; Weatport, co. Mayo. 

O'Donnell, Thomas. {Kerry, West div.) 

S. of Michael O'Donnell and his wife> Ellen Rohan, farmers. B. at 
Liscarney, oo. Kerry, 1871; educated at National School and Marl- 
borough Street Training College ; m. 1897, Nora, youngest d. of Michael 

Kyan, Killorglen. Is a national teacher, entered 1893. A Nationalist 

Kiltorglin, eo. Kerry. 

O'Dowd, John. {Sligo, South) 

S. of John O'Dowd, former, and Catherine, his wife. B. 1856, at 
Ooldfield, CO. Sligo; educated at National Schools, and at Albany, 
U.S.A. Is a merchant and farmer. Was chairman Tubbercnrry, South 
Sligo, Board of Guardians 1888-98, and is chairman to Sligo County 
Council ; was returned for North Sligo unopposed in Febcaary, 1900. 
Author of *' Lays of South Sligo," and a book of national poems. Has 
been prosecuted and imprisoned in Dundalk and Sligo jails 1881 -82 for 
bis political opinions. A Nationalist.— £«nntn(i<2«H, co. Sligo. 

O'Kelly, Conor. {Mayo, North div.) 

S. of William O'Kelly, and Jane (ttie Mullen) his wife. fi. at Clare- 
morris in 1878 ; educated locally and at Dublin. Elected member of the 
Mayo County Coundl for the county district of Claremorris, April 1899 ; 
chairman of the Mayo County Council since 1899; president South 
Mayo Executive United Irish League, and member of the governing 
body of the United Irish League. Is one of the secretaries of the Irish 
Parliamentary Party. A Nationalist.— C/oremorWs, eo. Mayo. 

O'Kelly, James. {Roscommon, North) 

S. of the late Mr. John 0*KeIly, of Roscommon, by Bridget, d. of the 
late Mr. John Lalnr, of Queen's co. B. 1846. Was educated at the 
University of Dublin, and at the Sorboone, Paris. Formerly an officer 
in the French army, which he quittea soon after the fall of Paris. 
Adopted the occupation of a Jonmalbt in 1870, and was one of the 
editors of the New York Herald. Proceeded as a newspaper corre- 
spondent to the war in Cuba, where he was taken prisoner. Took part 
in the United States expedition against the Sioux chief. Sitting Boll, 




in 187A. In Jan. 1884 went to the Soudan as oorrespondent for the 
Daily Neu>*y with the Intention of joining the Mahdi at Obeid, bat whs 
stopped at Dongola by order of the Bgyptlan gorernment ; he sacceedfd. 
however, in throwing new light on the Mahdist movcDent. Is now 
London editor of the Irish Daily indeptndeni. Has published a work 
entitled ** The Manbi Land, a History of Personal Adventures with 
President Cespides in the Cuban Insurrrction." Sat for Rasntunamn 
1880^6, and for the North div. 1885.92 ; re-elected 1896 and ISU*. 
An Irish National i8t.~190, Fleet-Ureet, B.C. 

O'Malley, William. (Galway, Connemara diY.) 

S. of Michael and Honoria O'Maliey. B. in Connenam, 1857 ; eda 
cated at the Model School, Galway, and St. Mary's College, Lrindoa : 
m. 1886, the youngest d. of Thomas O'Connor, of Athlone, a sister of Mr. 
T. P. O'Connor, M.P. Is a journalist An Irish Nationalist.— 20, Tkt 
Chaae, Clapham Common, S.W.: SaU-hiU^ Galway. 

O'Mara, James. {Kilkenny, Sonth div.) 

S. of Alderman Stephen O'Mara, M.P. Oasory div. Queen's County, 
1886. B. at Limerick 1878 ; educated at Christian Schools, Linerkrk, 
Clungoweswood College; B.A. Royal University of Ireland, 181*8 
(E&bibitiuDS Engineering course); m. 1895, Agnes, d. of Blenner- 
hasset Cashel. Is a wholesale importer and exporter of provisiuiu, and 
member of the Home and Foreign Produce Exchange, London. A 

O'Neill, Hon. Robert Torrens. {Anirim, Mid) 

Second s. of the 1st Baron O'Neill, by his first wife, Henrietta, d. of 
the late Hon. Robert Torrens, Judge of the Court of Conmou Picas ia 
Ireland. B.inco. Armagh 1845; educated at Harrow, and Bmarnosr 
Coll. Oxford (M.A. 187U). Has been Major in the 4th ButtaUon Royi«l 
Inniskilling Fusiliers. Is a J. P. and D.L. for co. Londonderry, and 
was High SheriflT uf the county in 1871. Is also a J. P. for co. ABtiim. 
Unsuccessfully contested Antrim in May, 1885. First elected for Mid 
Antrim at the general election of 1885. A Conservative.— 8, Regunt' 
tlrftt S.fV. ; Verrytiogd, Draperstow$i, eo. Londonderry g T\ttly~ 
more Lodge, Batlymena, eo. Antrim. 

♦Ormsby-Gore, Hon. George Balpli Charles. {Shrop^ 
shir€y Owestry div.) 

Eldest surviving s. of Lord Harlech, 2nd Baron, and Lady Emily 
Ciihriotte, d. of Admiral Sir Geo. Seymour. B. 1855, in liOadoa ; 
ducated at Eton and Sandhurst. AViu lieutenant in the GDldttrea^ 


GDiirds I875-S3. 1.4 Lt.-Col. coramandiuK the Sbropshire Yeomanry. ^ 
J. P. and D.L. for Shrnpabire and Merionethshire, and also for co. Leitrim, 
of which county be was High Sheriff 1885. Elected for this div. May, 
1901. A CooMrvative— 37, Chesham-plaeet S.ff^.i Gttards' and 
TravelUrt* Clubs ; The Lodge, Malpat, Cheihire. 

Ormsby-Gore, Hon. Seymour Fitzroy. {Lincoln- 
shire, Gainsboroagh div.) 

Third and youngest s. of Lord Harlech, Snd baron, and Lady Emily 
Charlotte, d. of Sir George Seymour. B. at 18, Chesham-plaoe, in 18H3 ; 
educated at Eton and Brascnose College, Oxford (M.A.). Is a stock . 
biulier, and a frequent contributor to magaiines, chiefly on Irish 
political subjects. A Liberal Dnionistand Imperialist, a supporter of the 
'l'oTyDemocnoj.—Sr, Chesham-ploce^&fV.i Turf Club; Brogytttyn 

O'Shaughnessy, Patrick Joseph. (Limerick^ West 

S. of David O'Shaughnessy. merchant and farmer, Ratbkeale, and 
Norab, d. of John W. Power, merchant, of Ratbkeale. B. at Rathkeaie 
1873; educated at jhe Classical Academy, Rathkeaie, and French 
College, Blackrock, co. Dublin. Is studying for the law ; obtained 
gold medal and special certificate at Preliminary Law Exam., Snd 
place in 1st class Intermediate Law Exam., and is a member of the 
United Irixh League. A "SikXiontAiai,— Rathkeaie t co. Limerick. 

O'Shee, James John. {Waterford, West) 

S. of John Shee and Marianne Britton. B. at Newtown, Carrick-on- 
Snir, CO. Tipperary ; educated at the local National School, Rockwell 
&>!!., Cashel, and University Coll., Dublin. Has been a solicitor since 
Trinity Term, 1890. Is Hon. Sec. of the Irish Land and Labour Associa. 
tion. An Irish Natioualint, in favour of radical land and labour reforms. 
—Netotownt Carrick-oti'Suir. 

Osmond-Williams, Arthur. {Merionethshire) 

S. of the late David Williams, M.P. for Merioneth 1868. of Castle 
Dendraeth, Merionethshire, and Annie LI., d. of late Wm. Williams, 
Peniartlincha, Merioneth. B. 1849, at Castle Dendraeth, Merionethshire ; 
educated at Eton; m. 1880, Prances Evelyn, 4th d. of the late S. W. 
Creaves, of Beriuote, Warwickshire, and sij>t<:r to the Lord-Lieutenant 
X *2 



of Carnarvonshire. Was chairman of Merioneth County Coancil for 
three years; is alderman of that body, deputy chairman of Qnarter 
Sessions, and J.P. and D.L. for Merionethshire and Carnarvonshiie. A 
liberal.— At/orm Club ; Caaielt D^ndreuth and Borthwen, Meriontth- 

Owen, A. C. Humphries-. 8ee Humphries-Owen, 

Palmer, Sir Charles Mark, Bart. {Burhamy Jarrow di?.) 

Eld. s. of George Palmer, esq., merchant and shipowner. B. at Sonth 
Shields 1822 ; ro. 1st, 1846, Jane, d. of Ebeneser Robaon, esq., of New- 
castle (she died 1865) : 2ndly, Angnsta Mary, d. of Alfred Lambert, 
esq., of Paris (she died 1876) ; Srdly, 1877, Gertnide, 2nd d. of Jamn 
Montgomery, esq., of Hartlands, Cranford, Middlesex. Is an owner of 
collieries situated in Northumberland and Durham. Is the founder of 
the Jarrow Shipbuilding Yard, rolling mills,famaces, and engine works. 
Is a Magistrate and Deputy-Lieut, for Durham and the North Riding of 
York. Is Hon Col. of the Ist Durham Engineer Volunteers. Creatrd 
Baronet in 1886. A Liberal. Sat for Nprth Durham Feb. 1874 to Nor. 
1885, and for the Jarrow div. since.— 37, Curxon-street, fV.t Brooks's 
andRfform Clubs; Gritikle Part, Loflus-in-Cleveland, Yorkshire: 
Neweastle-on- Tyne . 

Palmer, George William. {Ueaiing) 

S. of the late George Palmer, esq., who was M.P. for Readio::. 
1878-85, and the late Sarah Elizabeth, eldest d. of Mr. Robert Meatrani. 
of Basingstoke. B. at Reading, 1851 ; educated at Grore House, 
Tottenham ; m. 1879, the eldest d. of the late Henry Barrett, of Surbiton. 
Surrey, and grandd. of Jonathan Dymond, of Exeter, the essayist. I« & 
biscuit manufacturer, director of Huntley and Palmers, Ltd., Readin:; . 
Is a J.P. for Reading and county of Berks, and has been member of ti.e 
Town Council since 1882, of which he was mayor 1888-89. Sat f'>- 
Reading 1892 to 1895 ; unsuccessfully contested Wokingham dir. 199^ : 
re-elected for Reading 1898. A Liberal.— 36, Qt«een Annoys Gate,S.W 
Reform, Devonshire, nwrf Xational Liberal Clubs; Mnrhton Hohu, 
nsar Newbury, Berks. 

Palmer, Walter. {Salisbury City) 

S. of the late George Palmer, M.P. for Reading 1878-85. B- ai 

Reading in 1858 ; educated at University College, London, SorbooH 

uiTersity, Paris; has B.Sc. degree of London Univenity; a. Jean, «i 


of W. Y. Craig. M.P. for North Staffordshire 1880-86. Is director of 
Haatley & Palmers, Ltd. ; J.P. and D.L. for Berkshire. A Conservative. 
—50, Grosvenor-sqiuxre, tV.; Cariton, Junior Carlton, and St. 
James's Clubs ; Sunninghilti Berks. 

Parker, Sir Gilbert. {Qravesend) 

S. of the late Captain J. Parker, R.A. B. in Canada 1862 ; educated at 
Trinity College, Toronto ; m. 1895, d. of Ashley Van Tine, of New York. 
Is author of" Pierr* and his People " ; "Mrs. Falchion " ; "The Trail 
of the Sword"; "When Valmond came to Pontiac"; "The Seats of 
the Mighty"; "The Battle of the Strong"; "The Lane that had no 
Turning " ; " The Right of Way " ; &c. Is Hon. Col. Royal Garrison 
Vol.Artillery,Hon.D.C.L. &F.R.S.C. Knighted 1902. A Conservative. 
—20, Carlton House-terrace , S.W. ; Carlton and Oarrick Clubs. 

Parkes, Ebenezer. {Birminghanif Central div.) 

8. of Mr. Israel Parkes, of Harborae-road, Edgbaston. B. 1848 ; edu- 
cated at the Wesley College, Sheffield. Is an iron-roaster; also a J.P. 
for Birmingham ; was a member of the City Council. Formerly chairman 
of the local Liberal Unionist Association. A Liberal Unionist.— 
Hermitage-roadf JEdgbastoHf Birmingham. 

Partington, Oswald. {Derby shiret High Peak) 

S. of Edward Partington, J.P., of Westwood Park, Droitwich, and 
Sarah Howarth. B. 1872 ; educated at Rossall ; m. 19U2, Clara Isabel, 
d. of 10th Lord Elibank. Is captain 4th vol. batt. Cheshire Regiment. 
A Liberal.— 18s Cadogan-8quare,S.W.; National Liberal and Reform 
Clubs; Eastonf Olossop, Derigshire 

Paulton, James Mellor. (Durhanif Bishop Auckland 

Only s. of the late Mr. A. W. Panlton, formerly of Bolton, a well- 
known Free-trader, by Martha, d. of the late Mr. Jsmes Mellor, of 
Liverpool. B. in London 1857 : was educated at the International 
College, Spring Grove, and Trinity Hall, Cambridge, taking honours in 
the Historical Tripos in 1879. Has been private secretary to Mr. J. 
Bryce, M.P. for Aberdeen (South); also to the late Mr. H. Childersas 
Home Secretary, 1886. In 1893 was private sec. (unpaid) to Mr. Asqnith > 
H(Hne Secretary. Has sat for the Bishop Auckland div. since 188A. A 
Libenl.-79A, Pall MaU, S.fV.; Brooks's Club; Boughton Ha" 
Send, Surrey. 


Pearson, Sir Wectman Dickinson, Bart. ( Colchetter) 

S. of the late George Pearson, of Brickendonbnry, Hertford. B. 
1656; educated at Harrogate; m. 1881, Annie, 2nd d. of the late Sir 
John Cass, of Bradford, Yorks. Is head of the firm of S. Pearion 
& Son, Ltd., the great contractors fur public works. Contested Col- 
chester 1892; first elected there Feb., 1895 An Advanced Liberal.- 
16, Carlton-houte-terrace, S.W. ; Reform Cluh; Paddockhur$t, Worth, 

Pease, Herbert Pike. (Darlington) 

Second s. of the late member, Mr. Arthur Pease, and MaryL.jd.of 
Ebenezer Pike, of Besborough, co. Cork. B. 1887 ; educated at Brighton 
College and Trinity Hall, Cambridge ; m. 1891, Alice, 2nd d. of the Very 
Rev. Dr. Luckock, Dean of Lichfield. Is an ironmaster and colliery 
owner. Is also a J. P. and D.L. for the North Ridii^, Yorks. A Liberal 
Unionist. — Brooks's Chtb; Merroto Croft, Guildford. 

•Pease, Joseph Albert. (Essex, Saffron Walden div.) 

S. of the late Sir Joseph W. Pease, bart , M.P., and Mary, A. of Alfred 
Fox, of Falmontb. B. 1860, at Darlington ; educated at Tottenham 
School, and Trinity College, Cambridge; B.A. 1881, M.A. 1884; 
m. 1886, Ethel, d. of the late M«j..Gen. Sir Henry Havelock-Albn, bart., 
M.P., V.C. Is a J.P. and D.L. for en. Darham, and a J.P. Car the 
N. Riding of Yorkshire, and was Mayor of Darlington 1889-90. Wv 
private secretary (unpaid) to Mr. John Morley as Chief Secretary for 
Ireland 1892-95, and is one of the Liberal Whips. Sat for the Tyneside 
diT. of Northnmberland 1892-1900; defeated there at the General 
Election 1900. Elected for Saffron Walden May 1901. A Liberal.-S, 
H»rfford-8tre0t, W.; Brooks's and Turf dubs; Headlov Hail, 

Peel, Hon. William Eobert Wellesley. {Man- 
chester, South div. ) 

Eldest 8. of Arthur Wellesley, Viscount Peel and the late Adelaide, d. 
of the late W. S. Dngdale, of Merivale Hall, Warwickshire. B. at 70, 
Eaton-place, S. W. , 1867 ; educated at Harrow and Balliol College, Oxford; 
m. 1899, Hon. Ella Williamson, elder d. of Lord Ashton, of Rylandt, 
Lancaster. Is a barrister-at-law, called 1893 ; elected member of the 
L.C.C. for Woolwich, 1900. Member of the Royal Commission for the 
Port of London. Captain Bedfordsh. Yeomanry. A Liberal Unionist, 
in favour of Army Reform ; opposed to Disestablishment and Disendow- 
ment of the Church of England and to Home Rule; interested in 


development and organization of Education, in Old Age Pensions, and 
Better Housing: of Hie Working Classes.— 52, Grosvenor-street, W. ; 
Brookt's and White's Clubs. 

PembertoD) John Stapylton Grey. (Slunderland) 

5. of the late Richard Laurence Pemberton, of Hawthorn Tower and 
T^e Barnes, co. of Durham, and the late Jane Emma, d. of the Rev. 
Martin Stapylton. B. at The Barnei, Sunderland, 1860; educated at 
Iton and New College, Oxford ; m. Ist, in 1890. to Janet Maud, 2nd d. of 
Colonel T. H. Marshall, C.B.,of Hartford, Cheshire; 2nd, in 1895, to 
Nira, younger d. of Hercules G. Ross, late Bengal Civil Service. Is a 
barrister-at-law, called to the Bar 1889. Fellow of All Souls' 1885, M.A. ; 
J.P. for CO. of Durham; assistant secretary to Opium Coinmisston 1894. 
A Progressive Conservative.— 16, Part-/rtMf, W.; Carlton, Wellington 
and Constitutional Clubs ; Belmont, Durham ; Hawthorn Towers 
Seaham Harbour. 

Penrose -Fitz- Gerald, Sir Robt. Uniacke-, Bart. (Cam- 
bridge, bor.) 

S. of the late Robert Uniacke-Penro8e-Fits-Gerald, by Frances 
Matilda, d. of the Re7. R. Austen, D.D.» rector of Midleton, mi. 
Cork. B. at Corkbeg Island, Whitegate, oo. Cork, 1889 : m. Sept. 1867, 
Jane Emily, d. of Qan. Sir William Cndrington, O.C.B.; educated at 
Westminster, and Trinity Hall, Cambridge; graduated M.A. 1863. 
Is a J.P. and D.L. for co. Cork, and was for some time a member of the 
Cork Marine Board: in 1874 he nnsnccessfully contested Youghal, 
when he was defeated by Sir J. N. M'Kenna ; was cr. Bart. 1896. 
Has sat for Cambridge (cinoe 1885. An independent Conservative; in 
faronr of extending the franchise to women who are otherwise legally 
qoalified.— 35, Grosvtnor-rd., S.fV.; Carlton and JCildare-st. 
(Dublin) Clitbs: Corkbeg Island, fVIdtegate, eo. Cork. 

Percy, Henry Algernon George, Earl. (Kensing- 
ton, South div.) 

Eldest 8. of ihe Duke of Nnrtbumberland, by Edith, d, of the 8th Duke 
of Argyll. B. in London 1 871 ; educated at Eton, and Christ Ch. Oxford ; 
first class in Classical Moderations, and a first class in the final Lit. 
Hunumiores ; alao won the Newdigate prize for English poetry. Was 
Under-Secretary for India 1903-03; appointed Under-Secretary for 
Foreign Affairs, Oct. 1903. Is a J.P. and D.L. for Northumberland. 
Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. Was Lord Warkuorth when 


elected for Kensington, 8. A Conservative.— 64, Curzon-stteet, W.: 
Carlton^ Travellers', and Junior Carlton Clubs, S.fV.; Ahuoick 
Castle, Northumberland. 

Perks, Robert William. {Lincolnshire, East Liodief, 
or Louth, div.) 

S. of the late ReT. George T. Perks, M k. B. 1849, at Kensiagbn; 
edacated at New Kingswood School, Bath, and King's College, Louden; 
m. 1878, Edith, youngest d. of William Mewbarn, esq., D.L., of Wykhn 
Park, Banbury. Practised from 1876-1900 as a solicitor in partnervhn 
with Sir H. H. Fowler, M.P., having special business in railways, dock^ 
and public works. Was associated with the late T. A. Walker in the 
construction of the Barry Docks and railways, Preston Docks, Manchester 
Ship Canal, and the Buenos Ayres Harbour Works. Is an Associate nf 
the Institute of Civil Engineers, an<l a director and partner in C. H- 
Walker & Co., Ltd., contractors, and Chairman of the Metropolitu 
District Railway. Is Treas. Free Church Congress, Chairman of the 
Eastern Counties Liberal Federation, and of the NoBConfor^li^ts' 
Political Council, and Hon. Treasurer of the Liberal League ; J.P. for 
Kent. A Liberal.-ll, Kensington Palace Onrdens, W.; Hamilton. 
house, Victoria Embankment, B.C.t National Liberal Club and 
City Liberal Club: Claverley, Litlleslone, Kent: H'ykham Park, 

Philipps, John Wynford. (Pembrokeshire) 

Eldest 8. of the Rev. Sir James Erasmus Philipps, 12tli bart. (Great. 
1621), and vicar of Warminster, by Mary Margaret, eldest d. of the 
Hon. and Rev. Samuel Best, rector of Abbots Ann. B. at Warminster, 
Wiltshire, 1860; educated at Felsted School, and Keble Coll., Oxford: 
m. 1889, Nora, younger d. of the late Isidor Gerstenberg, esq., of 
Regent's Park. He was called to the Bar at the Middle Temple, July, 
1888. In 1886 he unsuccessfully contested the Devizes div. of Wiltshire. 
He sat for Mid-Lanarkshire from 1888 to 1894, when he retired on 
account of ill-health. A Libernl, in favour of Home Rule for IreUnd 
Land Law Reform, a Proffressive Income Tax, Local Option, &c.— 
Devonshire, Wellington, and National Liberal Clubs; Lydstep Hartn, 
Penally, R.S.O., Pembrokeshire. 

Pickard, Benjamin. (Vorks. West Riding, Normanton 

S. of Thomas Pickard, miner. B. at the mining Tillage of Kippaz. 
near Leeds, 1842. Was educated up to twelve years of age at Kippax 


Grammar School. When he left school it was to work in the pit as a 
*' harrier.** Up to 1878 he worked for cue firm in varions pits near 
Kippax. M. 1864, a d. of the late Mr. John Preenifln. Became secretary 
to the Yorkshire Miners' Association, Barnsley, 1881; is also president 
of the Miners' Federation of Gt. Brit., and has been a member of the 
Wakefield School Board, and alderman W. Riding County Council. Has 
sat for the Normanton div. since 1885. An advanced Liberal ; in fkvonr 
of Home Bale, of shorter Parliaments, payment of members, an AlBr- 
mation Bill, the abolition of the Honse of Lords, and other radical 
measnres.— iVa/^ona/ LibtroU and Cobden Clubs; 3, Hudder afield- 
road, Barnsley. 

Pierpoint, Robert. (Warrington) 

8.ofthelateMr.BenjaminPierp(iint,J.P.,ofSt. Anstin'o, Warrington , 
and Frances, d. of Mr. Thomas Green, of Warrington. B. 184!i ; educated 
at Eton, and Christ Church. Oxford. Was B.A. 1869 ; M.A. 18? 1 ; called 
t3 the Bar at the Inner Temple 1873, and went the Northern Circuit. Is 
aJ.P. for Cheshire. A Conservative.— ilforrt« Chatnberst ib, Olass- 
hou80'Street, Regent-strset, Vf'. ; Carlton and fVindham Clubs ; 
St. AuathCSt Warrington. 

PilkiDgton, Richard. {Lancashire^ Newton div.) 

Second s. of the late Richard Piikington, esq.,of Windle Hall, Lanes . 
and Anne, d. of Richard Evans, of Uaydock Grange, Lanes. B. 1841 ; 
m . 1868, Louisa, d. of Arthur Sinclair of St. Helens. Is a manufactuier 
at St. Helens ; also Lt.-Col. commanding 2nd Vol. Batt. Prince of Wales's 
South Lane. Regt. He has been four times mayor uf St. Helens. A Con- 
servative and Unionist; and a strung supporter of the Foreign, Colonial, 
and Domestic policy of the Balfour administration.— 8, Oreen-tt., 
Grosvennr-sq., fV. ; Carlton andDevonsMrt Clubs, S.W.; Rainford 
Halt, St. Helens, Lanes. 

Fine, Duncan Vernon. (Aberdeen, North div.) 

S. of the late Gordon Pirie, of ChAteau de Varennes, France, 
and Valentine, d, of tlie late Joseph Rousseau de Lnbrossp. B. iHaS; 
educated at Glenalmond ; m. 181*4, Evelyn, 2nd d. of the 17th Baron 
Sempill. Entered the army from the Aberdeenshire Militia 1879, 
retired as Capt. 3rd Hussars, 1898 ; served in the Egyptian war of 1883, 
in the Soudan war 1864, being in the El Teb and Temai engagements, 
and in the Nile expedition of 1884-6, mentioned twice in despatches, and 
has medal with4 clasps, &c. Was A.D.C. to Governor of Ceylon 1890>93. 
Is a D.L. Aberdeen, and F.R.S.G.S. ; in 1897 he organized the relief o<" 
wounded in Greece during the Greco-Turktsh war, from the Fund rai*- 


by the Daily Chronicle. Serred in S. Africa 1899-1903. He unsuccess- 
fully contested West Renfrewshire 1895. A Liberal, in favour of Local 
Self-Gorernment for all nationaltties of the United Kingdom.— Aa^'oN"/ 
Liberal and Bachelors' Clubs ; Caskiehen, Kinaldie, AberdeeHshire. 

Platt-Higgins, Frederick. {Salfordy North) 

S. of James Hii^gibs, esq., J.P. B. 1810, at Salford; edacaled at 
CheltenhRm Collefre and B«;rUn: m. Mary Emilie, d. of Mr. itmti 
Mottram, of Manchester. In 1889 he obtained a myal warrant anthnr- 
iaing him to take the name of Piatt in addition to that of Higgins. It « 
J.P. for CO. Chester. A Consenrative and Unionist.-- Qtieen Amti'i 
Mansions, S.fV. : Carltms Club, S.W. 

Flnmmer, Walter Richard. {Newcastle-upon-Tyne) 

S. of the late Alderman Benjamin Plnmmer, J. P., and Grace, d. of 
Thomas Fell, of St. Laurence IIouHe, Newcastle-on-Tyne. B. at New. 
castle, 1858 ; educated privately at Newcastle ; unmarried. Is a merchant, 
and was for fifteen years a member of the Newcastle School Board, 
and four years chairman; for thirteen years in City Council, aUo :i 
City magistrate. Advocates Army Reform, Redistribution of Seats, &r. 
A Conservative .--C(fi»7<0M and Constitutional Clubs; i. Queen' s-sqwtrr 
Netecastle-oU' Tyne. 

Powell, Sir Francis Sharp, Bart. (Wigan) \ 

8. of thelate Rev. Benjamin Powell, by Anne, d. of the late Rer. T. 
Wade. B. at Wigan, 1887; educated at St John's Coll. Cambridse. . 
where he took classical and mathematical honoars in ISfiO, aid ira> 
elected a Fellow in 18SI. M. 18R8, Annie, d. of the late Mr. Xatthe* | 
Greg8on,of Toxteth Park, Liverpool. Was called to the Bar at the 
Inner Temple 1868, bat has ceased to practise. He is a treasurer of the 
Committee for Chnrch Defence, &c., and serred on the Royal Saailary 
Commission; a J.P. for Lancashire and the W. Riding, Torks, aahoa. 
freeman of the Boroughs of Wigan and Bradford i patron of one living. Is 
also chairman of the Governors of Sedbergh Orammar School, member ot 
council of Selwyn Coll. and Chorcb of England Training Oollegei, aad 
Vice-Pre8.of the Statistical Society, Vioe.Pres. of the Sanitary Institale. 
Created a hart. 1892. He was M.P. for Wigan 1867-9, for Ganbridge 
1868^8. for the N. div. of the W. Riding, Yorks, ftom Feb.1878 to 1874. 
and for Wigan again in 1881, bat was unseated on petitton in the latter 
case. Has sat for Wigan since 1885. A Conservative; aprtnnater of 
sanitary, educational, and chnrch extension measures, and an opponent 
of all proposals which may injure nseflilness of the Chureh.-l, 
Cambridge- sq., Uyde-part, fV.; Morton Old Hail, hradford. 



Power, Patrick Joseph. (Water/ord co., East) 

8. of Pierse Power, esq., and Elisa, C. of Ritrick Hayden, etq., of 
Carriekbeg, co. WaterTord. B. 1850 ; educated at Stonyhnrst Coll.* 
Lanes. He is a magistrate for the coanty, and chairman of the Water, 
ford Board of Gnardians. Sat for Waterford co. 1884.5, and for the 
Eastern div. since. A Nationalist.— 18, TetnpMon-plaee, S.fV.: 
Nnotown-hou30, Tr amort, eo. fVaUrford. 

Poynder, Sir J. Dickson-. See Dickson-Poynder. 

Pretyman, Ernest Greorge {Suffolk, Woodbridge div.) 

S. of PrederiePretyman, B.D., Hon. Canon of Lincoln Cathedral, and 
Georgiana, d. of E. Knight, esq., of Chawton House, Hants. B. at 
Great Carlton, Louth, Lincolnshire, 1859; educated at Eton, and the 
Royal Military Academy, Woolwich ; m. 1804, Lady Beatrice Adine, 
eldest d. of the Earl and Countess of Bradford. Entered the Roy. 
Artillery: capt. 1888; retired 1889, on succeeding to property of his 
cousin, Ool. Tomline, in Suffolk and Lincolnshire; Hon. Col. (1899^ ist 
Suffolk (Harwich) Vol. Artillery. Is a J.P. for Suffolk. J.P. and D.L. 
Lincoln, and County Councillor for East Suffolk. Was Civil Lord of the 
Admiralty 1900-03. Appointed Secretary to the Admiralty Oct* 
1903. A ConnenratiTe and Unionist.— 2, Betprnve-square, S.ff'' ; 
Carlton, Wellington and Turf Club »s Orwell-park, Ipawichi Mby 
Grove, Lincolnshire. 

Price, Robert John. {Norfolk, East div.) 

S. of the late Mr. Edward Price, of Belle Vne House, Highgale, rail, 
way contractor. B. 1854, at Hifchgate; educated at Cholmeley School, 
Highgate, and University College, London; m. 1881, Eva Montgomery 
Johns, second d. of Jasper W. Johns, J.P. and D.L., sometime M.P. for 
the Nuneaton div. of Warwickshire. Is a M.R.C.S., 1870; and was 
called to the Bar at the Middle Temple, 1883. A Liberal '* in foil accord 
with the Newcastle programme."— 6, Sussex Mansions, S*W.t Na- 
tional Liberal Club, S. IV. ; Bank, Lyndhurst, Hants. 

Priestley, Arthur. {Qrantham) 

S. of Briggs Priestley, late M.P. for Pudsey div. of West Rldinsf , York- 
shire, and Grace, his wife. B. 1864; educated privately; unmarried. ' 
a magistrate for Grantham and South Kesteven, Lincolnohire. T 
successfally Contested the Stamford dir. of Lincolnshire, March, 1 


and at ths general elections of 1892 and 1895. A Liberal, in farour o 
Army Reform, Reform of the Land Laws. Revision of Registration 
Laws, removal of all Uxes on the necessaries of life. Licensing Reform, 
&c — 42, Cttrzon-street, fV.; Hunger ton Hall, nr. Grantham. 

Pryce-Jones, Edward. (Montgomery Dist.) 

Eldest 8. of Sir Pryce Pryce-iimes. of Dolerw, M.P. for this Dist. 18S<Mi 
and 1892-95. B. 1861 ; m. 1886, Beatrice, d. of the late Mr Herbnt 
Hardie, of Orford Hoase, Cheshire. Educated at Jeans College, Camiiridse 
(B.A. 1889,M.A. 1893), and called tothe Bar at the Inner Temple in ISSr:. 
Is Dept. Chairman and managing director of Pryce- Jones, Ltd., manu- 
facturers and merchants, Newtown : a J.P., U L., and C.C. for Mont- 
gomeryshire, a member of the University Court, and a Gof. the UniTer»i»v 
Cullr. of Wales. Was chairman Newtown Local Bd. of Health 1893-5. 
raised 5th vol. batt. S. Wales Borderers, and became its first com. oftcer 
U..C0I., 1897; was Capt. Montgomery Yeomanry frkim 1888; retired as 
hon. major 189ft. Has sat for Montgomery since 1895. A Conaerratire . 
— Carlton and Ranelagh Cluba^ S.fV.; Ca4rhowel, Montgowury. 

Purvis, Robert. (Peterborough) 

B. in Roxburghshire, 1844 ; m. 1874, a daughter of Mr. W. H. Peat, nr 
Mincing-lane, London ; educated at Marlborough School and Duwain; 
Coll., Cambridge, where he took the degrees of M.A. and LL.D. Wx> j 
called to the Bar at the Inner Temple in 1878. Has sat for Peterboroaeb 
since 1895. A Liberal Unionist.— 11, King's Beneh-waOt, TempU, 
B.C. ! 43, Ashleirgardent, S.W. ; Ojtford and Cambridgt Club, S.ff'- , 

Pym, Charles Guy. (Bedford) 

Youngest «. of the late Rev. W. W. Pym, Rector of Wilhan All Saiit' 
Herts, by Sophia d, nf 8. Oambier, esq., Commissioner of the Navy. *'>'< 
erHnd.s. of the late Prancii) Pym, M.P., of Hasels Hall. Bfds. «• 
at Willian Rectory, 1841; educated at Rossall-hall : m. If'"'. I 
Mildred, d. of the late H. S. Thornton, of B*tter»e«.ri.« House. Eaifrf.i 
the War Office 1K59 ; retired 1873. Is director wnd rhairmanof tlie Wf*i 
End Board of the N. British Mercantile Insurance Co., and a J.P and 
D.L. for Bedfordshire. A Conservative, in favour of inproveaent oil 
the d« ellings of the poor, just temperance reforms, arhitratioa trilwnal«. 
reform of the Poor Laws, the prevention of alien immigration, national' 
systems of Fire Brigades, &c.-^5, CranUy.ff m dtiu^ S.fV.; Carlton 
and Junior Carlton Clubs ; Cat sar's -camp, Sandys Bsdt. \ 


Quilter, Sir Cuthbert, Bart. (^Suffolk, Sudbury iliv.) 

Eldest 8. of the late Mr. William Quilter, by Elizabeth Hariot, 2nd d. 
of Thomas Cuthbert, esq. B. in London 1841 ; educated privately ; m. 
1867, Mary, d. of the late Mr. John Wheeley Bevington, of Brighton. 
Is a O.L. and J.P. for Suffolk ; President Saffolk Horse Society, and 
Vice-Corn. Roy. Harwich Y.C. ; cr. Bart. 1897. Has sat for the Sudbury 
div. since 1885. A Liberal Unionist.— 74, South AwUey-st., fV.; 
Bmiuisey Manor, Suffolk. 

Quin, W. H. Wyndam-. See Wyndham-Quin. 

Bandies, John Soarrah. {Qumberlandt Cocker- 
montb div.) 

S. of the Rev. M. Randies, D.D. B. at Boston, Lincolnshire, 1857 ; 
edacated at Woodbouse Grove School, near Leeds ; m. to d.of R. Spencer^ 
of Bolton, Lancashire. He is engaged in business as an ironmaster; 
chairman and managing director of the Moss Bay Hematite Iron and 
Steel Company, and a director of the Workington Iron Company, is 
president of the British Iron Trade Association, and chairman of West 
Cumberland Blast Furnacemen's and Masters' Conciliation B.>ard. He 
is a member of the Cumberland County Council, and a J.P. A Conserva- 
tive.— CaWfon and Conslilutional Clubs; Stileercflt fVorhington, 

Rankin, Sir James, Bart. {Herefordshire ^ Nortli or 
Leominster div.) 

Only s. of the late Robert Hankin, sen. partner in late firm of Messrs. 
Pollok, Gilmour, and Co., shipowners of Glasgow and Liverpool, and of 
Bromborongh Hall, Cheshire, by Ann, d. of John Strang, esq., of St. 
Andrew's, Canada. B. at Liverpool I84d ; m. 1865, Annie Laura, 2nd d. 
of Christopher Bnshell, esq., of Hinderton, Cheshire. Was educated at 
Trinity Coll., Cambridge ; graduated B.A., lstclaj<s natural science tripos 
18A6. Hasbeena J.P. and D.L. of Herefordshire since 1867, and a J .P. for 
Hereford since 1873. Elected Chief Steward of Hereford 1878. Was High 
Sheriff of Herefordshire 1873. Has written various papers on scientific 
subjects. Cr. Bart, 1898. A Conservative, strongly advocating the 
deTelopment of our Colonial Empire, and the establishment of State- 
directed emigration to onr colonies. He has brought forward a scheme 
of State-aided old age pensions. Sat for Leominster from March 1880 to 
Not. 1886. First elected for this div. 1886.—86, BnnUmort-gardms , 
S. fV. ; Carlton and New Univtrtity Clubs ; Bryngwyn, Tram Inn 
R.S.O., Herefordshire. 


Basch, Sir Frederic Came, Bart. {Ensex, Cbelms- 

Jord div.) 

8. of the late P. C. Rascb, J.P., D.L., of Woodhill, by Catherioe Janaes, 
d. of the late James Edwards, e8q.|, of The Grove, Harrow. B. 1847; 
educated at Eton, and Trinity Ooll^ie, Cambridge; m. 1878, Katheriae 
Anne, d. of the late Mr. Henry Lyaons GriAnhoofe, of Arkeaden, Essex. 
He entered the Ath Dragoon Guards (Carbineers) in 1867 : and is a msjor 
in the 4th Essex Regiment, a J.P.and also a UL. for Essex ; cr. Barooet 
1908. He nnsnccessftilly contested the EUand diy. of the W. Ridiaf of 
Yorkshiie in 1885. Sat for Sooth East Essex, July 1886-1900. Elected 
fur Mid Essex, October 1900. A Conservative.— N^ooa/ and Military 
and fVindham Clubs; fVoodhili, Danbury% Chelm^ord, £««m. 

Batcliflf, Eobert F. {Staffordshire, Burton div.) 

S. of Robt. Ratdiff and Emily his wife (nie Payne). B. 1867 at 
Burton-on-Trent : educated at Roesall School and Jesas College, Cam- 
bridge, B.A. Is a director of Bass's, Limited. A Liberal Uoioaist.- 
Xewton Park, Burton-on-Trent. 

♦Rattigran, Sir Wiliam Henry. {Lanarkshire, North- 

S. of Bartholemew Rattigan, of Athy, co. Kildare, and Sarah Abbott, 
of Deptford. B. 1842, at Delhi ; educated at the High Sshool, Agra, and 
King's College, London ; LL.D., University of Gdttingen ; n. 1878 (2ad 
wife), Evelyn, d.of the late Col. A. Higgins, CLE. Called to the Bar at 
Lincoln's Inn, 1873, but practised chiefly in India: Q.C. 1897 ; er. Bencher 
of his Inn, 1903. Has been fovr times judge at the Chief Court of 
PonJKUb. Was vice-chancellor of the Pnnjaub University 1887-95. 
Additional member of the Supreme Legislative Council of India 1892.9. 
Member of the Punjaub Legislative Council 1898-9. Hon LL.D. of 
Glasgow and Punjaub Univeruties. Knighted 1895. Is a member of the 
Royal Asiatic Society and of the Council of the East India Association. 
Is author of" Science of Jurisprudence," *♦ Private International Law," 
and numerous other works on Law. Unsuccessfully contested NE< 
Lanark at the General Election 1900, and was elected for the same 
constituency at a bye^lection Sept. 1901. A Liberal Unionist.- 
LanarkaUa^ Cornwall -gardens, 8.PV.; Ranelagk Club. 

Rea, Russell. {Gloucester) 

S. of the late Daniel K. Rea, of Eskdale, Cumberland, and Elisabeth, 
d.of Joseph Riissell, shipbuilder, Liverpool. B. in Manchester 184A; 
educated privately ; m. Jmiic Philip, d.of P. L. Mactaggart.of Liverpool. 


Is a shipowner and merchant ; late dep. chairmau Talf Vale Kailway Co. 
Anthur of various articles and pamphlets on economic sabjects. A. 
Radical.— 22, Lyndhurat-road, Hampatead, N.fV.; B^Mrm and 
National Liberal Clubs. 

Reckitt, Harold James. {Lincolnshire ^ Brigg div.) 

Eldest s. of Sir James Recliitt, bart. B. 1868 , at Brough , East Yorks ; 
edncatcd at Oliver's Mount School. Scarborongh, and King's College, 
Cambridge; m. 1899, Christine, d. of the late Alex. Howden, esq., of 
Holland.park, W.; called to the Bar at the Inner Temple, 1891. Ap- 
pointed J.P. for the East Riding 1892. Was elected M.P. for Pontefract 
18113, and nnsrated on petition ; has sat fbr the Brigg div. since i895. 
A Liberal, in favour of Home Rule, &c.— X</bnfi, Batk and National 
Liberal Clubs ; fVinsttead Hall, Hull. 

Keddy, M. {King*s County, Birr) 

Is a farmer and chairman of the Birr Rural District Council. Is a 
member of the United Irish League. A Nationalist. 

Redmond, John Edward. {Waierfordj city) 

Eldest 8. of the late William Archer Redaiond,esq., who sat for Wez. 
ford bor. 1872 till his death in 1880, by Mary, eldest d. of the late Major R. 
Hoey, 61st foot, of Hoeyfield, oo. Wicklow. B. at Dublin 186ft i m. 
Sept. 1883, yoangest d. of the late James Dalton, esq., of New South 
Wales. Was educated at Clongowes Wood Coll. and at Trinity Coll., 
Dublin t entered as a law student at Gray's Inn Nov. 1880t called to the 
Bar at Gray's Inn May 1886, Irbh Bar 1887. Is Leader of the Irish 
Party in the House of Commons. Sat for New Ross from Jan. 1881 to 
Nov. 1886, for North Wexford from 1886-1891. On the death of Mr. 
Farnell in 1881 he resigned to contest Cork city. Here he « as beaten 
by Mr. Plaviu. Two months later he was returned ibr Waterfbrd, which 
be has represented since. A Nationalist— 18, fVymistan-ifardens, 
Kensingtont fV. , 8, Leeson-park, Dublin, 

Redmond, William Hoey Kearney. {Clare, East) 

S. of the iate W. A. Redmond, M.P. B. 1861 ; educated at Clongowes 
College; took the B.L. degree at Dublin Univ. 1891. Sat for Wexford 
bor. from July 1888 to Nov. 1886. for North Permanagh 1886 to 1892, 
and fur Clare, East, since. A Nationalist.— /<etii«/«r Club, DvblM. 

Reed, Sir Edward James, K.C.B. (CardtJ diat.) 

S. of the late Mr. John Reed, of Sheerness, by Elisabeth, d. of Mr. 
Amey. B. 1880; educated at the School of Mathematics and Naval 
Construction, Portsmouth ; m. 1851, Rosetta, eldest d. of the late M 


NMthaniel Burnaby, of Sheernew. Was cbief Conatrnctor of the Nary 
fn>in 1863 till 1870. Is a fellow of the Rnyal Society, vice-president of 
the Inst, uf Naval Architects, member of the Inst, of dvil Bn- 
gineerst member of the last, of Mechanical Bn^neers, J.P. fat 
Pembrokeshire and GUmoi^anshire, and Knight of Stanialaoi of 
Russia, of the Rising Sun of Japan, and of the Me^Jidie, and Cm- 
mander of the Order of Prancis Joseph of Austria. Has written largely 
upon naval oonstrnction, and was a Lord of the Treasury in ISM. 
Advocates the eonstmction of a tubular railway across the bed of the 
English Channel as an alternative to Sir E. Watkin's scheme. Unsncens- 
ftally mntf sted Hull 1878. Sat for Pembroke dist. 1874-80. Cardiff 1880-95. 
A Liberal .— J}roa<?i«(iy Chamherf, fVeatminater, S. W. ; National Liberal ' 
Club ; The Lodge, Atcot. 

Beid, James. (Qreenoch) 

S. of Henry Reid, merchant. Belfast, and Catherine Bamett, d. of John 
Barnett, of Belfast. B. in Belfast 1839; educated at the Acadeaiy 
and Queen's College, Belfast ; m. 1872, to Jessie Rybum Oalbreatb, d. 
ol John Oalbreath, of Greenock; a widower since 1899. Is deputy 
chairman of P'eming, Reid & Co., Ltd., worsted spinners, Greenock. 
J.P. 1882 and D.L. 1894 for county of Renflrew. A ConservatiTe.— 
1, fVhUehaU Gardens, S.fV.; Carlton and Conaaru€Uir0 Clubs ; 
Monfode, Greenock* 

Reid, Sir Robert Threshie, G.C.M.G. (Dumfries dist.) 

Second s. of the late Sir James John Reid, of Monswald Place, Dan- 
friesshire, Chief Justice of the Ionian Islands, by Mary Dalaell, d. of 
Robert Threshie, esq., of Bambarroch, near Dalbeattie, Kirkcudbright- 
shire. B. at Corfu 1846 : m. 1871, Emily, d. of A. C. Fleming, esq., 
educated at Cheltenham Coll., and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (Ist dass ia 
classics at moderations 1866: B.A. 1st class in clamics 1868, when he 
was also Ireland scholar). Called to the Bar, Inner Temple. June 1871, 
and Joined the Oxford Circuit. Appointed a Q.C., Deo. 1882 ; a Bencher 
uf his Inn 189<), Solicitor General April 1894 (with knightage), and was 
Attorney Geu. from Oct. 1894 to June 1895. Became G.C.M.G. for 
services in the Venexuela boundary arbitration case. A Liberal. 
Sat for Hereford from 1880 to 1885, and was nnsoccessftil in the ensaiag 
election as a candidate for Dumbartonshire. Pirst elected fait Dumfries 
dist. 1886.— 8, Baton-square, S.fV. ; Brooke's and National Liberal 
Clubs ;, Kingadoum House, near Dover. 

Remnant, James Farqnharson. (Finshury, Hoi- 

S. of the late Frederick William Remnant, J.F.,of SouihwoId,SairoIk, 
and Muriel Julia, his wife. B. 1863 ; educated at Harrow and Magdaira 


College, Oxford (B.A. 1883;; m. 1892, France* Emily, H. of Robert 
Gosling, of Haseobury, Bishop Stortford. Is a barrister-at-law, and in 
1886 was called to the Bar. He held a commission in the 3rd Royal 
Sussex Regiment, 1884-88. Represented the Holborn dir. of Finsbury on 
the County Council 1892-1901 ; Whip of Conservative Party, L.C.C., 1896- 
98. Was a member of the Thames Conservancy 1897-1901. Author of a 
Legal Pocket Lexicon. Sat for Holborn div. of Finsbury from March 
1900. A Conservative.— 4, South Eaton-place, S. W. ; 2, Mitrt-eourt. 
chambers. Temple, E.C. ; Carlton C3ub ; The Orange, Twyford, Berks 

Renshaw, Sir Charles Bine, Bart. (Renfrewshire. 
West div.) 

S. of Thomai Charles Renshaw. Q.C., Lincoln's Inn, and Sandroclu, 
Sassex, by Elisabeth Blaker, of Pateham, Soisex B. 1848 ; educated at 
St. Clere, Kent, and in Germany, m. 1879, Mary, third d. of A. P. 
Stoddard, esq., of Broadfield, Renfrewshire. Is a manufacturer; J. P. 
and D.L. for county of Renfirew, a P.R.O.S., &e. Cr. Baronet 1902. 
A ConMrratlTe; stronely oppoaed to the eatablishment of a separate 
Parliament in Ireland.— 82, Cndogan-square, 8.W. ; Carlton and 
GarriekCiuba; Barochan, Houston, N.B.t Oarvoeis, Greenock. 

Renwick, George. {NewcastU-on-Tyne) 

Second s. of the late John N. and iMary 8. Ren wick, of Newcastle-on- 
Tjne. B. at Newcastle 185U; educated at Commercial Schools, in 
NewriiAtle and North Shields ; m. 1877, Mary Jane, only d. of the late 
\V. J. Thompson, of Newcastle. Is a shipowner since 1874. A 
Canaerjaiirt.— Carlton tmd/tmior Constitutional Clubs : 7, Oaiome- 
terraee, Neioeastle-onTj/ne ; SpringhiU, Morpeth^ Northumber- 

Richards, Henry Charles. {Firuhury, East) 

S. of Frederick Richards, J.P., of West Hill, St. LeonardB-on- 
Sra, and Anne Gaorgiana, only d. of the late Mr. Field, of London and 
Plymonth. B 1851, at Hackney; educated at the Proprietary School 
at GraTcrcnd. and the City of London School, under Dr. Mortimer. 
Called to the Bar as Bacon Scholar (1879), Gray's Inn, 1881 ; g.C, and 
a bencher of Gray's Inn, 1898. Is senior Coaiisel for the Post OlBce at 
the Central Criminal Coart; also F.S.A., P.R.M.S., and aathor of legal 
works on Pariah Councils, Railway Rates, Compensation, the CandidNtei 
snd Agents Corrupt Practices Acts, Education Acts, &c. A " Demo- 
cratic Tory"; in fhAnnr of Social reforms, the anion of Church and 
State, Denominational Schools, Old Age Pensions, and better housing 
of the Working Classes.— 2, Mitre-court buildings. Templet B.C. ; 
Carlion, Junior Carlton, and Constitutional Clubs: Catrhayes, 
St. Leonards-on-Sea. 



Rickett, Joseph Compton. (Scarborough) 

EldMt s. of the late Mr. Joseph Rickett, of East Hoathly, Svaex. and 
Coidelia, his wife, d. of the late Edmund Dunn. B. in London* 184' ; 
educated privately ; m. 1868, Catharine, 2ad d. of the late Rev. H. J. 
Gamble, of Upper Clapton. Formerly chairman of Rickett, Cockereli 
& Co. (Ltd.), coal merchants, and largely interested in other coal and 
milling businesses, but now retired. Is author of several books, indndias 
" The Christ that is tobe«" and *'The Quickenins of Caliban," and D.L. 
for Yorks., N. Riding. A LibenL— 100, Lanetuter-gate, Hyde-park, 
W.; Reform t National Liberal, and City Liberal Club*; Barhaya 
House t Eatt Hoathly, Sussex ; S§aerqft, Scarborough. 

Oiidley, Hon. Matthew White. (Stalyhridge) 

Eldest 8. of Fisoonnt Ridley and Mary Georgina, d. of the l»t Buoa 
Tweedmonth. B. in London 1874, educated at Eton and Balliol CMege, 
Oxtord (B.A. with honours) i m. 1899, to Rosamund, 4th d. of Ijt Bamn 
Wimborne. Capt. in Northnmberiaiid Hassan ; sometime secretary to 
Lord Aberdeen, OoTernor-General of Canada; and to Mr. Ritchie 
at the Home OfBoe. A Conserrative.— Carlton atui Turf Clubs; £6, 
Portland-place, W. 

Kidley, Samnel Forde. {BethnaX Qreen, South - 

S. of S. E. Ridley, of St. Helen's, Isle of Wight, aod Nona jMckmn' 
Ridley, d. of Prancis Kent, of Hampton. B. in London 1864, educatfd 
St aif^on College ; m. 1896 to Muriel Paget, only d. of Sir W. ftgf t 
Bo-»mau bait, of Joldwynds, near Dorking. Sometime an officer m 
Srd Middlesex Artillery Volunteers. Contested East Pinsbury as a 
Moderate in 1896. A Conserrative.— 19, Cadogan-place, S. W. ; Carlto" \ 
and Cotuervative Clubs. 

BifiTg* Bichard. (Westmoreland, Appleby or 
North diy.) 

S. of John Rigg, County Alderman for WestmoreUnd, and Sarah 
Anne, d. of the late J. Sutton, of Dairy, Galloway, N.B. B. nt 
Windermere 1877 1 educated at Hawkshead Grammar School and CaiD> 
College, Cambridge (B.A 190OJ. Barrister-at-law of the Inner Templf 
1880. and King's Inn, Dublin, 1982. Is a J. P. for N. R.of ToiL*, 
Westmoreland, and Durham : captain in 8nd V.B. Border Regt. • 
conservator of the Kent Pishery District, and a member of the Sen 
Puberies Committee. A Liberal (Imperialist).— 4, MHek-eourt, 
Temple, R.C.; Rtform, Eighty and National Liherat Hnbs . 
^Pptegarth, fVindemiere. 


Ritchie, Rt. Hon. Charles Thomson. ( Croydon) 

S. of the late William Ritchie, esq., of Rockhill, Forfarshire, by 
Elizabeth, d. of J. Thomson, esq. B. at Dundee, 1888 ; m. 1858, Mar. 
^aret, d. of the late Thomas Ower, esq., of Perth. A J. P. for Mid- 
dlesex, and Hon. Col. 1st V. Batt. Queen's Rl. West Surrey Re^t.; 
has been Secretary to the Admiralty, 1885, President of the Local 
Government Board, 1886, President Board of Trade, 1896, Home 
SecreUry, 1900-03, Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1903^03. Tn 1888 he 
introduced the Bill establishing County Councils. In 1894 he was 
elected Alderman of the L.C.C , resigned 1896. Lord Rector of 
Aberdeen Univ., 1903. Sat for the Tower HamleU from Feb. 1874 
to Nov. 1885, for the St. Georgpe'8-in.the.Ea8t div. 1886.92, when he 
was defeated. First elected for Croydon, 1895. A Conservative ; in 
favour of the readjustment of local taxation, &c.— 23, Grafton- ttreet, 
W. ; Carlton and Athen«Bum Club$; Welders, Oerrard'S'trosSy RJS.O^ 

Roberts, John Bryn. {Camaroonthire, Eiiion diy.) 

Eldest I. of the late Mr. Daniel Roberts, of Bryn Adda, Bangor, by 
Aane, d.of Mr. Oriflltb Jones, of Plas Owanas, near Dolgelley. B. at 
Bryn Adda 1848 ; edaeated at Cheltenham Grammar SchooL Was a 
solicitor; admitted in 1888. In 1889 was called to the Bar at Lincoln's 
Inn ; is a J.P. and D.L. Carnarvonshire* and deputy chairman Q. 
Sessions. Has sat for the Bilion div. dnce 1885. A Radical and Home 
Rnler ; is " irreconcilably opposed to Liberal Imperialism.— 17, Orehard- 
street, JV, ; Reform Ctub ; Brjfn Jdda, Bangor. 

Roberts, John Herbert. (Denbighihire, West div.) 

8. of John Roberts, esq., late H.P. for the Flint dist., and Catherine 
Tador, d. of the Rev. J. Hughes, Liverpcol. B. 1868 ; edaeated privately, 
and at Trinity Cnilege* Cambridge (Historical Hononrs 1884) ; m. 1893, 
to Hannah Rushton, d. of the late W. S. Caine, M.P. for Camborne. Is 
a timber merchant: J.P. Denbighshire. Has travelled in the colonies 
and India 1884.5, and written a " World Tonr.* A Liberal, favonring 
theadvaneed Liberal programme.— i?</ormC/u6, 5. #7^ ; BryngwenaUi^ 

♦Roberts, Samuel. (Sheffield, Eoeleaall dir.) 

S. of the late Samuel Roberts, J.P., ef Sheffield, and Sarah Anne, d. of 
Robt. Sorby, J .P., of Sheffield. B. at Sheffield 1862 : educated at Repton 
School and Trinity College, Cambridge ; M Jl. 1878. M. 1880, Martha 
Susan, d. of the late Yen. Archdeacon Blakeney, D.D. Is a barrister-at. 
law. Inner Temple ; called 1877, but does not practice. Is a Director of 
Cammell A Co., armour plate manufiicturer8,Sheffield,andthe Sheffield 
Banking t'o. ; J.P. and D.L. West Riding of Tories. ; Assist. Chairman 
of West Riding Quarter Sessions ; J.P. for Sheffield. Was Lord Mavor 
Y 2 


of Sheffield 1900. UMUccewfally contested the "*«»» J'.ak dh. of 
Derbyshire, 1900; elected for Ecclesall dir. of Sheffield, Feb., 1902. A 
Conterv.tive.-Cflr»on and Oxford and Cambridge Clubs; Queens 
Tower, Sheffield. 

Robertson, Edmund. {Dundee) 

S. of the late Mr. Edmmid Robertson. Bchoolmaster at Kinnaird. Be«r 
Dundee. B. 1846; educated at St. Andrew's University, and at Oxford. 
where he « as senior scholar of Lincoln Coll. ; a University pri«e«.an, »nd 
Vinerian scholar. Took a iirrt class in classics (moderations and fi.».l'. 
and became Pellow of Corpus Cliristi Coll., and was sulisequently Pabl.c 
Examiner in La«, both al Oxford and the Inns of Court. Waa called »« 
the Dar at Lincoln's Inn 1872 (a Bencher 1898), and joined the Northtrn 
Circuit, and has been extensively engaged in the conduct of legal bownea 
in the United Stales. Was Civil Lord of the Admiralty Aug.l8P2-9v 
Has sat for Dundee since 188ft. A Liberal, favouring Mr. Gladstones 
Home Rule policy .-95, Croxted-rd., fVt»t Duiwieh, S.B.; Rfform 
Club; 4, EsM9*etmrU Temple, B.C. 

Robertson, Thomas Herbert. {Hackney, South) 

S.of Thomas Storm Robertson, M.D.,and Maria Liiulaa. only daughter 
of Robert Manning, esq., of Clapham. B. in London, 1849 ; m. I88.1. 
Helen Alexandrina Melian, eldest d. of Alexander Durdin. esq^ of 
Huntington Castle, co. Carlow ; educated at Magdalen Coll., Oxford. 
>*here he took the degree of M. A. Was called to the Bar at Lincoln - 
Inn 1878. Isa J.P. of the cos. of London, and Carlow, and H. Sheriff co. 
Carlow (IF09). A Conservative, in favour of the better houaiagof the 
working clasaes, increase of allotment grounds, of old age peDaions,aBd 
of improvements iu the registration of voters and the disinbutioo oi 
seat(.-rA« Cedars, South Hackney: jilhentrum^ Carlton, ami 
Savile Ctubs; HwUingtou Castle, Clonegal, eo. Carlow. 

Robinson, Brooke. {Dudley) \ 

8. of Mr. William Robinson, solicitor, of Dudley, by Harriet, d. of 
John Johnson, esq., of Leverington, Isle of Ely. B. at Dudley, 1836 j 
educated at Rugby; m. 187U, Eugenia Frederica Loui«», d. of Geontf 
Richmond Collis. then of Stourton Castle, Stourbridge fshe d. 1!*1). 
Was formeriy a solicitcMr in Dudley, but has retired. Has also been « 
officer in the Worcestershire Yeomanry. Has represented Dudley snce 
1886. A ConserTative.-23, ChapeUslreet, S.W. : Carlton and Jtatief\ 
Carlton Clubs; Barford House, fVarwiekshire. 

Robson, William Snowdon. {South Shieidt) 

Third s. ol the late Robert Robson, J.P., of Newcastle^n Tyne. B, 
at Newcastle, 1858; m. 1887, Catherine, d. of Ch. Burge, esq., of Parki 
crescent, W.; educated privately and at Caioa Coll., Cambridge. Cal^ 


lo the bar at th« Inner Temple 1880, Joined the Nortb-Bantem Circait; 
was appointed Q.C. I8V2, Recorder of Newcaille-on-Tyne 1895, a 
Bencher of his Inn 1889. Was M.P. for Tower Hamlets (Bow and 
Bromley diT.) 1886-8n. A Liber«l.~26, Btaon- square, S,fV.t 11, 
King'* Benoh-ioalkt Templt; R^orm and Brooks'* Ciub*, S.fV, 

Roche, John. (Galway^ East) 

S. of the late William Roche, esq. B. 1848 : is a miller and corn 
merchant. As a tenant on the Woodford estate of Sir Henry Burke, he 
was imprisoned for opposing the eviction proceedings of Lord Clsn- 
ricarde. Was first elected, without opposition, May 1890. A Nation- 
alist.— 2%« MtlU, Woodford, eo. Galveay. 

Roe, Sir Thomas. {Derhy) 

S. of the late Thomas Roe, J.P., Alderman and Mayor oi Derby 
l8«8-(t5, and Debumh, d. of the late Absolam Oakley, of Derhy. B. at 
Derby 1832: educated at local schools; m. Idu8, Emily, d. of the late 
Matthew Kirtley, of Derhy. A magbtrate and alderman for the boroagh 
of Derby, of which he was mayor in 18(t7.68 ; and a magistrate for 
Deibyshire, and Tice.president of the Association of Municipal Asso- 
ciations. Knighted in 1894. Represented Derby from June, 1883, to the 
dlasolotion in 1895, and since 1600. A Liberal, in favour of Pensions for 
Aged Workers, free from the stigma of pauperism. Adequate Defence 
of the Empire, Reform of the War Ofllce, Compensation from first day of 
Accident, Eight Hours' Day for Miners and all workers in hasardous 
trades. Electoral Reform, One Man One Vote, Payment of Members, 
Payment of OBcial Election Expenses, Temperance Reform, Taxation 
of Land Values, Unsectarian Ldncation (under popular control). 
Abolition of the Veto of the House of Lords, No Compulsory Vaccina- 
tion, Religions Equality.— /?e/orm and NtUional Liberal Ciubs ; 
LUehurc/h Derby i Ventnor^ I. IV. 

Rolleston, Sir John Fowke Lancelot. (Leicester) 

8. of the Rev. William Lancelot Rolleston and Mary Sophia, d. of Sir 
Frederick Fowke, hart. B. at Great Dalby 1848 ; educated at Repton, 
and King's College, London : m. 1892, Blina, d. of the late Capt.Geo. 
Morant, Grenadier Guards. Is a snrveyor since 186S, Leicester and 
London; president of Snrveyors' Institution ItlOl; J.P. and D.L. Ibr 
Leicvstershire ; director Leicestershire Banking Co. ; author of various 
magaaine articles. Knighted in U97. A Conservative.— 54, Curson- 
ttreet, ff^.; Carlton and Junior Cartion Clubs; Glen Parva 
Grange, Leieeeter. 

UoUit, Sir Albert Kaye. {Islington, Soath div.) 

S.of Mr. John Rollit, of Hull, solicitor, by Eiisa, d. of Mr. Joseph 


Kajre, of Kaddenfleld, arebtteot. B. at Hall, 1848; educated at Eiaff** 
Ootlete, aad the UalveiBity of Loadoa, of wUeh he is a Fallow and 
Mcnber of the Seaate (B.A. 1st class honowrs 1868, LI<.B. 1st class 
hoMMrs Priaeiples of LegisUtion. tic, 1864, LL.D. 8rst aad Uaivenity 
fold medallist 1806) i D.C.L. Darhaa 1881 1 m. lit. 1878. SlesMr Aaae, 
Sad d. of the late William Bailey, J.P., of Wiaestead Hall, Holder- 
aem (she died 1885); Sad, 1886, Mary, Oachen of Svtheriaiid, d. of 
the late Rev. Dr. Miehell. A solioltor la Londoii aad at Hall, a 
prlaenMB of the Inoorporated Law Society 1868, and Tiee-fanaideat 
of the Society. Is also a shipuwaer at Hnll. Neweastle, and Loadoa. 
Sheriff of Hall 1876^ aad mayor 1888-4^ : Hoa. FreeaMus of Hall 
aad Hndderkfleld ; Blder Brother Trinity Hoose, Hall ; Bx-ProidcBt 
of the Associated Chambers of Commerce, U.K., London and Hall 
Chambers of Oomowrce ; president Manici|Mil Corporations Aaandatioa ; 
chairman of Savings Bank Inspection Comadttee; Member of CaauBerrul 
Itttelligence Committee of Board of Trade ; Lieat..Col. Engiarcr HtlKia. 
Is J.r. CO. of LundoB, and D.L. London and Yorks. Was knighted in 
1886. A *' progressive and independent ConMrvative," and in faroor of 
wide local gnremment for both BagUnd and Irelaad.— 45, BUgrmot' 
aquartt S. W. ; CarUortt and Junior Naval and Military Chtkt; The 
tVUlMOtt n09r fVindsorg Manor JTotM*, bwtruHe, N^. ; 18. 
Avenve d*Antin,Fari8. 

Ropner, Sir Emil Hugo Osoar Robert. (Stock' 

8. of John Henry Ropner (officer). B. at Msgdebnrg, Germaay, 18811 . 
ednrated at the Grammar School, Helmstedt ; m. ia 1859 a d. of Johs 
CrNik, esq. Is a large shipowner and shipbuilder, and was mayor of 
Stockton 1892-U3. D.L. for the conaty of Datham; high sheriff 18M . 
is a J.P. for coanty of Daiham and N. R. of Yorkshire. Knighted IWS. 
Unsnccessfully contested Cleveland div. N. ILofYoiksw 1805 and HT*. 
A Conservative.— Corlf on and ConstUtMonal Clubt ; PrettwHaU, 
Sto€kton-wt-Tt09; akulttrtktffe Hatit Citveland. 

*Rose, diaries Day. {Camhridgeshire, Newmarket 

8. of the late Rt. Hon. Sir J. Rose, Bart., of Montreal. B. Aug., 1S47, 
Rt Montreal ; educated at Rugby School ; m. 1871, Lily, d. of the Utr 
J.R. MacLean, M.P. Formerly a partner in the American banking firm of 
Morton, Rose, & Co. Was a captain in the Montresl Garrison ArtiUerr, 
and assisted to quell the Fenian Rebellion, 1866. He has travelled mucL 
In America and the Pacific, and is a well-Iinomi owner of racehorses- 
Un»ucce»sl^ny contKsted Ncwnjjirkct division at the Caneral Blectiun, 
MOO. Elected for the sume constiluencj-, Jan., 1903. A Libeni (Im- | 


perialist). — 53, BttrJteleg Square, W. ; Reform, Brooks's, Jockey, and 
Turf Clubs ; Mardwiek House, Whitchurch, Oacon ; Snfolk House 

Rothschild, Hon. Lionel Walter. {Buekt.^ Ayles- 
bury div.) 

Eldeit 8. of Nathan Mayer Lord RothKhild, aod his wife, Enmia 
Louisa. B. in London, 1868 ; educated privately, and at Magdalene Coll 
Cainb.,«ud Bonn, Germany. Is a Lieat. of the City of London, and 
Treasurer Middlesex HospiUl, and a trustee of the British Museum 
la Major Rl. Bucks Yeomanry. Is jointeditor oV* Nuvitates Zoologicae,' ' 
&c. A Liberal Unionist, and staunch supporter of Mr. Balfour'o 
foreign policy.— 148, Piceadilly, W. : Bachelor*', WhiU^t, and Royal 
Societies' Clubs, S.W.; Tring Park. 

Round, Bight Hon. James. {Et9ex, Harwich div.) 

Eldest 8. of the late Rer. James Thomas Round, B.D., rector of All 
Saints, Colchester, and Hon. Prebendary of St. Paul's, by Louisa, Snd 
d. of the Rer. O. P. Barlow, reetorof Burgh, Snlfolk. Is nephew of the 
late Charles Gray Round, esq., of Birch Hall, who sat for North Essex 
from 1887 till 1847, and whose family were connected with Chas. Gray, 
who sat for Colchester in dve parliaments in the last century. B. at Col- 
chester 1848; m. 1870, his cousin Sybilla Joanna, 4th d. of the late 
RcT. Henry Preeland, rector of Haaketon, SulKilk. Educated at Eton 
and at Christ Church, Oxford, graduated B.A. 1864, M.A. 1872. Called 
to the bar at the Inner Temple 1868. Is a Magistrate and Depat^>Lieut 
for Essex, and an alderman Essex C.C. ; was formerly Mnjor West Essex 
Militia. Is patron of 4 livings, and has been a member of the House 
of Laymen. P.O. 1602. A Conservative. Sat for East Essex f^om 1868 
to 1885, when he was returned for the Harwich div.— 81, De Vert" 
gardens, fV. ; Carlton Club ; Birch Hall, Essex. 

Royds, Clement Molyneuz, G.B. {Rochdale) 

8. of William E. Royds, esq., of Greenhill, Lanes., and Danehill-park 
Soasex, and Mary Ann, eldest d. of Anthony Molyneux, esq., of News- 
ham-bouse. Lanes. B. at Rochdale, 1842: educated abroad; m. 188S, 
Annette Kora, Snd d. of the late T. Llttledale, esq., of Highfleld, Lanes. 
Is a J. P. and D.L., late Col. Commanding the Dnke of Lancaster's Own 
Yeomanry, and Hon. Col. Snd vol. batt. Lancashire Pusiliers. Cr, C.B. 
ItfOS ; Knight of the Order of St. John nf Jerusalem. In 1889 was hiph 
sbrriff of the co. Pklatine of Lnncaster. Is chairman of the Rochdale 
Canal Co., and of the Williams Deacons Bank. A Unionist, iu favour of 
Reform of the Poor Laws, Old Age Pensions, Land Reform, Liceab< 


Htsform with regard to existing interests, and the enfranchtaenent of 
dalyqaalifled wumen.— CarAoM and United 8wvic0 Clubt t Grwmhiif, 
ntar Hochdale. 

^RDnciman, Walter. (Dewshv/ry) 

S. of Walter Ranciman, of Newcastle on-Tyne, and Ann Lawon.d. 
of J. Lawson, late of Blakemoor, Northumberland. B. 1870. at SouUi 
Shieida; educated at Trinity College, Cambridgei B.A. 1892; M.A. 
1895, m. 1895, Hilda, d. of J. C. Stereniton. late M.P. for South Shield;. 
!• a •hipowner. Unsuccessfully contested Gravesend 1896; sat for 
Oldham, 1889.1900; unsuccessful there at General Election. 1900: 
elected for Dewsbnry, Jan. 1902. A Liberal.— Jt^form Clnb ; Wnt 
Denton Hall, Seotncood-on-TyHe. 

Russell, Thomas Wallace. (Tyrone, South div.) 

S. of Da^id Rassell. Capar, Pife. 1841; edacated at the Madras 
Academr, Copar, Pife; m. Ist. ISSft, Harriet Wentworth, d. of Tbonuo 
Agnew, of Dnngannon (nhe d. 1804) ; 2nd, 1800, Martha, d. of the latr 
Lt.-Col. Keown, 16th Hns., of CasllenM, co. Derry. Was Pari. Sec. Local , 
Govt. B<»Rrd 18»6-li:00. He ansacceasfnlly contested Preston at the Gen . 
Election of 186ft. Has sat for Tyrone, Sonth, since 1886. A Liberal 
Unionist, opposed to Home Rale for Ireland, but "in fkvour of land law aid 
temperance reform."— 00, Athley-gardetie^ S.fV.t UUler Rrform 
Club, Beffast ; 1U8, 1U8, and lOt, Si. Stephen's Green, Dublin. 

Rutherford, John. {LancaghirSy Darwen div.) 

S.of Mr. John Rutherford, J.P., of Blackburn and Sommerhill, Annas, 
Dumfriesshire. B. at Biacl^bam, 18&4; edacated at the Lancaster 
Royal Grammar School, and at the University of Glasgow ; nnmamed. 
Is a J. P. for Blackborn and Damfries county, and D.L. for Laneastrr, 
and Lt.-Col. in the Dnke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry; was aajor 
of Bladibarn 1888-9. A Conservative, in favour of compeaMtiae to 
tenant fhnnen for nnexhaasted improvements, of umpiifyiag tbe 
transfer of land, and of Old Age Pensions for the deserving poor.— 101. 
Mount-street, W.; Boodle's and Carlton Club* i Beardwoid, Black- 
bum : Summerhill, Annan, N.B. 

♦Rutherford, William Watson. {Liverpool^ West 
Derby div.) 

S. of the late Wm. Rutherford, of Liverpool. B. in Liverpool, 1863 : 
educated at Merchant Taylors' Sehot>l, Great Crosby. Is a solicitor, 
admitted lt<7d. rias been a member of the Liverpool City Cimncil sisce 


J 895 (Lord Mayor 1903), Unauccessfally contested Scotland div. of 
Liverpool 1900 ; elected for West Derby div. Jan. 1903. A Conservative. 
— Castle street^ Liverpool i Healhfield, ff^avertret, Liverpool, 

Sackville, S. G. Stopford-. See Stopford-Sackville. 
Sadler, Samuel AUxander. {Middle.^hrouoh) 

S. of James Sadler, of Lan^ley Hall, Oldbiiry, and his wife, the d. of 
Thomas Millership, colliery owner. West Bromwich. B. at Oldbury in 
1843; educated privately and at University College; m. 1874, a d. of 
John Pield, ironmaster, Oldbary. Is a manufactaring chemist, coal- 
owner, &c.; (banded the firm of Sadler & Co., Ltd., Middlesbrough. 
Wm8 three times mayor of MiddlesbrooRh, chairman of Bearpark Coal 
Co., Durham, the Maltun and Btherley Collieries, member of the Town 
Coondl, chairman of River Tees Port Authority, and is a J.P. for 
Middlesbrough, N.R. of Yorks and co. Durham; lieut.-col. and hon. col. 
l«t Tol. batt. Durham Light Infantry from 187& to the present, 
commanded regiment twenty-two years. Unsuccessfully contested 
Middlesbrough in 1878, 1880, and 1895. A Conservative.- FFA/<cAa// 
Court, S.fV.; Carlton, CUveland and Junior Carlton Club* t 
8<nUlUand9t Bagltadiffitt R.S.O.t co. Durham. 

Samuel, Sir Harry Simon. {Tower HamleU, Lime- 
house div.) 

S. of the late Horatio S. Samuel, and Henrietta, niece of Sir Moses 
Montettore. B. 18&3, at 40, Gloocester-place, Purtman-sqnare, W. ; 
edacated at Eastbourne College, and St. John's Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 
1876) ; m. 1878, Rose, d. of the late B. H. Knighted 
1903. A Conservative and Unionist. Was an unsuccessful candidate 
fur this div. in Jn'y 18»3. In I89S, in South St. Pancraa, he retired in 
favour of Sir Julian Ooldsmid.— 7, Park-lane, W.; Carlton and Junior 
Carlton Clubs. 

*Sainuel, Herbert Louis. (Yorks. , N. Biding y 
Cleveland dir.) 

S. of the late Edwin L. Samuel, banker, uf Liverpool, and Clara, d. Of 
EUis S. Yates. B. Nor., 1870, at Liverpool; educated at University 
Coll. School, London, Balliol Coll., Oxford (Ist class Hons.); m. 1897, 
Beatrice, d. of Ellis A. Franklin. Is a member of the execative c(»n> 
mittee of the British Empire League. Fellow of the Royal Agricultural 
Society, and a governor of the London School of Economics and Politicul 
Science. Has written *' Liberalism, Its Principles and Proposals." 
Unauccessfdlly contested S. Oxfordshire 1B95 and 1900; elected fo' 
Cleveland div. Nov. 1908. A Liberal.— 89, Glouceiter-terrnce. Hi 
Park, fr. 


Samnel, Staart Montagn. (Tower Hamlets, 
Whiteohapel div.) 

S. of Edwin Louis Samoel, banker, of Liverpool, and CUra Tates, d. 
of Ellis Sanoel Yates. B. at Liverpool 1856; edncated at Livptpool 
Institute and UniTersity College School, London ; m. 1893, Ida Mayer, 
d. of Alphonse Mayer. Is a banker, J.P. for the County of London. A 
Radical.-12, BiU-street, Mayfair, fV. 

Sandys, Thomas Myles. (Lancashirey S. W,f Bootle div.) 

Only s. of the late Capt. Thtimas Sandys, of the K. Navy (afterwards 
H.E.I.C.S.). B. Mt BlMckheath 1887 : edncated at Shrewsbury Schiwl- 
Entered the service of the H.E.I.C. and served in Bengal thruughout 
the Sepoy Mutiny in 1867-58. Exchanged to the 7th Royal Fusilier* , 
from which he sold out as Captain with 20 years' service. Appointed 
Major of the Srd Royal Lancashire Militu (nowSrd batt. Loyul North 
Lancashire Regiment), and a Lieat.>Col. Commandant in 180S: after 
eight years' command, retired 1B97 as Hon. Col. Is D.L. Lancashire. 
Has sat for the Bootle div. since 1885. A Conservative.— 87, /rrmyH* 
8tre0i, Si. JaiMM't, S.fV.t CetrUon and United Strviee Clubs, 
S.W.; GraylhwaiU Hallt Ulverston, Lemeeuhire. 

Sassoou, Sir Edward Albert, Bart. {Hytke) 

S. of Sir Albert David Sassoon, Ist Bart., by Hannah, d. of E. Moise, 
esq. B. 1856; succeeded as Btirt. 1896; m. 1887, Aline, d. of Baron 
Gustave de Rothschild. Is President of the Folkestone Chamber of 
Commerce. Has been Cupt. Middlesex Teomanry. A Liberal Unionist.— 
25, Park-lane, W.t 1, EasUm Terraee, Brighton; Kinermg* NJ. 

Saunderson, Rt. Hon. Edward James. (Armaffh,'SoTth) 

S. of the late Col. Saunderson, by the Hon. Sarah Juliana, eldest d. 
of Henry, 6th Lord Parnham. Born at Cantle Saunderson 1887 ; ■ . 1865, 
the Hon. Helena Emtly, youngest d. of Thomas, 8rd Lord Ventry. 
Is Colonel 4th batt. Royal Irish Pnsiliers ; a J.P.and Lord Lieut, of Cans, 
and was high sheriff of the connty in 1859; cr. P.C. 1899. Sat mi 
Uberal for Cavan oo. 1805-74. Pint elected for Armagh, North. 
in 1885. A Conservative.- 5, Deanery-street, fV.i Carlton Club; 
Castle Saunderson^ Belturbet, eo. Cavan. 

Schwann, Charles Ernest. {Manche»ier, North div.) 

Fifth s. of the late Prederick Schwann, of S3, Olonce.itcr-sqoare, Hjdr 
Park, by his marriage with Miss Henrietta Kell, of Binuingham. B. at 
Huddersfield 1844; educated at Hudderafteld College, and University 
"oUeee, London; m. 1876, EIiKabeth, 8rd d. of the Ute David I 


Duncan, of Manchester. Is Pres. ot the Manchester Liberal Union (or 
400) « also Pres. of the Manchester '95 Clab. He was an ansnocessAil 
candidate for the North div. of Manchester at the general election of 
1885. Has sat for the div. since 1886. An advanced Liberal, in favour 
of Home Rule for Ireland. Land Reforni, Tenperance Reform, Disesta- 
blishmrnt. Free Trade, &c.-4, Prin^fs^ariUna, S.fV.; NaHonal 
Idbwral and Keform Clubs, 

Scott, Charles Prestwich. {Lancashire^ Leigh div.) 

Youngest s. of the late Mr. Rnssell Scott, of London, by Isabella, d. of 
Mr. Joseph Prestwich. B. 1846; educated privately and at Corpns 
Christi College, Oxford, 1st class in classics, 18H0 ; m. 1874, Rachel, d. of 
the Her. Prof. John Cook, D.D., of St. Andrew's. Is editor of the 
Manchester GuardiaUt a J.P. for Manchester, Ex-president of the Man< 
Chester Liberal Union, and a member of the governing bodies of Owens 
College, of the Victoria University, of the Manchester Grammar School 
and of the Hahne Trust. First returned for Leigh div. of S. W. Lan- 
cadUre 189B. A Liberal and Home tLa\er,—R^orm and National 
Liberal CXubt, 8. W. ; TJie Firt, Fallowfieldt Jlaneheater. 

Scott, Sir Samuel Edward, Bart. {Marylebone, 
West div.) 

S. of the Ute Sir E. H. Scott, 5th Bart., by EmiUe, d. of the late Col. 
H. Packe, of Twyford Hall, Norfolk (she m. Sndly, 1896, Sir Horace (now 
Lord) Farquhar). B. 1873; educated at Eton and Rl. Military Coll., 
Sandhurst; m. 1886, Sophie, d. of Earl Cadogan. Succeeded as 6th 
Bart. 1883 ; was Lieut. Rl. Hone Guards 1893 ; retired from the army 
1897. Is a D.L. Inverness. A Conservative.— 88, South-street, Mayfair, 
W.; Baehelora* attd Turf Clubs i Westburtf Manor, nr. Jirackleij, 
Northants ; North Harris, Inverness-shire. 

Scott-Montagu, Hon. John Walter Edward Douglas. 
(Hampshire, New Forest div.) 

Bldest s. of 1st Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, and the Hon. Cecily Susan, 
sister of the Earl of WharncliiTti. B. 1806, at BeauUen, Southampton ; 
educated at Eton, and New College, Oxford ; m. 1880, to Lady Cecil 
Victoria, eldest d. of the 9th Marquis of Lothian. A maior 4th vol. batt. 
Hampshire regiment. Was distinguished in Hthletics and science at 
Eton and Oxfor.d. Is a J.P. and C.C. for Hants, and editor of The 
Cur. A progressive Conservative.- 8, Tiliiey-st,, Park-lane, fV. 
^, (hrnhill, E.G.; Carlton, Automobile, Bachelors', and Beetle 
Clube,- The Lodge, BeauUeu, Brockenhurst, Hants. 


Seely, Charles Hilton. (Lincoln) 

Eldest ■. of Co). Sir Charles Seely, Bart., of Sherwood Lodge, Nottini;- 
ham, late M.P. for Nottingham, by Emily, d. of Mr. William Evans. B. 
1859; educated at Harrow, and Trinity College, Cambridge (M.A. 1884J ; 
m. 1891, Hilda, d. of Mr. R. Grant.of StalDi, West Cuwes, laleof Wight. 
Is a colliery onner: J. P. for Nottinghamshire and Hants, ooIodcI !ith 
Vol. Batt. Hampshire Regt.; formerly capt. 1st Notts Rifle Vulitnteers 
(Robin Hoods). He ansuoressftilly contested mid-D«-rbysbire in 188<i, 
and the Rushclifi'e dir. of Notts in 1892. A Liberal Vnionitt.—BrooJts's 
and Alhenatum Ctuba ; Zungford Hall, Newark, 

Seely, John Edward Bernard. {Hampshire, Isle 
of Wight div.) 

Youngest s. of Sir Chas. Seely. bart., late M.P. for Nottingham, by 
Emily, d. of Wm. Erans {d. 1894}. B. 1868 ; educated at Harrow and 
Trinity College, Cambridge; m. 1895, Emily Florence, d. of th«Hon. 
H. G. L. CnchtoB. Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1897. Is a 
mnjor in the Hampshire Yeomanry; commanded 4l8t on. Imperial 
Yeomanry in S. Aflrica 1900-01 ; member of Isle of Wight C.C. ; i.P. for 
Hants : D.L. of 1. of W. A ConserTative.— Car/Ion and WIUWm Onbt ; 
Brooke House, Isle of Wight. 

Seton-Karr, Sir Henry, O.M.G. (Si. Helen's) 

S. of the late George Berkeley Srton-Karr, esq., of the Indian Ciril 
Service, by Eleanor, Snd d. of H. Csbcvne, esq., of Branches Park, 
Sufl'olk. Born in India, 1853: educated at Harrow School, and 
Corpus Christi Coll. Oxford. His first wife, the d. of W. Pilkiagton, 
esq., of Roby Hall, Liferpool, ti> whom he was mar. in 1880, died in 
1884. M. Sndly, in 1886. the d. of W. Thorbarn, esq., of Ediaborfh. 
Was called to the Bar in 1879, and practised two years ttn the Notthera . 
Circuit. Is a J. P. and D.L. for Roxburghshire. Knighted and CM.C, I 
1902. Has sat for St. Helen's since 1885. A Conservative.— S2, SIooms- i 
gardens, S.fV.t Caritoti Ciub, S.fV.; Nete Club^ Bdinbvrgk; 
Kippilaw, St. BoaweUa, S.B. i 

*Shackleton, David James. (LancasTitVc, N.E., 
Clitheroe div.) 

S. of William and Margaret Shackleton. B. 1863, at Cloaghford, ' 
Lanes.; educated at the Elemvntary Schools at Rawtenstall sod 
Haslingden. He has much influence among^xlile worken> and is Sec | 
retary of the Darwen Weavers' Association. Is a J.P. for Aecrington, T.C. I 
f Uarwen, and Member of Blackburn Chamber of Commerce; eltrcted 


for the Clitheroe div., August, 1S02. A Ltibour Member, in favour of 
Home Rule, Old Age Pensions, Universal Suffrage, Free Trade, &c.— 
51, London-terrace^ Darweti. 

Sharpe, William Edward Thompson. {Kenaingiotif 

S. of Christopher Sharpe.of Birr, King's co., and his wife, Margaret, d. 
of William Edward Thompson, of Queen's co. B. at Birr, 1883 ; M.A. and 
smnetime Scholar of Trinity Coll. Dublin; m. 1K7S, Prances Sophia, 
youngest d. of the late Rev. P. Guillebaod. of Clifton, sometime rector 
of Naibea, Somerset. Entered the Cejrion Civil Service in 1857, and 
became Oovernment Agent of the N.W., S., and Central provinces, 
and a member ol the I^egislative Council i retired 188K. Is a barrister 
of the Inner Temple, 1880. A Conservative : supporting " Church and 
State," voluntary schools, the independence of the Hnose of Lords, 
and the privileges of the City of I<ondon, with Local Municipalities; 
opposed to the Local Veto Bill.— II, Ladhrotesquare, fV. 

Shaw, Charles Edward. {Stafford) 

Eldest 8. of the late Mr. E. D. Shaw, of Oaklands, Wolverhampton. 
B. 18511 ; educated at Tettenhall College, Wolverhampton, and Ball. Coll . 
Oxon. Has studied for the Bar. In 1877 he entered the tirm of John 
Shaw & Sons, merchants, of Wolverhampton (now converted into a 
limited liability company). Has travelled exten.sively ; was capt. 8rd 
8. Staffordshire Volunteer batt., and twice a member of the Wolver- 
hampton Town Council. First elected for Stafford 1892. A Liberal, in 
favour of registration reform, disestablishment, land-law reform, popular 
control of the liquor traffic, eight hours for miners, hc—Hant Lodges 
2, Hana-ereteent, S. fV. ; Reform, Bath, and EigMy Clubs ; Tetten- 
hall, fVolverhampton. 

Shaw, Thomas. {Hawick dist.) 

8. of Alexander Shaw, esq., of Dunfermline, N.B., and Isabella 
Wiahart. B. 1850; educated at the High School, Dunfermline, and 
Edinburgh University; m. 1879, Elsie Stephen, d. of George Forrest, 
esq., Ludqnharn, Aberdeenshire. Is M.A., L.L.B., Q.C. (1894), LL.D. 
(lUOS), and D.L. for Edinburgh. Appointed Solicitor-General for 
Scotland March 1894. Passed Advocate, 1875, was Lord Rector's 
Historical Prizeman, and Hamilton Fellow in Mental Philosophy, 
Edinbnrgh University, A Liberal, in favour of Home Rule for Ireland 
and also for Scotland, reform in the land laws, the "local veto,* dis- 
establishment, free secondarjf, technical, and University education, 
payment of members of Parliament, Sic— Reform and National 
Liberal Club* ; 17, Abereromby Placet Edinburgh. a 


Shaw- Stewart, Sir Michael Hugh, Bart. {Renfrew- 
shire, East div.) 

Eldest g. of the late Sir Michael R. Shaw-Stewart, bart.,of Ardrnran, 
Renfrewshire, by Lady Octavia Gmsvenor, d. of the Snd M arqviit of 
Went minster. B. 1854 ; edacated at Eton and Christ Chnreh. Oxford ; 
m. 1883. Lady Alice Emma Thynne, eldest d. of the 4thMarqBis of Bath. 
Is a J.P. and D.L. for cos. Stirling, and Renfrew. Has been Va.pL 4th 
Batt. (Princess Louise's) Argyll and Sntherland Highlanders ; and vas 
a membtrr of the Rl. Commission on Physical Bdncatinn (Scot.) 1903. 
Unsaccessfnily contested Stirlingshire in 1885; first elected for But 
Renfrewshire in 1886. A Cunserrati^e.— SO, Matufieid-strtet, Cavat- 
dish-sqiUMre, fV.; Carttou and TrawUers' Clubs: CamoeJttLar- 
bert^ StirtingMhire. 

*Sheehan, Daniel D. {QorTc, Mid) 

8. of Daniel Sheehan, evicted tenant, and Ellen, n4« FitsgenM. 
B. 1874, at Knockardrahan Kantnrk, co. Cork; educated at National 
Schools and privately t m. 1894, Mary, d. of Martin O'Connor, Tnlee. 
Is a jonrnalist. Was for nearly two years acting editor of the Cmlkoiit 
Netos, and subsequently for live years editor of Cork Sotitkem Star. 
Is a member of Central Council, hon. sec. to the Cork County ConiBiltee 
of Irish Land and Labour Association. Returned unopposed fiir Mid 
Cork May 1901. A Labour Advocate and an advanced NatioBullit.— 

*Sheehy, David. (Meathy South) 

S. of Richard Sheehy . of Dublin. B. at Broadford,oo. Limerick, 1844; 
educated at the Jesuit Seminary and Irish Coll., Paris ; m. 1876, Elin- 
beth, d. of the late R. McCoy, of Longhill* Is one of the staff olBcials 
of the United Irish League. Sat for 8. Oaiway 1885-1900. Elected for 
8. Meath Oct. 1903. A Nationalist.— HollyftaRit, Drumeondra, 

Shepherd -Cross, Herbert. {Bolton) 

S. of the late Mr. Thomas Cross, J.P., banker and cotton>spinner, 
of Mortfield, Bolton. AsMumed the name of Shepherd in 1884 by Royal 
Licence. B. at Mortfield Bolton, 1847; educated at Harrow and 
Exeter Coll. Oxford ; m. 1st, 1870, Lucy Maty Shepherd, d. of the Rev. 
J . Shepherd Birley (she d. 1891} ; SndJy, 1895, Penelope, d. of James 
Honor, of Edinburgh ; Srdly, 19u3, d. of Lt.-Col. P. O. Grandy. 
Was Major in the Duke of Lancaster's Own Regiment of Tcomaniy, 
J.P. for the counties of Lancaster and Hertford, a member of Hutford- 
shlre Connty Coqncil, and has served for eight years on the Bolton 


School Board. Has sat for BoUon since 1885. A ConserTatire.~19, 
Qu9enfa Gate-gardens^ S.fV. t Carlton Club, S.fV.; Mortfield, 
Bolton i Hameh Part, Buntingford. 

Shipman, John Grreenwood. {Northampton) 

S. of the late Jotin Shipman, wine merchant, Nnrthamptun, and Rath, 
d. of Thomas Sheffield, Wigton, Cumberland. B. at Halme, Manchester, 
1848 ; educated at Northampton, Hurstp.erpolnt, and Nenr College, 
O&ford ; m. May 28th, 1885, Ann Elisabeth, d. uf Da? id Uobbs, London 
(died Jaly 11th, 1885). Is a barrister at.Iaw, called May 15th. ]878« 
Midland Circuit; B.C.L., JM.A. (Oxlord) 1879, LL.D. (London) 18U5, 
Oxford Vinerian Law Scholar 1878, Inns of Court Studentship 1877, 
«ic., «{C. UnsnccessfuUy contested Graresend in 1892. A Radical and 
Home Ruler.— 5, Crown Ojfflee-row, Temple, EC; Rfform and 
Bighty Clubs ; Templemorst Dallingtony Northampton. 

Simeon, Sir John Stephen Barrington, Bart. (South- 

Eldest 8. of Sir John Simeon, Srd bart., by his first wife, Jane Maria, 
only d. of Sir P. P. Baker, 2nd bart. B. 1850, at Swainston, Isle of 
Wight; edacatedat the Oratory School, Edgbaston ; m. 1872, Isabella 
Mary, only d. of the late Hon. Ralph H. Dutton.of Timsbury Manor, 
Romsey, Hants. Was an ensign in the 2nd Batt. Hitle Brigade 18K8- 
70 ; and was private sec. to the late Rt. Hon. John Bright, M.P., 1880- 
83. Is a J.P. for Hampshire, a D.L. and County Aldermnn for the Isle 
of Wight, and a director of the London and South Western Railway 
Co. A Unionist.— 19, fVilton-ereseenl, S.fV. ; Brooks's and Travel- 
lers' Clubs, S.W. : Swainston, Neioport, Isle of fVight. 

Sinclair, John. {Forfarshire) 

S. of the late Capt. George Sinclair, third s. of the late Sir John 
Sinclair, bart., of Dunbeath, by Agnes, only d. of the late Mr. John Lear- 
month, of Dean. B. 1860; educated at the Edinburgh Academy, and at 
Wellington College. Entered the 5th Royal Irish Lancers 1879, and 
Decame Capt. Served in the Suakim Expedition, 1885, and has the 
medal with clasp ; the Earl of Aberdeen when Lord-Lient. of 
Ireland; and retired from the army 1887. Is one of the Liberal Whips. 
Sat for East Pinsbnry on the L.C.C. ) 889-91, and unsnocessftally con- 
tented the Airr dist. 18S6. In 1892 be was elected for Dumbartonshire, 
and sat till the General Election of 1^95. In 189A-7 he served as Gov. 
General's Sec. to the Earl of Aberdeen, Gov. General of Canada. Pirst 
elected for Forfarshire 1897. A Liberal.— 101, Motait^t., (irosuenor-sr 
f^"-. ; Brooks's, Army and Navy, an ft Xntioual Ltbetut CInhs. 


Sinclair, Louis. {Essex, South, or Romford div.) 

B. ISfll, at Paris ; educated University College School, L»iidoB ; m. 
1886, Nina, d. of Dmiel de Paas, of London and Natal. Was on the 
staff of the Melbourne Argus. Sabseqneatly chose a eoaameicial 
career, in Anatratia. Is Joint Hon. Sec. of the House of Comnoas 
Ciimmercial Committee. A Conservative. — Daydawn^ NttherhoR- 
gardens, Hampsteaa, N.W. ; Carlton and CotisHlntional Clubs i 
29, Castie Hill-avenue, Folkestone. 

Skewes-Cox, Tliomas. {Surrey, Kingston div.) 

S. of Mr. William Nicholas Cox, of Richmond. B. 1849 ; edneaied 
privately: assomed the sarnHme ot'Skewes in 1874; m. 1S82, Jessie, d. 
of the late Mr. Edmand Warne. Is a solicitor, admitted 1881, and is a 
member of the firm ot Skewes-Cox, Nash, and Co. ; is also a J.P.,an 
alderman of Richmond (.Mayor, 1892), and a member of the Surrey 
County Council. A Conservative and Unionist.— 8, Leuieaster-place^ 
Strand, fV.C; Carlton Club: Hemu-hoiue, Richmond, Surrey. 

Slnney, W. S. Keuyon-. See Kenyon-Slaney. 
♦Sloan, Thomas H. {Belfast, South div.) 

Is a strong Temperance Reformer and President of the Belfast 
Protestant Association. An Independent Conservative.— 37, IViriet^A- 
road, N. 

Smith, Abel Henry. {Hertfordshire, Hertford div.) 

Eldest s. ofthe late Mr. Abel Smith, M. P. for the Hertford div. of Ucits, 
by Lady Sasan, d. of the 3rd Earl of Chichester. B. ISflS; edacatcd at 
Eton, and Trinity College, Cambridge ; m. 1880. the Hon. Isabella, d. of 
the 2nd Lord Lnrgan. Was B.A. 1884; M.A. 1888. rrivatesee. (un- 
paid) to the Rt. Hon. Walter Long, Prea. Bd. of Agricaltare, 1805-1900. 
Is a J.P. for Herts, and major Herts. Yeomanry, since I80u. Sat lor 
Chriitchnrch 1892-1900. A Conservative.— Tor Ao>t and TVaveilers* 
Clubs, SJV, I Woodhall Park, Herlford. 

Smith, Hugh Crawford. {Nortlmmherlandf Tyne- 
side div.) 

S. of George Smith, of Glasgow, and Rosina, d. of Mr. Strang, of 
Kilmarnock. B. at Glasgow 184« ; edacated at the High School, Glas- 
gow ; m. 1878 to Hannah Ralaton, 2nd d. of Robert Lockbart, of 
Newcastle. Is a director of public companies, J.P. for Northnmbcrland 
and Newcastle-upon-Tyne. A Liberal Unionist.— DevonsA/w, Sorth- 
umberland and Northern Counties' Clubs; High Cross Mouse, 
NetocaUle-upon. Tyne. 


Smith, James Parker. (Lanarkshire, Partick dir.) • 

S. of the late Archibald Smith, F.R.S.,and Susan Emma, d. of the late 
Tice-Chancellor Sir James Parker. B. 1864 ; educated at Winchester, 
and Trinity Coll., Cambridge (4th Wrangler, and 2nd Smith's Priseman, 
1877, a Fellow of Winchester, and late Fellow Trinity Coll.) ; m. 1882, Mary 
Louisa, d. of the late William Hamilton, esq., of Minard and Partickhill. 
Waa called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1881, and joined the Oxford 
Cirnuit. Is a J. P., and D.L. for Renfrewshire, and the co. of the 
City ofGlasgow, J.P. for Lanarkshire, and director of the Union Bank 
of Scotland. Was Parliamratary private sec. to Mr. J. Chamber- 
lain, Colonial SecreUry, 1901. In 1886 he unsuccessfully contested 
Paisley. First elected for the Partick div. Feb. 1890. A LiberAl 
Unionist; opposed to the Disestablishment of the Church.— 20, 
Drayeott-pl., S.W.; Reform Club; New Cf«6, Edinhurgk ; Western 
Clttb, Olatgote; Jordanhill, Glatgow. 

Smith, Samuel. (J^intthire) 

Eldest 8. of the late James Smith, esq., of Snath Carleton, Borgne, 
Kircndbrightshire (a nagistnte for that co.}. B. at Roberton, Borgue, 
Kircndbrightshire, 1836 ; m. 18A4, Melville, d. of the Rev. John Christl- 
SOB, O.D., of Biggar, Lanarkshire (she d. March, 1898). Edaoated at 
Borgne Academy, and at the Univcnily ot Edinbargh. Is a merchant 
and cottoabroker at LiTerpool, where he commenced business in ISftO, 
and foanded the firm of Messrs. Smith, Edwards, and Co . and in 1804 
ctpencd the firm of Messrs. James Pinlay and Co. in that city, and retired 
from it in 1883. Was President of the LiTerpool Chamber of Commeroe 
in 187A-7, and during fonr years a member of the LiTerpool City Conncil. 
A magistrate for Liverpool and for Kircndbrightshire. Has published 
various essays on political and eoonomlcalsubjects, also a work on '* The 
Credibility of the Christian Heligion." Sat fiir the whole of Liverpool 
from 1882 to 1885. At the general election in the latter year he was 
defeated in the Abercromby division of Liverpool, but in March 188fl, 
whilst in India, he was returned for Flintshire, and has retained the 
seat since. A Liberal ; a rtrong Frtilestant.— /r</brmCfuft; Carieloti, 
J'rinee's Pctrk, Liverpool; Orohiil^ Braeo, PertheMre. 

Smith, Hon. William Frederick Danvers. (Strcmd) 

8. of the late Rt. Hon. W. H. Smith, M.P., First Lord of the 
Treasary, and his wife, Emily Smith, d. of P. Uawes Danvers, esq. (The 
dignity of a peerage was confened npon Mrs. Smith, with the title 
Viaooanteas Hambleden, Immediately after the death of the Rt. Hon. 
W. H. Smith.) B. 1868, at Filey, Totkshire i edncated at Eton and Nei 
College, Oxford; m. 1894, Bather, d.of the Earl of Arraa. Has beea i 


purtner in the firm of W. H. Smith and Sons, newngeats, &c., of the 
Strand, since Jan. 1, 1890, and wax first elected for Strand Oct. 1891 ; 
a D.L. Deron, and i» Major Roy. lat Devon Imperial Yeo. A Ubenl- 
ConaerTatiTc.— 8» Grosvenor Place, S.tV. ; Carltcn and fVtOingtm 
• Ctnbs; Greenlands,Henletj,.on-Thame9. 

Soames, Arthur Wellesley. (Norfolk, South div.) 

S. of the late William Aid win Soames, of Brighton. B. 1852 ; m. 18T(, 
Eveline, d. of T. Horsman Coles, esq., of Ore, Sussex. A Liberal, in 
favour of Home Rule, and other items in the advanced Liberal pri^rammc. 
He unsuccessfully contested Ipswich in 1892, and again in 1895. — ^18, Tari 
Crescent, W.; Reform and United University Clubs. 

Soares, Ernest Joseph. {DevonsMre, Barnstaple 

8. of J. L. X. Soares, formeriy a merchant in LiTerpool, and Hannah, 
d. of John Hollingsworth, of Liverpool. B. 18M ; educated privately 
and at St. John's College, Cambridge, of ^hich college he was an 
Eshibitiouer and Ist Class Friseman, gradaated B.A. and LL.B. (with 
honours in law), and snbseqnently proceeding M.A. and LL.D. ; m. 1803, 
Kate Carolyn, d. of the late Samael Lord, of OaUeigh, Ashton-on- 
Mersey. Admitted a solicitor in 1888, and belonged to a leading firm of 
solicitors, Arom which he retired some time since. A Liberal.— CTpeolf, 
Barnstaple, North Devon. 

Spear, John Ward. (Devonshire, Tavistock div.) 

S. of John Spear, yeoman, and Maria Spear, nSe Ward, of Leigh, 
Milton Abbott. B. at Eastcott. Tavistoelc. 1848; educated at Milton 
Abbott, and in Bodmin, Cornwall: m. 1877 to d. of the late John 
Willcock, of Kingsbridge, Devon. Is a tenant fhrmer and yeoman. Fur 
twenty years Poor Law Guardian, late Chairman ofTavisttxik District 
Council and Board of Guardians, Alderman ofCC.fortea yean, twenty- 
five years member of School Board. CommissioneroflncomeTaxandJ.P. 
County of Devon. A Liberal Unionist.— £a«too(l, Tavietoek; East 
Halt, Esses. 

Spencer, Bight Hon. Oharles Bobert, P.O. 
(Northa/mptonshire, Mid div.) 

S. of Predericit, 4th Earl Spencer, and Adelaide Horatia Elisabeth, d. 
of Sir Horace Sejmoar, K.C.H. B. at Spencer Hoase, St. James', 1857. 
educated at Harrow and Trinity College, Cambridge, M.A. ISSS; m. 
1887, Hon. Margaret, 2nd d. of Edward Chartes, Ist Laid RevetstAke. 
. Is J.r, and D.L. for Northants ; hon. major Ist Vol. batt. of KorthaatS| 
Regiment since 1896. Is Heir Presnioptive to Earl Spencer. Wa^ 


Parliiimenfary 1886; Vice-ChimberliiD 1892-95; 
Privy Conocillor 1892. Sat as member for North Northants 1880-85, 
and for Mid Northants I885-95 ; ansncceMfully contested East Herts 
1898. Is a Liberal Whip. A liberal.— S8, St. Jatntt'-plaee, S.W.s 
Turft Brook»'», and Marlborough Clubs; DallingUm House, 

Spencer, Sir Ernest. ( West Bromwich) 

8. of the late Mr. John Spencer, of West Bromwich. B. 1848, at 
Phoenix House, West Bromwich ; educated privately; m. Helen, only 
child of the late Thomas Williamson, Bombay Civil Service. In 188S 
wsw called to the Bar at the Middle Temple, and Joined the Oxford 
Circnit. Is Coanoel to the Anntrian Consnlate. He is aim J.P. and D.L . 
of Staffordshire. Knighted 1901. First elected for West Bromwich in 
1886. A Conservative-Unionist.—!, Dr. Johnson's Bldgs.t Ttmplt, 
E.C.; 10, SI. James's-plae9,S,fV.: Carlton Club; ff^arren Mount, 
Oxshottf Sttrrey. 

Stanley, Hon. Arthur. {Lancashire, S.-West, 
Orinskirk div.) 

S. of the 16th Earl Derby and bro. of Lord Stanley, M.P. for the 
West Houghton div. of Lancashire (see next article). B. 1869, 
educated at Wellington College. Has been in the Diplomatic service ; 
also a clerk in the Foreign Office, and priv. sec. to Rt. Hon. J. A. 
Balfour, First Lord of the Treasury. In Diplomatic service under Lord 
Cromer, at Cairo, 1895 to 1898, when he was elected for the Ormskirk 
div. A Conservative, and a firm supporter of Mr. Balfour's Govern- 
ment, both domestic and foreign. — Derby House, St. James'S'Sqtmre, 
S. W. ; Carlton and Bachelors'' Clubs. 

Stanley, Et. Hon. Lord Edward George Villiers, 
C.B. (Lancashire, 8. -East, Westhoughton div.) 
SIdest s. of the lOth Earl of Derby, by Lady Constance, d. of the late 
£arl of Clarendon. B. in London, 18H5| educated at Wellington 
College; m. 1889, to Lady Alice Montagu, youngest d. of the 7ih Duke 
of Manchester. Was Junior Lord of the Treasury 1895-1900; Financial 
See. to the War Ofllotf 1900.03; appointed Postmaster-General Oct. 
1908; was lieut. Grenadier Guards 1886-96: A.D.C. to his father 
MS GoTernor-General of Canada, Aug. 1889 to July 1891. Served 
in 8. Aft-ioan war, first as chief press censor, afterwards as 
private sec. to Lord Roberts. P.C. 1903. Has sat for the West 
Houghton div. since 1892. A Conservative.— 80, Great Cumberland, 
place, fV. ; Tutff Carlton, Ouards\ and Marlborough Cluf 
Covorth Park, Sunningdale. 

z 2 


Stanley, Edward James. (Somerset, Bridgwater div.) 

Eldest a. of the late Edward Stanlry, esq., of CrosshaU, Lancashire, by 
Lady Mary, 2nd d. of the 8th Earl ol Lauderdale. B. at Genera, 
Switserland, 1886; m. 1873, Hon. Mary, eldest d. of the late Baron 
Taanton. Was edncated at Eton and at Christ Church, Oxford; gra- 
duated B.A. 184U, and subsequently M.A. Is a Deputy-Lient. for Lan- 
cashire and Somerset, and a Magistrate for Somerset, and serredthe 
ofBce of High Sheriff of the latter in 1880. A Conservative: io (aTonr 
of great change being made in our system »f local taxation. Sat fnr 
West Somerset fi'om April 1882 to Nov. 1885. and for the Bridgwatrr 
dlT. since.— 29, Betgravt'sq.^ fV. ; Carlton and Travellers' Chtbt , 
Quantoek Lodge, Bridgioater. 

Stevenson, Francis Seymour. (Sufolk, Eye div.) 

S. of the late Sir William Stevenson, K.C.B., Governor of Maoririna. 
by Caroline Octavia, d. of the late Joseph Seymour Biscoe, esq., and 
afterwards wife of the late Rev. P. Barham Zincke. B. in IMS: 
educatedat Wherstead, Lausanne. Harrow, and Balliol College, Oxford, 
where he took a flrst-class in classics ; m. 1880, Mary Kate, d. of the 
la'.e Edward Joicey, esq., J.P., of Blenkinsopp Hall, Northumberland- 
Is a J.P. for Suffolk, and Alderm-in E. Snft'olk C.C. ; also D.L. for 
the county. Was Parliamentary Charity Commissioner, 1894-9%. 
Served on the King's Civil List Committee 1901. Is President 
of the Anglo- Armenian Association, and author of " Historic Prr- 
sonality," the ** Lite of Grosseteste, Bp. of Lincoln," &c. Has sat 
for the Eye div. since 1885. An advanced Liberal.— 5, ^tnismore- 
gardens, S.f^.; jithenceuntt fiefcrm, and Deifonshire Clubs ; Play- 
^ord Mount, near Pfoodltridge, Suffolk. 

Stewart, Sir Mark John MacTaggart, Bart. {Kirkcud- 

Elder s. of Mark Hathorn Stewart, esq., of Sonthwick (>. of RotMrt 
Hathorn Stewart, of Physgill). B. 1834; edncated at Winchester, and 
Christ Church, Oxford : B.A. 1858; M.A. 1800; m. 186ff, Marianne 
Susanna, only child of the late JohnOrdeOmmanney, esq., by Susanna, 
heiress to her father. Sir John MacTaggart, bart. (««.), of Ardwell. 
Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple in 1862. Is a J. P. and D.L. ft»r 
the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, and J.P. for Wigtownshire, Hod .Ctl. 
1st Ayr and Galloway Art. Volnnteers (V.D.) Chairman of the Local 
Poor Board and School Board and Parish Council. Cr. bart. 1899. Sir 
M. and Lady Stewart assumed the additional name of MacTaggart 1895. 
Sat for the Wigtown Burghs 1874.188U. Has sat for the Stewaitry of 
Kirkcudbright since 1885. A moderate Conservative i favonrable To 
progressive reform.— Car//on and Atheticeum Clubs, S.VT.i Neut 
"fub, Edinburgh: Southwiek, l>un\fHes ; Ardwell, fVigtownshire. 


Stewart, M. H. Shaw-. See Shaw -Stewart. 

Stirling-Maxwell, Sir John, Bart. {Giasgow, College 

Is luth bart., elder a.uf Sir William Stirling-Maxwell, K.T., 9th bart., 
by his first wife. Lady Anna, d. of David, lOtb Earl of Leren and 
Melville. B. 1866, at Park-street. London; educated at Eton and Trin. 
Coll., Cambridge; m. ICOU Cliristian, d. of Rt. Hon. Sir Herbert 
Maxwell. Was pciv. sec. to Lord Knatsford as Colonial Ses. 1887-92, 
is bon. col. 8rd Lanariishire Vnlanteers. Is D.L. for cos. Inverness, 
Renfrew, Glasgow, and Lanark. A Conservative and Unionist, opposed 
to Home Rale, the Disestablishment of the Church, and the Local Veto 
Bill ; in favonr of legislation on Employers Liability, Control of 
Licenses, Old Age Pensions, &c.— 48, Belgrave-square^ S.fV,; 
Carlton^ Unite's, and Bachelors* Clubs; PoUok-houst, PoUok- 
thaws, N.B. 

Stock, James Henry. {Liverpool Walton div.) 

Only snnriving s. of the late John Stock, esq., of Knolle-park, 
Woolton, CO. Lancaster, by Lydia, d. of Peter Wedd, esq., of Boston, 
Lincolnshire. B. Deer. 185ft, at Westdale, Wavertree, oo. Lancaster ; 
edauated, owing to delicate health, by a private tutor, and afterwards 
at Christ Church. Oxford (B.A. and H.A. 1882) ; m. 1880, May Sabioa, 
second d. of the Rt. Hon. Arthur MacMurrough Kavanagh, Lord-Lieut. 
CO. Carlow (M.P., 18«8-8(l}. Is a barrister, called 1883; J.F. for 
Cheshire; Major Lancashire Hussars. A Conservative, strongly 
Hnpporting the Unionist policy of Mr. Balfour.— 10, J3as// Ifofw/ons, 
S W.t Arthur's, Carlton, Hurlingham and fVettington Clubs; 
yyhits Kail, Tarporley, Cheshire; KuolU-parky ff^ooUon, 
I^aneashirs ; Glenapp Castle, Ballantras, N.B. 

Stone, Sir John Benjamin. {Birmingham^ East) 

S. of Benjamin Stone, esq , of Aston Manor, by Rebecca, d. of 
Richard Matthews, esq.jOf Cookley, co. Worcester. B. at BirminghNm, 
1888 ; educated at K. EdwardVl.'s Grammar School ; m.lSSZ, Jane,d.of 
Peter Parker, esq., of Liithersdale, co. York. Has been lung a pro- 
■liiient public man in Birmingham and formerly the chairman of the Con- 
servative party there. Is a J.P., and has been Mayor uf button Coldfield. 
Was knighted 1892. Has travelled in Europe, Asia, AlVica, and South 
America, and published several books, including a " History of Lichfield 
Cathedral.*' A Commissioner for St. Louis Exhibition, 19U4. Is also a 
F. Geol. Soc, P. Geog. See., P.L.S., Ac. A Conservative.— C'ar//r 
Cltth, SJV.; The Grange, Eraiufftou, n'atwiekshire. 


Stopford-Saokyille, Col. Sackville George. 
(Northamptonshiref North) 

Eldeiit i. of the late Mr. William Bruce Stopford and Caroline Harriet, 
d. of the lite Hon. George Germain. B. in London 1840; educated at 
Eton and Christ Church, Oxford. B.A. 1862, M.A. 1865. Entering tbe 
Diplomatic Service the same year, he was employed in the Foreign OiBce 
and as an Attachi at Lisbon, resigning in 1867. M. 1875, Edith Frances, 
only child of the lateMr. William Rabhieigh, of Menabilly, Cornwall, and 
granddaughter of the 11th Baron Blantyre. U a J.P. and D.L. fbr North- 
amptonshire, chairman of Quarter Sessions from 1891, and of the Conaty 
Council from 1893, and held a commission for nearly forty years in 
the 8rd batt. (Militia) of the Northamptonshire Regiment, of which he 
is now Hon. Col. He assumed the name of SsckvUle in 1870. He 
unsuccessfnlly contested Northampton, 1865, was returned iorN.North- 
araptonsh. at a by-election, 1867, and continued to rrpresent the con- 
stituency till 1880, when he was an unsuccessftil candidate, and 
in 1885 unsncceasAiIly contested the Boswonh dir. of Leiceiiter»hire, 
and at a by-election in 1894 North Camtwidgeshire ; re-elected for N. 
Northamptonsh., 1900. A Concervative.— Car/ton and TraotlUra' 
Clubs ; Drayton House, Thrapston. 

Strachey, Sir Edward, Bart. (Somerset, South div.) 

Eld. s. of the late Sir Edward Strachey, of Sutton Court, Sonerset, 
and Mary Isabella, d. of the late John Addingtnn Symonds, M.D. B. 
1858, at Clifton, Bristol; educated at Christ Church, Oxfords n.lSSO. 
Constance, d. of the late C. B. Braham, esq. Is a J.P. and D.L., and a 
C.C. for Somerset. Was Lieut. 4th Batt. Somerset Regt 1S78-81'. 
He was an unsuccessful candidate for Somerset, North, in 1886, 
and at Plymouth, 1886. He carried the Outdoor Relief Friendly 
Societies Act, 1894, the Post OfBce Amendment Act, 189S, and thr 
Post OfBce Guarantee Amendment Act, 1898. A Liberal, and in faranr 
of Home Rule for Ireland for purely Irish affairs. Has specially identified 
himselfwith Agricultural and Friendly Societies* interests in Parliament. 
—27, Cadogan-gardenSt S.W. ; Brooks's, Travellers*, and I^ational 
Liberal Clubs ; Sutton Courts Penrford^ Somerset. 

Stroyan, John. {Perthshire, Western div.) 

S. of the late John Stmyan, of Kirkchrist, Wigtownshire. B . at Kirk - 
cowan, Wigtownshire, 1856; educated at the Dumfries Academy ; m. 
1889, Edith, d. of the late T. £. Dean, of Aliwal North, Cape CAtlony, S.A . 
Has large financial interests iu South Africa. A Unionist.— 6ajrim 
HaU, PeUaee Court, fV.i Oehtatyre, Crieff, N.B.; Kirkchrist, 
•kcowan, fVigloionshire. 


Strutt, Hon. Charles Hedley. {Etsejc, Maldon div.) 

Ponrth 8. of the 2nd Baron Rayleifcta, by Clara, d. of Capt.Vinara, 
R.B. B. 1840 ; educated at Winchester, and Trinity College Can- 
bridge (lit class Moral Science Tripos, 1871). Is an Alderman of the 
Essex County Council, chairman of the Wltham Bench of Magis- 
trates, and chairman Quarter Sessions. Was M.P. for Bast Essex, 
1883-85* and an nnsocoesaful candidate for the Saffron Walden div. 
1885. A Conservative and Unionist, in favour of legislation for the 
relief of agriculture, &c.— 3, Ch0ls9a BmAankment, S.fV.; Carlton 
Ctubt S.^V.t Blunii Hall, fVitham, Esses. 

Stuart- Wortley, Rt. Hon. Charles Beilby. {Sheffield, 
HalUm div.) 

Giandson of the 1st Baron Wharncliffe, and second s. of the 
Right Hon. James Stuart- Wortley, Q.C., who was M.P. for Halifax 
and Btttenhire, Recorder of London, and Sulicitor-Gen., by the Hon. 
Jane, only d. of 1st Lord Wenlock. B. at Escrick Park, York, 1851; 
m. 1st, 1880, Beatrice, d. of T. Adolphus Trollope, esq. (she died 1881) ; 
sadly, 188A, Alice CaroUne, d. of the late Sir J. B. MilUis, bart., P.R.A. 
Edocated at Rugby and at Balliol Coll., Oxford; graduated M.A. 1879, 
called to the Bar at the Inner Temple Jan. 1876, and went the N.E. 
Circuit ; A Q.C. 1803. Is a deputy chairman of "Ways and Mcmus." 
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department in the 
Ministry of Lord Salisbury, June 1885, and again Aug. IHHtt to 1892. 
Was chief delegate of the Government at the International Conference 
on Industrial Property at Madrid, 189U, and at Brussels, 1897 and 1900. 
In 1803 he became a Church Estates Commissioner, and in 1896 a P.C. 
SHt for ShefBeld 1880-1885, and for the Hallam div. of SheiBcld since. 
A Conservative.— Crtr/ton and Marlborough Clubs ; 7, Chtyne Walk, 
Chthta, S.W.; I, King's Btnch fValk, Temple, E,C. 

Sturt, Hon. Humphry Napier. {Dorset, Kast div.) 
Eldest s. (It Lord Alington and hisi wife, the late l.«<Hy Augusta 
Bingham. B. 1850 i educated at Eton, and Christ Church, Oxford ; m. 
1883, Lady Piodorowna Yorke, d. of the Earl and Countess of Hard- 
wlcke. Has been a Lieut. Dorset yeomanry, and is a D.L. for Dorset, 
and a C.C. for the Handley div. Has sat fur Dorset, East, since Nov. 
1891. AConservative.^SSfjPorlmara-sftMtre, ff.; Carlton, ^ThUf^s, 
and Marlborough Clubs; Criehel, ff^imbome, Dorset. 

Sullivan, Donal. (PFex/meaM, South) 

8. of the late Mr. Daniel Sullivan, and brother of Mr. T. D. Sullivan, 
Loid Mayor uf Dublin 1886. Was manaRvr of the publishing depart- 
ment of Tfie Stttiou newspaper, uf whicli bis bruther was proprietor. 


Hu Mt for Westmeatli, South, since the general riection of 1865. "An 
Irish Nationjilist.»-Nal/ona/ Liberal Club, S.fV.; 1, Bmhfidete- 
pUtet, Motm(foy-»quart, Diaiin. 

Talbot, Rt. Hon. John Gilbert, P.C. {Osjord Uni- 

8. of the late Hon. John Chetwynd Talbot, Q.C., by Hon. Cantliae 
Jane. d. of the Ist Baton WharoclilTe. B. in London 1885 : m. I860, Hoa. 
Meiiel Sarah, eld. d. of the 4th Baron Lyttelton. Was edvcated at the 
Charterhouse and at Christ Church, Oxford; M.A., 18A0: hon. D.C.L., 
1878. Has been Chairman of the West Kent Quarter Sessions sinee 1887, 
and a member of the Kent CC. since 1889. Is an Boclesiastical Con- 
missioner ; was (parliamentary) Secretary to the Board of Trade from 
April 1878 to April 188U,and cr. P.C. 1887. A ConservatiTe. Sat for 
West Kent from Dec. 18A8 to May 1878, when he was Unit elected for 
the University of Oxford.—lU, Great Georpe-st, S.fV.i CarltaH 
and Travellers* Clubs ; Fateonhursl, Bden Bridget KtnU 

Talbot, Lord Edmund Bernard. {Sussex, South- 
West, or Chichester div.) 

Only bro. of the present Duke of Norfolk. B. June 1st, 1856 ; educated 
at the Oratory School, Edgbaston ; m. 1879, to Mary Caroline^d. of tiie 
7th Earl of Abingdon. He took the name of Talbot in lieu of Howard 
in 1876, by Royal licence, under the will of the late Earl of Shrewsbury. 
Is heir.presnmptive to the Dukedom of Norfolk* Lt.>Col. (ret.) 11th 
Hussars ; joined Nov. 20, 1875. Served in S. Africa 1889-1901, D.S.O. 
Is priv. sec. to Sec. for India. He unsuccessfully contested Burnley 
in 1880, and the Brightside dir. of ShefReld in 1885 and ISdS. A Con- 
serratirp.— l.BtfcAtnjrham Palace-ffardeHi,S.W. ; Carlton and Xaval 
and Military CltUta. 

•Taylor, Austin. (LiverpoolyE,^ Toxteth div.) 

S. of the Yen. W. F. Taylor, D.D., Archdeacon of Lirerpool, and Aaoe, 
d. of Rev. H. Evans. B. Jan., 1858, at Liverpool i educated at Liverpool 
College and Cambridge University ; B.A. 1880 ; m. 1886, Lucia, d. of the 
late Edward Whitaker, of Liverpool. Is a steamship owner, head of the 
firm of Hugh Evans & Co., Liverpool. Was a member of the Liverpool 
City Council. Elected for East Toxteth div., Nov. 1902. A Conservative. 
—Streatlam Tower, Prince' s-road, Liverpool. 

Taylor, Theodore Cooke. (Lancashire, 5.B., 
Badcliffe-cnm-Farn worth div.) 

8. of Joshua Taylor, woollen manufkctnrer, Batley, by Alice, d. of i 
Samuel Cotike, carpet mannfarturer, Llveraedge. B. at Bailey 1850. ' 


edneated at Batlcy Oraamar School and Silooates Nordiern Congrega- 
tional School ; ra. 1674, d. of W. J. P. Ingraham, ol Philadelphia, U.S.A. 
Is a woollen mannractnrrr, hrad of the firm of J. T. and J. Taylor, Ltd. ; 
and a magistriite for the borough of Batley ; member of Co. Coancil 
West Riding, Ynrl», 1889-92; member for fourteen years and president 
for two yean of Batley Chamber of Commerce. A Liberal, in favour of 
Taxation Reform, Better Provision for the Dwellings of the Poor, 
Temperance Raform, Army Reform, an Eight Hours Miners' Bill, 
Religions Equality, One Man One Vote, and Reform of the Registration 
\jMr%.~-N(MonalL4b0ral Club; Stumv Bant, BcMty. 

Taylor, H. W. Worsley-. See Worsley-Taylor. 
TenDant, Harold John. (Berwickeliwe) 

Tounf^est s. of Sir Charles Tennant, bart. B. at The Glen, Inner- 
leithen, N.B., 1865; educated at Eton and Trin. Coll. Cambridge; m. 1st, 
1889, Helen, d. of Major Gordon Duff, of Drummuir (she d. 1892) ; 2nd, 
1896, Margaret Edith, d. of George Whitley Abraham, Esq., of 
Rathgar, co. Dublin. Was afwistant private sec. to Mr. Asqutth, as Home 
Secretary. Was sec. to the Home Office inquiry into the various lead 
industries, and, as such, principal author of the Report. Was chairman 
of a Departmental Committee of the Home Office on Miscellaneous 
Dangerous Trades. A Liberal, in favour of Free Trade, Licensing Reform, 
Housing of the Working Classes, and Social and Industrial Reforms, 
&c.— 33, BrtUon-ttreetf W. ; Brookt'a and National Liberal Club$. 

Thomas, Abel. {Carmarlhemhirej East) 

S. oftheRev. Theophilus Evan Thomas, J.P. of the County of Pem- 
broke, and of Mary John, of Trahale, co. Pembroke. B. at Trahale, 
1848; educated at Clifton Coll. and University of London (B.A.); m. 
1875 Bessie, youngest d. of Samuel Polak, esq. (she d. 1890). Was called 
to the bar at the Middle Temple, 1875, and practises on the South 
Wales and Chester Circuits ; a Q.C. 1692, and a bencher of the Middle 
Temple. Is a J.P. for the county of Pembroke, and vice-chairman of 
the Pembrokeshire Quarter Sessions. Has sat for Carmarthenshire 
East, since Aug. 1890. A " Gladstonian Liberal," in favour of a measure 
of Welsh Home Rule, as well as of Irish Home Rule, Dinestablishment, 
land and leasehold reform, an eight hours' working-day for miners, 
payment of members, &c.— 86, ComwaH-gardent, S. Ketutngtont S. W.f 
7, King's Bench Walk, Temple, E,C.i M^orm, Mbemarle, National 
Liberaif Swantea, and Haver/ordweety Cottntg Clttba. 

Thomas, Sir Alfred. {Glamor gan^ East) 

8. of the late Daniel Thomas, esq. B. 1840. Is a merchant of Cardi<^' 
of which town he was mayor in 1 882. Is president nf the council of 


South Wales University Coll. and a Magistrate for Cardiff; and J.P. and 
D.L. for Olamorean. In 1898 he succeeded the late Sir G. O. Morran as 
chairmanoftheWelsh Liberal Parliamentary Party. Knighted 190S. Has 
sat for the Bast div. ot Glamorgiin since IB6A. A Liberal, and Home 
ILnln.^DtvoiuMre and NaUonai Liberal Clubts Brcnmydd, 

Thomas, David Alfred. {Merthyr Tydvil) 

S. of the late Samuel Thomas, esq., colliery owner. B. 1856, at Aber- 
dare ; educated at Oonville and Caius College, Cambridge (B.A. Mathe- 
matical tripos, 1880, M.A. 1663J ; m. 1882,S7bil Margaret, d. of Geo. Aug. 
Haig, esq., of Penithon, 'Radnorshire. Is senior partner in tlie firm of 
Thomas and Davey, coal shippers, Cardiff; a J.P. and D.L. for Glamor- 
f^anshire, and J.P. for Monmouthnhlre. A Liberal, in favour of Hone 
Rule, witli retention of Irish members at Westminster, DtsesUblish- 
ment uf the English Church in Wales, reform of the Land Laws, " one 
man one vote," Arc. Is pledged to pay special attention to Welsh nced>. 
Has sat for Merthyr since March 1888.— 12*2, Ashley gardcH*, 8.fV.: 
Reform, National Ziberalt and Devonshire Ctubs ; Xianieerfi, near 
Newport, Mon. 

Thomas, John Aeron. {Olamorganshire, West or 
Gower div.) 

S. uf Lewis Thomas, of Pauterywd. B. 186U; educated at Klwy- 
duwen Grammar School and Milford Grammar School; m. 18S0. Blean<^r. 
the elder d. of the late Mr. John Lewis, J.P., of Nantgwyane, Caimar- 
thenshire. Admitted a solicitor 1874, and began to pracUae in Swansea} 
is senior partner in the firm of Aeron Thomas 4i Co. ; alderman of the 
borough of Swansea since 1688, and was mayor 18S7..88 ; repreceBtative «>r 
Duke of Beaufort on the Swansea Harbour Trust, and interested in many 
colliery undertakingH. A Liberal.— 6/anymor, /^esteross, R.5.O.* 

Thomas, T. Freemau-. See Freeman-Thomas. 
^Thompson, Edward Charles. {MonagTian, North) 

S. of Henry Thompson, F.R.C.S.I.,of Omagh, co. Tyrone, and Naanir. 
d. of Edward Blake, D.L., Castlegrove, eo. Mayo. B. 1851, atOmaf^h. 
fdiicated at the Boynl School, Raphoe, and Dublin University; m. 1st' 
Diana, d. of Col. F. Ellis, Feccarry, Omngh ; 2nd, Dorothea Selina, eld. 
d. of the late Col. G. P. McClintock. Is u physician and surgeon. Was 
HhurReon in the Royal Navy, 1872.4, sur^^eon Tyrone County Ho!»ptUl, 
visiting and consulting phybician Tyrone and Fermanagh Asylum. Vn. 
-ented with Albert Medal for saving life on land. Has written 


pamphlets on Hj^ene, Yaccinatioii and Medical Ediication> " The 
Trial of the Magnire*," and contribnted articles to the medical 
journals. Unsuccessfully contested Mid Tyrone 1888 and 1805, 
and 8. Tyrone 1900. Elected for N. Monaghan, December 1900. 
Formerly a Liberal Unionist ; is now a Nationalist and Imperialist.— 
Camorven House, Omagh, co. Tyrone. 

Thompson, Sir H.Meysey-. See Meysey -Thompson. 

Thomgon, Frederick Whitley. (Yorkshire, W, 
Riding, Skipton div.) 

S. of Jonathan Thomson, merchant, Glasgow, and Emma Whitley, of 
HHli/u. B. at Glasgow 1861; edncated at Glasgow Academy and 
Andersonian UniTenily, Glasgow ; m. 1888 to Bertha Plorence, d. of 
Matthew Smith, of Halifax. In a cardmaker, head of the old-esUblished 
fim of John Whiteley & Sons, Halifiix. Viccpresident of the Halifax 
I4beral AModation; president Eliand div. Liberal Association: 
repreienfatiTf of Clothworkera' Co. on Halibx Muiiotpal Technical 
School; member of ConndlHiilifluc Chamber of Commerce. A Liberal. 
—4 Chelsea Cotirt, S.fV. ; R^orm Ciub ,' Savilt HeeMt, Halifax. 

Thorburn, Sir Walter. (Selkirk and Peeblet) 

8. of Mr. Walter Thorbnrn, banker, of Peebles, by Jane Grieve, d. 
of the late Robert Grieve, esq., Kiclator, Perthshire. B. at Peebles, 
1842; educated at (he Grammar School, Mnsselbargh, and privately; 
m. 1871, Elisabeth Jackson, eldest d. of the lale David Scott, e^q., 
Meadowfield, Edinburgh. Is a woollen manufacturer, and J. P. and D. L. 
tor the county of Peebles. A Uniimljt.— /^ei/ons/jire Club; New 
Clttbt Edinburgh; Ketfirld, Peebles, N.H. 

Thornton, Percy Melville. (Bailernea and Clapham, 
Clapham div.) 

S. of the late Bear-Admiral Samuel Thornton and Emily, d. of the 
Rev. J. Rice. B. 1841 ; educated at Harrow, and Jesus College, Cam- 
bridge (LL.B. 1864); m. 18:^7, Florence Emily, d. of the late H. Sykes 
Thornton, esq. Has written "The Recovered Thread of England's 
Foreign Policy,** "Foreign Secretaries of the Nineteenth Century," 
'* Harrow School and iu SanroaadingSt* *' The Stuart Dynasty,*' and 
other bodes. Has sat for the Clapham div. since I89S. A Conserva- 
tive.— fTat/ersea Rise Home, S.fV.; Carlton and United Vniversitf 
Club$t s. jr. 


Tollemache, Henry James. {Cheshire, Eddiaburj div.) 

JUdeat 8. of the late Wilbnilum Spencer Tollemache, esq., of Dorfbld 
Han, Cheshire, by Anne, eldest d. of Jasses Tomkinson, esq. 
Diirfold Hall 1846; is aamJir. Educated at Eton and Christ Chnrch, 
Oxford, gradnated B.A. 1870. Is a Magistrate and D.L. for Cheshire. 
M.P. for Cheshire. West. Irom April 1881 to Nov. 1885. and fat tke 
Eddisbary div. ninoe. A Conservative.— 43, Ha^Moon-*i.tff^. ; CarUm 
attd ArUnW^ Ciubs ; Dorfold Halt, Nanlwieh. 

Tomkinson, James. {Cheshire, Crewe dir.) 

8. of Lient.-Cnl. William Tomkinson and Sosan, d. of Thomas Tkrletos, 
esq., of Boleworth Castle, Cheshire, by Pranees, d. of Sir Philip Giey 
Egerton, bart. B. at WiUington.Tarporiey 1840; edacated at Ragby 
School and Balliol College. Oaford ( B.A. 1863} : m. 1871, Emily Prances, 
only d. of Sir George Hudson Palmer, of Wanlip Hall, Leierstrr. A 
director of Lloyd's Bank, high sheriff of Cheshire 18?7, chairman of 
Petty Sessional Bench of Magistrates, alderman of Coonty OoaBcil and 
flrst vice-chairman of same, J.P. and D.L. for County of Cheater. Major 
and Hon. Lieut .-Col. Earl of Chester*s Imperial Yeomanry. Edited his 
father's journal as the '• Diary of a Cavalry Ofllcer,* ISnO-lS. A Libcnl.- 
BrooWs, Bath, and National lAbtral Clubs ; f^^UUngton Hall, 
Tarportey ; Brunswick House, Cromsr. 

Tomlinson, Sir William Edward Murray, Bart. 

Eldest s. of the late Thomas Tomlinson, esq., of 8, RichuMnd terrace, 
Whitehall, London, and Heyshara House, Lancashire (one uf the 
Benchers of the Inner Temple), by Sarah, d. of the late Rev. Rog«r 
Masbiter, formerly Incumbent of St Paul's Chnrch, Manchester, and of 
Bolton-Ie-SandA, Lancashire. B. at Heysham House, Lancashire, 1838. 
Educated at Westminster School, and Christ Church, Oxford ; gradnated 
M.A. 1862. Called to the bar at the Inner Temple 1865. Is D.L. aad 
J.P. for Lsncashire, and retired MnJ. and Hon. Lt.-Col. lllh Vol. B«(t. 
N. Lancashire Regt. Or. Baronet 1U02. A Conservative. Has sat for 
Preston since November 1882.-3, Riehmond-tsrr^ f^kitekati, S.fV.: 
Athetiatum, Carlton, and St. Stephen's Cltibs : Heysham Houst' 

♦Tonlmin, George. {Bury) 

S. of the late Geo. Toulmin, J. P., of Preston. B. 1857, at Bolton ; 
educated at Preston Grammar School; m. 1882, Mary Elisabeth, d. of 
the late T. Edelston, Official Receiver of Preston. Is a newspaper 
proprietor, part owner of Pre«to» Guardian and Lancashirt JhtUfPoit . 
J.P. for Preston ; Vice-chairman of Preston Board of Cuardiin*; 


elected for Burj, May, 1902. A Liberal, ia favour of Voluntary Schools, 
Home Rule, Housing Reform, &c.—yational Liberal and Eighty C7ufr*; 
R^orm Clubf Manehetter ; 33, Wett Cliff, Pretton. 

TrevelyaD, Charles Philips. (TT. R. Yorks, EUand div.) 

Bldeflt s. of the Rt. Hon. G. O. Trcrelyan, Bart. (late Sec. of State for 
Scotland, a Cabinet Minister, and M.P. for the Bridgeton div. of 
Glasgow, author of the " Life of Lord Macaulay," &c.), and Caroline, d. 
of R. N. Philips, late M.P. for Bury. B. in London, 1870 ; educated at 
Harrow and Trin. Coll. Cambridge (Hons. in History^ Was priv. see. 
to Lord Houghton (noM-Lord Crewe) as Lord Lieut, of Ireland, 1693, and 
a member of the London School Board, 1896-7. He unsuccessfully con- 
tested N. Lambeth in 1895. First elected for EUand div. 1899. A 
Libera^, Imperialist, and Social Reformer, in fa'vtiur of Disestablishment, 
Reform of Land Taxation, Electoral Registration, payment of M.P.'s, 
and popular control of education, &c.— 11, North-atj^et, Weattninster, 
S.W.; Brooki'a and National Libtral Clubs; Jf^IUngton, Cavibo, 

Tritton, Charles Ernest. (Lambethj Norwood div.) 

8. of the late Joseph Trittoa and Amelia his wife. B. 1846, at 
Batteryea; educated at Ragby, and Trinity Hall, Cambridge (B..4. 
ISfiS) ; m. 1872, Edith9 second d. of the late Frederick Green, esq. Is a 
partner in Brightwen and Co., billbrokera, admitted J 8A9, a member of 
the London Chamber of Commerce, treasnrerof the Church of England 
Temperance Society, and a member of the London City Mission Com- 
mittee. Has sat fur the Norwood div. since 18S)3. A Conservative, in 
faTonr of fair and equitable Temperance legislation, bnt strongly opposed 
to the Direct Veto.— 5, Cadoffottsquare, S.fV. ; New University and 
Carlton Club* ; Blootnfield, Norwood. 

»Taff, Charles. (Rochester) 

S. of Henry Tuff, of Rochester, and Elisabeth Hull. B. at Plnm- 
stead, 1855 1 educated at Sandwich School; m. 1879, Marian, d. of 
Mr. G. W. Gill, of Rochester (she d. 1897). Is a merchant and con- 
tractor in Rochester, a member of the Town Council since ISOO, Mayor 
1900-U3; a J. P. for Rochester, a Qovenior of Mathematical School and 
Girls* Grammar in the same city; a member of the Medway Conser- 
vancy Board. A Consenratire.— ,/'tf»/or Con$ernoUive, Imperial 
Colonies, and Royal Temple Yacht Clubs; The Friars, Rochester; 
Cliff House^ Tankerton, Whitstable. 

Tnfnell, Edward. {Essex, Sonth-East div.) 

8. of Edward Carleton Tnfnell, Poor Law Commissioner, and Honoria 
Mary, only d. and heiress of Colonel Macadam, K.H . B. at S6, Lown'*' 


•quare. S.W., 1848 ; educated at Eton College ; m. 1801, Ellen Bertha, 
d. of R«v. R. 8. GnUiins, Rector uf Upham, Hants. He esteied the 
army an eniign in.80tb Reginent, May, 1867 ; exchanged to 18th Royal 
Iriah, November, 1870 ; captain 1879, mi^or 188S> Id 1884-5 served ia 
the Nile expedition, Cor nhieh he has the medal with clasp and the 
Khedive's star. Retired from the army in November, 1889, with the raak 
of lieat.-eol. : in March, 1894t was appointed one of ths Royal Body- 
guard of Hon. Corpa of Gentlemen-at-Arms. Is a Knight of Grace <tf the 
Order of St. John of Jemsalem, 1900. A Conserradve.— 46, JSoIm- 
tgttarf, S.fV.; Carlton, Junior United Service and St, Jaaut't 
Club*; Th» Orwe, fVimbUdim park, S.fV. 

Take, Sir John Batty. {Edinburgh and St. 
Andrew's Universities) 

S. of John Batty Take, of Beverley ,Yorks, and Slary, d. of Robert 
Stoor, of Hall. B. 1836 ; educated at Bdinborgh Academy and the 
University of Edinburgh ; m. 1856, Lydia Jane, d. of Rev. Juhn Magee, 
recror uf Droglieda. and sister of the Rt. Rev. W. C. Magee, late Arch- 
bishop of York. Is H.D., P.R.8.B., P.R.C.P.E., and representaUve of 
latter body on Gen. Med. Council i LL.D. Bdia., D. 8c (Hon.) Dublin ; 
formerly Morisonian Lecturer on Insanity, and is the author of several 
works upon the subject. A Conservative.— £a/^ee»t, Gorgie, Edin- 
bttrffh ; 20, Charlotte-Square, Edinburgh. 

TuUy, Ja8per. {Leittim, South div.) 

S. of the late George M.TuUy, proprietor of the Itoseommoit Herald, 
and Honoria J. Costello, of Tunm. B. at Boyle 18511: educated at 
Summerhill College, Athlnne; m. 1891 » Marie, d. of the laic John 
Mnnson, Bojrie. Is a journalist, editor of the Roeeommon Herald, &c. 
lit proprietor of the fVeetmeath NationalM as well as of the ItescofR- 
OTon Herald* A Nationalist.— £oy/e, co. BoscomtnoH. 

Ure, Alexander. {Linlithgowshire, West Lothian,'^ 

8. ot the late John Ure of Cairndhu, Helensburgh, a merchant and 
former Lord Provost of Glasgow , and Isabella Oibb, or Ure. B. 1853, at 
Glasgow i educated at Larchfleld Academy, Helensburgh, and Glasgow 
University (M.A., LL.B); m. 1879, Margaret MacDowali, d. of the Ute 
Thomas Steven, iron merchant, Glasgow. ArdHn Honse, Helens- 
burgh. Is an Advocate, called Nov. 1878; and was Lecturer on Con- 
stitutional Law and History at Glasgow University from 1878 to 188S. 
He unraocessfnily contented \V«r Perthshire in 1898, and Linlithgow- 


sbiK in Jane 1808. A Liberal, in favour of Home Knie. Sic.—WMt9- 
hall Court, 8.W.; NaUonal Lib^al, Ranelaghand BeUh aubs ; S6, 
J£eriot-nw, BeUnburgh; SeotUsh Libtral Club, Edinburgh. 

Valentia, Arthur Annesley, Visct. {Oxford^ Ci^y) 

S. of Arthur eldest s. of the 10th Yisct. and Flora Mary, d. of Lieut.. 
Col. Macdonald, of Clanronald. B. 1843, at luTeresk, near Edinburgh ; 
educated at the Roj. Military Academy, Woolwich ; m. 1878, Laura 
Sarah, d. of D. Hale Webb, Esq., and widow of Sir A. W. Peyton. 4th 
bart. Joined the 10th Royal Huaaars, 1864. la a J.P. Oxon (High 
Sheriff 1874), Col. Oafordah. Yeo., and chairman ofthe County Council. 
Is the 11th Viae, and also Baron Mountmorria in the peerage of Ireland, 
and a bart. Appointed CoaptroUer of H.M. Household, Oct. 1898. 
Unaucceasfully conteated Mid-Oxfordahire in 1885. Firat elected for 
Oxford April, 1895. A ConservatiTe.— Car/ton and Tur/Chibx; Bletch- 
ittffton Park, Oxford ; Eydon Halt, Banbury. 

Vaughan-DaTies, Matthew. {Cardiffanshire) 

S. of Matthew Da^iea, eaq. (J.P. and D.L.), and Emma Dariea. B. at 
Tan-y-Bwlch, 1840; educated at Harrow School; ra. 1889, Minnie, 
widow of the late A. Jenkina, esq. Is a J.P. and D.L., and waa High 
Sheriff 1875. A UhertLl.—n, Hyde Park-garden; W.; Brooka'aCluh; 

Vernon- Wentworth. See Wentworth. 

Vincent, Sir Charles Edward Howard, K.C.M.G., 
C.B. {Sheffield, Central) 

S. of the late Rev. Sir Frederick Vincent (llth bart.), Canon of 
Chichester, by Maria Copley, d. of R. Merries Yoang, esq., of Aachen9- 
kmgh, Dnmfriesshire. B. at Slinfold, Sussex, 1840 ; educated at West- 
minster, and the R. Military Coll. Sandhorst; m. 1882, Ethel Gwendo- 
line, d. of the late George Moffatt, esq., M.P., of Goodrich Court, 
Herefordshire. Joined the R. Welsh Faailiers 1868, and ret. as Lt. in 
1878, when app. Capt. in the R. Berks Militia; resigned, 1875, for 
the Lieat.-Colonelcy of the Centiml Loadon Rangers; Director of 
Criminal Investigatfcms in the Metropolitan Police 1878.84. Called to 
the Bar, Inner Temple, 1876, and practised two yeiini on the S.E. 
Circait and in the Probate, Dirorce, and Admiralty DIt. of the High 
Court. He also entered, 1877, at the Paris Facnltide Droit. Is Col. of 
the Queen's Westminster TolnnteeTS, and A.D.C. to the King, waa 
British rep. at the Anti-Anarchist Conference at Rome, 1898. Is 
chaiiman of Alien Immigration Parliamentary Committee, Tk»-Chalr- 
man of Grand Council of Primrose League, 1001. Is a Knight of Sf 


John of JeraMlem in BngUiid, of the German Crown and the Crown at 
Italy t aenior D.L. of London, a J.P. fur Middleiex, Wcstminater, and 
BeriKflhire, and was a member of L.C.C. 1888-M. PModer and is 
Hon. See. of the United Empire Trade League, 1891, and has written 
** Elementary Military Geoftraphy,** *'The Law of Criticiam and Libel." 
''The Improvement of the Volnnteer P^Mroe,** **A Police Gnde uid 
Manual of the Criminal Law,* &e. Has sat for Central Shefleld since 
1885. A Conservative and Pair Trader : an advocate of Imperial Pcdera- 
tion, and uf preferential trading relations between all parts of the 
British Empire, Stc— 1, (irosven«r-»q., fV. ,- Cariton, Naoai tuut 
Mititary, Alhenatumt Royal Soei9tiet\ and Marlbormtgh Chtbi; 
yuia Flora, Cannes. 

Yinoent, Sir Edgar, E.G.M.G. (Exeter) 

Youngest 8. of the late Rev. Sir P. Vincent, 11th Bart., and brother 
of the above. B. 1857. Was educated at Eton, und thenee passed as 
student dragumaii in Constantinople and Joined the Coldstream Gnards, 
lieut. 1817; retired 1882 ; m. 1800 Helen.d. of 1st Earl of Pcversfaam. In 
1880 he became Military Attachito the British Embassy, Constantinople, 
and acted as priv. sec. to Lord £. Fitimaurice, M.P., as commr. op 
E. Koumeliaa affairs; in 1881 was assist, commr. for cession of Thessaly 
by Turkey to Greece ; in 1883, Eng., Belg., and Dutch representative 
on Ottoman Public Debt, and 1883-9 financial adviser to Govt, nf 
Egypt; andI889-97Gov.Ottoman Bank at Constantinople. Cr K.C.M.G. 
1887. Has the Grand Cordon of the Medjidie, Osmanieh. and Imtias. 
A Conservative.— Car//07i, Guards\ and St. James's Clubs i Bsher 
Plaee^ Bsher, Surrey. 

Walker, William Hall. (Lancashire, S.W., Widnes 

8. of Sir Andrew Barclay Walker, hart., of Osmastoa, Derbyshiie, and 
Elica Reid, of Dunfermline, Pifeshire. B. 1856 ; educated at Harrow ; 
m. 1896 to Sophie Florence Lothrop, 2nd d. of A. Brinsley Sbetidan, 
of Frampton, Dorset, and great-granddaughter of Richard Brin*lcy 
Sheridan, the statesman and orator. Is managing director of the firm 
of Peter Walker & Sons, Ltd., brewers ; hon. colonel ol the Lancashire 
Artiliery» and has written two works upon * Horse-breeding.* A Ooa- 
servative.— y«ntor Carlton, Marlborough, Arthur's, HurUn^ham, 
Coaching, and Royal Thames Clubs; Gate€tcreCSranffe,Liverpoot: 
Sandy Brow, Tarporley, Cheshire; Tully Hous»t Kildetre. 

Wallace, Robert. (Perth) 

A 8. of the late Rev. Robert Wallace, of St. Stephen's Green, Dublin 
^. in Dublin, 1800 ; educated at Wesley College, uidQaeen*k UMlvcrsity, 


DabUa (B.A. 1871 Had LL.B. 1873). I> a barrister, called at the Middle 
Temple, 1874, and Joined the North-Eastern Circalt; became Q.C. In 
1894, and ha« been an ezaminnr in the Snpreme Court, and a Revising 
barrister Tor Middlesex. He nnsnccessfuUy contested Wandsworth, 
18S5, West Edinburgh, 188A, and West Renfrewshire, 1892. First 
elected for Perth 1896. A Liberal, in favour of Home Rule, &e.— 6, 
Xetuington-tquart-mauaionat W. ; 2, Oarden'court, Temple% B.C. 

W^alrond, Rt. Hon. Sir William Hood, Bart. {Devon, 
Tiverton div.) 

Elde8ts.orthe late Sir John WalrondWalrond,bart.,ofBradfield,Oevon 
(who sat for Tiverton from July 18A& to Nov. 1S68)» by Hon. Frances 
Caroline, younger d. of 2nd, Lord Bridport B. at Exeter 1849 ; m. 1871 , 
Elisabeth Katharine, only d. and heir of the late James 8. Pitman, esq., 
of Dunchideock House, Devon. Was educated at Eton. Entered the 
Grenadier Guards as Ensign and Lieut. Feb. 1860; became Lieut, and 
Capt. 1871, and retired 1872. Was Lieut^Col. 1st Devon R.y.,and is a 
J.P. and D.L. for Devon. Is Chancellor of Duohyof Lancaster, appointed 
1902. Was Patronage See. to the Treasury 1895-19()2 ; and was a Lord 
of the Treasury 1886-92. P.O. 1890. Formerly chief Conservative Whip. 
' Sat for East Devon firum 1880 to 1885, and fot the Tiverton div. since. 
A Conservative.— 9, Wilbraham-placa, Sleane-strtett S.fV.t Carlton 

Walton, John Lawson. (Leeds, South) 

S. of the Rev. John Walton, H. A., ez-president of the Wcaleyaa Con. 
ference, and Emma Walton, the d. of the late Rev. Thomas Harris. B. 
1852, in Ceylon ; educated at the' Merchant Taylors' School, Great 
Crosby, Lancashire, and London University ; m.l882,Juaana M'Neilage, 
d. of the late Robert Hedderwick, of the Glasgow Citizen. Was called 
to the Bar at the Inner Temple (First Prizeman, Common Law) June 
1877; elected Benche'r 1897; Q.C. 1890. Contested Central Leeds 
unsuccessfully July 1892 ; first elected for South Leeds 1892. A Liberal . 
—3, Me/Miry-road, Kensington ; Brooks's and Reform Clubs ; 
Cownbe Hilt, Butler's Cross, Bucks. 

Walton, Joseph. {Yorkshire, W. "Riding, Barnsley 

S. of the late Joseph Walton, of Prosterley, lead>mine owner and 

smelter, and the late Margaret Walton. B. at BoUihope, Weardale, 

I 1849; educated privately i m. 1880, Faith, d. of Robert GiU, esq. 

1 Solicitor^ Middlesbrough. Is a oolUery-owner, &c.i eommeBced 

' busincM at Middlesbrough in 1870, in coal and aiUed trades. Is a J.P. 

N. Riding, Yorls, and Middleitbrough ; became D.L. 1897. Is author of 

A a 


"China and the prerent Criiis," 1900. Ue haa travdled aiach in 
America and the Colonies, Periia, Inilla and Bama, and 1889-lSfX) 
in China and Japan, witn a view to the piooMition of Britiah trade. 
He waa an nnancceasfnl candidate for Doncaater in the General 
Election of 1895. Firrt elected for Bamaley diT. 1897. A. Ubeml. in 
favour of Hone Knle all round and the Liberal and Radical iMogranaie 
generally, and of an estemlon of British trade by means of ColaaiBi 
development.— 7, Slotme-tt^ 8.W. ; R^orm,Rtm0la^h,and NaliMuU 
Liberal Cluba, 8. fV.i Gtrntidk^SaUbum-byUhe-Sea. 

Wanklyn, James Leslie. {Braclford, Central) 

Eldest 8. of the late Rev. James Hibbert Wanklyn, of Trin. Coll. 
Oxford, and of Badlcy College, by a d. of the late Mr. John Leslie. 
B. 1860, at Boamenouth ; educated privately ; m. 1898, Laura, widow 
of the late CoL H. Bacon, and d. of the late Martin StapyltoB, eaq. For- 
merly Chairman of the La Plata and Bnsenada Tramways Co. ; director 
of the Natal and Nova Cras (Branilian) railway ; Chairman of the Arqon 
and Catalonia Railway, &c. A Liberal Unionist ; reprobatea attacks on 
Constilntion as aifecUng the credit of the country.— 75, Cheaier-square, 
8. W. t Marlborough and New Clubs. 

Warde, Charles Edward. (Kent, Mid diy.) 

S. of the late General Sir Edward Warde and Lady Warde. B. 1845. 
at Limerick; educated privately ; m.l890, Helen, d. of the late Viscount 
de Stern. Is a Lieut. -Col. (retired) 4th Hussars. Served also in the 19th 
Hussars; A.D.C. to the Governor of Gibraltar 18784; A.D.C. (o 
General commanding N. Dist. Ireland 1884-6. Is a J.P Kent, Ootonel 
commanding West Kent yeomanry, &c. A Conservative.— Car<fM» and 
Naval and Military Clubs t Barham Courts Maidstone. 

Warner, Thomas Coortenay Theydon. {Staffordshire, 
Lichfield div.) 

S. of the late Edward Warner, esq., sometime M.F. for Norwich, of 
Highams, Woodford, Essex, and Maria, d. of Thomas CaiT,of New 
Ross. B. in London, 1857; educated at Eton, and Brasenose Coll. 
Oxford : m. 18H8, Lencha Diana, 6th d. of the Earl de Montalt. Is a J.P. 
for Somerset, a C.C. for Essex> 1889-1901, Migor and Hon. Lt.-Cnl. 
4th Oxfordshire Light Infantry. Was Sheriff of Essex 1891. Sat for 
North Somerset 1892 95. First elected for Lichfleld 1896. A Radical, 
in favour of Free Trade, Army Reform, Registration reform, 
Disestablishment in Wale?, Land Law and Pour Law reforms. 
&c.— 56, Cadoffan-tq., S.fV,; Refbrm, Union, Jlacftstora', and 
National Liberal Clubs: Highams, fnaot^ord,Bsaex; BretietUkam 
Park, Suffolk. 


Wason, Eugene. {Glackmcmnom and Kvaross) 

Eldest ranriTing s. of Rigby Waton, esq., loawtime M.F. for Ipswfek. 
B. 18IA, at Oinran, Ayrshire ; educated at Rngby and Wadhan Coll.,. 
Oxford ; n. 187U, Eleanor Mary, d. of Cbarles Reynolds Williams, esq.* 
uf DolgeUy. He was called to the Bar at Middle Temple in 1870, and 
was Assistant Examiner to Incorporated Law Soc. for four years. Sat 
for Soath Aynhire 1886-86 and 1892-96. First elected for CUckmannan 
sad noross 1899. A Liberal and Home Roler, in fkvoar of leform in 
the Hoase of Lords, placing tbe control of the liqaor traflfe in tbe hands 
of the people, one man one vole, and an eight hoars' day for miners.— 
8, 8u»9e*'gardetts, Hydt-park, fV. ; Rtform and Union Cluba ; 
Blair, DaiUy S.O., AyrMrt. 

Wason, John Gathcarc. {Orkney ami, Shetland) 

8. of the late Rigby Wason, formerly M.P. for Ipswich, by EnphMiia, 
d. of Peter McTier, of Galloway. B. 1848 at Corwar, Ayrshire ; educated 
at Laleham and Rngby ; m. 1874, Alice Seymonr, d. of the late Edward 
Bell, C.E. Is a farmer in New Zealand and Ayrshire ; a fellow of the 
Rf^al Geographical Society ; and was called to the B ar. Middle Temple, 
November 1987 ; he was also for a nanber of years member cf the New 
Zealand Hoose of RepresentatiTcs. Was elected in 1900 as a Liberal 
Unionist, bat resigned and was re-elected in 1908 as an Independent 
Liberal.— ft, £ve/yn-mafWtfetM, Victoria-strtUS.W.t B^form and 
Union- Clubat Craig, Ayrshire. 

Webb, William George. {StaiordshAre, Kingfl- 
winf ord div.) 

Eldest s. of Edward Webb, of Wordesley, Staffordshire, and Eliia, his 
wife. B. 1843, at Wordesley, Stonrbridge ; m. 1874t Ada, d. of the Ute 
CapUin W. Bronghton'Pryce. Magistrate of the noanty of Stafford, 
shire. Was Ool. of 8. Stalb. Mil. A ConserTatiTC.— 86, Dt Fmr^-gardma, 
Kmuinffton, fV. ; Carlton, Junior Carlton, St. Slephtn's and Junior 
CoruUtutional Ciubs ; fVordosUy, Staff's. 

Weir, J. Galloway-. See Galloway- Weir. 
Welby, Alfred Cholmeley Earle. {Taunton) 

Seventh s. of the late Sir O. £. Wdby-Oregory, 8rd bart., of Denton 
Hall,by Frances, d. of Sir Montague Cholmeley, bort. B. at Denton, 
Uncolnshbe, 1849; educated at Eton CoUege; m., 1898, Alice 
Dteirte, 3nd d. of A. CoFland-Griflths, esq. Fbmerly Lieut-col. 
Royal. ScoU Greys, and so twice represented the regt. in Russia, 
and has the Order of St. Anne of KuMia, Snd class (Jewelled). A 
Coaaervatire.— 26, Sloane-court, 8. W. ; Carlton and Qarrick Clubt. 
A a 2 


Well:(7^.Bir Charles Gljime Earle, Bart., G.6. 
(Nottinghamshire, Newark div.) 

8. of Sir William Barle Welby^Gregory, 4tli b«rt., by Hon. Victoria, d. 
of Hon. Charles Stnart-Wortley. B. 1865 ; edacnted at Eton and Chrixt 
Cliureli, Oxford s n. 1887, Maria, d. of the late Lord Aagiutas Herrey, 
M.P. Was private aceretary to the Rt Hon. B. Stanhope and Marquis 
nf Lansdowne when Secretary of State for War. Aaaistaiit Under- 
Secretary for War, 1900.02. Is a J.P., D.L., and alderman of KestcTcn, 
Linos. C.C. ; or. C.B. 1807. A ConserratiTe.— Cterlton, BowUft, 
fV^UMglon, ondBetftUak Clubtt DtrUon Manor, Grantham. 

Wentworth, Bruce. Canning Vernon-. {Brighton) 

S. of Thomas F. C. Teraon*Wentworth, esq. (of Wentwortb 
Castle, Yorkshire, and Blaekheath, Saxmnndham, Suffolk), by Ladj- 
Harrtet de Burgh, a d. of the 1st Marquis of Claaricarde. B. 1862, at 
Edinburghi educated at Harrow and Sandhurst Coll. Is a great-grand- 
son of the Rt. Hon. George Canning. Entered the army, November 
1883, and is now a Capt. Grenadier Guards. A J.P. Yorks., W. Riding. 
He was an unsuccessftii candidate in the Barnsley div. in 1885. 1886. 
and 1889. On the retirement of Sir W. Marriott in 1803, he was elected 
for Brighton without opposition. ▲ Conserratire.— 11, CoHutntght- 
ftltU0, W. ; Carlton, WhiU't, Ouard*\ and WellifigtoH Clubt ; Went- 
worth-caatU, Bamtiey, Tork$hire: Dall Rannoeh, N.B. 

Wharton, Rt. Hon. John Lloyd. (Ybrit,, W. Riding, 
Ripon div.) 

Only s. of John Thomas Wharton, esq., of Drybam, D«iham, and 
Aberford, Yftrk (who yiu s. of the Rot. R. Wharton, Chancellor of 
Lincoln), by Mary.Siidd.of the Rev. J. H.Jacob, of the Close, Salisbury. 
B. at Aberford, 18S7 : edacated at Eton, and Trinity Coll. Cambridge; 
m. 1870, Susan Frances, eldest d. of the Rev. A. Dnnoombe Shafto, 
rector of Brancepeth, Durham (she died 1872). Was called to the Bar at 
the InnerTemplel862. Is a magistrate for the Weat Riding, Yorkshire, 
a magistrate, D.L., and chairnsan of quarter sessions for the eoantjr 
of Durham, and was elected chairman of the C.C. 18S9, and cr. P.C. 1897. 
He nnsttoeessfblly contested the city of Durham in 1868, but alterwardft 
sat for that city from 1871 to 1874 ; was again unkaccMsfal In 1874, and 
in 1880, and nnsuccessfhl in the Ripon div. in 1885, but was retnmed 
there the following year. A OonserTatlTe.— Ic, King-ttreH, St. 
Janteg'g, S./^*{ OarUon and Ottford and Caotbridgt Ctubs,- 
Bramham, Boston Spa, R.S.O. 


White, George. (Norfolk, North- West div.) 

8. of Thomu and Mary White, of Bourne, Lincolnshire. B. 1840; 
edacated at the Grammar School, Bonrne; m. 1868, Anne. d. of Henry 
Ransome, of Norwich. Is a manufiictarer, and alderman and magistrate 
in the city of Norwich; chairman of the School Board; sheriff 1888-80. 
An advanced lAbmil.—NationcU Liberal and R^orm Civb$ ; Tkt 
Grange, Baton, Nonoieh. 

White, Luke. {Yorkshire, E, Riding, Backrose 

8. of James While, of Deighton, near York. B. 1845, at Dcighton; 
edacated at P oss Bridge Sehool, York; m. 18R9, d. of Mr. A. Wood, of 
York. Admii led a solicitor inI874. One of H.M.coronersfor Yorkshire, 
East Riding district. A Ltbeml.— i>r(^M, Bast TorkaMrt. 

White, Patrick. (Meath, North) 

8. of ThomKs and Mary White. B. 186(1 at Clonal vey. Is owner 
of a Dublin drapery establishment and a member of the Dublin Cur- 
poration. He was a Parnelliie, and is now a prominent member of 
the United Irish League. A Nationalist.— C/onah/ey, Balbriggan. 

Whiteley, George. {Yorks., W, Riding, Pudsey div.) 

S. of George Whiteley, formerly of Halifax, and Margaret, d. of Dr. 
Pickop, of Blackburn. B. at Witton, near Blackburn, 185S ; educated 
at foreign schools, and Zurich University ; m.lH81, to a d. of Wm.Tatter- 
nAll, esq., J.P. and C.C, of Quarry Bank, Blackburn, and St. Anthony's, 
Milnthorpe. Is a J.P. for Hampshire. Has been Mayor o( Blackburn. 
Sat for Stockport 1893-1900. A Liberal.— 81, Prineea Gate, 8.W. 
Compton Manor, StocJtbridge. 

Whiteley, Herbert (Ashlon-under-Lyme) 

Second s. of .Mr. George Whiteley, of Halifax, and Margaret, d. of Dr. 
Pickop, of Blackbarn. B. 1857, at Blackburn ; educated prlrately and 
abroad } m. Plorence Kale, eldest d. of W. B. Huntingdon, J.P.. 
Darwen. Lanes. A cotton-spinner and manufacturer. Is also a J.P. 
and town councillor for Blackburn, and has been Mayor of the town. 
A Conservatife and Unionist.— CaW/on Clnb,S.fV.: The Woodlands, 

Whitley, John Henry. (Halifax) 

8. of the late Nathan Whitley, of Halifax. B. 1866 in Halifax ; edu- 
cated at Clilton College and London Uni? ersity (B.A.) ; m. 1898, d. of 
G. Maichetti, of HaliAix. Is a cotton spinner, member of the County 



Bonwgk Council 1898-19Q2, J.P. for the boroaeh of Halifax and W.R. 
ofYoriEB. AUbenh—Sighiif emd Naiional Liberal Club»; Brant- 
wood, HaHfaM. 

Whitmore, Charles Algernon. {CheUea) 

Eldest s. of the late C. Sbepland Wbitmore, Q.C. , Recorder of Gloncester 
and Judge of the Southwark County Court. B. in London, 1861 ; edu- 
cated at Eton and Balliol College, Oxford ; first class and elected to a 
Fellowship at All Souls in 1874. He uas called to the Bar »t 
the Inner Temple in 1876, and Joined the Oxford circuit. Was 
aasisUnt-priTate sec. to the Home Secretary (Mr. Matthews) Aug. 
1886. Elected Alderman L.C.C. 1896 ; and has been a Chureh Estates 
CoHunissioner. He nnsuocessAilly contested Chelsea at the general 
election of 1886. First elected 1886. A ConserraUTe.— 76, Cadoffon- 
plaeo, S.fV.i fTelUngton, Ojfflard and Cambridgot amd Carlton 
Ciubai Manor Houst, Louftr Siauffhttr, Bourton-on-the-fVaUr, 

Whittaker, Thomas Palmer. {Ywkahire, Spen Valley 

S. of the late Thomas Whittaker, J.P., Seaiborough, and Louisa 
Palmer, of London. B. 186u, at Scarborough: educated at Buddersfleld 
College; m. 1874, Emma Mary, d. of Charles Theedam, esq. Is 
managing-director of a Life Assurance Institution, and was a member 
of the Royal Commission on the Licensing Laws. Has been a newspaper 
editor; formerly member of the Scarborough Corporation; and Is the 
author of articles on economic and social questions contributed to the 
leading reviews. A Liberals— 18, Tavilon-street,Gordon-squarm,ff^.C.s 
Naiional Liberal aub» S.fV. 

Williams, A. Osmond-. See Osmond- Williams. 

Williams, Rt. Hon-. Joseph Powell. (Birmtnghamy 

S. of the late Mr. Joseph Williams, of Worcester. B. 1840t educated 
at the Proprietary School, Edgbaston; m. ad. of the late Mr. Bindley, 
PJl.C.8., of Birmingham. In 1877 became a member of the town council 
of Birmingham : appdnted chairman of the finance committee 1879. and 
was elected alderman 1888. Was Financial Sec. to the War Ofice 
1895-1900. Was formerly hon. sec. to the National Liberal Federation, 
and is a J.P. for the county of Worcester and city of Birmingham. 
Is chairman of Management Committee of Liberal Unionist Assoc. 
Has sat for Birmingham, South, since Nor. 1886. a Uberal Unionist. 
—6, Grrai Qeorge-etrerU S.W. ; Devonshire and ConsHtuHonal 

I**.* SI. David's, Becketiftam. 


Williams, Robert. {Dorset, West) 

Eldest*, of the late Robert Williams, esq., of Bridehead, Dorchester, 
by his first wife, Mary Anne, d. of the late Rer. J. W. Coimiiigham. B. 
in London 1848, educated at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford ;m. 
1869, Rosa, d. of N. P. Simes, esq., of Strood Park, Sussex. Is a 
director of Williams Deacon Bank and of the Wilts and Dorset Bank, 
Ltd. ; is also col. of the 1st vol. Batt. Dorsetshire Regt., a J. P. and 
D.L. for the county, Lieut, of City of London, a director of the London 
and S. Western Railway, &c. First elected for this div. May, 1895. A 
Conscrrative and Unionist, strongly opposed to the dismemberment of 
the Church, the Empire, or the Constitution, but in farour of amend- 
ments in the liquor laws and of a scheme for old age pensions.— 1, Hyde 
Bark-atrtett W.; Carlton and National Clubt, S.W.; Bridehead, 

Willoughby de Eresby, Gilbert Heathcote Drummond- 
Willoughby, Lord. (Lincolnshire, Homcastle div.) 

Eldest ■. of the Earl of Ancaster by his m. with Lady Evelyn Elizabeth 
Gordon, d. of the lUth Marquis of Huntly. B. 1867; educated at 
Eton and Trin. Coll., Cambridge. He is a J.P. for the Kesteren 
div. of Lincolnshire and for Rutland, and Major in the Lincolnshire 
Yeomanry, Chancellor of the Primrose League, 1908. In 1892 he un 
successfully contested Boston. A Conserratire.— 12, Belffraveaquare, 
8.W.; Carlton^ White' t, and Bachelor »' Cluba: Gritiuthorpe, Bourne, 

Willoz, Sir John Archibald. {Liverpool, Everton div.) 

S. of John Willox and Katharine Ms wife. B. 184S, at Bdinborgh ; 
educated priTately ; n. 1868, 8ara» vidow of Thomas Cope, J.P., and 
tobaeoo naBofactnrcr, of Lirerpool. Has been for many years editor 
and proprietor of the Liverpool Courier, and in that character 
has taken an aetire part in the political affairs of Lancashire and 
Cheshire. Has been chairman of the Press Afsociation, president of 
the Institute of Jonrnalists, tmstee Journalists* Orphans' Fand, &c. ; 
was cr. Kt. 1897. A Conservative. Was lirst returned for this con- 
stitomey (withont opposition) on the death of Mr. B. Whitley, Jan. 
IWn.—Queen Atme's-maneione, S. fV.t Carlton, Constitutional^ and 
Savage Clube; 9, Aberoromby-aqtsare, Liverpool; Parkside 
House, Huyton, Laneeuhire. 

Wills, Sir Frederick, Bart. {Bristol, North) 

S. of Henry Overton Wills, of Bristol, and Isabella, d. of William 
Bosrd, of Bristol. B. 1888 at Brintol ; educated at Independent Collet 


Tamnton, and Amergham School, Bucks ; m. 1807, Aane, d. of Rev. 
James Hamilton, D.D. Director of W. D. A H. O. Wills, Ltd., tobacco 
merchants and manufacturers; J. P. for County of Somerset. Reecired 
the dignity of a baronetcy 1897. Unsuccessfully contested Lannceston 
dir. of Cornwall, 1886 and ;iB98. A Liberal Unionist.— 9, Kennnfftrn- 
palaee-gardena, W. ; Reform, Oreiham, and Jt.T.T. Clubs; Northmoor, 
nr. DnlvertoH, and Manor Heath, Bournemouth. 

Wflaoii, Arthur Stanley. {Torlcshire, E, Riding , 

Eldest s. of Arthur Wilson, of Tranby Croft. B. 1868 ; edacat«i at 
Eton and Cambridge ; m. 1892, Alice Cecil Agnes, d. of the late Sir 
Edward Filmer, 19th hart. A ConsenratiTe.->2, Lourer Berkelejf-gtreet, 
W. ; Carlton, Marlborough, and Bachelore' Clid>t; RayvoeU, HuU. 

WilsoD, Charles Henry. {Hull, West) 

S. of the late Thomas Wilson, esq., of Cottingham and Hull, Yorkshire. 
B. at Hull 1883: m. 1871, Florence JaDO Helen.d.of Col. Wellesley. 
Was educated at Kingston Coll., HqU. Is a merahant and steamahip 
owner, and Hon. Brother of the Hull Trinity House. Received the 
Freedom of the City of Hull 1890. A Liberal, and Home Ruler: is 
in favour of " local option,*' Sunday closing, snd facilities for the transfer 
of land. Sat for HuU from Feb. 1874 to 1885, and lor West Hull since. 
—41, Grosvenor^q., IV.; Rtfiorm Club; The BungeUow, Cotting- 
ham; fVarter Priory, Yorks; Villa PattoreU, St. HeUne, Sieo 

Wilson, Frederick William. {Norfolk, Mid) 

Second s. of the late William Wilson, of the Manor House, Scarninj^, 
Norfolk. B. at Seaming, 1844; educated at King Edward the Sixth 
School, Wymondham, Norfolk ; m. Elisabeth, d. of the late Edward 
Cappt>, esq., of Forest Hill, author of ** Our National Debt,'*&c. Is a 
Journalist; was indentured to the late J. H. TSllett, M.P. for Norwich, 
editor of the Norfolk News. IsaJ.P. for SnflTolk, and was President 
of the Newspaper Society of the United Kingdom 1894. Was an na- 
successful candidate here in April 1895, first elected for Mid. Nor- 
folk at the General Election I89K. A Liberal.— i#rMA«ry MansioM, 
yietoria-ttreot, 8.W.; Rtform Cluh^ W. ; Ths Dale, Seaming, 
Norfolk; High-row, Felixetowe. 

Wilson, Henry Joseph. (Ybrks. West Riding, Holm- 
firth div.) 

8. of William Wilson, of Sherwood Hall, Mansfield, and previouly 
of Nottingham and Torquay, and Elisa, d. of Joseph Read, of 
Sheffleld. B. at Nottingham, 1888; m. 1869, Charlotte, d. of Charles 


Ck>«an, formeriy M.P. for Edinburgh. Edaeated at the West of 
England DisMntert' Proprietary School, Taanton, and University 
Cotlrge, London. Largely interested in the ShelBeld Smelting Company, 
and a magistrate for the West Riding and for the city of Sheffleld. 
Was a member of the Sheffleld School Board Tor fifteen years, and 
member Rl. Commissiun ou Opium 1893-5. Has sat for the Holmfirth div. 
ofYorkshire since 1885. '* A Radical,* opposed to Aggressive Foreign 
Policy, Militarism, Protection. &c.—Osgathorpe Hills, Sheffield. 

Wilson, John. {Falkirk Burghs) 

S.of James Wilson, ooalmaater, of Airdrie, and Agnes Motherwell, 
Airdrie. Educated at the Airdrie and Glasgow Academies. Is a coal- 
owner ; a J.P. and D.L. for the co. of Laoaric and City of Glasgow. 
A Liberal Unionist since the introduction of the Home Rale Bill of 
1886.- Ai/orm and Both Clubs t Sew Club, Glasgow, Liberal Club, 
Sdinbiirghi AirdriS'house, Airdrie ; Kippen Towtr, Dimninff, 

Wilson, John. ( Durham, Mid. diy.) 

S. of Christopher Wilson, of Greatham, Durham,and his wife Hannah 
Sponton, of Hamsterly, Durham. B. 1837, at Greatham; m. 1863, 
Margaret, d. of George Firth, coal miner, of Sherbum Hill, Durham. 
He began worli at Stanhope Quarries at the age of ten, and went down 
the pit at Ludworth Colliery, Durham, when he was thirteen. At nine- 
teen he went to sea for a few years; and then worked in the Haswell 
Colliery. In 1863-7 he was working in Pennsylvania and Illinois, 
U.S.A. He helped to establish the Durham Miners' Association in 
1869, and in 1876 became secretary of the Miners' Franchise .Association. 
In 1883 he was elected treasurer of the Miners' Associa on, in 1890 he 
became its financial sec, and in 1896 corresponding sec. Has also been 
active as an advocate of total abstinence, and as a Primitive Methodist 
local preacher. In 1885 he was returned to Parliament as member for th e 
Hougbton-le Spring dir. of Durbam ; but he lost this seat at the general 
election of 1886. An Advanced Liberal, in favour of Home Rule, &c. 
Haa sat for this div. since July 1890.— 97, Kenningtonrd., S. W. ; 
North-rd., Durham ; Miners' Inatitute, Durham. 

Wilson, John. {Glasgow, St. Rollox div.) 

S. of the late Jamrs Wilaon, merchant, Glasgow, by bis wife, Margaret 
Glbbs. B. 1837 ; edaeated at Glasgow i m. 1883, Margaret, d. of the late 
John Hewetaon. esq., of Ellergill, Westmoreland. Is a governor of the 
Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College, a member of Stilling 
C.C.. D.L., and J.P. for Stirlingshire. A Liberal Unionist.— ^#fO a: 
Imperial Union Clubs, Gtasgoto ; Finnish Malise, Drymen, N.R 


Wilson, John William. {WoreesierMre, North) 

Eldest s. of John E. Wilaon, of WyddringtoH, BdcbMton. J.P., and 
OKhnriM, d. of the Ute George Staoejr, of TotteBhem. B. 1858. at Bdg- 
buton ; edocated at OioTeJMNue, Tottenham, and in Geraiany ; m. 18B3, 
Plorence Jane, d. of the late Snath Hwrrison, esq., of Woodford, Bmtx. 
Is a chealcal mannfacturcr, a partner in the firin of Albright and 
Wilsoa, Ltd., Oldbory ; a J.F. for Woroestershire, A Liberal Unionist, 
opposed to the abolition of the vetoof the Hoose of Lords, bat in favaar 
of a refom of tliat lioose, snch as the introduction of Life Peeta: in 
fkjtmr uf the intiodnetion of measnres of Social and Indastrial Refont.— 
Qu*euAmt»** Mansiofu, S.3V.; R^f^rm and Bath Ctubs, S.fV.: 
Perryenft, Colwatl, Malvern. 

Wilson-Todd, Sir William Henry, Bart. iVorkMkire, 
B,R.t Howdenshire div.) 

8. of the late Col. J. J. Wilson. 74th Regt., of RoseWUe. co. Wexfonl. 
■nd Prances, d. of the Ute Hon. John Robinson. B. 18S8; edneated at 
Sandhnrst; m. I85S, Jane Marian Rutherford Todd, only child of thr 
late John Todd, esq., of Halnnby Hall, Yorkshire, N. Riding, and 
Tranby Piirk, E. Hiding, Yorks. A capt. in the S9th Begt. ; serred in 
the Crimean War, and has the medal. Is a J.P. and D.L. for the N. 
Riding, Yorkshire, and has been thrice elected (nnoppoaed) on the 
County Ommdl, Croft dir. Ct. Baronet 1908. Was an nnsneoeasful 
candidate for Darlington 188ft. Has sat for the Hnwdenshire dlT. since 
189S. A Conservative and Unionist.— CorAon atut Arwttf and Nm/jf 
Club»i Halnaby Hall, On^, DarUnglw ; IWMAy Park, Hmssit, 
E.R. TorksMrt. 

Win^eld-Digby, John Kenelm Digbj. {Dorset , 

Eldest s. of the late John Digby Wingfteld-Digby, esq., of Sherborae 
CasUe, Donet, and Coleshill-park, Wansiekshire, by his marriage 
with Maria, eldest d.of Captain Prederick Madan, B. 1859; edneated 
at Harrow* and Christ Chuioh, Oxford; m. 1st, 1883, the Hon. Georgina 
HoMunond Hewitt, Sih d. of Viscount UlTord; Sadly, Charlotte. Sad d. 
of the late WilUam Digby, esq., of Moat Lodge, oo. Galway. In 
1881 a Lieut, in the Dorset (Queen's Own) Yeomanry, in 1884 Capt., 
and in 18V7 Mi^or. Is a J.P. for Dorset. Warwick, and Soawnet. 
Sat for Somerset, Mid, Maroh-Nor. 1886. UnswoessAil candidate for 
Somerset, South. 1885. Has sat for this dir. since Jnly 18SS. A 
CSonservatlTe.-!, WhUekaU-ffardtn*, S.W. ; Carlton Club : Sherborne 
Cattle, Dortetf CoteehiTt-park, FVartoiekaMre. 


Wodehoose, Rt, Hon. Edmond Robert, P.C. {Bath) 

Only t. ofthelate Sir Philip B. Wodehonae, O.C.S.f ^ K.C.B., by CaUic 
riiM Mary, eldest d. of F. J. Tmpler, c«i. B. 1885 ; m. 1876, Adela, Snd 
d. of the late Rer. Charles W. Baffot, rector of Cutle RisiBg, Norfolk. 
Educated at Eton, and at BalUol Coll. Oxford, where he was 1st class in 
moderations and in final classical schools. Was called to the Bar at 
Uncoln'slnn 1861. WasprlrateSec.tottaeBarlorKlmberley, when Lord- 
Lieut, of Ireland, firmn 1864 to 1866, and again (torn 1868 to 1874 in 
the Privy Seal and Colonial offlces; cr. P.C. 1888. A Liberal Unionist. 
Unsaocessfhiry contested North Norfolk Nor. 1868. and Lynn Regis 
Feb. 1874. Has sat for Bath since AprU 1880.— 66, Chester-sq. S.PT.; 
Trav9ll*r»', OjtfordandCmmbHdge, and Brook»*s Clubs. 

Wolff, Gustev WUhelm. {Be^tut, East) 

8. of F. M. Wolflf, a German Merchant, and Fanny Schwabe his wife. 
B. at Hamburg 18S4 ; educated at prirate schools, Hamburg, and the 
Collegiate Schools, Urerpool. Is an iron shipbuilder and engineer, a 
member of the Belfast firm of Hailaad and Wolff, also ohaiiman of the 
Belfhst Hopeworks Co., and director of the Union Castle Steamship 
Co. A Conserratire. First elected to the seat on the expulsion of 
Mr. De Cobain, March 189S^90, Fitcadillyt fV.t Carlton, Junior 
Carlton, and Oarriek Cluba ; Qu0tn'a Island, Beifast. 

♦Wood, James. {Doion, East) 

S. of James and Anna Wood, Belfast. B. 1865, at Clones, co. 
Monaghan; m. 1891, Sorra, d. of J. McConaell, of Belfast i educated 
privately. Is a solicitor. A Liberal Unionist, in favour of Compulsory 
Land Purchase.— JVafiotial Libsral Club ; 30, Roaemary-ttreet, Bsl/aat; 
Mount Salem, Dundonald, eo. Down. 

Woodhouse, Sir James Thomas. {Huddersfidd) 

Eldest s. of James Woodhouse, esq. 6. 18S2; educated at the Hull 
College, and University College, London (LL.B. Loud.) ; m. 1876, 
Jessie, d. of W. J. Reed, of Skidby, Yorkshire. Is a solicitor, admitted 
1873, sen. member of the firm of Woodhouse, Aske, and Ferrins, 
Hull : is also an alderman of Hull (Mayor, 1591), a J.P. for the 
city, a D.L. for the Bast Riding, major 1st Vol. Batt. East Yorkshire 
Regt., chairman of Govs. Hymer's College, and of the Hull Public 
Libraries, a Trustee of the Hull Municipal Charities, and a director of 
the Hull and Barnsley Rail. Co. and London City and Midland Bank. 
Vice-pres. of Assoc, of Municipal Corporations. Was knighted in IS'^'' 
A Liberal.— 109, Pall Mall, S.fV., Reform, Bath, and Nati 
Libtral Clubs ; Brough Hall, Brough, Yorkahirs. 


♦Worsley -Taylor, Henry Wilson. {Lai\ccksh%ref North, 
Blackpool diy.) 

8. of the late Jamea Wonley, J.P., of the Laand, Accrington. B, 
1847 at Accrington ; educated at Harrow and Exeter College, Oxford ; 
m. 1871, Harrtette Sayer, only d. of Sir E. W. Watkin, Bart. Wat 
called to the Bar at the Middle Temple 1871, Q.C. 1891, Bencher 1693. 
Practised for some years on the Northern Circuit and Prestun Seaaions, 
then exclusively at the Parliamentary bar. Is a J.P. and D.L. for 
Lancashire, J.P. West Riding of Yorkahire, and chairman of the 
Lancashire Quarter Sessions, holden at Preston. Waa Recorder of 
Preston 1898-96. AMumed by Royal Licence the additioBal surname of 
Taylor in 1881. A ConserTatire.— Cnr/(o», CdHi0rtativ0 and Ranelagh 
Cluba ; Moreton Hall, Whalley^ Lancashire. 

Wortley. See Stuart- Wortley. 

Wriglitson, Sir Thomas, Bart. {St. Panorag, East div.) 

8. of the late Mr. Thomas Wrightaon, of Neaaham Hall, Darlington. 
B. at Haughton-le.Skerne, Darlington, 1839; m. 1870, Elizabeth, d. of 
Samuel Wise, esq., solicitor, Ripon, Yorks. Is a civil engineer, a 
director of Messrs. Head, Wrightson & Co., bridge builders, of Stockton, 
and of the Cramlington Colliery Co., Northumberland. Is also a J P. 
and D.L. for Co. Durham. Was an unsuccessful candidate for 
Stockton 1885. 1886, and 18S6. but was elected there 18i», and sat till 
1895. First elected for St. Pancras 1F99. A Conservative. The Unionist 
Small Dwellings Bill of 1899 for Housing the Working Classes Is sub- 
stantially the measure submitted in 1893 by him.— Carlton, Junior 
Carlton, and St. Stephen'* Clubs, 8. W. ; Xeasham Hall, Darlintfton. 

Wylie, Alexander. {Dumbartonshire) 

S. of Mr. John Wylie, ODlour-maker and calico-printer. Educated at 
GlaJ«gow University ; m. 18S0, a d. of Mr. P. Mylrea, of Waterloo, 
Liverpool, but isnow a widower. Is a turkey-red dyer aad calico-printer, 
and an East Indian merchant ; a J.P., D.L., and C.C. for Dnmbartonshire, 
a director of the Glasgow Chanberof Commerce, and was for many years 
chairman of the Cardross School Board. Is author of " Labour, Leisure, 
and Luxury," « Physical Recreation," and other books and papers. 
He nnsuccessflilly contested this conslituency in ISMS. A ConeeiTaave 
. and supporter of the Unionist Gorernment. in favour of the extensiou 
of Local Government to Ireland, redistribution of seats, and peasant 
proprietorship.— 1, fVhiUhall-gardena, S.W.; CarUen Club,S,ff^.: 
Cordate, /tettton, Ditmbartonshire i PVestem Club, Glasgow. 


Wjndham, Bt. Hon. George. (Dover) 

8. of the Hon. Percy 8. Wyndhan (bro. to 1st Lord Leconfleld) and d. 
of Sir Gny Campbell, Bart. B. Aug. '29, 1868, at 44, BelffraTc Square, 
London ; edncated at Eton ; m. 1887, to Sibell Mary, Conntess Orosve- 
nor, widow of the eldeiit aon of Ist Dake of Wertmin«ter. Entered the 
Coldfltream Gnards March 1888, and served at Soakin in 1885 (medal 
nad Khedive's star); retired as Lient. Is a Capt. in the Cheslure 
Yeomanry; and a J.P. for Cheshire. Was prirate secretary to the 
Right Hon. A. J. Balfour as Chief Secretary for Ireland and First 
Lord of the Treabnry lirom April 1887 to 1892. Was Pari. Under- 
Sec War Offlce 1886-1900. Appointed Chief Secretary for Ireland 1900, 
with seat in Cabinet in Mr. Balfonr'* Ministry 1902. P.C. 1902. Lord 
Rector of Glasgow University 1902. He has edited " North's Platarch » 
and the ** Poems of Shakespeare.* First elected for Dover Jaly 1889. 
A Conserrative.— 86, Park-iane, W.; Marlborough, Carlton, Traotller$', 
and Cosmopolitan Clubs f Chiif Secretary's Lodge, Phosnix Park, 

Wy ndham -Quin , Windham Henry, C . B . ( Qlamorgan- 
thire. South) 

Eldest 8. of the late capt. the Hon. Windham Henry Wyndham-Quin, 
2nd s. of the 2nd Earl of Dunraven, by Caroline, d. of Adm. Sir George 
Tyler. Is heir presamptive to the Dnnraven peerage. B. 1867 ; edu- 
cated at Eton, and the Roy. Military College, Sandhnrst ; m. 1886, 
Eva Constance Aline, d. of the 6th Earl of Mayo. Entered the 16th 
Lancers, 1878 ; served in the Boer War, 1881 ; capt. 1886 ; A.D.C. in 
Madras 1886-89; major 16th Lancers 1893; resigned on entering Parlia- 
ment Was ad)t. Gloucestershire Yeomanry 1800-94. Raised and com- 
manded 4th Imperial Yeomanry In S. African war 1900-1901, is Lient.- 
Col. Glamorgan Imperial Yeomanry. C.B. 1903. A Conservative.— 
S, Seymnmr-strMt, fV.; Tmfemd fVMte'» Clubs. 

Yerburgh, Robert Armstrong. {Cheater) 

Tliirds. of the Rev. Richard Yerborgh, vicar of Sleaford, Lincolnshire, 
by Sumo, d. of Mr. John Higgin, of Greenfield, Lancaster. B. 1868; 
edncated at Rossall, Harrow, and University Coli. Oxford; m. 1888, 
Elma Amy, only child of Daniel 'niwaitcs,esq.,of Billinge Scarr, Black- 
burn. Was called to the Bar (Middle Temple) 1880, and went the 
Northern dronit. Was private secretary to Mr. Akers-Douglas as 
Patronage Secretary in Li>rd Salisbury's Administration, 1886-6, and 
Asiiistnnt Private Sec. to Mr. W. H. Smith, First Lord of the Treasury. 
In 1892 he passed the Witnesses ProCeetion Bill. Is a J.P. and D.L. 
lor CO. Lancaster, and a member of the C.C. and J.P. for Klrcud- 
brightsh.; was a major 2nd vol. batt. Cheshire regt. He was an 


UDsuHMrssftil candidftte for Chester in Nor. 1886. First elected there ia 
188ff. A CoBsermtiTe and Imperial Free Trader.— 33, Kennnifton- 
gore, 8.1V. ; Carlton and TVaveUtrt* Cluba, 

Young, SamaeL (Cacan, East div.) 

8. of the late Samuel Toug; esq., of DoaaTelly, Portaferry , oo. Dow n, 
by Sarah, eldest d. of the late Arthv Black, Ballyhaft,Mar If ewtovHUds, 
00. Down. B. 1898, at DanaTelly: edncatad at the Old Prwbytemii 
College, Belfiut; m. 184«, d. of the late Edward Alleo, shipowBer.of 
Penchnroh-itreet, London. Is a whisky dUUIler, head of the flm of 
Yonng, King and Co^ BeUhst and Limarady, and ehaiman of B. 
Hughes, Limited, millers and bakers; is also a J.F.. and was menb^ of 
the Rl. Commission on the Liqaor Lioensing Laws. First elected for 
CavanlSSS. An Irish Natlonalist-N«lfMia/£.f»mil<7A(6| R^orm 
Club, BelfMtt jtvonmert DtrrluolgU, Btifofl. 

Younger, William. {LineoltuAire, Stamford dvr,) 

Eldest s. of the late Mr. William Yonnger, of Auchea Castle, Moffat. 
N.B., by Margareti d. of the late J. W. Brown, of Sydney and Londnn. 
B. at Edinburgh, 1863; educated at Woroester College, Oxibid: n. 
1888, Helen, d. of Col. Robert Gunter, of Wetherby Grange» Yoifcshire, 
H.P. for the Barkston Ash div. Was a lieut. 16th Lancers 1884.8; 
Capt. of Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry; isai.P. forDmnbiesshire and 
Leicestershire. He was an nnsnocessfiil candidate fcr Orkney and 
Shethuidinl892. A Conservative and Unionist.— Carlton. Kaval and 
Xilitary, Boodlg's, and Orleans Club* ; Auehm CattU, Moffat, X.S. ; 
Jfew Club, Edinburgh, 

Yoxall, James Henry. {NotUnghamt West) 

Eldest s. of Henry Houghton YouU, of Redditch, and hu wile 
Elisabeth, nit Smallwood. B. July 15. 1857, at Redditch ; educated at 
the Wesleyan School, Redditeh, and Westminster Training College ; a. 
1886, nisabeth, d. of Lient-Col. Coles, late R.B. Fonneriy HJf. of 
Sharrow-lane Board School, Sheffield. Is general seeretuy of th« 
National Union of Teachers, and has been president. In 1899 he received 
the Hon. M.A. degree, Camb., in recognition of his services to public 
education. Was a Royal Commissioner on Secondary Bducatioa 
1894-96 : and is author of " Nutbrown Roger and I,* '*The Louelj 
Pyramid." ** Secondary Education," '<Rommany Stone," &c. He 
unsnocessfuny contested the Baasetlaw div. of Notts in 1802. First 
elected for NotUngham 1896. A Liberal, in fhvour of Hbnw Rule for 
Ireland, &c.— 71, Ruasell-squarOf W.C. » 20, Kow Gardonn^oad, 
<»w, Surrey t Rt/orm ana National Liberal Clubs , .V. fV, 



SptaJter, the Right Hon. WUIiam Court Gnlly, P.C.. M.P. 
D^putff S/>9tUs0r and Chairman ofOomwiMts of the fVhoh Houm 

and ^ fVayt and Means^ Rt. Hon. jHmes WilliMm Lowther, M.P. 
DtptUv CHaimutn^ Rt. Hon. A. F. JeflOreyt, M.F. 
Clerk ^tk» H9u»99fCommon»^ Sir Coortenay Ubert. 
CUrk^AttitUnU, Arthur W. Nichobon. esq. 
Stcmid Clerk jtsaitlant, T. L. Webster, esq. 

(Publie BtU Office, and Clerk qf Fees, W. Gibbons, esq 
PHn»ipal\ clerk <iftkeJoumala, William Henry Ley, esq. 
CUrks. -S PrHfole Bill Office, John Henry WiUiam Somerset, e«q. 
\.CommiUec Office, Reginald Dickinson, esq. 
Senior Gierke, P. G. St. George Tapper, H. C. Tower, Charles V. Frere, 

Latiifier T. Le-Marchant, and George C. Glffard, esqs. ; Sir E. H. 

Doyle, bart. 
Aseitiani Clerke, S. L. Simeon, A. I. Dasent, B. C. Howe-Browne, 

Horace West, Henry A. FergnMn-Davie, Arthur H. BIlis, Percy Ball, 

P. R. Williams Wynu, W. E. Grey, P. C. Holland, J. W. G. Bond, 

H. C. Dawkins, enqs. 
Junior Clerks, R. P. Cnlomb, B. H. Pell, R. E. Chllders, J. Scott Porter, 

F. C. Bramweil, Walter Legge, C. R. Turner, W. K. Gibbons, A. E. W 

Smyth. K. J. C. Moonom, C D. Robertson. R. H. D. RadoUffe, esqs. 
Aeootmtant, 6. L. Lockton, esq. 
SerJoanI ai Arms, H. D. Brskine, esq. 
DefnUy-Serjsant, P. R. Cosset, esq. 
Assistant SerjeatU, W. H. ErsUne, esq. 
Chaplain to the House, the Yen. Archdeacon B. Wilberforce. 
Seoretary to the Speaker, Edward Gully, esq. 

Counsel to the Speaker, Hon. Sir Edward Chandos Leigh, K.C., K.C.B. 
Referee of Private Bills, Alired Bonham Carter, esq. 
Secretary to Chairman of Ways and Means, Horace West, esq. 
rote Qffioe-Prinoipal Clerk, H. A. M. Kinfek,esq. 

„ Assistant Clerks, Philip Smith and H. Otway Mayne, esqs. 

Librarian, Ralph C. Walpole, esq. 
Assistant Librarian, T. Pranks, esq^ 

Examiners i^f Private Bills, C.W. Campion and J.P. Symons Jennc,esqa. 
Taxing Master {Private Bills), C. W. Campion, esq. 
Clerk io the Examiner, &c., J. W. G. Bond, esq. 
ishorihand Writer, W. H. Gnrney-Salter, esq. 
I^rinter efthe JoumaU, Mr. O. E. B. Byre (Eyre & Spottiswuode). 
Priniere^ths Votes and Preesedings, Mestrs. Nichols. 
Printers t^the Debates, Messrs. Wyman & Sons. 


Tho$0 marked thus (*) art membtrs of the Cabinet. 
Thoa* marktd (t) wtrt members ef iae previous Cabinet. 

'*T?Lu}j!'^.' .!?!*. ."?*. !f!lt !'!. A"!?! '^^^- «""• ^- '• »•''^'• 

Lord High Chancellor vfEarl Habbary. 

•''^'ttrfM.SS'oS:.?'*.!^*?:}-""'- of L»d.«l«T,, KG. 

Lord Privy Seal *Marqais of Saliabnry . 

Secretary of State for Home Aft'airs 'fRt. Hon. A. Akers-Donglas. 

Secretary of State for Fbreign Aflairs.. . . *tMarquU of LaiiAdowne, K .G . 

ChanceUoroftheBxchequer { * m*.p.**" ^"**" Chamberl«in. 

Secretary of State for the Colonies *Rt. Hon. A. Lyttelton . 

Setrretary of State for War •Rt. Hon. H. O. Arnold-Forster. 

Secretary of State for India 'Kt.Hon.W.StJ.Brodrick.M.P. 

First Lordof the Admiralty «Earl of Selbome. 

President of the Board of frade *Rt. Hon. Gerald Balfour, M.P. 

'BoiT...':!.A^.!..»?'^^ ) 'tRt Hon. Walter Long. 

Lord Chancellor of Ireland 'tLord Ashboorne. 

Secretary for Scotland *Kt. Hon. 0. 11 array. 

President of the Board of Agricaltare .. 'Earl of Onslow. 

Postmaster-General *Lord Stanley. 

Chief Secretary for Ireland 'Rt.Hon.Geo. Wyadham, M.P ' 

Chancellor of the Dnchy of Lancaster .. Rt.Hon.SirW.H.WalrondtM.P. 

Lord-Lieatenant of Ireland Earl of Dudley, K. P. 

First Commissioner of Worlcs Lord Windsor. 

Parliamentary Sec. to the Treasury .... Sir A. Acland-Hood, M.P. 
Financial Secretary to the Treasury .... Victor Ca¥, MP. 
Financial Sec. to the Admiralty E. G. Pretyman, M.P. 

(Hon. Ailwvn Fallows, M.P 
Lords of the Treasury < H. W. Forsttr, BCP. 

( Lord Balcarres. 

f Vice-Admiral Lord Walter T. 

Kerr.G.C.B. {First Sea Lord) 

Rear-Admiral Sir C. C. Drury 

L.,a..,.he *a».r.«, C Ei.r^*:,^'.'- H. M.,. 

1 M.y.O. (CoHtrollet). 

I Capt. J. Dnmford. 

i. A. H. Lee, M.P. (CivU Lord). 

Parliamentary Sec. , Foreign Oflice Eail Percy. 

Parliamentary See., Home Office Hon. T. H. Cochrane, M.P. 

Parliamentary Sec., Colonial Office .... DnkjB of Mariborongh, K.G. 
Parliamentary Sec, Board of Education Sir W. R. Anson, M.P. 


'arliamentary See., India Oflee Earl of Hardwick. 

'tfliameatary Secretary, War OlBce ... . Earl of Dononghmore. 

^vliamentarySecretarytotbeBoardor? . _ , ... 
Trade ' j A.BoBarLaw,M.P. 

'arliamentary Secretary to le Local > , _ ^ , „ „ 

; Government Board 5 J- Grant-Lawaon, M.P. 

financial Secretary, War Office W. Bromley-Dayenport, M.P. 

ttomey-Oeneral Sir R. fi. FiBlay,K.C.,M.P. 

»licitor-Oeneral Sir B.H. Carson, K.C., M.P. 


Ddge Advocate-General \ Pres. Probate, Divorce, and 

{ Admiralty Courts. 

nrd Chamberlain Earl of Clarendon. 

ice-Chamberlain Lord Wolverton. 

ord Steward Earl of Pembroke. 

Caster of the Hone Onke of Portland. 

aymaster-Geueral Rt. Hon. Sir 8. B. Crossley, M.P. 

omptroller of the Hoasehold Visct. Yalentia, M.P. 

rtasorer of the Hoasehold Marqnis of Hamilton, M.P. 

apt. Gentlemen-al-Arms Lord Bel per. 

Gen.Vicct.Bridport (permanent) 
Earl of Kintore, Earl of Den- 

|ords-in- Waiting ^ bigh. Earl of Em>Il, Lord 

Cborehill, Lord Lawrence, 
Lord Soffleld, Lord Kenyon. 


kief Secretary «Rt. Hon. A. G. Hnrray, M.P. 

ord Jojitiee-OenerHl Lord Kinross. 

ord Advocate Rt. Hon. C.Scott Dickson, MJ>. 

ord Joatice Clerk Rt. Hon. Lord Kingsbnrgh. 

prd Clerk Register Doke of Montrose, K.T. 

teeper of Privy Seal Earl of Leven and Melville. 

blJcitor-Oeneral D. Dnndas, K.C. 


ord Lieatenant Earl of Dudley. 

ard Chancellor *Lord Ashbourne. 

kief Secretary •Rt.Hon.Geo.Wyndham,M.P. 

nder Secretary Sir A. P. McDonnell, K.C.S.I. 

ttorney •General Rt.Hon. J. Atkinson, K.C.,M.P. 

}licitor-6eneral J. H. M. Campbell, K..C. 


,«»„,wh«d.di.s.w {^'S:S"a'S.t°- 

' ' Chancellor's Office, House of Lords, \ Sir Renneth Mnir Mackeniie, 
Pr' / G.C.B. 

B b 




Hove Oflee, WhitidiaU, S.W M. D. Chalmen, C J.I. 

Foreign OOce, DowniB? Street, S.W. • • P*q «'^'*™'* ^' Sanderwm, 

Colonial OOoe, Downing Street, S.W. .. Sir M. F. Onunaney, K.C.B. 

War Offlee, Pall Mall, S.W Sir E. W. D. Ward. K.C.B. 

Admiralty, Wiiiteliall, S.W. Sir Evan MacGregor, K.C.B. 

India OIBce, 86, & 88, Charles Street, U- . . « :.. ^ « » 

St. James's Park, SW | Sir J. A. Oodley. K.C.B. 

See. for Scotland, Dover Hovse, Wliite.i„ «. ,_j « » 

liall,S.W. j'K. MacLeod, C.B. 

Irish Office, Old Great Queen Street,! _ „ ^ . ,, ^ „ 

S.W /|L. C.Dowdall,C.B. 

Board ofTrade, 7,W1iitehalI Grdas.,8.W. Sir F. J. S. Hopwood, K.C.B. 
LoeaIGoyeniraentBoard,W1iitehail,S.W. Sir S. B. Provis, K.C.B. i 

Board of Edacation R. L. Morant, CB 

Post Office, St. Martin'sJe-Grand H. Babington Smith, C.S.I. 

WorlEs and Public Buildings, Storey's- Jgi^ §. McDonnell, K.C.B. 

gate, S.W...«» )